Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Beq.. through Bri..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Bequal, Mary V. Deceased
Bequal, Thomas H. Father
Berderky, Mary Mother
Berdermir, Annie Mother
Bergen, Ella F. Mother
Bergen, Francis Deceased
Bergen, Frank Father
Bergen, Frank Orderedby
Berger, George Father
Berger, Mary Mother
Berger, Samuel Deceased
Berger, Sarah A. Mother
Bergh, Susan Mother
Bergstrom, Frederick Father
Berkowitz, Joseph Father
Bernadris, Amalia Orderedby
Bernardis, John Ivan Deceased
Bernardis, Jolin Father
Berner, Anna Orderedby
Bernstein, Bessie Orderedby
Bernstein, Clifford Orderedby
Bernstein, Max Father
Bernstein, Samuel Deceased
Bernstein, Sarah Deceased
Berrigan, Catherine Mother
Berrigan, Patrick Father
Berry, ? Mother
Berry, Ada Deceased
Berry, Catherine Mother
Berry, Emma Mother
Berry, Gertrude Mother
Berry, Haseltine Mother
Berry, Ida Mother
Berry, Margaret Mother
Bertrand, Frank H. Deceased
Bertrand, Gertrude Orderedby
Bertrand, John Father
Bertrand, John H. Deceased
Bertrand, John H. Father
Bertrand, John H. Orderedby
Bertrand, Lilliam May Mother
Bertrand, Martha Jane Deceased
Bertrand, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Bertrand, William Orderedby
Berzee, Sarah M. Deceased
Besette, Phoebe Mother
Bess, John Father
Bess, John Orderedby
Bess, Joseph Deceased
Best, Clarence L. Orderedby
Best, Eleanor Deceased
Best, Emma Maude Deceased
Best, Lindsay Father
Best, Lindsay Orderedby
Best, Mrs.Otto Orderedby
Best, Otto Orderedby
Best, Otto E Deceased
Best, Otto E. Father
Best, Otto Eugene Deceased
Best, Peter Father
Betts, Belsora Deceased
Betts, Charity A. Deceased
Betts, Frederick F. Deceased
Betts, Helen A. Deceased
Betts, Irene Howland Deceased
Betts, Isabella Deceased
Betts, James Father
Betts, Leslie Orderedby
Betts, Leslie G. Orderedby
Betts, Leslie R. Orderedby
Betts, Lurena Mother
Betts, Lurenn Mother
Betts, Mae B. Mother
Betts, May Mother
Betts, Miss Belle Orderedby
Betts, Mrs.William Orderedby
Betts, Philo Father
Betts, Philo Father
Betts, Richard Father
Beuel, Zilpha Mother
Beuer, Gottlieb A. Deceased
Beurer, Andrew Father
Beurer, Andrew Father
Beurer, Andrew L. Father
Beurer, Gottlieb Orderedby
Beurer, Ludwig Father
Beurer, Marie Mother
Bever, Leonard Orderedby
Beverly, Mrs.Frances Orderedby
Bevins, ? Father
Bevins, Charles E. Orderedby
Bevins, John D. Father
Bevins, John D. Father
Bevins, Leonard Orderedby
Bevins, Leonard J. Deceased
Bevins, Leonard J. Orderedby
Bevins, Margaret Deceased
Bevins, Mary E. Deceased
Bevins, Polly Mother
Bevins, Robert Father
Bevins, Robert S. Deceased
Bevins, Robert S. Orderedby
Beyea, B.W. Father
Beyea, Maud Deceased
Beyer, ? Father
Beyer, A. Father
Beyer, Ana Catherine Mother
Beyer, August Deceased
Beyer, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Beyer, George Deceased
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, J.A. Orderedby
Beyer, John - Coroner Orderedby
Beyer, John A. Father
Beyer, John A. Orderedby
Beyer, John A. Orderedby
Beyer, Katherine Maria Mother
Beyer, Marie Mother
Bickel, Michael Father
Bickerstaff, Anna M. Mother
Bickford, Daniel G. Father
Bickford, Hiram Hooker Deceased
Bicksel, Elizabeth Deceased
Biddle, Horace Moore Deceased
Biddle, William Father
Bidwell, Alma Orderedby
Bidwell, Alma Orderedby
Bidwell, Ruth S. Deceased
Biern, Marcella Mother
Biester, Augusta Mother
Biffer, Claude Father
Biffer, Herman Deceased
Bigelow, Emma Loraine Mother
Bigelow, Evelina S. Mother
Bigelow, Mrs.Coleman Orderedby
Bigelow, Olive Stone Mother
Biggie, Beatrice O. Deceased
Biggie, Carlos Orderedby
Biggie, Carlos W. Father
Biggie, James W. Deceased
Biggie, Mrs.C.W. Orderedby
Billings, ? Mother
Billings, Candis Mother
Billings, Charles Deceased
Billings, Charles Father
Billings, Charlotte A. Mother
Billings, Florence Mother
Billings, George Orderedby
Billings, George Wesley Deceased
Billings, Hattie E. Deceased
Billings, Ida A. Deceased
Billings, Jennie B. Deceased
Billings, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Billings, Mrs.Isabelle Orderedby
Billings, Perry Father
Billings, Perry P. Father
Billings, William Deceased
Billings, William Father
Billings, William Father
Billings, William Father
Billings, William Father
Billings, William Father
Billman, Katherine Mother
Bills, Catherine Mother
Bills, Margaret Mother
Bingham, Emeline Mother
Birch, Isabelle Mother
Bird, Mrs.William B. Orderedby
Birney, Gent'l William Father
Birney, Mrs.W.V. Orderedby
Birney, William Deceased
Birtt, ? Father
Birtt, Martha Deceased
Bishop, Daniel Vernon Deceased
Bishop, Eliza E. Deceased
Bishop, F.R. Orderedby
Bishop, Ida Mother
Bishop, Mary A. Deceased
Bishop, Mrs.M.E. Orderedby
Bishop, Wheeler Father
Bishop, Wilna M. Orderedby
Biss, Mrs Orderedby
Black, Catherine Deceased
Black, David Orderedby
Black, Garrardus Father
Black, George A. Orderedby
Black, George D. Deceased
Black, J.R. Orderedby
Black, John Father
Black, Joseph R. Deceased
Black, Joseph R. Father
Blackall, Benjamin Father
Blackall, Bernard Deceased
Blackall, Frederick F. Deceased
Blackall, Harry Orderedby
Blackall, Harry L. Orderedby
Blackall, Henry Father
Blackall, Mary A. Deceased
Blackall, Mrs.F.F. Orderedby
Blackall, Philadelpha Mother
Blackbird, Etta Deceased
Blackbird, Fanny Mother
Blackburn, Ella Kelly Deceased
Blackmer, Albert S. Father
Blackmer, Erasmus Father
Blackmer, Ethel M. Mother
Blackmer, George F. Deceased
Blackmond, Charles Deceased
Blackmond, Henry Father
Blackwell, Josie M. Mother
Blackwood, Baby boy Deceased
Blackwood, Fanny J. Deceased
Blackwood, George Father
Blackwood, George H. Deceased
Blackwood, James D. Father
Blackwood, James D. Orderedby
Blackwood, John Henry Deceased
Blackwood, Lillian Deceased
Blackwood, Lindley Orderedby
Blackwood, Lindley S. Father
Blackwood, Mrs.James Orderedby
Blaha, Mary Mother
Blaikie, William Father
Blaisdell, Percy Orderedby
Blake, Clark Orderedby
Blake, George Orderedby
Blake, Jason Father
Blake, Roxey L. Mother
Blake, Sarah Mother
Blake, Silas W. Deceased
Blakely, Alexander Orderedby
Blakely, Elizabeth J. Deceased
Blakely, Martha J. Deceased
Blanchard, Abner Father
Blanchard, Charles W. Deceased
Blanchard, Charles W. Father
Blanchard, Fannie Orderedby
Blanchard, Florence W. Deceased
Blanchard, George W, Deceased
Blanchard, John Father
Blanchard, John Orderedby
Blanchard, Mary Mother
Blanchard, Merritt Father
Blanchard, Mrs.C.W. Orderedby
Blanchard, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Blanchard, Thomas J. Deceased
Blaney, Ella J. Deceased
Blank, Deceased
Blank, Bennett Father
Blank, Charles M. Deceased
Blank, Doris Orderedby
Blank, Herman C. Deceased
Bleecher, Juliet Mother
Blied, Carl W. Father
Blied, Carl W. Orderedby
Blied, Carl W., Jr. Deceased
Blinn, John Henry Deceased
Blinn, Mason A. Father
Blish, Caroline Mother
Blizard, Maria Deceased
Block, Henry D. Deceased
Block, Jacob Orderedby
Block, Percie Father
Blodgett, Ambrose Father
Blodgett, Aurelia S. Mother
Blodgett, Horace C. Deceased
Blodgett, John C. Father
Blood, George Father
Blood, Mary Ella Mother
Blood, Morgan Father
Blood, Sylvester Father
Bloom, Daniel Father
Bloom, Ella C. Orderedby
Bloom, George W. Deceased
Bloom, Mrs.Herman Orderedby
Bloom, Pearl Ella Deceased
Bloom, Robert H. Orderedby
Bloomfield, B.F. Orderedby
Bloomfield, Benjamin F. Deceased
Bloomfield, George W. Father
Bloomfield, Mary Ann Mother
Bloomfield, Mrs.B.F. Orderedby
Bloomfield, Sarah Orderedby
Bloomfield, Sarah E. Deceased
Bloomingdale, A.A. Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Abram Father
Bloomingdale, Abram Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Abram A. Deceased
Bloomingdale, Abram A. Father
Bloomingdale, Abram A. Father
Bloomingdale, Adella F. Deceased
Bloomingdale, Charles Deceased
Bloomingdale, Cora G. Deceased
Bloomingdale, Cornelius Father
Bloomingdale, David Father
Bloomingdale, Elias R. Deceased
Bloomingdale, George H. Orderedby
Bloomingdale, James Orderedby
Bloomingdale, John P. Father
Bloomingdale, JohnP. Father
Bloomingdale, Margaret Ann Deceased
Bloomingdale, Mary Mother
Bloomingdale, Mary Alice Deceased
Bloomingdale, Mrs. Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Mrs.James Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Mrs/A/A Orderedby
Bloomingdale, Sarah Mother
Bloomingdale, Sarah Mother
Bloomingdale, Sarah Mother
Blowers, Evelyn Mother
Blowers, Jennie E. Deceased
Blowers, Leonard Father
Blowers, Silas E. Father
Blowers, William E. Orderedby
Blum, Louis Deceased
Blum, Max Father
Board of Charity Orderedby
Boardley, Benjamin Deceased
Boardley, Benjamin Father
Boardley, John H. Orderedby
Boardley, John H. Orderedby
Boardley, Sarah G. Deceased
Boardley, Stephen Father
Boardley, Stephen P. Deceased
Boardly, John H Orderedby
Boardly, John H. Orderedby
Boardly, Louisa A. Deceased
Boardman, Abbie Deceased
Boardman, Ernest Orderedby
Boardman, Louise Mother
Boardman, Sally Mother
Bockes, Adam Father
Bockes, Augustus Deceased
Bockes, Lillian Deceased
Bockes, Marilla A. Mother
Bockes, Marilla A. Mother
Bockes, Mrs.L.J.E Orderedby
Bockstein, Aaron Orderedby
Bockstein, Rebecca Deceased
Boeadly, Arilla Deceased
Boenfield, Phebe Mother
Bogart, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Bogart, John H. Father
Bogart, John H. Orderedby
Bogel, Elmer Orderedby
Bogert, Catherine Orderedby
Bogert, Catherine M. Deceased
Bogert, David Father
Bogert, David Anson Father
Bogert, Elizabeth Jane Deceased
Boggan, Mary Mother
Bogle, Charles H. Orderedby
Bogle, Elmer G. Orderedby
Bogle, May Irene Deceased
Boice, Helen Mother
Boice, Jane Mother
Boivin, O.G. Orderedby
Bolden, Minnie Deceased
Boldog, Juliana Mother
Bole, Jane Mother
Boles, David E. Deceased
Boles, Frances Orderedby
Boles, John Father
Boll, Elizabeth Mother
Boll, Johanna M. Mother
Bolle, Jane Mother
Boller, George J. Father
Bollinger, Augustos Father
Bollinger, Elizabeth Orderedby
Bollinger, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Bollinger, Emil Orderedby
Bollinger, Emil A. Deceased
Bollinger, Mrs.Emil Orderedby
Bollock, Mrs.William Orderedby
Bolster, George Father
Bolster, George Orderedby
Bolster, John C. Orderedby
Bolster, John Corey Deceased
Bolster, Margaret Deceased
Bommersheim, ? Father
Bommersheim, Marion Mother
Bonan, Ann Mother
Bond, Ephrain Father
Bond, Helen Bigelow Deceased
Bond, Henry Deceased
Bond, J.A. Father
Bond, Ralph Emerson Deceased
Bonds, Frances Mother
Bonds, Frances Mother
Bonds, Frances Mother
Bonds, Frances E. Mother
Bonefuert, Jeronu Father
Bonesteel, Lillian A. Deceased
Bonner, ? Father
Bonny, Mary C. Deceased
Bonny, Thomas P. Orderedby
Booker, Melvina Mother
Boone, Harriet Mother
Booth, Emily F. Deceased
Booth, Esther A. Mother
Booth, Esther A. Mother
Booth, Mrs.Emily Orderedby
Booth, Mrs.Otis, Jr. Orderedby
Booth, Otis Deceased
Booth, Otis, Jr. Orderedby
Booth, Thomas Father
Booth, Thomas Father
Boothe, Laura Olivia Deceased
Boothers, Mrs.Shea Orderedby
Bootier, Charles Orderedby
Bootier, Charles A. Father
Bootier, John Joseph Deceased
Boreman, Israel Father
Borgovel, Jacob Father
Borgovel, Joseph Deceased
Boright, Dr.H.E. Orderedby
Boright, Edwin Father
Boright, George Father
Boright, Herbert Edwin Deceased
Born, Elizabeth Mother
Bornt, Joel B. Father
Borst, Almira Deceased
Borst, Caroline Mother
Bortle, Henry Father
Bortle, Louise Mother
Bosh, Charlotte Mother
Bosley, Harry Father
Bosley, Harry Walter Deceased
Bosley, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Bostic, Aaron H. Father
Bostic, Amos Deceased
Bosworth, Annie Deceased
Bosworth, Charles Deceased
Bosworth, Frances C. Mother
Bosworth, George S. Father
Bosworth, Harriet Mother
Bosworth, Mrs.Frances Orderedby
Bosworth, Mrs.Frances Orderedby
Bosworth, Myrette Mother
Bosworth, Myrette Mother
Bouchard, Armand Father
Bouchard, Napoleon Deceased
Boucher, Caroline C. Mother
Boucher, Hattie Mother
Boucher, John Father
Boucher, Josephine Mother
Bouck, Daniel H. Father
Bouck, Jane Mother
Bouck, Mrs.Waner Orderedby
Bouck, Waner Deceased
Bouforb, William H. Orderedby
Bouford, Beatrice B. Deceased
Bouford, Florence Deceased
Bouford, William Father
Bouk, Jacob Father
Bouk, Louise M. Deceased
Bounette, Emma Mother
Bourey, Charles Father
Bourey, Margaret D. Deceased
Bourey, Mrs.Oliver Orderedby
Bourey, Oliver Deceased
Bourey, Oliver Father
Bourey, Oliver Father
Bourey, Oliver Orderedby
Bourey, Zoe Deceased
Bourk, Florence Helen Deceased
Boursancourt, Elizabeth Mother
Bouseman, Mary Mother
Bousquet, Mrs.C.A. Orderedby
BOUSSY, Anna M. Deceased
Boutell, Hazel Orderedby
Bouton, Ernest W. Orderedby
Bouton, Matilda L. Deceased
Bouvelt, Hattie A. Mother
Bovencamp, Christopher Father
Bowen, ? Mother
Bowen, Burton B. Deceased
Bowen, Cyrus Father
Bowen, Elizabeth Mother
Bowen, Elizabeth Orderedby
Bowen, Elizabeth Poler Deceased
Bowen, Florence M. Mother
Bowen, Frank Deceased
Bowen, Helen A. Orderedby
Bowen, James Father
Bowen, Lucina Mother
Bowen, Phebe Mother
Bowen, Stella Deceased
Bowers, Margaret A. Mother
Bowes, ? Father
Bowman, Charles A. Deceased
Bowman, Charles M. Father
Bowman, Charles.M. Father
Bowman, Eva Orderedby
Bowman, John Father
Bowman, John Father
Bowman, John Orderedby
Bowman, Laura Mother
Bowman, Lewis Father
Bowman, Mrs. Orderedby
Bowman, Mrs.Jesse Orderedby
Bowman, Myrtle Irene Deceased
Bowman, Nellie Mother
Bowman, Ralph Winant Deceased
Bowman, Sarah F. Mother
Bowman, William Deceased
Boyce, Adam Father
Boyce, Adam Father
Boyce, Anamas Deceased
Boyce, Anamas Father
Boyce, Ananinas Father
Boyce, Chester Father
Boyce, Clarrissa A. Deceased
Boyce, Colburn Orderedby
Boyce, Elizabeth Mother
Boyce, Gabrielle Deceased
Boyce, Hattie A. Deceased
Boyce, Isaac Father
Boyce, Isaac Father
Boyce, James H. Father
Boyce, Jane Mother
Boyce, Jared L. Deceased
Boyce, Jared L. Orderedby
Boyce, Jared L. Orderedby
Boyce, John Deceased
Boyce, John J. Orderedby
Boyce, Josiah W. Deceased
Boyce, Kate Orderedby
Boyce, Lelah Orderedby
Boyce, Mariam Deceased
Boyce, Proscilla Mother
Boyce, Salyma Louisa Deceased
Boyce, Sarah Mother
Boyce, Sarah Mother
Boyce, Sarah Mother
Boyce, Sarah Mother
Boyce, Sarah E. Mother
Boyce, Walter S. Deceased
Boyce, William H. Orderedby
Boyd, Father
Boyd, Annias Father
Boyd, Eliza Mother
Boyd, Mrs.Chester Orderedby
Boyd, Mrs.Chester Orderedby
Boyd, Mrs.Chester Orderedby
Boyd, Rachel Mother
Boyd, William Father
Boyd, William P. Deceased
Boyd, William P., Jr. Deceased
Boyea, Delia Mother
Boyea, Enos Father
Boyer, Delia Mother
Boyer, Elizabeth Mother
Boyer, Madeline A. Mother
Boyer, Nadine F. Deceased
Boyer, Roy L. Father
Boyer, Sallie Orderedby
Boylan, James Deceased
Boylan, John Father
Boylan, Mrs.John Orderedby
Boyle, Augustus Father
Boyle, Catherine Mother
Boyle, EllenM. Deceased
Boyle, Elmer S. Orderedby
Boyle, Ethel Veronica Deceased
Boyle, Eugene O. Deceased
Boyle, Francis Father
Boyle, John Father
Boyle, Margaret Mother
Boyle, Mary Mother
Boyle, Mrs Orderedby
Bracken, Christine Mother
Bracken, Ellen Orderedby
Bracken, Ethel Mother
Bracken, Francis Orderedby
Bracken, Francis H. Deceased
Bracken, Francis H. Father
Bracken, Francis H. Father
Bracken, Margaret Mother
Bracken, Robert Russell Deceased
Bracken, Thomas J. Father
Brackett, Alonzo Father
Brackett, Charles Orderedby
Brackett, Charles A. Father
Brackett, Edgar T. Orderedby
Brackett, Elizabeth Deceased
Brackett, Elizabeth Orderedby
Brackett, Florence M. Deceased
Brackett, James Deceased
Brackett, James E. Father
Brackett, James E. Orderedby
Brackett, John E. Orderedby
Brackett, Marion Louise Deceased
Brackett, Mary Emma Deceased
Braddick, James Father
Braddick, Mary Orderedby
Braddick, Samuel W. Deceased
Braden, Jennie L. Deceased
Braden, Stanley J. Orderedby
Bradford, Baby twin Deceased
Bradford, Baby twin Deceased
Bradford, Catherine Orderedby
Bradford, Charles Father
Bradford, Charles Father
Bradford, Charles A. Deceased
Bradford, Isabelle Bacon Deceased
Bradford, Mrs Orderedby
Bradford, Sylvester Father
Bradford, William Deceased
Bradford, William Father
Bradford, William B. Deceased
Bradford, William J. Father
Bradley, Charles Arthur Deceased
Bradley, James P. Father
Bradley, Martha Deceased
Bradley, Miles Davis Deceased
Bradley, Mrs.Orilla Orderedby
Bradley, Ovilla S. Deceased
Bradley, William Father
Bradley, William Father
Bradstreet, Cora E. Deceased
Bradstreet, George P. Deceased
Bradstreet, Mrs.George P. Orderedby
Bradt, Ira C. Deceased
Bradt, Jesse Father
Bradt, none listed Deceased
Brady, ? Mother
Brady, Helen Mother
Brady, Jane Mother
Brady, Janet F. Deceased
Brady, John R. Father
Brady, Patrick Father
Bragham, Charles Father
Brainard, Della Orderedby
Brainard, Emma E. Deceased
Brainard, Jerome H. Father
Brainard, Jerome H. Orderedby
Brainard, John E. Deceased
Brainard, Lillian Deceased
Brainard, Mary V. Mother
Brainard, Thomas Father
Braird, Infant Deceased
Braird, Percy C. Orderedby
Braman, Egbert A. Deceased
Braman, Ellen M. Deceased
Braman, Mary L. Orderedby
Branch, ? Father
Branch, Aurilla Mother
Branch, Charles Father
Branch, Charles H. Deceased
Branch, Charles H. Father
Branch, Chauncey L. Father
Branch, Edna Mother
Branch, Edna Mother
Branch, Erwin G. Deceased
Branch, George Father
Branch, George Father
Branch, George F. Deceased
Branch, Gifford Orderedby
Branch, Harriet A. Mother
Branch, Henry L. Deceased
Branch, John Father
Branch, John H. Deceased
Branch, Laura Orderedby
Branch, Lelia H. Mother
Branch, Mary Deceased
Branch, Maude Mother
Branch, Minnie Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.E.G. Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.F. Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.John Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.John Orderedby
Branch, Mrs.Laura Orderedby
Branch, Nannie Mother
Branch, Sarah Orderedby
Branch, Sarah A. Deceased
Branchcomb, Benjamin F. Deceased
Branchcomb, Mary Deceased
Branchcomb, Mrs Benj. Orderedby
Brandt, Maria Mother
Branigan, Caroline Mother
Branis, Mrs.Jennie Orderedby
Brassalton, Ellen Mother
Brate, William Father
Brate, William E. Deceased
Bratton, John E. Deceased
Bratton, Marie Orderedby
Bratton, Rufus Father
Brauch, Lelia H. Mother
Braun, ? Father
Braun, Barbara Mother
Braun, Bernard Deceased
Braunbut, Chane Sarah Deceased
Brauss, William Father
Brautti, Mary Mother
Brayson, Berthe Mother
Brayton, Mary Mother
Brayton, Mary C. Mother
Brayton, Sylvia Mother
Brayton, Sylvia Mother
Brayton, Sylvia Mother
Brazee, Dora Mother
Brazier, Eliza Mother
Brazill, ? Father
Brazill, Elizabeth Mother
Brazington, James Father
Breakey, Angie Mae Deceased
Breault, Baby boy Deceased
Breault, Baby girl Deceased
Breault, Earl Orderedby
Breault, Earl Orderedby
Breault, Earl J. Father
Breault, Earl J. Father
Brebbeb, Mary Mother
Breen, Mary Mother
Brehm, Mrs.John Orderedby
Brehn, Frank Orderedby
Brehn, Marietta Deceased
Breimann, H.F. Father
Breimann, Herman Deceased
Bremer, Mrs.Vernon Orderedby
Brendon, May Orderedby
Brennan, Bridget Mother
Brennan, Bridget Mother
Brennan, Bridget Mother
Brennan, Elizabeth Deceased
Brennan, Frank Deceased
Brennan, John Father
Brennan, John Father
Brennan, John Father
Brennan, John Father
Brennan, Julia Louise Deceased
Brennan, Mary Mother
Brennan, Mary Mother
Brennan, Mary A. Deceased
Brennan, Patrick Father
Brennan, William Father
Brennan, William Father
Brennan, William Orderedby
Brenner, Bertha Orderedby
Brenner, C.Vernon Deceased
Brenner, Charles Father
Breslin, Dennis Deceased
Breslin, Evelyn M. Deceased
Breslin, John Father
Breslin, John Orderedby
Bresnahan, Brigid Deceased
Bresnahan, John Orderedby
Brevoost, Rose Ann Mother
Brewer, Fanny Mother
Brewester, Jane Mother
Brewester, Jane Mother
Brewster, Arlena V. Deceased
Brewster, Arni Father
Brewster, Cortland G. Deceased
Brewster, Gilbert Father
Brewster, Jane Mother
Brewster, Jane Mother
Brewster, Jane Mother
Brewster, Rachael Deceased
Brezee, Cornelia Mother
Brice, W.C. Orderedby
Brickett, Mary A. Mother
Brickett, Mary A. Mother
Brickner, Frederick E. Orderedby
Brickner, Minnie Deceased
Bridges, Mary Mother
Briggs, Albert Orderedby
Briggs, Alfred C. Deceased
Briggs, Alfred Dwight Father
Briggs, Alice Hall Deceased
Briggs, Ambrose Father
Briggs, Amelia E. Deceased
Briggs, Anna Eliza Mother
Briggs, Catherine Mother
Briggs, Charles E. Deceased
Briggs, Eliza Mother
Briggs, Georgia Deceased
Briggs, Helen Deceased
Briggs, Henry C. Deceased
Briggs, J.Lynde Deceased
Briggs, J.Lyndel Orderedby
Briggs, James H. Father
Briggs, John Father
Briggs, John Father
Briggs, John E. Deceased
Briggs, John E., Jr. Orderedby
Briggs, Lillie A. Deceased
Briggs, Maria S. Deceased
Briggs, Mary A. Deceased
Briggs, Medora Mother
Briggs, Mrs Orderedby
Briggs, Mrs.Alfred Orderedby
Briggs, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Briggs, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Briggs, Mrs.James Orderedby
Briggs, Olander Father
Briggs, Orlando Father
Briggs, Orlando Father
Briggs, Sarah Mother
Briggs, Silas Father
Briggs, Silas Father
Brigham, Christopher Father
Brigham, Hazel Bell Deceased
Brigham, Mindwell Mother
Brigham, Virgil Orderedby
Brigham, Virgil C. Father
Bright, George Orderedby
Bright, Mary Ann Mother
Bright, Mrs.George Orderedby
Bright, Sarah Ellen Deceased
Brightman, Bertha A. Deceased
Brightman, C.P. Orderedby
Brightman, Francis Deceased
Brightman, Harriet C. Deceased
Brightman, John David Deceased
Brightman, L.W. Orderedby
Brightman, Leonard Father
Brightman, Leonard Orderedby
Brightman, Leonard Orderedby
Brightman, Leonard Orderedby
Brightman, Leonard Orderedby
Brightman, Leonard W. Father
Brightman, Mrs. Orderedby
Brightman, Thomas D. Father
Brightman, William Deceased
Brightman, William H. Orderedby
Brill, Dr.William Orderedby
Brill, Frances Deceased
Brill, Nellie Orderedby
Brimson, Uriah Father
Brisbin&Clark Orderedby
Brisbin, Alice F. Orderedby
Brisbin, Delia Mother
Brisbin, Hiram Deceased
Brisbin, James C. Father
Brisbin, John B. Father
Brisbin, John B. Father
Brisbin, Mrs.Sterling Orderedby
Brisbin, Oliver Deceased
Brisbin, Oliver Father
Brisbin, Sterling R. Father
Brisbin, Sterling Ross Deceased
Brisco, Egbert P. Father
Brisco, Ilers Deceased
Brisco, Mrs Orderedby
Briscoe, Martha Deceased
Bristoe, Mrs.Dayton Orderedby
Bristol, Amanda Ball Deceased
Bristol, Dayton C. Deceased
Bristol, Elizabeth Mother
Bristol, J.Wesley Orderedby
Bristol, Lawrence W. Father
Bristol, Walter Father
Britton, Anselme Father
Britton, Eugene A. Deceased
Britton, Henry E. Orderedby
Brizzee, Andrew Father
Brizzee, Andrew Father
Brizzee, Elmer M. Deceased
Brizzee, Elmer M. Orderedby
Brizzee, Laura A. Deceased
Brizzee, Martha A. Deceased

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