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Town of Moreau
Reynolds Corners Cemetery location map link
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"On the north side of the road running westerly from Moreau Station, on the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad,
about two and a half miles distance from the railroad." Contributed by Donald Keefer. Information was extracted
from the Durkee microfilm at the County Historian's office and the quarterly publication, the Saratoga.
Extracted by Dianne Thomas, edited by Frank Goodway.
ANDRUS Phebe 9/21/1833 48y wife of Timothy
ANGLE Jane 6/25/1826 7y,8m dau of J.W. & Mercy
AUSTIN Dewitt C. 3/15/1847 38y
AUSTIN Dewitt Clinton 11/15/1847 6y,1m,25d son of Dewitt C. & Maria
AUSTIN Henry Reynolds 12/1/1844 1y,1m,10d son of Dewitt C. & Maria
AUSTIN Jonathan 5/6/1836 35y
AUSTIN Jonathan 2/7/1836 2m,3d son of Jonathan & Maria
AUSTIN Jonathan Reynolds 1/19/1843 5y,2m,13d son of Dewitt C. & Maria
AUSTIN Mercy Marenda 3/30/1848 16y,4m,2d dau of Jonathan & Maria
BALL Harriet 9/6/1876 62y,8d wife of William
BALL Jacob C. 9/18/1855 4/9/1789
BALL Lucretia 4/12/1833 42y,11m,17d wife of Jacob C.
BALL Sarah 1/11/1852 86y,6m wife of Cornelius
BALL Sarah 10/8/1825 3y dau of Jacob & Lucretia
BENEDICT Wm. St. John 4/22/1862 7m,9d son of Ezra & Mary S.
BETTS Betsey 7/29/1816 43y wife of Jonathan
BETTS Rhoda 11/10/1848 90y wife of David
BILLINGS Charles H. 1/24/1821 9y son of Henry & Lucy
BILLINGS Rachel 9/27/1820 1y,6m,8d dau of Henry & Lucy
BROWER George 10/22/1843 8y,9m,9d son of Douglas & Harriet
BROWER Harriet PUTNAM 10/28/1843 32y,4m,18d wife of Douglas
BROWNELL Deborah 5/25/1824 65y
BROWNELL Sibyl H. 2/27/1847 51y Sibyl H.
BURROWS Amos 8/14/1850 36y,10m drowned at Fortsville
BURROWS Asa 5/30/1837 27y son of Caleb & Rebecca
BURROWS Caleb 11/6/1833 88y,8m,24d
BURROWS Eda 8/22/1838 44y
BURROWS Rebecca 8/10/1840 69y wife of Caleb
BURROWS Rosilla 6/5/1821 17y dau of Caleb & Rebecca
CASWELL Sally 4/14/1829 47y wife of George
CHURCHILL Hannah 1/30/1849 83y wife of Samuel
CHURCHILL Samuel 3/26/1817 55y
CLARK Frances Jane 8/29/1824 3m dau of B.J. & Joanna
CLARK Geo. N. 6/27/1824 19y son of Billy J., & Joanna
CLARK Joanna 1/4/1839 6/4/1781 wife of Billy J.
CLARK Mary 4/15/1839 20d dau of James A. & Mary A.
CLARK Rachel 12/8/1826 4y dau of B.J. & Joanna
CLARK Sarah Ann 10/14/1820 9m,8d dau of Billy J. & Joanna
DAVENPORT Abram 10/31/1842 43y
DAVENPORT Catharine 11/3/1829 25y,6m,24d dau of Jacob & Maria
DAVENPORT Eliza J. 1/12/1856 42y dau of Jacob & Maria
DAVENPORT Frances Ann Louisa 4/1/1834 2y,5m,14d dau of Thomas & Thankful
DAVENPORT Jacob 1/1/1829 65y,5m,27d
DAVENPORT John C. 1/13/1831 35y,7m,15d son of Jacob & Maria
DAVENPORT Maria 4/15/1841 67y wife of Jacob
DECKER Louisa 2/14/1852 12/23/1820 wife of Nicholas
DENTON Sabrina 5/15/1866
ELFER Frederick K. 1/8/1840 26y
EMMONS Anna 9/4/1823 69y,7m,11d wife of Oliver
GALLUP George B. 3/12/1842 2m,16d son of Rufus & Abigail
GALLUP Infant son 7/31/1839 son of Rufus & Abigail
GARETT Isaac P. 7/20/1857 64y
GREEN Russell 3/20/1824 16y son of Jeremiah & Sally
GRISWOLD Henrietta 4/15/1821 1y,3d dau of Josiah J. & Elizabeth
GRISWOLD Manton 5/9/1840 46y
GRISWOLD Sidney 7/20/1825 20m,10d son of Josiah J. & Elizabeth
HADDEN Catharine 9/10/1829 42y wife of James
HADDEN James 9/16/1829 52y
HAMILTON Frederick L. 8/2/1866 9/27/1836
HAMILTON Sarah Ella 1845 2y
HAMLIN Amelia 8/21/1808 17y dau of Dan & L.
HAMLIN Dan 1/30/1859 95y
HAMLIN Decatur 12/23/1824 1y,10m,7d son of Truman & Lydia
HAMLIN Frances E. 12/16/1859 23y dau of Lent & Betsey
HAMLIN Francis M. 12/25/1829 11m son of Lent & Betsey
HAMLIN Franklin B. 6/27/1859 22y son of Lent & Betsey
HAMLIN Hermon M. 11/19/1864 34y son of Lent & Betsey
HAMLIN Lucretia 1/2/1835 71y wife of Dan
HAMLIN Lydia R. 4/9/1867 70y wife of Truman
HAMLIN Sarah 9/23/1815 22y,4m,21d wife of Truman
HAMLIN Truman 10/25/1862 73y
HAMLIN William J. 7/25/1859 son of Lent & Betsey; died in NM
HARDER Anna 8/10/1831 65y,6d wife of William P.
HARDER Asa 6/4/1862 64y,7m
HARDER Charles 10/7/1858 19y,8m,19d son of Asa & Joanna
HARDER Dewitt C.F. 7/1/1865 21y,2m,11d Co A 14th Regt NY Hvy Art.
HARDER William P. 4/22/1842 77y,8m,26d
HARDER William P. 10/13/1855 23y,1m,11d
HAWLEY Adolphus 4/9/1805 17y son of Ichabod & Huldah; drowned
HAWLEY Anselma 4/6/1863 65y
HAWLEY Huldah 9/15/1824 61y wife of Ichabod
HAWLEY Ichabod 3/30/1814 57y
HAWLEY Lorina 3/20/1847 35y wife of Anselma
HAWLEY Lumon 10/11/1813 21y
HAWLEY Selina 9/13/1819 26y
HERALD Polly 3/18/1835 52y wife of James
HITCHCOCK Catharine 11/7/1820 49y wife of Dr. Jared
HOW Peter 4/27/1828 8/7/1788
HOW Robert 7/4/1842 12/9/1821
HOYT Anah 10/22/1821 53y,11m,14d wife of Mr. Job
HUBBARD George Washington 1/14/1822 18y
HUBBARD Infant Son 1/22/1807 1d son of Oliver
HUBBARD Isyphena 11/13/1812 27y wife of Salmon
HUBBARD Orlando Green 2/20/1806 10d son of Oliver
HUBBARD Perry Jackson 11/28/1816 7m,3d
KEARNEY Nancy 1/14/1847 20d dau of Michael & Mary Ann
KEARNEY Thomas 9/10/1845 3m,5d son of Michael & Mary Ann
KIMPLAND Albert C. 7/24/1863 2y,9m,10d son of James & Caroline
KIMPLAND Edward 9/20/1836 2y,23d Edward, son of James & Caroline
KIMPLAND Florence J. 8/10/1867 1/10/1850
KIMPLAND Harrison 3/14/1872 24y,1m,25d
KIMPLAND James 7/25/1874 62y,4m,21d
KIMPLAND Maria E. 11/17/1866 9/2/1843
KIMPLAND Marion J. 11/25/1868 32y
LADOW Eliza A. 1/22/1845 34y wife of Jacob S.
LATTIMORE Benjamin 11/28/1871 79y
LAWRENCE Anzoletta 8/27/1858 3y,4m,18d dau of Harlow & Eliza
LAWRENCE Mercy W. 5/28/1845 28y,16d wife of Harlow; dau of John & Catharine REYNOLDS
LEWIS Benjamin F. 3/6/1835 9m,12d 7th son of Sanford C. & Miranda
LEWIS Frances A. 3/27/1852 18y,4m,12d dau of Morgan & Catharine
LEWIS Harriet E. 12/17/1843 2y,1m,15d dau of Sanford C. & Miranda
LEWIS Isaac M. 6/2/1858 26y
LEWIS Myron B. 9/3/1830 1y,9m,12d son of Sanford C. & Miranda
LEWIS Norman A. 6/3/1857 28y
LEWIS Sanford C. 12/4/1841 46y
MATHER Elizabeth OLDS 4/14/1865 85y wife of Ezra
MATHER Ezra 9/14/1841 70y
MATTISON Ervin 3/12/1866 6/21/1863 son of Michael J. & Marinda
MATTISON Harriet 2/19/1858 11/26/1837 dau of Michael J. & Marinda
MATTISON John L. 8/22/1860 8/5/1860 son of Michael J. & Marinda
MATTISON Samuel 6/4/1863 4/2/1862 son of Michael J. & Marinda
MC GRAW John L. 2/9/1842 son of James & Harriet
MC GRAW Mary Ann 5/24/1842 9wk dau of James & Harriet
MERCHANT Asenath 9/28/1827 61y wife of Moses
MERCHANT Moses 2/21/1824 57y
MORGAN Polly 7/29/1814 24y wife of Thomas
NEW Lucretia 8/1/1843 5y,4m dau of Philip & Betsey
NEW Lucretia C. 11/1/1848 2y,9m dau of Philip & Betsey
NEWELL Asa 4/1/1832 76y
NEWELL Calista J. 2/1/1853 41y wife of Asa
NEWELL Jonathan 3/2/1832 34y
NEWTON Desire 3/21/1826 35y,3m,15d wife of James, dau of Oliver EMMONS
PAYN Ann Eliza 7/12/1855 2y,2m,2d dau of Geo & Roxana
PAYN Eliza 2/26/1845 38y,1m,3d wife of George
PAYN Evalina 11/2/1850 10m,3d dau of Geo & Roxana
PAYN George 6/12/1867 61y,7m,22d
PAYN Kezia 1/26/1860 21y dau of George & Eliza
PIERCE Abbie 5/5/1871 50y,9m wife of John
PIERCE Lucy O. 1/30/1870 18y,4m dau of John & Betsey
PIXLEY Erastus L. 2/27/1874 11/21/1832
PIXLEY Erastus P. 10/25/1834 42y
PIXLEY Julia A. 11/13/1840 53y dau of Erastus & Abi.
PIXLEY Lewis L. 8/25/1846 63y
POTTER Abigail 10/10/1810 8y dau of Paulinus & Abigail
POTTER Abigail BARNES 3/23/1842 11/18/1763 wife of Paulinus
POTTER James 8/25/1804 8y son of Paulinus & Abigail
POTTER Paulinus 1/6/1836 74y
PRINCE Job 1/30/1827 74y
PULLMAN Alexander 5/5/1848 69y
PULLMAN Hiram G. 4/15/1845 31y son of A. & L.
PULLMAN Lucretia 10/26/1839 54y wife of Alexander
RANSOM Hawley (Rev.) 3/17/1872 69y
REYNOLDS Catharine 12/6/1847 63y,9m,21d wife of Col. John
REYNOLDS Elizabeth 5/15/1828 79y,2m,5d
REYNOLDS Emeline 2/26/1851 25y wife of William H.,; dau of Erastus & Delia PIXLEY
REYNOLDS Franklin C. 3/16/1862 3y,6m son of A.L. & M. B.
REYNOLDS George 7/11/1839 53y,3m,9d
REYNOLDS George 8/10/1824 72y,10m,27d
REYNOLDS George T. 3/30/1842 5m,28d son of Geo P. & Juliett
REYNOLDS Infant Son 9/16/1859 son of A.L. & M.E.
REYNOLDS James C. 2/12/1840 3y son of James R. & Mary C.
REYNOLDS John (Col.) 1/4/1846 68y
REYNOLDS Leonard G. 5/30/1823 1y,10m,7d son of Geo & Luthena
REYNOLDS Marinda 5/23/1823 11y,11m,23d dau of Geo & Luthena
REYNOLDS Walter A. 12/11/1842 4y son of James R. & Mary C.
ROBERTS Deborah 6/16/1839 48y,10m,11d wife of L.O.C.
ROGERS Archibald R. 5/7/1833 14m son of Harper & Eliza
ROGERS Catharine 7/13/1839 9m,7d dau of Harper & Eliza
ROGERS Charles I. 10/2/1860 24y,6m,23d
ROGERS Dolly 1/8/1861 92y wife of Nathan
ROGERS George P. 6/28/1839 2y,11m son of Harper & Eliza
ROGERS Harper N. 9/1/1845 37y
ROGERS James R. 9/9/1832 18m son of Harper & Eliza
ROGERS John R. 4/22/1836 18m son of Harper & Eliza
ROGERS Nathan 4/21/1825 57y
ROSELL Mariah 2/6/1874 51y,10m,6d wife of Charles
ROSELL Nehemiah 6/16/1824 38y
ROSELL Sarah 9/12/1852 11y,6m,4d dau of Chancy & Martha
ROSELL William 8/5/1856 5y,5m,5d son of Charles & Maria
ROW Henry P. 2/11/1825
SCOVIL Amanda 4/1/1842 50y,4m,21d wife of Anson
SCOVIL Mary Evaline 1/10/1843 12y dau of Anson & Amanda
SCOVIL Hannah 1/31/1846 41y wife of Anson
SHIPPEY Dennis 9/1/1836 2y,8m,6d son of Stephen & Purlina
SHIPPEY Orrill 4/16/1839 1y7m,16d son of Stephen & Purlina
SHOOK Henry P. 6/11/1811 73y
SILL Electra HAWLEY 5/6/1856 1/10/1787 wife of Gurdon G.
SILL Giles (Deacon) 12/2/1840 91y
SILL Gurdon G. 5/25/1851 3/16/1824 son of G.G. & Electra
SILL Gurdon G. 2/24/1853 2/10/1780 son of Giles & Lucy
SILL Lucy 12/18/1836 83y wife of Giles
SILL Selina E. 8/15/1847 3/3/1817 dau of G.G. & Electra
SMITH Joseph P. 8/12/1825 37y
SPROTT Alexander 2/17/1875 77y,11m
SPROTT Anna 9/23/1876 77y,7m,17d wife of James
SPROTT James 9/1/1850 61y,11m,10d son of Wm. & Margaret
SPROTT Jane 2/20/1863 72y,4m,18d dau of Wm. & Margaret
SPROTT John 8/12/1870 75y,6m,7d son of Wm. & Margaret
SPROTT Margaret 12/9/1829 72y,3m,4d wife of Wm; dau of John MC GREGOR
SPROTT Margaret 8/18/1843 49y,2m,26d dau of Wm. & Margaret
SPROTT Marion 2/6/1856 18y,22d dau of Wm. Jr. & Zady Ann
SPROTT William 4/18/1844 77y,7m,10d
SPROTT William 12/9/1858 40y,8m,27d son of James & Anna
SPROTT William James 2/27/1829 2y,1m,21d son of Wm. Jr. & Zady Ann
SPROTT William Jr. 3/15/1850 44y,6m,21d son of Wm. & Margaret
STEVENS Annes 10/4/1857 44y,6m wife of Warren
STEVENS Betsey 3/5/1835 37y wife of John B.
STEVENS Chloe 11/1/1816 22y
STEVENS Hannah 4/4/1822 59y wife of Nehemiah
STEVENS John B. 5/17/1846 55y
STEVENS John B. 4/12/1829 2y son of John & Betsey
STEVENS Lois Ellen 8/25/1842 11y dau of John & Betsey
STEVENS Maria C. 3/20/1872 3/29/1832 dau of W. & M.E.
STEVENS Martie 6/18/1841 36y,6m wife of Warren
STEVENS Nehemiah 1/6/1843 81y
STEVENS Nehemiah Jr. 5/17/1829 29y
STEVENS Warren 1/2/1877 72y
STODDARD Lucy O. 9/27/1830 15y,5m,13d dau of John & Betsey
STRONG Amos 9/22/1807 74y,3m,24d
STRONG Amos 1/7/1830 22y,1m,16d son of Elijah & Susanna
STRONG Elijah 5/5/1864 81y,8m,9d
STRONG Jemima 12/14/1832 89y,11m,2d wife of Amos
STRONG Lewis 3/22/1828 42y
STRONG Mary 6/12/1840 28y,10m,13d dau of Elijah & Susanna
STRONG Susannah 4/18/1829 43y,8m,23d wife of Elijah
SWEET Harriet 6/10/1854 54y wife of Samuel
SWEET Mary 6/16/1852 19y dau of S. & H.
SWEET Mary Ann 1/27/1855 23y wife of William
SWEET Mary E. 8/30/1854 3m dau of M. & M.
SWEET Mathew 2/28/1865 38y,6m
SWEET Samuel 2/28/1847 57y
SWEET Sarah M. 1/27/1862 9y,7m dau of M. & M.A.
TILLOTSON Daniel 7/19/1829 15y son of David & Sally
TILLOTSON David 7/9/1848 82y
TILLOTSON Lucretia 6/18/1824 6y,1m,12d dau of David & Sally
TILLOTSON Sally 12/10/1839 52y wife of David
VAN BUREN Elizabeth N. 9/5/1840 89y,11m wife of Martin
VAN DUZEN Caroline 8/22/1836 2y,4m,5d dau of James & Mary
VAN OLINDA Martin 5/29/1856 80y
VIELE Jason C. 7/30/1867 1y,7m son of Ashbell & Sarah M.
WELLS Eliza Jane HARDER 10/5/1853 24y,8m,13d wife of Peter S.
WHEELER Jerusha 9/15/1824 4y,4d dau of Roswell & Lucinda
WICKS Catharine 4/14/1844 1y dau of E.P. & C.E.
WICKS James E. 3/17/1840 2y son of E.P. & C.E.
WICKS William L. 8/6/1855 19y,10m son of E.P. & C.E.
WILSON Eunice 12/6/1842 79y wife of Henry
WOOD Catharine D. 4/10/1860 9/29/1831 wife of Isaac A.
WOOD George D. 2/19/1861 9/20/1858 son of I.A. & C.D.
WRIGHT Samuel 3/6/1827 1/30/1793
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