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Town of Moreau

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Situated in the southern part of the village of South Glens Falls on the west side of Saratoga Street. Information was extracted from the Durkee microfilm at the County Historian's office and the quarterly publication, The Saratoga. Extracted by Dianne Thomas, edited by Frank Goodway.

ADAMS Benjamin J. 10/9/1868 52y,14d  
ADAMS John  6/4/1852 7y,25d son of Benj. & Bellsora; drowned
AHR Ellen 9/7/1858 17y,4m wife of Michael & dau of Isaac & Maria MOREY
ALLEN Mary C. 1/24/1861 35y wife of A.W.
BAKER Mamie 5/19/1875 6/12/1871 dau of J.J. & E. J.
BENNETT Solomon D. 1/11/1849 31y,7m  
BIBBY Benjamin 3/4/1861 55y erected by wife Mary
BLACKWELL Charles A. 8/11/1851 1y,1m son of Levi & Anna
BRICE Byron E. 7/26/1863 2m,24d son of Thomas & Sarah
BRICE James W. 8/24/1839 1y,3m,1d son of John & Susanna
BRICE Sarah  8/26/1865 37y wife of Thomas
BRODIE Thomas  3/21/1862 19y son of Wm. & Charlotte
BURNHAM Almira THOMAS 10/13/1851 33y 2nd wife of Geo B., dau of J. & M
BURNHAM Cyrus 3/28/1858 4/15/1809  
BURNHAM Cyrus Rice 2/24/1847 9/30/1843 son of C. & S.
BURNHAM Edie S. 2/12/1868 4y,9m,28d son of G.B. & M.S.
BURNHAM Elizabeth W. REYNOLDS 10/16/1848 7/28/1817 wife of Geo. B; dau of Geo & Luthena
BURNHAM James R. 8/1/1859 1y,5m,14d son of G.B. & M.S.
CAMP Mercy 6/16/1851 31y,4m wife of Warren P.
CAMP Royal O. 11/12/1855 27y,10m,20d  
CAPRON Alpheus 9/12/1865 21y,4m son of Alpheus & Hannah; Co D 175th Regt NYV
CAPRON Annis 4/7/1843 2y,8m,19d dau of Alpheus & Hannah
CAPRON Sarah A. 9/5/1863 21y "only dau" of Alpheus & Hannah
CHESEBROUGH Charles M. 4/2/1845 7/1/1828 son of Henry & Hannah
CHESEBROUGH Hannah 1/21/1851 60y,24d wife of Henry
CHESEBROUGH Henry  6/13/1861 77y,2m,18d  
CHESEBROUGH John B. 11/16/1845 3/24/1815 son of Henry & Hannah
CHESEBROUGH Maria 7/9/1845 3/23/1826 dau of Henry & Hannah
CONANT Levi 2/7/1847 5/7/1773 born in Westminster, MA
CONERY Adelaide 4/23/1852 2y,4m dau of L.D. & J.A.
CONERY Catherine 10/15/1855 8y,7m,17d dau of Absalom & Arabella
CONERY Daniel 4/7/1860 88y  
CONERY Jermain 9/23/1844 3m,20d son of L.D. & J.A.
CONERY Jerome B. 8/11/1854 1y,3m son of L.D. & J.A.
CORNELL Phebe 9/22/1847 50y,9m,14d wife of Luther
CURTIS Helen Mary 8/22/1855 1y,2m,24d dau of Z.A. & M.H.
CUSHING Charles (Lieut) 9/17/1862 23y killed at Antietam, MD
CUSHING George H. 11/4/1869 23y  
CUSHING Nelson  1/25/1862 8/1/1841 son of John S. & Charlotte
CUSHING Valentine 12/6/1850 4/28/1849 son of M.A. & M.C.
CUSHING Walter 5/21/1851 4/29/1850 son of John & Charlotte
DAY Mary 11/14/1855 14wk dau of A.P. & Mary Jane
DAY Mary Jane 9/14/1855 11/7/1830 wife of A.P.
DAY Orlando C. 10/22/1/49 22y son of P.E. & M.
DOTY Elvira 8/17/1867 10/17/1841 dau of Wm. & C.
DOTY Willie 5/6/1873 3/7/1870 son of C. & E.
DOTY Wm. Warren 4/30/1870 1/22/1846  
EDMONDS Betsy L. 4/14/1852 16y dau of L. & J.
EDMONDS James  4/11/1874 75y,10m,15d  
EDMONDS Lois 4/10/1872 70y,6m,27d wife of James
ENCHES Infant 10/16/1851 dau of G.S. & C.H.
ENOS Nelson J. 7/16/1853 1y,8m son of Alvah & Sarah A.
FRENCH Mary A. 4/4/1847 38y wife of Richard
FULLER Orseamus B. 12/21/1873 32y,11m,3d son of Alexander & Jane
GREEN Jeremiah 6/11/1854 73y  
GREEN Sally  7/4/1854 68y wife of Jeremiah
HAMILTON Azuba L. 4/26/1853 2y,6m dau of J. & C.E.
HAMILTON Caroline E. 6/18/1854 26y wife of Jabez
HAMILTON Walter 4/16/1861 47y  
HARRIS Ann E. 7/21/1867 11/26/1818 dau of Daniel G. & Mary H; born in Smithfield, RI
HARRIS Susan Geraldine 8/23/1844 10/7/1843 dau of Albert T. & Frances H.
HAVILAND David 5/3/1851 51y  
HAVILAND George S. 12/29/1864 19y,7m,1d Co. E, 51st Regt NYSV; died at Salsbury Hospital
HAVILAND Winchip S. 2/20/1865 9y,8m son of R.B. & F. M.
HAWLEY Albina 12/7/1866 64y,4m  
HAWLEY John J. 10/12/1847 4/16/1840 son of Albina & Sally A.
HAWLEY Sally Ann 8/20/1849 3/7/1810 wife of Albina
HIGGINS Sarah E. 7/29/1851 3y,5m,6d dau of Stephen & Lovina
HIGGINS Stephen H. 5/16/1851 1y,1m,18d son of Stephen & Lovina
HILDRETH Abby 7/14/1863 34y wife of B.F.
HILDRETH Orian G. 9/19/1863 5m,11d son of B.F. & A.
HODGE Vernon W. 5/23/1854 13y,4m,11d son of R.T. & C. K.
HOPKINS Hannah 4/9/1853 75y,2d  
HOPKINS Herman 10/28/1855 77y,6m  
HOVEY Annett 7/10/1861 6y,11m dau of C. & H.
HOVEY Charles 10/25/1862 1/29/1828  
JACKSON Annette 10/2/1871 26y,26d dau of J. L. & Susan
JACKSON Jonathan 1/7/1865 6/2/1781  
JACKSON Margaret 11/22/1859 77y wife of Jonathan
JARSE David 4/7/1855 3/31/1854 son of D. & J.
JOHNSON Ann Eliza 7/21/1853 10m,16d dau of J.H. & L.J.
JOHNSON John H. 4/3/1860 37y,5m  
KENNY Joseph 8/3/1844 15y son of James & Aletrina
KENYON Clarissa 6/29/1843 10d dau of Geo. & Marinda
KENYON Elida 7/29/1854 4y,9m,20d dau of Geo. & Marinda
KNAPP Albert D. 11/11/1867 40y  
KNAPP Byron R. 4/24/1859 3y,1m son of A.D. & L.
KNAPP Helen O. 5/13/1859 1y,7m dau of A.D. & L.
KNIGHT Moses N. 8/2/1845 40y,7m  
KNIGHT Nabby Beal 1844abt 9/8/1772 wife of Paul
KNIGHT Sarah  3/31/1843 2y,10m,11d  
LAMPHEAR Clarissa 10/25/1865 70y,4m,20d wife of Alpheus
LATTIMORE Mary Jane 1/25/1859 20y,1m,17d wife of James
LENOX Mary Tharasa no dates 25y,3m dau of A. & C.
MARTIN Anna 2/1/1848 75y,10m wife of Henry
MARTIN Henry 12/12/1850 7/8/1766  
MARTIN Ida Anna 7/25/1850 2/26/1850 dau of David & C.E.
MC KEE Annah 8/5/1857 8m,26d dau of J. & E.J.
MC OMBER Freddie 6/26/1859 2m infant son of A.L. & D.S.
MC OMBER Jennie L. 3/25/1864 9y,5m dau of A.L. & D.S.
MEAD Jennie RICE 1/3/1859 28y wife of Orlin, dau of J.H.
MOTT Eddie 4/29/1859 3y,12d son of Joseph & Emille F.
MOTT Edwin 4/16/1856 25y, 3d son of Thomas S. & Magdalene
MOTT Magdaline 3/15/1850 60y,9m,21d wife of Thomas S.
MOTT Thomas S. 5/13/1851 65y,22d  
ORTON Hellen M. 2/22/1853 22y  
PARKER Arthur S. 12/23/1851 2y,6m,18d son of Hiram & Matilda
PARKER Infant no dates dau of Hiram & Matilda
PARKER Infant 4/26/1862 son of B.E. & M.C.
PARKER Katie 7/12/1853 10/28/1852 dau of H. & M.A.
PARKER Matilda A. 2/27/1859 7/18/1823 wife of Hiram
PARKS Jane Ann no dates 2nd wife of Dan'l
PARKS John F. 4/17/1852 10/11/1842 son of Dan'l & Matilda
PARKS Jonathan L.L. 2/22/1868 12/28/1865 son of Daniel & Orpha A.
PEARSON Sarah 11/27/1853 46y wife of William
PEARSON Sarah E. 2/18/1858 6m,26d dau of W. & M.
POTTER Charles 7/7/1853 12/20/1847 son of Thomas & Judeth
POTTER Harriet Ameila 1/17/1854 1/20/1850 dau of Thomas & Judeth
POTTER John 9/14/1865 1/4/1828  
PRATT Abel C. 6/20/1851 8/25/1790  
PRATT Adelia C. 12/18/1860 29y dau of Abel C. & Mary
PRATT Alvin J. 4/8/1859 8m,24d son of James C. & Maryett
PRATT Ida Ellen 5/19/1862 5y,8m,16d dau of J. & M.
PRATT Mary 11/19/1862 8/24/1808 wife of Abel
PRATT Mary A. 8/2/1855 9m,16d dau of James C., & Maryett
PUTNAM Lucy 8/26/1850 31y wife of Leonard
PUTNAM Martha 11/3/1860 7/10/1767  
QUICK Amy 6/11/1860 65y wife of Peter
RICE Dennie M. 7/29/1865 5/3/1865 dau of C. & S.E.
RICE Harriet N. 6/19/1841 26y,6m erected by brother Julius H.
RICE Julius H. 3/11/1861 3/28/1794  
RICE Rowena 6/29/1876 11/23/1797 wife of J.H.
RICE Samuel N. 9/12/1855 37y erected by brother Julius H.
ROBINSON Lafayette 9/5/1859 9y,6m,9d son of D. & M.
ROGERS N. (Col) 12/2/1871 87y,4m,24d  
ROPER Margaret 3/20/1852 7y,4m,12d dau of T. & M.
ROZELL Dora Adella 5/18/1862 11/18/1861 dau of Moses C., & Caroline
SANDS Eliza 12/5/1867 24y dau of George & Mary
SANDS George  5/30/1865 51y  
SANDS George H. 7/25/1852 1y,6m,16d son of G. & A.
SANDS Mary 8/10/1848 24y,10m,15d wife of George & dau of Moses & Elizabeth DAVIDSON
SANDS Mary A. 6/1/1854 1y,1m,5d dau of G. & A.
SANDS Nancy 2/18/1860 72y wife of Andrew
SANDS Nancy J. 7/28/1875 28y dau of George & Mary
SEAMANS Myla 4/28/1869 3/6/1805  
SHIELDS Charles 1/19/1872 29y  
SHONTS Almira E. 2/16/1844 2y,26d dau of Nelson & Eliza C.
SHONTS Helen 1/23/1848 10m,14d dau of Nelson & Eliza C.
SHONTS Orville 7/21/1845 3m,5d son of Nelson & Eliza C.
SISSON Hellen 2/25/1876 65y,6m,14d Hellen, wife of Timothy
SISSON Timothy 12/17/1876 76y,6m,5d  
SMITH Henry E. 3/23/1855 13y son of J.J. & S.A.
SMITH Maria 8/25/1840 60y wife of Edward
SMITH Mary A. 9/21/1860 50y wife of John
SMITH Sarah Ann 9/18/1854 33y wife of John J.
SPOONER Gilbert M.D. 5/9/1844 7/5/1794  
TEFFT Bovier 8/??/1854 2y,10m son of J.H. & M.A.
TEFFT Mary A. 3/29/1865 41y,5m,8d wife of John H.
TEFFT Morris 3/30/1865 4y,2d son of J.H. & M.A.
THOMAS Clayton 3/19/1865 1y,8m son of A.B. & M.
THOMAS Frederick L. 8/10/1859 8/21/1857 son of H. & M.
THOMAS Jane L. 7/28/1871 42y,3m,23d wife of A.B.
THOMAS Martha C. 7/1/1863 4/29/1829 wife of A.B.
THOMPSON Beecher D. 3/13/1844 1y,6m,11d son of Rennselaer & Sophronia
THOMPSON Deforest 8/28/1849 1y,6m,13d son of Rennselaer & Sophronia
TOMS George B. 7/19/1864 2y,2m,2d son of Wm. B. & Phebe
TOMS Lansing E. 6/8/1863 14y,11m son of Wm. B. & Phebe "supposed to be drowned"
TRUMBULL Jas. 5/1/1855 75y,8m  
TRUMBULL Martha 1/20/1864 82y,4m  wife of Jas.
VANDENBURGH Jane E. 5/14/1870 38y Jane E., wife of Lyman
VANDENBURGH Sophia 8/9/1876 71y,4m,22d wife of Wynant
VANDERHEYDEN Margaret 9/??1856 4/??/1815 wife of Hugh
VANNORTWYK Fanny 9/15/1851 93y  
WAIST Albert 11/17/1855 1y,3m son of V.S. & P.
WAIST Eugene 10/30/1852 3y,8m,13d son of V.S. & P.
WAIST Nelson P. 10/24/1852 1y,6m,17d son of V.S. & P.
WARD Amos 8/16/1865 31y  
WARD Jane  12/31/1863 30y wife of Amos
WESCOTT Thomas A 11/12/1854 34y,10m  
WHITE Newton S. 8/10/1859 4y,7m son of Rufus & Sarah
WHITNEY Mary Adelaide 12/5/1850 10/10/1850 dau of H. & J.E.
WOODWORTH Leonard A. 7/20/1855 14y,7m,2d  

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