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Quaker Church Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

overview of Quaker Church Cemetery, Town of Saratoga

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The Quaker Church Cemetery is located on the northeast corner of route 32 and Wilbur Road in the Town of Saratoga. It is about a mile and a quarter south of Quaker Springs Village, and a short distance north of the Quaker Meeting House. The inscriptions were copied by Cornelius Durkee on May 7, 1877 and are found in Durkee's Epitaphs, volume 4, pages 189-201. Additional inscriptions were copied by Grace VanDerwerker in August of 1938 and also by Bertha Caldwell in July of 1940. The gravestones were photographed and inscriptions updated in early 2004. Many graves are unmarked, or marked only by fieldstones without inscription.

Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester spoke of this cemetery in his 1878 History of Saratoga County as follows: "The ancient Friends' burial-ground, not far from the meeting-house, contains in its long, close rows of graves the buried dust of many an early settler. There, in the solemn silence of calm, trusting faith, the dead have for years been laid to rest, and they sleep as peacefully under the buttercups and the daisies as those who slumber beneath the monumental marble of other more showy, but not more sacred grounds."

An earlier Quaker burial ground is mentioned in a July 23, 1940 Saratogian newspaper article written by Bertha Caldwell: "There was once a very old burial ground near the road just south of the Meeting House. The stones were rough as if taken from a stone wall. The last burials were those of Gilbert Wright and his wife Elizabeth Sarle, 115 years ago" (circa 1825). Although no stones remain at this earlier burial ground, a sign indicates the location.


surname given name inscription photo
..... Alida "Alida's grave" no dates photo
..... Allie "Allie's grave" no dates photo
..... Eliza Jane "Eliza Jane" no dates photo
..... Emily "Emily's grave" died 1854 (Durkee: Emily Shepherd; but no surname found on stone) photo
..... Joseph J. died Dec. 21, 1855 photo
..... Lucy died 1841 "Lucy's grave" photo
..... mystery marble (this may be the Francis Wilson stone, worn smooth and unreadable, center in photo) photo
..... N d. 1845 (worn native stone) photo
..... Ti (worn native stone) photo
Abbott Nathan d. May 5, 1851 ae 45y. 7mos. (replacement stone after 1877) photo
Abbott Phebe d. July 28, 1882 ae 63y. 1mo., wife of Nathan Abbott photo
Anthony Daniel d. 10th month 10th day 1840, age 64ys. photo
Anthony Lydia d. 3rd month 18th day 1852, 77ys. photo
Barker James d. 12th mo.1st day 1860 age 78y.8m.5d. photo
Barnes Abner D. d. Mar. 23, 1855, 23y.3m., son of James G. & Rebecca C. photo
Bennett Charles L. born May 22, 1849 died Apr. 28, 1935 "father" photo
Bennett Chauncey born July 4, 1813 died Apr. 7, 1896 "father" photo
Bennett Ellen A. Murray born July 19, 1852 died Feb. 6, 1917, wife of Charles L. Bennett "mother" photo
Bennett Jessie M. died Mar. 7, 1880 ae 1yrs.1ms.3ds., son of C.L. & E.A. Bennett photo
Bennett Lura E. died Nov. 27, 1942 ae 61yrs.7ms.12ds., dau of C.L. & E.A. Bennett photo
Bennett Mary Wright born May 28, 1811 died Oct. 8, 1885, wife of Chauncey Bennett "mother" photo
Carpenter Mary d. Oct. 25, 1860, 53rd yr., wife of Amos P. photo
Chase Lucretia L. d. 26th of 4th month 1861, ae 50y.8m.8d., wife of Benjamin photo
Connell Amy Etta d. July 8, 1866, 10m.8d., dau. of Daniel & Lucy Ann (Durkee: Cornell) photo
Connell Daniel b. 5th mo. 1st day 1833 died 2nd mo. 27th day 1907 (died in Newark per obit) photo
Connell Lucy Ann Wilson b. 4th mo. 26th 1830 d. 10th mo. 23rd. 1894, wife of Daniel Connell photo
Connell Mary Emily d. July 30, 1862, 6m.1d., dau. of Daniel & Lucy Ann (Durkee: Cornell) photo
D. E.M. "E.M.D" small field stone photo
D. N.C. 1848 small field stone "N.C.D. 1848" photo
Davis Adelaide b. 28th of 6th month 1853 d. 11th of 6th month 1915 "sister" photo
Davis Anna d. Nov. 14, 1873, 90th yr., wife of William photo
Davis Gideon born March 30, 1800 died Aug. 28, 1876 photo
Davis Hannah A. b. March 26, 1810 d.April 9, 1879 wife of Gideon Davis photo
Davis James b. 23rd of 1st month 1813 d. 13th of 11th month 1897 "uncle" photo
Davis John H. b. 17th of 2nd month 1847 d. 16th of 11th month 1915 "brother" photo
Davis Maria Palmer b. 23rd of 7th month 1815 d.19th of 11th month 1895 wife of Obadiah "mother" photo
Davis Obadiah b. 21st of 10th month 1810 d. 16 of 6 month 1895 "father" photo
Davis William d. January 30, 1853, in the 74th year photo
Dean Sarah S. d. Oct. 16, 1862, 47y.2m.22d. photo
Deuel Elizabeth b. Aug. 30, 1784; d. Mar. 15, 1863 photo
Deuel James R. d. Feb. 2, 1895 ae 81 yrs. photo
Deuel Martha Traver d. Apr. 5, 1898 ae 72 yrs., wife of James R. Deuel "mother" photo
Deuel Mary d. Nov. 30, 1863, ae 9y.11m.22d., dau. of James R. & Martha photo
Deuel Pardon b. May 19, 1786; d. Apr. 5, 1856 age 69y.11m.16days photo
Dorland Andrew born 1794, 7th mo. 2nd day died 1883 4th mo. 9th day, ae 88y.9m.7d. photo
Dorland Charlott F. b.16th of 4 mo. 1822 d.14th of 2 mo. 1881, dau of Andrew & Rebecca L. photo
Dorland Edward H. born 4th mo. 2nd. 1826 died 9th mo. 9th 1901 photo
Dorland Elizabeth H. Wilson 1836 - 1897 wife of Philip S. Dorland (d. Oct. 28, 1897 Saratoga - vital records index) photo
Dorland Philip S. 1834 - 1911 (d. Nov. 27, 1911 aged 76 years per obit) photo
Dorland Rebecca L. d. 27th of 5 mo. 1857, 59y.5m.17d., wife of Andrew Dorland (Durkee: 7d.) photo
Doty Katharine M. Snyder born July 28, 1811 died Jan. 5, 1881, wife of Micheal Doty "mother" photo
Doty Mary E. Cooper 1840 - 1874 wife of Theodore E. Doty photo
Doty Micheal born Jan. 3, 1806 died Jan. 8, 1895 "father" photo
Doty Theodore E. 1833 - 1908 (d. Oct. 5, 1908 age 74 years per obit) photo
Esmond Josephine d. Dec. 6, 1877 age 18y. 11mo. & 5 ds. dau of W.W. & H.A. Esmond photo
Esmond Margaret b. 4th of 6th mo. 1789; d. 30th of 3d mo. 1873 photo
Esmond Richard d. Feb. 3, 1861, ae 81y.7m.1d. photo
Esmond Watts Jan 30, 1809 - Feb 16, 1896 photo
Esmond Willie A. d. Sept. 5, 1875 age 1y.5m.24ds. son of W.W. & H.A. Esmond photo
Ewer Eunice M. d. 25th of 5th month 1883 age 81 yrs. photo
Farr S. d. -- (may be Samuel Farr who died 4 January 1844 per his estate) photo
Glean Erwin died Aug. 5, 1882 age 9 days, infant son of Geo. & Mattie Glean photo
Glean Mary d. Oct. 16, 1818, 61ys., wife of John photo
Glean Mary d. Apr. 10, 1853, 50ys., wife of Oliver photo
Griffen Abigail died 11th of 1st month 1877 age 85 years (wife of Samuel Griffin per obit) photo
Griffen Alicia Wilbur 1825 - 1910 wife of Daniel A. Griffen (died April 15, 1911 Greenwich, per obit) photo
Griffen Anna W. died 17th of 5th month 1885, 81st. year, wife of Isaac Griffen photo
Griffen Daniel A. 1818 - 1893 (died December 28, 1893 per estate) photo
Griffen Eliza Barker born 1817 died 1903 aged 86 years, wife of Thomas W. Griffen photo
Griffen Isaac d. 20th of 6 mo.1866, 71st yr. photo
Griffen Isaac T. d. 4th mo. 1862, 18th yr. photo
Griffen Jonathan d. Aug. 9. 1861, 62ys. photo
Griffen Sarah N. d. Feb. 16, 1855, 51ys. photo
Griffen Thomas W. born 1821 died 1889 aged 68 years (d. March 13, 1889 in Melrose, Rensselaer Co.) photo
Haight Joseph W. d. May 26, 1886 ae 64 yrs. Private 2nd Vet. Battery photo
Handy Charles F. 1824 - 1890 "father" photo
Handy Eliza M. 1823 - 1899 "mother" photo
Handy Sally d. 1mo.19 day 1856 ae 62y.5m.24d. Wife of Isaiah photo
Hill Alanson d. Jan. 30, 1885 ae 76 yrs.2ms.9ds. photo
Hill Harriet d. Mar. 29, 1860, 52y.7m.7d., wife of Alanson photo
Hill Joseph Ferris d. Dec. 20, 1890 Co. K. 91 Regt. N.Y.S. Vols photo
Hill Mary E. d. Aug. 7, 1852, 3m.4d., dau. of Alanson & Harriet photo
Hill Naomi b. June 27, 1808 d. Aug. 10, 1892 ae 82 ys.1mo.14ds., wife of Orrin Hill photo
Hill Orrin b. Mar. 12, 1811 d. July 28, 1893 ae 82yr. photo
Holmes Patience d. 2 of 2 mo. 1855, ae 87y.6m.27d., wife of Samuel photo
Lapham Eliza B. born July 30, 1805 died Sept. 8, 1885, ae 80y.1m.9d. photo
Leggett Abraham b. 13 of 1 mo. 1790; d. 25 of 11 mo. 1861 photo
Leggett Daniel born May 14, 1798 died Dec 9, 1877 photo
Leggett David R. d. July 1, 1904 ae 76 yrs. photo
Leggett Edwin F. d. Mar. 29, 1864, aged 36yrs.4mo. (Durkee: 40y.4m.) photo
Leggett Fanny B. d. Feb. 24, 1883 ae 89 yrs. Wife of Joseph Leggett photo
Leggett Gabriel unmarked grave. (buried here, before 1885, per note written by Daniel Griffen) note
Leggett Isaac b. 25 of 4 mo. 1784; d. 21 of 12 mo. 1858 photo
Leggett Jennie (Jane) unmarked grave (died Nov 10, 1903 age 67 years per obit) obit
Leggett John Garrison unmarked grave (died Feb 23, 1913 age 76 yrs. 8 mos. per obit & funeral notices) obit
Leggett Joseph d. Nov. 23, 1871 in his 83 yr. (d. Nov 23, 1870, aged 83 years per obit in 1870 paper) photo
Leggett Mary U. b. 14th day 8th mo.1770; d. 27th. day 4th mo.1849. Wife of Thos. (Durkee: Mary N.) photo
Leggett Naomi H. d. Aug. 2, 1863, 51y.10m.26d., wife of Daniel photo
Leggett Phebe A. d. Dec. 2, 1867, 25y.7m.13d. photo
Leggett Ruby C. Howland d. Oct. 3, 1913 ae 82 yrs., wife of David R. Leggett photo
M. E.J. 1847 (native stone) stone not found
M. M. field stone "M.M." photo
Macomber Abigail deceased the 5th of the 9th month 1876 age 78 yrs. photo
Maxwell Embree b. May 12, 1793; d. June 25, 1863 photo
Maxwell Mary born 11th month 15, 1757; departed this life 9th month 21, 1852 photo
McCoduck James d. July 20, 1867, aged 11days., son of Wm. A. & F. photo
McCoduck Mary Dodd born 23rd of 5th month 1809, died 14th of 9th month 1882 photo
McCoduck Sarah Jane d. 3rd of 10th mo.1841, 3y.7m.& 24d., dau of William & Mary photo
McCoduck William b. 13th of 10th month 1807; d. 27th of 7th month 1872 aged 64y.9m.15ds. photo
McOmber Benjamin June 29, 1805 - Nov. 6, 1883 photo
McOmber Phebe Bockes May 12, 1805 - Feb. 10, 1892 wife of Benjamin McOmber photo
Meader Albert 1880 - 1881 son of Richard B. & Emma F. Meader photo
Meader Emma F. 1853 - 1883 wife of Richard B. Meader photo
Meader Frederick W. born 5th of 12th month 1816, died 25th of 2nd month 1903 photo
Meader Richard B. 1845 - 1915 (died August 15, 1915 per obit) photo
Meader Sarah W. born 24th of 3 mo. 1818, died 7th of 9th mo. 1893 age 74yrs. wife of Frederick W. photo
Miller Raymond Spencer d. Dec. 7, 1894 ae 9 days, son of Shepherd & Louise photo
Mosher D. J. d. Dec. 31, 1849 (native stone) stone not found
Mosher E. H. d. 1846 photo
Mosher Henry H. b. 29th of 10th month 1804, died 8th of 11th month 1891 photo
Mosher Matilda A. b. 11th month 5th day 1817 d. 12th month 11th day 1896 wife of Henry H. Mosher photo
Mosher Meriah Shepherd d. 9th mo. 22nd day 1863, aged 53ys., wife of Henry H. Mosher photo
Norton Rebecca P. d. 1st mo. 28, 1863, in the 67th year of her age photo
Norton Titus d. 5th mo. 31d., 1858, in the 64th year of his age photo
Noxon Bogardus d. Mar. 24, 1850, 1y.4m.22d., son of James P. & Ann W. photo
Noxon James E. d. May 16, 1851, 8y.5m.10d., son of James P. & Ann W. photo
Palmer Judith d. 19th day 9th mo. 1854, 35y.26d., dau. of Caleb & Patience photo
Palmer Warren d. Oct. 14, 1855 age 32yrs. photo
Quackenbush L. Jane d. Apr. 10, 1858, 36ys., wife of John W. stone not found
Rathbun Sarah (Wright) 1823 - 1909 (d. Feb 10, 1909 widow of William Wilde & Peckham Rathburn per obit) photo
Robinson Gladys Wilbur 1909 - 1993 wife of R. Carl Robinson (died Nov. 9, 1993, Arizona, per obit) photo
Robinson R. Carl 1906 - 1973 (died August 3, 1973 per obit) photo
Rowan Albert E. 1873 - 1942 (born Canada; died December 26, 1942 per obit) photo
Rowan Lydia B. Wilbur 1878 - 1965 (wife of Albert E. Rowan, died January 5, 1965 per obit) photo
Scofield Lewis W. d. Sep. 5, 1853, 5y.2m.8d., son of J.S. & R.S. photo
Shephard Thomas d. 1859, 83rd yr. (Thomas Shepherd died January 31, 1859 per obit) photo
Shepherd Alice d. 3rd mo. 30th day 1867 ae 48 years 3 months 25 days photo
Shepherd Ann E. no dates (before 1877, double stone with Emily E. Shepherd) photo
Shepherd Asa A. b. June 15, 1817 d. Aug. 28, 1897 "father" photo
Shepherd Caleb d. 1858, 74ys. (died Feb 13, 1858 in the Town of Saratoga per obit) photo
Shepherd David born 9th mo. 13th day 1818 died 12th mo. 20th day 1877 age 59y.3m.7d. photo
Shepherd Deborah W. b. July 29, 1812 d. Oct. 3, 1897 "mother" photo
Shepherd Emily E. no dates (before 1877, double stone with Ann E. Shepherd) photo
Shepherd Hannah (Chace) b. 3mo.22d.1789 d.12mo.8d.1873 age 84y.4m.20d. Wife of Caleb (d.Aug 13,1873-obit) photo
Shepherd Hannah M. d. 1st mo. 4th day 1867 ae 79y.3m.28d., wife of James photo
Shepherd James d. 9th mo. 25, 1852, ae 70y.10m. photo
Shepherd John J. died Feb. 4, 1905 ae 79 yrs. photo
Shepherd Mary Wilson b. 21st of 6th mo.1832 d. 28th of 10th mo.1909 wife of Milton Shepherd photo
Shepherd Milton b. 6th of 8th mo. 1821 d. 14th of 6th month 1888 photo
Shepherd Ruby born 1mo.30d.1814 died 2 mo.4d.1878 age 64 yrs & 2 days photo
Smith John b. 22nd 4th month 1765; d. 14th 2nd month 1851, ae 86y. photo
Smith Wm. P. d. 11th mo.18th, 1866, in his 65th year photo
Swain Anna died 24 of 4 month 1860, in the 62 yr. of her age photo
Sweet Alice H. born May 7, 1861 died May 12, 1888 photo
Sweet Mercy M. Wright Dec. 30, 1825 - Mar. 2, 1900 wife of Thomas Sweet photo
Sweet Thomas Mar. 4, 1822 - Mar. 17, 1897 photo
Thomas Grace L. 1885 - 1937 daughter of Melvin & Sarah Thomas (died February 23, 1937 per obit) photo
Thomas Melvin 1861 - 1941 (died April 2, 1941 per obit) photo
Thomas Sarah J. Lawton 1859 - 1948 wife of Melvin Thomas (died February 27, 1948 age 89, Utica) photo
Thomas William D. 1889 - 1964 (reverse of Melvin Thomas stone) (died June 13, 1964 per obit) photo
VanArsdale H. Elisabeth Wilbur 1836 - 1920 wife of William K. (Hannah Elizabeth d. June 8, 1920 Hudson Falls, obit) photo
VanArsdale William K. 1830 - 1870 (d. June 10, 1872 ae 40y.11m.24d. per Durkee, Greenridge Cemetery) photo
W. W. field stone: "W.W." photo
Walker Joseph d. Apr. 18, 1854, in his 74 year photo
Walker Lydia d. Sep. 6, 1869, ae 82ys., wife of Joseph photo
Walker Patience d. Aug. 18, 1860, ae 73y.2m.21d., wife of Robert photo
Walker Robert d. Oct. 8, 1854, ae 76y.10d. photo
Wilber Deborah T. d. Dec. 1, 1892 ae 72yrs.2mo.19ds. photo
Wilber Edward d. Dec. 4, 1851, ae 69y.3m. photo
Wilber John S. d. 7mo 21d, 1854, ae 37y.2m.25d. photo
Wilber Mary d. Dec. 19, 1878 aged 55 yrs. photo
Wilber Owen H. d. Apr. 15, 1867, 54y.11m. photo
Wilber Sarah d. May 14, 1858, 71y.10m., wife of Edward photo
Wilber Susannah d. Mar. 15, 1863, 52y.5m.19d., wife of Owen H. photo
Wilbur Abigail d. 12th d. 4th m. 1852, ae 83y.12d., wife of Thomas photo
Wilbur Benjamin Fones d. Oct. 22, 1858, ae 19y.9m.26d., son of John & Hannah Ritta Wilbur photo
Wilbur Charles M. 1883 - 1965 (Charles Madison Wilbur died Oct. 13, 1965 per obit) photo
Wilbur Elias H. d. Jan. 18, 1870, aged 2yrs.14ds., son of Wm. M. & H. Wilbur photo
Wilbur Elias H. d. Dec. 16, 1883 ae 75 yrs. photo
Wilbur Eliphal Beard b. 20th of 1st month 1811 d. 3rd of 3rd month 1891, wife of Peleg Wilbur photo
Wilbur Elisabeth b. 12 of 5 mo. 1815 d. 13 of 5 mo. 1896, dau of Humphry & Catharine Cook Wilbur photo
Wilbur Fidelia A. d. March 25, 1879 aged 34y.14d., wife of M.B. Wilbur photo
Wilbur Flora C. Smith 1876 - 1969 wife of Franklin F. Wilbur (died Aug 2, 1969 per obit) photo
Wilbur Franklin d. July 5, 1851 ae 2y.11m.5d., son of Elias H. & Lydia B. photo
Wilbur Franklin F. 1875 - 1965 son of Madison & Lydia Wilbur (died Aug 2, 1965 per obit) photo
Wilbur Hannah McCoduck d. 29th of 11th mo. 1868, aged 29y.5m.28d., wife of Wm. M. Wilbur (Durkee: 20th) photo
Wilbur Lydia Barker d. Jan. 24, 1895 aged 83 yrs., wife of Elias H. Wilbur photo
Wilbur Madison B. 1845 - 1933 son of Elias H. & Lydia B. Wilbur (died Oct 11, 1933 per obit) photo
Wilbur Madison B. 1909 - 1941 Sgt. U.S.A.V.Marines, son of Franklin & Flora (d. May 10, 1941 per obit) photo
Wilbur Margaret A. Sigsby 1879 - 1941 (wife of Charles M. Wilbur, died April 23, 1941, age 62, per obit) photo
Wilbur Mary A. 1873 - 1953 (died Dec 16, 1953 per obit) photo
Wilbur Peleg born 15th of 6th month 1811 died 27th of 8th month 1891 photo
Wilbur Susan B. 1847 - 1926 wife of Madison B. Wilbur (died Dec 3, 1926 per obit) photo
Wilbur Thomas d. 19th of 9 mo. 1832, ae 67y.11m.30d. photo
Wilbur Thomas born 17th of 12th mo. 1805 died 28th of 9th mo. 1883 photo
Wilcox Elizabeth Thomas 1824 - 1895 photo
Wilcox Eunice d. May 3, 1868, 68y.3m.17d., wife of John M. photo
Wilcox John M. 1804 - 1891 (died November 23, 1891, Quaker Springs, vital records index) photo
Wilcox Willie d. July 8, 1864, 10m.26d., son of J.M. & S.J. photo
Wilde Isaac S. departed this life the 10 of 7 month 1869, 79y.5m.7d. photo
Wilde Mary G. d. 9th mo. 14, 1857, 67y.10m.10d., wife of Isaac S. photo
Willson Amy Shepard born 25 of 5 mo. 1803 died 16 of 1st mo. 1890 (wife of Peter Wilson per obit) photo
Wilson Charles H. d. Nov. 14, 1862, 19y.6m.19d., son of P. & A. photo
Wilson Francis E. d. July 29, 1854, 7wks., dau. of Shepherd & Harriet stone not found
Wilson Melita died Nov. 24, 1870 age 62 yrs. "our aunt" photo
Wilson Peter born 17th of 7th mo. 1803 died 28th of 5th mo. 1883 photo
Wing Barnabus Aug. 19, 1787 - May 29, 1875 photo
Wing Ruth Wilbur July 6, 1794 - May 28, 1890 wife of Barnabus Wing photo
Wright Alice born 1800 4th mo. 23day; died 1889, 4th mo.11th day photo
Wright Cornelius J. 1821 - 1902 (died May 5, 1902, age 81 per obit) photo
Wright Dennis d. Apr. 11, 1854, 52d yr. photo
Wright George E. d. April 28, 1880 ae 22y.7mos. photo
Wright Gilbert "of De Ruyter" (Brown Stone. No dates.) photo
Wright Gilbert d. Nov. 1, 1857, 83ys. photo
Wright Helen M. Thomas 1839 - 1917 wife of Cornelius J. Wright (died Oct. 4, 1917 per obit) photo
Wright Hiram B. d. Jan. 8, 1867, 25th yr. of his age photo
Wright Job b. 25th 7th mo. 1784; d. 11th 7th mo. 1861 photo
Wright Joseph G. died 1st mo. 7th day 1866, age 66y.2m.2d. photo
Wright Martha E. Doty July 28, 1835 - Mar. 1, 1901, wife of Gilbert D. Wright photo
Wright Mary Ann Estus May 18, 1833 - July 14, 1926 wife of Richard A. Wright photo
Wright Rachel d. June 4, 1858, 83y.6m., wife of Gilbert photo
Wright Rest b. 11mo.15, 1789; d. 2mo.8, 1867, wife of Job photo
Wright Richard A. June 29, 1832 - Feb. 24, 1906 photo
Wright Sarah d. Feb. 2, 1865, 63d yr., wife of Dennis photo
Wright William April 11, 1827 - June 7, 1918 photo
Young Ed. d. 1845 photo

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