THE following lists of the officers of the militia of Saratoga County, from the first enrollment in 1775 up to the beginning of the War of 1812-15, are all we have been able to gather from the records in the office of the adjutant-general at Albany. From the year 1812 to the year 1830 there are no records in this office of the military rolls. Previous to 1803 there seem to have been but few records of rolls kept.





Commissions issued Oct. 20,1775.


Jacobus Van Schoonhoven, colonel.

James Gordon, lieutenant-colonel.

Ezekiel Taylor. 1st major.

Andrew Mitchell. 2d major.

David Rumsey, adjutant.

Simeon Fort, quartermaster.

Company Officers.

1st. Company. - Guardus Clute, capt.; Albert Van De Werker, 1st lieut.; Robert Rowland, 2d lieut.; John Van De Werker, ensign.

2d Company. - Nanning N. Visscher, capt.; John Van Vranken, 1st lieut.; Nicholas Van Vranken, 2d lieut.; Maas Van Vranken, ensign.

3d Company. - Jeremiah Vincent, capt.; Joseph Pinkney, 1st lieut.; Peter Ferguson, 2d lieut.; Elias Van Steenburgh, ensign.

4th Company. - Joshua Losee, capt.; Thomas Hicks, 1st lieut.; Cornelius Villing, 2d lieut.; Oliver Wait, ensign.

5th Company. - Tyrannus Collins, capt.; Wm. McCrea 1st lieut.; Benjamin Wood, 2d lieut.; David Clark, ensign.

6th Company. - Stephen White, capt.; Thomas Brown, 1st lieut.; Epenetus White, 2d lieut.; Nathan Raymond, ensign.



Commissions issued Oct. 20, 1775.


John McCrea, colonel.

Cornelius Van Veghten, lieutenant-colonel.

Daniel Dickinson, 1st major.

Jacob Van Schaick, 2d major.

Archibald McNiel, adjutant.

John Vernor, quartermaster.

Company Officers.

1st Company. - Peter Van Woert, capt.; James Sterns 1st lieut.; Jonathan Dunham, 2d lieut.; Gerrit Van Buren, ensign.

2d Company. - John Thomson, capt.; Josiah Benjamin, 1st lieut.; John Hunter, 2d lieut.; Joseph Row, ensign.

3d Company. - Henry O'Hara, capt.; Benjamin Giles 1st lieut.; Jonathan Pettit, 2d lieut.; James Pettit, ensign.

4th Company. - Ephraim Woodward, capt.; Thomas Ballard, 1st lieut.; Holturn Dunham, 2d lieut.; Abe Belknap, ensign.

5th Company. - Ephraim Lake, capt.; Samuel Sheldon, 1st lieut.; Jabez Gage, 2d lieut.; Benajah Sheldon, ensign.

6th Company. - Joseph Palmer, capt.; John Davis 1st lieut.; Hezekiah Dunham, 2d lieut.; Alpheus Davis, ensign.

7th Company. - David Jones, capt.; Samuel Perry, 1st lieut.; Peter Winne, 2d lieut.; Elisha Bentley, ensign.



"A return of the officers of the minute-men for the district of Saratoga, in the County of Albany, being duly elected by their Company in presence of this committee, viz., Alexander Baldwin, capt., Samuel Bacon, 1st lieut., Walter Hewitt, 2d lieut., Elias Painter, ensign. That the above persons may with greater ease And facility carry into execution the late resolutions of the Continental Congress with their company, we beg the favor of their being properly commissioned for that purpose.

"By order of the committee,



"SARATOGA, February 12, 1776."





Jan. 27, 1803, Asahel Porter, brigade inspector.

July 3,1804, Samuel Clark, brigadier-general.

Feb. 8, 1808, David Rogers, brigade major.

Jan. 6, 1809, Daniel L. Van Antwerp, brigade quartermaster.

Feb. 9, 1810, Daniel G. Garnsey, brigade major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Dudley Smith, brigade major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Leonard H. Gansevoort, brigade quartermaster.


March 23,1803, Daniel Rathbun.

First Lieutenants.

March 23, 1803, James Garnsey.

March 22, 1804, Joseph Hanchet.

Second Lieutenants.

March 23, 1803, Joseph Stanchet, Jr.

Marsh 22, 1804, Ebenezer Couch.

This brigade comprised six regiments, as shown by an order of the adjutant-general, subsequently given.

The commissioned officers of these regiments from 1803 to 1812 were as follows:




June 30,1804, Restcome Potter, lieutenant-colonel.

June 30,1804, Ezra Kellogg, 1st major.

June 30,1804, Isaac Gere, 2d major.

June 30,1804, Willard Trowbridge, adjutant.

June 30,1804, Pilgrim Durkee, 2d major.

June 30,1804, Stephen Sherman, 1st major.

June 30,1804, Stephen Potter, surgeon.

April 3, 1806, Isaac Gere, lieutenant-colonel.

April 3, 1806, John Rhodes, 1st major.

April 3, 1806, Gershom Proctor, 2d major.

April 6, 1807, Nathan Thompson, surgeon.

Feb. 11, 1811, Amos Cook, adjutant.

Feb. 11, 1811, Earl Stimson, paymaster.

Feb. 29, 1812, Isaac Gore, lieutenant-colonel.

Feb. 29, 1812, Charles Rhodes, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Thaddeus Jewett, paymaster.

May 23, 1812, John Rhoades, lieutenant-colonel.

May 23, 1812, Eli Smith, 1st major.

May 23, 1812, Jonathan Delano, 2d major.


June 3, 1804, Ell Smith, Daniel D. Wolf, Amasa Sumner, Edward Shipman, Eleazar Smith, Amos Smith, Anson Fowler.

April 8, 1805, Elihu B. Smith.

April 3, 1806, Oliver Edwards, Peter Boss, Jonathan Smith, Othniel Allen.

April 6, 1807, Job Wells.

April 4,1808, Charles Rhodes.

March 12, 1810, Phineas Warren, Jonathan Delano.

Feb. 11, 1811, Samuel Hawley, Eli Beecher, James Carpenter, James N. Smith.

June 5, 1811, Benjamin Wright, Noah Sweet.

Feb. 29, 1812, Andrew Comstock, Michael Dunning, Earl Stimson, James N. Smith.

May 23,1812, Paul Edwards.


June 30, 1804, Barnet Stillwell, Joseph Brewster, Jonathan Smith, Oliver Edmonds, Othniel Allen, Jr., Job Wells, Elihu B. Smith, David Fortes, Nathaniel Adams.

April 8, 1805, Elihu Dean.

April 3, 1806, Charles Rhodes, Samuel Hollister, Abraham B. Walker, Miles Ely, Thomas Grimes.

April 6, 1807, Michael Dunning, John Blair, James Smith, John Salisbury, Wm. Randall.

April 4, 1808, John Hambler, James Carpenter, Henry Skinner.

May 31, 1809, Jonathan Delano, John Hamilton, James Perry, Samuel Hawley

March 12, 1810, James Perry, Aaron Wheeler, Aaron Griswold.

Feb. 11, 1811, John Derrick, Noah Sweet, Wm. Tripp, Paul Edwards, Andrew Comstock, Joseph Brewster.

June 5, 1811, Philo Dauchy, Edmond Hewitt, Jr.

Feb. 29, 1812, John Brown, Wm. Richardson, Jr., Henry Warren.

May 23, 1812, John Herrington, Joshua Finch.


June 30,1804, James Northrup, Arnold Earl, George Bradford, Charles Rhodes, Michael Dunning, Joseph Pinney, Montgomery Evans, Jacob Culver.

April 8, 1805, Lewis Stone.

April 3, 1806, Charles Hamilton, James Smith, James Perry, John Blair, John Salisbury, Nathaniel Adams, Wm. Randall, John Munro.

April 6, 1807, Samuel Halstead, Henry Skinner, Wm. Tripp, Henry Anderson, Hezekiah Runney.

April 4, 1808, Amos Cook, Marcus Goodwin, Elisha Carpenter, Aaron Wheeler, John Pettit.

May 31, 1809, Thomas Perry, Joseph Brewster, Franklin Oliver.

March 12, 1810, Thomas Perry, Daniel Smith, Paul Edwards.

Feb. 11, 1811, Sampson Woolsey, Edmund Hewitt, Edward Wood, Reuben Buck, Wm. Richards, Jr., Benjamin Wright, John Brown, Ezekiel O. Cogswell.

June 5, 1811, Ira T. Freeman, John De Golyer.

Feb. 29, 1812, Calvin Palmer, Joshua Finch, Andrew Thatcher, John Herrington, Urial Cornell.

May 23, 1812, Seth Bunsen, Seth C. Busch, James A. Smith.




Uriah Gregory, lieutenant-colonel.

March 23, 1803, John Nash, 1st major.

March 23, 1803, Whiter Patchin, 2d major.

March 24, 1803, Jonathan Kellogg, quartermaster.

April 8, 1805, Matthew McKinney, 1st major.

April 8, 1805, Ebenezer S. Coon, 2d major.

April 8, 1805, William Kingsley, adjutant.

April 8, 1805, Jason Bannister, surgeon's mate.

April 3, 1806, Ebenezer S. Coon, lieutenant-colonel.

April 3, 1806, Eliud Davis, 1st major.

April 3, 1806, Chauncey Belding, 2d major.

April 6, 1807, Jason Bannister, surgeon.

April 6, 1807, Eliud Davis, lieutenant-colonel.

April 6, 1807, Chauncey Belding, 1st major.

April 6, 1807, David Rogers, 2d major.

April 4, 1808, Dudley Smith, 2d major.

April 4, 1808, Edward Satterlee, adjutant.

April 4, 1808, William Taylor, quartermaster.

April 4, 1808, Eliud Davis, lieutenant-colonel.

April 4, 1808, Chauncey Belding, 1st major.

June 8, 1808, Edward R. Satterlee, adjutant.

March 22, 1809, William Hawkins, Jr., adjutant.

March 12, 1810, David Rogers, lieutenant-colonel.

March 12, 1810, Dudley Smith, 1st major.

March 12, 1810, Jacob I, Sherwood, 2d major.

March 12, 1810, Amos Smith, paymaster.

Feb. 11, 1811, Jacob L. Sherwood, 1st major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Zerah Beach, Jr., 2d major.

Feb. 11, 1811, William H. Bridges, adjutant.

Feb. 29, 1812, Zerah Beach, Jr., 1st major.

Feb. 29, 1812, John Holmes, Jr., 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Samuel Pitkin, surgeon.


March 23, 1803, Onesimus Hubbel, Jonathan Hunting, Chauncey Belding.

March 24, 1803, David Rogers.

April 8, 1805, Dudley Smith, Zerah Beach, Jacob L. Sherwood, Alexander Ferguson.

April 3, 1806, Levi Benedict, Samuel Belding.

April 6, 1807, Ezekiel Horton.

April 4, 1808, Ezekiel Horton, Silas Foster, Daniel Ostrom, Nathaniel Jennings.

March 12, 1812, Sherwood Leavitt, Philo Hurd, Sylvester Harmon, John Holmes.

Feb. 11, 1811, Jonathan Minor, Richard Freeman, James Wilkins, Jr., John Holmes, Jr., Isaac Smith, Jr.

Feb. 29, 1812, Wm. Ely, Alexander Dunlap, Andrew Rich, David Gordon.

May 23, 1812, Stephen R. Warren, James Smyth, Isaac Curtis.


March 23, 1803, Solomon Rowland, Lemuel Wilcox, Asa Beech, Samuel Belding.

March 24, 1803, Ezekiel Horton.

April 8, 1805, Joseph Meach, Miles Beach, Aaron Angle, David Hubble.

April 3, 1806, Reuben Hollister, John Holmes.

April 6, 1807, Silas Foster, Nathaniel Gunning, Daniel Ostrom, John Holmes, Jr.

April 8, 1808, James Wilkins, Jr., David Fowler, Isaac Smith, Jr., Philo Hurd, Sylvester Harmon.

March 22, 1808, Jonathan Minor.

March 12, 1810, David Gordon, James Smith, Wm. Ely, Andrew Ritchie, Richard Freeman.

Feb. 11, 1811, Stephen R. Warren, Alexander Dunlap, Benjamin H. Burnet, John Bell.

Feb. 29, 1812, Mansfield Barlow, Samuel Richards, John Ferguson, Joel Sherwood.

May 23,1812, Isaac Curtis, John J. Luther, Seth Kirby, Jr., Henry Miller.


March 23, 1803, Job Torry, Zerah Beach, Joseph Meach, Daniel Ostrom, John Holmes, Jr., Dorastus Hollister.

March 24,1804, William Kingsley, Nathaniel Cook.

April 8, 1805, Jonas Havens, William Hawkins, Jr., John Jones, Joseph McKnight, Silvester Harmon.

April 3, 1806, Jonathan Smith, William Ely.

April 6, 1807, David Fowler, Philo Hurd, Isaac Smith, Jr., James Wilkins, Jr., Amos Wamsley.

April 4, 1808, John Harman, Richard Taylor, James Smith, Amos Wamsley, Benjamin H. Burnet.

March 22, 1809, Wm. H. Bridges, Richard Freeman.

March 12, 1810, Joel Sherwood, Seth Kirby, Jr., Mansfield Barlow, John Ferguson, Alexander Dunlap.

Feb. 11, 1811, Benjamin Marvin, Jr., Samuel Richards, Isaac Curtis, Thomas Kirby.

Feb. 29, 1812, Daniel Holmes, Rodney Smith, Philip Brotherson, Alvin S. French.

May 23,1812, Henry Miller, Reuben Westcott, Nathaniel I. Seely, Robert W. Oliphant.




Samuel Clark, lieutenant-colonel.

July 3, 1804, Deliverance Andrews, lieutenant-colonel.

July 3, 1804, John Dunning, 1st major.

July 3, 1804, Robert Hunter, 2d major.

April 3, 1806, Pontus Hooper, adjutant.

April 6, 1807, Reuben Smith, quartermaster.

April 6, 1807, John Tuttle, paymaster.

April 4, 1808, George Palmer, Jr., adjutant.

March 22, 1809, Elijah W. Abbott, adjutant.

March 22, 1809, William Fellows. quartermaster.

Feb. 9, 1810, John Dunning, lieutenant-colonel.

Feb. 9, 1810, Robert Hunter, 1st major.

Feb. 9, 1810, Reuben Woodworth, 2d major.

Feb. 9, 1810, John W. Patrick, adjutant.

Feb. 9, 1810, Ephraim Child, surgeon.

Feb, 9, 1810, Danforth Shumway, surgeon's mate.

Feb. 9, 1810, Peter Andrews, paymaster.

Feb. 11, 1811, Reuben Woodworth, 1st major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Lawrence Hooper, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Lawrence Hooper, 1st major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Coleman Gates, 2d major.


March 23, 1803, Eusebius Matthews, Felix Fitzsimmons.

March 2, 1804, Samuel Cooper, Amos Hodgman, Noah Gates.

July 3, 1804, Lawrence Hooper.

April 3, 1806, Richard Dunning, Dean Chase.

April 6, 1807, Samuel Clark, Jr., Selah Horsford, Joseph Wilbur.

April 4, 1808, Coleman Gates.

Feb, 9, 1810, David G. Keeler, John Montgomery, Daniel Weeks.

Feb. 11, 1811, Patrick Parks, Stephen Valentine, Peter Fort, Edward Colwell, John Wilcox, David Benedict.

Feb. 29, 1812, William Dunning, John Weeks.

May 3, 1812, Noadiah Moody.


March 23, 1803, George Peck, John Barber, Ashbel Hosford, Lawrence Hooper.

March 2, 1804, Daniel Cole, John Montgomery, Abraham Lathrop.

July 8, 1804, Pontus Hooper.

April 8, 1805, Joseph Wilbur.

April 3, l806, Coleman Gates, John Gilbert, Robert Montgomery.

April 6, 1807, Daniel Weeks, Gordridge Keeler, John Wilcox, Jr., Henry Curtis.

April 4, 1808, Wm. Dunning.

Feb. 9, 1810, Wm. Strang, Jr., Noadiah Moody, Stephen Valentine, Zera Wilbur.

Feb. 11, 1811, Reuben Bidwell, Lewis Smith, Robert Crawford, Jonas Olmsted, Wm. Cooper, Machivel Andrews.

Feb. 29, 1812, Moses Landon, David Acidmore, Ira Betts.

May 23, 1812, Gradus Downey.


March 23, 1803, Wm. Waterbury, Joseph Wilbur, Abraham Lathrop, Edw. Colwell, George Dunn.

March 2, 1804, Selah Safford, Noadiah Moody, Coleman Gates.

July 3, 1804, John Gilbert.

April 8, 1805, Selah Hosford, Henry Curtis, Bushnell Benedict.

April 3, 1806, Wm. Dunning, Patrick Parks, Wm. Fuller.

April 6, 1807, Stephen Valentine, Wm. Strang, Jr., Wm. Cooper, Jr., Zerah Wilbur, Wm. Dunning, Jr., Wm. Fellows.

April 4, 1808, Moses Landon.

Feb. 9, 1810, Reuben Wright, Gardus Downing, Lewis Smith, Peter Fort, Will Davis.

Feb. 11, 1811, John Valentine, John Wicks, James Bibbins, David Scidmore, Isaac Myers, John Nelson, Jr.

Feb. 29, 1812, Thomas Collamer, Earl Whitford, Josiah Johnson, Silas Smith.

May 23, 1812, Garmer Conklin.




Thomas Rogers, lieutenant-colonel.

March 26, 1804, Abel Colwell, adjutant.

Nov. 2 1804, Abel Colwell, adjutant.

April 8, 1805, Nicholas Angle, adjutant.

April 8, 1805, Thomas Littleton, surgeon.

April 8, 1805, Billy J. Clark, surgeon's mute.

March 15, 1806, Nicholas W. Angle, adjutant.

April 4, 1808. Jesse Billings, quartermaster.

April 4, 1808, Ziah Barnes, paymaster.

Feb. 9, 1810, John M. Berry, 1st major.

Feb. 9, 1810, Malcom Crofoot, 2d major.

Feb. 9, 1810, Daniel Hicks, surgeon's mate.

Feb. 11, 1811, Billy J. Clark, surgeon.

Feb. 29, 1812, James Burnham, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Henry Reynolds, surgeon's mate.

April 1, 1812, Jeremiah Terhune, adjutant.


March 14, 1803, Jonah Mead, John Thompson, Asa Welsh, James Milligan, Walter Hewitt.

March 26, 1804, James Burnham, Harmanus Van Veghten.

Nov. 2, 1804, Philip Delano.

April 8, 1805, David Tillotson, John Pettit.

April 3, 1806, Harmon Gansevoort, John S. Taylor, Luke Fenton, Ebenezer Brown.

April 4, 1808, Jacob Dennis, Thomas Lang, Thomas Reed, Wm. Burnham.

Feb. 9, 1810, Seth Perry.

Feb. 11, 1811. Wm. Ross.

Feb. 29, Selah Bishop, Daniel Finch, Daniel Lindsay, James Mott.


March 14, 1803, John Pettit, James Vandewerker, Thomas Breed, Seth Perry, Jr., Josiah St. John, John J. Taylor.

March 26, 1804, Selah Bishop, Walter Van Veghten, Solomon Dunham, Ebenezer Brown.

April 8, 1805, Abel Caldwell, Eldad Garnsey.

April 3, 1806, Wm. Harris, Jr., Peter Butler, Samuel Ludluns, Joseph Rockwell.

April 4, 1809, Wm. Wilcox, Wm. Chub, Daniel French, John Payne, Wm. Smith, Daniel Finch.

Feb. 9, 1810, Dudley Emerson, Samuel Cripton.

Feb. 11, 1811, Wm. Ross, Samuel Crippen, Wm. Wilcox, Daniel Lindsay.

Feb. 29, 1812, Elijah Dunham, Wm. Kings, David Patterson, John McDowell, Abraham Bennett, Josiah Perry, Jr.


March 14, 1803, David Walker, Eldad Garnsey, Wm. Harris, Daniel Finch, Dudley Emerson, Lewis Scott, Solomon Dunham, Aaron Hale.

March 26, 1804, Paulinus Potter, Jacob S. Viele, John McDowell, Peter Butler.

April 8, 1805, Samuel Crippen, Richard McHess.

April 3, 1806, Albert Terhune, Joseph Wyman, James W. Berry, Luke Johnson.

April 4, 1808, Richard Esmond, Wm. Ross, David Pattison, Sylvester Lewis.

Feb. 9, 1810, Rozell Perry, Will King.

Feb. 11, 1811, Daniel Lindsay, Wm. King, Henry Stafford.

Fall. 29, 1812, Jeremiah Terhune, Thomas Dunham, Wm. Clark, Jr., John Patterson, Benjamin Merrill, Henry Chapman, Thomas B. Thompson, Curtis Wheeler.




Rufus Price, lieutenant-colonel.

March 29, 1803, Isaac Young, 2d major.

April 2, 1804, Asa C. Barney, surgeon.

April 8, 1905, Gideon Goodrich, lieutenant-colonel.

April 8, 1805, John Prior, 1st major.

April 8, 1805, Samuel Bailey, 2d major.

April 8, 1805, Daniel Hicks, surgeon's mate.

April 3, 1806, Joshua Swan, paymaster.

April 4, 1808, Howell Gardner, adjutant.

April 4, 1808, Abel Baldwin, surgeon's mate.

May 31, 1809, Isaac Young, quartermaster.

March 12, 1810, John Prior, lieutenant-colonel

March 12, 1810, Samuel Bailey, 1st major.

March 12, 1810, John Bockes, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Walter Hewitt, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Darius Johnson, surgeon's mate.


March 29, 1803, Abel Deuel.

April 2, 1804, Eli Couch.

April 8, 1805, Caleb Bailey, George Peck, Ezra Starr, Wm. G. Boss, Wm. Waterbury.

April 6, 1807, Samuel Annable.

May 31, 1809, Lewis Scott, Asher Taylor, Giles Fitch.

Feb. 11, 1811, George H. Benham, Jacob Kellogg, John Smith, Jr.

Feb. 29, 1812, Aaron Hale, Jr., Wm. Scofield, Joseph Morehouse, Jr., Alsop Weed.


March 29, 1803, Amos Smith, Stephen Seamans.

April 8, 1805, Lewis Scott, Isaac Darrow, Aaron Hale, Jr., William Waterbury.

April 3, 1806, Perez Billings, Isaac Van Austin, William Scofield, Joseph Morehouse, Samuel Annable.

April 6, 1807, John Ladu, John Billings, Barzillai Richmond.

April 4, 1808. George Eighmee.

May 31, 1809, Lotus Watson, John King, Zachariah Curtis, Isaac Van. Ostrand, David Bockes.

March 12, 1810, George. H. Benham, John Smith, Jr., Darius Wright, Abner Medberry.

Feb. 11, 1811, Edward Gilman, Alsop Weed, Burr Hendrick.

Feb. 29, 1812, Potter Johnson, Nathaniel Ingerson, William W. Deake, Jonathan Kellogg, Nicholas Carpenter.


March 29,1803, Joseph Morehouse, Jr., David Foster, Hezekiah Lippet.

April 2, 1804, William S. Chapin.

April 8, 1805, Jonathan Rogers, John King, Archibald Wheeler, Lemuel Hale, Samuel Annable.

April 3, 1806, Elias Manning, William Clark, Nathaniel Ingerson, Gershorn Morehouse, Bezaleel Richmond.

April 6, 1807, George Eighmee, Giles Fitch, Jr., Asa Taylor.

April 4, 1808, Jacob Richards, Lotus Watson.

May 31, 1809, Charles Hoyt, Nicholas Carpenter, Abner Medberry, Darius Wright, Abel Whalen, John Smith.

March 12, 1810, Edward Gilman, Burr Hendrick, Caleb Strong, Justin Day.

Feb. 11, 1811, Alexander C. Kellogg. Jonathan Kellogg, Jr., Nathan Daniels, Justin Day, Abel Whalen.

Feb. 29, 1812, Bunzon B. Wiggins, Henry Bump, Asahel Fancher, John Ambler, Stephen Medberry, Jeremiah Eddy, Nathaniel Leavens.




Hezekiah Ketchum, lieutenant-colonel.

March 29, 1803, Gradus Clute, 2d major.

March 29, 1803, Joseph Ketchum, adjutant.

April 8, 1805, John Stearns, surgeon.

April 8, 1805, Elijah Porter, surgeon's mate.

March 22, 1806, John Haswell, adjutant.

March 22, 1806, Henry Ten Broeck, 2d major.

March 22, 1806, Henry Fanning, paymaster.

April 4, 1808, Henry Fanning, quartermaster.

April 4, 1808, Joshua Mandeville, paymaster.

Feb. 9, 1810, Henry Bailey, 2d major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Samuel Stewart, 2d major.

Feb. 11, 1811, Nathan Bailey, adjutant.

Feb. 11, 1811, George W. Ten Broeck, quartermaster,

Feb. 11, 1811, Samuel D. Lockwood, paymaster.

Feb. 11, 1811, Elijah Porter. surgeon.

Feb. 11, 1811, John Haight, surgeon's mate.

Feb. 29, 1812. Samuel G. Huntington, 2d major.

Feb. 29, 1812, William McDonald, paymaster.


March 29, 1803, Samuel Stewart, Benjamin Mix, Jacobus Rosecrans, John Mow, Christian Sackrider.

April 8, 1805. Joseph Peck, Nathan Garnsey.

March 22, 1806, Joseph Ketchum, William Comstock, Adam I. Van Vranken, Samuel Weldon.

March 31, 1809, Cornelius C. Van Santford.

March 12, 1810, Andrew Emigh.

Feb. 11, 1811, Nathan Bailey, Joshua Manndeville, Samuel Demarest, William Neff, Jr., Jonathan Irish, Ephraim Knowlton.

Feb. 29, 1812, Anthony S. Badgely.

May 23, 1812, Andrew Frasier.


March 29, 1803, James Welden, Joseph Peck, Peter Davis, Jason Gillespie.

April 8, 1805, Samuel Demarest, Andrew Emigh, John Cramer, Gideon G. Degraff, John Barnes.

March 22, 1806, Benjamin Hicks, Wm. Neff, David Garnsey, Ephraim Knowlton, Jonathan Irish.

April 4, 1808, Francis Drake.

June 13, 1808, Cornelius C. Van Santford.

May 31, 1809, Jacob Pudney.

March 12, 1810, Anthony S. Badgely.

Feb. 11, 1811, Felix Tracy, Asahel Philo, Tertullus Frost, John Nestle, Garret J. Van Vranken, Smith Irish, Frederick Clements.

Feb. 29, 1812, John Stewart, Silas Sweetland, David Ash, Wm. Gates.

May 23, 1812, Laurence Travers, Benjamin Chamberlain.


March 29, 1803, Selah Blatchley, Gideon Degraff, Benjamin Hicks, John Cramer.

April 8, 1805, Daniel G. Garnsey, Jonathan Irish, Anthony Badgely, George W. Ten Broeck, Alfred White, William Neff, Jr., David Garnsey.

Marcia 22, 1806. Tertullus Frost, Frederick Clements, Daniel Lane, Smith Irish, John Hubbs.

April 4, 1808, Tertullus Frost, Garret Van Vranken, Cornelius Van Santford, John Hubbs.

June 13, 1808, Jacob Pudney.

May 31, 1809, Nathan Bailey.

Feb. 9, 1810, Felix Tracy.

March 12, 1810, Wm. Gates.

Feb. 11, 1811, Silas Cogswell, John Stewart, Samuel G. Huntington, Andrew Fraiser, Grandus Levisee, David Ash, Silas Sweetland, Isaac B. Mix.

Feb. 29, 1812, Charles H. Wetmore, Benjamin Chamberlain, Robert Powers, Michael Weldon, Henry Clow, Luther Brown.

May 23, 1812, Ira Moe, David Spencer.



The first squadron of the Seventh Regiment was composed of the cavalry in the county of Saratoga.


Feb. 29, 1812, Henry Edson, adjutant.

Feb. 29, 1812, Daniel Dickinson, quartermaster.

Feb. 29, 1812, William Robards, major.

May 20, 1812, Isaac Q. Carpenter, adjutant.


Feb. 11, 1811, Daniel Montgomery, John Linnendoll, Daniel Starr.

Feb. 29, 1812, Sidney Berry, Jr., Curtis Burton, Noah Vibbert, Nathan Rogers.

May 20, 1812, John Sayles.


Feb. 11, 1811, Daniel Dickinson., Isaac Q. Carpenter, Sidney Berry, Jr., George Reynolds, Jr., Curtis Burton, Parker Manning, Henry Duel, Charles Foster.

Feb. 29, 1812, Henry Duel, James Meeker, Isaac Q. Carpenter, John Sayles, George Reynolds, Seth Pope, Parker Manning, Samuel Bacon, Stephen Swan, Elijah E. Smith.

May 20, 1812, Hezekiah Reynolds, Jeremiah Rundle.


Feb. 11, 1811, John Sayles, Seth Pope, Samuel Bacon, James Meeker, Stephen Swan.

Feb. 29, 1812, Samuel Swetland, Hezekiah Reynolds, Lyon Emerson, James Hawkins, Jr., Charles Tripp.

May 20, 1812, Lodowick Viele.





March 27, 1805, Amos Potter, 2d major.

March 30, 1809, Kiah Harnden, paymaster.


April 4, 1805, Solomon Day, Cornelius Whitney, James Hawley.

April 3, 1806, Joseph I. Green.

April 6, 1807, Lott Wood, James Garnsey.

March 30, 1809, David Richardson.

(This appears to be entered in the military records as a part of the 5th Regiment about 1810, and composed of the artillery in Saratoga, Montgomery, and Schoharie.)

Fob. 9, 1810, Joseph Ketchum.

Fob. 11, 1811, David Waterman, Simeon Simmons.

June 5, 1811, Samuel Drake.

May 23, 1812, Thomas Mackin, Jr.

First Lieutenants.

April 4, 1805, Israel Hand, Butler Beckwith, John Savage.

April 3, 1806, John M. Thompson.

April 6, 1807, Wm. Van Kark, Lemon Foot, Walter Reed.

March 30, 1809, Absalom Daley.

Second Lieutenants.

April 4, 1805, John Baker, Isaac Phelps, Jr., Abner Stone.

April 8, 1805, George W. McCracken.

April 3, 1806, Aaron Waters, Ebenezer Rice, Robert Archibald.

April 6, 1807, Solomon Warner, Thomas Talmage, Peter Roe,

March 30, 1809, Henry Harris, Abel Foster.

(Changed apparently to the 5th Regiment.)

First Lieutenants.

Feb. 9, 1810, Francis Drake.

Feb. 11, 1811, Chauncey Guernsey, Hiram Mosher.

June 5, 181l, Jacob Snyder, John B. Miller.

Feb. 29, 1812, Wm. H. Satterlee.

May 23, 1812, John Yatman, John G. Murray, Nathaniel Stewart.

Second Lieutenants.

Feb. 9, 1810, Jesse Tracey.

Feb. 11, 1811, Wm. H. Satterlee, Ely Foster.

June 5, 1811, Peter Sternberg, Wm. Fowler.

Feb. 29, 1812, Jessup Raymond.

May 23, 1812, John Eddy, Silas Wood.



April 3, 1806, George Taylor, major.

March 2, 1809, John Cornwall, adjutant.

Feb. 9, 1810 William Leavens, 2d major.

Feb. 9, 1810, Ira Woodworth, paymaster.

Feb. 29, 1812, Levi Scovill, major.

Feb. 29, 1812, Avery Benedict, surgeon.

Feb. 29, 1812, Willard Leavens, quartermaster.

Feb. 29, 1812, Isaac Woodworth, paymaster.


April 3, 1806, Daniel Hunt.

April 6, 1807, Daniel Church, John Lindsay.

March 22, 1809, David Walker.

Feb. 9, l810, Joseph Rockwell, Ira Heath.

Feb. 29, 1812, Peter Butler.


April 3, 1806, David Walker.

April 6, 1807, Gideon Orton.

March 22. 1809, Wm. Johnson, Ira Heath, John Taylor.

Feb. 9, 1810, Luke Johnson, Lawrence Barber.

Feb. 29, 1812, Artemus Aldrich, David Hemstreet.


April 6, 1807, William Johnson, Joel Sprague, Ira Heath.

March 22, 1809, Artemus Aldrich, David Hemstreet, Elijah Buttolpf, John Schofield, Lawrence Barber.

Feb. 9, 1810, Laban Keatch, Levy Heath.

Feb. 29, 1812, Isaiah Palmater, Jonathan Flanders.


"CITY OF NEW YORK, April 13, 1812.

'SIR, - In pursuance of the authority vested in me by law, I have determined by lot the numbers of the several brigades and regiments of infantry and cavalry in this State, and have now the honor of communicating to you the result,

"WM. PAULDING, JR., Adjutant-General.

So far as this order applied to Saratoga County, it assigned to the command of "the 9th Brigade," Brig.-Gen. Samuel Clark, and this brigade is to be formed of six regiments, - the 24th, commanded by Isaac Gere; the 32d, commanded by David Rogers; the 41st, commanded by John Dunning; the 59th, commanded by John Prior; the 63d, commanded by Thomas Rogers; the 144th, by Hezekiah Ketchum.

The order further provided that the militia of Saratoga, Montgomery, and Schoharie should constitute "the 4th division," and Abram Veeder was appointed major-general in the place of Gen. Gansevoort, resigned.



Oct. 30, 1830, Egbert C. Noxon, Half-Moon, 1st lieut., 1st Art., 3d Brig., 2d Div.

Oct. 30, 1830, Joel Gould, Clifton Park, capt., 1st Art., 3d Brig., 2d Div.

Nov. 20, 1830, Gilbert Purdy, Saratoga, capt., 63d Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Nov. 20, 1830, Leonard Adams, Wilton, lieut., 63d Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Nov. 20, 1830, James McCreedy, Saratoga, ensign, 63d Inf. 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Aug. 7, 1830, Leman A. Grippen, Corinth, ensign, 166th Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Aug. 7, 1830, Alfred Mallory, surgeon's mate, 166th Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Aug. 14, 1830, Francis Milliman, lieut., 24th Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Aug. 14, 1830, Ira Swan, ensign, 24th Inf., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Aug. 4, 1830, John S. Andrews, Milton, major, 7th Cav., 3d Brig., 1st Div.

Feb. 3, 1831, William Feller, Ballston, capt., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Feb. 3, 1831, Isaiah Blood, Ballston, lieut., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Feb. 3, 1831, Samuel Irish, Saratoga Springs, ensign, 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Feb. 19, 1831, Joseph W. Wood, Ballston, capt., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Feb. 19, 1831, Samuel Rice, Ballston, lieut., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Feb. 19, 1831, William D.F. Jennings, Ballston, ensign, 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Aaron R. Pattison, Ballston Spa, col., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Archibald Spiers, Jr., Ballston, lieut.-col., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Jas. A. Brinkerhoff, Ballston, maj., 32d Cav., 9th Brig, 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Samuel Irish, Milton, lieut., 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Ira Howell, Ballston Spa, ensign, 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

April 30, 1831, Isaiah Blood, Milton, capt., 32d Cav., 9th Brig, 15th Div..

May 7, 1831, John Penfield, Ballston, capt., 7th Cav., 3d Brig, 2d Div.

April 30,1831, {original text has "1861".} Daniel P. Wakeman Ballston Spa, 32d Cav., 9th Brig., 2d Div.

May 7, 1831, Elijah W. Weed, Saratoga Springs, 1st lieut., 7th Cav., 3d Brig., 2d Div.

May 7, 1831, Clement Patchin, Milton, 2d lieut., 7th Cav., 3d Brig., 2d Div.

May 7, 1831, Hiram Loomis, Milton, cornet, 7th Cav., 3d Brig., 2d Div.

June 1, 1831, {original text has "1921".} Thomas M. Burtis, Saratoga Springs, paymaster, 7th Cav.

April 23, 1831, Thomas L. Hewitt, Galway, ensign, 24th Regt., 51st Brig., 15th Div.

Sept. 2,1830, Thomas C. Hale, Greenfield, ensign, 59th Regt., 51st Brig, 15th Div.

June 4, 1831, George Hanford, Galway, major, separate battalion Riflemen.

July 4, 1831, John Shurter, Malta, capt., 41st Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

July 4, 1831, Elisha D. Miller, Ballston, lieut., 41st Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

July 4, 1831, Hiram Hutchinson, Malta, ensign, 41st Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

July 2, 1831, Henry Van Duzen. Clifton Park, capt., 144th Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

July 2, l831, George Peck, Clifton Park, lieut., 144th Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

July 2, 1831, Lewis E. Sheldon, Clifton Park, ensign, 144th Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Sept. 30, 1831, Lemuel Spiers, Ballston, surg., 52d Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Sept. 10, 1831, Jesse Morey, Ballston, capt., 32d Regt., 9th Brig., 15th Div.

Dec. 10, 1830, Henry C. Rice, Stillwater. capt., 41st Regt.

Nov. 11, 1830, Gilbert Purdy, Saratoga, capt.

Nov. 11, 1830, Leonard Adams, Wilton, lieut.

Nov. 11, 1830, James McCreedy, Saratoga, ensign.

Sept. 3, l831, Ephraim Hill, Saratoga, ensign.

Sept. 28, 1831, Chauncy D. Bull, Saratoga, surgeon's mate.

Nov. 12, 1831, Henry D. Chapman. Saratoga, col.

Sept. 14, 1831, Clark Taber, Providence, capt.

Sept. 14, 1831, Pardon Soule, Providence, lieut.

Sept. 14, 1831, Huestin McMullin, Providence, ensign.

Sept. 24, 1831, Philip James, Galway, capt.

Sept. 24, 1831, Richard M. Livingston, Jr., Galway, lieut.

Sept. 24, 1831, John H. Dingman, Galway, ensign.

Nov. 12, 1831, Samuel Lewis, Northumberland, lieut.-col.

Nov. 12, 1831, Henry Holmes, Saratoga, maj.

Oct. 29, 1831, Rensselaer Thompson, Moreau, capt.

Oct. 29, 1831, Charles A. Sill, Moreau, lieut.

Oct. 29, 1831, Richard Davenport, Moreau, ensign.

Aug. 27, 1831, Benjamin F. Prior, Greenfield, capt.

March 10, 1832, Lodewick P. Shaw, Providence, col.

March 10, 1832, John S. Green, Galway, ensign.

March 10,18.32, Jonathan Bristol, Edinburgh, capt.

March 31, 1832, George W. Downing, Edinburgh, lieut.

March 31, 1832, George B. Robinson, Edinburgh, ensign.

Oct. 5, 1831, James A. Swartwout, Wilton, ensign.

April 16, 1832, Henry L. Swartwout, Wilton, q.-m.

March 10, 1832, Jonathan Edgecomb, Galway, maj.

March 31, 1832, Seth Warren, Galway, Capt.

March 31, 1832, Thomas L. Hewitt, Galway, lieut.

March 31, 1832, Solomon Ellithorp, Edinburgh, lieut.-col.

May 12, 1832, Archibald Spier, Ballston Spa, col.

May 12, 1832, Wm. Fuller, Ballston, lieut.-col.

May 12, 1832, Isaiah Blood, Milton, maj.

May 10, 1832, Joshua T. Blanchard, Saratoga Springs, q.-m. cav.

April 28, 1832, Andrew Taylor, Half-Moon, 1st lieut. cav.

April 28, 1832, Christopher Snyder, Half-Moon, 2d lieut. cav.

April 28, 1832, Mina Morse, Half-Moon, cornet, cav.

April 28, 1832, Duncan McMasters, Charlton, capt.

April 28, 1832, Wm. Fowler, Charlton, lieut.

April 28, 1832, Robert Gilchrist, Charlton, ensign.

Aug. 18, 1832, Wright I. Esmond, Half-Moon, capt.

Aug. 18, 1832, Wm. Gates, Jr., Half-Moon, lieut.

Aug. 18, 1332, Abraham James, Half-Moon, ensign.

Aug. 20, 1832. Shadrach Burlison, Waterford, capt.

Aug. 20, 1832, Harry B. Scott, Waterford, lieut.

Aug. 20, 1832, Mason K. Eastman, Waterford, ensign.

Aug. 27, 1831, Rensselaer Ballou, Greenfield, lieut.

Aug. 27, 1831, Alvin Day, Greenfield, ensign.

Oct. 7, 1831, Isaac Ambler, Greenfield, q.-m.

Sept. 3, 1831, Uriah B. Couch, Milton, lieut.

Sept. 3, 1831, Charles M.L. Andrus, Milton, ensign.

Sept. 3, 1831, John Potter, Milton, capt.

Sept. 3, 1831, Isaac K. Frink, Milton, lieut.

Sept. 3, 1831, Porter W. Earl, Milton, ensign.

Oct. 8, 1831, Daniel D.A. Green, Milton, lieut.-col.

Oct. 29, 1831, Uriah B. Couch, Milton, capt.

Oct. 29, 1831, Charles M.L. Andrus, Milton, lieut.

Oct. 29, 1831, Benjamin N. Loomis, Milton, ensign.

Dec. 31, 1831, Gordon Jenkins, Hadley, capt.

Dec. 31, 1831, Cornelius Dubois, Hadley, lieut.

Dec. 31, 1831, Jefferson Jeffers, Hadley, ensign.

Nov. 26, 1831, Ephraim Hill, Saratoga, capt.

Nov. 26, 1831, Giles B. Slocum, Saratoga, lieut.

Nov. 26, 1831, James A. Granger, Saratoga, ensign.

Dec. 10, 1831, Stephen Welch (2d), Schuylerville, capt.

Dec. 10, 1831, Orra Warner, Moreau, 1st lieut.

Dec. 10, 1831, John W. Vandenburgh, Saratoga, 2d lieut.

Sept. 10, 1831, Isaac E. Garnsey, Clifton Park, capt.

Sept. 10, 1831, William Golden, Ballston, 1st lieut.

Sept. 10, 1831, John Cole, Stillwater, 2d lieut.

Aug. 27, 1831, David T. Zimmerman, Stillwater, capt.

Aug. 27, 1831, John A.J. Countryman, Stillwater, 1st lieut.

Aug. 27, 1831, Cornelius Cronkhite, Stillwater, 2d lieut.

Sept. 10, 1831, Wm. McGregor, Jr., Wilton, q.-m.

Sept. 10, 1831, Wm. H. Walton,, Greenfield, paymaster.

April 13, 1832, John R. McGregor, Wilton, aid-de-camp.

July 7, 1832, Samuel Rice, Ballston, capt.

July 7, 1832, A.R. Redfield, Ballston, lieut.

July 7, 1832, James Wakeman, Ballston, ensign.

June 30, 1832, Hiram Barras, Greenfield, ensign.

June 30, 1832, Roswell Finch, Saratoga, capt.

June 30, 1832, Henry W. Peck, Saratoga, 1st lieut.

June 30, 1832, Robert Burden, Saratoga, 2d lieut.

June 30, 1832, Henry W. Dennis, Saratoga, ensign.

June 9, 1932, Alvah Dake, Greenfield, 2d lieut.

June 9, 1832, Levi B. Alcott, Greenfield, ensign.

March 9, 1832, Wm. Stewart, Edinburgh, capt.

March 9, 1852, Orson Wright, Edinburgh, lieut.

Aug. 31, 1832, Azariah E. Stimson, Galway, adjt.

Aug. 31, 1832, John O. Ellithorp, Edinburgh, q.-m.

Sept. 14, 1882, Clark Tabor, Providence, capt.

Sept. 14, 1832, Pardon Soule, Providence, lieut.



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