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Description – The HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS.  Boston: Published by Samuel T Armstrong, and Crocker and Brewster, New-York, J Leavitt 1833.


(61/2 x 103/4 x 21/4), brown, poor condition.  Front cover and several beginning pages detached.  Family pages loose and in the front of the Bible.


Writing on the inside of beginning page –

                        Raymond Picnic at Ballston Lake Sep 9 1893

                        Raymond Picnic at Vibbards Grove August 28, 1894


Marriages -    Ann Elisa Raymond was married to Alfred Hollister

                                    Dec 30th 1835  

                        John Vibbard married to Ann Elisa R Hollister

                                    Feb 14 1849    [Briggs Cemetery, Ballston, NY-Sar. GenWeb]

                        James M Vibbard to Bell G Speir  October 15th 1868

                        Helen Gertrude Vibbard to John Henry Tibbitts  December 1st 1869

                        John Raymond Vibbard to M Jennie Speir  September 25th 1878


Births -            Ann Eliza Raymond was born October 12, 1808

                        Alfred Hollister  August 1809

                        John Vibbard born Sept 27 1808


                        Hellen Gertrude Vibbard November 6-1845

                        James Monteray Vibbard  April 18-1847

                        John Raymond Vibbard  December 3 1849


                        Jennie Speir Vibbard   August 12 1851

                        Belle Speir Vibbard  May 13 1846


                        Guernsey R Hollister was born Sept 6 1837

                        Melissa Hollister was born August 17-1839

                        Minerva Hollister was born August 27 1841


Deaths -          Guernsey R Hollister died  April 14 1838          }          Hillside Cemetery

                        Alfred Hollister died  Sept 12 1842                   }          Burnt Hills, NY

                        Melissa Hollister died  April 16 1843                }          []

                        Minerva Hollister died May 12-1843                }


                        Melissa C Vibbard died April 30, 1847 [? -1st wife of John Vibbard-

                                                                              buried Bliss Rd. Cemetery, Galway, NY]

                        Ann Eliza Raymond Vibbard September 24th 1887

                        John Vibbard August 22nd 1889

                        James M Vibbard  April 4, 1910

Writing on the Title Page – [fragile, torn and difficult to read]

                        Charlton Raymond died Oct 7 1892

                        Mary R Hubbell died Nov 12 1892 aged 60 yr

                        Mary E Higgins died April 2 1913

                        Edward H Davis died [?] 1895

                        Julia B Davis died March 8 1910  funeral Mch 10  age 65

                        Elizabeth Davis Smith died April 30 1904


Written on the top of page 1- [of Family Record]

                        William R Shiphard to Elizabeth Wakeman April 6 1857

                        W R Shiphard died 1906


Written on the top of page 2-

                        Elijah Raymond born 1770

                        Jane Bradly Raymond born 1770


Written on the top of page 3-

                        Elijah Raymond died July 19 1850 aged 80 years

                        Jane Bradly Raymond died Feb 3 1852 aged 82 years

                        Bradley Raymond died Oct 24 1871 aged 69 yrs born 1802



Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1965.024.0001  U107L05  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 16 May 2012


From accession notes – “The bible belonged to Laura Calkins Davis (Mrs. Harold Davis).”



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