Portraits of Adam Mott and Wife


Adam Mott was born in the town of Sand Lake, Rensselaer county, N.Y., May 30, 1821, upon the farm on which his grandfather (who came from Long Island) settled, about the year 1795, and where his father, William R. Mott, was born, lived, and died.

All the education Adam received was obtained in the district schools of Sand Lake. In December, 1839, he married Miss Eliza M. Pink, of the same town. He filled various offices in the town of Sand Lake. In 1846 was appointed under-sheriff of the county, in which capacity he assisted in the execution of two persons in Troy jail, convicted of murder; both were executed the same day, in January, 1848. In 1849 he was nominated by the Whig party for sheriff of Rensselaer county, but the ticket upon which he ran was unsuccessful. In 1851 he was elected justice of the peace; in 1852 and 1853 he represented his town in the board of supervisors of Rensselaer county. In 1854 he removed to West Troy, and took charge of the repairs of the first section of the Erie canal; in 1855 was appointed weigh-master on the canal at West Troy; in 1856 he purchased and moved upon the farm where he now resides in the town of Clifton Park. In 1861 he was elected justice of the peace, which office he continued to hold up to 1872. In 1863, 1865, and 1868 he was elected one of the justices of sessions of Saratoga County. In 1872 business called him to the State of Illinois, where he resided for two years. After his return, he became again a resident of Clifton Park. In 1876 the Republican party, to which he belonged, gave him the unanimous nomination of supervisor of the town, and have done the same for three successive terms, which position he now holds. In December, 1867, his first wife died, leaving two children, a daughter, now the wife of Abijah P. Philo, living in the town of Stillwater, Saratoga County, and a son, De Witt C. Mott, who is married, and now resides with his father on the farm in Clifton Park. On the first of January, 1877, he again married Mrs. Hannah Usher, widow of Hiram Usher, and daughter of Shubael Taylor, Esq., of the town of Half Moon. The portraits of himself and present wife may be seen at the head of this sketch, both being members of the Methodist church of Clifton Park village. Mr. Mott is classed among the representative men of his town, is honored and respected by all who know him, and is always ready to encourage all enterprises looking to the advancement of good society around him.



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