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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Brn.. through Bz..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Brnner, Bernard Father
Broadwee, Ernest Deceased
Broadwee, L.D. Father
Broadwell, Charles Father
Brock, Thomas G. Father
Brock, William J. Deceased
Brockam, ? Father
Brockett, John B. Father
Brocklebank, Anna Rawson Deceased
Brocklebank, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Brocklebank, Peter L. Deceased
Brockton, Bertha Mother
Brockway, Abbie Mother
Brockway, Abbie Mother
Brockway, Daniel Father
Brockway, Daniel P. Deceased
Brockway, Elizabeth Jane Deceased
Brockway, Guy Orderedby
Brockway, Guy Orderedby
Brockway, Guy P. Orderedby
Brockway, Helen Mary Deceased
Brockway, Madeline Mother
Brockway, Mary Louise Deceased
Brockway, Nathaniel Father
Brockway, Philip Orderedby
Brody, Samuel Father
Broen, Mrs.Charlotte Orderedby
Brogan, Mrs.James N. Orderedby
Broida, David Deceased
Broida, Debrosia Mother
Broida, P. Father
Bromley, Jane Mother
Bronk, Susan C. Mother
Bronson, James Father
Bronson, Mary Mother
Brookman, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
Brooks, Almon M. Deceased
Brooks, Alzina Deceased
Brooks, Bros. Orderedby
Brooks, Charles E. Deceased
Brooks, Delor Father
Brooks, Ebenezer Father
Brooks, Elizabeth Mother
Brooks, Elizabeth S. Mother
Brooks, Emma J. Orderedby
Brooks, Eugene Father
Brooks, Eva May Deceased
Brooks, Frances K. Deceased
Brooks, George Father
Brooks, Henry Wallace Deceased
Brooks, Ira Deceased
Brooks, Ira Father
Brooks, Ira Orderedby
Brooks, Jeanette Orderedby
Brooks, John Father
Brooks, John Orderedby
Brooks, Laura Mother
Brooks, Lemuel W. Father
Brooks, Marie E. Deceased
Brooks, Mrs.John L. Orderedby
Brooks, Mrs.Mabel Orderedby
Brooks, Mrs.W.B. Orderedby
Brooks, Nathaniel Father
Brooks, Rev.E.U.A. Orderedby
Brooks, Rev.E.U.A. Orderedby
Brooks, William Deceased
Broomfield Mother
Broomfield, Elizabeth Mother
Brophy, Catherine Mother
Brophy, John P. Deceased
Broscbois, Leocadia Mother
Brother, Chas.Deuel Orderedby
Brothers Orderedby
Brothers Orderedby
Brothers Orderedby
Brothers/Rev.Viele Orderedby
Brother-Wallace Orderedby
Broughton & Cole Orderedby
Broughton, Anna M. Deceased
Broughton, Eli P. Father
Broughton, Ella G. Deceased
Broughton, Elmer Deceased
Broughton, George Father
Broughton, George S. Father
Broughton, Harry Orderedby
Broughton, Hazel Mother
Broughton, John Father
Broughton, John H. Orderedby
Broughton, John H. Orderedby
Broughton, John&Olice Orderedby
Broughton, Julia Orderedby
Broughton, Levi Deceased
Broughton, Levi Father
Broughton, Levi Father
Broughton, Mary Ann Deceased
Broughton, Medlock Orderedby
Broughton, Minerva A. Deceased
Broughton, Monroe Deceased
Broughton, Mrs.Thos. Orderedby
Broughton, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Broughton, Olive C. Deceased
Broughton, Samuel Father
Broughton, Thomas Deceased
Broughton, William Deceased
Brousseau, Joseph Father
Brousseau, Louis C. Deceased
Brousseau, Louis J. Father
Brower, Albert F. Orderedby
Brower, Edith Orderedby
Brower, Ella Deceased
Brower, Etta M. Deceased
Brower, Frank M. Deceased
Brower, Fred Deceased
Brower, Fred Orderedby
Brower, Jeremiah Father
Brower, Jeremiah W. Father
Brower, Jessie Mother
Brower, John M. Father
Brower, John P. Orderedby
Brower, Libbie Deceased
Brower, Malentha A. Deceased
Brower, Mrs.Ubert Orderedby
Brower, Ubert Orderedby
Brower, William Father
Brown & Sherwood Orderedby
Brown, ? Mother
Brown, ? Father
Brown, ? Father
Brown, Abigal Mother
Brown, Abner Father
Brown, Addie Orderedby
Brown, Alice Deceased
Brown, Allan G. Deceased
Brown, Amanda Mother
Brown, Anna Mother
Brown, Anna May Deceased
Brown, Annie Mother
Brown, Anson Father
Brown, Babette Mother
Brown, Benjamin Father
Brown, Benjamin Father
Brown, Catherine Mother
Brown, Charles Father
Brown, Charles Father
Brown, Charles H. Deceased
Brown, Charles H. Deceased
Brown, Charles H. Father
Brown, Charles R. Father
Brown, CharlesWelli Deceased
Brown, Charlotte Deceased
Brown, Charlotte L. Deceased
Brown, Clarence Deceased
Brown, David Father
Brown, Duncan Father
Brown, Edward Father
Brown, Edward C. Orderedby
Brown, Edward C. Orderedby
Brown, Elizabeth W. Deceased
Brown, Ellen M. Deceased
Brown, Elon Father
Brown, Elsie A. Mother
Brown, Emaline Mother
Brown, Emeline Mother
Brown, Emiline Mother
Brown, Emma Mother
Brown, Ernest C. Father
Brown, Estella L. Deceased
Brown, Esther Mother
Brown, Esther Mother
Brown, Esther Mother
Brown, Esther Mother
Brown, Esther Mother
Brown, Euffane Mother
Brown, Frank Orderedby
Brown, Freelove Mother
Brown, George Deceased
Brown, George Father
Brown, George Father
Brown, George Father
Brown, Gertrude E. Deceased
Brown, Grace Deceased
Brown, Harry Deceased
Brown, Hattie Mother
Brown, Henry Orderedby
Brown, Hester Father
Brown, Hiram Father
Brown, Hirsch Father
Brown, Isabelle Mother
Brown, Isiah Father
Brown, Jacob B. Deceased
Brown, James Deceased
Brown, James Father
Brown, James Father
Brown, James H. Deceased
Brown, James H. Deceased
Brown, Jane Mother
Brown, John Deceased
Brown, John Father
Brown, John Father
Brown, John Orderedby
Brown, John Orderedby
Brown, Joseph Father
Brown, Joseph Father
Brown, Joseph O. Father
Brown, Julia Deceased
Brown, Julia Mother
Brown, Julia Mother
Brown, Katherine M. Mother
Brown, Laura Mother
Brown, Leonard Deceased
Brown, Lucey Mother
Brown, Luedell Deceased
Brown, Luella M. Mother
Brown, Lydia Mother
Brown, Mabel May Orderedby
Brown, Maria M. Deceased
Brown, Martin Father
Brown, Martin Orderedby
Brown, Mary Mother
Brown, Mary Jennie Deceased
Brown, Mary U. Deceased
Brown, May Orderedby
Brown, Miss Helen E. Orderedby
Brown, Mrs &Lucy Orderedby
Brown, Mrs.Charlotte Orderedby
Brown, Mrs.Charlotte Orderedby
Brown, Mrs.O.J. Orderedby
Brown, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Brown, Mrs.Wm.C. Orderedby
Brown, Nathan Deceased
Brown, Nathan Deceased
Brown, Nelson Father
Brown, Orton J. Deceased
Brown, Oscar Father
Brown, Paul R., Jr. Orderedby
Brown, Paul Russell Deceased
Brown, Philip Deceased
Brown, Philura Mother
Brown, Ransom Father
Brown, Rhoda A. Mother
Brown, Richard Father
Brown, Samuel Father
Brown, Sarah Mother
Brown, Sophia Mother
Brown, Thomas Father
Brown, Ubert F. Orderedby
Brown, Wallace Deceased
Brown, William Father
Brown, William Father
Brown, William C. Deceased
Brown, William C. Deceased
Brown, William C. Father
Brown, William D. Deceased
Brown, William E. Deceased
Brown, Zora Orderedby
Browne, Isabella R. Deceased
Browne, Isabelle Orderedby
Browne, Mrs.Isabelle Orderedby
Brownell, Clifford H. Deceased
Brownell, Harry W. Father
Brownell, Julia B. Deceased
Brownell, Mr.E.K. Orderedby
Brownell, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Brownell, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Brownell, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Brownell, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Browning, Dorothy Grace Deceased
Browning, Harry C. Father
BrownJames A. Father
Brownson, Albert D. Deceased
Brownson, Bertha Deceased
Brownson, Bertha Orderedby
Brownson, Bertha Orderedby
Brownson, Charles Father
Brownson, Edward R. Orderedby
Bruce, Ascinth Mother
Bruce, Eliza Mother
Bruce, Emma Deceased
Bruce, Rose J. Deceased
Bruce, Sarah Mother
Brucher, Adeline Mother
Bruck, Mary Mother
Brucker, Carolin Mother
Bruisie, George Father
Brunett, Joseph G. Deceased
Brunett, Peter Father
Brunette, Joseph Orderedby
Brunette, Octavie Deceased
Brunner, ? Father
Brunner, Anna Maria Deceased
Brunner, B. Orderedby
Brunner, Bernard Deceased
Brunner, Blanche Orderedby
Brunner, Blanche H. Deceased
Brunner, Mrs.Bernard Orderedby
Bruno, Eleanor Deceased
Brusie, George Orderedby
Brusie, George S. Father
Brusie, George S. Orderedby
Brusie, Harrie Deceased
Brusie, Infant Deceased
Brusie, Jennie Deceased
Brusie, Smith Father
Brusie, Smith Orderedby
Brusie, Smith A. Deceased
Brusie, Smith A. Orderedby
Brusie, Smith H. Deceased
Brusie, Stephen Father
Bruso, Alice Deceased
Bruso, Clarence Deceased
Bruso, George Deceased
Bruso, Georgianna Mother
Bruso, Georgianna Mother
Bruso, Lewis Father
Brusso, Georgiana Mother
Brust, Catherine Mother
Brust, Hannah Mother
Bryan, none given Deceased
Bryan, Willian Deceased
Bryans, Anna H. Deceased
Bryans, Margurite Mother
Bryant, Baby boy Deceased
Bryant, Bertie Orderedby
Bryant, Charles Father
Bryant, Charlotte Mother
Bryant, Clarence H. Deceased
Bryant, George Father
Bryant, James Father
Bryant, John F. Father
Bryant, Julia Orderedby
Bryant, Louise Mother
Bryant, Mary Mother
Bryant, Mary C. Mother
Bryant, Michael Father
Bryant, Mrs.Julia Orderedby
Bryant, Rhoda Jane Deceased
Bryant, Sarah M. Mother
Bryant, William A. Father
Bryant, William A. Orderedby
Bryce, James Father
Buchan, George Father
Buchan, George Francis Deceased
Buchanan, Charles P. Deceased
Buchanan, Duncan Father
Bucholtz, William Father
Buck, Foster Father
Buckett, Frank Deceased
Buckett, Mary Josie Deceased
Buckett, Nicholas Father
Buckett, Nicholas Orderedby
Buckett, Rose, Izzo Orderedby
Buckhout, Mary Mother
Buckley, Emma Frances Mother
Buckley, Harriet A. Orderedby
Buckley, Harriett Ann Deceased
Buckley, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Buckley, Spencer A. Father
Buckley, Tartellus Father
Buckley, Tertellus Father
Bucklin, Sarah Mother
Buckner, John Father
Buckner, Mrs Orderedby
Buckner, Mrs.John Orderedby
Budd, Almira Orderedby
Budd, Atlas Father
Budd, Atlas A. Father
Budd, Delmar Orderedby
Budd, Delmar A. Deceased
Budd, Ellen Mother
Budd, James G. Deceased
Buell, Amanda P. Deceased
Buell, Joseph C. Orderedby
Buerer, Andrew Father
Buerer, Christiana Deceased
Buerer, Rosina Mother
Buflofty, Emeline Mother
Buford, Florence Deceased
Buford, Infant Deceased
Buford, Lucretia Mabb Deceased
Buford, William Orderedby
Bugbe, Essie Mother
Buhles, Anna E. Deceased
Buhles, Frank Orderedby
Buhles, Philip Father
Buhles, Philip L. Deceased
Buhles, William H. Deceased
Buhles, William H. Orderedby
Buler, Mary Mother
Bulis, Frederick Deceased
Bulis, Stephen Father
Bulis, Stephen Orderedby
Bulkey, Julia M. Mother
Bull, Chester Father
Bull, Corlista M. Deceased
Bull, Gifford Father
Bull, Hazel Orderedby
Bull, L.D. Deceased
Bull, Loretta Mother
Bull, Phoebe Mother
Bullard, Alice Mother
Bullard, Andrew W. Deceased
Bullard, Augustus Father
Bullard, Augustus Father
Bullard, Bearouth Orderedby
Bullard, Bearouth Orderedby
Bullard, Bearouth S. Father
Bullard, Bearouth S. Father
Bullard, Benjamin Father
Bullard, Berorth Orderedby
Bullard, Berorth Orderedby
Bullard, Betsey Mother
Bullard, Betty Deceased
Bullard, C.E. Orderedby
Bullard, Charles Orderedby
Bullard, Charles A. Deceased
Bullard, Charles A. Father
Bullard, Charlotte Mother
Bullard, Clarissa Mother
Bullard, Clarissa Mother
Bullard, Edith Mother
Bullard, Edward Orderedby
Bullard, Esther Mother
Bullard, Gardiner Father
Bullard, Grace M. Deceased
Bullard, Harriet Mother
Bullard, Harrison Deceased
Bullard, Harrison Orderedby
Bullard, J.Adelbert Orderedby
Bullard, James A. Orderedby
Bullard, James Justin Deceased
Bullard, Jennie S. Deceased
Bullard, Lois E. Deceased
Bullard, Mahirabel Mother
Bullard, Margaret Deceased
Bullard, Mary Orderedby
Bullard, Mary M. Deceased
Bullard, Mary Waldo Deceased
Bullard, Mehitable Mother
Bullard, Miss J.J. Orderedby
Bullard, Nelson Father
Bullard, Nelson S. Father
Bullard, Ruth Deceased
Bullard, Wallace A. Deceased
Bullard, Wallace A. Father
Bullis, Carrie L. Mother
Bullis, Helen Marie Deceased
Bullis, Simeon D. Orderedby
Bullock, Charles Deceased
Bullock, Charles Deceased
Bullock, Charles Carpenter Father
Bullock, Charles, Jr Orderedby
Bullock, Joseph N. Father
Bulson, Mary Mother
Bumstead, Mother
Bumstead, ? Mother
Bumstead, Alice M. Deceased
Bumstead, Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Arthur I. Father
Bumstead, Caleb Father
Bumstead, Elizabeth Deceased
Bumstead, Estella P. Deceased
Bumstead, Florence Mother
Bumstead, George M. Deceased
Bumstead, Gertrude Deceased
Bumstead, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Bumstead, Mrs.Geo.M. Orderedby
Bumstead, Raymond S Orderedby
Bunce, Abbie Mother
Bunce, Blanche M. Mother
Bunce, Ensign S. Deceased
Bunce, Grace M. Mother
Bunce, John Father
Bunce, John Father
Bunce, Stover Father
Bunker, Mable L. Deceased
Burch, Hanora Mother
Burch, Harry Merrill Deceased
Burch, Mary Mother
Burch, Preston Orderedby
Burchsted, Alice Fowler Deceased
Burchsted, Frederick Father
Burd, Electa Mother
Burd, Frank Alford Deceased
Burd, George W. Father
Burd, Julia H.F. Deceased
Burd, Mrs.F.A. Orderedby
Burdick, ? Father
Burdick, ? Father
Burdick, Allen Arthur Deceased
Burdick, Anna Mother
Burdick, anna Mother
Burdick, Anna E. Mother
Burdick, Annett Mother
Burdick, Antimyre Mother
Burdick, Arthur Orderedby
Burdick, Arthur D. Father
Burdick, Bertha L. Deceased
Burdick, Cemanda Jane Deceased
Burdick, Charles Deceased
Burdick, Chas.W. Orderedby
Burdick, Clara Mother
Burdick, Clarence A. Orderedby
Burdick, Daniel Father
Burdick, Daniel W. Father
Burdick, Daniel W. Father
Burdick, Delia A. Deceased
Burdick, Edgar Father
Burdick, Frank Deceased
Burdick, George H. Deceased
Burdick, Gertrude Orderedby
Burdick, Gertrude S. Deceased
Burdick, Gorden Deceased
Burdick, Isaac J. Father
Burdick, Jane Mother
Burdick, John W. Father
Burdick, John W. Orderedby
Burdick, John W. Orderedby
Burdick, Lettitia A. Deceased
Burdick, Lula Mother
Burdick, Lula Mother
Burdick, Lyman Father
Burdick, Mary C. Mother
Burdick, Mary Ethel Mother
Burdick, Minnie M. Mother
Burdick, Mrs Orderedby
Burdick, Mrs.A.B. Orderedby
Burdick, Mrs.Isaac Orderedby
Burdick, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Burdick, Rev.Aaron B. Deceased
Burdick, Stella Mother
Burdick, Susan Mother
Burdick, Wesley Father
Burdick, William Father
Burdick, William D. Deceased
Burdick, William D. Father
Burdo, Mamie B. Deceased
Burgdorf, Albert Father
Burgdorf, Jospehine Mother
Burgee, Lucretia Mother
Burgess, ? Father
Burgess, Herb.&Howard Orderedby
Burgess, Lydia Mother
Burgess, Mary Mother
Burgess, Mordecai Deceased
Burgess, Mordecai C. Father
Burgess, Mrs.Warren Orderedby
Burgess, William Father
Burhams, Hiram Father
Burhans, Ella Mother
Burhaus, Hiram W. Father
Burhaus, Julia Clarissa Deceased
Burke, David J. Deceased
Burke, Edward M. Father
Burke, Emily Mother
Burke, Helen Deceased
Burke, John Father
Burke, John Father
Burke, Lawrence Deceased
Burke, Miss Emmaretta Orderedby
Burke, Orison Deceased
Burke, Orson Father
Burke, Ruth M. Orderedby
Burke, Sarah M. Mother
Burke, William Father
Burkland, Anna Marie Mother
Burle, W.J. Orderedby
Burlingame, Charles D. Deceased
Burlingham, Charles Orderedby
Burlingham, Frank Father
Burnap, Lucy Gleason Mother
Burnett, May Amelia Mother
Burnett, William A. Father
Burnham Mother
Burnham, Father
Burnham, B.W. Father
Burnham, B.W. Father
Burnham, B.W. Orderedby
Burnham, B.W. Orderedby
Burnham, B.W. Orderedby
Burnham, Charles Deceased
Burnham, Dewitt C. Deceased
Burnham, E.Russell Deceased
Burnham, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Burnham, Frances P. Deceased
Burnham, Hattie Orderedby
Burnham, Jane Mother
Burnham, Laura Mother
Burnham, Laura Mother
Burnham, Laura Mother
Burnham, Laura Mother
Burnham, Lorenzo Father
Burnham, Mark W. Deceased
Burnham, Martin Father
Burnham, Martin Orderedby
Burnham, Martin V. Deceased
Burnham, Martin V. Father
Burnham, Mrs.George Orderedby
Burnham, Nancy Mother
Burnham, Nancy Mother
Burnham, William Father
Burns, Ann Mother
Burns, Catherine Mother
Burns, Edward J. Deceased
Burns, Elizabeth Mother
Burns, Elizabeth Mother
Burns, Geneva Deceased
Burns, Henry A. Orderedby
Burns, James Father
Burns, John Deceased
Burns, Margaret Mother
Burns, Mary Helen Mother
Burns, Patrick Father
Burns, Sadie Deceased
Burns, William Father
Burns, William Orderedby
Burpee, Carl H. Deceased
Burpee, Charles H. Deceased
Burpee, Charles H. Father
Burpee, Charles H. Father
Burpee, Charles M. Deceased
Burpee, Charles M. Orderedby
Burpee, Charles M. Orderedby
Burpee, Frank W. Deceased
Burpee, Harriet Orderedby
Burpee, Mary E. Deceased
Burpee, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Burpee, Surry Father
Burr, Susanna Mother
Burris, Charles W. Deceased
Burris, Mrs.C.W. Orderedby
Burris, Peter Father
Burritt, David William Deceased
Burritt, Ida E. Orderedby
Burritt, Nelson F. Father
Burritt, Nelson F. Orderedby
Burroughs, Daniel Father
Burroughs, Harry Orderedby
Burrows, Albert M. Father
Burt, ? Mother
Burt, Alvin C. Father
Burt, Edgar Father
Burt, Edgar O. Father
Burt, Edgar Olney Deceased
Burt, Emma S. Deceased
Burt, Fannie A. Deceased
Burt, Gardner W. Orderedby
Burt, George H. Deceased
Burt, Gertrude Deceased
Burt, Gertrude W. Orderedby
Burt, Hannah M. Mother
Burt, Hannah M. Mother
Burt, Harry O. Deceased
Burt, Helen Mother
Burt, John Ralph Deceased
Burt, Lewis P. Deceased
Burt, Marietta Mother
Burt, Mildred H. Deceased
Burt, Mrs.A.C. Orderedby
Burt, Mrs.Carrie Orderedby
Burt, Mrs.E.O. Orderedby
Burt, Mrs.Sarah L. Orderedby
Burt, Myron T. Father
Burt, Pauline Mother
Burt, Stephen O. Father
Burt, Stephen O. Father
Burtis, Emeline B. Deceased
Burtis, Fanny K. Orderedby
Burton, ? Mother
Burton, Cordelia Mother
Burton, Joseph Orderedby
Burton, Martha Mother
Burton, Mary E. Deceased
Burton, Mrs.Chester Orderedby
Burus, Ann Mother
Burwell, Clara L. Deceased
Burwell, George P. Deceased
Burwell, John D. Father
Burwell, John D. Father
Burwell, John H. Deceased
Burwell, Mrs.G.P. Orderedby
Bush, Ashley Orderedby
Bush, Baxter Deceased
Bush, Baxter Father
Bush, Charles Father
Bush, Charles P. Father
Bush, Edward Father
Bush, Eva A. Deceased
Bush, Frances Mother
Bush, Frank Orderedby
Bush, Frank L. Deceased
Bush, Frank P. Deceased
Bush, Frank/Deuel, Mrs Orderedby
Bush, Gertrude G. Deceased
Bush, Gertrude Green Orderedby
Bush, Hannah Jane Deceased
Bush, Josephine Deceased
Bush, Levinna Mother
Bush, Lovina Mother
Bush, Mary Mother
Bush, Mrs.Baxter Orderedby
Bush, Mrs.Frank P. Orderedby
Bush, Myrtle Orderedby
Bush, Phoebe Mother
Bush, William H. Father
Bushe, Larina Mother
Busher, John Father
Busman, Marie Mother
Buss, Elizabeth Deceased
Buss, Miss Rachel A. Orderedby
Buss, Ralph Father
Bussing, M.Audrey Mother
Bustich, Theresa B. Mother
Butcher, Grace N. Mother
Buther, Maggie Mother
Butler, Amos Father
Butler, Ann Mother
Butler, Candace Mother
Butler, Charles Father
Butler, Elizabeth Mother
Butler, Emogene Mother
Butler, Harriet Mother
Butler, James Father
Butler, Jarvis Deceased
Butler, Jarvis A. Deceased
Butler, Jefferson Father
Butler, Jefferson J. Deceased
Butler, Jefferson J. Father
Butler, Joseph K. Orderedby
Butler, Margaret Ann Mother
Butler, Mary Mother
Butler, Mary Mother
Butler, Mary Mother
Butler, Minnie Orderedby
Butler, Miss Etta Orderedby
Butler, Mr.G.J. Orderedby
Butler, Mra.W.P. Orderedby
Butler, Mrs W.P. Orderedby
Butler, Naomi Jane Deceased
Butler, Natalie M. Deceased
Butler, Peter Orderedby
Butler, Sarah J. Mother
Butler, W.P. Orderedby
Butler, W.P. Orderedby
Butler, William Father
Butler, Zilpha Deceased
Butte, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Butterfield, Almary Mother
Butterfield, Arthur Orrin Deceased
Butterfield, Beulah B. Deceased
Butterfield, Charles Father
Butterfield, Charles Father
Butterfield, Doncarlos Father
Butterfield, Dora Frances Deceased
Butterfield, Eliza J. Deceased
Butterfield, George Orderedby
Butterfield, George J. Father
Butterfield, Judson Father
Butterfield, Judson Orderedby
Butterfield, Judson Orderedby
Butterfield, Judson L. Orderedby
Butterfield, Judson L. Orderedby
Butterfield, Judson L. Orderedby
Butterfield, Lillian Deceased
Butterfield, Lillian Mother
Button, Eveline Mother
Button, Eveline Mother
Button, Julian Mother
Buy, Bertha Orderedby
Byars, Margaret Mother
Byers, Frank E. Deceased
Byers, Gilbert Orderedby
Byrd, Mrs.William Orderedby
Byrd, William Deceased
Byrnes, Ellen Mother
Byrnes, Sarah Mother
Byron, John Father

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