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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning E

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Eagan, Edward Father
Eagan, Edward Father
Eagan, John Deceased
Eagan, Lillian Deceased
Eagan, Mary Deceased
Earl, Agnes L. Deceased
Earl, Harry Orderedby
Earl, Harry B. Deceased
Earl, Martha P. Deceased
Earl, Mrs Orderedby
Earl, Rollin J. Father
Earles, Mary Mother
Earley, Alicia C. Mother
Earley, Ann E. Mother
Earley, Catharine Mother
Earley, Clark Deceased
Earley, Clark Orderedby
Earley, Hamilton Father
Earley, Lula B. Deceased
Early, Adorcas Mother
Early, Cornelia Mother
Early, John Father
Easson, Mary Deceased
Easson, Mary Orderedby
Easson, Willian T. Deceased
Eastman, Hannah Mother
Eastman, Mrs.Roger Orderedby
Eastman, Mrs.Roger Orderedby
Eastman, Patti C. Mother
Eaton, Deceased
Eaton, Deceased
Eaton, Anna Adell Deceased
Eaton, E.C.* Orderedby
Eaton, Francis M. Father
Eaton, Frank L. Orderedby
Eaton, Hiram L. Deceased
Eaton, Hiram L. Father
Eaton, Hiram L. Orderedby
Eaton, Ida Deceased
Eaton, James Father
Eaton, James C. Father
Eaton, James O. Father
Eaton, James Oscar Deceased
Eaton, James R. Deceased
Eaton, Joseph O. Orderedby
Eaton, Lorraine Mother
Eaton, Minnie Deceased
Eaton, Mrs.Minnie Orderedby
Eaton, Rupert Father
Ebert, Frederick Orderedby
Ebert, Mary A. Deceased
Ebert.Mrs.William Orderedby
Eckerman, Amanda Mother
Eckerman, Amanda Mother
Eckert, Jacob Father
Eckert, John A. Orderedby
Eckert, Margaret Orderedby
Eckert, Martin Deceased
Eddy, Baby girl Deceased
Eddy, Charles E. Deceased
Eddy, Darius D. Deceased
Eddy, Edward Deceased
Eddy, Elijah Father
Eddy, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Eddy, Emmett J. Orderedby
Eddy, Harrie A. Orderedby
Eddy, Harvey Father
Eddy, Harvey Father
Eddy, Ida Deceased
Eddy, James Spencer Deceased
Eddy, James W. Orderedby
Eddy, John W. Father
Eddy, John W. Father
Eddy, L.Earl Orderedby
Eddy, L.Earl Orderedby
Eddy, Laura Hunter Deceased
Eddy, Lottie Mother
Eddy, Martha Mother
Eddy, Martha Orderedby
Eddy, Mary E. Orderedby
Eddy, Minnie A. Deceased
Eddy, Mrs.Earl Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.Howard Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.Ina A. Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.J.Crawford Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.Norma Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.W.H. Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Eddy, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Eddy, Myrtle Deceased
Eddy, Plish Father
Eddy, Pyne Mother
Eddy, Rex Orderedby
Eddy, Russell Orderedby
Eddy, Russell Orderedby
Eddy, Russell Allard Deceased
Eddy, Russell J. Deceased
Eddy, Russell J. Father
Eddy, Russell J. Father
Eddy, Stephen Father
Eddy, Stephen S. Father
Eddy, Waldron H. Deceased
Eddy, Walter Deceased
Eddy, William J. Father
Eddy, Wm Father
EddyElizabeth M. Mother
Edelsmon, Ada L. Mother
Edes, Joseph H. Deceased
Edes, Phillip Father
Edes, Ralph J. Orderedby
Edgar, Mary Mother
Edgers, George S. Orderedby
Edgers, Mary Jane Deceased
Edgerton, Daniel Father
Edington, May Orderedby
Edmondson, Elias Deceased
Edmunds, Rebecca Mother
Edmundson, Dora Mother
Edwards, Ada F. Mother
Edwards, Angeline P. Mother
Edwards, Charlotte Mother
Edwards, Charlotte Mother
Edwards, Ellen Mother
Edwards, Fred H. Father
Edwards, Harvey Father
Edwards, Jane Mother
Edwards, Mary Mother
Edwards, Samuel Father
Eggelston, Lucinda J. Mother
Eggleston, Emma Angele Deceased
Eggleston, George Orderedby
Eggleston, George W. Deceased
Eggleston, Isaac Father
Eggleston, Jennie Deceased
Eggleston, William G. Father
Ehemann, George B. Orderedby
Ehemann, George F. Father
Ehemann, Henry P. Deceased
Ehemann, Mrs.George Orderedby
Ehemann, Nellie Deceased
Ehemann, Nellie B. Orderedby
Ehrenhaus, Hyman J. Father
Ehrenkatz, Alexander Father
Ehrenkatz, Irving Deceased
Eichman, ? Father
Eichman, Henry P. Deceased
Eichman, Henry P. Orderedby
Eichman, Henry P., Sr Father
Eichmann, Elizabeth Deceased
Eichmann, Henry P. Orderedby
Eichorst, Alfred Deceased
Eichorst, Louis Father
Eichorst, Louis Orderedby
Eifler, Albert Father
Eifler, Catherine Orderedby
Eighmey, Esther Mother
Eighmey, James Father
Eighmey, John C. Deceased
Eighmey, Miss Caroline Orderedby
Eighmey, Stephen Father
Eighmey, Stephen Father
Eighmey, Stephen James Deceased
Eisner, Anna Deceased
Eisner, Clara Orderedby
Eitellier, Alice Orderedby
Ekblad, J.E./TownSS Orderedby
Ekblad, John Father
Ekblad, John Orderedby
Ekblad, Thelma Otile Deceased
Ekenbrach, Clarence H. Orderedby
Eldred, ? Father
Eldred, Maryette Mother
Eldridge, Frank Deceased
Eldridge, Frank Father
Eldridge, Jane Mother
Eldridge, Jane Mother
Eldridge, Jenet Marie Deceased
Eldridge, Lydia Stoddard Mother
Eldridge, Martha Mother
Eldridge, Mary Mother
Eldridge, Robert Father
Eldridge, Robert Orderedby
Elison, Sarah Deceased
Ellenwood, Marion Deceased
Elleson, George Father
Elliott, Alexander Father
Elliott, Benjamin Father
Elliott, George H. Orderedby
Elliott, George Henry Deceased
Elliott, Mary Deceased
Elliott, Minnie Deceased
Ellis, Augusta Deceased
Ellis, Charles Deceased
Ellis, Charles Father
Ellis, Charles R. Deceased
Ellis, Clara Mother
Ellis, Daisy B. Deceased
Ellis, E. Orderedby
Ellis, Elihu Father
Ellis, Lucinda Mother
Ellis, Mary Mother
Ellis, Mary Mother
Ellison, Anna E. Orderedby
Ellison, Betsey Mother
Ellison, Betsy Mother
Ellison, Ernest Orderedby
Ellison, Eugene Father
Ellison, Eugene Father
Ellison, Eugene Father
Ellison, Eugene Orderedby
Ellison, Eugene Orderedby
Ellison, George Father
Ellison, Infant Deceased
Ellison, James Father
Ellison, James Father
Ellison, Lettice Deceased
Ellison, Mary Jane Deceased
Ellison, Mrs.Myron Orderedby
Ellison, Myron Deceased
Ellison, Sarah Orderedby
Ellithorpe, Betsey Mother
Ellithorpe, Danford Father
Ellithorpe, Mrs.Wylie Orderedby
Ellithorpe, Vivian B. Orderedby
Ellithorpe, Wylie C. Deceased
Ellswort, Grace Mother
Ellsworth children Orderedby
Ellsworth, Charles C. Deceased
Ellsworth, Clara Alice Deceased
Ellsworth, Daniel Father
Ellsworth, Dorcas Mother
Ellsworth, Dr.Fred Orderedby
Ellsworth, Flora Orderedby
Ellsworth, Florence H. Deceased
Ellsworth, Fred Deceased
Ellsworth, George Father
Ellsworth, George Father
Ellsworth, George Father
Ellsworth, George Father
Ellsworth, George Father
Ellsworth, George Orderedby
Ellsworth, George E. Deceased
Ellsworth, George H. Deceased
Ellsworth, George M. Deceased
Ellsworth, George T Orderedby
Ellsworth, Grace M. Deceased
Ellsworth, Ida S. Deceased
Ellsworth, Ida S. Orderedby
Ellsworth, James T. Orderedby
Ellsworth, John Deceased
Ellsworth, John Orderedby
Ellsworth, Margaret Mother
Ellsworth, Margaret Mother
Ellsworth, Mrs.George Orderedby
Ellsworth, Mrs.Ray Orderedby
Ellsworth, Nancy Mother
Ellsworth, Olivia Mother
Ellsworth, Phebe J. Mother
Ellsworth, Polly Orderedby
Ellsworth, Ralph H. Orderedby
Ellsworth, Sarah Jane Mother
Ellsworth, Vina Mother
Ellsworth, William B. Father
Elmendorf, Joachim, DD Deceased
Elmendorf, Levi Father
Elmendorf, Mrs.Joachim Orderedby
Elmer, Ephrain Father
Elms, Carrie O. Deceased
Elms, George Father
Elms, Jennie Mother
Elsom, Louisa Mother
Ely, Jennie M. Deceased
Ely, Margaret Mother
Emans, Alice Deceased
Emans, Storm W. Orderedby
Emanuelson, Dagny Orderedby
Emanuelson, Gustave Deceased
Emanuelson, Peter Father
Emerich, Susan Anna Mother
Emerson, Alma Mother
Emerson, Burton L. Deceased
Emerson, Burton L. Father
Emerson, Elizabeth Orderedby
Emerson, Helen L. Mother
Emerson, Lundes Father
Emerson, Sarah Mother
Emery, Flora Mother
Emigh, Edgar Orderedby
Emigh, Egbert E. Deceased
Emigh, Howard Orderedby
Emigh, Jarvis Father
Emigh, John Deceased
Emigh, John Father
Emigh, John Father
Emigh, John Father
Emigh, Starr H. Deceased
Emigh, Walter Deceased
Emigh, Zilpha J. Orderedby
Empey, Sarah Mother
Empie, Adam Father
Endorfer, Joseph Father
Endorfer, Susan Deceased
Endress, Christopher Father
Englia, Rose Mother
English, Ellen Mother
English, Martha Mother
Enoch, Rachel Mother
Ensign, Ada L. Deceased
Ensign, Allen Father
Ensign, Ann Maria Deceased
Ensign, Charles Father
Ensign, Edgar W. Orderedby
Ensign, Frederick M. Deceased
Ensign, Frederick M. Father
Ensign, Gertrude Deceased
Ensign, Harriet Mother
Ensign, Isaac Father
Ensign, Jennie W. Deceased
Ensign, Miss Ada Orderedby
Ensign, Mr.F.R. Orderedby
Ensign, Mr.F.R. Orderedby
Ensign, Rev.Datus Father
Ensign, Sarah Mother
Ensign, Sarah J. Mother
Ensign, Sarah J. Mother
Eofler, Albert Deceased
Epps, James Father
Eraus, J.J. Orderedby
Ereckson, Ereck Father
Erickson, A.J. Orderedby
Erickson, Dr Orderedby
Erickson, Dr.R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, Dr.R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, Dr.R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, Dr.R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, R.J. Orderedby
Erickson, R.J. Orderedby
Ericson, Anna Orderedby
Ericson, Eric Father
Ericson, N.Gustav Deceased
Erkenbach, George A. Deceased
Erkenbach, George A. Orderedby
Erkenbrach, George P. Deceased
Erkenbrach, John Deceased
Erkenbrach, Mr.C. Orderedby
Ernst, Amelia Louisa Deceased
Ernst, Charles Deceased
Ernst, Charles W. Orderedby
Ernst, Chas.Mary, Jos Orderedby
Ernst, Frederick Father
Ernst, Henry Deceased
Ernst, John A. Deceased
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John H. Father
Ernst, John R. Deceased
Ernst, Joseph F. Deceased
Ernst, Mary A. Deceased
Ernst, Mary A. Orderedby
Ernst.Fred. Orderedby
Esmann, Caroline Mother
Esmond, ? Father
Esmond, Abraham R. Father
Esmond, Arvilla D. Deceased
Esmond, Beulah Mother
Esmond, Catherine Mother
Esmond, Catherine Mother
Esmond, Catherine N. Deceased
Esmond, Charles E. Deceased
Esmond, Charles N. Father
Esmond, Cornelius J. Father
Esmond, E.Oscar Orderedby
Esmond, Jacob Father
Esmond, John W. Father
Esmond, Laura A. Deceased
Esmond, Lewis Orderedby
Esmond, Lewis C. Deceased
Esmond, Lewis C. Father
Esmond, Lewis C. Orderedby
Esmond, Maria Mother
Esmond, Mrs Orderedby
Esmond, Mrs.Sarah Orderedby
Esmond, Phoebe J. Mother
Esmond, Rosanna Mother
Esmond, Rosanna Mother
Esmond, Rosanna M. Mother
Esmond, Samuel Father
Esmond, Sarah A. Mother
Esmond, Sarah Doty Deceased
Esmond, Wesley J. Deceased
Esmond, Wesley J. Orderedby
Esmond, Zachary Father
Espey, Mrs.Harold Orderedby
Esposo, Pearl S. Orderedby
Essler, George Father
Essler, John Lutz Deceased
Est.Bradley.Mrs.Alfred Orderedby
Estabrook, Harold Pitt Deceased
Estabrook, Lee Taylor Deceased
Estabrook, Leo Orderedby
Estabrook, Lep T. Father
Estabrook, Lula Belle Deceased
Estabrook, Mrs Orderedby
Estabrook, Mrs.H.P. Orderedby
Estabrook, Mrs.L.A. Orderedby
Estabrook, Taylor S. Father
Estabrook, Taylor Smead Father
Estelle, Edwin Deceased
Estelle, Georgia Orderedby
Estelle, Georgiana Deceased
Estelle, Georgianna Orderedby
Estelle, Mrs.Edwin & G.A.R. Orderedby
Estelle, Mrs.George Orderedby
Esterbrook, Janet Deceased
Estes, Antonio Deceased
Evans, Albert G. Deceased
Evans, Edward R. Father
Evans, Ellen Deceased
Evans, Mildred M. Deceased
Evans, Minnie Mother
Evans, Robert Edward Deceased
Evans, Shedrick Deceased
Evans, Shedrick Father
Evans, William Father
Evans, William Father
Evans, William Orderedby
Evans, William H. Deceased
EvansmEdward R. Orderedby
Evensen, Emanuel P. Deceased
Evensen, Hans Father
Evensen, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Evensen, Peter Orderedby
Everden, George Father
Everden, Mary Mother
Everets, Eleanor Mother
Everett, Ocena Mother
Evers, Bernard Father
Evers, Ellen Deceased
Evers, Sarah R. Orderedby
Evlenmaier, Katherine Mother
Ewart, Sarah Mother
Exler, Harrison J. Deceased
Exler, Mrs.H.J. Orderedby
Exler, Samuel Father
Extine, Barbara Mother
Eycleshymer, Annie Orderedby
Eycleshymer, George W. Deceased
Eycleshymer, Martin Father

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