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Quackenbush Bible Records

"This Bible had no title page – binding in poor condition." Karen Campola, July 1984
These original family records are housed at the Saratoga County Historian's Office.

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Adam Quackenbush Sept 9th 1804
Jane M. Delong January 2nd 1812

James M. Quackenbush
April 5th 1931

Susan M. Quackenbush
May 25th 1833

Merritt A. Quackenbush
February 2d 1836

Martha Ann Quackenbush
June 19th 1838

Mary Emily Quackenbush
June 21th 1841

John [Emery??] Quackenbush
June 21 1841

William Henry Quackenbush
March 6th 1853

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Martin H. Quackenbush
July 19 1845

Lany Matilda Quackenbush
December 6th 1850

Benjamin F. Worth born
January the 2d 18[55?]

Ivan Quackenbush
Sept the 26 1859     [Note: son of Merritt and Esther: see 1860 Federal Census of Albany NY 8th Ward page 79]

Almarian Crandall
April the 21 1860

Edeth M. Crandle

April the 23 1862

Dorah Crandle
??May 17 18[??]

John W. Quackenbush
Aug the [22?] 18[??]

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James M. Quackenbush dide June the 19 1910

Martin Quackenbush dide July the 25 1910

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Adam Quackenbush to
Jane M. Delong Nov. 2nd 1830

James M. Quackenbush to
Harriett Mabb January 1st 1851

Meritt A. Quackenbush to
Ester E. Hamilton

Harvey Crandall to
Martha A. Quackenbush

John E. Quackenbush
To Elizabeth A. (Overocker?) on the 1 of June (1860?)

William H. Quackenbush
to Dora Cheeseman January 1st 1867

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Adam Quackenbush died Nov. 7 1880 in 76 year of age

Louisa Fonda Quackenbush died July 17th 1855 aged six months.
“Early lost – early saved.”

Mary Emily Quackenbush died Oct 1 1841

Lany Matilda Quackenbush April 27 1851 aged 1 year & 4 months

Benjamin F. Worth died April the 30 1860

Esther C. Quackenbush March the 2 1869

Susan M. Hathaway died January 24 1879 aged 45 years

John Quackenbush dide March the 8 1909

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Mrs. Jane Maria Quackenbush May 28 1885 age 73 years.

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Louisa Fonda Quackenbush
from one whose name she bore.
          L. S. Fonda

July 1855

"Search the Scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life.”

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