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Ostrander Cemetary

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This Cemetery is located on the farm of George Sweeny which is on Rte. 67, about 1
miles from Maltaville. The Stillwater Malta Town line is at this point on 67.

There are 16 visible stones and likely more buried as is the James Ostrander stone.

1. Edward Ostrander

Died Sept 21,1831

in the 23 year of his age

2. Three feet behind Edward and part buried

James Ostrander

-19, 184

3. William Stinson

who died

the 16th Feb 1806

in the 63 year of his age

Behold and see,as you pass by,

as you are now,so once was I, As I am now you soon must be,

So prepare for death and follow me

4. In Memory of

Wiliam Dunn

who died Oct.9,1825

aged 39 years

5. Elizabeth

wife of

William Dunn

Died August 12,1837

Aged 52 years

6. Mary E

Daughter of

William and Elizabeth


aged 6 years

7. In Memory of


wife of John Ostrander

who died

April 12, 1818

In the 62 year of her age

8. In Memory


The 15th of August 1805

in the 53th year of his age

9. Rock for marker

10.Rock for Marker

11. stone 3 feet behind Sarah Ostrander S.O on back

12. stone 3 feet behind John Ostrander J.O. on Back

13. Margaret Ann

daughter of

Stinson and Alta


Died Oct. 15,1834

14. W.Baldwin

son of

Stinson and Alta


died March 5,1845

Age 1 year

15. unmarked stone 18" in front of W.Baldwin

16. unmarked stone 2 feet left of w.Baldwin

I walked this cem in June of 1993. At that time it was in bad shape. A tree had fallen in the middle and damaged some of the stones. It needs help.

Richard Dorrough

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