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Ramsdill Cemetery
Saratoga Springs

July 3, 2004 photo of Ramsdill Cemetery

The earliest five inscriptions at the Ramsdill Cemetery are listed under Saratoga Springs, 
in volume 1, page 191, of C.E. Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County, New York.
The Ramsdill Cemetery is located on Kaydeross Park Road, near Saratoga Lake.

Ramsdill, Alexander, son of Morgan & Catherine, died Sept 6, 1849, 18 years 9 months.

Rogers, Jennie K., dau. of Henry & Mary C., died Jan. 3, 1861,
	2 years 10 months 11 days.

Ramsdill, Jonathan, died Dec. 15, 1851, age 69 years 11 months.

Ramsdill, Mary R., wife of Jonathan, died Sept. 7, 1849, age 66 years 9 months.

Wood, Mary E., dau. of Charles F. & Laura, died Oct. 28, 1847, 
	age 2 years, 9 months, 2 days.  (stone not located)

Ramsdill, Morgan, died Nov. 27, 1893, age 89 years.
	Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust.

Ramsdill, Katharine Fort, wife of Morgan Ramsdill,
	Born Feb. 27, 1808, died Dec. 14, 1878, in the 71 year of her age.

Ramsdill, Lucinda M., dau. of M. & K., died June 12, 1895, age 57 years.

Ramsdill, Morgan Dennis, son of Morgan & Catherine,
	Born Jan. 25, 1836, died May 28, 1917.  
	Psalm 91:  With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

Ramsdill, Helen M. Haight, wife of M.D., 1840-1929.

Ramsdill, Jefferson, born Mar. 29, 1811, died Aug. 3, 1891.

Ramsdill, Eleanor Jane, wife of Jefferson, born July 18, 1819, died Jan. 8, 1885.

Ramsdill, Elizbeth I., died April 6, 1902, age 81 years.

Ramsdill, Nelson, born May 3, 1819, died July 8, 1906.

Rogers, Henry, born Sept. 30, 1834, died Sept. 17, 1886.

Rogers, Mary C. Avery, wife of Henry Rogers, born April 13, 1839.
	(no date of death inscribed)

Avery, Oscar, died Oct. 9, 1916, age 73 years.

Avery, Martha F. Smith, wife of Oscar, died June 22, 1895, age 42 years.

Avery, John C., died July 22, 1958, ae. 73 yrs. (on side of Oscar Avery monument)

Avery, Calvin, born Mar. 22, 1810, died Apr. 18, 1895.

Avery, Margaret Ramsdill, wife of Calvin, born Nov. 19, 1815, died Apr. 11, 1897.

Haight, Phoebe J. Ramsdill, wife of Romanzo H., 1846-1914.

Haight, Romanzo H., 1847-1921.

Partridge, Lena Rogers, wife of George G., 1866-1936.

Partridge, George G., 1865-1952.

Ramsdill, Ernest, son of Morgan & Helen, died July 20, 1933 
	(per his obituary, stone not located)

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