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Rising Sun Lodge #103, Free and Accepted Masons

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, NY


from History of Saratoga County by Nathaniel B. Sylvester (1879), with bolded notations by Lynn Calvin:


"Rising Sun Lodge, Saratoga Springs. - Rising Sun Lodge [as #185] was first instituted in that section of the county known as Northumberland, and afterwards as the town of Wilton. [Note:  The Town of Wilton was created April 20, 1818, from the west part of Northumberland.]  The earliest reference to the order, from records that have been preserved, bears date on Oct. 4, 1808, and from minutes of a meeting held at that time Nicholas Angle was Worshipful Master of the lodge; Daniel Hicks, Senior Warden; and Jonas King, Junior Warden. The lodge, at the date referred to, must have been working under a dispensation, as the charter now in possession of the present lodge bears date on Sept. 6, 1809, with Nicholas Angle, Worshipful Master, Stephen King, Senior Warden, and Jared Palmer, Junior Warden.

The lodge continued in successful operation for some years after, when, in 1821, a series of unfortunate circumstances concurred making it necessary, in the opinion of the officers and brethren, that the lodge be removed from Wilton to the town of Saratoga Springs. Steps were taken to accomplish this desirable object, but it was not successfully brought before the Grand Lodge of the State of New York until May 25, 1824, a copy of the petition for that purpose being among the papers preserved, and the removal approved by the Grand Lodge June 5, 1824. Previous to this, however, meetings of the lodge were held in what was then called Drake's building, or the old Congress Hall, in 1823. The lodge was afterwards moved to the Columbian Hotel, on the corner of Lake avenue and Broadway, from there to the building owned by Robert Gardner, then to Dr. L.E. Whiting's building, afterwards to that owned by L.P. Close, and thence to the rooms now occupied, in what is known as Ainsworth place.

For six years after the removal from the town of Wilton to Saratoga Springs, Rising Sun Lodge continued in successful operation, but from that date (1830) until 1835 ceased to make use of its franchise from circumstances occurring at that period, which weakened the energies and impaired the usefulness of the institution of Freemasonry, and hence incurred forfeiture of its warrant. In succeeding years it was regularly revived, but incurred another forfeiture consequent upon inability to continue in thorough organization by removal of able and competent members from the vicinity. A dispensation was granted by the Grand Lodge to certain petitioners, Dec. 16, 1844, organizing a regular lodge of Master Masons, to be distinguished as Union Lodge, to be held in the village of Saratoga Springs, which was to continue in force until the 15th day of May, 1845. On May 14, 1845, a petition was drawn up for presentation to the Grand Lodge of the State requesting the revival of Rising Sun Lodge; the prayer of the petitioners was granted, and in June, 1845, the lodge was revived and renumbered in the Grand Lodge as Rising Sun Lodge, No. 103, and has continued a successful and active body since its restoration."


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