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Rev. Ezra and Sophia (Westfall) Sayre Bible Family Record


The Bible is oversized and was published in 1839 by Thomas Mason & George Lane, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, at the Conference Office. James Collord, Printer.


Bible is in the possession of Thomas Wesley Sayre, Medford, OR.


The Sayre Bible was originally owned by Rev. Ezra Sayre and his wife Sophia Westfall.


An associated document was written by Rachel Westfall Whitney in Republican City, NE
sometime in the 1890's prior to her death in 1899. Rachel was the younger sister
of Sophia Westfall who became Rev. Ezra Sayre's first wife. After Sophia
died in 1832, Rev. Ezra remarried to Mary Whitney, sister of Rachel's husband
Oliver Whitney.

Sophia was born in Guilderland, Albany Co., NY and Rachel in Knox, Albany Co., NY
to Solomon and Eva (Warner) Westfall.

That original document is held by Sharan Newman of Portland, OR, the 3rd great-granddaughter
of Rachel. It was written on the letterhead of the State Bank of Republican City where her son
C. W. Whitney was employed as an Ass't. Cashier.



Sayre Bible, Page 1 - BIRTHS (Names with * indicate original entrees) (Page Image)


Bible Record

Additional notes by T. W. Sayre

*Ezra Sayre was born Oct. 21st 1800

Son of Jonathan Sayre and Betsy Pitney

*Sophia Westfall was born March 12th 1801

First wife of Rev. Ezra Sayre.

*Mary Whitney was born Sept. 15th 1801

Second wife of Rev. Ezra Sayre

Ezra Sayre born May 27, 1850

Son of John Wesley Sayre and Sarah Ann Sturdevan

Mary Francis Sayre born Jan 21, 1848

Dau. of                       "

John Henry born 1852

Son  of                       "

Maybelle Sayre May 22, 1879

Dau of Ezra Sayre and Augusta McQueen

John W. Sayre May 22, 1879

Son of                        "

Mary Sayre Feb 27, 1881

Dau of                        "

Louis E. Sayre Nov. 10, 1890

Son of                        "

*John W. Sayre was born January 19th 1823

Son of R. Ezra Sayre and Sophia Westfall

*Amos Sayre was born March 1st 1825

Son of                         "

Augusta MacQueen born April 23, 1856

Wife of Ezra Sayre and Dau of Cornelius McQueen and Betsy A. West

Tena Valentine Aug 21, 1882

Wife of John W. Sayre and Dau of Elial Thomas Foote Valentine & Ellen Wren



Sayre Bible, Page 2 - BIRTHS (Names with * indicate original entrees) (Page Image)


Bible Record

Additional notes by T. W. Sayre



*John W. Sayre was baptized May 18th 1823

Son of Rev. Ezra Sayre and Sophia Westfall

*Amos Sayre was baptized April 5th 1825

Son of





Russell P. Sayre born July 16, 1907

Son of John W. Sayre and Tena Valentine

Meta Lerbs born Mar 27, 1906

Dau of John Lerbs and Ella Krauss

Thomas W. Sayre born Dec 17, 1938

Son of Russell Sayre & Meta Lerbs

Johanna M. Sayre born Dec 28, 1939

Dau of

Christene Eleanor Sayre born Nov 8, 1945

Dau of

Jessica Sayre Schunmann

Dau of Johanna Sayre

& William Schunmann

Born: Putnam, Conn

Mon. Nov. 30, 1964

At 11:05 P.M.


Michael Pierce Sayre

Son of Thomas W Sayre

& Marsha Buroker

Oct 20, 1967, Libby, MT


Victoria deRidder

Dau of Christine E. Sayre

& Gerald deRidder

Jan. 2, 1967

Heidleberg Germany


Matthew Thomas Sayre

Feb 17, 1969 Libby, MT

Son of

Thomas W. Sayre & Marsha

Buroker Sayre (born 1-28-1940)


Rieger Wesley Sayre

Son of Matthew Thomas Sayre &

Kouba Fozzard Sayre Ashland, OR

Born July 24, 2002


Koura Renee-Lyn Sayre

April 7, 2005 Asland, OR



Sayre Bible, Page 3 - MARRIAGES (Names with * indicate original entrees) (Page Image)


Bible Record

*Ezra Sayre & Sophia Westfall were married April 16th 1822

*John W. Sayre & Sarah Ann Sturdevan

were married January 13th 1848

*Ezra Sayre and Mary Whitney were

married Feb. 10, 1833

Christine Eleanor Sayre & Gerald DeRidder Jr.

were married June 25, 1966

Tatnuck Cong. Church

Worcester, Mass.

Rev. Chas. Austin

Ezra Sayre & Agusta Macqueen were

married May 4, 1904


John W. Sayre & Tena Valentine were

married May 4, 1904


Russell P. Sayre & Mata E. Lerbs were

married July 2, 1933



Thomas Wesley Sayre and Marsha Buroker

were married June 30, 1962


Johanna Meta Sayre and William Schunmann

were married Feb 20, 1963




Sayre Bible, Page 4 - DEATHS (Names with * indicate original entrees) (Page Image)



Additional notes by T. W. Sayre

*Sophia Sayre died August 18th 1832

aged 31 years 4 months and 29 days

Washington Co., NY

*Amos Sayre died Feb 16th 1833

age 7 years 11 months & 16 days


*Rev Ezra Sayre died June 18th 1864

aged 63 years 8 months and 27 days.

Shelbyville, MO

*Mary Sayre died January 31st 1865

Aged 63 years 4 months and 16 days

Shelbyville, MO

John W. Sayre died June 10, 1855

Hadley, NY

Ezra Sayre died Sept. 11, 1922

Corinth, NY

Augusta MacQueen Sayre died

Jan 24, 1921

Corinth, NY

Mary Francis Sayre White died

Oct 17, 1938


Sarah Ann Sturdevan died in

Corinth, NY May 27, 1911


Tena Valentine Sayre died

Feb. 10, 1958


Louis Ezra Sayre Died 1956


Maybelle Sayre Chadwick 1967


John Wesley Sayre

Feb. 23, 1968

Age 88 yr. 10 mo 1 day

Father of Russell P. Sayre

Worcester, MA

Meta Eleanor Lerbs Sayre

died Mar 5, 1997 90 yrs old

Wife of Russell P. Sayre

Lacey, WA

Russell P. Sayre

Died August 26, 1999

Lacey, Washington




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