Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Hid.. to Hz..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Hidlicka, ? Father
Hidlicka, Adam Father
Hidlicka, Adam Orderedby
Hidlicka, Baby girl Deceased
Higbie, Lucy Mother
Higgins, Agnes Mother
Higgins, Chauncey E. Deceased
Higgins, Henry Father
Higgins, Jessie Mother
Higgins, Joseph Father
Higgins, Joseph Henry Deceased
Higgins, Lucina Mother
Higgins, Lucina Orderedby
Higgins, Mrs Sarah Orderedby
Higgins, Samuel Father
Highbrown, Joseph Deceased
Highbrown, Mrs.J. Orderedby
Hildred, Sarah Mother
Hildreth, Jacob Father
Hildreth, S.C. Orderedby
Hiley, Anna Mother
Hill, ? Father
Hill, Beatrice M. Deceased
Hill, Bessie Orderedby
Hill, Catherine Mother
Hill, Catherine Mother
Hill, Catherine W. Deceased
Hill, Charles H. Father
Hill, Charles H. Orderedby
Hill, Charles W. Deceased
Hill, Clara Deceased
Hill, Clara M. Mother
Hill, Delia A. Deceased
Hill, Edna P. Deceased
Hill, Edward Deceased
Hill, Edward Orderedby
Hill, Edward Orderedby
Hill, Ella M. Deceased
Hill, Emily Deceased
Hill, Emily Mother
Hill, Florence W. Orderedby
Hill, George F. Deceased
Hill, Harvey J. Deceased
Hill, Hattie Mother
Hill, Henry Father
Hill, James R. Deceased
Hill, Jennie, Olive J Deceased
Hill, Jesse Orderedby
Hill, John Father
Hill, John Orderedby
Hill, John Orderedby
Hill, Joseph Deceased
Hill, Joseph Deceased
Hill, Joseph Father
Hill, Joseph Father
Hill, Joseph Father
Hill, Joseph W. Father
Hill, Joseph W. Father
Hill, Josephine Deceased
Hill, Josiah Father
Hill, Josiah Father
Hill, Lydia Mother
Hill, Lydia M. Mother
Hill, Lydia M. Mother
Hill, Mary Mother
Hill, Mary E. Deceased
Hill, Mary E. Orderedby
Hill, Mary Ward Deceased
Hill, Matilda Mother
Hill, Merritt S. Deceased
Hill, Mrs Charles W. Orderedby
Hill, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Hill, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Hill, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Hill, Olive J. Orderedby
Hill, Sadie Mother
Hill, Samuel Father
Hill, Samuel Orderedby
Hill, Sarah Mother
Hill, Sarah Mother
Hill, Sarah Mother
Hill, Sarah Mother
Hill, Sarah E. Mother
Hill, Sarah F. Mother
Hill, Seth Deceased
Hill, Thomas Father
Hill, William Deceased
Hill, William Father
Hill, William Father
Hill, William Father
Hill, Willis, Fredericks Orderedby
Hiller, Edwin Orderedby
Hiller, Hiram R. Deceased
Hiller, John Father
Hiller, Mrs.H.R. Orderedby
Hilliker, Harry C. Father
Hilliker, Harry C. Orderedby
Hilliker, Harry C., Jr. Deceased
Hillman, Hattie M. Mother
Hillman, Martin Father
Hillman, Morgan W. Father
Hills, Alice M. Deceased
Hills, Alzina Mother
Hills, Ascenath Mother
Hills, Clara E. Deceased
Hills, Edward M. Orderedby
Hills, Emily Mother
Hills, Leon N. Deceased
Hills, Leore N. Orderedby
Hills, Martha Orderedby
Hills, William R. Father
Hilton, Charles Father
Himes, Alice Orderedby
Himes, undertaker Orderedby
Hinckley&Renear Orderedby
Hinckley, Abigail Mother
Hinckley, Marian Mother
Hindmarsh, Mary Ann Deceased
Hine, Alice Orderedby
Hine, Alice A. Deceased
Hine, Caroline Deceased
Hine, G.S. Orderedby
Hine, Geo.S. Orderedby
Hine, George S. Deceased
Hine, Laura A. Deceased
Hine, Simon Father
Hines, Ann Mother
Hines, D.F. Father
Hines, Jane Mother
Hines, John Father
Hines, Margaret Mother
Hines, Nora Mother
Hinkley, ? Mother
Hinman, Chauncey Father
Hinman, Chauncey M. Father
Hinman, Fanny B. Deceased
Hinman, Herbert W. Deceased
Hinman, Mrs.Herbert Orderedby
Hinman, Mrs.Herbert Orderedby
Hinman, Nellie M. Deceased
Hinman, Robert C. Orderedby
Hinman, Ruth Orderedby
Hinman, Ruth G. Deceased
Hinman, Ruty Orderedby
Hinson, Jacob Deceased
Hinson, Jacon Miller Father
Hirsch, Thomas Orderedby
Hirsh, Dora Deceased
Hirsh, Mrs.Lena Orderedby
Hirson, Catherine Mother
Hirst, P.J. Orderedby
Hirst, Sarah Deceased
Hislip, Mary Mother
Hisloy?, Patrick Orderedby
Hitl, Caleb S. Father
Hitt, Caleb S. Deceased
Hitt, Caleb S. Father
Hitt, Caleb Smith Father
Hitt, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Hitt, Mattie Mother
Hitt, Mrs.C.S. Orderedby
Hitt, Smith Father
Hoag, ? Mother
Hoag, Mary Mother
Hobbs, Anna Orderedby
Hobbs, Anna L. Orderedby
Hobbs, Henrietta Mother
Hobby, Louise A. Mother
Hock, ? Mother
Hodge, Clarence W. Orderedby
Hodge, J, Homer Father
Hodge, Marguerite Deceased
Hodge, Rachael M. Mother
Hodge, William Deceased
Hodge, William Father
Hodge, William J. Father
Hodge, William J. Orderedby
Hodgeman, ? Mother
Hodgeman, John Father
Hodgeman, John B. Father
Hodgeman, John E. Deceased
Hodgeman, Lt.Cmm.William Father
Hodgeman, Marietta Mother
Hodgeman, Mary J. Mother
Hodgeman, Maryetta Mother
Hodges, Abbie Ann Mother
Hodges, Abbie Ann Mother
Hodges, Aiel Deceased
Hodges, Asahel Father
Hodges, Asel Father
Hodges, Ashel Father
Hodges, Austin Deceased
Hodges, B.Jennie Deceased
Hodges, Carl K. Orderedby
Hodges, Carrie L. Deceased
Hodges, Charles Father
Hodges, Charles H. Deceased
Hodges, Charles H. Father
Hodges, Charles H. Father
Hodges, Charles M. Deceased
Hodges, Charles R. Father
Hodges, Charles R. Orderedby
Hodges, Charles R. Orderedby
Hodges, Charles R. Orderedby
Hodges, Charles R., Jr. Deceased
Hodges, Edward Father
Hodges, Edward Father
Hodges, Edward Father
Hodges, Edward Father
Hodges, Edward A. Deceased
Hodges, Edward D. Deceased
Hodges, Edward D. Father
Hodges, Edward D. Orderedby
Hodges, Edwin Father
Hodges, Emma Mother
Hodges, Frank D. Father
Hodges, George D. Deceased
Hodges, George W. Deceased
Hodges, George W. Father
Hodges, Gilbert C. Deceased
Hodges, Harry L. Orderedby
Hodges, Inazette Deceased
Hodges, Isaac S. Father
Hodges, James Deceased
Hodges, James C. Deceased
Hodges, James C. Father
Hodges, James C. Orderedby
Hodges, James N. Father
Hodges, Johnathan Father
Hodges, Lida Mother
Hodges, Lillian Orderedby
Hodges, Louis H. Father
Hodges, Louis H. Orderedby
Hodges, Louisa B. Orderedby
Hodges, Louise J. Mother
Hodges, Margaret Mother
Hodges, Margaret Mother
Hodges, Margaret Orderedby
Hodges, Margaret Orderedby
Hodges, Mary E. Deceased
Hodges, Mary L. Mother
Hodges, Mrs. Frank Orderedby
Hodges, Mrs.A.L. Orderedby
Hodges, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Hodges, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Hodges, Mrs.Geo.D. Orderedby
Hodges, Mrs.James Orderedby
Hodges, Phoebe J. Deceased
Hodges, Sarah Deceased
Hodges, Verna R. Deceased
Hodges, William Father
Hodges, William E. Deceased
Hodges, William H. Deceased
Hodges, William H. Orderedby
Hodgman, Frederic Father
Hodgman, John B. Deceased
Hodgman, John H. Father
Hodgman, Joseph H. Deceased
Hodgman, Mary A. Orderedby
Hodgman, Melinda Mother
Hodgson, Adam Father
Hodgson, George Deceased
Hodgson, L.Meredith Orderedby
Hodgson, Mrs.Geo. Orderedby
Hodgson, Vivian M. Deceased
Hoefling, Martin Deceased
Hoey, Alice Cecelia Deceased
Hoey, Anna Stella Deceased
Hoey, Anne E. Deceased
Hoey, Bridget Deceased
Hoey, Charles Orderedby
Hoey, Charles L. Orderedby
Hoey, Edward A. Orderedby
Hoey, Eivra Aitken Deceased
Hoey, Marion Orderedby
Hoey, Mary C. Deceased
Hoey, Michael Father
Hoey, Michael Father
Hoey, Michael Father
Hoey, Mrs.Bridget Orderedby
Hoey, Patrick Father
Hoffman, Catherine Mother
Hoffman, Charles Father
Hoffman, Charlotte Deceased
Hoffman, Ernest Orderedby
Hoffman, Ernest H. Orderedby
Hoffman, Ernestine Mother
Hoffman, Ernestine Mother
Hoffman, Helen Orderedby
Hoffman, Helen A. Deceased
Hoffman, Henry Deceased
Hoffman, Herman Father
Hoffman, Hiram Father
Hoffman, Jeanette Orderedby
Hoffman, Mahlon Orderedby
Hoffman, Mahlon H. Father
Hoffman, Mahlon H., Jr. Deceased
Hoffman, Malilon Orderedby
Hoffman, Mary Orderedby
Hoffman, Mary S. Deceased
Hoffman, Menzo Deceased
Hoffman, Minnie A. Mother
Hoffman, not known Father
Hoffman, Peter Father
Hoffman, Sarah Mother
Hogan& Bevins Orderedby
Hogan, Catherine Mother
Hogan, Edward Father
Hogan, James Father
Hogan, Katherine Mother
Hogan, Katherine Orderedby
Hogan, Mary Deceased
Hogan, Patrick Father
Hogle, Prton Father
Hogobone, Nancy Mother
Hogoboon, Nancy Mother
Hogsett, Charles Y. Deceased
Hogsett, Jonathan Y. Father
Hogsett, Samuel J. Orderedby
Hohlock, Fredericka Deceased
Hohuert, Mary Mother
Holand, Anna Mother
Holbiltu, Hattie Mother
Holcus, Sarah Mother
Holden, Anna E. Deceased
Holden, Charles Father
Holden, Charles Father
Holden, Cornelius H. Father
Holden, Elmer J. Deceased
Holden, Ernest Deceased
Holden, Ernest R. Deceased
Holden, Frank B., Jr Father
Holden, Frank, Jr. Orderedby
Holden, George Deceased
Holden, George B. Orderedby
Holden, Mrs.Leon Orderedby
Holden, Mrs.Mary C. Orderedby
Holden, Rockwell Deceased
Holden, Rockwell Orderedby
Holden, Ruby Orderedby
Holden, Walter C. Father
Holden, Walter C. Orderedby
Holden, Walter Clark Deceased
Holiman, John Father
Holland, Abigail Mother
Holland, David L. Deceased
Holland, Edith G. Deceased
Holland, George Deceased
Holland, John D. Father
Holland, John D. Orderedby
Holland, Mabel Orderedby
Holland, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Holland, Mrs George W. Orderedby
Holland, Myrtle Mother
Holland, Phillip Father
Holland, Ruth E. Mother
Holland, Thomas Father
Holland, Timothy Deceased
Holleran, James Deceased
Holleran, John Father
Holleran, Leslie G. Orderedby
Holley, ? Father
Holley, Heorge Deceased
Holley.Julia Orderedby
Holliday, Julia Orderedby
Holliday, Lucious Deceased
Holliday, Minor Father
Hollinan, Mary Mother
Hollinger, Eleanor K. Deceased
Hollinger, Richard Orderedby
Hollingsworth, ? Father
Hollis, Mary E. Deceased
Hollister, Caroline Mother
Hollister, Emily M. Mother
Holloway, Mrs.Elsie Orderedby
Holman, Lydia Ann Mother
Holman, Lydia Ann Mother
Holman, Olive Mother
Holman, Osgood Father
Holmes, Alonzo J. Father
Holmes, Alonzo J. Father
Holmes, Armenia Mother
Holmes, Barbara Alice Deceased
Holmes, Cora G. Orderedby
Holmes, David E. Deceased
Holmes, Ebenezer Father
Holmes, Ebenezer Father
Holmes, Edgar A. Deceased
Holmes, Elizabeth G. Deceased
Holmes, Ella Deceased
Holmes, Frank B. Orderedby
Holmes, Frank B. Orderedby
Holmes, Franklin Deceased
Holmes, Genevieve Deceased
Holmes, Henry Deceased
Holmes, Henry Father
Holmes, Herbert Orderedby
Holmes, Horace Orderedby
Holmes, Jennie Orderedby
Holmes, Jessie F. Mother
Holmes, John Father
Holmes, John Olmstead Deceased
Holmes, Julia A. Mother
Holmes, Malinda Deceased
Holmes, Mary C. Mother
Holmes, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Holmes, Mrs.H.A. Orderedby
Holmes, Mrs.John Orderedby
Holmes, Olive M. Deceased
Holmes, Ruth A. Deceased
Holmes, Thomas Father
Holmes, William Father
Holmes, William Orderedby
Holmwood, Christine B. Deceased
Holmwood, Ebenezer Father
Holmwood, Ebenezer Father
Holmwood, Ebenezer Orderedby
Holmwood, Infant daughter Deceased
Holmwood, Janet Deceased
Holmwood, William J. Father
Holmwood, William J. Orderedby
Holsapple, Chloe T. Deceased
Holsapple, Elbert Deceased
Holson, Elizabeth E. Mother
Holtz, Anna C. Mother
Holtzer, Calvin P. Deceased
Holtzer, Frank Father
Homan, Annett Deceased
Homan, Bertha Luella Deceased
Homan, Edward Father
Homan, Edward K. Father
Homan, Evelyn May Deceased
Homan, George Orderedby
Homan, George A. Deceased
Homan, George A. Father
Homan, George A. Father
Homan, George A. Father
Homan, George A. Orderedby
Homan, George A. Orderedby
Homan, Irving Orderedby
Homan, Louise Mother
Homan, Mary Frances Deceased
Homan, Mrs.W.I. Orderedby
Homan, Robert Father
Homan, Robert G. Orderedby
Homan, Robert Irving Deceased
Homan, Roy A. Deceased
Homan, W.Irving Father
Homan, W.Irving Orderedby
Homan, William Irving Deceased
Homan, Wm.Irving Orderedby
Hombacker, S, MD Orderedby
Home of Good Shepherd Orderedby
Homestead Sanitorium Orderedby
Honko, Hilma Orderedby
Honko, John Father
Honko, John Victor Deceased
Honor, Hannah Laud Deceased
Honsinger, George Father
Honsinger, Kathryn Orderedby
Honsinger, Sidney Gordon Deceased
Hooker, August Henry Deceased
Hooker, August Julius Father
Hooker, Chloe M. Mother
Hooner, Nanette Mother
Hooper, Emma Mother
Hoover, Jeanette Mother
Hope, Peter Father
Hope, William O. Deceased
Hopewell, Rev G.W. Orderedby
Hopkins, ? Father
HOPKINS, Adelaide Mother
Hopkins, Amon C. Deceased
Hopkins, Augusta E. Deceased
Hopkins, Benj. Father
Hopkins, Burdett Father
Hopkins, Charles Orderedby
Hopkins, Charles A. Deceased
Hopkins, Charles A. Orderedby
Hopkins, Charles E. Orderedby
Hopkins, Elizabeth Mother
Hopkins, Frank B. Deceased
Hopkins, Frank S. Deceased
Hopkins, Frank s. Father
Hopkins, Frank S. Father
Hopkins, Frank S. Orderedby
Hopkins, Harry E. Deceased
Hopkins, Jennie Deceased
Horigan, James Father
Hornbacker, John H. Orderedby
Hornbaker, John H. Orderedby
Horner, Alice Mother
Horner, Charla F. Deceased
Horner, Charles Father
Horner, Charles Father
Horner, Charles Father
Horner, Charles Father
Horner, Charles Father
Horner, Charles Orderedby
Horner, Charles F. Father
Horner, Charles F. Orderedby
Horner, Francis Deceased
Horner, George Orderedby
Horner, George F. Deceased
Horner, George F. Orderedby
Horner, George H. Father
Horner, Milton Carl Deceased
Horner, Mrs.Milton Orderedby
Horner, Nanette Mother
Horsburgh, Jane Mother
Horsefield, Helen E. Mother
Horsefield, Nellie Mother
Horsefield, Thomas Father
Horsfield, Helen E. Mother
Horsfield, Mary Ann Deceased
Horsfield, Thomas Orderedby
Horsfield, Thomas D. Deceased
Horton, Elizabeth Mother
Horton, Emma M. Deceased
Horton, Francis W. Father
Horton, John Father
Horton, Lydick Father
Horton, Mary Mother
Horton, Ximena Mother
Horvath, ? Father
Horvath, Mary Mother
Hoskison, Alice M. Mother
Hosley, Stephen Father
Hosley, Stephen S. Deceased
Hospodka, Michael Father
Hotaling, Alice L. Orderedby
Hotaling, Dewitt C. Deceased
Hotaling, Ezra Father
Hotaling, Hannah Mother
Hotaling, Mrs.D.C. Orderedby
Hotaling, Mrs.D.C. Orderedby
Hotte, Catherine Mother
Hough, Lockwood M. Deceased
Hough, Melbourne Orderedby
Hough, Richard Deceased
Hough, Richard Father
Hough, Susan Orderedby
Hough, Wallace Father
Houghton, Anna Orderedby
Houghton, Dr.James Deceased
Houghton, Elizabeth Deceased
Houghton, George H. Father
Houghton, George L. Deceased
Houghton, James W. Deceased
Houghton, John H. Father
Houghton, William O. Deceased
House, ?? Mother
House, Lucy Mother
House, Mr.&Mrs Orderedby
Houseworth, Henry Father
Houseworth, Henry Father
Houseworth, John C. Deceased
Houseworth, Mary E. Mother
Houseworth, Peter Father
Howard, ? Father
Howard, Caroline L. Mother
Howard, Carollin L. Mother
Howard, Edward Deceased
Howard, Ella Mother
Howard, Frank Orderedby
Howard, Gladys Deceased
Howard, James W.B. Father
Howard, Lewis Father
Howard, Mary E. Orderedby
Howard, Mary J. Mother
Howard, Mary J. Mother
Howard, Mary T. Deceased
Howard, Maryetta Mother
Howard, Miss M.E. Orderedby
Howard, Peter Father
Howard, Seymour Father
Howard, Seymour Orderedby
Howard, Susan Mother
Howden, Maria Mother
Howe, ? Father
Howe, Adaline Deceased
Howe, Alia Deceased
Howe, Alice C. Mother
Howe, Caroline Mother
Howe, Caroline Mother
Howe, Clara L. Deceased
Howe, Cordelia Orderedby
Howe, Cordelia M. Deceased
Howe, David Deceased
Howe, David Father
Howe, Dolly Mother
Howe, Edward Deceased
Howe, Edward Porter Deceased
Howe, Eldridge W. Father
Howe, Eleazor Father
Howe, Eliza Orderedby
Howe, Eliza Blake Deceased
Howe, Eliza M. Orderedby
Howe, Elizabeth M. Deceased
Howe, Elizabeth M. Orderedby
Howe, Elmer Deceased
Howe, Esther J. Deceased
Howe, Frank B. Deceased
Howe, Frank B. Father
Howe, Frank B. Orderedby
Howe, Frank B., Jr. Deceased
Howe, Fred E. Deceased
Howe, Fred E. Orderedby
Howe, Fred&Oliver Orderedby
Howe, Helen Mother
Howe, Hilma Orderedby
Howe, John Father
Howe, John W. Deceased
Howe, John W. Father
Howe, Levi Father
Howe, Levi Father
Howe, Lewis McHenry Father
Howe, Lewis McHenry Orderedby
Howe, Louis Orderedby
Howe, Lyman Father
Howe, Lyman W. Father
Howe, Mabel Orderedby
Howe, Maria E. Deceased
Howe, Martha Mother
Howe, Mary Mother
Howe, Mary J. Deceased
Howe, Mary Jane Mother
Howe, Minnie A. Deceased
Howe, Mr Orderedby
Howe, Mrs.E.P. Orderedby
Howe, Mrs.G.A.R. Orderedby
Howe, Mrs.Oliver Orderedby
Howe, Mrs.Stephen Orderedby
Howe, Paige Father
Howe, Raymond E. Deceased
Howe, Raymond E. Orderedby
Howe, Raymond E. Orderedby
Howe, Sarah Mother
Howe, Sarah A. Mother
Howe, Sidney Deceased
Howe, Stephen Orderedby
Howe, Stephen E. Deceased
Howe, Susie Mother
Howe, Thomas Father
Howe, Thomas Father
Howe, Warren Deceased
Howe, Warren Father
Howe, Warren O. Orderedby
Howe, Warren W. Father
Howell, Phebe Mother
Howes, Huldah Mother
Howes, William Father
Howes, William Fenton Father
Howes, William Oliver Deceased
Howey, Isabel Deceased
Howey, William J. Orderedby
Howieson, James Father
Howk, Dr.Horace Orderedby
Howk, Dr.Horace J. Deceased
Howk, Horace Father
Howk, John C. Father
Howk, John Crouch Deceased
Howk, Judson W. Deceased
Howk, Stuart J. Orderedby
Howland & Riley Orderedby
Howland, Abigail Mother
Howland, Ann M. Deceased
Howland, Anna Mother
Howland, Anna Orderedby
Howland, Benjamin Deceased
Howland, Bernard Deceased
Howland, Betsy Mother
Howland, Caroline Deceased
Howland, Cordelia H. Deceased
Howland, Cornelius Deceased
Howland, Cornelius Orderedby
Howland, Cornelius Orderedby
Howland, Daniel B. Father
Howland, David Deceased
Howland, David Deceased
Howland, David R. Father
Howland, David R. Father
Howland, David R. Father
Howland, David R. Father
Howland, Dinah Mother
Howland, Elizabeth A. Deceased
Howland, Elvira Orderedby
Howland, Ernest Orderedby
Howland, Ernest D. Father
Howland, Fannie Mother
Howland, Frank C. Deceased
Howland, Frank Giles Deceased
Howland, George Orderedby
Howland, George H. Deceased
Howland, George H. Father
Howland, George H. Orderedby
Howland, Hannah Mother
Howland, Hannah E. Deceased
Howland, Harrison Father
Howland, Henry A. Father
Howland, Herbert N. Orderedby
Howland, Job Father
Howland, Jonathan Father
Howland, Josephine Deceased
Howland, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Howland, Mrs.O.V. Orderedby
Howland, Mrs.O.V. Orderedby
Howland, Mrs.Oscar Orderedby
Howland, Nancy J. Mother
Howland, Nicholas Deceased
Howland, Nicholas Father
Howland, Oscar Volney Deceased
Howland, Rebecca Deceased
Howland, Richard Deceased
Howland, Riley Father
Howland, Riley Father
Howland, Sarah Mother
Howland, Warren R. Orderedby
Howland, William R. Deceased
Hoxie, Elizabeth Deceased
Hoxie, Isaac Deceased
Hoxie, Miss Elizabeth Orderedby
Hoxie, Stephen A. Father
Hoysdon, Joseph Father
Hoyt, Betsey Mother
Hoyt, Caroline L. Deceased
Hoyt, Edward Orderedby
Hoyt, Edward Harlan Deceased
Hoyt, Elizabeth Mother
Hoyt, Elizabeth Mother
Hoyt, Emily R. Deceased
Hoyt, Estelle Mother
Hoyt, Eva Deceased
Hoyt, Harmon G. Father
Hoyt, Harmon S. Father
Hoyt, Helen Mother
Hoyt, Jane Mother
Hoyt, Jane Mother
Hoyt, Jane R. Mother
Hoyt, Jerah T. Father
Hoyt, Mary M. Deceased
Hoyt, Miller Father
Hoyt, Miss Carrie Orderedby
Hoyt, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Hoyt, Nancy Mother
Hoyt, Nancy Mother
Hoyt, Nelson W. Orderedby
Hoyt, Rev.Zera T. Father
Hoyt, Sarah Mother
Hoyt, Star Father
Hoyt, Willard Father
Hoyt, Willard H. Deceased
Hoyte, ? Father
Hrdlicka, Adam Deceased
Hrdlicka, Adam Father
Hrdlicka, Adam Father
Hrdlicka, Adam Orderedby
Hrdlicka, Adam Orderedby
Hrdlicka, Male Deceased
Hrdlicka, Rose Orderedby
Hrdlicka, Stephen Deceased
Hubbard, Mr Orderedby
Hubbart, Joseph Deceased
Hubbel, Caroline Mother
Hubbell, Delmer F. Orderedby
Hubbell, Dr.Silas Deceased
Hubbell, Dr.Silas Orderedby
Hubbell, Frederick B. Father
Hubbell, Frederick B. Father
Hubbell, Frederick B. Father
Hubbell, Lillian E. Deceased
Hubbell, Mrs.S.B. Orderedby
Hubbell, Sidney B. Deceased
Hubbell, Sidney B. Father
Hubbell, Sylas Father
Hubbs, Nora Deceased
Hubinsky, Agnes Orderedby
Hubinsky, Ignace Father
Hubinsky, Paul Deceased
Huckins, Frances Mother
Hudelson, Betsy Mother
Hudson, Ada E. Deceased
Hudson, Asa Father
Hudson, Caroline Mother
Hudson, Carrie Deceased
Hudson, Clinton Deceased
Hudson, Daniel M. Deceased
Hudson, Edith R. Deceased
Hudson, Edward T. Deceased
Hudson, Eliza H. Deceased
Hudson, Elva Deceased
Hudson, Elva Orderedby
Hudson, Frederick Father
Hudson, Hannah Deceased
Hudson, Harriett Mother
Hudson, Henry Martin Deceased
Hudson, Howard Deceased
Hudson, James A. Deceased
Hudson, Jane Mother
Hudson, Jane Mother
Hudson, John Father
Hudson, John H Orderedby
Hudson, John H. Father
Hudson, Jonathan Father
Hudson, Laura M. Deceased
Hudson, Lewis Father
Hudson, Lewis Father
Hudson, Lewis Father
Hudson, Lewis Father
Hudson, Lewis J. Orderedby
Hudson, Miles Deceased
Hudson, Miles Father
Hudson, Mrs. Orderedby
Hudson, Mrs.Clinton Orderedby
Hudson, Mrs.Edward T. Orderedby
Hudson, Mrs.Eliza Orderedby
Hudson, Mrs.Minnie Orderedby
Hudson, Mrs.Myron Orderedby
Hudson, Myron L. Orderedby
Hudson, Sally Mother
Hudson, Sally Mother
Hudson, Stephen Father
Hudson, Stephen Father
Hudson, Stephen E. Deceased
Hudson, Timothy Father
Hudson, William Father
Hudson, William Orderedby
Huell, Zilpha Mother
Huested, Elizabeth Deceased
Huff, Albert Deceased
Huff, Feliz Father
Huff, Frances Mother
Huggins, Elizabeth Mother
Hughes, Caleb Father
Hughes, Hampton Father
Hughes, James Deceased
Hughes, James Orderedby
Hughes, James J. Deceased
Hughes, James J. Orderedby
Hughson, Fannie Deceased
Huiff, Freeman Deceased
Huk, Mary Mother
Hulin, Frank W. Deceased
Hulin, Jane Mother
Hulin, Jane Mother
Hulin, Jane Mother
Hulin, Jane Mother
Hulin, Mrs.Margaret Orderedby
Hulin, Mrs.William A. Orderedby
Hulin, William A. Deceased
Huling, Caroline M. Mother
Huling, Caroline M. Mother
Huling, Caroline M. Mother
Huling, Caroline M. Mother
Hull, Anna C. Deceased
Hull, Gertrude Deceased
Humes, Helen M. Deceased
Humes, Hiram Father
Humes, Luella Mother
Humes, Orrin Father
Humes, Orville W. Deceased
Humeston, Frederick Orderedby
Humeston, Frederick Orderedby
Humeston, Frederick C. Deceased
Humeston, Frederick C. Father
Humeston, Frederick C. Father
Humeston, George L. Father
Humeston, George L. Father
Humeston, Lavina C. Deceased
Humeston, Lavina C. Deceased
Humeston, Mary Deceased
Humiston, Caroline Orderedby
Humiston, Frederick Orderedby
Humphier, Alfred Father
Humphrey & Waring Orderedby
Humphrey, Dr.J.F. Orderedby
Humphrey, E.D. Orderedby
Humphrey, Edwin Father
Humphrey, Ella Augusta Deceased
Humphrey, Frances C. Deceased
Humphrey, George I. Deceased
Humphrey, Henry L. Father
Humphrey, Henry L. Orderedby
Humphrey, Jennie A. Deceased
Humphrey, John Orderedby
Humphrey, John Irving Deceased
Humphrey, L.W. Orderedby
Humphrey, Mary C. Deceased
Humphrey, Maude F. Deceased
Humphrey, Melissa Mother
Humphrey, Mrs.Geo Orderedby
Humphrey, Mrs.Owen Orderedby
Humphrey, Owen W. Deceased
Humphrey, Phoebe Mother
Humphrey, Phoebe Mother
Humphreys, Clara Mother
Humphries, Ethel Orderedby
Hundmarsh, Thomas Orderedby
Hunt, Adeline Deceased
Hunt, Annah Mother
Hunt, Bridget Deceased
Hunt, Charles Father
Hunt, Ephriam Father
Hunt, Gertrude Mother
Hunt, Helen Mother
Hunt, James Deceased
Hunt, John Deceased
Hunt, John Father
Hunt, Josephine Deceased
Hunt, Michael Father
Hunt, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Hunt, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Hunt, William Deceased
Hunt, William Orderedby
Hunt, William H. Orderedby
Hunter, Alice Mother
Hunter, Andrew Father
Hunter, Andrew W. Deceased
Hunter, Annie Deceased
Hunter, Annie Mother
Hunter, Betsey Deceased
Hunter, Carrie Mother
Hunter, Daniel Orderedby
Hunter, David Deceased
Hunter, Esther Mother
Hunter, Esther Mother
Hunter, Esther Mother
Hunter, Eva Orderedby
Hunter, Eva Orderedby
Hunter, Frank&Morney Orderedby
Hunter, George Father
Hunter, George Father
Hunter, George Father
Hunter, George Father
Hunter, George Father
Hunter, Hannah Mother
Hunter, Henry Father
Hunter, Israel Father
Hunter, Isreal Father
Hunter, Isreal Father
Hunter, Jane Mother
Hunter, Jane Miller Mother
Hunter, Larina Mother
Hunter, Libbie M. Orderedby
Hunter, Linnie Deceased
Hunter, Mary Mother
Hunter, Mary Ann Mother
Hunter, Melfred Mother
Hunter, Melfud Mother
Hunter, Mrs.Nina Orderedby
Hunter, Nina Mother
Hunter, Nina Mother
Hunter, Riehannah Mother
Huppenbauer, Ernest Orderedby
Huppenbauer, Louise Deceased
Huppenbaurer, Bartholomew Father
Huppenbaurer, Ernest Deceased
Hurd, Bostwick Father
Hurd, Jennie Mother
Hurd, John Father
Hurd, John M. Deceased
Hurd, John, Jr. Deceased
Hurd, Martin Father
Hurd, Mrs Amelia Orderedby
Hurd, Mrs.William Orderedby
Hurley, Albert A. Deceased
Hurley, Almira Orderedby
Hurley, Almira Orderedby
Hurley, Charlotte B. Deceased
Hurley, Elmira E. Deceased
Hurley, Elmma Orderedby
Hurley, Frank E. Deceased
Hurley, George W. Father
Hurley, George W. Father
Hurley, George W. Father
Hurley, John P. Deceased
Hurley, Lewis Father
Hurley, Lewis J. Deceased
Hurley, Lewis N. Deceased
Hurley, Mary Orderedby
Hurley, Mary Orderedby
Hurley, Patrick J. Father
Hurley, Peter Father
Hurley, Peter Orderedby
Hurley, Peter K. Orderedby
Hurley, Regina Sylvia Deceased
Hurley, William J. Orderedby
Hurley, William J. Orderedby
Hurst, Edith Mother
Hurst, Grace Mother
Husted, Abbie Mother
Hustin, Charity Mother
Huston, Arthur Orderedby
Huston, Mary Mother
Huston, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Hutchins, Bert Butler Deceased
Hutchins, Herbert Orderedby
Hutchins, Julia C. Deceased
Hutchins, Lee M. Orderedby
Hutchins, Richard Father
Hutly, Catherine A. Mother
Hutty, Henry Father
Huyck, Mrs.J. Orderedby
Hyatt, Harriet R. Mother
Hyatt, Mary Mother
Hyatt, Stephen Father
Hyde, Andrew B. Deceased
Hyde, Annie F. Deceased
Hyde, Frederick Father
Hyde, Sibyl Mother
Hymen, Margaret Mother
Hynds, William Father

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