DEAR SIR: I believe Dr. Valentine Seaman of New York, was the first writer who made the mineral waters of Saratoga and Ballston the subject of a special treatise. The first edition of his work was published in 1793, since which time the books and pamphlets which have been published relating to our mineral waters in general, or to particular springs, are almost "too numerous to mention." I presume you can largely supplement the list of titles which I give you below.

An account of Dr. Vandervoort’s experiments with the waters of Ballston was published, according to Seaman, second edition, in 1795. I have never seen Dr. Vandervoort’s paper. Analyses of the Ballston waters were published in 1808, in the Medical Repository , of New York, and Monthly Anthology , of Boston. The Medical Repository for 1804 also contained an account of the springs, furnished by D.B. Warden (author of a Statistical, Political, and Historical Account of the United States, 1819). Dr. Constable, of Schenectady, is said to have visited Saratoga and Ballston about 1770, and pronounced the waters highly medicinal. I do not know where his account of them appeared. In 1783, Dr. Samuel Tenny visited the springs and communicated the result of his observations in a letter to Dr. Joshua Fisher, of Boston, which letter was subsequently published in the Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. II, part I, 1793. Samuel L. Mitchill, LL.D., of New York, visited Saratoga in 1787, and published an account of the springs in the American Magazine . Extracts from his journal, accounts of a variety of "curious experiments" made at the springs, may be found in Dr. Jedediah Morse’s American Geography (second edition, London, 1792).

For the past seventy-five years Saratoga and Ballston have been noticed in encyclopædias, gazetteers, general treatises upon mineral waters, guide-book, and books of travel without number, and much that is interesting to the local historian may be gathered from these sources. In your sketches you have quoted from Theodore Dwight’s Summer Tours an interesting account of Saratoga in 1791, and of Ballston’s early history. Of these places, as they appeared thirty-five years ago, one of the most entertaining accounts is to be found in Buckingham’s Travels in America (Vol. II., pp. 95-118). It seems odd at this day to read that "The Congress Hall is frequented by the most fashionable classes; those who pride themselves on their birth, connection, and breeding, rather than their wealth; and this is consequently the aristocratic or whig house, in which conservative doctrines in politics and religion are most current and acceptable. The United States Hotel is more frequented by the rich mercantile classes, whose wealth makes their importance equal in degree, though differing in its source, to that of the more ancient families; and this is the democratic house. The Union Hall is frequented chiefly by the clergy and religious families, by judges, professors, and grave and elderly people generally; and this is called the religious house"; and that the largest of these "will accommodate three hundred persons"!

Among the curiosities of our local literature should, perhaps, be mentioned your "Chronicles of Saratoga," published in The Onward in 1869, a partly fictitious but no less life-like "Picture of Society at the Springs forty years ago." Have you ever seen The Literary Picture Gallery ? It was issued in numbers of eight pages each, 12mo, under the title of The Literary Picture Gallery and Admonitory Epistles to the Visitors of Ballston Spa, by Simeon Senex, Esquire (Ballston Spa, printed by Miller & Riggs for I. Cook, 1808). The editor was an inveterate punster – a sort of ancient John Paul. Apropos of your recent description of the old sign-board of the "Union Tavern" is the following: (No. IV.) "The celebrated painting of Putnam and the Wolf, of Saratoga, has of late been a subject of animated discussion between an American artist of high celebrity, and a travelled gentleman of New York, well known for his exquisite taste in the fine arts. The connoisseur contends that this admirable piece, exhibiting all the terrible graces of Salvator Rosa, must be the production of some Italian artist of the seventeenth century, and consequently can have no allusion to any adventure of the American hero whose name is inscribed on the picture. Col. T-----, on the contrary, maintains that it is evident from internal marks that the artist can be no other than the illustrious Vander Daub, who came over to this country in the suite of the Dutch Ambassador soon after the peace. Who shall decide where doctors disagree?"

Here is another paragraph from the same number: "The postponement of the ball which was to have been given at Sans Souci on Saturday evening having caused great speculations, we are requested to inform our readers that it was occasioned by the circumstance of Mons. Parissot de Vestris having paid a visit to Congress Spring at Saratoga in the morning!"

Herewith is the promised list. Please notice that it is not intended to be a Bibliography of Saratoga as connected with our Revolutionary history. Local directories, village chargers, and many other publications of a local nature, official and otherwise, are omitted.




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The author of this valuable guide is Mr. Wallace Bruce, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

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