Residence of J.J. Wait (with portrait)


J. J. Wait was born in Saratoga County, N.Y., February 18, 1811. His ancestors were among the early settlers of the county, and met the obstacles of a pioneer life with that resolution and self-sacrifice characteristic of the offspring. He spent his minority, and until he was twenty-four years of age, on the farm with his father, receiving very limited opportunities for any education from books. In the year 1835 he married Miss Louisa, daughter of Jeremiah Baker, and about that time struck out into the busy world for himself; he engaged in the construction of mills and lumbering, which business his father had previously carried on quite largely in connection with his farming. In this business he successfully continued for some thirty-four years. His health became somewhat impaired by over taxation of body, and for the past two years - to 1878 - he has been occupied as a farmer about two miles from Luzerne, Warren county, N.Y.

He has spent a life of active business, been known as a man of strict integrity of purpose, and strong resolution to do whatever he conceived to be right. His wife dying, he married for his second wife Mrs. Bovard, widow of the late John Bovard, by whom he had three children, Effie, Henry R., and Lena, all of whom are living.

Mr. Wait is unostentatious in his ways, and, by his social and courteous address, wins to himself as friends all with whom he comes in contact.



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