Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning F

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Face, John Orderedby
Face, John Orderedby
Fagan, Martha R. Mother
Fagen, John Father
Fahrenkopf, Frederick W. Deceased
Fahrenkoph, Charles J. Father
Fahy, Mrs Orderedby
Fairchild&son Orderedby
Fairchild, Matilda Mother
Fairfield, Mrs.L.W. Orderedby
Fairman, Mattie Deceased
Fairman, Mattie Orderedby
Fairman, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Fairman, Mrs.Mattie Orderedby
Falkenbury, C.Serene Orderedby
Falkenbury, Fletcher B. Deceased
Falkenbury, Stella Grant Deceased
Falkenbury, William H. Father
Fallick, Lizzie Deceased
Fallick, Moses Orderedby
Fallon, James Deceased
Fallon, Sabina Mother
Fancher, Abigail Mother
Fancher, Margaret Mother
Fandt, Elizabeth Mother
Faneuff, Martha Mother
Farah, Emily S. Mother
Farber, Rachel Mother
Farber, Samuel Father
Farley, Anna Mother
Farnklin, Julia A. Deceased
Farr, Huldah Mother
Farr, Mary Mother
Farr, William J. Father
Farrar, Beatrice M. Mother
Farrell, Bridget Mother
Farrell, Francis Father
Farrell, Hannah Mother
Farrell, Kate Mother
Farrell, Mary Mother
Farrell, Mary Orderedby
Farrell, Perry Father
Farrell, Rose Mother
Farrelly, Mrs.Robert H. Orderedby
Farrelly, Robert Father
Farrelly, Robert H. Deceased
Farrington, Albert H. Deceased
Farrington, Albert H. Orderedby
Farrington, Elizabeth J. Deceased
Farrington, Emmett Orderedby
Farrington, Emmett T. Deceased
Farrington, Eugene Father
Farrington, Hattie C. Deceased
Farrington, Isabelle Deceased
Farrington, Jacob Father
Farrington, Jacob H. Deceased
Farrington, Jacob H. Father
Farrington, Jacob H. Orderedby
Farrington, Jacob Henry Father
Farrington, Jacob K. Father
Farrington, John Deceased
Farrington, John R. Father
Farrington, John R. Orderedby
Farrington, Leila B. Deceased
Farrington, Martin Father
Farrington, Mary B. Deceased
Farrington, Melvin M. Deceased
Farrington, Mrs. Orderedby
Farrington, Olive E. Deceased
Farrington, Ray D. Orderedby
Farrington, Sarah Deceased
Farrington, Sarah Orderedby
Farrington, Sarah B. Deceased
Farrington, Schneach, Eighmy Orderedby
Fasoli, Yula A. Orderedby
Fassett, Harriet Mother
Fassett, John V. Father
Fassett, Maj.John S. Deceased
Fassett, Major John Father
Faulkner, Mary Mother
Faxon, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Faxon, Walter Stiles Deceased
Fay, Catherine Mother
Fay, Diana Mother
Fay, Diana Mother
Fay, Diana Mother
Fay, Diane Mother
Fay, Harrison Father
Fay, Harrison Father
Fay, Mary Mother
Faye, Augusta Mother
Faye, Augusta Mother
Fearie, Julia C. Mother
Feilding, Mary Augusta Mother
Feinberg, Harris Father
Feinberg, Jacob N. Deceased
Feinberg, Lester Father
Feinstein, Charles Father
Feinstein, Mendel Deceased
Feinstein, Sons Orderedby
Feintuck, Clara Deceased
Feintuck, Miss Tillie Orderedby
Felker, Jacob Father
Fellows, Addie Mother
Fellows, Daniel Father
Fellows, Elizabeth Mother
Felthousen, Norman Father
Felton, Charles W. Deceased
Fenn, C. Mother
Fennell, Clara E. Mother
Fennell, Daniel Father
Fennell, Daniel D. Deceased
Fennell, James Father
Fennell, Mary E. Orderedby
Fennick, Susan Mother
Fennimore, Sarah Mother
Fenton, Florence Orderedby
Fenton, Fred H. Orderedby
Fenton, Margaret Ann Deceased
Fenton, Mary Mother
Fenton, Mrs.Rome Orderedby
Fenton, Rome L. Orderedby
Fenton, Walter Deceased
Fenton, Zalmond Father
Ferguson, ? Father
Ferguson, Anna M. Orderedby
Ferguson, Anna Marie Deceased
Ferguson, Eleanor Mother
Ferguson, Eleanor Mother
Ferguson, Emma Louise Deceased
Ferguson, Emma Louise Deceased
Ferguson, George Orderedby
Ferguson, George Orderedby
Ferguson, George H. Deceased
Ferguson, George H. Father
Ferguson, George, Sr. Father
Ferguson, Jennie Orderedby
Ferguson, Jennie Orderedby
Ferguson, Jennie A. Deceased
Ferguson, Jesse D. Deceased
Ferguson, Mrs.W. Orderedby
Ferguson, Mrs.William Orderedby
Ferguson, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Ferguson, Robert Father
Ferguson, William Deceased
Ferguson, William A. Father
Ferloin, Feliciana Orderedby
Ferloin?, ? Father
FerlOUIS, Frank Deceased
Fernandez, Marcos Orderedby
Fernandez, Mildred Deceased
Fernbault, Lizzie Mother
Ferrara, Lena Orderedby
Ferrara, Sarah Deceased
Ferrare, Mabel Deceased
Ferreal, John Deceased
Ferris Father
Ferris & Heaton Orderedby
Ferris, ? Mother
Ferris, Almond Father
Ferris, Charles H. Deceased
Ferris, Elisa M. Mother
Ferris, Eliza M. Mother
Ferris, Eunice Mother
Ferris, Franklin Father
Ferris, Henry Father
Ferris, Hiram Father
Ferris, Lemuel F. Deceased
Ferris, Margaret Mother
Ferris, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Ferris, Mrs.Chas. Orderedby
Ferris, Mrs.Lemuel Orderedby
Ferris, Olive Mother
Ferris, Olive Mother
Ferris, Olive Mother
Ferris, Samantha Mother
Ferry, Amasa Deceased
Ferry, Aniasa W. Father
Ferry, Arthur W. Deceased
Ferry, Inez A. Deceased
Ferry, John A. Orderedby
Ferry, Mrs.Arthur W. Orderedby
Ferry, Soloman Father
Fertig, Leon Father
Field, ? Mother
Field, Anna M. Mother
Field, Sally Mother
Fields, Clark D. Deceased
Fields, Earl Orderedby
Fields, Fannie Orderedby
Fields, Fannie S. Deceased
Fields, Frank M. Deceased
Fields, Garrie E. Father
Fields, Garry L. Father
Fields, Garry M. Father
Fields, Garry M. Father
Fields, Gary E. Father
Fields, Gave Deceased
Fields, Gave M. Father
Fields, James C. Father
Fields, Lewis&Garry Orderedby
Fields, Lillian May Deceased
Fields, Merritt Deceased
Fields, Mrs.Fannie Orderedby
Fields, Mrs.Garry Orderedby
Fields, Mrs.Gary Orderedby
Fields, Mrs.Merritt Orderedby
Fields, Pearl I. Deceased
Fiero, Judson C. Father
Fifield, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Figelman, Morris Deceased
Figelman, Samuel Father
Figge, Marion Tigue Orderedby
File, Anna M. Mother
File, Elizabeth Mother
Filfila, Julia Deceased
Filford, Martha G. Orderedby
Filford, Mrs.George Orderedby
Filippo, Joseph Father
Fina, Guiseppe A. Deceased
Fina, Pellegrino Father
Fina, Perry B. Orderedby
Finch, Almond H. Father
Finch, Emma Mother
Finch, Ida Mae Deceased
Finch, Maria Mother
Finch, Marie Mother
Fineneran, Winifred Mother
Fink, Mrs.Eugene Orderedby
Finlay, David Father
Finlay, William F. Deceased
Finley, Eliizabeth F. Deceased
Finley, Elizabeth Orderedby
Finley, John Father
Finley, Lawrence B. Deceased
Finley, Peter A. Deceased
Finley, Thomas Father
Finn, Ellen Mother
Finn, James Orderedby
Finn, Sarah Eliza Deceased
Finn, William Father
Finncane, Dr.D.A. Orderedby
Finnegan, Margaret Deceased
Finnegan, Sarah A. Orderedby
Finnernan, Winifred Mother
Fischer, Emma Mother
Fischer, Ernest Deceased
Fischer, Herman Father
Fischer, Herman Orderedby
Fischer, Jennie Mother
Fish, Agnes Orderedby
Fish, Ainsworth Father
Fish, Amy Mother
Fish, Arthur Father
Fish, Augusta M. Deceased
Fish, Caroline Mother
Fish, Charles F. Orderedby
Fish, Clarence Orderedby
Fish, Clarence J. Deceased
Fish, Dr. Orderedby
Fish, Elizabeth Mother
Fish, Elliot Father
Fish, Elliott Father
Fish, Ernest R. Deceased
Fish, Frances H. Deceased
Fish, G, Willard Orderedby
Fish, G.Willard Orderedby
Fish, George Deceased
Fish, George H. Father
Fish, Gertrude Mother
Fish, Hannah Mother
Fish, John Deceased
Fish, John A. Father
Fish, Joshua Father
Fish, Julia A. Deceased
Fish, Julie Orderedby
Fish, Leah Deceased
Fish, Mae E. Deceased
Fish, MaryAnn Mother
Fish, Mrs & children Orderedby
Fish, Sarah E. Deceased
Fish, Sarah J. Deceased
Fishbough, Jane Orderedby
Fishbough, Joseph Father
Fishbough, William Father
Fishbough, William N. Deceased
Fisher, Adolph Father
Fisher, Anna Mother
Fisher, Ashton H. Deceased
Fisher, Charles Father
Fisher, E.E. Orderedby
Fisher, Hattie Orderedby
Fisher, Henry Father
Fisher, Josephine E. Deceased
Fisher, Lena Mother
Fisher, Mrs.Martin Orderedby
Fisher, Sarah E. Mother
Fisher, Sibiria Mother
Fisher, Susan Mother
Fisk, Mrs.Roscoe Orderedby
Fiske, Col.Oscar Father
Fiske, Helen Deceased
Fiske, Mrs.Harriet Orderedby
Fiske, Mrs.Hester M. Orderedby
Fitch, ? Father
Fitch, Agnes Balikie Deceased
Fitch, Agnes M. Deceased
Fitch, Alonzo Father
Fitch, Edmund Deceased
Fitch, Edward Orderedby
Fitch, Edward Orderedby
Fitch, Edward H. Father
Fitch, Edward R. Deceased
Fitch, Edward R. Deceased
Fitch, Edward R. Father
Fitch, Edward R. Orderedby
Fitch, Edward R. Orderedby
Fitch, Erastor Father
Fitch, Florence Mother
Fitch, Helen Mother
Fitch, Henry A., MD Orderedby
Fitch, Marian S. Deceased
Fitch, Mrs.Smyrna Orderedby
Fitch, Ruth M. Orderedby
Fitch, Simon Father
Fitch, Smyra Deceased
Fitch, William Father
Fitzgerald, Anna L. Deceased
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Deceased
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Orderedby
FitzGerald, Elizabeth E. Deceased
Fitzgerald, Emmett Orderedby
Fitzgerald, Henry Father
Fitzgerald, J.J. Orderedby
Fitzgerald, James Father
Fitzgerald, James C. Father
Fitzgerald, James W. Deceased
FitzGerald, John Father
Fitzgerald, John J. Father
Fitzgerald, Mabel Orderedby
Fitzgerald, Maria Mother
Fitzgerald, Mary Gifford Deceased
Fitzgerald, Michael Deceased
Fitzgerald, Michael Father
Fitzgerald, Mrs.James Orderedby
Fitzgerald, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Fitzgerald, Raymond A. Father
Fitzgerald, Sarah Orderedby
Fitzgerald, Viola Mary Deceased
Fitzgerald, William Father
Fitzgerald, William J. Deceased
Fitzgerlad, Eva Orderedby
Fitzgerlad, Mary C. Mother
Fitzgibbon, Dennis M. Deceased
Fitzgibbons, ? Father
Fitzgibbons, Daniel E. Orderedby
Fitzgibbons, Dennis Orderedby
Fitzgibbons, Margaret Deceased
Fitzgrald, Elizabeth Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, Catherine Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Father
Fitzpatrick, Dennis Father
Fitzpatrick, Dennis Father
Fitzpatrick, Ed Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, Edward J. Deceased
Fitzpatrick, Geo. Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, James Deceased
Fitzpatrick, James Father
Fitzpatrick, James D. Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, James William Deceased
Fitzpatrick, Margaret Mother
Fitzpatrick, Mary Deceased
Fitzpatrick, Mary Mother
Fitzpatrick, Mary Mother
Fitzpatrick, Mary Mother
Fitzpatrick, Mary Moore Deceased
Fitzpatrick, Miss Sarah Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, Mrs.Jas Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Orderedby
Fitzpatrick, William Deceased
Flahive, Agnes atricia Deceased
Flahive, John Father
Flahive, Mrs.John Orderedby
Flakenbury, Stella Orderedby
Flammer, Ada L. Orderedby
Flammer, Albert J. Deceased
Flammer, Charles C. Father
Flammer, Charles C. Father
Flammer, Charles C. Father
Flammer, Charles F. Deceased
Flammer, Charles F. Father
Flammer, Elizabeth Deceased
Flammer, Elizabeth B. Deceased
Flammer, Frances Orderedby
Flammer, Frances Orderedby
Flammer, Frances Orderedby
Flammer, Frederick W. Deceased
Flammer, Frederick W. Orderedby
Flammer, George Orderedby
Flammer, George R. Deceased
Flammer, Lizetta Orderedby
Flammer, Mary J. Deceased
Flammer, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
Flammer, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Flammer, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Flammer, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Flanagan, Mary Mother
Flanagan, Mary J. Mother
Flanders, Henry L. Deceased
Flanders, Jane Mother
Flanders, Johnathan Father
Flanders, Johnathan Orderedby
Flannery, Bridget Mother
Flannery, Bridget Mother
Flannery, Bridget Mother
Flannery, John Father
Flannigan, Mary J. Mother
Flansburg, Nicholas Father
Flansburg, Nicholas Father
Flately, Bernard Father
Fleetmann, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Fleischer, Dora Deceased
Fleischer, Max Orderedby
Fleming, ? Father
Fleming, Abbie Mother
Fleming, Ethel Orderedby
Fleming, John F. Father
Fleming, Peter Oscar Deceased
Flemming, Mrs.Oscar Orderedby
Flemming, William Father
Fletcher, Alice Deceased
Fletcher, Betsey Mother
Fletcher, Elthena Mother
Fletcher, Hannah Mother
Fletcher, James Deceased
Fletcher, James Father
Fletcher, James Father
Fletcher, James Orderedby
Fletcher, Katherine Deceased
Fletcher, Leonard B. Deceased
Fletcher, Mae Orderedby
Fletcher, Maebelle Deceased
Fletcher, Marion Orderedby
Fletcher, Phineas Father
Fletcher, Wilbur Father
Fletcher, Wilbur Orderedby
Fletcher, Wilbur Orderedby
Flichone?, ? Mother
Flint, Baby Deceased
Flint, Lovina Mother
Flint, Millard Father
Flint, Millard Orderedby
Flint, Ortlunita Mother
Flood, Andrew Father
Flood, Mary Mother
Flood, May Margaret Deceased
Flora, Rose Mother
Flora, Rosie Mother
Florence Smith Orderedby
Flynn, Anna Mother
Foehrenbach, Elizabeth Deceased
Foehrenback, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Fogarty, Bridget Mother
Fogarty, Martin Father
Fogelsong, Martha Mother
Foley, ? Mother
Foley, Frank Deceased
Foley, Frank Orderedby
Foley, John Father
Foley, Margaret Deceased
Foley, Margaret Deceased
Foley, Mary Mother
Foley, Mary Mother
Foley, Patrick Father
Folier, Philip Father
Follick, Mary Mother
Follick, Mary J. Mother
Follick, Mary J. Mother
Follick, Mary Jane Mother
Folmsbee, Alexander Father
Folmsbee, J.A. Father
Folmsbee, John Father
Folmsbee, Josephine Mother
Folmsbee, Katherine H. Deceased
Folmsbee, Mr.P.H. Orderedby
Folmsbee, Mrs.P.H. Orderedby
Folmsbee, Pearl Orderedby
Folmsbee, Peter H. Deceased
Folmsbee, Sarah Jane Deceased
Folts, Daniel M. Deceased
Folts, DanielM. Father
Folts, Mathew Father
Folts, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Folts, Mrs.William Orderedby
Folts, William Henry Deceased
Fonda, Abraham Father
Fonda, Catharine R. Deceased
Fonda, Cornelius Father
Fonda, F. Father
Fonda, F.W. Orderedby
Fonda, Ferdinand W. Father
Fonda, Henry H. Deceased
Fonda, Horace Father
Fonda, Horace Father
Fonda, Louise M. Deceased
Fonda, Lucinda Mother
Fonda, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Fonda, Murray R. Deceased
Fonda, Robert C. Deceased
Fonda, Robert C. Orderedby
Fonda, Susannah Mother
Fonda, Susannah I. Mother
Fones, Cora D. Orderedby
Fones, Earl Deceased
Fones, John Father
Fones, John E. Deceased
Fones, Samuel Father
Fones, Samuel Father
Fones, Samuel Father
Fones, Samuel Father
Fones, Samuel Orderedby
Fones, Samuel H. Father
Fones, Samuel H. Orderedby
Fones, Samuel L. Deceased
Fones, William Deceased
Fones, William Father
Foote, Abner E. Father
Foote, Catherine Mother
Foote, Emmerette Mother
Foote, Frank Howard Deceased
Foote, Joseph Father
Foote, Leaman Father
Foote, Lehman Father
Foote, Leroy H. Deceased
Foote, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Foote, Mrs.L.H. Orderedby
Foote, Mrs.Leon B. Orderedby
Foote, Nathan E. Father
Foote, Sarah Mother
Foote, Sarah F. Mother
Foote, Solomon Father
Forbes, Emma C. Mother
Forbes, Sarah Mother
Forbes, Sarah Mother
Force, Hebry Father
Forcroft, William A. Orderedby
Ford, Ann Mother
Ford, Charels Father
Ford, Christine Orderedby
Ford, Elizabeth Mother
Ford, Emma J. Mother
Ford, Emmett D. Deceased
Ford, Esther Mother
Ford, Henry A. Father
Ford, Mrs.Finn&Phillips Orderedby
Ford, Naomi Mother
Ford, Nimrod Father
Ford, Sarah Mother
Fordham, Herbert L. Deceased
Fordham, Lester Orderedby
Fordham, Smith Father
Foresters of America Orderedby
Forman, Gertrude Mother
Forrest, Pheobe Mother
Fort, Katherine Mother
Fort, Katherine Mother
Fort, Katherine Mother
Forten, Alice S. Deceased
Forten, Burnette A. Deceased
Forten, Infant daughter Deceased
Forten, Joseph Father
Forten, Mrs Orderedby
Forten, Peter Father
Forten, Peter Orderedby
Forten, William Deceased
Forten, William Orderedby
Forten, Wm.J., Jr. Orderedby
Forth, Sarah Mother
Forthmiller, Albert F. Deceased
Forthmiller, Henry Father
Fortier, Philip P. Deceased
Fortier, William Father
Fortin, Herman J. Orderedby
Fortin, William Father
Fortin, William J. Deceased
Fortmiller, ? Father
Fortmiller, Albert F. Orderedby
Fortmiller, Henry F. Deceased
Fortuellen, Catherine Mother
Fortuna, Stephen Father
Fortuna, Wanda Marie Deceased
Fortunata, Desimore Mother
Fosmire, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Foster, Alexander Deceased
Foster, Augusta Mother
Foster, Caroline Mother
Foster, Caroline Mother
Foster, Charles M. Deceased
Foster, George Orderedby
Foster, James Father
Foster, Lillian Deceased
Foster, Marvin E. Father
Foster, Mary Mother
Foster, Mary E. Mother
Foster, Morgan H. Father
Foster, Mr.W.A. Orderedby
Foster, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Foster, Thomas Father
Fountain, Florence M. Mother
Fountain, Thomas Father
Fountain, Ward A. Father
Fowler, Angustus E. Deceased
Fowler, baby boy Deceased
Fowler, Carrie Deceased
Fowler, Clara Mother
Fowler, Francilla Mother
Fowler, Frederick H. Deceased
Fowler, Harriet Mother
Fowler, Harriett S. Mother
Fowler, Henrietta Orderedby
Fowler, Henrietta R. Deceased
Fowler, Howard C. Orderedby
Fowler, Joseph Father
Fowler, Mrs.Guy Orderedby
Fowler, Susan Deceased
Fowler, William A. Father
Fowles, Harriet Mother
Fox, Anna E. Mother
Fox, Dyantha Mother
Fox, Eliza M. Deceased
Fox, John Father
Fox, Mrs, Clark, Mrs Orderedby
Fox, William G. Orderedby
Foxcroft, James A. Father
Foxcroft, Jimmie Mother
Foxcroft, Minnie Mother
Foxcroft, Mrs.William Orderedby
Foy, Mary A. Deceased
Foy, Thomas Father
Foy, Thomas F. Orderedby
Frabel, Anna Mother
Frachette, Sophia Mother
Fradenburgh, Stephen Father
Frake, Alexander Deceased
Frake, Clifford H. Father
Frake, Clifford H. Orderedby
Frame, Helen Mother
Frame, Mary Mother
France, Amanda B. Father
France, Jacob Father
Frances, Edna Mother
Frances, Peter Father
Frances, Sarah Mother
Francis, George W. Deceased
Francis, Katherine Mother
Francis, Mrs.George Orderedby
Francis, Peter Father
Francis, Richard Father
Francis, Sarah Mother
Frand, James Orderedby
Frand, Nellie Deuel Deceased
Franklin, Alfred H. Deceased
Franklin, Annie E. Deceased
Franklin, Carolyn Deceased
Franklin, David Deceased
Franklin, David Father
Franklin, David Father
Franklin, David Father
Franklin, Frank Father
Franklin, Frederick T. Deceased
Franklin, George Orderedby
Franklin, George Nelson Deceased
Franklin, Gertrude Anne Deceased
Franklin, Harriet Orderedby
Franklin, Harriett Deceased
Franklin, Hattie Orderedby
Franklin, John Deceased
Franklin, Lydia Mother
Franklin, Lydia Mother
Franklin, Lydia Mother
Franklin, Lydia Mother
Franklin, Minerva Deceased
Franklin, Minerva Orderedby
Franklin, Mrs.David Orderedby
Franklin, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Franklin, Mrs.George Orderedby
Franklin, Samuel Father
Franklin, Samuel Father
Franklin, Thedford J. Father
Franklin, Thedford J. Orderedby
Franklin, Thomas Father
Franklin, Thomas F. Father
Franklin, William H. Orderedby
Franklyn, David Father
Franklyn, Harriet Orderedby
Franklyn, Samuel Father
Franklyn, William H. Deceased
Franz, Hemming Orderedby
Franz, Henning Father
Franz, Malcolm Deceased
Frarar, Catherine Mother
Frasear, Margery Mother
Fraser, Harriet Lavina Deceased
Fraser, Jesse L. Father
Frasier, Jennie E. Mother
Frasier, Lyman E. Father
Frasier, Mattie Mother
Frasier, Wilber E. Deceased
Frayer, Mary Ann Deceased
Frazer, ? Mother
Frazer, Jennie A. Deceased
Frazer, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Frazer, Samuel Father
Frazer, Samuel H. Deceased
Frech, Catherine Deceased
Frech, Henry H. Orderedby
Frechette, Charles Father
Frechette, Miss Emma Orderedby
Frechette, Phillemon Mother
Freebern, Alice Maud Deceased
Freebern, Elizabeth Deceased
Freebern, Jesse S. Orderedby
Freebern, Mrs.Elmer Orderedby
Freeburn, Elmer Orderedby
Freeburn, Jane Deceased
Freeland, Abel Orderedby
Freeland, Margaret Deceased
Freeman, ? Father
Freeman, Albarty W Orderedby
Freeman, Albert W. Orderedby
Freeman, Alice E. Deceased
Freeman, Ann M. Mother
Freeman, Benjamin F. Deceased
Freeman, Carrie Orderedby
Freeman, Catherine Orderedby
Freeman, Catherine Orderedby
Freeman, Charles Orderedby
Freeman, Charles H. Orderedby
Freeman, Cornelia C. Deceased
Freeman, David Father
Freeman, Edna Mother
Freeman, Edna Mother
Freeman, Elida Orderedby
Freeman, Elijah N. Deceased
Freeman, Elizabeth Deceased
Freeman, Elizabeth Deceased
Freeman, Emma L. Deceased
Freeman, Frances E. Mother
Freeman, Frank Orderedby
Freeman, George F. Orderedby
Freeman, Georgianna E. Deceased
Freeman, Henry S. Father
Freeman, Hiram Father
Freeman, Hiram Orderedby
Freeman, Isaac Father
Freeman, James Father
Freeman, James Father
Freeman, James Father
Freeman, James Hiram Deceased
Freeman, John Father
Freeman, John Father
Freeman, John P. Deceased
Freeman, Josephine Deceased
Freeman, Levi P. Deceased
Freeman, Lewis Father
Freeman, Lewis Father
Freeman, Lewis A. Deceased
Freeman, Loren F. Deceased
Freeman, Maria Mother
Freeman, Martha Deceased
Freeman, Mary Mother
Freeman, Mary Mother
Freeman, Mary E. Deceased
Freeman, Moses Father
Freeman, Mrs.Elizabeth Orderedby
Freeman, Mrs.Lucy Orderedby
Freeman, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Freeman, Nathan E. Deceased
Freeman, Washington R. Father
Freeman, Washington R. Father
Freeman, Washington R. Father
Freeman, William H. Father
Fregeau, mrs.Paul Orderedby
Freinman, John Father
Frelen, George Deceased
Frelen, George Father
French&Lorman Orderedby
French, ? Mother
French, ? Father
French, Betsy Mother
French, Charles Deceased
French, Fannie Orderedby
French, Frances Morris Deceased
French, James H. Deceased
French, John Father
French, John Edward Deceased
French, Lewis M. Father
French, Lewis M. Orderedby
French, Lewis M. Orderedby
French, Lewis N. Orderedby
French, Luther Father
French, Maria B. Deceased
French, Mary C. Mother
French, Mr.Shepard Orderedby
French, Philip Father
French, Richard Father
French, Richard Riley Deceased
French, Winsor B. Father
French, Winsor Brown Deceased
French, Winsor Pitcher Deceased
Fridenberg, Henry P. Deceased
Fridenberg, Mr.Victor Orderedby
Fridenberg, Perez Father
Fridman, Josephine Mother
Fried, August Orderedby
Fried, Charles Deceased
Fried, Julius Father
Fried, Sophia Deceased
Friedman, Abraham Orderedby
Friedman, Annie Deceased
Friedman, Edith Orderedby
Friedman, Edwin Deceased
Friedman, Ella Sebring Deceased
Friedman, Frank Father
Friedman, Isaac Father
Friedman, Jacob Father
Friedman, Martin Father
Friedman, Myer Deceased
Friedman, Samuel Deceased
Friedman, Thelma Mother
Friends Gen Conference Orderedby
Frink, Isaac Father
Frith, Agnes C. Mother
Frith, Marion Deceased
Frith, Norman Father
Frith, Norman Orderedby
Fritzon, ? Father
Frobisher, Adaline V. Deceased
Fronk&Limerson Orderedby
Frossard, Hazel Orderedby
Frost, Alonzo C. Father
Frost, Edith M. Mother
Frost, Elizabeth Orderedby
Frost, Mabel A. Deceased
Frost, Maud E. Deceased
Frost, William H. Father
Frost.Alonzo C. Orderedby
Fryer, Amelia Mother
Fryer, Chas G. Orderedby
Fryer, John Father
Fryer, John M. Deceased
Fullam, E.L. Orderedby
Fullam, Ernes L. Father
Fullam, Fern Deceased
Fuller, Abigail R.H. Deceased
Fuller, Alice Mother
Fuller, Alice Mother
Fuller, Alice S. Deceased
Fuller, Charles Deceased
Fuller, Charles Orderedby
Fuller, Charles E. Father
Fuller, Charles G. Father
Fuller, Chas. Orderedby
Fuller, David T. Father
Fuller, Edward H. Deceased
Fuller, Edward H. Orderedby
Fuller, Emmett Orderedby
Fuller, Emmett E. Father
Fuller, Frances Deceased
Fuller, George Deceased
Fuller, George Father
Fuller, Henry J. Deceased
Fuller, Ifant daughter Deceased
Fuller, Infany Deceased
Fuller, Isaiah Deceased
Fuller, John Father
Fuller, John Edward Deceased
Fuller, Joseph Deceased
Fuller, Joseph L., Sr. Father
Fuller, Joseph, Sr. Orderedby
Fuller, Josiah Father
Fuller, Luella Mother
Fuller, Mary Emma Deceased
Fuller, Miss Anna Orderedby
Fuller, Mrs.Susan Orderedby
Fuller, Noah Father
Fuller, Phoebe Orderedby
Fuller, Phoebe J. Deceased
Fuller, Robert Father
Fuller, Samuel Father
Fuller, Samuel W. Father
Fuller, Samuel W. Father
Fuller, Samuel W. Father
Fuller, Sheffield Orderedby
Fuller, Sheffield G. Father
Fuller, Sheffield Yates Deceased
Fuller, Susan E. Deceased
Fuller, Susan E. Orderedby
Fuller, Truman S. Orderedby
Fuller, Walter Orderedby
Fuller, Walter S. Orderedby
Fullerton, Mary A. Deceased
Fullerton, Walter A. Orderedby
Fullington, Charles Orderedby
Fullington, Cora A. Deceased
Fullington, Cynthia R. Deceased
Fullington, Levi Father
Fullington, Lucenia Mother
Fullington, Lucenia M. Mother
Fullington, Mrs.Cora Orderedby
Fulton, ? Father
Fulton, Howard Deceased
Fulton, James Father
Fulton, Jennie Orderedby
Fundenburg, George B. Father
Fung, Lilian B. Deceased
Funton, Olive M. Mother
Furman, Cora Mother

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