Saratoga County, New York

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Thornton Yard

Town of Corinth, County Saratoga, New York State
Davignon Road, Corinth, NY 12822  

N43-15-35.0  W073-57-56.5                         Elevation 1230' ASL

November 11, 2008:   submitted by Malachi Doane
Tombstone Inscriptions
Partial list of burials
Only inscribed stone: Abner Thorthorn

    Cemetery is on side road leading west from Davignon Road and appears on
Corinth Map, Mooleyville Insert, 1866 Atlas of Saratoga County: Stone &
Stewart, Philadelphia, PA. Cemetery is north of Palmer Lake, south of
Davignon Pond.
    Cemetery is approximately eighty by fifty feet in dimension and contains
more than 45 grave marker stones.
     All marker stones are of native rock and set on edge with no
inscriptions except for one which is marble (broken) and inscribed: Abner
Thorthorn; died Dec. 29 1852; AE 62 Yrs
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that un-inscribed stones were not uncommon
in the Sacandaga Valley area. Also smaller family plot in vicinity was
rumored to be from a smallpox outbreak.

    Land is posted; names on signs are missing or illegible. Heavy logging
operations have taken place in close vicinity to cemetery. Evidence of
surveyors flagging would suggest loggers know the cemetery is present and
are avoiding it.

    Cemetery appears mostly untouched, simply lost or neglected.