Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Ca.. to Cok..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Caden, Ellen Mother
Cadman, Ezra Father
Cadwell, Mary Mother
Cady, ? Father
Cady, Ann Mother
Cady, Caroline H. Orderedby
Cady, Charles Deceased
Cady, Charles F. Father
Cady, Edgar Father
Cady, Frank Father
Cady, Frank Father
Cady, Frank A. Deceased
Cady, Gilbert D. Orderedby
Cady, Myra M. Mother
Cady, Raymond Ross Deceased
Caesar, Miss Sarah Orderedby
Caesar, Mrs.Susan R. Orderedby
Caffrey, Catherine M. Mother
Cahill, Anna Mother
Cahill, Bridget Mother
Cahill, Ellen Mother
Cahill, Joseph Father
Cahill, Patrick Father
Cahill, Peter A. Deceased
Caisals, Deborah Mother
Cake, C.P. Orderedby
Cake, C.P. Orderedby
Cake, C.P. Orderedby
Cake, C.P. Orderedby
Cake, C.P., MD Orderedby
Cake, P.H. Orderedby
Caldwell, Charles Orderedby
Caldwell, Charles Orderedby
Caldwell, Edward Father
Caldwell, Elizabeth Mother
Caldwell, Emmett Orderedby
Caldwell, George B. Deceased
Caldwell, John Father
Caldwell, Joseph Orderedby
Caldwell, Joseph H. Father
Caldwell, Mary Mother
Caldwell, Mary E. Deceased
Caldwell, Seth Emmett Deceased
Caldwell, William M. Deceased
Calkins, Alice Mae Deceased
Calkins, Amanda Mother
Calkins, Edmund Father
Calkins, Frederick Orderedby
Calkins, Frederick E. Deceased
Calkins, Jane Mother
Calkins, Jane Mother
Calkins, Jane Mother
Calkins, Jonathan Father
Calkins, Lester Orderedby
Calkins, Mahlon B. Father
Calkins, Mahlon B. Father
Calkins, Mary Orderedby
Calkins, Mary C. Deceased
Calkins, Mary E. Deceased
Calkins, Raymond S. Deceased
Calkins, Richard Father
Calkins, Roxanna Mother
Calkins, Ruth Orderedby
Calkins, Ruth Orderedby
Calkins, Waity Mother
Call, Ellen Mother
Callaghan, John Father
Callahan, George Father
Callan, ? Father
Calloway, Julia Deceased
Calloway, Mark Father
Calvin, Hiram Father
Calya, Andrew S. Orderedby
Camerira, Antonio Deceased
Camerira, Joseph Father
Cameron, Alexander Father
Cameron, Beecher Father
Cameron, Beecher D. Deceased
Cameron, Beecher D. Orderedby
Cameron, Duncan Father
Cameron, Helena Mother
Cameron, Jennie Turner Deceased
Cameron, May C. Mother
Cameron, Minnie H. Deceased
Cameron, Mrs.B.D. Orderedby
Camfield, Frank E. Orderedby
Camfirld, Jean Mother
Camp, Ann Mother
Camp, Carl J. Deceased
Camp, Eugene H. Father
Camp, Mary W. Deceased
Camp, Mrs. Carl Orderedby
Camp, Victoria Mother
Campaigno, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Campany, James E. Deceased
Campany, Oscar Father
Campazze, Joseph P. Deceased
Campazzi Orderedby
Campazzi, ? Father
Campazzi, May J. Deceased
Campbell, Agnes W. Mother
Campbell, Catherine Deceased
Campbell, Elizabeth Mother
Campbell, Ethel Mother
Campbell, Evelyn Mother
Campbell, F.E. Orderedby
Campbell, Frederick Deceased
Campbell, Isabelle Mother
Campbell, Jennie E. Mother
Campbell, John Father
Campbell, John Father
Campbell, John Orderedby
Campbell, John A. Father
Campbell, Mary Mother
Campbell, Peter Father
Campbell, Peter Father
Campbell, William Father
Campion & Sons Orderedby
Campion & sons Orderedby
Campion & Sons Orderedby
Campion&sons Orderedby
Campion&Sons Orderedby
Campion, Thomas F. Father
Caney, Clara E. Deceased
Canfield, Angeline Mother
Canfield, Anna Mother
Canfield, Ella Orderedby
Canfield, Frank E. Deceased
Canfield, George E. Father
Canfield, George E. Father
Canfield, George Henry Deceased
Canfield, George I. Deceased
Canfield, Louella Orderedby
Canfield, Mary Mother
Canfield, Mrs.Geo. Orderedby
Canfield, Nellie Mother
Canfield, Philip Deceased
Canfield, Philip Father
Canfield, William Father
Canford, Caroline Mother
Cannon Father
Cannon, Patrick Deceased
Canor, Abraham Deceased
Canor, Rebecca Orderedby
Canor, Sidney Father
Cantwell, Mary Mother
Cantwell, Mary Mother
Canty, Julia Mother
Capen, Daniel Father
Capen, Daniel C. Deceased
Capen, Daniel T Orderedby
Capen, Levi Father
Capen, Moses S. Deceased
Capen, Mrs.Edna Orderedby
Capen, Mrs.James Orderedby
Capen, Sarah Orderedby
Caperonis, John W. Father
Caperonis, John W. Orderedby
Caperonis, John W. Orderedby
Caperonis, Mildred Joan Deceased
Caperonis, Mildred L. Deceased
Capers, Elizabeth Mother
Capers, Lelia Orderedby
Capron, Abigail Mother
Caputo, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Card, Sarah Mother
Cardani, Ambrose Father
Cardani, Louis Deceased
Carden, Baby girl Deceased
Carden, Charles Orderedby
Carden, Charles C. Father
Cardenis, Consuelo Mother
Cardenis, Manuel Deceased
Cardiff, George Father
Cardiff, Mary Helen Deceased
Carey Children Orderedby
Carey, Cynthia Mother
Carey, Ebenezer Father
Carey, Edward Father
Carey, Elizabeth Deceased
Carey, Elizabeth Mother
Carey, Elizabeth M. Mother
Carey, Joseph Father
Carey, Mary J. Deceased
Carey, Rev.Joseph, D Deceased
Carey, Robert Father
Carey, Stephen Deceased
Carey, Stephen F. Orderedby
Carey, Thomas Father
Carighead, Miss Alice Orderedby
Carleton, A.H. Orderedby
Carleton, Bernice Mother
Carleton, Elmer Father
Carleton, Frank Jones Deceased
Carleton, Nathan Orderedby
Carleton, Roger Orderedby
Carleton, Roger Orderedby
Carleu, Grace D. Mother
Carlew, Elizabeth Deceased
Carlin, F.M. Orderedby
Carlin, Julia Josephine Deceased
Carlin, none listed Deceased
Carlton, Roger Orderedby
Carlton, Rogers Orderedby
Carlucci, Rose Mother
Carlyle, Garrett A. Orderedby
Carman, Lydia A. Mother
Carmel, Edmond Father
Carmel, Francis Deceased
Carnduff, Agnes Mother
Carnduff, Mary Agnes Mother
Carney, Adelaide Orderedby
Carney, Harvey Father
Carney, John Father
Carney, John P. Deceased
Carney, Margaret A. Deceased
Carothers, Alice Mother
Carp, Elizabeth Deceased
Carp, Seymour Orderedby
Carpenter, Abbie Mother
Carpenter, Adelbert R. Deceased
Carpenter, Ann Mother
Carpenter, Arvis Deceased
Carpenter, Charles Father
Carpenter, Daniel B. Father
Carpenter, Daniel W. Father
Carpenter, Daniel W. Orderedby
Carpenter, Edith Janet Deceased
Carpenter, Edith P. Deceased
Carpenter, Francis Father
Carpenter, Franklin W. Deceased
Carpenter, Franklin W. Orderedby
Carpenter, Gilbert F. Deceased
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Deceased
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Father
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Orderedby
Carpenter, Laura M. Deceased
Carpenter, Lucinda Orderedby
Carpenter, Lucinda L. Deceased
Carpenter, Mary Mother
Carpenter, Mary E. Mother
Carpenter, Mason Father
Carpenter, Mrs. Orderedby
Carpenter, Mrs.Agnes Orderedby
Carpenter, Mrs.Arvis Orderedby
Carpenter, Mrs.D.W. Orderedby
Carpenter, Mrs.Gilbert O. Orderedby
Carpenter, Mrs.William Orderedby
Carpenter, Nancey Mother
Carpenter, Norman R. Deceased
Carpenter, Ralph W. Father
Carpenter, Sirena Mother
Carpenter, William Father
Carpenter, William H. Orderedby
Carpentier, Peter Father
Carr, A.&son Orderedby
Carr, Amos Father
Carr, Annie Mother
Carr, Antoinette S. Deceased
Carr, Archie R. Deceased
Carr, Beatrice Orderedby
Carr, Beatrice Orderedby
Carr, Beatrice C. Deceased
Carr, Caroline Deceased
Carr, Caroline Orderedby
Carr, Charles H. Deceased
Carr, Charles H. Orderedby
Carr, Charlotte J. Mother
Carr, Chloe Deceased
Carr, Cora A. Orderedby
Carr, Daniel Deceased
Carr, David Father
Carr, David Father
Carr, Delilah Deceased
Carr, Dr.Frederick Deceased
Carr, Earl Orderedby
Carr, Earl D. Father
Carr, Edith M. Mother
Carr, Edward Deceased
Carr, Edward Father
Carr, Eichmann, Henry P.Mattie A. Orderedby
Carr, Ella Deceased
Carr, Ella M. Deceased
Carr, Emma Deceased
Carr, Emma Orderedby
Carr, Ernest George Deceased
Carr, Ferdinand Orderedby
Carr, Ferdinard Deceased
Carr, Francis Orderedby
Carr, Frank I. Father
Carr, Frank I. Orderedby
Carr, Fredinard Father
Carr, George D. Deceased
Carr, Gertrude Mother
Carr, Harriet A. Deceased
Carr, Henry Father
Carr, Henry B. Father
Carr, Henry M. Deceased
Carr, Henry&Frank Orderedby
Carr, Hester Ann Mother
Carr, Infant daughter Deceased
Carr, James Father
Carr, James Orderedby
Carr, James Orderedby
Carr, James J. Deceased
Carr, Jenny&Lovemoney, Jos Orderedby
Carr, John Father
Carr, John Father
Carr, John D. Deceased
Carr, John H. Father
Carr, John T. Father
Carr, Joseph Father
Carr, Lewis Father
Carr, Loretta Mother
Carr, Mabel R. Deceased
Carr, Mable N. Orderedby
Carr, Male Deceased
Carr, Marion J. Deceased
Carr, Martha Mother
Carr, Martha Mother
Carr, Mary C. Deceased
Carr, Mary Cordelia Deceased
Carr, Miss.Lovemoney Orderedby
Carr, Mrs.Annie Orderedby
Carr, Mrs.James Orderedby
Carr, Mrs.John Orderedby
Carr, Olivia A. Mother
Carr, Otis S. Father
Carr, Otis S. Orderedby
Carr, Phoebe Orderedby
Carr, Robert Orderedby
Carr, Robert L. Father
Carr, Sally Mother
Carr, Sally Mother
Carr, Sally A. Mother
Carr, Sherman S. Orderedby
Carr, Sherman S. Orderedby
Carr, Stafford S. Father
Carr, Tempie Mother
Carr, Thomas D. Father
Carr, William Father
Carr, William Father
Carr, William Father
Carr, William H. Father
Carragan & Waring Orderedby
Carragan, ? Father
Carragan, Anna M. Deceased
Carragan, Augustos Father
Carragan, Augustus Father
Carragan, Clara C. Deceased
Carragan, Edwin Orderedby
Carragan, Edwin L. Deceased
Carragan, Edwin L. Father
Carragan, Edwin L. Father
Carragan, Edwin L. Father
Carragan, Emmett Orderedby
Carragan, Frances E. Deceased
Carragan, Franklin Deceased
Carragan, Geraldine Orderedby
Carragan, Harry B. Deceased
Carragan, Herbert Deceased
Carragan, James Father
Carragan, Mary Mother
Carragan, Mrs.Augustus Orderedby
Carragan, Walter F. Deceased
Carragan, Walter F. Orderedby
Carragan, William Father
Carragan, William H. Orderedby
Carragan, William H. Orderedby
Carragan, William H. Orderedby
Carriere, John Bettis Deceased
Carriere, John Bettis Father
Carrington, Alice Mother
Carrington, Infant Deceased
Carrington, Mary T. Deceased
Carrington, Robert M. Father
Carroll, Anna Mother
Carroll, Catherine Mother
Carroll, Catherine Mother
Carroll, Elizabeth Orderedby
Carroll, Helen Mother
Carroll, Mary A. Deceased
Carroll, Michael Father
Carroll, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Carroll, Patrick Father
Carroll, Rose A. Orderedby
Carroll, Thomas Martin Deceased
Carroll, William J. Father
Carroll, William J. Orderedby
Carroll, William W. Deceased
Carscadden, James Orderedby
Carscadden, James Orderedby
Carscadden, James Orderedby
Carscadden, James Orderedby
Carshore, Daniel Father
Carshore, Phebe A. Deceased
Carson, Agnes Mother
Carswell, Julia Mother
Carter, Fred Deceased
Carter, James Father
Carter, James Father
Carter, Lucy Deceased
Carter, Marguerite Mother
Carter, Mary E. Orderedby
Carter, Mrs.Winston Orderedby
Carter, Robert L. Orderedby
Carter, Robert L. Orderedby
Carter, Winston Allen Deceased
Carver, ? Mother
Carver, Helen Mother
Cary, Edward E. Orderedby
Case, Amy Mother
Case, Ella F. Mother
Case, Ellen Mother
Case, Emeline Mother
Case, Frank William Deceased
Case, George N. Deceased
Case, George N. Father
Case, Horace Father
Case, Jennette Deceased
Case, Jerusha Mother
Case, Julius F. Deceased
Case, Minnie M. Deceased
Case, Mortimer Father
Case, Mortimer Father
Case, Mrs.Dora Orderedby
Case, Mrs.F.W. Orderedby
Case, Mrs.Julius Orderedby
Case, Mrs.Julius Orderedby
Case, Mrs.Wm.J. Orderedby
Case, Olive Mother
Case, Sarah Mother
Case, Sidney D. Orderedby
Case, William J. Father
Case, William James Deceased
Casey, Bridget Mother
Casey, Louise M. Deceased
Casey, Martin Father
Casey, Maud Potter Deceased
Casey, Michael Father
Casey, Michael Orderedby
Casey, Michael M. Deceased
Casey, Mrs.Michael Orderedby
Casmer, ? Father
Casmer, Bertha Orderedby
Casmer, John H. Deceased
Casper, Caroline Deceased
Casper, George J. Deceased
Casper, John J. Father
Casper, Leonard Deceased
Casper, Leonard Orderedby
Cassidy, Catherine Mother
Cassidy, Charles Deceased
Cassidy, Charles Father
Cassidy, Charles Father
Cassidy, Mary Mother
Cassidy, Patrick Father
Caterina, Falzarano Mother
Cather, Mary Mother
Catman, Elenora Mother
Catone, Dominick Father
Catone, Salvatore Deceased
Caufield, Grace L. Deceased
Caufield, P.A. Orderedby
Cavanaugh, ? Mother
Cavanaugh, Frederick L. Deceased
Cavanaugh, Irving W. Deceased
Cavanaugh, J.M. Orderedby
Cavanaugh, Jane Mother
Cavanaugh, Jesse Orderedby
Cavanaugh, Jesse M. Orderedby
Cavanaugh, Mrs.William Orderedby
Cavanaugh, William Father
Cavanaugh, William Father
Cavanaugh, William Father
Cavenaugh, John G. Orderedby
Celia Mother
Centore, Amelia Mother
Cernak, Elizabeth Orderedby
Cerodock, Merinda Mother
Certificate Orderedby
Certified permit Orderedby
Chadwick, Jennie Deceased
Chadwick, Leon Orderedby
Chadwick, Leon, MD Orderedby
Chadwick, William Father
Chaffee, ? Father
Chaffee, Anna Mother
Chaffee, Frank Orderedby
Chalk, Henry Father
Chamberin, Champion Father
Chamberlain, Geo.O. Father
Chamberlain, Hastings Orderedby
Chamberlain, John Father
Chamberlain, John C. Deceased
Chamberlain, Louisa Mother
Chamberlain, Myron A. Orderedby
Chamberlain, Sarah B. Deceased
Chamberlin, Champion Father
Chamberlin, Champion M. Deceased
Chamberlin, Chester U. Father
Chamberlin, Emily Mother
Chamberlin, Ernest C. Deceased
Chamberlin, Ernest C. Father
Chamberlin, Ernest S. Orderedby
Chamberlin, Freeborn Father
Chamberlin, Helen Orderedby
Chamberlin, Henry C. Orderedby
Chamberlin, Julia E. Deceased
Chamberlin, Luther W. Deceased
Chamberlin, Mary A. Deceased
Chamberlin, Minnie F. Deceased
Chamberlin, Minnie F. Orderedby
Chamberlin, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Chamberlin, Mrs.Hastings Orderedby
Chamberlin, Mrs.L.W. Orderedby
Chamberlin, Rodney Orderedby
Chamberlin, Wallace E. Deceased
Chambers, Richard Father
Chapin, Sarah Mother
Chapman, ? Father
Chapman, Annie A. Deceased
Chapman, Charles P. Deceased
Chapman, Dr.E.N. Orderedby
Chapman, Edward N. Orderedby
Chapman, Elias Father
Chapman, Ellen G. Orderedby
Chapman, Frederick E. Father
Chapman, Mrs.William Orderedby
Chapman, Phillip Deceased
Chapman, Reuben Father
Chappel, Isaac Father
Chappell, Emma D. Deceased
Chappell, Julia Mother
Chappell, Loula Orderedby
Charity Orderedby
Charity Office Orderedby
Charles, Catharine Mother
Chase, ? Father
Chase, Agnes C. Deceased
Chase, Ann Deceased
Chase, Anna L. Deceased
Chase, Baby girl Deceased
Chase, Benjamin Father
Chase, Bertha E. Mother
Chase, C.O. Orderedby
Chase, C.O. Orderedby
Chase, C.Thurston Father
Chase, Charlotte Mother
Chase, Elizabeth A.E. Mother
Chase, Ella E. Deceased
Chase, Frank B. Deceased
Chase, Fred A. Father
Chase, Henry Father
Chase, Isabelle Mother
Chase, James Lester Deceased
Chase, James W. Father
Chase, James W. Orderedby
Chase, John Deceased
Chase, John L. Father
Chase, Lucy Mother
Chase, Maria Mother
Chase, Mary Mother
Chase, Mary Mother
Chase, Mary Ann Deceased
Chase, Minnie Mother
Chase, Mrs.J.Lester Orderedby
Chase, Nancy Mother
Chase, Sabina Orderedby
Chase, Sherrard Deceased
Chase, Sherrard K. Father
Chase, Sherrard K. Father
Chase, Timothy Orderedby
Chase, Timothy H. Deceased
Chase, William Arthur Deceased
Chase, Zilpha Mother
Chatfield, Abigail L. Mother
Chatfield, Ezekiel Father
Chatfield, Laranda Mother
Chatfield, Lavanda Mother
Chatfield, Mary E. Deceased
Chatfield, Reuben Father
Chatfield, Valda D. Orderedby
Chatman, Anna Mother
Cheesbrough, Edwin Father
Cheeseman, Allen P. Deceased
Chelak, Anthony Father
Chelak, George Deceased
Chelak, Mary Orderedby
Chellis, Arthur Orderedby
Chenette, Thomas Father
CHENIS, Mary Jane Deceased
Chennette, M.E. Mother
Chennette, Martha Ellen Mother
Cherry, Ann Deceased
Cherry, Ella C. Deceased
Cherry, Helen Orderedby
Cherry, Joseph Orderedby
Cherry, Mrs.William A. Orderedby
Cherry, William Father
Cherry, William A. Deceased
Cherry, William A. Father
Chicabo, Rose Marie Mother
Chichester, Rosalie Mother
Children-Lena, Ernest Orderedby
Childs, Charles Father
Childs, Dr.Thomas Orderedby
Childs, Sadie D. Deceased
Childs, Theodore Father
Chilson, Electa Mother
Chilson, Electa Mother
Chilson, Eliza Mother
Chittendan, Eliza A. Deceased
Christi, Mary Mother
Christian, Alberta Deceased
Christian, Anna Mother
Christian, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Christiansen, Inger Marie Mother
Christie, Charlotte M. Deceased
Christopher, Hannah Mother
Christopher, John J. Deceased
Christopher, Thomas Father
Christopher, Thomas P. Father
Church, Elliott K. Father
Church, Margaret Deceased
Church, Martha Mother
Church, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Churchill, Dr.A.L. Orderedby
Churchill, Georgianna Deceased
Claiers, Georgianna Mother
Clancy, Cornelia Deceased
Clancy, Elmer G. Deceased
Clancy, George Orderedby
Clancy, George W. Father
Clancy, James Deceased
Clancy, James Father
Clancy, Jennie A. Deceased
Clancy, Mrs. Orderedby
Clank, Herman W. Orderedby
Clapp, Benjamin W. Father
Clapp, Benjamin W. Father
Clapp, Caroline Mother
Clapp, Joseph Father
Clapp, Sussannah I. Deceased
Clapp, William Deceased
Clapp, William Father
Clapper, Mary Mother
Clapper, Mary Mother
Clapper, Mary Mother
Clark Textiles Orderedby
Clark& Saxby, Mrs. Orderedby
Clark, ? Mother
Clark, A.W. Orderedby
Clark, Ada Bell Deceased
Clark, Agnes Deceased
Clark, Alexander Deceased
Clark, Alfred S. Orderedby
Clark, Alice M. Mother
Clark, Alonzo B. Father
Clark, Amy A. Deceased
Clark, Andrew Deceased
Clark, Andrew Father
Clark, Anna Celestine Deceased
Clark, Charles Father
Clark, Clarence K. Deceased
Clark, Clement Father
Clark, Clement A. Father
Clark, Clement T. Deceased
Clark, Consider H. Father
Clark, Cougell Orderedby
Clark, Earl R. Orderedby
Clark, Edward Father
Clark, Edward A. Deceased
Clark, Edward B. Deceased
Clark, Elias Father
Clark, Eliza Mother
Clark, Elizabeth Mother
Clark, Ellen Deceased
Clark, Frances Orderedby
Clark, George Father
Clark, George Orderedby
Clark, George H. Orderedby
Clark, Helen Deceased
Clark, Ida A. Mother
Clark, Ira L. Orderedby
Clark, J.M. Orderedby
Clark, James E. Orderedby
Clark, Kenneth Father
Clark, Maria Mother
Clark, Marian Mary Deceased
Clark, Mary Mother
Clark, Mary A. Mother
Clark, Mary J. Deceased
Clark, Mertice L. Deceased
Clark, Minnie A. Deceased
Clark, Mrs. Mary Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.Amy Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.C.A. Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.C.A. Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.Ellen Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.George Orderedby
Clark, Mrs.Mimmie Orderedby
Clark, Nancy Mother
Clark, Orissa A. Mother
Clark, Robert Father
Clark, Sarah Mother
Clark, William Father
Clark, William A. Deceased
Clark, William J. Father
Clarke, Benedict Father
Clarke, Charles Father
Clarke, Hearty Mother
Clarke, Jeanette M. Deceased
Clarke, Julia M. Deceased
Clarke, LeRoy M. Father
Clarke, Robert Father
Clary, Mary Ford Deceased
Claydon, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Clayton, Etta Mother
Clayton, Etta Mother
Clayton, Etta Mother
Clayton, George W. Father
Cleaver, Emmeratta L. Deceased
Cleaver, Olive Mother
Cleaver, Olive Mother
Cleaver, Robert Father
Cleaver, Robert Father
Cleaver.Mrs.Emmaretta Orderedby
Cleaves, Jesse Orderedby
Clemens, Alonzo Orderedby
Clemens, Alonzo Orderedby
Clement, Abram Father
Clement, Adela Deceased
Clement, Amelia Orderedby
Clement, Andrew Deceased
Clement, Col H.S. Orderedby
Clement, Daniel W. Deceased
Clement, Darius Father
Clement, Darius C. Deceased
Clement, Deborah Mother
Clement, Emily M. Deceased
Clement, G.Edward Deceased
Clement, George H. Orderedby
Clement, George Irvin Deceased
Clement, James Father
Clement, James E. Deceased
Clement, James Henry Deceased
Clement, John Father
Clement, John J. Father
Clement, Julia Y. Deceased
Clement, Lillian S. Deceased
Clement, Lucy Orderedby
Clement, Mabel Orderedby
Clement, Mrs.D.W. Orderedby
Clement, Mrs.James Orderedby
Clement, Myron J. Orderedby
Clement, Rachel Mother
Clement, Samuel Father
Clements, Abner Deceased
Clements, Abraham Father
Clements, Albert Deceased
Clements, Albert Orderedby
Clements, Albert H. Father
Clements, Albert H. Father
Clements, Amy Mother
Clements, Asa Father
Clements, Asa Father
Clements, Asenath Mother
Clements, Debbie Mother
Clements, Deborah Mother
Clements, Deby Mother
Clements, Dr.Zina Father
Clements, Edgar Father
Clements, Florence Mother
Clements, Frederick L. Deceased
Clements, Georgia A. Deceased
Clements, Georgiana Orderedby
Clements, John Deceased
Clements, Mary Mother
Clements, Moses Father
Clements, Mrs.George Orderedby
Clements, Mrs.George Orderedby
Clements, Mrs.George Orderedby
Clements, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Clements, Richard A. Father
Clements, Rose Deceased
Clements, Sarah Mother
Clements, Sarah Jane Mother
Clements, Sarah M. Deceased
Clements, Walter Orderedby
Clements, Walter L. Orderedby
Clements, William Father
Clements.Nellie Orderedby
Cleminshaw, Mrs.Laura Orderedby
Clemons, John Orderedby
Cleveland, Charles Orderedby
Cleveland, Charles O. Deceased
Cleveland, Frederick Deceased
Cleveland, Freeman P. Father
Cleveland, Ida May Deceased
Cleveland, James Father
Cleveland, James A. Orderedby
Cleveland, Jeanette H. Deceased
Cleveland, Lawrence Orderedby
Cleveland, Miles W Orderedby
Cleveland, Mrs.Chas. Orderedby
Cleveland, William Father
Cleveland, William H. Deceased
Cleveland, William H. Father
Clickner, Catherine Mother
Clifford, Charles Deceased
Clifford, George Father
Clifton, William Father
Cline, Eloisa Mother
Cline, Henry Father
Cline, Hiram C. Father
Cline, Ruth E. Mother
Clingen, Alta M. Deceased
Clingen, Thomas Father
Clingen, Thomas Orderedby
Clipper, Jennie Deceased
Clipper, Wesley Father
Clitz, Capt.Henry C. Father
Cloe, Louisa A. Mother
Clokie, Carrie A. Deceased
Clokie, Douglas M. Deceased
Clokie, Douglas M. Orderedby
Clokie, Robert Father
Clopton, Robert Father
Close, Josiah Father
Close, Mary Mother
Close, Mary Mother
Closon, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, Abel Father
Closson, Arthur Father
Closson, Arthur Orderedby
Closson, Baby girl Deceased
Closson, Bart A. Deceased
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, C.S. Orderedby
Closson, Earl Orderedby
Closson, Earl G. Deceased
Closson, Earl G. Father
Closson, Elvira Deceased
Closson, Ethel Orderedby
Closson, Fannie Deceased
Closson, Frederick Deceased
Closson, Frederick Father
Closson, Frederick E. Father
Closson, George L. Orderedby
Closson, George L. Orderedby
Closson, Julia Ethel Deceased
Closson, Mrs.Fannie Orderedby
Closson, Sarah Deceased
Clothier, Benjamin Father
Clothier, Benjamin P. Deceased
Clothier, Betsey W. Deceased
Clothier, Helen E. Mother
Clothier, Lavinia Mother
Clothier, Lillie Mother
Clothier, Mrs.B.P. Orderedby
Clothier, Phoebe Mother
Clothier, Phoebe Orderedby
Clothier, Phoebe Josephine Mother
Clough, George H. Orderedby
Clough, Lewis E. Deceased
Clough, Watson Father
Clougher, Mary Deceased
Clougher, Thomas Father
Clum, Caroline C. Mother
Clum, Caroline C. Mother
Clum, Christina Mother
Clunis, Edwin Orderedby
Clunis, Erwin Orderedby
Clunis, Erwin A, Father
Clunis, Erwin A. Orderedby
Clunis, Kathlein Deceased
Clunis, Myra Deceased
Clute, ? Father
Clute, Alonzo Father
Clute, Asa Father
Clute, Asa Father
Clute, Barbara Mother
Clute, Barbara A. Mother
Clute, Barbara A. Mother
Clute, Catherine Deceased
Clute, Charles Father
Clute, Eliza H. Deceased
Clute, Fanny Irene Deceased
Clute, Geneva M. Mother
Clute, George H. Deceased
Clute, Gerchan, oversee of poor Orderedby
Clute, Jacob H. Father
Clute, Julia M. Mother
Clute, Laura Orderedby
Clute, Margaret Mother
Clute, Margaret Mother
Clute, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Clute, William Father
Cluvis, Erwin A. Father
Cluvis, Quentin R. Deceased
Clyne, Elman A. Orderedby
Clyne, Sarah A. Deceased
Cobb, Charles Father
Cobb, Joseph N. Deceased
Cochran, Joseph H. Deceased
Cochran, Robert R. Father
Cochran, Robert R. Orderedby
Cochrane, Elizabeth Deceased
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Cochrane, Robert Father
Cochrane, Robert R. Deceased
Cochrane, Robert R. Father
Cochrane, Ursula M. Deceased
Cochrane, Warren R. Orderedby
Coddington, Sarah A. Mother
Codner, Arthur Deceased
Codner, George Father
Codner, George Orderedby
Cody, Frank Deceased
Cody, Frank Father
Coe, Hannah Mother
Coe, Maria R. Mother
Coe, Marie Mother
Coeman, Mary Mother
Coffee, Margaret Mother
Coffey, Clara V. Deceased
Coffey, James J. Deceased
Coffey, Margaret Mother
Coffey, William H. Orderedby
Coffin, Abert Swain Father
Coffin, Albert Swain Deceased
Coffin, Edwin F Orderedby
Coffin, Elisha Father
Coffin, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Coffin, Elizabeth M. Orderedby
Coffin, Elvin M. Deceased
Coffin, Saloma Mother
Coffinger, Anna W. Deceased
Coffinger, Cornelia Mother
Coffinger, David Orderedby
Coffinger, David Orderedby
Coffinger, David E Father
Coffinger, Grace Deceased
Coffinger, Sarah Deceased
Cogan, Catherine Mother
Cogan, Edward Father
Cogan, Ercelia E. Deceased
Cogan, Patrick Father
Cogan, Peter Deceased
Cogan, Walter H. Orderedby
Coggins, James Father
Cohen, Annie Mother
Cohen, Bernard Deceased
Cohen, Clarence Father
Cohen, Isaac Father
Cohen, Isadore Father
Cohen, Israel Father
Cohen, Louis A. Deceased
Cohen, Philip Orderedby
Cohen, Rebecca Deceased
Cohen, Samuel Deceased
Cohen, Yeddiah Father
Cohn, Sofia Mother
Cokefair, Mrs.Isaac Orderedby

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