Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Ha.. to Hic..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Haas, Jacob Father
Haas, Louis Father
Habirshaw, Martin Father
Habirshaw, William M. Deceased
Hackett, Anna A. Mother
Hackett, William Father
Hadden, James Father
Haddlen, Henrietta Mother
Haddon, Harietta Mother
Hade, Grace Mother
Hagadorn, Elizabeth Mother
Hagadorn, Henry Father
Hagadorn, Henry Father
Hagadorn, Marshall W. Deceased
Hagadorn, Richard Father
Hagadorn, Sally Mother
Hagaman, Jacob Father
Hagamore, Alexander Father
Hagamore, Austin Deceased
Hagamore, Betsey Deceased
Hagamore, Catherine Deceased
Hagamore, George Father
Hagamore, Kate Mother
Hagamore, Mrs.Kate Orderedby
Hagamore, Nancy Deceased
Hagamore, Nancy Orderedby
Hagdu, Lasslo Deceased
Hagdu, Michael Father
Hageman, Ann Mother
Hagerman, ? Father
Hagger, Johanna Mother
Haggerty, Edward Orderedby
Haggerty, May Deceased
Haggerty, Patrick Father
Haggerty, Rose C. Deceased
Haggin, Charlotte E. Deceased
Hahn, Margaret Mother
Haight, Fredinand H. Deceased
Haight, Julia A. Mother
Haight, Mrs.F.H. Orderedby
Haight, Phoebe J. Deceased
Haight, Sarah A. Deceased
Hailstalk, Alice Orderedby
Haines, Harriet Mother
Haines, Helen Mother
Haines, Irving S. Deceased
Haines, John Father
Haines, Myron C. Father
Haing, Anna Mother
Hainlen, Dr.E.W. Orderedby
Hainlen, Dr.E.W. Orderedby
HAINLER, Dr.E.W. Orderedby
Hainler, E.W. Orderedby
Hainler, E.W. Orderedby
Haisert, Agnes Deceased
Hakes, Louisa A. Mother
Halcus, Josiah Father
Hale, Guy V. Orderedby
Hale, Guy V. Orderedby
Hale, MrsZ.C. Orderedby
Hall, Deceased
Hall, A.L. Orderedby
Hall, Albert Orderedby
Hall, Alice M. Deceased
Hall, Andrew Father
Hall, Andrew(Judge) Orderedby
Hall, Angeline P. Deceased
Hall, Annie C. Deceased
Hall, Arthur Orderedby
Hall, Augusta D. Deceased
Hall, Bertha A. Deceased
Hall, Bertha E. Orderedby
Hall, Burton J. Deceased
Hall, Dorothy A. Deceased
Hall, Edward S. Father
Hall, Edward S. Orderedby
Hall, Eli M., ? Father
Hall, Elizabeth Mother
Hall, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Hall, Elvira Mother
Hall, Emma Barnum Deceased
Hall, Ernie Orderedby
Hall, Esther Mother
Hall, Esther Mother
Hall, F.Andrew Orderedby
Hall, Frank Orderedby
Hall, Frank A. Deceased
Hall, Frank A. Orderedby
Hall, George Father
Hall, George Father
Hall, George Father
Hall, George H. Deceased
Hall, George H. Father
Hall, George H. Orderedby
Hall, George H. Orderedby
Hall, Hannah C. Deceased
Hall, Harvey P. Father
Hall, Hattie L. Deceased
Hall, Henrietta Mother
Hall, Howard H. Deceased
Hall, Ida Father
Hall, Ira Father
Hall, Isaac Father
Hall, Isaac Father
Hall, James L. Deceased
Hall, Jane Mother
Hall, Jane M. Mother
Hall, Jennie E. Deceased
Hall, Jennie E. Orderedby
Hall, Jennie M. Mother
Hall, John Father
Hall, John B. Father
Hall, John Bentley Deceased
Hall, John J. Deceased
Hall, Joseph Nelson Father
Hall, Louis O. Father
Hall, Louis O. Orderedby
Hall, Louis Oscar Deceased
Hall, Lucy Mother
Hall, Lucy Mother
Hall, Marion Orderedby
Hall, Martha Mother
Hall, Mary E. Deceased
Hall, Mehetable M. Mother
Hall, Mehitable Mother
Hall, Miles Father
Hall, Miles M. Father
Hall, Miss Laura Orderedby
Hall, Miss Mae Orderedby
Hall, Miss May Orderedby
Hall, Mrs Orderedby
Hall, Mrs. Orderedby
Hall, Mrs. Orderedby
Hall, Mrs.James Orderedby
Hall, Mrs.John B. Orderedby
Hall, Mrs.John B. Orderedby
Hall, Mrs.L.O. Orderedby
Hall, Mrs.Sarah A. Orderedby
Hall, Oscar Deceased
Hall, Oscar Father
Hall, Ruth Mother
Hall, Sarah Mother
Hall, Sarah E. Deceased
Hall, Sarah J. Deceased
Hall, Stella M. Deceased
Hall, Warren Curtis Deceased
Hall, William B. Deceased
Hall, William B. Orderedby
Hall, William G.A.R. Orderedby
Hall, William J. Father
Hall, William Lord Deceased
Hallenbeck Orderedby
Hallenbeck, Daniel Father
Hallenbeck, Helen E. Deceased
Hallett, Esther Ann Deceased
Halloway, Harry Deceased
Halsey, Oliver Father
Halstead, Susan Helen Mother
Ham, ? Mother
Ham, Olive Louise Deceased
Ham, Phebe Deceased
Ham, Sarah Mother
Hamblin, Hugh Payne Deceased
Hamblin, Ida Orderedby
Hamblin, Ruben B. Father
Hamell, Benjamin F. Deceased
Hamell, Chas Orderedby
Hamell, Clement Father
Hamell, Clement Orderedby
Hamell, F.J. Orderedby
Hamell, George Deceased
Hamell, Horace Father
Hamen, Ann Eliza Mother
Hamen, Mary A. Mother
Hames, Delia M. Deceased
Hames, John Earl Orderedby
Hames, Mrs.Almon Orderedby
Hames, Mrs.Almon Orderedby
Hames, Mrs.Jennie Orderedby
Hamill, Mrs.John Orderedby
Hamilton, Caroline Mother
Hamilton, Clementine Mother
Hamilton, Elizabeth Mother
Hamilton, Elizabeth Mother
Hamilton, Emma Mother
Hamilton, George Father
Hamilton, Henrietta Mother
Hamilton, John Father
Hamlet, John Father
Hamlhan, Norah Mother
Hamlin, Dr.E.W. Orderedby
Hamm, Alba Russell Deceased
Hamm, Conrad Father
Hamm, Conrad Father
Hamm, Edna Viola Deceased
Hamm, Edward C. Deceased
Hamm, Edward C. Orderedby
HAMM, Infant son Deceased
Hamm, Jane Ann Mother
Hamm, Jennie Orderedby
Hamm, Martha J. Mother
Hamm, Mary Eliza Deceased
Hamm, Miss B. Orderedby
Hamm, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
HAMM, Nicholas Father
Hamm, Nicholas Orderedby
Hamm, Nicholas E. Orderedby
Hamm, Nicholas M. Father
Hamm, Rebecca Mother
Hamm, William Deceased
Hammel, Rachel Mother
Hammell, Clement Father
Hammell, Clement Orderedby
Hammell, Clement Orderedby
Hammell, Della Deceased
Hammell, Freeman Father
Hammell, Mary Helen Mother
Hammerschlage, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Hammill, Horace Father
Hammond, Adelbert Delos Deceased
Hammond, Albart D. Orderedby
Hammond, Cora Deceased
Hammond, Cora May Deceased
Hammond, Cornelia Mother
Hammond, Frederick Gale Deceased
Hammond, George H. Orderedby
Hammond, Hannah Mother
Hammond, Harriet Mother
Hammond, Helen M. Deceased
Hammond, Jennie A. Deceased
Hammond, John F. Father
Hammond, Jonathan Father
Hammond, Jonathan Father
Hammond, Mary Mother
Hammond, Sarah C. Mother
Hammond, Sarah E. Mother
Hammond, William H. Deceased
Hammond, William J. Orderedby
HammondFrederick Father
Hampton, Lloyd Deceased
Hampton, William Father
Hanan, Veronica Mother
Hanananson?, Alzina Mother
Hand, Aaron Allen Deceased
Hand, Allen F. Father
Hand, Cornelia Mother
Hand, Helen M. Deceased
Hand, James A. Father
Hand, Mary Mother
Hand, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Hand, Samuel A. Deceased
Handley, Catherine Mother
Handy, Addie A. Deceased
Handy, Carrie L. Deceased
Handy, Charles S. Deceased
Handy, Charles S. Orderedby
Handy, Charles S. Orderedby
Handy, Corliss Orderedby
Handy, Cornelia A. Deceased
Handy, Dennis Father
Handy, Diana Fay Deceased
Handy, Eliza Ann Deceased
Handy, Ella Orderedby
Handy, Ethel Orderedby
Handy, Ethel Vines Deceased
Handy, Evelyn Marion Deceased
Handy, Frank H. Deceased
Handy, George Orderedby
Handy, George F. Father
Handy, Harvey J. Father
Handy, Harvey J. Father
Handy, John Father
Handy, John H. Deceased
Handy, John H. Father
Handy, John H. Father
Handy, John H. Father
Handy, Mabelle Orderedby
Handy, Miss Ella A. Orderedby
Handy, Mrs.Chas Orderedby
Handy, Mrs.Diane Orderedby
Hanes, David H. Father
Hanke, Willahanea Mother
Hanley, Helen Mother
Hanley, Jessie Mother
Hannaman, David Father
Hannan, Harry N. Deceased
Hannan, James Father
Hannan, James A. Deceased
Hannan, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Hannan, Peter Deceased
Hannee?, Sarah Mother
Hannon, Jane"Jennie" Deceased
Hannon, John Father
Hannon, Patrick Father
Hannon, Peter Father
Hannon, Peter Orderedby
Hannum, Nathan Osgood Father
Hansen, Charles E. Father
Hansen, Peter N. Father
Hansen, Waldo Mason Deceased
Hansen, Walter Deceased
Hanson, Kate Mother
Harbarger, Jean Deceased
Hard, Nathan Father
Harder, Edward Father
Harder, Edward Orderedby
Harder, George J. Deceased
Harding, Charles Father
Harding, Lee Orderedby
Harding, Mrs.S.L. Orderedby
Harding, Walter Deceased
Hardy, Ada E. Deceased
Hardy, Charles H. Deceased
Hardy, Edmond Father
Hardy, Edmund Father
Hardy, Edmund Father
Hardy, Edmund Orderedby
Hardy, Edwin Deceased
Hardy, Edwin Father
Hardy, George W. Orderedby
Hardy, Georgiana F. Deceased
Hardy, Henrietta Ruth Deceased
Hardy, Henry Father
Hardy, Infant Deceased
Hardy, John Father
Hardy, John Orderedby
Hardy, Joseph E. Deceased
Hardy, Margaret Mother
Hardy, Mrs.Francis Orderedby
Hare, Mary M.Q. Mother
Harger, Lucy Mother
Hargett, Martha J. Deceased
Hargrave, Cordella Orderedby
Harhness, Emma Mother
Harish, George Father
Harkin, Margaret Mother
Harleston, Mrs. Orderedby
Harmon, Lawrence A. Father
Harmon, Lena Orderedby
Harms, Phillipina Christina Mother
Harragan's, John Sons Orderedby
Harrie, Nelson A. Father
Harrington, Agnes M. Deceased
Harrington, Allen W. Orderedby
Harrington, Amos Lewis Father
Harrington, Anna Deceased
Harrington, Anna Mother
Harrington, Anna Orderedby
Harrington, Anna C. Deceased
Harrington, Anna M. Deceased
Harrington, Bentley Father
Harrington, Brice Worthy Deceased
Harrington, Charles H. Deceased
Harrington, Dennis Deceased
Harrington, Dennis Father
Harrington, Dennis Father
Harrington, Dennis Father
Harrington, Dennis Orderedby
Harrington, Dorothy Anna Deceased
Harrington, Ed&John Orderedby
Harrington, Edward Deceased
Harrington, Edward L. Deceased
Harrington, Edward L. Orderedby
Harrington, Elisha Father
Harrington, Ellen Orderedby
Harrington, Ellen Orderedby
Harrington, Emma Mother
Harrington, Eunice Deceased
Harrington, Francis Orderedby
Harrington, Francis J. Father
Harrington, Francis J., Jr. Deceased
Harrington, Harley Father
Harrington, Harley A. Father
Harrington, Harris E, Father
Harrington, Ida H. Deceased
Harrington, John Deceased
Harrington, John T. Deceased
Harrington, John T. Father
Harrington, John T. Orderedby
Harrington, John V. Deceased
Harrington, John V. Father
Harrington, John V. Orderedby
Harrington, Lenora Field Deceased
Harrington, Miss Alice Orderedby
Harrington, Miss Alice Orderedby
Harrington, Nancy Mother
Harrington, Nancy Mother
Harrington, Nellie Mother
Harrington, Orville Father
Harrington, The Mines Orderedby
Harrington, Thomas Father
Harrington, Thomas E. Father
Harrington, Timothy Father
Harrington, Timothy Father
Harrington, Timothy Orderedby
Harrington, Timothy J. Deceased
Harrington, Timothy J. Father
Harrington, Wyman Father
Harriot, Carman Father
HARRIS, Almon Father
Harris, Amy H. Mother
Harris, Benjamin Father
Harris, Catherine Mother
Harris, Charles Deceased
Harris, Charles Deceased
Harris, Charles Deceased
Harris, Charles Father
Harris, Charles Orderedby
Harris, Charles A. Father
Harris, Christopher Father
Harris, Christopher Orderedby
Harris, Christopher C. Father
Harris, DeWitt C. Father
Harris, Eleanor Mother
Harris, Ellen Mother
Harris, Etta L. Deceased
Harris, Flora L. Deceased
Harris, George Father
Harris, George Father
Harris, George Orderedby
Harris, George W. Father
Harris, Germina Mother
Harris, Griffin Orderedby
Harris, Hannah P. Mother
Harris, Hannah P. Mother
Harris, Henrietta B. Mother
Harris, Henry J. Deceased
Harris, John Father
Harris, Justin Father
Harris, Lucretia M. Mother
Harris, Lucy M. Mother
Harris, Male infant Deceased
Harris, Martha M. Deceased
Harris, Mary Mother
Harris, Mary J. Mother
Harris, Mrs.Nelson Orderedby
Harris, Mrs.Thos. Orderedby
Harris, Mrs.William Orderedby
Harris, Nancy Mother
Harris, Nancy Mother
Harris, Nancy Mother
Harris, Nancy Mother
Harris, Nancy J. Mother
Harris, Nelson Father
Harris, Nelson Father
Harris, Nelson A. Deceased
Harris, Phebe Mother
Harris, Ravial Father
Harris, Rev.Thomas J. Deceased
Harris, Truman Father
Harris, William Deceased
Harris, William Deceased
Harris, William Father
Harris, William Royal Deceased
Harris, Willie Belle Orderedby
Harrisom, Mary Mother
Harrison, Charles Father
Harrison, Ernest Deceased
Harrison, Francis Father
Harrison, George H. Deceased
Harrison, Grace Orderedby
Harrison, Hannah Deceased
Harrison, James Father
Harrison, James Father
Harrison, James F. Orderedby
Harrison, Jenith Father
Harrison, Mary A. Mother
Harrison, Mrs.Geo. Orderedby
Harrison, Mrs.James Orderedby
Harrison, Richard Father
Harrison, S.Isabella Deceased
Hart & Brothers Orderedby
Hart, Anna M. Deceased
Hart, Daniel Father
Hart, Daniel Orderedby
Hart, Elizabeth Mother
Hart, Fred I. Orderedby
Hart, James C. Orderedby
Hart, Jerry Deceased
Hart, Jessie Mother
Hart, Lucy Mother
Hart, Mary Cecelia Deceased
Hart, Maryette Deceased
Hart, Mrs.James Orderedby
Harten, Thomas Orderedby
Hartley, Grace Mother
Hartness, Mary Mother
Hartnette, Catherine Mother
Hartwell, Charles E. Deceased
Hartwell, Margaret Deceased
Hartwell, Mrs.Susan Orderedby
Hartwell, Phoebe Mother
Hartwell, Seymour Father
Hartwell, Suzanne Joan Deceased
Harvey, Alice Deceased
Harvey, Carrie S. Orderedby
Harvey, Ethel Carrie Deceased
Harvey, Herbert W. Father
Harvey, Mary Mother
Harvey, Mary Ann Mother
Harvey, W.D. Orderedby
Harwitz, Jacob Deceased
Harwitz, Pincus Father
Harwood, Emily Mother
Harwood, Ruth E. Mother
Hary, Emma D. Mother
Hasenfuss, Carrie Orderedby
Hasenfuss, Joseph Father
Hasenfuss, Joseph F. Deceased
Haskell, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Haskins&Cook Orderedby
Haskins, Alfred H, Orderedby
Haskins, Alfred H. Father
Haskins, Alice Deceased
Haskins, Benj. H. Deceased
Haskins, Della E. Deceased
Haskins, Harvey Father
Haskins, Infant Deceased
Haskins, John Father
Haskins, John C. Orderedby
Haskins, Josiah P. Deceased
Haskins, Miss Lillian Orderedby
Haskins, Miss Lillian Orderedby
Haskins, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Haskins, Reed Father
Haskins, Richard&Mrs Orderedby
Haskins, Sarah J. Deceased
Hassom, George Father
Hassom, Millard T. Deceased
Hastings, Sarah Mother
Hastings, Sarah Mother
Hatch, Eliza Ann Mother
Hatch, Frank Father
Hatch, Henry A. Deceased
Hatch, Martha Mother
Hates, Mary Mother
Hatfield, Alice A. Mother
Hatfield, Alice A. Mother
Hathorn, Achsah Kate Deceased
Hathorn, Carolyn Arthur Deceased
Hathorn, Desire M. Deceased
Hathorn, Emily H. Deceased
Hathorn, Frank H. Deceased
Hathorn, Frank H. Orderedby
Hathorn, George Orderedby
Hathorn, Henry H. Father
Hathorn, William A. Orderedby
Hatt, John Father
Hatton, Jean Stevenson Deceased
Hatton, Matilda Mother
Haughwout, Peter Father
Haverly, Bertrand Orderedby
Haverly, Nellie Isabelle Deceased
Haviland, Edith Orderedby
Hawkesworth, Dr.F.E. Orderedby
Hawkesworth, Helen B. Deceased
Hawkins, Benj. Father
Hawkins, Bertha L. Deceased
Hawkins, Caroline Mother
Hawkins, Charles Orderedby
Hawkins, Charles Orderedby
Hawkins, Charles Orderedby
Hawkins, Charles Orderedby
Hawkins, Charles Orderedby
Hawkins, Charles H. Deceased
Hawkins, Charles W. Father
Hawkins, Edward Father
Hawkins, Edward N. Deceased
Hawkins, Elizabeth Mother
Hawkins, Emma N. Deceased
Hawkins, Eseck Father
Hawkins, Fred Deceased
Hawkins, Frederick Orderedby
Hawkins, George Deceased
Hawkins, George Father
Hawkins, Gussie B. Deceased
Hawkins, Henry Deceased
Hawkins, Henry Father
Hawkins, Henry Father
Hawkins, Henry Father
Hawkins, Henry Father
Hawkins, John Father
Hawkins, Lizzie Mother
Hawkins, Lucy Deceased
Hawkins, Lydia Mother
Hawkins, Mary Sophia Deceased
Hawkins, Mary Sophia Deceased
Hawkins, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Hawkins, Sarah Deceased
Hawkins, Susan L. Deceased
Hawkins, Walter B. Deceased
Hawkins, William Father
Hawkins, William H. Father
Hawkins, William H. Orderedby
Hawkins, Wm.H. Orderedby
Hawks, Kate Mother
Hawley, Arthur M. Deceased
Hawley, Charles A, Father
Hawley, Charles A. Father
Hawley, Elizbeth W. Deceased
Hawley, Harriet Mother
Hawley, Isaac Father
Hawley, Lucy Ann Mother
Hawley, Marcia Wright Deceased
Hawley, Mary E. Mother
Hawley, Mrs.James Orderedby
Hawley, Reuben Father
Hawley, Rev.Bostwick Deceased
Hawley, Rev.Bostwick Father
Hawley, Rev.C.R. Orderedby
Hawtrey, Edward Father
Hawtrey, Montague Deceased
Haxton, Clara Mother
Hay, Myette Deceased
Hayden, Adelbert C. Deceased
Hayden, Dorinda A. Deceased
Hayden, Herbert Walter Deceased
Hayden, John C. Father
Hayden, Lewis Father
Hayden, Lymus Deceased
Hayden, Minnie Deceased
Hayden, Mrs.Minnie Orderedby
Hayden, Nellie Orderedby
Hayden, Nellie Lohnas Deceased
Hayden, Robert Father
Hayden, S.D. Orderedby
Hayden, S.Dexter Orderedby
Hayes&Pierce Orderedby
Hayes, Bridget Mother
Hayes, Hannah Mother
Hayes, Hannah Mother
Hayes, Hiram W. Deceased
Hayes, James Father
Hayes, James Orderedby
Hayes, Jimray Father
Hayes, John E. Father
Hayes, L. Orderedby
Hayes, Martha Dale Deceased
Hayes, Mary Mother
Hayes, Mrs.James Orderedby
Hayes, Patrick Father
Hayes, Rachel V. Mother
Hayes, William H. Father
Hayner, Mary E. Mother
Hayner, Mary E. Mother
Hayner, Nora May Mother
Haynes, Alonzo Father
Haynes, Anna N. Deceased
Haynes, Baby Deceased
Haynes, Clifford Father
Haynes, Clifford Orderedby
Haynes, Hulda Mother
Haynes, Lewis L. Orderedby
Haynes, Lewis Lester Deceased
Haynes, Lydia C. Mother
Haynes, Lydia C. Mother
Haynes, Lydia C. Mother
Haynor, Charles E. Deceased
Haynor, Josephine Deceased
Haynor, Miss Mamie Orderedby
Haynor, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Haynor, Mrs.Chas. Orderedby
Haynor, Nelson Father
Haynor, Nelson Father
Haynor, Nelson Father
Hays, Benjamin F. Father
Hays, Delia Orderedby
Hays, Elvira Mother
Hays, Jacob Father
Hays, John E. Deceased
Hays, John H. Orderedby
Hays, Joseph James Deceased
Hays, Reuben Father
Hays, Sophia J. Deceased
Hays, Susan R. Mother
Hayward, Belle Orderedby
Hayward, Belle Orderedby
Hayward, Belle Orderedby
Hayward, James J. Father
Hayward, Josiah Father
Hayward, Walter H. Deceased
Hazard & Chase Orderedby
Hazard, Eugenie Mother
Hazard, Infant Deceased
Hazard, John Orderedby
Hazard, Victor Father
Hazzard, Catherine E. Deceased
Hazzard, Charles Gilbert Deceased
Hazzard, Eli Father
Hazzard, Eliza J. Mother
Hazzard, John Father
Head, Hannah Mother
Healey, Bridget Mother
Heard, Abby Mother
Heartine, Catherine Mother
Heaslip, Alex&Jennie Orderedby
Heaslip, Alexander Father
Heaslip, Alexander Father
Heaslip, Alexander Orderedby
Heaslip, Alexander A. Deceased
Heaslip, Alexander B. Deceased
Heaslip, Anna Agnes Deceased
Heaslip, Anna Mary Deceased
Heaslip, Annie Mother
Heaslip, Annie Mother
Heaslip, Edith E. Deceased
Heaslip, Elizabeth Deceased
Heaslip, Elizabeth G. Deceased
Heaslip, Ellen Deceased
Heaslip, Ellen Orderedby
Heaslip, George Deceased
Heaslip, J.Newell Orderedby
Heaslip, James Father
Heaslip, James Orderedby
Heaslip, James N. Orderedby
Heaslip, James W. Deceased
Heaslip, James W. Father
Heaslip, James W. Father
Heaslip, Jennie Orderedby
Heaslip, Jennie Orderedby
Heaslip, Jennie E. Deceased
Heaslip, Jennie W. Deceased
Heaslip, Joseph Carey Deceased
Heaslip, Margaret Mother
Heaslip, Margaret E. Deceased
Heaslip, Martha Mother
Heaslip, Mary A. Mother
Heaslip, Mary Ann Deceased
Heaslip, Mary Ann Mother
Heaslip, Mary E, Mother
Heaslip, Maude Orderedby
Heaslip, Maude A. Orderedby
Heaslip, Miss Lizzie Orderedby
Heaslip, Mrs.Myra Orderedby
Heaslip, Mrs.William H. Orderedby
Heaslip, Myra Orderedby
Heaslip, Myra A. Deceased
Heaslip, Samuel Orderedby
Heaslip, Samuel R. Orderedby
Heaslip, Samuel R. Orderedby
Heaslip, Sarah Mother
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William Father
Heaslip, William A. Deceased
Heaslip, William H. Deceased
Heaslip, William H. Father
Heaslip, William H. Father
Heath, Ada Louise Deceased
Heath, Ann Mother
Heath, Cora E. Orderedby
Heath, Eli Deceased
Heath, Frances Mother
Heath, George Deceased
Heath, George Orderedby
Heath, George Orderedby
Heath, Isaac Father
Heath, Jane M. Deceased
Heath, John E. Deceased
Heath, Norman Deceased
Heath, Orange Father
Heath, Orange Father
Heath, Orange Father
Heath, Orange Father
Heath, Stephen Deceased
Heaton, Emily R. Deceased
Heaton, Ira C. Orderedby
Heaton, William Father
Heaton, William R. Deceased
Heaton, Wm.&Ira Orderedby
Heavland, ? Mother
Hedden, Eleanor C. Deceased
Hedden, George V. Father
Hedden, Hariete Orderedby
Heeney, Hannah Mother
Heffernan, E.J. Orderedby
Heffernan, Margaret Deceased
Heffernan, Sarah Mother
Hegeman, Eleanor Deceased
Hegeman, J.R. Father
Hegeman, J.R. Orderedby
Hegeman, John R. Father
Hegeman, John R. Orderedby
Hegeman, John R., Jr. Deceased
Hegeman, JohnR. Father
Hegeman, Richard A. Deceased
Heider, Gertrude A. Deceased
Heidrich, Louise Mother
Heigh, Rose Mother
Height, Etta Deceased
Height, Jane E. Mother
Heilemann, ? Mother
Heimann, Dorothy Deceased
Heims, Marion Orderedby
Heinburger, Herman Father
Heinburger, Lottie Deceased
Heins, Gustav Deceased
Heins, H.C. Orderedby
Heinze, Frederick Deceased
Heinze, Otto Father
Heisler, Robert Orderedby
Heisler, Robert E. Father
Heisler, Ruth R. Deceased
Helin, Sairni Mother
Heller, Maria Mother
Hellicus, Sarah J. Mother
Hellman, Bertha Deceased
Hellman, David Orderedby
Hellwig, , Henry L. Deceased
Hellwig, Helen Orderedby
Hellwig, John Father
Helm, ? Father
Helm, Charles A. Orderedby
Helm, Henry Martin Deceased
Helm, Jacob Deceased
Helm, Jacob Father
Helm, Jacob Orderedby
Helms, Sprncer Deceased
Helpig, Mrs.Lena Deceased
Helpirin, Joseph Deceased
Helprin, ? Father
Helprin, Anna Orderedby
Helwig, Beverly Marie Deceased
Helwig, Henry Father
Helwig, Henry Orderedby
Hemingway Mother
Hemingway, Adeline Mother
Hemingway, Mrs.R.A. Orderedby
Hemingway, Robert H. Deceased
Heminway, Frances Mother
Heminway, Robert Father
Hemple, Mary Mother
Hemsworth, Annie M. Deceased
Henderson, ? Father
Henderson, Edwin C. Deceased
Henderson, George Orderedby
Henderson, Marie Frances Deceased
Henderson, Martha Mother
Henderson, Martha Mother
Henderson, Mary Agnes Deceased
Henderson, Mrs.Cora Orderedby
Henderson, Nathan Deceased
Henderson, Pearl Deceased
Henderson, William Orderedby
Henderson, Wm.H. Father
Hendrick, ? Mother
Hendrick, Caroline Mother
Hendrick, Jerome Porter Deceased
Hendricks, Raymond Deceased
Hendricks, Vincent Father
Henning, ? Mother
Henning, Alfred G. Deceased
Henning, Anna J. Deceased
Henning, Ernestine Orderedby
Henning, Frederick Deceased
Henning, George Father
Henning, George P. Father
Henning, Henry P. Father
Henning, Louisa M. Deceased
Henning, Mrs.Arnold Orderedby
Henning, Mrs.Arnold Orderedby
Henning, Natalie Mother
Henning, Rudolph Orderedby
Henning, Rudolph&Arnold Orderedby
Henry, Almira Mother
Henry, Benjamin Father
Henry, Charles Orderedby
Henry, Charles A. Father
Henry, Doris Maria Deceased
Henry, Emma Deceased
Henry, Emma Mother
Henry, Emma Mother
Henry, Emma Mother
Henry, Horace Deceased
Henry, Horace Father
Henry, Margaret Mother
Henry, Mrs G.A.R. Orderedby
Henry, Robert Father
Henry, Sarah Mother
Henson, Rose E. Mother
Henstardler, Caroline Mother
Heon, Alphonse Father
Heon, Clara Orderedby
Heon, Joseph Deceased
Herald, Cantland Father
Herald, William Deceased
Herald, William, Jr. Orderedby
Herb, Henry Orderedby
Herbert, Charlotte Mother
Herbert, Henry Father
Herbert, Rachel Deceased
Herbst, George Father
Herdon, Garant Father
Herilhy, Hannah Mother
Herkes, ? Father
Herman, ? Father
Herman, Augusta Mother
Hermann, Anna Mother
Hermann, John C. Father
Hermans, Eliza Mother
Hernon, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Herrick, Anna Deceased
Herrick, Anna Orderedby
Herrick, Charles Father
Herrick, Clericle Mother
Herrick, Cluster A. Orderedby
Herrick, Daniel Father
Herrick, Daniel D Father
Herrick, Dennison Deceased
Herrick, Forrest Orderedby
Herrick, Forrest A. Father
Herrick, Franklin D. Deceased
Herrick, George Father
Herrick, Grace P. Deceased
Herrick, Helen M. Deceased
Herrick, Infant Deceased
Herrick, Mae Orderedby
Herrick, Margaret Mother
Herrick, Mrs.Forrest Orderedby
Herrick, Mrs.Stuart Orderedby
Herrick, Nellie Orderedby
Herrick, Nellie C. Deceased
Herrick, Samantha Mother
Herrick, Stuart Deceased
Herrick, William W. Father
Herrick, Zada Orderedby
Herrington, Baby girl Deceased
Herrington, Bentley Father
Herson, Wesley Deceased
Hertz, Clara Mother
Hertz, Rose Deceased
Hertzberg, Levine Father
Hertzel, Frederick Deceased
Hertzel, L. Father
Heskitt, Effie J. Mother
Heslan, James Deceased
Heslin, Dr.John Orderedby
Heslin, Dr.John E. Orderedby
Heslin, Dr.John E. Orderedby
Heslin, Edward Father
Heslin, Edward Father
Heslin, Edward Father
Heslin, Edward Father
Heslin, Elizabeth S. Deceased
Heslin, Frank S. Deceased
Heslin, John Deceased
Heslin, John Father
Hessler, Minnie M. Deceased
Hessler, Ray C.J. Orderedby
Hettrich, Anna Louise Deceased
Hettrich, Charles E. Deceased
Hettrich, Christian Father
Hettrich, Christian Father
Hettrich, Elizabeth Mother
Hettrich, Elizabeth D.E. Deceased
Hettrich, Frederick Deceased
Hettrich, Hannah Deceased
Hettrich, Mary Louise Deceased
Hettrich, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Hettrich, Peter Father
Hettrich, William G. Deceased
Hettrick, Louise Mother
Hettrick, Mrs.William Orderedby
Hettrick, Peter Father
Hettrick, Peter Father
Hewitt, Alva Father
Hewitt, Carolyn B. Mother
Hewitt, Catherine Mother
Hewitt, Catherine Mother
Hewitt, Edgar Orderedby
Hewitt, Edgar F. Orderedby
Hewitt, Fannie M. Deceased
Hewitt, Frank Orderedby
Hewitt, Frank M. Orderedby
Hewitt, Franklin V. Father
Hewitt, Franklin Vail Deceased
Hewitt, FrankM. Deceased
Hewitt, Hattie Mother
Hewitt, Hiram Father
Hewitt, Katherine Mother
Hewitt, Lillian Ida Deceased
Hewitt, Lottie Orderedby
Hewitt, Louesa Mother
Hewitt, Minnie Patch Deceased
Hewitt, Mrs. Orderedby
Hewitt, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Hewitt, Phoebe Mother
Hewitt, Richard Father
Hewitt, Susan C. Deceased
Heyden, Ernestine Orderedby
Heydon, Charles B. Father
Hickey, M.J. Father
Hickey, Mary Ann Mother
Hickey, Michael Deceased
Hickey, Michael Patrick Father
Hickok, Aaron Father
Hickok, Albert J. Deceased
Hickok, Alice A. Deceased
Hickok, H.T. Orderedby
Hickok, Harriet Orderedby
Hickok, Harriet Frances Deceased
Hickok, Nathan Deceased
Hickok, Nathan Father
Hickok, Nathan Father
Hicks, Esther M. Mother
Hicks, Henry Father
Hicks, Julia Mother
Hicks, Julia Mother
Hicks, Julia Mother
Hicks, Mamie E. Orderedby
Hickson, Alice Mother
Hicock, Theodore Deceased

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