Saratoga County, New York

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Simone's Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs NY
Surnames G through O
Death Dates 1938 through 1988

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Surnames A through F
Surnames P through Z

Surname Given Name Age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death Occupation Race Married Book Page or # Father Birth Place Mother Birth of Mom Spouse Charged to Nearest Relative
Gagnon Louis 65yrs NY State   07Mar1951 St. Peter's Buffalo,NY   W   #0439         Aurora Girulx?    
Gailor John Michael 4yrs Saratoga 11Jun1956 27Dec1961 St. Peter's 1 Franklin Sq.   W   #1086           Jessie BeachChadwick  
Gamble William Gordon 56yrs Union Springs,AL 05Jan1902 25Mar1958 Greenridge 205 Division/Home   B   #0863              
Garcia Frank   Alicante,Spain 06May1877 24Jul1947 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0269              
Gardner Peter John 28y1m22d Massena,NY 22Apr1922 20Jun1950 Calavary Cem Spier Falls,Moreau   W   #0396              
Garelik Hillel 53yrs Russia 09Sep1894 20Jun1948 Riverside,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0312              
Garner Ernest 39y7m11d Green Cove,FL 31Oct1913 10Jun1953 Ocala,FL 117 Grand Ave/Home   B   #0588              
Garofano Amy       02Oct1969 White Plains                        
Gass/Goss Mary Elizabeth 83yrs St.Albans,VT 07Mar1880 26Nov1963 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1185-43           Bob Gass  
Gay Myrtle Green 69yrs New York 26Aug1904 07May1974 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Cook/Pritress of Rest.? W M   Thomas Green   Alice ?   Albert Gay   1 daughter
Gaylord Edith 64yrs Valley Falls,NY 13Dec1917 18Jan1984 Cremation Stonequist Waitress-Gideon Putnam W W   Peter Pearson   Hanna?       2sons,2daughters
Geiger Nathan 71y5m10d Hungry 13Jun1876 23Nov1947 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0282         Fannie Winberger    
Geissengberger Eva 79y5m15d Germany 27Mar1871 12Sep1950 Cedar Pk.NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0413              
Gelford Morris 68y8m18d Russia 18Oct1888 06Jul1957 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0814              
Gentile Philip T.       18Sep1969 Greenridge                     Mary Pontrella  
Gentile Orcella M. 59yrs Middle Falls,NY 17Apr1924 22Mar1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cook SSCity Schools W M   Sante Orsini   Josephine Cofrancisco   Vincent Gentile   1son,1daughter
Giardono Angelina 88yrs Italy 1871 09Jun1959 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital   W   #0920           Peter Giardano  
Gilbert Peggy 49y11m4d NY City 25Feb1905 29Jan1955 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0683              
Gilboy Sherry Lynn 26yrs Saratoga,NY 20Feb1958 27May1984 W.Milton Glens Falls Hosp Housewife W M   Richard Comfort   Shirley Eastman   John Gilboy    
Ginsberg Celia 56y6m12d Brooklyn,NY 28Aug1893 10Mar1950 Jewish Comm Rear 25Church St.   W   #0377           Henry Ginsberg  
Giocchino Anabito (male)   Italy   07Aug1946 St. Peter's Carpenteir's Inf,BS   W   #0233              
Gioppo Philomena (Caputo)       25Jan1944 St. Peter's NY City   W   #0165              
Giordano Antonette   Salerno,Italy 17May1879 07May1938 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0007              
Girard Sophie Rose       28Jun1970 Tupper Lake Albany,NY                   Veronica Hamel  
Glasser William 62y7m6d Russia 25Jan1888 31Aug1950 Pinelawn,L.I. V.A.Spa   W   #0410              
Glassman Arnold A. 64yrs. N.Y.   03Jan1986 Cremation Saratoga Springs Dentist W M       Charlotte   Anita Konikow    
Glassman Laura Rose baby Saratoga Springs   ??Jan1965 Jewish Comm DOA Sar Hosp       #1244-2              
Glenn James S. 82y5m11d GA 25Dec1870 06Jun1953 Woodlawn,Bronx Saratoga Hospital   B   #0567              
Glickman Henry 85yrs Russia 22May1888 03Dec1973 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Clothing Store owner W M   Charles Glickman   Rose ?   Pauline Margolin    
Glorioso Domenico   Bellona,Italy 08Apr1867 06Mar1939 St. Peter's 29 South St/Home   W   #0022              
Gluckow Sam 68yrs Russia 12May1902 16Apr1971 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Springs Food Broker W M   Bernard Gluckow       Nina Greene wife  
Godfrey John       23Feb1942   Saratoga Lake   W   #0109              
Gold Isadore 80yrs USA 26Apr1903 21Jun1983 Jewish Comm Saratoga E.R. Mental Health W W               2sons,1daughter
Gold Joseph       30Aug1942       W   #0125              
Goldbaum Elia   Latvia   03Oct1985 Jewish C.Cemetery   Cleaners/Owner W W               Stanley Goldbaum
Goldbaum Celia       03Oct1985   Saratoga Hospital                      
Goldman Irwin "Smokey"       12Aug1972   Saratoga Springs     M           Beverly Goldman    
Goldsmith Harry 73y10m19d Russia 09Sep1880 20Jul1954 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0662              
Goode Frederick 81yrs VA 15Nov1904 23Aug1986 Greenridge Home, Saratoga Springs Cook,Joe Collins Rest. B M           Vanessa Goode    
Goodman Benjamin   Woniolov,Austria 12Oct1887 14Aug1939   Saratoga Hospital   W   #0040              
Gordon Naomi 64y7m9d Russia 26May1888 05Jan1953 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0560              
Gordon Morris 77yrs Russia   04Apr1959 Jewish Comm 103 Circular St.   W   #0907              
Gorman Michael       17Apr1969 St. Peter's                     Anne Gorman  
Gorman Raymond S.       25Jul1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1053           Loretta Lenahan  
Goyette Antoinette       25Feb1975                          
Grandizia Phillip F.   Saratoga Springs 10Aug1908 10May1969   VA Hosp                      
Granger Louis Jerome   Dresden,NY 31Jul1893 19Jun1959 Greenridge 6 Exchange St.   W   #0922              
Grant Mildred 41yrs NY State 11Jul1915 17May1957 Loudon Cem Grantville   W   #0808              
Graper Michael H. 23yrs Indiana 28Mar1948 16Apr1971 Memphis,TN DOA,Sar.Hosp USNavy W S   Henry E.Graper   Alice Jones        
Grasso Ralph, Sr. 86yrs Italy 10Sep1899 24Dec1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital owner/Lemon-ice W M   Joseph Grasso   Carmino Ruocco   Jo Grasso?    
Grasso Christine 77yrs Ticonderoga,NY 08Jun1905 12Jun1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Augustino Capello   Maria Simone   Ralph Grasso,Sr.   2sons
Grasso Maria Carmina   Italy 28Oct1896 05Oct1955 St. Peter's 42 Perry/Home   W   #0733              
Gratton George R. 25yrs Saratoga Springs   13Oct1965 St. Peter's N. Rhode Island ?   W   #1287-45           Geo.W.Gratton  
Gravel Antonio   Mass 1899 11Oct1947 St. Peter's rt 9 S.Glens Falls   W   #0278              
Gravey John Henry 81y7m7d Queensbury 10Oct1867 01Aug1949 St.Mary's,Glens Falls Rt 29 Wash.St   W   #0344              
Gray James H. 64y3m22d Bovina,NY 09Oct1888 01Feb1953 Woodlawn,Delhi,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0562              
Grear Chauncey   Mankata,Minn. 19Nov1875 30Mar1959 Clemens,NY Grandview Sanitarium   W   #0906              
Green Alice Margaret 61yrs Green Island 16Feb1924 18Mar1985 Waterford,NY Cohoes,NY-Hospital Homemaker W     Edward Gunther   Charlotte Canfield       3 sons
Green Bernice       ??Apr1939   Saratoga Hospital       #0025              
Green Ernest L. 69y1m2d Bennington,VT 24Sep1886 26Oct1955 Waterford Rural 203Main St,Cohoes   W   #0736              
Green James W. 58yrs Boston,MA 01Mar1899 30Oct1957 Greenridge DOA Sar Hospital   B   #0839           James W.Green,Jr.  
Greer David A. 19yrs Troy,NY   21Mar1950 Oakwood,Troy,NY Rt 9 Sar-Wilton Rd   W   #0442              
Grenier Helen Kirby       21July1958 St. Peter's Miami,FL       #0876              
Grennan Patrick 27yrs Ireland 1923? 23Aug1950 St.Raymon's,Bronx near KayerdrossBrg.   W   #0409              
Griffin Nehemiah 17yrs Clio,AL 30Aug1932 12Sep1949 Clio,AL Saratoga Hospital   B   #0358              
Griffith John Watkins   Wales,England 31Mar1884 05Feb1943 Granville,NY Hotel Brooklyn   W   #0139              
Grogan Mary 78y6m9d Ireland 19Jan1872 28Jul1950 Assump.Peekskill,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0405              
Grolley Mary 68yrs Saratoga Springs 31Oct1898 04Jan1967 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital     W #1369-1           Jerry Grolley  
Grolley/Gloriso Jerry/Gennaro 80yrs Italy 20Jan1888 24Oct1968 St. Peter's DOASar.Hosp Plumber W W   John Gloriso   Mary Carmel     Mary Maiello  
Gross Eve   NY City 14Nov1903 10Dec1952 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0557              
Gross Rosie 79y11m9d Austria 18Apr1868 27Mar1948 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital       #0298              
Grossman Rose abt 77yrs Hungary   02May1959 King David,Peekskill 98 Maple/Home   W   #0913              
Grotto Helen Theresa 61yrs NY City 03Apr1923 03Nov1984 St. Peter's   Housewife W M   Arthur Hurley   Nellie Caroline   Ralph Grotto   1 son 2 daugh
Groulx Aurora       15Nov1974 St. Peter's                        
Gubala Bertha 81yrs Poland 01Apr1881 22May1962 DuBois,PA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1111              
Guby Hugo Heinink   Germany 18Apr1888 26Mar1970?             Carl Guby   Petronella   Anna Theresia wife  
Guby Hugo C. 42yrs Bronx,NY 26Nov1929 24Mar1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Capt.Waiters,Raceway W D   Hugo G.Guby   Anna T.Schnell       1son2daughters
Guelakis Soterios"Sam" 61yrs Rhode Island 02Nov1911 91May1973 Greenridge 110 Catherine St. Chef,Rest. Employee W M           Carmena Orto    
Guerrieno John A. 63y3m5d Italy 26Feb1888 31May1951 St. Peter's Wilton,NY/home       #0452              
Guerriero Gennaro       07Jun1975 St. Peter's                        
Gunther Charlotte Ann 88yrs New York 29Apr1885 14Oct1973 St.Mary,Waterford Green Island,NY Housewife W W   Thomas Canfield   Mary Ann Brennan   Edward   3 daughters 1son
Gunther Edward M. 74yrs Granville,NY 05Sep1885 08Nov1959 St.Mary's,Waterford 180Paine St,Green Is                      
Gurtler Elizabeth 59yrs Ballston Spa 07Jun1906 20Jan1966 St. Peter's 2Melody Ln,Colonie   W   #1306-6           Joseph Gurtler  
Gurtler Joseph B. 69yrs Saratoga Springs 16Apr1904 17May1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Free lance photographer W W   Joseph Gurtler   Margaret Bogardus   Elizabeth   1sin 2 daughters
Gurtler Joseph M. 75y7m10d Saratoga Springs   29Aug1948 St. Peter's S.Glens Falls       #0320              
Gurtov Sarah       09Jul1971                       L.Zelokofsky  
Gutierrez Mary 86yrs   03Apr1881 25Feb1968 St. Peter's Cramer House Housewife W W   Oscar Filmore   Adeline Burby     Frances Scirocco  
Gutierrez Antonio   Madrid,Spain 11May1888 27Apr1967 St. Peter's Cramer House   W   #1390-22           wife  
Guttridge Minnie Mae 32y6m7d Highland Pk,NJ 21Jul1916 28Jan1949 Evergreen,Bruns.NJ 147Church/Home       #0335              
Haddon Herman-akaEarl Barnes 52yrs NY State 09Sep1909 31Dec1961 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1087              
Haight Hattie       14Sep1956   11 1/2 Clark St/Home   W   #0775           Faust Farone  
Halton Helen Myles 43yrs New Rochelle,NY 06Oct1922 02Apr1966 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1315           Frank Halton  
Hamilton John 40y11m18d   18Oct1911 04Sep1951 St.John's, Mich Saratoga Hospital   W   #0472              
Hammont Edmund J.   Albany,NY 07Aug1909 30Aug1941 St.Agnes,Menands Saratoga Hospital   W   #0094              
Hance Margaret Scuderi 58yrs NY City 08Jun1926 30Apr1985 Greenridge Albany,NY   W W   Salvatore Scuderi   Vincenzia Sardo        
Hannan Wm.Gregory 55yrs New Rochelle,NY   03Dec1959 New Rochelle Worden Hotel   W   #0958              
Happle Florence 82yrs Cuba 13Jul1902 23Oct1984 Calvary Saratoga Hospital Phys.Therapist W W               Cheryl LaBelle G.D.
Harman Ida 74yrs NY State 17Mar1889 08May1963 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1153-12              
Harnoult Victor       20Mar1951 Assump,Hedford,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0441              
Harran Beatrice 81yrs Wesley,NH 02Mar1903 16Aug1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Springs Housewife W W   Edward Belleau   Philomenia Bellrose   Stephen Harran   5sons
Harran Stephen Francis 51y10m6d Westfield,MA 18Aug1900 24Jun1952 St. Peter's Wilton Nursing   W   #0521              
Harrington Margaret       23Jun1968                       John Harrington  
Harrington John Joseph   Saratoga Springs 20Jan1896 06Feb1971 St.Peter's 184 Beekman t. Water Dept   M           Flossie Bouchard    
Harris Irving       13May1975 Jewish Comm                        
Hart William  J.       29May1965                       Harriet Hart  
Hart Helen P. 86yrs Whitehall,NY 23Dec1896 31Dec1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Pract.Nurse W S   Patrick Hart   Annie Sullivan       Frances Varley,sister
Hart Lawrence John 32yrs Whitehall,NY 06Mar1930 20Feb1963 St. Peter's 9 Eureka Ave/Home   W   #1146-5         Pat Hart    
Hart Patrick Cornelius   Ireland 14Feb1867 14Dec1943 St. Peter's 8 Newton Ave/Home   W   #0160              
Harvey Laura Bell 73yrs S.Carolina 25Dec1899 23Nov1973   4 E.Broadway Housekeeper B W               none
Haskin Ivan F.       11Nov1971 Tonawanda,NY Saratoga Hospital   W W #1700           daug.Ruth Harris  
Hasman Sam       17Oct1972                       wife,7McAllister  
Hasty Grace B.Wright       29Jun1966 Evergreen,NYC                     Alfred Hasty  
Hatch Chester Arthur 30yrs Burlington,VT 24Jan1917/9 24Aug1949 St. Peter's Fish Hatchery   W   #0357              
Hauser Suzanne       02Oct1969   Albany,NY                      
Haviland Stewart 40y6m8d Moreau 21May1911 29Nov1951 S.Glens Falls Saratoga Hospital   W   #0488              
Hayes Jerry   Ireland 1893 ??Mar1950 St. Peter's Front St,Schenectady       #0376              
Haynes Earl Henry 56yrs Camillus,NY ??Apr1908 10Aug1964 Greenridge West Ave/Home   W   #1223-32           Hazel Haynes  
Hearn Baby       22Aug1942 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital       #0124              
Heaslip James Newell 47y5m29d Saratoga Springs 15Aug1901 14Feb1949 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0337              
Heaton Lucy Douglas   Americus,GA 13Deb1903 09Sep1966 Americus,GA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1346-44           Robert Foster,Jr.  
Helprin Percy       30Aug1970                       wife  
Helprin Irving        Jul1986 Jewish Comm                        
Helprin Anna 87yrs Russia 15Jul1877 07Apr1963 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #1150-9              
Henek Henry   Hawkins,Wisc 22Jul1914 04Nov1966 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital       #1359-57           Mary Henek  
Henike Maceo A. 67yrs West VA 05Jan1896 31Jul1963 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1162              
Hennessey Helen Louise       26Feb1946 St.Paul's Oswego St.Joseph's Convent   W   #0216              
Hertz Ignatz 67y2m3d Czeckoslovakia 12Jun1882 15Aug1949 Riverside, NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0351              
Hervieux Isabel K. 81yrs Ballston Spa,NY 19Aug1903 21Dec1984 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   George Buckley   Kathryn Schemerhorn   Albert J.Hervieux   1 daug Jeanne
Herzog Selda 31yrs Saratoga Springs ??Nov1922 28Apr1953 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0577              
Herzog Abraham 72yrs Russia 12Oct1891 20Sep1963 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #1171              
Higgins Mary 82y6m2d Rutland,VT 17Mar1867 18Sep1949 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0359              
Hill George F.       14Aug1970 Malta Ridge                     Catherine Hill  
Hill Jesse 86yrs Alabama   17Jul1964 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1220-29           Charles Johnson son-in-law
Hill Edith 84yrs     ??Jan1962 St. Peter's Homestead   B   #1090              
Hill Jesse 70y9m13d Saratoga Springs 07May1885 20Feb1956 Greenridge Utica State Hospital   B   #0749           widow  
Hindler Isaac 83yrs Austria   02Aug1955 New Jersey Saratoga Hospital   W   #0713              
Hlavati Barbara   Austria 20Jan1863 05Apr1941 Greenfield Saratoga Hospital   W   #0082              
Hodges Dolores 42yrs NY State 18Mar1929 01Apr1971 St. Peter's Albany Hosp Housewife W M   Nicholas Perrelle   Jennie Colipetro   George Hodges    
Hoffman Carl   Bavaria,Germany   21Mar1965 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1256-14           Mrs.Carl Hoffman  
Hoffman baby boy 2 hrs Saratoga Hospital 22Jun1950 22Jun1950 Prospect,Schuylerville Saratoga Hospital   W   #0395              
Hoffman Richard John 4hrs Saratoga Hospital 08Sep1956 09Sep1956 Prospect,Schuylerville Saratoga Hospital   W   #0774           Ray Hoffman  
Hogaasen Ole or Jogaasen 75yrs Norway 29Feb1888 14Feb1964 Bacon Hill 97North Dt/Home   W   #1198-7              
Hohmann Mary 90y8m25d Hartford,CT 01May1864 26Jan1955 St.Michael,L.I. Saratoga Hospital   M?   #0681           Ed Hohrmann  
Holmes Ernest Osborne 63 Virginia 04Jan1907 21Aug1970 Niagara Falls DOA,Sar.Hosp. Millwright W S   Thomas D. Holmes   Catherine Wilson     Ruth Berwaldt  
Holtmeyer Erna T. 55yrs Berlin,Germany 09May1910 23Apr1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1320-18           Eugene Corsale  
Holtmeyer Charles J.       16Apr1973? St. Peter's                     Barbara Corsale  
Honig Joseph 89yrs Austria 24Dec1893 01Sep1973 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Hotel owner W M           Beckie Birkenthal   Ethel Sacks-daughter
Hopkins Edward E. 67yrs South Corinth 30Dec1892 26Jun1960 W.Milton 171Beekman/Home   W   #0985              
Houseworth Harry 62yrs New York State 03Mar1897 11Oct1968 Louden Saratoga Hosp Handyman W M   Reuben Houseworth   Ellen Osborne   Beulah Donor    
Houseworth Beulah M. 85yrs New York 09Jun1906 24Aug1982 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   John Doner       Harry Houseworth   7sons,7daughters
Houseworth Carl G. baby Saratoga Springs 10Mar1958 09Oct1958 Loudon Cem Saratoga Hospital   W   #0888              
Housman Choo K.                                  
Howard Frank   Schmokan,PA   30Jun1952 St. Peter's Manor Rest,Round Lake   W   #0533              
Howard John J.   Smokan, PA 14Feb1878 12Jul1938 St. Peter's Carpentier Inf.   W   #0010              
Howard Mary       07Aug1944 St. Peter's Lt.Sisters of Poor,Troy   W   #0176              
Hoyes Edgar abt 69yrs West Indies   12Oct1942 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   B   #0129              
Hubert Edward       07May1940 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   W   #0060              
Hughes David       28Feb1970                          
Hughes Mildred 75yrs Oregon 31Jan1894 24Oct1969 St. Peter's California Supervisor W W   Stillman Nottage Iowa Martha Waggoner California James J. Hughes    
Hughes James J. 66y2m1d NY City 18Feb1889 19Apr1955 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp Ins.Broker W M #0700         Mildred Nottage    
Hughes John A.   Uniontown,PA 02Feb1907 26Jul1957 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0821              
Hulslander Nancy E.       08Jul1972   Albany Medical                      
Hunchek Joseph       03Sep1971                       Johanna Hunchek  
Hunt Mary Tragni 56yrs New York 04Jun1916 26May1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Cloth examiner W D   Daniel Tragni   Mary Tragni        
Hunter James       09Aug1953   Wilton Rt9   B   #0600              
Huntley Emma 83yrs Pottersville,NY 25Dec1880 02Aug1964 Mechanicville Saratoga Hospital   W   #1222-31           Mrs.Charles Russell  
Hurley Margaret Campbell 69y11m17d NY City 26May1882 13May1952 St. Peter's 71 Church St.   W   #0511              
Hurme Baby Girl       27Jul1974             Lawrence Hurme   Linda Peck        
Hutton Marshall 18y1m8d Schenectady,NY 12May1930 20Jun1948 Ohab Scholom Blue Crns,Charlton   W   #0310              
Ignatezuk Josephine   Poland 15Sep1888 05May1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1152-11              
Iorio Dr.Andrew F. 30yrs Albany,NY 17Jan1943 18Sep1973 St. Peter's Hackensack Hosp Optometrist W M   Vincent Iorio   Josephine Randio   Deborah Greif    
Iorio Andrew 69yrs Capria,Italy 14Sep1894 08Jan1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1194-3              
Iorio Dr.Andrew       18Sep1973                          
Isenberg Maurice 80yrs Poland 23Oct1903 25Aug1984 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Hospital Ins.Salesman W M   Isaac Isenberg   Anna Kaufman   Eva Goldstein   2 daughters
Isenberg Mayer 76yrs Russia 01Jul1898 28Jul1974 Jewish Comm Albany Medical Furniture Store owner W M           Fanny Kaufman    
Isenberg Muarice       25Aug1984   Saratoga Hospital     M           Eva    
Isenberg Mayer       27Jul1974                          
Isolda Andrew 59y11m14d Saratoga Springs 26Mar1893 10Mar1953 St. Peter's Saratoga Nat'l Bank   W   #0571              
Isolda Pasquale 79yrs Caserta,Italy 14May1886 06Dec1965 St. Peter's 58 Kent St.,B.Spa   W   #1298-56              
Isolda Antoinette   Italy 02Aug1881 31Mar1941 St. Peter's 215 Elm/Home   W   #0081              
Izzo Lucio P.R. 49yrs Saratoga County 06Jan1923 15Feb1972 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp. Art Teacher W M   Raffelle Izzo   Evelina Ginocchi   Zacchia Giovannina wife  
Izzo Carl 67 Saratoga Springs 12Aug1903 20Jan1971 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp Barber W M   Dominic Izzo   Jennie Bishop   Helen Winney    
Izzo Ralph       03Apr1969 St. Peter's                        
Izzo Demetrio   Caserta,Italy   11Oct1948 St. Peter's Wilton Nursing   W   #0328              
Izzo Evelina 52y2m12d Italy 15Jun1896 27Aug1948 St. Peter's 58Church/Home   W   #0318              
Izzo Guiseppe/Joseph 70y4m3d Italy 05Jun1883 08Oct1953 St. Peter's 25Beekman/Home   W   #0610              
Izzo Nellie 65yrs Saratoga Springs 08Aug1892 06Feb1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0853           Frank Izzo  
Izzo Paul   Italy 15Aug1888 15Jun1946 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0225              
Jackson Elsie   Woodstown,NJ 27Sep1879 16Sep1971 Greenridge Homestead San     W           William Jackson   Rose Hull,neice
Jackson Mary Jean       28May1967 Wells,NY                     M/M John Gorman  
Jacobowitz Morris B.   Hungary 1871 12Aug1946 Mt.Zion,L.I. Saratoga Hospital   W   #0234              
James Robert J. 72y10m17d Blue Hill,Neb. 08Mar1875 25Jan1948 Greenridge Tn.Providence   W   #0294              
Janicki Regina Piotrowicz 56yrs Poland 19Apr1926 24Jan1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Welder,Espey W M           Sylvester Janicki    
Jarvis Virginia   Canada 07Sep1860 15May1953 St.Jean,Troy,NY Wilton Nursing   W   #0563              
Jarwicki Joseph       29Apr1965 St. Peter's Res.Greenfield Ctr   W   #1261-19           Stella Jarowicki  
Jelens Mary 82yrs Austria 30Jul1891 06Mar1974 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Nurses Aid,Mt.McGregor W M   Johan Bauer   Catherine Jelens   William Jelens   M.Bruckner,son
Jenkins William V. 20yrs Nebraska 07Mar1949 13Aug1969 Iowa Rt 50 US Navy W S   Richard Jenkins   Lois J.Workman        
Jenkins George R. 51y5m10d Ballston Spa,NY 07Jun1903 17Nov1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0676              
Jenkins Sanford 79y1m14d Glens Falls,NY 04Dec1872 18Jan1952 Greenridge 69Church/Home   W   #0496             sister,Mrs.Hendue?
Jewett Helen D.   Schenectady,NY 08Nov1903 14             Daniel Jewett   Lena Singer        
Jogaasen Ole 75yrs Norway 29Feb1888 14Feb1964 Bacon Hill 97North St/home   W                  
Johanson Catherine 66y2m0d Ireland 29Jun1889 29Aug1955 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0721              
Johnson Eugene 71yrs N.Carolina 25Oct1900 15May1972 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Painter, NYRA B M   Eugene Johnson   Mary Shu Shu   Sally Scott   J.Calhoun,daughter
Johnson Roy Bennett 55yrs Waterbury,Conn 23Aug1918 12Feb1974 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital owner/Water pump shop W M   Philip C. Johnson   Frances   Helen Webb   2sons 1 daughter
Johnson Anna 52y7m4d Sherman,CT 27Feb1900 01Oct1952 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0545              
Johnston Anna       29Mar1970 St. Mary's                     Thomas Johnston  
Johnstone Noel Austin 55yrs Flordia 07Sep1910 10Mar1965 Greenridge Albany VA Hosp   B   #1254-12           Gwe.Newman,NYC  
Johnstone Beatrice         Greenridge                     VanStranguand  
Jones Emma Jane 78y7m23d Clifton Park,NY 09Apr1869? 02Dec1947 Maplewood 258Grand Ave/Home   W   #0285              
Jones Jeanette 71yrs S.Carolina 07Sep1890 14Sep1962 Greenridge DOA Sar.Hospital   B   #1133-47              
Jonke John Frank 68yrs Brooklyn,NY 15Nov1905 05Mar1974 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Espey -Assembly line W M   Francis Jonke   Mary Vogrin   Pauline Jonke   Walter Jonke son
Jordan Clara M. 32yrs Minnesota 20May1924 17Jul1971 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M #1675 ? Tennant   ?  Brooks   Benjamin Jordan    
Jordan JosephWm. 77yrs British Guiana 28Jun1888 15Apr1966 St. Peter's Grandview Nursing   B   #1319-17              
Jordan Hazel B. 67yrs Thurman,NY 02Feb1906 12Sep1974 Dunning St.Malta Saratoga Hospital NYS Audit -Clerk W W   Clarence Brown   Carrie Spaulding   Gary   Jos.Armer,nephew
Jordan Francis L. 68yrs USA 12Feb1916 01Apr1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Barber W M   James Jordan   Minnie Ferrara   Frances DeVivo   1son,1daughter
Joscelyn Jewett Gordon 42y3m17d Roscoe,NY 13Apr1913 30Jul1955 Tannersville,NY Platmore Farms   W                  
Kahn Paul M. 55yrs New York 24Oct1916 01Aug1972 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital G.E.,Leasion Off. W M   Philip Kahn   Lillian Wasserman   Linda Soroka    
Kahn Lillian 72yrs Russia 15May1889 15Feb1962 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #1093              
Kahn Philip   Poland 16Jan1895 24Dec1960 Jewish Comm Roswell Park   W   #1023              
Kalanian Harry   Sevan Armenia 15Mar1892 20Aug1961 Cedar Grove,Flushing Hathorn Spa#3   W   #1063 1/2              
Kaminsky Joseph 96yrs   abt1867 18Oct1963 Jewish Comm Jewish Home   W   #1175-33              
Kanaly Beatrice Weidman   see Burke Funeral   (Dec1946)           #0247              
Kaplan Harry       20May1968                       Phil Kaplan  
Kaplan Bessie 89yrs Lithaunia   14Oct1986 Jewish Comm Burlington,VT Housewife W W   Abraham Koble            
Kaplan Ida 86yrs Russia   02Aug1955 Springfield,L.I. Saratoga Hospital       #0714              
Kapp Frederick   Rochester,NY ??Mar?? 15Jan1950 Waterford Rural Utica State       #0367              
Karr Leita 59yrs Cobalt,Ont.Canada 26Jul1907 26Aug1966 St. Mary's,Troy Saratoga Hospital   W   #1344-42           Robert Karr  
Karr Joseph A.   Troy,NY 28Feb1903 26Sep1961 St.Mary's,Troy,NY 75Washington St   W   #1069              
Katz Morris   Poland 1896 13Feb1965 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Baker for Fallick W   #1247-5              
Kaufman Bernard 73yrs Russia 1877 22Dec1950 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0430              
Kawiecka Sophia/Zofia 56y7m15d Poland 01Jan1896 16Aug1952 Holy Cross,N.J. Saratoga Spgs,NY   W   #0532              
Kaye Harold E. 80yrs     02Nov1982 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Drug Store Owner W M           Frances Kaye    
Kaye Barbara Ruth 2yrs Saratoga Springs   24Feb1959 Jewish Comm Miami,FL   W   #0902              
Kaye Jacqueline 26yrs NY City 08Aug1933 15Aug1959 Jewish Comm Albany Hospital   W   #0935              
Kearney Lillian Agnes   Mineville,NY   04Feb1953 St. Peter's 14Jumel Pl/Home   W   #0563              
Kearney Patrick B. 72y1m21d Hoosick Falls,NY 03Feb1881 24Mar1953 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0575              
Keating Timothy D. 55yrs New York 07Dec1916 24Dec1972 Flushing Cem,L.I. Saratoga Hospital NTS Dept Mental Hyg. W M   Timothy D. Keating   Josephine   Gertrude Dietz   2daughters 3sons
Kedzierski Anthony 91y2m14d Poland 15Mar1861 29May1952 St. Peter's 10 Doten Ave/Home   W   #0513             son Stephen
Kedzierski Stanley 53yrs Schenectady,NY 04Jul1907 29Nov1960 St. Peter's White Home,Woodlawn   W   #1016              
Kedzurski Stephen 72yrs Warsaw,Poland 01Nov1888 30Apr1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1042              
Kehoe Patrick John 76yrs Syracuse,NY 18Mar1884 03Jul1960 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0986             Ms.Harold Bailey,daughter
Kehoe Richard 50y10m22d Newfoundland 11Jul1901 03Jun1952 St. Peter's White House Hotel   W   #0516              
Keib Lucille Mae       28Jul1951   Miami,FL   W   #0462              
Keib Walter   Scranton,PA 20Nov1894 21Mar1956 Rock City Falls G.E.Bldg,Schenectady   W   #0754             Helen Wilson,sister
Keinek/Kerner? Nicholas G.       25Sep1970   Saratoga Springs                      
Kelleher Vincent Raymond 49yrs Ft.Edward,NY 04Jan1914 18Aug1963 St. Peter's 135 Lake Ave/Home   W   #1165              
Kelley Edward   Greenville,NY 26May1914 29Aug1957 St. Peter's R.R.Place   W   #0830              
Kelly Irene L. 63yrs Wilton,NY 15Nov1906 19Sep1970 S.Wilton DOA Sar. Hosp Clerk,NYCRR W M   ?Fernee       John J. Kelly    
Kelly Rose Louise 16yrs NY State 04Sep1954 02Aug1971 St.Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Joseph Vezeau   Margaret Miglucci   James Kelly husband  
Kelly Miles Howard baby     12Jan1942 Greenridge     W   #0133              
Kempton Elizabeth       14Jan1966 Woodlawn,Bronx                     Fred T.Krehman  
Kendrick Willis Jason   St.Lawrence County 07Apr1860 28Feb1944 Greenridge 19Marion Place/Home   W   #0171              
Keosaian Helen 70yrs Greece 09May1900 02May1971 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Prop.Helen's Lunch W M   Lucas Lucas   Evstkia Koupolus   Harry Keosain    
Kepecs Eugene 71y5m3d Hungary 13Mar1878 16Aug1949 King Soloman,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0352              
Kerlin Matthew       05Nov1965                          
Kertes Esther 67yrs Hungary 1891 15Aug1958 BethDavid,L.I. 44Henry St.   W   #0879              
Kiel Sophie E.       08Aug1965                          
Kilarewski Joseph       03Oct1967 St. Peter's                     Anna Kilarewski  
Kircher Helene 63yrs Germany 20Apr1909 03Jun1972 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   George Lederer   Ida Keil   Arthur Kircher   1 son 1 daughter
Kirker David   Waterford,NY   03Apr1962 St.Mary's,Waterford Ft.Lauderdale,FL   W   #1103              
Kirshman John 47yrs NY City   10Aug1953 Masbeth L.I. Town of Moreau   W   #0562              
Klare Henry 83yrs Brooklyn,NY 22Dec1887 19Jan1971 Greenridge 29 York Ave Mail Clerk W W             Edna-Ann Senecal  
Klein Harold   NY State 07Sep1906 13Oct1972 Whitedboro,NY   Clerk,Nat.Auto W     Sam Klein   Anna Friedman     Goldie Myers  
Klingbeil Ralph W.   Germany 09Aug1879 09Jun1947 Clifton Park,NY Spa Barracks,SS   W   #0264              
Kloss Mary 85yrs Czechoslovakia 15Jun1888 21Sep1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W           John Kloss   1son 5 daughters
Kloss John 69y4m9d Czechoslavokia 18Jul1887 27Nov1956 St. Peter's Gurn Sp.Wilton/Home   W   #0787              
Kloss Joseph M. 31y1m20d Gansevoort,NY 04Dec1925 24Jan1957 St. Peter's Roswell Pk.Buffalo   W   #0780              
Kloss Stephen 33y8m18d Newark,NJ 11Nov1916 15Aug1950 Gurn Spring Wilton,NY/Home   W   #0406              
Kloss Steve       06Nov1974                          
Knapp Theodore A.   Saratoga Springs   29Dec1963 Greenridge 495 Woodlawn/Home   W   #1189              
Knieht Walter 54y2m23d Switzerland 30Aug1896 03Nov1950 Creamation Saratoga Hospital   W   #0428              
Kobel Samuel       10Mar1972                          
Kobel Ruth       30Aug1968                       Samuel Kobel  
Kobel Isadore 87yrs Port Henry, NY 12Sep1914 25Sep1986 Jewish Comm Essex County Kobels Mkt.owner W M   Barney Kobel   Dora Cobel   Evelyn Korzenowitz    
Kobel Abe 64yrs Saratoga Springs 09Jul1898 05Nov1962 Jewish Comm DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #1136           Harry Kobel  
Kobel Barney 76yrs Lithuania   19Jul1962 Jewish Comm Plattsburgh,NY   W   #1121              
Kobryn Pauline 85yrs Austria 23Aug1873 02Aug1959 Greenridge Harriman Nursing   W   #0932              
Kobryn Theodore 84yrs Austria 13Dec1878 04Sep1963 Greenridge Ellis Hosp,Schenectady   W   #1169              
Koch Leo 65y8m10d Poland   22Jul1955 Jewish Comm Port Henry,NY   W   #0709              
Koeppel Sadie 75yrs Austria 11May1899 14Jan1974 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W               1 daughter 2sons
Koppe Mary A. 77yrs NY City 02May1887 29Sep1964 Greenridge Grandview Nursing   W   #1234-44             3sons,Wm.Ed.John
Kossman Louis 72yrs Russia 15Feb1881 23Jun1953 NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0590              
Kostka William       15Feb1971   VA Hosp,Albany                   Patricia Coonradt  
Kostka Elizabeth 64yrs Czechoslovakia 19Nov1893 05Apr1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0864              
Kostka William,Sr. 73yrs Czeckoslavkia 23Sep1888 09May1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1108              
Kowolski Joseph M. 45y6m3d PA 05Mar1903 08Sep1948 St.Mary's,Schenectady So.end,Saratoga Lake   W   #0323              
Kozowski Alex 55y3m28d Poland   23Apr1950 St. Peter's 15 Doten/Home   W   #0383              
Kraft Clara 78yrs London,England 10Jan1895 14Dec1973 Staten Island Daug of Sarah,Alb Clerk,Espey W W   Mendel Bressler   Annie       1 daughter 1 son
Krais Evelyn May 72yrs Greenfield Ctr. 02May1899 25Jul1971 Amityville,NY Ballston Spa Housewife W M   Percy Kelly       William Krais    
Krell Adam J. 70y1m22d Germany 28Jan1886 20Mar1956 Greenridge 264Crescent/Home   W   #0752              
Krutheimer Linda 22yrs Saratoga Springs   06Jan1972 Greenridge NYCity                   Dr.Fred Krauthermer  
Kuvorik? Fannie 63yrs Austria   19Jul1955 Jewish Comm Monticello Hospital   W   #0708              
Kuznia John L.,Jr 77yrs Poland 24Dec1893 30Jan1971 St. Peter's 171 Beekman St. Foreman Sulphite W M           Tressa Russell John Kuznia  
Kwalwasser Lena   Poland 20Jun1887 28Jul1941 Mt.Carmel,NY 54Lincoln Ave   W   #0088              
LaBarck Joseph 71yrs Brazil 22Apr1895 07Oct1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1354-52           Rose LaBarck  
LaBelle Charles P.       05May1968 St. Peter's                        
LaBelle Anthony 76yrs     22May1971 St. Peter's Albany Hosp.                     Anna LaBele
LaBelle Pauline M.   MonteMarro,Italy 28Jun1868 04Apr1942 St. Peter's 49Franklin St/Home   W   #0113              
LaBrake Anna   Vergennes,VT 24Sep1900 13Apr1956 St.Joseph,Rutland 215 Regent/Home   W   #0757              
LaBree Hawley/Harry 50y4m1d Philadelphia,PA 15Mar1903 14Nov1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0675              
LaBuz Michael 58yrs NY Mills,NY 24Jul1915 28Nov1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Starter Spa Golf W M   John LaBuz   Constance Dubiel   Genevieve Kopczneska    
LaFountain Henry   Ellenburg,NY 26Jul1900 03Aug1946 Red Brick,Wilton Rt9 Glens Falls   W   #0230              
LaGay/Goy Bernard   Malone,NY 11Jul1921 25Aug1940 St.Peter's,Plattsburgh Saratoga Hospital   W   #0067              
Lake Harold S. 67yrs White Creek,NY 07May1891 13Jan1959 Woodland,Cambridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0898              
LaLonde Nellie 78yrs Beacon Hill,NY 09Apr1893 08Mar1972 Ballston Spa Saratoga Rest. W W   Warren Wildy   Lillie Mae Rooke        
LaLonde George Eugene 66yrs Ogdensburgh,NY 24Jul1891 11Dec1957 Ballston Rural 17Marvin Pl/Home   W   #0845              
Lalumiere Arthur 42y4m7d Cohoes, NY 06Sep1906 13Jan1949 Waterford,NY Stillwater/Mech road Trainman/B&M W M #0333 Suszoel?Lalumiere   Jennie Sorel   Elmina LaBlanc    
LaMay Alice 80yrs Liverpool,England 04Feb1885 03Jan1966 St. Peter's 48Adams St/Home   W   #1303-1           Mrs.C.Graves  
LaMay Edward 66y1m16d Whitehall,NY 09Sep1886 25Oct1952 St. Peter's 48Adams St/Home   W   #0551              
Lambert Emma E.   Mass.   12May1953 Greenridge Durham's Nursing   W   #0561              
Lamberti/Lambert Genaro   Bellona,Italy 26Jul1883 26Dec1967 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Boilermaker W M   Dominick Lamberti   Anna Catone   Johanna Caputo widow  
Lambiase Carl 80yrs Italy 10Mar1891 13Feb1972 St. Agnes DOA St.Peter's Hosp St.Maintance Albany W M   Vincent Lambiase   Philomena Ferrara   Madeline Mangine    
Lane Charles       28Jul1951 Greenridge Durham's nursing   W W #0461         Jennie Lane    
Lane Jennie       15May1951 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital       #0448              
Lane Rita Hunt 35yrs3m22d Troy,NY 27Nov1915 19Apr1952 Maplewood Lake Ave,pole72   W   #0508              
Lang George W. 61yrs Glen,NY 30Jul1898 29Jul1960 Fairview,Amsterdam DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #0995              
Lang Robert 32y11m20d Amsterdam,NY 22Feb1925 02Feb1958 Fairview,Amsterdam Saratoga Hospital   W   #0851              
Lang William 67yrs Gilderland,Holland 06Jun1894 14Nov1963 Maplewood,vet lot Adelphia Hotel   W   #1179           Peg Welsh  
Lantz Sarah Helen 88yrs Nebraska 10Aug1894 05Mar1983 Tecumseh,Neb Saratoga Springs Housewife W W   George Place   Annie M.Buffum       Kenneth. Son
Lanzara Elsie   Schenectady,NY   22Apr1962 St. Peter's Albany Medical   W   #1106-20              
Lanzara Nicholas 82y4m3d Italy 21/27Nov1871 24Mar1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0627              
Lanzara Patrick   Italy 30Aug1880 25Jan1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0163              
Lanzara Theresa M.   Pietramelara,Italy 17Sep1870 17Sep1938 St. Peter's 70 Ballston Ave/Home   W   #0013              
Lanzone Agiro (male) 68yrs Saratoga Springs 28May1892 21Mar1961 St. Peter's Durham Nursing   W   #1035              
Lanzone/Longo Carmel 66yrs Saratoga Springs 20Jan1895 02Feb1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1031              
LaPoint Homer 81yrs Lincoln,VT 02Feb1893 12Feb1974 Cremation RD#1S.Greenfield Rd Alco, Sch.laborer W D   Ezra LaPOint   Augusta Sheperd       2sons,2 daughters
Larson Bertha 89yrs Russia 28Sep1915 25Nov1984 Mount Ararat Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Benjamin Dennis   Ela ?        
LaRue Gary 10y1m14d Ballston Spa,NY 26Feb1945 12Apr1955 Sweetman,Charlton 37Caroline St.   W   #0699              
Lasselle Charles 71y5m14d Burnham,ME 08Apr1885 22Sep1956 S.Wilton Cem RD2Saratoga-Wilton   W   #0777              
Lasselle Glayds   Maine 12Feb1881 07Sep1955 S.Wilton Cem RD2Saratoga-Wilton   W   #0725              
Lavine Estelle       10Aug1964         M           Alexander Lavine    
Lavine Herman 80yrs   05Jun1906 11Jun1986 Jewish Comm Saratoga E.R. Lavine Motors   M   Avrum LaVine   Freida Sussman   Beatrice Kemp    
Lavine Bessie abt 50yrs Russia   21Jul1947 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0267              
Lavine Eva G. 45y4m6d NY City 21Sep1909 27Jan1955 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0682              
Lavine Hanrick       18Jun1939 New York City Biller Hotel,S.S.       #0032              
Lawler John   Milton,NY 10Oct1859 06Jan1938 St. Peter's Homestead Sanatorium   W   #0001              
Lawman Eilliam"Ed" 74yrs     13Nov1985   Saratoga Hospital                      
Lawrence Raymond   West Day,Sar.County 12Jun1895 29Nov1947 Factory Village Providence,NY   W   #0283           Earl Guertin  
Layton Leon Harrison 77yrs Salt Lake City 20Jul1891 01Jul1969 New York City DOA Sar. Hosp                   Nancy Layton  
Lazzaro Leone 71y9m14d Italy 27Mar1885 11Jan1957 St. Peter's 17 Walnut St/Home   W   #0795              
Leahy Rosemary M. 57yrs Brooklyn   21Jul1983 L.I.National Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Franz Neumar   Emilia N.        
Leary James C. 48yrs Saratoga Springs 13Apr1915 04Mar1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1203-12              
LeBarron Harry   Saratoga Springs   19Jun1970 Greenridge Ballston Spa,NY                 Helen LeBarron widow  
LeBarron Donald B. 66yrs Saratoga,NY 10Jun1919 11Aug1985 Gansevoort Saratoga Springs Disabled W S                
Lebowich Joseph 70yrs Boston,MA 12Jan1905 04Dec1984 Cambridge,NY 98 Fifth Ave Patholigist W W                
Lee Katie C. 80yrs Kentucky 10Mar1890 05Oct1970 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife Negro W   Evan Cassell   Eliza Winkfield     Margary Dewey  
Lee Chester Arnold 52yrs Boston,Mass 24Mar1908 29Jul1960 Arlington Nat'l Milton Rt29   W   #0994              
Lee Everett Douglas 69y9m9d Saratoga Springs 28Jul1892 07May1953 N.Milton Cem 430MIllard St,Schenectady   W   #0560              
Leggett Clarence S. 69yrs Mechanicville,NY 14Jan1899 14Feb1968 St. Peter's Albany Hosp Show Dog Handler W S   Clarence Leggett   Catherine Dorsey     Olive Collins  
Leiberman Israel   Russia   21Apr1962 Springfield,MA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1105           Samuel Leiberman  
Leitman Samuel       18Jul1986   Saratoga Hospital                      
Leitman Marie   Warsaw,Poland ??Dec1898 02Dec1959 Jewish Comm 32Park Pl/Home   W   #0957         Samuel Leitman    
Lejhanec Vince   Czechoslovakia 31May1871 23May1940 Cremated,Oakwood RFD#1 Greenfield   W   #0062              
Lemberg Louis 69y5m6d Russia 10Feb1881 16Jul1949 Fairview, NJ S.S.Cure&Convel   W   #0343              
Lemmon Orville       01Mar1963   Homestead San                      
Leo Elizabeth M.       25Dec1974 St. Peter's                        
Leone Louise C. 62yrs Westfield, NJ 02Feb1899 14Mar1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1034              
Lerner Morris abt 84yrs Russia   14Aug1947 Mt.Hebron,L.I. 65 Phila St   W   #0270              
Leutz Lillian Dillenbeck       26May1965?                          
LeVan Ernest K. 54yrs Waterford,NY 18Sep1928 02Jan1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital D&H RR,Brakeman W M   Ernest K.LeVan   Dorothy L.DeSevor   Carol Searles   3 stepchildren
Levine Irving I.       14May1967 Memory Gardens Joint Dis.Hosp,NYC   W   #1390-23         Lillian Levine    
Levine Meyer 77yrs Russia 06Jul1883 09Mar1960 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0968              
LeVoy Emily Krimp 35yrs Greenfield Ctr. 23Sep1923 31May1959 N.Milton Cem Rt.13,Fishhouse Rd   W   #0917              
Levy Leon       14Apr1969 Woodbridge,NJ                     Bessie Levy  
Levy Clara       19Jan1966?                          
Levy Clara 75yrs Yugoslovia 25Feb?? 07Dec1965 Beth Israel,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #1299-57              
Levy David     06May1854 16Jun1939 Syracuse,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0031              
Levy Elizabeth 80yrs NY City 1886 15Feb1967 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hospital   B   #1376-8              
Lewandowski Stanley M.   Amsterdam,NY 22Oct1906 22Feb1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp Book keeper W M   Frank Lewandowski   Josephine Lewandowski   Regina Meller widow  
Lewis Alice J. 63yrs   25Jan1908 18Jan1972 St.Jos.Husdn Falls Saratoga Springs Housekeeper W     Anthony Reed   Mary Delaney        
Leyman Lynn Clarence   Milesburg,PA 29May1874 09Dec1962 Jeanette,PA 505Woodlawn/Home   W   #1140-54              
Liker William   GreenIsland,NY 29Jul1870 04May1945 Greenridge enroute Sar.Hospital   W   #0192              
Linkus John abt 54yrs Lithuania   03Sep1948 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0322              
Lloyd Edwin M. 21y10m22d Gifford,FL 10Dec1930 02Nov1952 Jacksonville,FL Rt9P   W   #0555              
Lloyd Luther 33yrs Aiken,SC 07Aug1927 03Aug1961 Aiken,SC Saratoga Hospital   B   #1057              
Lockwood Everett   Jamaica,L.I. 09Apr1886 27Aug1941 Long Island 203 Regent St   W   #0096              
Lollias George 43yrs Brooklyn,NY 25Dec1916 28Mar1960 St. Peter's Hollindale,FL   W   #0971              
Lolloas Josephine 53yrs   19Mar1917 07Dec1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Seamstress W W   Ralph Chiperno   Grace Casetano   George Lollias   son Arthur T.Lollias
Londo Samuel 60yrs Saratoga Springs   07Apr1943 St. Peter's St.Jos.Hosp,Syracuse   W   #0145              
Longo John Joseph 55yrs USA 22Feb1918 29Aug1973 Oakwood,Troy Saratoga Hospital Custodian W M   Jerry Longo   Carmel Kero   Zoe Gould   1son,4daughters
Longo Anthony   Springfield,MA 10Nov1885 14Sep1959 St. Peter's Binghamton State Hosp.   W   #0944              
Longo Barbara Ann   Saratoga Springs 08Oct?? 08Oct1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0420              
Longo Frank   Saratoga Springs 30Aug1894 06Sep1947 St. Peter's 250Grand/Home   W   #0274              
Longo Helen 76yrs Austria   05Oct1966 St. Peter's Homestead San   W   #1353-51              
Longo John J.       12Aug1961 St. Peter's DOA Cambridge Hosp   W   #1062              
Lossi Irene 57yrs Schenectady,NY 16Jun1903 27Aug1960 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1001              
Luciano Michael 64yrs NY,NY 08Oct1898 05Jun1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1157-16              
Ludwig Robert A. 38yrs Ohio 14Jul1930 16Apr1969 Stockbridge,MA DOA Sar. Hosp   W D   Ralph Ludwig         Ralph Ludwig  
Ludwig John T.   Minn.Minnesota 30Dec1889 14Dec1943 Lakewood,Minn rt.9,Sar-Wilton       #0161              
Lundgren Ruth Cornell 48yrs Saratoga Springs 30Mar1914 09Nov1962 Greenridge 127Woodlawn Ave   W   #1137-51              
Lundgren Carl Joseph   Bjunhalms,Sweden 22Nov1875 27Jan1944 St. Peter's 2 Oak St/Home   W   #0164              
Lura Cora Antwerp 88yrs Albany,NY 1872 11Jan1961 St. Peter's Carpentier Inf.,B.S.   W   #1027              
Luther Helen       07Aug1973 N.Milton Central Gen.Hospital                     Helen White,daugh
Lynch Gilliam       27Mar1946 Greenridge Utica State Hospital       #0219              
Lynch James J.,Sr       11Oct1974 St. Peter's                        
Lyttle Andrew       11Nov1966                       Percy Taylor  
Mabe Linda       28Feb1970 Woodridge,NJ                        
MacDonald Francis John   New York,NY 02Nov1875 25Jun1942 Calvary,L.I.NY Saratoga Hospital NY C Police Sgt. W   #0116              
Macica Mary 72yrs Czekoslavkia 28Sep1896 01Jun1969 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp Housewife W W   Michael Chaudcheck   Cecelia     Edward Macica  
Macier Frances Pallor 54yrs Glens Falls,NY 23Feb1927 03Jan1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sec.Macier Development W M   Steven Pallor   Angeline Gerrard   Robert E.Macier   2sons,1daughter
Mackey Arabella B. 27y2m22d Schuylerville,NY 14Oct1920 06Jan1948 St. Peter's Homestead San   W   #0292              
Mackey Clifford   Saratoga Springs 12Feb1906 06Aug1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   B   #1341-39           Jean Boyce  
Madarassy Rita       20Dec1969                          
Madarassy Edmund 44yrs     03Oct1985 N.Milton Saratoga Hospital Taxi Driver W Sep       Rita R.        
Madole Baby Boy       19Oct1970                          
Magee Dr. Edward       16Aug1969 Warrensburgh                     Mrs.Doug.Stone  
Magistri Domenico 62y11m12d Italy 22Feb1892 04Feb1955 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0684              
Maglione James J. 38yrs Saratoga Springs 1927 17Oct1965 St. Peter's RD#3Church/Home   W   #1289-47           Florence Maglione  
Mahar Elizabeth Martin 71yrs Saratoga, NY 03Jun1913 02Apr1985 St.Peter's Johnstown, NY Homemaker W W   Wm.M.Martin   Ruby Langdell       1 daugh 1son
Mahoney Edward P. 36yrs Peabody,Mass 10Sep1922 27Jun1957 St.Mary's,Salem,MA West Ave   W   #0813              
Maiello Angelo J.   Mechanicville,NY 25Mar1915 26May1958 St. Peter's Howes Cave   W   #0869              
Maiorella Baby girl       09Jun1972                          
Maisano James   Rojo,Italy 19Mar1896 16Sep1939 Ft.Lee,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0043              
Majkowski Christopher Michael infant   16Sep1986 16Sep1986 St.Peter's           PeterMajkowski   Barbara Wright        
Major Yvonne 58y8m26d N.Adams,MA 26Mar1892 22Dec1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0431              
Malway Mary Agnes 80y11m13d Cohoes,NY 12Feb1871 25Jan1952 St. Peter's 194Grand Ave/Home   W   #0497              
Mandeville Vivienne 46yrs New York 16Feb1927 16Jul1973 Maplewood Home Fed,Gov't,Adminitrator W M   Herman Schonberg   Margie ?   Harrison Mandeville    
Mangano Mary   Naso, Italy 03Apr1893 06Jan1971                          
Mangano Santo 73yrs Italy 12Jun1889 04Jun1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1156-15              
Mangini Rocco M. 70yrs NY State 08Feb1900 02Mar1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp Junk Dealer W M   John Mangini   Isabelle Smaldone   Lillian Doty wife  
Mangini Thelma S. 65yrs Hudson Falls,NY 19Mar1917 12Dec1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Fletcher Clevenand   Geraldine Slack       Geraldine LeRoux,daughter
Mangini Domenica 75y3m12d Italy 20Oct1875 02Feb1951 St.Agnes,Albany 23Maplewood,Albany       #0437              
Mangona Nicholas S. 58yrs Saratoga Springs 22Nov1914 25Aug1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Knitter,VanRaalte W S   Frank Mangona   Mary Onofaro       1bro,3sisters
Mangona Anthony 65y8m14d Italy 19May1886 03Feb1952 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0498              
Mangona Carl C.   Italy   15Sep1959 St. Peter's 68Franklin/Home   W   #0945              
Mangona Mary 65yrs Naso,Italy 15Sep1892 30Sep1957 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0836           Tony&Frank Mangona  
Manilla Annarose 79y6m10d Italy 17Jun1872 27Dec1951 St. Peter's 25Walnut/Home   W   #0490              
Manning Gerald J. 37yrs  ? Albany,NY 04Aug1904 10Jan1951 Albany,NY Rt9 Clifton Park   W   #0433              
Manns William Walter 79yrs Buchingham Co.VA 02Jun1887 06Aug1966 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1340-38           Walter Manns,son  
Mark Frank 74yrs Saratoga Springs   24Nov1971 St. Peter's Homestead San   W S #1702           Albert Mark,brother  
Marks Anna Koenig   NYCity 27Apr1904 10Dec1986 N.Montifiore Glenville,NY Owner,Grocery                   3 daughters
Marks Michael J. 63yrs Saratoga Springs,NY 25Jul1895 25Feb1959 St. Peter's 89Nelson Ave/Home   W                  
Martel William J.       08Jul1985   Albany VA Hosp                      
Martin Jessie Guernsey       22Jul1961 ? Rye,NY                     Eliz.Purdy  
Martin William M. 62-67     29Feb1986 Memory Gardens Wilton,NY                      
Martin Ruby 68yrs Meriden,Iowa 24Aug1893 17Aug1962 Greenridge Grandview Nursing   W   #1126              
Martin Jessie 74yrs Independence,Kansas 1891 22Jul1966 Rye,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #1338-36              
Martindale Ethel 81y1m1d Michigan 09Oct1874 08Nov1955 Greenwood,MI Durham's Nursing   W   #0739              
Martinelli Viola       23Aug1967 Union City,NJ Race Track                      
Martinez Thomas   Valencia, Spain 10Apr1897 12Oct1963 St. Peter's 92 1/2Ash/Home   W   #1174-32              
Martini Pasqualena 87yrs NY City 17Apr1897 12Dec1984 L.I.National Hallmark N.Home Choc dipper W     Genero Altmari   Marie Spacito       Anna DiPietro
Martino Assunta   Italy   04Dec1951 St. Peter's 94 CongressSt/Home   W   #0489              
Martino Frank 86y1m5d Italy 06Feb1866 11Mar1952 St. Peter's Wilton Nursing   W   #0505              
Martone Josephine H. 57yrs Saratoga Springs 11Sep1915 02Aug1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Joseph Izzo   Nellie Buckett   Louis Martone   1son,1daughter
Marturano Agnes M. 83yrs Glens Falls 11Oct1899 18Apr1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Nursing Home owner W W   John Dwyer   Jane Murphy   Jerry Marturano   2 daughters
Mascetta Ruth 58yrs Dorchester,MA 24Sep1915 01Nov1973 Greenridge Glenridge Hospital Housewife W M   Richard Brown   Ruth Owen   Anthony Mascetta   4daughters
Mastropasqua Peter       23Apr1968   VA Hosp.Albany                      
Mastropasqua Emanulla 84yrs Italy 06Oct1889 04Jul1974 St. Peter's 117 Middle Ave Housewife W W               1daughter,1son
Mastropasqua Frank (ChiChi) 89yrs Italy 30Aug1884 22Oct1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mason W M   Rocco Mastropasqua       Emanuela DeSantis   1daughter,1son
Mastropasqua Rocco J. 43yrs Saratoga Springs 21Dec1919 15Nov1963 St. Peter's Boynton Beach,FL   W   #1181              
Matell Thomas K.       17Aug1970 Auburn,NY Race Track                      
Matinez Thomas   Valencia,Spain 10Apr1897 12Oct1963 St. Peter's 92 1/2Ash/Home   W                  
Matrazzo Elsie       22Feb1975 St. Peter's                        
Matrazzo Maria 83yrs Italy 14Feb1877 10Dec1960 St. Peter's Garrett Rd,Ballston   W   #1020           Edith Scarano  
Mattrazzo Angeline   Caserta,Italy 01Nov1894 15Nov1939 St. Peter's RFD#3West Ave/home   W   #0045 1/2              
Mattrazzo Matthew       02Nov1974 St. Peter's                        
Mattrazzo Salvatore   Saratoga Hospital 25Jan1939 25Jan1939 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0019              
Mauzy Mary Ellen   Oregon ??Apr1880 05Apr1960 Greenridge Durham's Nursing   W   #0972              
Mayhew Rachel 8942m21d West Grove,PA ??Feb1861 17May1950 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   B   #0388              
McAckron Bessie       10Feb1943   Grangerville Rd       #0140              
McCartus? William       24Feb1965 Loudon Cem Newburgh,NY   W   #1249-7              
McClellan Gilbert G.,Jr 54yrs NY State 02Sep1915 12Nov1969 St. Peter's Saratoga County Mutual Clerk W M   Gilbert McClellan,Sr.   Matilda Rohrik   Bettina DiRenzo widow  
McClellan Elmer 42yrs Chandler,OK 27Apr1915 16Jan1958 Cossville,Missouri Rt29,Milton,NY   W   #0850              
McCurtis William       24Feb1965   Newburgh                   Sadie Durkee  
McDaniels Luella   New Haven,CT 16Sep1880 17May1940 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0061              
McDermott Edward   Bayonne,NJ 12Nov1922 27Mar1968     NYRA W M   Michael MacDermott   Johanna Connell   Rita Gaffney widow  
McGee Kathleen F.Nichol 72yrs NY City 26Feb1912 26Oct1984 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Mgr.Raymond's Bootery W W   James B.Nichol   Mary McFadden   John T.McGee    
McGirr Agnes Cecelia 54y2m24d Saratoga Springs 21Nov1895 15Feb1950 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0373              
McGirr Joseph Paul 69yrs Mechanicville,NY 14Jun1896 13Apr1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1317-15              
McGregor Benjamin Joseph 80yrs NY State 23Jan1889 04Nov1969 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp Clerk-US Depot W M   Benjamin McGregor   Catherine Dwyer   Frances Barney widow  
McInnis Ivan 47y10m21d P.E.Is,Canada 25Jul1904 16Jun1952 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0517              
McKechnie? Jerry Graham 67yrs Lisbon,N.D. 28Apr1893 08Aug1960 Visalia,CA DOA,Sar.Hospital   W   #0997         Hortense Lyon    
McLaren Beecher H.   Corinth,NY 29Aug1927 16Feb1947 Warrensburg,NY Rt9,Doghouse Tav.   W   #0254              
McLaren Walter Wallace 42yrs Warrensburg,NY 18Aug1917 07Sep1959 Visitation,Schuylerville L.Barber,Fish Ck.   W   #0940              
McLaren Julia R.DeGregory 37y6m5d Saratoga Springs 13Jun1919 28Dec1956 St. Peter's 91Catherine St.   W   #0794              
McLaren Peter James   Niskayuna,NY 17Dec1908 29Mar1947 Ballston Spa Cem Graphite Mt,Greenfield   W   #0259              
McLillian J.Densmore       27Sep1970 California VA, Albany     D       Harldine Sledge     Dr.Lowell McClellan  
McMillan Mary Mildred 77yrs Fort Edward,NY 15Aug1905 09Feb1983 Prospect Hill,Schuylerville Albany Medical Nurses Aid, Sar.Hosp W M   Frank Cook   Mary Carey   Floyd McMIlliam   2daughters
McMillem Lucy Harris 100yrs Greenfield 14May1882 05Nov1982 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Seamstress,VanRaalte W W   Nelson A.Harris   Lydia Veile        
McPhillips Dr.Matthew F. 78yrs NY City 1881 16Dec1960 St. Peter's St.Vincent's NYC   W   #1022              
Mead George H. 84y2m29d Ft.Edward,NY 06Feb1866 05May1950 Union,Ft.Edward 129Hamilton/Home   W   #0385              
Mechura Teresie   Cechalovakia 10Jun1881 15Aug1957 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0824              
Meighen/r Delia 93yrs Ireland   22Mar1953 St. Peter's Tichnors   W   #0574              
Meiras Anthony 41y2m1d Spain 18Dec1911 19Feb1953 St. Peter's 78 Beekman/Home   W   #0567              
Melvin Catherine   Cohoes,NY 28Jan1878 15Oct1943 St.Agnes,Cohoes,NY 76Edward St,Cohoes   W   #0156              
Mennella Joseph 87y1m0d Italy 05Sep1872 05Oct1949 St. Peter's 25 Walnut St/Home   W   #0361              
Merebella Pasquale   Italy   15Jan1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0136              
Merrills John Wm. 35y3m28d Saratoga Springs 16Jun1917 14Oct1952 Greenridge DOA Sar.Hospital   W   #0548              
Meyer Adel 68y8m10d Germany 24Dec1886 04Sep1955 Lutheran,Brooklyn Scotts Sanitarium   W   #0722         Wm.Meyer    
Meyer Jacob John       27Dec1939 Maplewood Carpentier Inf   W   #0050              
Meyer Lester A.   Nebraska 13Mar1907 24Apr1946 Prospect,Schuylerville Moreau,dirt road Draftsman,Brass works W   #0220              
Meyer Victor   Germany   19Oct1950 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0423             Geo.Sampson,Uncle
Meyer William   Germany 19Sep1888 14Jul1960? Brooklyn,NY   Houseman,Skidmore College     no card??agreement John Meyer   Meta Cordes   Adel Meyer   Mildred VanNostrand
Meyers Boyd       29Jan1965 Gansevoort Saratoga Hospital   W   #1245-3              
Michel Harold E. 71yrs     31Jan1986   Glens Falls Hospital     M                
Migliozzi Paul Francis 18yrs NY State 15Jan1953 03Dec1971 St. Peter's Northway CP   W S #1706 Michael Migliozzi   Christine Arpey        
Migliozzi Michael F. 64yrs Italy 18Jan1919 24Jan1983 St. Peter's Albany VA Hosp Barber W     Ralph Migliozzi   Mary Parillo       1son,1daughter
Migliozzi Christine 67yrs New York 27Jul1915 14Aug1982 St. Peter's Saratoga E.R. Housewife W M   Frank Arpey   Maria DiDominico   Michael F.Miglozzi    
Miglucci Dominick Michael       09Sep1970   Schenectady,NY                      
Miglucci Rose Dominick 85yrs So.Plainfield,NJ 08Mar1900 30Jul1985 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Knitting Mill-laborer W W           Pasquale 2/19/64    
Miglucci Patrick G. 26yrs Saratoga Springs 02Apr1948 13Jul1974? St. Peter's Collins Pond,Scotia Custodian W S   Dominick Miglucci   Nancy Sirignano       3sisters
Miglucci James Millis   Italy   15Apr1945 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0191              
Miglucci Pasquale 68yrs Italy 03Aug1895 19Mar1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1207-16              
Migluicci Margaret 68yrs Saratoga Springs 05Sep1896 30Dec1964 St. Peter's Cramer House   W   #1242              
Mihaly Elizabeth 89yrs Austria   19Dec1968 St. Mary's, Schy Saratoga Housewife W W   ?? Tomnak         Elizabeth Cross  
Mihaly Paul   PA 10Oct1910 08Apr1962 St.Mary,Schuylerville Gansevoort/Home   W   #1104              
Miles Eleanor M. 51yrs Bronxville,NY 07Feb1907 19Jan1959 St.Raymond,Bronx 11Greenridge/Home   W   #0899              
Milicore? Jacob 77yrs Russia 1872 02Aug1949 Riverside,NJ 48 Phila St   W   #0345              
Milks Ada M. 56yrs VT 27Jul1927 23Jul1984 Cremation Saratoga Hospital   W     LeRoy E.McDuna   Marie Gayette       Francis-son
Millard Arnold A. 61yrs Greenfield Ctr. 04Apr1924 17Dec1885 N.Milton Cemetery Waldo, FL Laborer -Cty roads   M           Audrey Feltz    
Miller Harry       27May1971                          
Miller Patricia H. 21yrs   16Apr1950 17May1971 N.Tarrytown,NY DOA Sar.Hosp Student,Skidmore W S   Walter H. Miller   Elizabeth Vaught        
Miller Elta       11Jul1969                       Frances Steloff  
Miller Charles     17Nov1877 16Mar1939 Maplewood Carpentier Inf   W S #0024              
Miller Charles Edward 77y7m5d NY City 19Jun1869 24Jan1949 Greenridge 45 Jefferson St/Home   B   #0334              
Miller Frank A.   Brooklyn,NY 06Apr1912 01Apr1063 Brooklyn,NY St. Peter's   W   #1149-8              
Miller Frederida? Frederick male 90yrs Syracuse,NY ??Mar187? 06Nov1966 Greenridge Albany VA Hosp   W   #1361-59              
Miller George H. 39y8m8d Ballston Spa   06Apr1951 Greenridge Mechanicviile   W   #0444              
Miller Sophia Wiatrack       23Oct1974 St. Peter's                   Frank B.Miller    
Millis Ralph Joseph 50yrs Ballston Spa 10Jul1921 05Jan1971 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp Court Steno W S   James Migluicci   Margaret Etes     Marion Biffer  
Millis Margaret A.       30Dec1964                       Marion Biffer  
Millman Charles 49yrs Poughkeepsie,NY   03Nov1958 Jewish Comm St.Francis Hosp,Pough   W   #0890              
Mills Mildred LaBelle 75yrs Saratoga 06Jun1908 24May1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W        LaBelle       Anthony Mills   Richard-son
Minicozzi Gaetano 77yrs Italy 02Dec1892 02Nov1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Flagman RR W W             Nancy Ricciuti  
Mintzer Julius 86yrs Austria 25Nov1895 11Feb1982 Jewish Comm Ellis Hospital Clerk,MacFinn Drugs W W                
Misurelli Grace   Italy 18May1893 24Dec1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital       #0897              
Mitchell Fred Leo       01Jun1971   Ballston Spa                      
Mitchell Ruby