Portrait of Andrew Dorland


The family from which Mr. Dorland is descended came originally from Holland. His grandfather, Samuel Dorland, settled on Long Island in 1754. He was a farmer and merchant. Andrew's parents, Samuel and Rebecca Dorland, were natives of Beekman, Dutchess county, N.Y., at which place Andrew was born, July 2, 1794, and was reared on his father's farm, with very limited advantages for education. In 1819 he married Rebecca, daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Leggett, who were members of the Society of Friends, and among the first settlers at Bemus' Heights. The battle at this place, previous to the surrender of Burgoyne, was fought on his farm. He was notified to leave, and did so previous to the battle, retiring with his family to the opposite side of the lake. He came very near being scalped by an Indian, but was liberated by a British officer, and after the battle returned to his farm, where he lived many years, and finally died in Westchester county. In 1823, Mr. Dorland came to Saratoga County with his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. He was in limited circumstances, and for five years worked the farm upon which he now lives, which belonged to Thomas Leggett, an uncle of his wife. At the expiration of that time he purchased the property, and has resided upon it ever since. In 1828 he first commenced his "offerings" in connection with the religious society of which he is a member, and in which he is extensively known, having traveled widely in all parts of the country during the past forty years. Since the age of seventeen he has missed but five yearly meetings of the Friends. Of his large family of seven children, the four sons are living, but the three daughters have all passed on to the "other shore." Mrs. Dorland died in 1857.



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