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Isabella C. Thompson’s Family Bible Records


Hitchcock’s New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, New York, 1871.  (image)



Written on the first page “Isabella C. Thompson.  One of her mother’s last gifts.”


(Grace Vanderwerker, listed below, was appointed the first official Saratoga

County Historian and served from 1938 - 1958.  Grace retired to Florida and

died there August 22, 1980, in her 96th year.)


     miscellaneous:     (image)

Aaron M. Thompson married to Jane Sill (date not given)

Frank C. Thompson born Nov. 2, 1846

Anna L. Thompson born Aug. 8, 1848


     births:     (image)

Aaron M. Thompson born Sept. 8, 1816

Phebe A. Chapman born Sept. 17, 1820

Isabella C. Thompson born April 12, 1854

Sarah E. Thompson born May 29, 1855

Henry C. Thompson born Nov. 1, 1857

Ida M. Thompson born Oct. 25, 1860

J.R. Cramer (date not given)

J. Vanderwerker born June 1859

Charles E. Crandall born Aug. 22, 1848

Ida M. Cramer born April 18, 1878

Maud A. Cramer born Jan. 1, 1881

Grace Vanderwerker born Oct. 10, 1884


     marriages:     (image)

Aaron M. Thompson married to Phebe A. Chapman, June 8, 1853

J.R. Cramer married to Sarah E. Thompson, Apr. 1877

J. Vanderwerker married to Ida M. Thompson, Sept. 12, 1883

Chas. E. Crandall married to Isabella C. Thompson, Apr. 10, 1890


     deaths:     (image)

Ida M. Vanderwerker died March 5, 1885

Aaron M. Thompson died April 10, 1888

Phebe A. Thompson died Feb. 1, 1889

Isabella C. Crandall died April 30, 1918

Frank C. Thompson died Sept. 1, 1917

Henry C. Thompson died March 20, 1922


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