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Alumni Record of the High School, Saratoga Springs, NY

edited and compiled by Miss D. Belle Hettrich, 1915

This booklet included many useful details for the use of future historians and genealogists. Alumni are listed alphabetically and grouped by the class years. Places of residence (some even with full street addresses) were listed for most individuals, and a married woman graduate was usually listed with her husband's full name. Each class member known to have deceased by the time of publication was marked with an asterisk (*) preceding the name entry.

The first class listed was from 1874, and the last that of 1915. In the most amazing statistic, out of 1047 members of this alumni group, only two could not be located! Go to:

Index of Surnames

or browse by page. Page 1 was the title page and page #2 was left blank. Note that some class years overlap from page to page.

Page 3: Class years 1874-1878
Page 4: Class years 1879-1883
Page 5: Class years 1883-1887
Page 6: Class years 1887-1890
Page 7: Class years 1891-1894
Page 8: Class years 1894-1896
Page 9: Class years 1896-1898
Page 10: Class years 1898-1900
Page 11: Class years 1900-1903
Page 12: Class years 1903-1905
Page 13: Class years 1905-1907
Page 14: Class years 1907-1909
Page 15: Class years 1909 concluded
Page 16: Class years 1910-1911
Page 17: Class years 1911-1912
Page 18: Class years 1912-1914
Page 19: Class years 1914 continued
Page 20: Class years 1914-1915