Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning D

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Dabbs, Edgar Father
Dabbs, Satie Deceased
DaBell, Fred L. Deceased
DaBell, James Father
DaBell, James Father
DaBell, John Deceased
DaBell, John Father
DaBell, Mary Deceased
Dabell, Mary S. Mother
DaBell, Mrs.F.L. Orderedby
DaBell, Mrs.John Orderedby
Dade, Rodney Orderedby
Daggett, Caleb Father
Daggett, Effie Taylor Deceased
Daggett, Isaac M. Deceased
Daggett, Mary A. Mother
Daggett, Mrs.Isaac Orderedby
Daggett, Sarah M. Mother
Daggs, Emory Father
Daggs, Emory Father
Daggs, Emory Orderedby
Daggs, Emory Orderedby
Daggs, Infant Deceased
Daggs, Infant son Deceased
Daggs, William H. Deceased
Daggs, William H. Father
Dahl, Ann C. Mother
Daily, Leona Mae Mother
Dake, Madeline Mother
Dake, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Dake, Mrs.Vard Orderedby
Dake, Zenlor Leona Mother
Dale, Sarah Mother
Daley, Patrick Father
Dalton, Emma F. Orderedby
Dalton, George W. Deceased
Dalton, Samuel Father
Damels?, Marietta Mother
Damon, Curtis Father
Damon, Curtis Father
Damon, Franklin W. Deceased
Damon, Lucy Mother
Damon, Lucy Mother
Dan Orderedby
Dana, Frederick A. Deceased
Dana, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Danahy Father
Dandridge, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Danforth, Helen Mother
Dangerfield, Daniel Father
Daniels, Alexander Father
Daniels, Althea Jeffers Deceased
Daniels, Ann Mother
Daniels, Charlotte Mother
Daniels, G.Clifford Orderedby
Daniels, Henry Louis Deceased
Daniels, Mabel Deceased
Daniels, Martin Orderedby
Daniels, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Dannaff, Richard Father
Dan's Father
Dargen, W.J.Co Orderedby
Dargeon, W.J. Orderedby
Darling, Diantha Mother
Darling, Emma Lavina Deceased
Darling, Frances Mother
Darling, Mrs.T.S. Orderedby
Darling, Sally Mother
Darling, T.S. Orderedby
Darling, William Father
Darrah, Jesse E. Orderedby
Darrow, Alice E. Mother
Darrow, Elizabeth G. Mother
Darrow, George Father
Darrow, Gertrude L. Deceased
Darrow, Harriett Mother
Darrow, Helen Deceased
Darrow, Maria A. Deceased
Darrow, Mrs.Maria Orderedby
Darrow, Ralph Father
Darrow, Samuel Father
Darrow, The Misses Orderedby
Darrow, Zilpha Ann Deceased
Dart, Mrs.John L. Orderedby
Dart, Rev.John L. Deceased
Dart, William Father
Darwin, Mary Mother
Dasowza, Antionette Mother
Dater, Mary Mother
Daughter Orderedby
Daughters Orderedby
Daughters Orderedby
Daughters Orderedby
Daughters, Estate Orderedby
Daughters-McKeel, Alice Orderedby
Davenport, ? Father
Davenport, Emma B. Mother
Davenport, Joan Deceased
D'Avenport, Julia Mother
Davey, Hazel Mother
David, Darius Father
David, Ida A. Deceased
Davidow, Dorothy Mother
Davidson, Anna F. Orderedby
Davidson, David Orderedby
Davidson, James Father
Davidson, Margaret Mother
Davidson, Rachel Deceased
Davies, Edward B. Deceased
Davies, William G. Father
Davies, William G. Orderedby
Davin, Catherine S. Deceased
Davin, James Father
Davin, Julia Mother
Davin, Margaret E. Orderedby
Davin, Mary Deceased
Davin, Patrick Orderedby
Davin, Patrick J. Deceased
Davis Father
Davis Mary A. Orderedby
Davis, Ada Bell Deceased
Davis, Adelyn V. Deceased
Davis, Alice Orderedby
Davis, Allen F. Orderedby
Davis, Amy Mother
Davis, Arretta Mother
Davis, Bertha E. Deceased
Davis, Betsy C. Mother
Davis, Brice S. Father
Davis, Bryon Earl Deceased
Davis, Calvin Father
Davis, Calvin Father
Davis, Calvin Father
Davis, Calvin Father
Davis, Carrie H. Deceased
Davis, Charles Orderedby
Davis, Charles H. Deceased
Davis, Charles H. Orderedby
Davis, Charles H. Orderedby
Davis, Charles Henry Father
Davis, Charles R. Father
Davis, Charles R. Orderedby
Davis, Charles R. Orderedby
Davis, Clara M.C. Deceased
Davis, Cornelia A. Deceased
Davis, David Father
Davis, Earl C. Father
Davis, Earl C. Orderedby
Davis, Edith M. Deceased
Davis, Elisha Father
Davis, Eliza Mother
Davis, Elizabeth Mother
Davis, Elizabeth B. Deceased
Davis, Ella Mother
Davis, Emerson E. Deceased
Davis, Emerson E. Father
Davis, Emma Mother
Davis, Enoch Father
Davis, Ethel R. Mother
Davis, Evelyn Mother
Davis, Florence F. Deceased
Davis, Florence H. Orderedby
Davis, Florence M. Deceased
Davis, Frances Ann Mother
Davis, Francis Father
Davis, Frankie Mother
Davis, G.Marvin Father
Davis, George Deceased
Davis, George H. Deceased
Davis, George H. Father
Davis, George H.W. Orderedby
Davis, George H.W. Orderedby
Davis, George H.W. Orderedby
Davis, George H.W. Orderedby
Davis, George L. Deceased
Davis, George W. Deceased
Davis, Gerald Hull Deceased
Davis, Hannah M. Deceased
Davis, Harriet A. Deceased
Davis, Howard Deceased
Davis, Infant Deceased
Davis, infant Deceased
Davis, Irene Mother
Davis, Irving T. Deceased
Davis, Irving T. Father
Davis, Irving T. Orderedby
Davis, J.Arthur Orderedby
Davis, James Father
Davis, James Orderedby
Davis, James E. Deceased
Davis, James H. Deceased
Davis, James H. Deceased
Davis, James H. Orderedby
Davis, Jane W. Deceased
Davis, Jesse Committee Orderedby
Davis, John Deceased
Davis, John Father
Davis, John Father
Davis, John B. Father
Davis, John B. Father
Davis, John B. Father
Davis, John Beekman Deceased
Davis, John C. Deceased
Davis, John R. Deceased
Davis, Joseph E. Deceased
Davis, Julian E. Orderedby
Davis, Julian Eugene Deceased
Davis, Kezia Mother
Davis, Laura Mother
Davis, Lenata Mother
Davis, Leneta M. Mother
Davis, Lester Orderedby
Davis, Louisa C. Mother
Davis, Lucy Austin Deceased
Davis, Martha R. Deceased
Davis, Mary Deceased
Davis, Mary Ann Deceased
Davis, Mary E. Deceased
Davis, Mary Eveline Mother
Davis, Mary Naomi Deceased
Davis, Mary R. Mother
Davis, Mellisa A. Mother
Davis, Miss Bertha Orderedby
Davis, Miss Martha E. Orderedby
Davis, Mra.J.N. Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Alice Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Bryon Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Geo.W. Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.George Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.James Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.James Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Lester Orderedby
Davis, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Davis, R.C. Orderedby
Davis, Ralph C. Orderedby
Davis, Ralph C. Orderedby
Davis, Robert Father
Davis, Robert L. Father
Davis, Roswell Father
Davis, Samuel E. Father
Davis, Sarah M. Mother
Davis, Stephen P. Father
Davis, Thomas Father
Davis, Thomas Father
Davis, Thomas H. Deceased
Davis, Walter L. Father
Davis, Walter L. Orderedby
Davis, Walter R. Deceased
Davis, William H. Deceased
Davison, John M. Orderedby
Davison, Lillian Deceased
Davison, Mary Deceased
Davison, R.H. Orderedby
Davison, Ralph H. Father
Davison, Roger Clapp Deceased
Davison, William Orderedby
Davison, William M. Deceased
Dawes, Martha Mother
Dawson, Georgianna Mother
Dawson, Margaret Deceased
Day, Alexander Father
Day, Alvin Father
Day, Alvin Father
Day, Alvin Father
Day, Carrie Ashley Deceased
Day, Cyrus Father
Day, Edwin Deceased
Day, Edwin B. Deceased
Day, Eleanor Mother
Day, Eunice S. Mother
Day, James Orderedby
Day, John Father
Day, Mrs. Orderedby
Day, Mrs.E.B. Orderedby
Day, Mrs.E.B. Orderedby
Day, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Day, Mrs.Edwin Orderedby
Day, Oscar Deceased
Day, Simon Father
Dayton, Caroline Mother
Dayton, George S. Father
Dayton, Gertrude Mother
Dayton, Kate M. Deceased
Deal, Alexander Father
Deal, Ella Orderedby
Deal, Frank F. Deceased
Deal, Helen F. Deceased
Deal, Martha E. Deceased
Deal, William A. Orderedby
Deal, Wm. Orderedby
Dean, Alvin Father
Dean, Emma M. Deceased
Dean, Francis J. Father
Dean, Gerald J. Orderedby
Dean, Lyman G. Father
Dean, Mrs.Leonard Orderedby
Dean, Rev.Leonard J. Deceased
Dean, Richard Father
Dearman, Elizabeth Mother
DeBell, Mary Mother
DeBow?, Lucinda Mother
Decan, Jane Mother
Decker, Ida Mother
Decker, Sarah Deceased
DeCota, Gladys M. Mother
Dedrick, Clarence H. Deceased
Dedrick, Hiram A. Father
Dedrick, Hiram A. Orderedby
Defendorf, Emma Orderedby
Defendorf, Joseph Father
Defendorf, Joseph H. Deceased
Defendorf, Phoebe Mother
Defendorf-Thomas, Phoebe Orderedby
Deffendorf, Julia Mother
DeForest, Angelica S. Mother
DeFrehm, Mrs.W.H. Orderedby
DeFrest, Josephine Deceased
DeFrest, Peter Father
DeGarmo, Adeline Mother
DeGarmo, David J. Deceased
DeGarmo, Mrs.David Orderedby
DeGarmo.William R. Father
DeGarmor, Sarah Mother
Degman, Annie Mother
DeGolia, Sally Mother
DeGroff, Alice E. Deceased
DeGroff, Anna L. Mother
DeGroff, Daniel P. Deceased
DeGroff, Daniel P. Father
DeGroff, Emma Amelia Deceased
DeGroff, James Orderedby
DeGroff, James L. Deceased
DeGroff, James L. Father
DeGroff, James M. Orderedby
DeGroff, John H. Deceased
DeGroff, Lucy Salina Deceased
DeGroff, Moses Father
DeGroff, Moses Father
DeGroff, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
DeGroff, Mrs.James Orderedby
DeGroff, Nichilas Father
Deine, Baby girl Deceased
Dejnoska, Frank Father
Dejnoska, Josephine Orderedby
Dejnozka, John Deceased
Dejnozka, Josephine Deceased
Dejnozka, Ladislow Orderedby
DeKalb, Jennie L. Deceased
Delacey, Elizabeth Mother
DeLAcey, Elizabeth Mother
DeLando, Edward Father
Delaney, Bridget Mother
Delaney, Edward J. Orderedby
Delaney, Elizabeth J. Orderedby
Delaney, Ellen Cecelia Deceased
Delaney, Helen A. Deceased
Delaney, Wm. Orderedby
DeLap, Inez Mother
delCorral, Harriet F. Deceased
Delenier, Casmir Father
Delenier, Joseph C. Deceased
Delenier, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Delevard, Mrs.neice Orderedby
Delise, Mary Mother
DeLisio, Ellen Deceased
Delondo, Adele Mother
DeLong, Henry C. Father
DeLong, John Father
DeLOng, Lottie Mother
Delong, Pyrena Mother
Demaker, Harriet A. Mother
Demell, ? Father
Demell, Charles Deceased
Demell, Margaret Deceased
Demell, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Deming, Charlotte Mother
Demmon, Leslie G. Deceased
Demmon, Maud Orderedby
DeMond, Pauline E. Deceased
DeMott, Donald D. Deceased
DeMott, Elwin Orderedby
DeMott, Elwin D. Father
DeMott, Isabelle Mother
Dempsey Father
Demsky, Isadore Father
Demuth, Ernest Orderedby
Demuth, Rose Deceased
Dence, Jeannette Mother
Denecke, Mrs.J.A. Orderedby
Deneker, Jeanette Mother
Deniker, Jennie Mother
Denn, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Dennin, Hugh Father
Dennin, Katherine M. Deceased
Dennin, R. Orderedby
Dennin, R.E. Orderedby
Dennin, Ray Orderedby
Dennin, Ray E. Orderedby
Dennis, Henry C. Deceased
Dennis, Henry W. Father
Dennison, Emily Mother
Dennison, John Father
Dennison, Oscar Father
Densmere, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Densmon, Joseph F. Father
Densmoore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore Orderedby
Densmore, Henry Father
Densmore, I Orderedby
Densmore, I. Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Densmore, Isaac Orderedby
Denton, Adelaide L. Orderedby
Denton, Barnard S. Deceased
Denton, Barnard S. Orderedby
Denton, Carthy Father
Denton, Dr.Frederick Orderedby
Denton, Dr.Frederick Orderedby
Denton, Dr.Myron P. Deceased
Denton, Eugene A. Deceased
Denton, Flora Deceased
Denton, Florence B. Deceased
Denton, George E. Father
Denton, Helen Mother
Denton, James Father
Denton, James Father
Denton, Jennie Mother
Denton, John James Deceased
Denton, Martin Father
Denton, Martin Father
Denton, Maud Deceased
Denton, Myron Father
Denton, Rhoda Mother
Depew, Ann Mitchell Mother
Depew, John Father
DePolet, ? Father
Depur, Nary Mother
DePuy, Selice Mother
DeRidder, ? Mother
DeRidder, J.H. Orderedby
DeRidder, J.Howard Orderedby
DeRidder, J.Howard Orderedby
DeRidder, J.Howard Orderedby
DeRidder, John H. Deceased
DeRidder, Mari Deceased
DerPlank, Alice Mother
Derrick, Andrew Jarvis Deceased
Derrick, Jarvis Father
Derrick, Jarvis Father
Derrick, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Derrick, Mrs.Andrew Orderedby
DeRuyter, Celine Mother
Deschinger, Mary A. Mother
Desjardines, Rebecca L. Deceased
Desjardins, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Desjardins, George Orderedby
Desjardins, Noe Father
Desjardins, Robert A. Deceased
Desjardins, Robert A. Orderedby
Desjardins, Webster Orderedby
Desmond, Ida Orderedby
deSouza, Ernest Deceased
DeSouza, Mrs. Orderedby
Deual, Julia Mother
Deuel Mother
Deuel&Ferguson Orderedby
Deuel, Annah Deceased
Deuel, Carrie Louise Deceased
Deuel, Clement H. Deceased
Deuel, Clements Father
Deuel, Darwin Father
Deuel, Darwin Father
Deuel, Edith Lydia Deceased
Deuel, Edward Deceased
Deuel, Edward A. Father
Deuel, Edward A. Orderedby
Deuel, Edwin B. Deceased
Deuel, Eleanor Bell Deceased
Deuel, Eliza Anne Deceased
Deuel, Elizabeth Orderedby
Deuel, Ellen Deceased
Deuel, Flora Mother
Deuel, Flora Mother
Deuel, Frank W. Deceased
Deuel, Frank, son Orderedby
Deuel, Garfield G. Deceased
Deuel, Garfield V. Deceased
Deuel, George Orderedby
Deuel, George, Son Orderedby
Deuel, Gideon Father
Deuel, Harold F. Deceased
Deuel, Harriett Mother
Deuel, James A. Father
Deuel, Jean Critendon Mother
Deuel, John Father
Deuel, John Father
Deuel, John Father
Deuel, John Orderedby
Deuel, John Orderedby
Deuel, John C. Father
Deuel, John D. Orderedby
Deuel, John E.L. Father
Deuel, John F. Deceased
Deuel, John F. Orderedby
Deuel, Joseph H. Deceased
Deuel, Joseph H. Orderedby
Deuel, Lewis B. Father
Deuel, Lincoln A. Deceased
Deuel, Martha Jane Mother
Deuel, Mary E. Deceased
Deuel, Miss Carrie Orderedby
Deuel, Miss Edith Orderedby
Deuel, Mrs.E. Orderedby
Deuel, Mrs.E.B. Orderedby
Deuel, Mrs.Harold Orderedby
Deuel, Mrs.Lincoln Orderedby
Deuel, Nellie S. Orderedby
Deuel, Olive Mother
Deuel, Olive Mother
Deuel, Orville Orderedby
Deuel, Sarah Jane Deceased
Deuel, Seth Father
Deuel, Seth Father
Deuel, Seth B. Father
Deuel, Seth B. Father
Deuel, Son of M/M Deceased
Deuel, Truman Father
Deuel, Wilber E. Deceased
Deuel, William B. Father
Deuell, Alma R. Orderedby
Deuell, Alma R. Orderedby
Deuell, Beulah Mother
Deuell, Carrie F. Mother
Deuell, Clements Father
Deuell, David Deceased
Deuell, E.Vallencourt Father
Deuell, Elizabeth Mother
Deuell, George Arthur Deceased
Deuell, John C. Orderedby
Deuell, Mary Helen Deceased
Deuell, Millie Mother
Deuell, Mrs.D.Vallencourt Orderedby
Deuell, Paula? Mother
Deuer, ? Mother
Devey, Harriet Mother
Devine, Dorothy Deceased
Devine, Ellen Mother
Devine, John Father
Devitt, Catherine Orderedby
Devitt, Catherine M. Orderedby
Devitt, Edward Father
Devitt, Mary Deceased
Devizzio, Mary Ann Deceased
Devizzio, Nicholas Father
Devizzio, Nicholas Orderedby
Devlin, Ellen Mother
Devlin, Mary Mother
DeVoe, Leroy Orderedby
Dewey, Robert G. Father
Dewey, William H. Deceased
DeWitt, Charlotte Mother
DeWitt, Jay Father
Dewitt, Margaret Mother
Dexter, Elizabeth Mother
Dexter, Emma J. Deceased
Dexter, William E. Deceased
Deyo, Elizabeth Mother
Deyo, Rachael Mother
Deyoe, A.I. Father
Deyoe, Ai Father
Deyoe, Albert L. Father
Deyoe, Alonzo R. Deceased
Deyoe, Charity Mother
Deyoe, Charity Mother
Deyoe, Charity Mother
Deyoe, Charity Mother
Deyoe, Charity Mother
Deyoe, Daniel E. Deceased
Deyoe, Daniel J. Deceased
Deyoe, Elizabeth A. Deceased
Deyoe, Elmira E. Deceased
Deyoe, Elsie M. Mother
Deyoe, Esmond A.J. Father
Deyoe, Frances Orderedby
Deyoe, Frances L. Deceased
Deyoe, Hannah Mother
Deyoe, Hettie Burt Deceased
Deyoe, J.Wesley Orderedby
Deyoe, James Father
Deyoe, James Wesley Deceased
Deyoe, James&John Orderedby
Deyoe, John T. Father
Deyoe, John T. Orderedby
Deyoe, Lewis Ernest Deceased
Deyoe, Maria Mother
Deyoe, Melina M. Mother
Deyoe, Melissa Mother
Deyoe, Melissa Mother
Deyoe, Minnie Orderedby
Deyoe, Minnie M. Deceased
Deyoe, Mrs Orderedby
Deyoe, Mrs Seth Orderedby
Deyoe, Mrs. Francis Orderedby
Deyoe, Mrs.A.L. Orderedby
Deyoe, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Deyoe, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Deyoe, Peter Father
Deyoe, Peter C. Father
Deyoe, Phebe Mother
Deyoe, Philip Father
Deyoe, Philip Father
Deyoe, Sarah Mother
Deyoe, Sarah E. Mother
Deyoe, Sarah M. Mother
Deyoe, Sarah M. Mother
Deyoe, Seth Worth Deceased
Deyoe, William S. Father
Deyoe, Zachariah Father
Deyoe, Zachariah Father
DeYoung, Gertrude Orderedby
DeYoung, Gertrude Orderedby
DeYoung, Gertrude Lucy Deceased
Diamond, Betsey Mother
Diamond, Catherine Orderedby
Diamond, Catherine A. Deceased
Diamond, George F. Deceased
Diamond, George F. Orderedby
Diamond, J.Edward Deceased
Diamond, James Father
Diamond, James Father
Diamond, James A. Orderedby
Diamond, James H. Father
Diamond, Mary Orderedby
Diamond, Mary C. Mother
Diamond, Mary E. Deceased
Diamond, Walter Father
Diamond, Walter L. Deceased
Diamond, William Father
Diane, Amos Father
Dianna, Joseph Orderedby
Dickens, William Father
Dicker, Wilmarth Orderedby
Dickerman, Eliza Mother
Dickerson, Susan Rosette Deceased
Dickinson, Anna M. Mother
Dickson, Charles Father
Dickson, Ida Orderedby
Dickson, Irene Elizabeth Deceased
Dickson, Mrs/City Orderedby
Dickson, Rev.Andrew Father
Dickson, Walter E.D. Deceased
Dickson, Walter M. Father
Dickson, William Father
Diehl, Mansel E. Orderedby
Diehl, William Deceased
Diehl, William Father
Dielman, Jacob Father
Dielman, Jennie Deceased
Diene, Joseph Father
Dietl, ? Father
Dietl, Joseph Deceased
Dietz, Albert Father
Dietz, John L. Deceased
Dietz, John L. Father
Dietz, John L. Orderedby
Dietz, Lola L. Deceased
Dietz, Mrs.J.L. Orderedby
Diffendorf, Etta Deceased
Diffendorf, Roy Orderedby
Diggs, Jessie Deceased
Dike, Mrs.Norman Orderedby
Dillaway, Durward B. Father
Dillaway, Howard Deceased
Dillaway, Jennie Orderedby
Dillenbeck, Frederick Deceased
Dillenbeck, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Dillenbeck, Walter J. Father
Dimick, John H. Deceased
Dimick, Malinda C. Orderedby
Dimick, Seborn Father
Dimmick, Hiram Father
Dimmick, Mrs Sebrum Orderedby
Dimmick, Sebrum Deceased
Dimnock, Ann R. Deceased
Dimock, A.R. Orderedby
Dimock, Asa R. Orderedby
Dimock, Asa R. Orderedby
Dimock, Asa W. Father
Dimock, Clara Bell Deceased
Dimock, Dr. Orderedby
Dimock, Dr. Orderedby
Dimock, Dr. Orderedby
Dimock, Dr.Asa Orderedby
Dimock, Dr.Asa Orderedby
Dimock, Dr.Asa R. Orderedby
Dimock, Dr/Clinton Co. Orderedby
Dineen, Charles F. Father
Dineen, Mary B. Deceased
Dineen, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Dingman, Addie Mother
Dingman, Bessie Deceased
Dingman, Charles Deceased
Dingman, Charles Father
Dingman, Dorothy Orderedby
Dingman, Ethel Mother
Dingman, Ethel Mother
Dingman, Fred C. Orderedby
Dingman, Frederick Father
Dingman, George H. Father
Dingman, Howard Orderedby
Dingman, Howard C. Father
Dingman, John Deceased
Dingman, John F. Deceased
Dingman, Laura Mother
Dingman, Lloyd Father
Dingman, Lloyd Orderedby
Dingman, Mary Jane Mother
Dingman, Mrs.Harvey Orderedby
Dingman, Thurston C. Deceased
Dingman, William Father
Diorio, Joseph Deceased
Diorio, Patrick Orderedby
Diorio, Vincent Father
Disk, Lloyd Deceased
Disk, Richard Father
Dives, Henry Father
Divoky, Anna J. Orderedby
Divoky, George J. Deceased
Divoky, Michael Father
Dixon, Clara Mother
Dixon, Nathan Father
Dixon, Walter S. Father
Dixon, Warren Deceased
Dixon, Warren Father
Dixon, William W. Deceased
Dlubas, Victory Mother
Dnignan, Baldwin Orderedby
Dobb, Rhoda Mother
Dobbin, Charles H. Deceased
Dobbin, John W. Father
Dobbin, Miss Etta Orderedby
Dobbin, Viola M. Orderedby
Dobert, August W. Deceased
Dobert, Gertrude Orderedby
Dobert, Karl Father
Dobson, Emily Orderedby
Dodd, Caroline Mother
Dodd, Edna Deceased
Dodd, Harriett Mother
Doe, Betsey Mother
Doherty, Jane Mother
Dolan, Harry M. Father
Dolan, John Deceased
Dolan, John Father
Dolan, Rosana Mother
Donahue, Fred Orderedby
Donahue, Frederick Deceased
Donahue, Hannah Deceased
Donahue, John J. Father
Donahue, John J. Orderedby
Donahue, Joseph T. Deceased
Donahue, Marvin Elbert Deceased
Donahue, Thomas A. Father
Donahue, Thos.son Orderedby
Donald, Jane Lucy Deceased
Donaldson, John A. Deceased
Donaldson, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Donaldson, Thomas W. Father
Doner, May Mother
Donivan, Cyrus Father
Donivan, Roy Albert Deceased
Donlon, Jennie L. Orderedby
Donlon, John J. Deceased
Donlon, Patrick Father
Donnan, Asenath Slade Deceased
Donnan, Hiram Orderedby
Donnelle, Cecile Mother
Donnelly, Elizabeth Mother
Donnelly, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Donohue, Frederick Orderedby
Donohue, Margaret Deceased
Donovan, Mary T. Deceased
Donovan, Walter Orderedby
Doolady, Terrance Father
Doolittle, William Father
Dore, Hannah E. Mother
Doren, Fred Orderedby
Doren, Fred C. Orderedby
Dorland, Andrew Father
Dorland, Philip S. Deceased
Dormeau, Earline Mother
Dorsey, Bridget Deceased
Dorsey, Catherine Mother
Dorsey, Emma A. Deceased
Dorsey, James Deceased
Dorsey, James Deceased
Dorsey, John Father
Dorsey, John J. Orderedby
Dorsey, John S. Deceased
Dorsey, Lydia L. Deceased
Dorsey, Michael Deceased
Dorsey, Michael Father
Dorsey, Michael Father
Dorsey, Mr.James Orderedby
Dorsey, Mrs.John Orderedby
Doty, Charles E. Deceased
Doty, Edwin M. Deceased
Doty, Eliza Mother
Doty, George Father
Doty, J.Lillian Deceased
Doty, Jessie Orderedby
Doty, Michael Father
Doty, Michael Father
Doty, Michael Father
Doty, Mrs.Jesse Orderedby
Doty, Sarah Mother
Doty, Thedore E. Deceased
Doty, Theodore Father
Doty, Theodore Father
Doty, Vesta Mother
Doubleday, Edward Father
Doubleday, Edward Orderedby
Doubleday, Edward M. Deceased
Doucet, Delphine Mother
Douge, Julius A. Deceased
Dougherty, Cathryn Orderedby
Dougherty, James Father
Dougherty, Michael Orderedby
Dougherty, Sarah Mother
Dougherty, William Deceased
Doughtry, John Father
Doughtry, Margaret Ann Deceased
Doughty, Miss Lessee Deceased
Doughty, Thomas Father
Douglas, Mrs.J.H. Orderedby
Douglass, Anna L. Deceased
Douglass, Chauncey Deceased
Douglass, Dr.John H. Father
Douglass, Ella Mother
Douglass, Ella Hard Deceased
Douglass, Ellen Deceased
Douglass, Helen Orderedby
Douglass, John H., Jr. Deceased
Douglass, Kitty Mother
Douglass, MissJ.H. Orderedby
Douglass, Mrs.Ella Orderedby
Douglass, MrsC.A. Orderedby
Douglass, Sidney Father
Douglass, Thomas Father
Doulin, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Doulin, Patrick Father
Dow, Lewis F. Deceased
Dow, Margaret Orderedby
Dow, Robert Father
Dowd, Charles F. Father
Dowd, Harriet Miriam Deceased
Dowd, Mary Mother
Dowen, Almira Jane Deceased
Dowen, Benjamin W. Deceased
Dowen, Benjamin W. Orderedby
Dowen, Charles W. Father
Dowen, Charles W. Orderedby
Dowen, Clara Deceased
Dowen, Daniel Deceased
Dowen, Daniel Orderedby
Dowen, Daniel W. Father
Dowen, Edward B. Deceased
Dowen, Elijah Orderedby
Dowen, Elijah Orderedby
Dowen, Elijah J. Father
Dowen, Elizabeth Orderedby
Dowen, Hulda Mother
Dowen, Huldah Mother
Dowen, John Father
Dowen, John H. Father
Dowen, Louise M. Deceased
Dowen, Mary Mother
Dowen, Mrs.Benjamin Orderedby
Dowen, Mrs.Elijah Orderedby
Dowen, Reliefa Mother
Dowen, Virginia Mother
Dowen, Wesley Deceased
Dowen, William Orderedby
Downing, Charles R. Father
Downing, Delbert Deceased
Downing, Edgar S. Father
Downing, Edgar S. Orderedby
Downing, James Father
Downing, James L. Deceased
Downing, James M. Father
Downing, JamesL. Father
Downing, John L. Deceased
Downing, John Norman Deceased
Downing, Madison Father
Downing, Margaret B. Mother
Downing, Marietta Deceased
Downing, Marietta Orderedby
Downing, Mrs.James Orderedby
Downing, Samuel J. Orderedby
Downs, Dennis Father
Downs, Dr.A.S. Father
Downs, Dr.A.S. Orderedby
Downs, Dr.A.Sherman Deceased
Downs, Dr.A.Sherman Orderedby
Downs, Isabella J. Deceased
Downs, Isabelle Deceased
Doxmater, Margaret Mother
Doyle, John Father
Doyle, John Father
Dr.Humphrey Orderedby
Dr.King Orderedby
Dr.Loop Orderedby
Dr.McCarty Orderedby
Dr.McCarty Orderedby
Dr.Nolan Orderedby
Dr.Ordway Orderedby
Dr.Thompson Orderedby
Dr.Thompson Orderedby
Dr.Travers Orderedby
Drake, Abbie Mother
Drake, Angeline Mother
Drake, Angeline Mother
Drake, Anna E. Orderedby
Drake, Catherine Mother
Drake, Dorothy Orderedby
Drake, Edmond Father
Drake, Fannie A. Deceased
Drake, Jane Mother
Drake, Leneta Mother
Drake, Olive L. Mother
Drake, Olive L. Mother
Drake, Phebe S. Deceased
Drau, ? Father
Drew, Matthew Father
Drey, Rebecca Mother
Driscoll, Dennis Father
Driscoll, Jeremiah Father
Driscoll, Jerry Orderedby
Driscoll, John Deceased
Driscoll, Mary Orderedby
Driscoll, Thomas E. Deceased
Drogin, Max Orderedby
Drogin, Sarah Rachel Deceased
Drolette, Eliza Deceased
Drugan, Margaret Deceased
Drumm.Mary Mother
Drury, Mary Aurelia Mother
Drzik, John Father
Drzik, Mary Orderedby
Drzik, Stephen Deceased
Duane, Margaret Mother
Dubee, Adalaid J. Father
Dubee, Arthur F. Deceased
Dubert, Helen Mother
DuBois, Alfred Father
DuBois, George Alfred Deceased
DuBois, Mrs.Ellen Orderedby
DuBois, Nancy Mother
Ducayet, Paul J. Father
Dudenbury, Ida Orderedby
Dudgeon, Andrew Father
Duel, Hersulia Mother
Duell, Baby girl Deceased
Duell, Clement Father
Duell, Earl Father
Duell, Earl Orderedby
Duell, Earl P. Father
Duell, John C. Deceased
Duell, John D. Orderedby
Duell, Minerva Mother
Duell, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Duell, Thomas Deceased
Duff, Annie Mother
Duffney, Frank E. Deceased
Duffney, Frank E. Father
Duffney, Frank E. Orderedby
Duffney, Nettie M. Deceased
Duffney, Peter Father
Duffney, Ronald Deceased
Duffy, Miriam R. Orderedby
Duffy, Mrs W.E. Orderedby
Dugan, Margaret Deceased
Duggney, Frank E. Orderedby
Duhain, Capt C.E. Orderedby
Duidnan, Baldwin Orderedby
Dukatinsuler, Anna Mother
Dumas, Jospeh Father
Dunar Father
Dunar, Andrew Deceased
Duncan, Benjamin L. Deceased
Duncan, David Father
Duncan, Elizabeth Deceased
Duncan, Joseph Father
Duncan, Phebe S. Mother
Duncan, Sarah A. Deceased
Dunham, Augusta Father
Dunham, Mary J. Deceased
Dunham, Mrs.Grace Orderedby
Dunk, Susan E. Mother
Dunkle, ? Father
Dunkley, Alfred Father
Dunlavery, Mrs.Patrick Orderedby
Dunn & Cunningham Orderedby
Dunn, ? Father
Dunn, Anna L. Deceased
Dunn, Anna L. Orderedby
Dunn, Elizabeth Mother
Dunn, F.J., Sup of poor Orderedby
Dunn, John Father
Dunn, MrsC.Irwin Orderedby
Dunn, Samuel Orderedby
Dunn, Thomas Deceased
Dunn, William E. Deceased
Dunnaff, Eliza C. Deceased
Dunnaff, Robert C. Deceased
Dunnsbach, Lydia Mother
Dunock, Asa R. Orderedby
Dunock, Dr.Asa R. Orderedby
Dunphy, Catherine L. Deceased
Dunphy, Eliza A. Deceased
Dunphy, Hannah Mother
Dunphy, John Father
Dunphy, John Father
Dunphy, John J. Orderedby
Dunphy, Mary Deceased
Dunphy, Michael Deceased
Dunson, Fred Orderedby
Dunson, George F. Deceased
Dunson, Nancy M. Deceased
Dunson, Solomon Father
Dunston, Elida Orderedby
Dunston, Fanny A.L. Deceased
Dunston, Fred Father
Dunston, Fred Father
Dunston, Fred Orderedby
Dunston, George Orderedby
Dunston, L.A. Father
Dunston, Lula M. Mother
Dunston, Margaret Jean Deceased
Dunston, Marion V. Deceased
Dunston, Mrs.S.A. Orderedby
Dunston, Samuel Father
Dunston, Solomon Father
Dunston, Solomon Father
Dunston, Solomon M. Father
Dunston, Sylvanus Father
Dunston, Sylvanus A. Deceased
Dunston, Sylvenus Father
Dunton, Joseph B. Father
Dunton, Olive M. Mother
Duprey, Julia Mother
Duprey, Julia Mother
Dupuis, Alaire Deceased
Durfee, Deceased
Durfee, C.Shepperd Deceased
Durfee, Frank Father
Durfee, George T. Deceased
Durfee, George T. Father
Durfee, Lottie Mother
Durfee, Mary Orderedby
Durfee, Mary L. Deceased
Durfee, Mrs.George Orderedby
Durham, Delia N. Mother
Durkee, Archibald Father
Durkee, Cornelius Deceased
Durkee, Cornelius Orderedby
Durkee, Elmer E. Orderedby
Durkee, Eva D. Deceased
Durkee, George H. Deceased
Durkee, Jane Josephine Deceased
Durkee, Luella A. Deceased
Durkee, Mrs Orderedby
Durkee, Paoli Father
Durkee, Susan Deceased
Durkee, Wm.H. Orderedby
Durremburger, John Father
Durrier, George L. Father
Durrin, Edna Capen Deceased
Durrin, Edna W. Orderedby
Durrin, Emily Mother
Durrin, Ethel Orderedby
Durrin, Francis Deceased
Durrin, George L. Father
Durrin, Harley Father
Durrin, Harley Orderedby
Durrin, Harley Orderedby
Durrin, Harley G. Deceased
Durrin, Harold Father
Durrin, Harold G. Deceased
Durston, Soloman Father
Durushee, Tieotis Mother
Duschatko, John R. Deceased
Dusenbury, Ida Deceased
Dutcher, ? Mother
Dutcher, Susan L. Mother
Dutsch, Cornelia Mother
Dutson, Robert A. Father
Duval, Deceased
Duval, Alfred Orderedby
Duval, Leo Orderedby
Duval, Mrs.Leo A. Orderedby
Duval, Napoleon Deceased
Dwelly, George Father
Dwelly, Sophia Deceased
Dwyer, Annie Mother
Dwyer, Carolyn Mother
Dwyer, Elizabeth Mother
Dwyer, Ellen Mother
Dwyer, Frank E. Deceased
Dwyer, Helen Mother
Dwyer, Infant Deceased
Dwyer, John H. Father
Dwyer, Leon Orderedby
Dwyer, Leon W. Father
Dwyer, Leon W. Orderedby
Dwyer, Mary Mother
Dwyer, Mrs.Lillian Orderedby
Dwyer, Mrs.Marvel Orderedby
Dwyer, Mrs.Zilph Orderedby
Dwyer, Ransom K. Deceased
Dwyer, Ransom O. Father
Dwyer, Ransom O. Father
Dwyer, Sarah Orderedby
Dwyer, Sarah A. Deceased
Dwyer, Sarah E. Mother
Dyer, Edna Orderedby
Dyer, Edna B. Deceased
Dyer, Royal Bancroft Deceased
Dyer, Royal J. Orderedby
Dyer, William H. Father

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