Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Ba.. to Ben..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Baake, Mary Orderedby
Babcock, ? Mother
Babcock, ? Mother
Babcock, Belle Mother
Bachelor, Margaret Mother
Bachelor, Margaret Mother
Bacholtz, Emma Deceased
Bachop, Alexander Father
Bachop, Margaret Mother
Bacon, Agnes M. Deceased
Bacon, Benj. Father
Bacon, Benjamin Father
Bacon, George F. Deceased
Bacon, George F. Orderedby
Bacon, Isabel Mother
Bacon, Mary Orderedby
Badger, ? Mother
Badgley, Elizabeth Mother
Bahill, Charles Deceased
Bahill, Stephen Father
Bahill, Stephen Orderedby
Bailey, ? Mother
Bailey, ? Father
Bailey, Annie Empie Deceased
Bailey, Charles Orderedby
Bailey, David Father
Bailey, David Orderedby
Bailey, David E. Deceased
Bailey, E.Estella Deceased
Bailey, Edward H. Orderedby
Bailey, Edward P. Orderedby
Bailey, Elisha Father
Bailey, Eliza Mother
Bailey, Elizabeth Mother
Bailey, Elizabeth Mother
Bailey, Etta Mother
Bailey, Florence A. Deceased
Bailey, Ida B. Deceased
Bailey, Jacob Deceased
Bailey, James Father
Bailey, James B. Orderedby
Bailey, James, Trustee Orderedby
Bailey, James, trustee Orderedby
Bailey, John M. Father
Bailey, Margaret Mary Deceased
Bailey, Mrs.Addie Orderedby
Bailey, Mrs.Ellen Orderedby
Bailey, Mrs.Ida B. Orderedby
Bailey, Nelson Father
Bailey, Nettie Stiles Deceased
Bailey, Ogden T. Father
Bailey, Paul J. Orderedby
Bailey, Samuel L. Deceased
Bailey, Samuel L. Father
Bailey, William Father
Bailey, William Father
Bailey, William H. Deceased
Baillargeon, J.B. Orderedby
Baillargeon, Leona M. Deceased
Bain, Catherine Mother
Bain, Jane Mother
Bain, Jennie Mother
Baird, Doris Amelia Deceased
Baird, Lester Father
Baird, Lester Orderedby
Baker, Aaron Father
Baker, Ada Mother
Baker, Alanson Father
Baker, Alexander Father
Baker, Alice B. Deceased
Baker, Alton Deceased
Baker, Amy Mother
Baker, Amy Mother
Baker, Anna M. Deceased
Baker, Arabelle Deceased
Baker, Baby girl Deceased
Baker, Benjamin B. Father
Baker, Bertha Orderedby
Baker, C.F. Orderedby
Baker, Carrie B. Deceased
Baker, Charles Deceased
Baker, Charles A. Deceased
Baker, Charles M. Father
Baker, Clarence W. Orderedby
Baker, Claud S. Father
Baker, Claude W. Deceased
Baker, Clayton R. Orderedby
Baker, Cora A. Deceased
Baker, Cora A. Orderedby
Baker, Cornelia Ann Deceased
Baker, Dan Orderedby
Baker, Daniel L. Orderedby
Baker, Edward Father
Baker, Edward Father
Baker, Edward A. Deceased
Baker, Edward A. Father
Baker, Eleanor Mother
Baker, Elisha Father
Baker, Eliza D. Mother
Baker, Eliza Jane Deceased
Baker, Elizabeth Ann Deceased
Baker, Elizabeth M. Mother
Baker, Ella Deceased
Baker, Esther Orderedby
Baker, F.Allene Orderedby
Baker, Fayette H. Father
Baker, Frances Mother
Baker, Frank Deceased
Baker, Frank Father
Baker, Frank Father
Baker, Frank Orderedby
Baker, Frank A. Deceased
Baker, Frank A. Father
Baker, Frank A. Orderedby
Baker, Fred H. Orderedby
Baker, Frederick Deceased
Baker, George E. Orderedby
Baker, Gertrude B. Deceased
Baker, Harold Father
Baker, Harold Orderedby
Baker, Harriet Mother
Baker, Henry Father
Baker, Horace Orderedby
Baker, Horace F. Orderedby
Baker, Ida M. Deceased
Baker, Ida M. Orderedby
Baker, Isaiah Father
Baker, Jane Mother
Baker, Jane Mother
Baker, Jane Mother
Baker, Jane Ann Deceased
Baker, Jerimiah Father
Baker, Jerry Deceased
Baker, Jerry Father
Baker, Jerry Father
Baker, John Father
Baker, John E. Deceased
Baker, John E. Orderedby
Baker, John E. Orderedby
Baker, John J. Deceased
Baker, Josiah Father
Baker, Jury Orderedby
Baker, Katherine Deceased
Baker, Latin Father
Baker, Lenora Mother
Baker, Leora Aline Deceased
Baker, Lizzie A. Deceased
Baker, Louise Mother
Baker, Lyman Orderedby
Baker, Lyman M. Father
Baker, Lyman M. Father
Baker, Marguerite Orderedby
Baker, Maria Mother
Baker, Marion E. Deceased
Baker, Martha M. Deceased
Baker, Mary Mother
Baker, Mary Ann Deceased
Baker, Mary Ann Mother
Baker, Mary E, Mother
Baker, Mary Elizabeth Mother
Baker, Mary Jane Mother
Baker, Mrs&children Orderedby
Baker, Mrs. Orderedby
Baker, Mrs.Fred H. Orderedby
Baker, Mrs.Gertrude Orderedby
Baker, Mrs.John Orderedby
Baker, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Baker, Nettie A. Orderedby
Baker, Paulina Mother
Baker, Rebecca Mother
Baker, Rebecca Mother
Baker, Rebecca Mother
Baker, Rebecca Mother
Baker, Richard Father
Baker, Richard C. Orderedby
Baker, Samuel Father
Baker, Samuel C. Deceased
Baker, Sarah Mother
Baker, Sarah Mother
Baker, Stella Mother
Baker, Stillborn Deceased
Baker, Thomas Father
Baker, Vernon A. Deceased
Baker, Victoria E. Deceased
Baker, Victoria E. Orderedby
Baker, Willis Deceased
Baker.Mary Mother
Balch, Adeline Mother
Balch, Adeline Mother
Balch, Emma Mother
Balch, Howard Father
Balch, Howard Orderedby
Balch, Howard Orderedby
Balch, Howard E. Father
Balch, Infant Deceased
Balch, Infant son Deceased
Balch, Madeline Mother
Balch, Vesta Deceased
Balcom, Caleb Father
Balcom, G.Arthur Orderedby
Balcom, George J. Deceased
Balcom, Margaret M. Deceased
Balcom, Miss Helen Orderedby
Balcombe, Andre D. Father
Balcome Father
Baldwin, Ada Lawrence Deceased
Baldwin, Almira Mother
Baldwin, Charles A. Father
Baldwin, Charles A. Orderedby
Baldwin, Charles A. Orderedby
Baldwin, Ellen Mother
Baldwin, Ellen Mother
Baldwin, Ezra M. Deceased
Baldwin, Frank Father
Baldwin, Frank Father
Baldwin, John Father
Baldwin, Mary Mother
Baldwin, Mrs.A.C. Orderedby
Baldwin, Oscar Orderedby
Baldwin, Philander Orderedby
Baldwin, Robert J. Deceased
Baldwin, Sarah Ann Deceased
Baldwin, Zarlene Mother
Balfour, Charles D. Deceased
Balfour, Walter Father
Ball, Anna Mother
Ball, Anzaletter Mother
Ball, C.Edward Orderedby
Ball, Charles C. Father
Ball, Clinton M. Orderedby
Ball, Edward Father
Ball, Edward Orderedby
Ball, Edward Orderedby
Ball, Edward Orderedby
Ball, Edward C. Deceased
Ball, Edward M. Deceased
Ball, J.Seward Orderedby
Ball, Jennie M. Deceased
Ball, Louisa A. Mother
Ball, Louisa A. Mother
Ball, Mary Mother
Ball, Mary Jane Deceased
Ball, Mrs.Louis Orderedby
Ball, Perry Father
Ball, Phoebe Mother
Ball, Phoebe Mother
Ball, Phoebo A. Mother
Ballard&Arnold Orderedby
Ballard, Aimee Orderedby
Ballard, Elizabeth A. Mother
Ballard, Elizabeth A. Mother
Ballard, John Father
Ballard, William H. Deceased
Ballinger, Johnny Deceased
Ballinger, Lois Orderedby
Ballinger, William Father
Ballou, Ashel Father
Ballou, Charles A. Deceased
Ballou, Donald Deceased
Ballou, Ernest Father
Ballou, Hannah Mother
Ballou, Hannah A. Mother
Ballou, Nancy A. Mother
Ballou, Rozella Mother
Balmforth, Elizabeth W. Deceased
Baltimore, Edward E. Deceased
Baltimore, Isaac N. Father
Banack, Daniel Father
Banby, Sofia Mother
Bancroft, George Deceased
Bancroft, Henry Father
Bancroft, Joseph Father
Bancus, Mary Deceased
Banfield, Mary Mother
Banjamin, Abby J. Deceased
Banker, Frederick Father
Banker, Frederick Orderedby
Banker, Infant Deceased
Banks, Benjamin R. Orderedby
Banks, George Deceased
Banks, William R. Father
Bannon, Elizabeth Mother
Baptist, Ruth Deceased
Baptist, William Father
Baran, Michael Father
Barber, Anna Deceased
Barber, Arthur A. Deceased
Barber, Clayton A. Orderedby
Barber, Edith M. Mother
Barber, Edmond S. Father
Barber, Edmund S. Father
Barber, Edmund S. Father
Barber, Eli Father
Barber, Eli Sparford Deceased
Barber, Elizabeth Deceased
Barber, Ellen M. Mother
Barber, Elmer E. Deceased
Barber, Ethel May Deceased
Barber, Eva A. Mother
Barber, Harriet Mother
Barber, Harrison Deceased
Barber, Harrison Father
Barber, Henry Deceased
Barber, Ira C. Deceased
Barber, Ira C. Orderedby
Barber, Jane Orderedby
Barber, Jane, Mary, Lillian Orderedby
Barber, Jennie Mother
Barber, John Father
Barber, John F. Father
Barber, Judson Father
Barber, Lansing Father
Barber, Margaret E. Mother
Barber, Mary Deceased
Barber, Mrs.Elmer Orderedby
Barber, Mrs.Harrison Orderedby
Barber, Rena Mother
Barber, Rev.E.S. Orderedby
Barber, Samuel S. Father
Barber, Vernon Father
Barber, William Father
Barbey, Daniel Deceased
Barbey, Etta Deceased
Barbey, Etta Orderedby
Barbey, Jacob Father
Bardick, Annett Mother
Bardino, Joseph Deceased
Barkat, Heed (Baysat) Deceased
Barkat, Thomas Father
Barker, Annie Deceased
Barker, Carrie Mother
Barker, David Doty Father
Barker, Ella Orderedby
Barker, Francelia A. Deceased
Barker, Harriet S. Mother
Barker, Jane Mother
Barker, John Deceased
Barker, John Father
Barker, Joseph Father
Barker, Lucretia Deceased
Barker, Lydia Deceased
Barker, Mary Mother
Barker, Mrs.John Orderedby
Barker, Robinson W. Father
Barker, William Father
Barlett, Ira Father
Barlett, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Barlow, Augusta Mother
Barlow, Frederick Father
Barlow, Merritt E. Deceased
Barner, Levi Father
Barnes, Agnes Orderedby
Barnes, Anna M. Mother
Barnes, Augusta Deceased
Barnes, Caroline Mother
Barnes, Chauncey Father
Barnes, Ellison Father
Barnes, Emily Mother
Barnes, Evelyn M. Deceased
Barnes, Floyd Deceased
Barnes, Floyd J. Orderedby
Barnes, Floyd J. Father
Barnes, Harriett E. Mother
Barnes, J.Henry Deceased
Barnes, James Father
Barnes, Jenett Deceased
Barnes, John Ellison Father
Barnes, Jonathan Father
Barnes, Julia A, Mother
Barnes, Luther Orderedby
Barnes, Luther Orderedby
Barnes, Luther Orderedby
Barnes, Mina Mother
Barnes, Phyllis Mother
Barnes, Sarah Mother
Barnett, ? Mother
Barnett, Daisy Orderedby
Barnett, Daisy Orderedby
Barnett, Fred D. Deceased
Barnett, Maud Mother
Barnett, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Barnett, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Barnett, Sally Mother
Barnett, Sally Mother
Barnett, Walter Father
Barney, Abigail Mother
Barney, Bernard Father
Barney, Marion Mother
Barney, Nathan Orderedby
Barney, Sophia Deceased
Barney, Susan Mother
Barnhart, Abbie Mother
Barnum, Dr.J. Father
Barnum, James B. Orderedby
Barnum, Moses Father
Barnum, Rohby Mother
Baron, Mary Mother
Barr, Charlotte Mother
Barr, Edward J. Father
Barr, Edward J. Orderedby
Barr, Lynne Foster Deceased
Barrass, Eliza Mother
Barrass, Joseph, Jr Father
Barrass, Lucy A. Mother
Barrett & Crandall Orderedby
Barrett, ? Father
Barrett, Allen Harding Father
Barrett, Amos J. Father
Barrett, Arsemus R. Father
Barrett, Bube R. Deceased
Barrett, Carman Deceased
Barrett, Charles Deceased
Barrett, Edith M. Orderedby
Barrett, Elisha Father
Barrett, Ellen Ada Deceased
Barrett, Emma J. Orderedby
Barrett, Ethel Mary Deceased
Barrett, Frank Orderedby
Barrett, Frank K. Father
Barrett, G., F.&Chas Orderedby
Barrett, G.Hinman Orderedby
Barrett, George T. Deceased
Barrett, George T. Father
Barrett, George T. Orderedby
Barrett, George T. Orderedby
Barrett, Hilda Father
Barrett, Hildah W. Father
Barrett, Hooper C. Deceased
Barrett, Hooper C. Orderedby
Barrett, J.M.Frank Deceased
Barrett, James Henry Deceased
Barrett, John Father
Barrett, Katherine(Kat Deceased
Barrett, L. Clarinda Deceased
Barrett, Laura M. Deceased
Barrett, Mary L. Orderedby
Barrett, Mary V.B.R. Deceased
Barrett, Mr.B.R. Orderedby
Barrett, Mrs Orderedby
Barrett, Mrs.James H. Orderedby
Barrett, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Barrett, Norma Harriot Deceased
Barrett, Sarah Mother
Barrett, Simon H. Father
Barrett, Simon W. Deceased
Barrett, Sylvia A. Deceased
Barrett, Thomas Orderedby
Barrett, Thomas Klock Deceased
Barrett, WilliamJ. Deceased
Barrie, Abraham Father
Barrie, Charles Orderedby
Barrie, John A. Deceased
Barrie, Martha Orderedby
Barrie, Sarah E. Deceased
Barringer, Dennis Father
Barringer, Dennis S. Deceased
Barringer, Ethel Irene Deceased
Barringer, Isabell Orderedby
Barringer, Julia A. Mother
Barringer, Mary A. Mother
Barringer, Roy Orderedby
Barringer, William Father
Barringer, William W. Deceased
Barringer, Wm. Orderedby
Barris, Lidy Mother
Barron, Margaret Deceased
Barron, Mary Mother
Barron, Rebecca J. Deceased
Barron, Roswell P. Orderedby
Barron, Sophia Mother
Barrow, Mary Mother
Barry, Bernard Deceased
Barry, Edward Father
Barry, Hanna Mother
Barry, James Father
Barry, Mary Deceased
Barry, Rev, John&Thomas Orderedby
Barss, Edward R. Deceased
Barss, Emily Mother
Barss, Ernest Father
Barss, Ernest Orderedby
Barss, Ernest Orderedby
Barss, John L. Deceased
Barss, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Barss, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Barss, Nettie Deceased
Barss, Thomas Father
Barss, Thomas M. Father
Bartac, Mary Mother
Barteau, Mary Cornwell Deceased
Bartelles, Herman Deceased
Bartelles, Herman Father
Barthonia, John Father
Barthonia, John B. Deceased
Bartlet, Ereta Mother
Bartlett, ? Mother
Bartlett, Charles Father
Bartlett, Ensetta Mother
Bartlett, George Father
Bartlett, Homer N. Orderedby
Bartlett, Infant Deceased
Bartlett, Julia Ann Deceased
Bartlett, Julius Father
Bartlett, Lucy Mother
Bartlett, Mary A. Deceased
Bartlett, Sarah Mother
Bartlett, Wilhelmina Orderedby
Barton, Emeline Mother
Barton, Eva Orderedby
Barton, Henry Father
Barton, John W. Deceased
Barton, Josephine Orderedby
Barton, Margaret Mother
Barton, Rathbone Father
Barton, Reuben Father
Basknell, Cynthia S. Deceased
Basknell, Miss Flossy Orderedby
Baskwell, ? Father
Baskwell, Frederick A. Deceased
Baskwell, Mrs.Cynthia Orderedby
Bassett, Godfrey Deceased
Bassett, Godfrey Father
Bassett, Gordon Orderedby
Bassett, Isabelle Deceased
Bassett, Joseph Father
Bassett, Joseph Orderedby
Bassett, Joseph M. Deceased
Bassett, Joseph M. Father
Bassett, Michael Father
Bassett, Minnie Deceased
Bassett, Minnie Orderedby
Bassett, Mrs* Orderedby
Bassett, Mrs. Orderedby
Bassett, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Bassett, Mrs.Minnie Orderedby
Batcheler, Alice Deceased
Batcheller, George S. Deceased
Batcheller, George Sherman Father
Batcheller, Katherine Deceased
Bateman, Frances Mother
Bates, Catherine A. Deceased
Bates, Jane Mother
Bates, Mary E. Mother
Bates, Samuel F. Father
Battaglia, Antonio Father
Battaglia, Gaspere Orderedby
Battaglia, Philip P. Deceased
Battie, Eliza Mother
Bauder, Elizabeth Deceased
Bauder, George Henry Deceased
Bauder, John J. Father
Baum, Egnots Orderedby
Baum, Fanny Deceased
Baumgaertner, Bernard Father
Baumgaertner, Karl Adam Deceased
Baumgaertner, Mrs.Adam Orderedby
Baumgartner, Adam Orderedby
Baumgartner, Adam C. Father
Baumgartner, George Father
Baumgartner, George Orderedby
Baumgartner, Katherine Deceased
Baumgartner, Lewis Martin Deceased
Baumgartner, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Baumler, Frederick Father
Baumler, Gottleib Deceased
Baurnes, Ora Orderedby
Bavier, Charles Deceased
Bavier, William Father
Baxter, Maretta Mother
Bayha, Laura A. Deceased
Bayliss, Minnie L. Deceased
Beach, Aurilla Mother
Beach, F.W. Orderedby
Beach, Fred H. Orderedby
Beach, Fred W. Orderedby
Beach, James Deceased
Beach, James B. Father
Beach, John Father
Beach, Joseph D. Father
Beach, Joseph D. Father
Beach, Mrs Orderedby
Beach, Mrs.James Orderedby
Beagle, ? Mother
Beagle, Abram Deceased
Beagle, Ada M. Deceased
Beagle, Alice May Deceased
Beagle, Amelia E. Deceased
Beagle, Anna Mother
Beagle, Baby boy Deceased
Beagle, Bertha F. Deceased
Beagle, Claude Deceased
Beagle, Claude Father
Beagle, Claude Father
Beagle, Claude Orderedby
Beagle, Douglas Deceased
Beagle, Ed Orderedby
Beagle, Edward Father
Beagle, Edward Orderedby
Beagle, Edward Orderedby
Beagle, Frank Father
Beagle, Frank Orderedby
Beagle, Frederick Deceased
Beagle, Frederick Father
Beagle, Freeman Deceased
Beagle, George Father
Beagle, Infant Deceased
Beagle, James Orderedby
Beagle, James W. Father
Beagle, Jennie Mother
Beagle, Jesse Orderedby
Beagle, John Father
Beagle, John & Wm Orderedby
Beagle, John B. Orderedby
Beagle, John Bartlett Deceased
Beagle, John J. Deceased
Beagle, John J. Father
Beagle, John J. Father
Beagle, John J. Father
Beagle, John J. Orderedby
Beagle, Katherine Orderedby
Beagle, Lillian B. Mother
Beagle, Mrs.Abraham Orderedby
Beagle, Mrs.Abram Orderedby
Beagle, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Beagle, Mrs.Wm.M. Orderedby
Beagle, Rhoda Mother
Beagle, Rhoda Mother
Beagle, Sarah J. Deceased
Beagle, Susan Orderedby
Beagle, William Deceased
Beagle, William Father
Beagle, William Father
Beagle, William Father
Beal, Bryon A. Father
Beal, Byron A. Orderedby
Beal, Byron Edward Deceased
Beall, Ann Deceased
Beaman, Olive L. Deceased
Bean, Adella Orderedby
Bean, Emma Deceased
Bean, Everett Father
Bean, Everett Orderedby
Bean, Frank Father
Bean, Ida M. Orderedby
Bean, John Father
Bean, John H. Deceased
Bean, Romantha Mother
Bean, Valda R. Deceased
Beandry, Rachael S. Mother
Beattie, Jane Mother
Beattie, John Deceased
Beattie, John C. Father
Beattie, Mrs Robert Orderedby
Beattie, Mrs.J.D. Orderedby
Beattie, Mrs.R.B. Orderedby
Beattie, Robert Deceased
Beattie, Robert Father
Beattys, Daniel Sturges Father
Beattys, Frederick L. Deceased
Beattys, Frederick, Jr. Orderedby
Beaty, Katherine Mother
Beaudette, Albertine Mother
Beaudette, Emma Mother
Beaudiu, Euphrosin Mother
Beaulieu, ? Father
Beaulieu, Clara Orderedby
Beaulieu, Frank Deceased
Beaulieu, Frank Orderedby
Beaulieu, Ida M. Deceased
Beck, Leo Deceased
Beck, May Mother
Beck, Morris Father
Beck, Morris Orderedby
Becker, Caroline Mother
Becker, Dennis Father
Becker, Emilie Orderedby
Becker, Emilie R. Deceased
Becker, Hertha Deceased
Becker, Maria Mother
Becker, Newton J. Deceased
Becker, William Father
Beckus, Marie Deceased
Beckwith, Ida Mother
Bedell, Emma J. Deceased
Bedell, Harlow Father
Bedell, Phebe Mother
Beebe, Amos Father
Beebe, Amos Harris Deceased
Beebe, Charles E. Deceased
Beebe, George L. Father
Beebe, Laura Mother
Beebe, Laura Mother
Beebe, Marcia A. Orderedby
Beebe, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Beehring, David Orderedby
Beehring, Minnie L. Deceased
Beers, Elizabeth Mother
Beeten, Gladys Orderedby
Beeten, James Father
Beeten, Rev.J.McCor Deceased
Began, Ellen Mother
Begual, Margaret E. Deceased
Beibach, Frank Wilcox Father
Beibach, Mildred Deceased
Beilis, Mendel Deceased
Beilis, Theodore Orderedby
Bein, John Father
Beinkowski, Alexandra Deceased
Beirs, ? Father
Beiser, Morris Deceased
Beiser, Samuel Father
Belau, Alfred B. Deceased
Belau, Anna Mae Mother
Belau, Bertha Orderedby
Belau, Caroline Orderedby
Belau, Louis Deceased
Belau, Louis Father
Belcher, William M. Father
Belden, Abigal Mother
Belden, Elizabeth Orderedby
Belden, Elmer E. Deceased
Belden, Eunice Mother
Belden, Fannie M. Deceased
Belden, Mary E. Mother
Belden, Ruth B. Deceased
Belden, Samuel Father
Belden, William M. Deceased
Belden, William M. Father
Belden, William M. Orderedby
Belden, William M. Orderedby
Belden, William M. Orderedby
Belder, Emeline Mother
Belknap, Mrs.Seth Orderedby
Belknap, Seth H. Deceased
Bell, Amanda Deceased
Bell, Calvin W. Father
Bell, Fanny Mother
Bell, Fanny Mother
Bell, Frances V. Deceased
Bell, Helena Mother
Bell, Hulda Mother
Bell, John Father
Bell, John Father
Bell, Lena Mother
Bell, Levi H. Father
Bell, Miss Lillian Orderedby
Bell, Rev.T.E. Orderedby
Bellamy, Edward O. Orderedby
Bellamy, Henrietta Deceased
Bellamy, Mrs.Earl Orderedby
Bellanca, Bella Mother
Bellegard, Mary Mother
Bellegarde, Frank Father
Bellegarde, Joseph Father
Bellinger, Frank Deceased
Bellinger, Peter Father
Belmont, Augusta F. Deceased
Belmont, Francis Father
Belrose, Peter Father
Belton, Isabelle Mother
Bemis, Betsy Mother
Bemis, Nancy Mother
Bender, Charles Father
Bender, Clementine E. Deceased
Bender, Dr.Austin D. Father
Bender, Libbie Mother
Bendict, Lilah T. Deceased
Bendon, Mandy Mother
Benedict, Charles Father
Benedict, Edith Orderedby
Benedict, Gilbert H. Orderedby
Benedict, Sarah E. Deceased
Benedict, Sarah M. Deceased
Bengston, Johannah Mother
Bengtson, Alfred B. Deceased
Bengtson, Eric Father
Bengtson, Nina Orderedby
Benjamin&Ehrman Orderedby
Benjamin, Alraham T. Father
Benjamin, Jennie Mother
Benjamin, Lewis Deceased
Benjamin, Lewis Father
Benjamin, Lodema Mother
Benjamin, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Benjamin, Ogden Father
Benjamin, Sarah Mother
Benn, Alice Mother
Benn, Alice Mother
Bennet, Maria Mother
Bennett, A.V. Orderedby
Bennett, Aaron Father
Bennett, Abraham Father
Bennett, Abram Father
Bennett, Abram Father
Bennett, Augustos V. Deceased
Bennett, Charles Deceased
Bennett, Charles G. Orderedby
Bennett, Charles H. Father
Bennett, Charles L. Deceased
Bennett, Charles L. Orderedby
Bennett, Chauncey Father
Bennett, Chauncey Father
Bennett, Chauncey M. Deceased
Bennett, Clarence R. Orderedby
Bennett, Daisy M. Orderedby
Bennett, Delia M. Deceased
Bennett, Diana Mother
Bennett, Dianna Mother
Bennett, Edith J. Orderedby
Bennett, Edna Mother
Bennett, Edward J. Deceased
Bennett, Eliza Mother
Bennett, Elizabeth Orderedby
Bennett, Ellen Augusta Deceased
Bennett, Elmer E. Deceased
Bennett, Elmer M. Deceased
Bennett, Emily Mother
Bennett, Emma Mother
Bennett, Etta B. Deceased
Bennett, Etta May Mother
Bennett, Everett Father
Bennett, Fannie Orderedby
Bennett, Florence K. Deceased
Bennett, Francis C. Father
Bennett, Fred G. Deceased
Bennett, Fred S. Father
Bennett, Frederick S. Father
Bennett, Genevieve Orderedby
Bennett, George B. Deceased
Bennett, George B. Orderedby
Bennett, George E. Deceased
Bennett, George H. Father
Bennett, George W. Father
Bennett, George W. Father
Bennett, Gertrude Mother
Bennett, Gertrude Mother
Bennett, Gertrude Mother
Bennett, Gertrude S. Deceased
Bennett, Grace Mother
Bennett, Hannah M. Deceased
Bennett, Harriet Ann Deceased
Bennett, Helen Mother
Bennett, Helen Mother
Bennett, Henry James Deceased
Bennett, Herbert Deceased
Bennett, Hiram Father
Bennett, Ida M. Deceased
Bennett, Jabes Father
Bennett, James Father
Bennett, James Father
Bennett, James Father
Bennett, James H. Father
Bennett, James P. Father
Bennett, Jane K. Orderedby
Bennett, Jenith Mother
Bennett, Jessie Mabel Deceased
Bennett, Joseph Orderedby
Bennett, Joseph Orderedby
Bennett, Joseph L. Orderedby
Bennett, Joseph L. Orderedby
Bennett, Katherine Mother
Bennett, Laura J. Deceased
Bennett, Lila Orderedby
Bennett, Lucy M. Deceased
Bennett, Mary Mother
Bennett, Mary Orderedby
Bennett, Mrs A.V. Orderedby
Bennett, Mrs.Clementine Orderedby
Bennett, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Bennett, Mrs.William Orderedby
Bennett, Orley J. Deceased
Bennett, Orley J. Orderedby
Bennett, Orley J. Orderedby
Bennett, Patrick Father
Bennett, Phebe Mother
Bennett, Raymond Orderedby
Bennett, Rebecca Mother
Bennett, Rhoda Mary Deceased
Bennett, Sarah Mother
Bennett, Sarah Orderedby
Bennett, Truman R. Deceased
Bennett, Truman R. Orderedby
Bennett, William E. Deceased
Bennett, William H. Deceased
Bennett, William H. Deceased
Bennett, William H. Father
Bennett, William H. Orderedby
Benninger, Frank Father
Benninger, Frank Orderedby
Benninger, Frank, Sr. Deceased
Benninger, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Benninger, Pauline W. Deceased
Benninghoff, Frank S. Deceased
Benninghoff, Milton Father
Benshop, Kate Mother
Benson, ? Father
Benson, Charlotte A. Mother
Benson, Charlotte A. Mother
Benson, Charlotte A. Mother
Benson, Daniel Father
Benson, Edward W. Father
Benson, Leo L. Deceased
Benson, Mrs.Leo Orderedby
Benson, Unice Mother
Bentley, Amanda Mother
Bentley, Charles Father
Bentley, Emilie M. Deceased
Bentley, Isaac Deceased
Bentley, Jesse Deceased
Bentley, Jesse Father
Bentley, Mrs.Isaac Orderedby
Bentley, Mrs.Jesse Orderedby
Bentley, Sarah J. Deceased
Bentley, Sarah J. Mother
Benton, Andrew Deceased
Benton, Andrew Orderedby
Benton, Henry Father
Benton, Henry W. Orderedby
Benton, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Benway, Napoleon Father

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