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St. John’s Lodge #22, Free and Accepted Masons

Greenfield, Saratoga County, NY



        This minute book was the first for this lodge and runs from 1802 to 1859, with the last page with notes showing it was written in 1868. The outside of the minute book was deerskin. Thanks to Al Bryant, who made this happen and even met me at Staples to give me time to copy all 408 pages. Al Bryant gave me permission to share the names and dates of this minute book, while keeping Masonic offices and financials secret. Since genealogists are concerned with who, when, and where, these lists do list the names and dates and the where is this lodge.

      Al Clarke is a member of Heritage Hunters and arranged for these lists to be shared on the Saratoga County, New York genweb site. Al Clarke is an author and historian in Saratoga County.

     The third Al, Al Schreibman (my husband), subsidized my visit to obtain Saratoga County, New York records. This minute book recorded my 5th great grandfather William Scott, who had served at the Battlefield of Saratoga in 1777, when his left hand was shot with a musketball. His son, my 4th great grandfather,  Lewis Scott, was a member from 1802 until his death in 1866. Lewis Scott had a daughter Lucinda Scott that married George Washington Lincoln. George W. Lincoln was in this minute book from 1823 to 1830 and was my 3rd great grandfather. William and Lewis Scott and George W. Lincoln are all buried at Bailey Cemetery, Greenfield, Saratoga County, NY.

     Special thanks to all three Als! Could not have been possible without all of you!


Laura Schreibman



Condensed timeline from the Lodge’s website


1802-February 20th, received charter as #90, and on June 2, 1802, the Lodge was duly organized. 

1840- June 10, Lodge opened as St. Johns Lodge No. 22, F.&A.M.. Our old No. 90 was given to Brothers from the discontinued Friendship No. 118 and Franklin No. 37, for a new Franklin No. 90. This change was made by G.L. and did not affect the original charter. (Chartered June 3, 1842)

1869-St. Johns Lodge No.22, F. &A.M. was incorporated.



            Index to names by initial of surname (dates found on the entry lines correspond to the entry in the chronological list): 

                        A         B          C         D         E          F          G         H         I           J           K         L          M

                        N         O         P          Q         R          S          T          U         V         W        X         Y         Z


            Chronological list of attendee’s names:


                        1802-1804       1805-1808       1809-1813       1814-1817       1818-1823

                        1824-1826       1827-1844       1845-1849       1850-1853       1854-1864



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