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Searles Bible Record


The Holy Bible, American Bible Society, New York, dated 1847 Old Testament and 1848 New Testament. The Bible is simple, brown, about 8" x 5" x 2", condition fair. Census research shows this family located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Transcribed from the original handwritten ink, spelling unchanged, in March of 2002 by Alice Zetterstrom


Family Record, page 1

Samuel Roice of Haverel N.H. he was born in Chesus Conneticut, County of Newhaven


Samuel and Elizabeth Roice Oct 15, 1850 (significance of this date not indicated)


Note: opposite page 1, in pencil: Noah Searles sick at M Nov 1835 or near that And in Jan was lame


Family Record, page 2: Births


James Searles the first born July 28, 1767

Ab [Abi] Searles or Duren born May 31, 1771

Elizabeth Searles [born] February 22, 1794

Ab [Abi] Searles born January 7, 1796

James Searles born Dec 16, 1797

Abraham Searles [born] Sept 17, 1800

Anna Searles born Sept 8, 1802

Jess D Searles born Mar 15, 1805 [probably should read Feb 26, 1805]

Noah Searles born Feb 11, 1808

Lydia Searles born March 15, 1810

Warren Searles born Sept 1, 1812


Family Record, page 3: Deaths

James Searles died May 8, 1855, 87y 9m 20d

Abi D Searles died Feb 7, 1868, 96y 8m 7d

Elizabeth Roice died Feb 23, 1869, 75y Om 1d

Ann S Duren (?) Died Feb 22, 1869, 66y 5m 14d

Abraham D Searles died June 14, 1832 aged 31 years 7 months 10 days

Jesse Gould (?) Searles died July 27, 1844 aged 39 years 5 months 1 day


[names below added in pencil, different handwriting]

Rhoda Searles died Nov 6, 1881

Noah Searles died Nov 30, 1889

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