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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning I and J

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Ibbotson, Henry Father
Ibbotson, Joseph Darling Deceased
Ida, Sally Ann Mother
Ide, A, Harris Orderedby
Ide, Alba Marshall Deceased
Ide, Ariel Harris Father
Ilgen, Baby (Gailor) Deceased
Ilger, Frederock Father
Indracek, Edmund Orderedby
Indracek, Mary Deceased
Ingales, Loren Father
Ingalls, Daniel R. Deceased
Ingalls, Ernestine Orderedby
Ingalls, Frances Orderedby
Ingalls, Harrietta A. Deceased
Ingalls, Loren Father
Ingalls, Martha A. Deceased
Ingalls, Robert Father
Ingallsbee, Sarah Mother
Ingals, Jeannette Mother
Ingalsbee, Charlotte Mother
Ingalsbee, Charlotte Mother
Ingelrelst, Albert Father
Ingelrelst, Jean Deceased
Ingelrelst, Leonie Orderedby
Ingersol, Rebecca Mother
Ingersole, Nellie Orderedby
Ingersoll, Grace Orderedby
Ingersoll, John Father
Ingersoll, Mary Mother
Ingersoll, Mrs.Nellie Orderedby
Ingersoll, Mrs.William Orderedby
Ingersoll, Nellie M. Deceased
Ingersoll, Nelson R. Deceased
Ingham, Charlotte Deceased
Ingham, Fannie D. Deceased
Ingham, Frank W. Orderedby
Ingham, Mrs Orderedby
Ingmire, Martina Orderedby
Ingmire, Martina A. Deceased
Ingmire, William F. Father
Ingmire, William M. Deceased
Ingmire, Wm B. Orderedby
Ingraham, Caroline Mother
Ingraham, Grace Mother
Ingraham, Nehemiah Father
Ingram, Johannah Mother
Ingram, Mary Ann Mother
Innet, Claudia A. Deceased
Innet, Edward S. Orderedby
International Paper Orderedby
Intz, Caroline Mother
Intz, Caroline Mother
Ireland, Catherine Mother
Ireland, Daniel Deceased
Ireland, Daniel Father
Ireland, David Father
Ireland, Emma L. Mother
Ireland, George Deceased
Ireland, Hannah Deceased
Ireland, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Ireland, Oliver Father
Ireland, Rev.Thomas Father
Ireland, Sarah J. Mother
Ireland, Sarah J. Mother
Irish, Phebe Mother
Irish, Reuben Father
Irwin, John Father
Isaac, Jacob Father
Isaac, Jacob Orderedby
Isaac, Victoria Deceased
Isaacs, John N. Deceased
Isaacs, Mrs.John Orderedby
Isaacs, Nathan Father
Isaacs, Rhoda Deceased
Isbell, Alice E. Orderedby
Isbell, Alice P. Deceased
Isbell, Anna E. Deceased
Isbell, Emma Deceased
Isbell, Fannie J. Deceased
Isbell, Frank Orderedby
Isbell, Frank Orderedby
Isbell, Frank L. Deceased
Isbell, Fred E. Deceased
Isbell, Levi Father
Isbell, Levi Father
Isbell, Mary Jane Deceased
Ives, Anson J. Orderedby
Ives, Catherine Deceased
Ives, Rachel Mother
Iveson, Harry T. Father
Iveson, William T. Deceased
Izzo, Pretro Father
Jackson & Samuels Orderedby
Jackson, &Brown Orderedby
Jackson, ? Father
Jackson, Abram Deceased
Jackson, Arthur Deceased
Jackson, Bernard Deceased
Jackson, Caesar Father
Jackson, Carrie B. Mother
Jackson, Charles Deceased
Jackson, Charles Father
Jackson, Charles Father
Jackson, Charles Father
Jackson, Charles, Jr. Deceased
Jackson, Charles, Sr. Orderedby
Jackson, Charlotte Mother
Jackson, Clarence E. Deceased
Jackson, Claudia Mother
Jackson, Claudia Mother
Jackson, Claudia Mother
Jackson, Coleman Deceased
Jackson, Dellcina Deceased
Jackson, Ebben Father
Jackson, Ebbin Father
Jackson, Eben Father
Jackson, Edward C. Father
Jackson, Edwin Father
Jackson, Eliza Mother
Jackson, Eliza Mother
Jackson, Elizabeth Mother
Jackson, Elizabeth Orderedby
Jackson, Estella Mother
Jackson, Estelle Mother
Jackson, Estetta J. Mother
Jackson, Esther Deceased
Jackson, Esther Deceased
Jackson, Florence Orderedby
Jackson, Francis H. Orderedby
Jackson, Fred W. Deceased
Jackson, Fred W. Orderedby
Jackson, Georganna Deceased
Jackson, George P. Father
Jackson, H.Martin Deceased
Jackson, Henry Father
Jackson, Hollie Father
Jackson, Hollie Orderedby
Jackson, Holly Orderedby
Jackson, Horace Deceased
Jackson, Horace Father
Jackson, Horace Father
Jackson, Horace Father
Jackson, Horace Orderedby
Jackson, Horace W. Deceased
Jackson, Horace W. Father
Jackson, Inf. Daughter Deceased
Jackson, Italy Orderedby
Jackson, Italy Orderedby
Jackson, Italy Eugene Deceased
Jackson, James Deceased
Jackson, James Father
Jackson, James Father
Jackson, James I. Deceased
Jackson, James W. Deceased
Jackson, Jane Mother
Jackson, Jarvis Father
Jackson, Jennie A. Deceased
Jackson, Jesse Father
Jackson, John Father
Jackson, John Father
Jackson, John Father
Jackson, John F. Father
Jackson, John F. Father
Jackson, John F. Father
Jackson, Johnathan Father
Jackson, Josephine Mother
Jackson, Julia A. Mother
Jackson, Julia Ann Mother
Jackson, Julius Deceased
Jackson, Julius Father
Jackson, Julius Orderedby
Jackson, Laura Orderedby
Jackson, Lizzie Deceased
Jackson, Lizzie Orderedby
Jackson, Margaret Deceased
Jackson, Margaret Mother
Jackson, Margaret Mother
Jackson, Margaret Ellen Deceased
Jackson, Margurite Mother
Jackson, Maria Mother
Jackson, Marion Deceased
Jackson, Martin Deceased
Jackson, Martin Father
Jackson, Martin H. Father
Jackson, Martin, Jr. Orderedby
Jackson, Mary Deceased
Jackson, Mary Mother
Jackson, Mary Mother
Jackson, Mary A. Mother
Jackson, Mary J.E. Orderedby
Jackson, Matie Mother
Jackson, Melfred Orderedby
Jackson, Melfud Orderedby
Jackson, Mildred Mother
Jackson, Milton L. Deceased
Jackson, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Jackson, Mrs.James Orderedby
Jackson, Mrs.James&Zealie Orderedby
Jackson, Mrs.Margaret Orderedby
Jackson, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Jackson, Norman Father
Jackson, Pauline Hunter Deceased
Jackson, Phoebe Orderedby
Jackson, Phoebe A. Deceased
Jackson, Rachael Mother
Jackson, Richard Deceased
Jackson, Richard Father
Jackson, Richard Father
Jackson, S.A. Father
Jackson, Samuel Deceased
Jackson, Samuel Orderedby
Jackson, Sarah Orderedby
Jackson, Sarah Orderedby
Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth Mother
Jackson, Sarah Jane Deceased
Jackson, Sarah M. Mother
Jackson, Thomas Father
Jackson, Thomas S. Deceased
Jackson, Warren W. Father
Jackson, Warren Walton Deceased
Jackson, Warren Walton Father
Jackson, William Deceased
Jackson, William Father
Jackson, William Father
Jackson, William H. Father
Jacob, ? Father
Jacobie, Mary J. Mother
Jacobs, Elizabeth Mother
Jacoby, Mary Mother
Jacocks, ? Mother
Jacox, Jane Mother
Jakeway, Julius H. Deceased
Jakeway, Lemuel Father
Jakeway, Lucinda Deceased
Jakeway, Mrs.Julius Orderedby
Jambor, Mary Mother
Jameison, Ella A. Deceased
Jameison, Harold Terrett Deceased
Jameison, Mrs.Ella Orderedby
Jameison, William Father
Jameison, William Father
Jameison, William Rae Deceased
Jameison, Wm Orderedby
James, ? Father
James, ? Father
James, Barbara Jean Deceased
James, Clement Father
James, Clement Orderedby
James, Elizabeth Mother
James, Emily Mother
James, Evelyn M. Mother
James, Fred D. Orderedby
James, George H. Orderedby
James, Goldie Louise Deceased
James, Isabelle Mother
James, Joseph Deceased
James, Kathleen May Deceased
James, Lewis W. Father
James, Lewis Whitney Deceased
James, Marian Mother
James, Mary L. Deceased
James, Miriam D. Deceased
James, Mrs.Fred S. Orderedby
James, Mrs.John L. Orderedby
James, Richard Father
James, Samuel Deceased
James, Samuel L. Father
James, Sarah L. Mother
James, Thomas Father
Jardin, George C. Deceased
Jardin, John L. Orderedby
Jarry, Robert Father
Jarvis, Fannie May Mother
Jarvis, Hattie Orderedby
Jarvis, Mrs.E. Orderedby
Jarvis, Rosalie Mother
Jauvrin, Louis H. Father
Jaycox, Cornelius Father
Jeffers, ? Father
Jeffers, Ony Mother
Jeffords, Harry Deceased
Jeffords, Hiram Father
Jeffords, John Father
Jeffords, John Orderedby
Jefts, Roxanna Mother
Jehl, Julian Orderedby
Jehl, Marie E. Deceased
Jemsen, Olaf Orderedby
Jenkins, ? Mother
Jenkins, Alonzo Father
Jenkins, Alonzo Nelson Deceased
Jenkins, Anna Mother
Jenkins, Carrie Orderedby
Jenkins, Carrie B. Deceased
Jenkins, Edward J. Orderedby
Jenkins, Harry E. Orderedby
Jenkins, Jerome B. Deceased
Jenkins, Julius Father
Jenkins, Lelah M. Deceased
Jenkins, Leonard Father
Jenkins, Lucy A. Deceased
Jenkins, Mary E. Deceased
Jenkins, May Belle Deceased
Jenkins, Mrs.A.N. Orderedby
Jenkins, Nelson Father
Jenkins, Sanford Orderedby
Jenkins, Sanford Orderedby
Jenkins, Stephen Father
Jenkins, Wellington L. Deceased
Jenkins, William H. Deceased
Jenks, Edward Father
Jenks, Garth Austin Deceased
Jenks, Nancy Lovett Mother
Jennery, Cora E. Mother
Jennery, Walter Father
Jennings, ? Father
Jennings, Albert N. Deceased
Jennings, Almira Mother
Jennings, Caroline C. Deceased
Jennings, Harriet Deceased
Jennings, Margaret Mother
Jennings, Miss Julia Orderedby
Jennings, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
Jennings, Nettie Mother
Jennings, Roxanna Mother
Jennison, Mary V. Deceased
Jenny, Ann E. Mother
Jenny, Ann Eliza Mother
Jensen, Jens C. Father
Jensen, Martin Orderedby
Jensen, Peter C. Deceased
Jenson, Charles M.P. Deceased
Jenson, Hanson Father
Jentzer Burial Co. Orderedby
Jepson, Harriet Mother
Jeralee, Julia Mother
Jessup, Amy Jane Mother
Jessup, Philander Father
Jewell, Asa Father
Jewell, Eliza Mother
Jewell, Eliza Mother
Jewell, Elizabeth Mother
Jewell, Marion Mother
Jiles, John Father
Johansson, Ewald Father
John, Ingeborg Orderedby
John, Sarah Mother
Johns, Charity A. Mother
Johns, Eva Mother
Johns, Silas Father
Johnson&Doward Orderedby
Johnson, ? Mother
Johnson, ? Father
Johnson, Albert Deceased
Johnson, Alfred Orderedby
Johnson, Alfred L. Father
Johnson, Alfred, Jr. Orderedby
Johnson, Alfred, Jr. Orderedby
Johnson, Alfred, Sr. Deceased
Johnson, Andrew Deceased
Johnson, Andrew Orderedby
Johnson, Anna E. Deceased
Johnson, Annie Deceased
Johnson, Arthur C. Deceased
Johnson, Arthur E. Orderedby
Johnson, Arthur N. Deceased
Johnson, Augusta Deceased
Johnson, Augustus Orderedby
Johnson, Byron Orderedby
Johnson, Carrie Mother
Johnson, Catherine Orderedby
Johnson, Charles Deceased
Johnson, Charles Father
Johnson, Charles Father
Johnson, Charles W. Deceased
Johnson, David Father
Johnson, Dr. Orderedby
Johnson, Elizabeth Mother
Johnson, Elizabeth F. Deceased
Johnson, Emily Pennington Orderedby
Johnson, Emma Jane Deceased
Johnson, Esther Deceased
Johnson, Florence Orderedby
Johnson, Florence Orderedby
Johnson, Florence Webb Deceased
Johnson, Geo.N. Orderedby
Johnson, George Orderedby
Johnson, George Orderedby
Johnson, Georgiana Mother
Johnson, Gerta Mother
Johnson, Gustave Deceased
Johnson, Halvor Father
Johnson, Harriette L. Deceased
Johnson, Henry Father
Johnson, Henry P. Orderedby
Johnson, Henry P. Orderedby
Johnson, Henry P. Orderedby
Johnson, Ida Deceased
Johnson, Inglebregt Father
Johnson, Isaac R. Deceased
Johnson, James Father
Johnson, James Father
Johnson, Jane Deceased
Johnson, Jane Mother
Johnson, Jane Orderedby
Johnson, Johann Father
Johnson, John Father
Johnson, John Father
Johnson, John Orderedby
Johnson, John Thomas Deceased
Johnson, Jonas Father
Johnson, Julia Deceased
Johnson, Lillian Deceased
Johnson, Louisa F. Deceased
Johnson, Louise Deceased
Johnson, Lucy Mother
Johnson, Lucy Mother
Johnson, Margaret Mother
Johnson, Mary Orderedby
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Johnson, Mary Ella Mother
Johnson, Mary Janet Deceased
Johnson, Mary L. Deceased
Johnson, Maryetta Mother
Johnson, Maude Mother
Johnson, May Helen Deceased
Johnson, Mrs.A. Orderedby
Johnson, Mrs.Belle Orderedby
Johnson, Mrs.C.L. Orderedby
Johnson, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Johnson, Mrs.Isaac Orderedby
Johnson, Mrs.Ruth Orderedby
Johnson, Palmer Orderedby
Johnson, Patrick Father
Johnson, Phoebe Ann Mother
Johnson, Rachael R. Deceased
Johnson, Ransey Mother
Johnson, Richard Father
Johnson, Robert W. Deceased
Johnson, Ross Deceased
Johnson, Samuel Deceased
Johnson, Samuel Everett Father
Johnson, Sarah Mother
Johnson, Sarah Mother
Johnson, Sarah Mother
Johnson, Sarah Mother
Johnson, Sarah Mother
Johnson, Sarah J. Mother
Johnson, Thankful B. Mother
Johnson, Theodore Deceased
Johnson, Viola Mother
Johnson, Virginia Deceased
Johnson, Wakeman Father
Johnson, Walker R. Father
Johnson, Walter E. Deceased
Johnson, Walter W. Father
Johnson, William Deceased
Johnson, William Father
Johnson, William Father
Johnson, William H. Father
Johnston, ? Father
Johnston, Aran Deceased
Johnston, Elizabeth A. Mother
Johnston, Emma Deceased
Jones, ? Father
Jones, ? Father
Jones, Adelaide T. Deceased
Jones, Anna E. Mother
Jones, Anna M. Deceased
Jones, Bertha Daisy Deceased
Jones, C.Earl Deceased
Jones, Caroline L. Deceased
Jones, Carry Mother
Jones, Celia A. Deceased
Jones, David Father
Jones, David Father
Jones, Dolly A. Mother
Jones, E.S. Orderedby
Jones, Eber S. Deceased
Jones, Edith Gertrude Deceased
Jones, Edward Father
Jones, Edward Father
Jones, Edward Father
Jones, Edward B. Orderedby
Jones, Edward B. Orderedby
Jones, Edward J. Deceased
Jones, Elizabeth Mother
Jones, Ellen Mother
Jones, Ellen Mother
Jones, Emma Mother
Jones, Enoch Orderedby
Jones, Eveline E. Deceased
Jones, Fanny Mother
Jones, Fanny Mother
Jones, Festus Father
Jones, Frank Deceased
Jones, Frank Father
Jones, Franklin Deceased
Jones, Freeman M. Deceased
Jones, Fulton Father
Jones, George Deceased
Jones, George W. Father
Jones, Gertrude D. Deceased
Jones, Harry Orderedby
Jones, Harry F. Father
Jones, Harvey Deceased
Jones, Hayes Orderedby
Jones, Henrietta Deceased
Jones, Henry Father
Jones, Henry B. Father
Jones, Horace Father
Jones, Howard Father
Jones, Howard Orderedby
Jones, Howard Orderedby
Jones, Isaac Father
Jones, James H. Deceased
Jones, Jane M. Mother
Jones, Jane T. Mother
Jones, John A. Orderedby
Jones, John G. Deceased
Jones, John H. Deceased
Jones, John H. Orderedby
Jones, John M. Father
Jones, John S. Father
Jones, John S. Orderedby
Jones, John Samuel Deceased
Jones, Joseph Father
Jones, Kathleen Deceased
Jones, Lavina Deceased
Jones, Leila Deceased
Jones, Leonard Father
Jones, Leulla Mother
Jones, Lewis M. Father
Jones, Lewis M. Orderedby
Jones, Lewis M. Orderedby
Jones, Louisa Deceased
Jones, Margaret J. Mother
Jones, Maria Mother
Jones, Marian S. Mother
Jones, Marion Mother
Jones, Martha E. Deceased
Jones, Martha L. Mother
Jones, Martin Deceased
Jones, Mary Mother
Jones, Mary Mother
Jones, Mary A. Deceased
Jones, Mary A. Orderedby
Jones, Mary Ann Deceased
Jones, Mary Ellen Deceased
Jones, Mary Eva Deceased
Jones, Mary H. Deceased
Jones, Matilda Deceased
Jones, Mattie Orderedby
Jones, May Orderedby
Jones, Mildred Sarah Deceased
Jones, Miss Cetia A. Orderedby
Jones, Montfort Deceased
Jones, Montfort Father
Jones, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Jones, Nathaniel Father
Jones, Owen Father
Jones, Phillip Father
Jones, Phoebe Deceased
Jones, Preston Orderedby
Jones, Reuben P. Deceased
Jones, Rosa Deceased
Jones, Rosanna Mother
Jones, Rossena Mother
Jones, Russell B. Deceased
Jones, Samuel Father
Jones, Samuel Father
Jones, Sarah Deceased
Jones, Stafford Father
Jones, Stephen Deceased
Jones, Susan E. Mother
Jones, Thomas E. Deceased
Jones, Thomas, Jr. Orderedby
Jones, Viola Orderedby
Jones, William Father
Jones, William Father
Jones, William Father
Jones, William Orderedby
Jones, William Orderedby
Jones, William Orderedby
Jones, William Orderedby
Jones, William L. Father
Jones, William L. Father
Jones, William L. Orderedby
Jones, William R. Orderedby
Jones, William S. Deceased
Jones, William S. Deceased
Jones, William S. Father
Jonosen, ? Father
Jorda, Margurite Mother
Jordan, Ada Orderedby
Jordan, C.H. Orderedby
Jordan, Ella Mother
Jordan, Ella F. Deceased
Jordan, Frank Deceased
Jordan, Frank Orderedby
Jordan, Garrett Father
Jordan, Hattie M. Deceased
Jordan, Helena Deceased
Jordan, James Father
Jordan, James Father
Jordan, James R. Deceased
Jordan, John H. Deceased
Jordan, Laura E. Deceased
Jordan, Leonard Father
Jordan, Leonard Father
Jordan, Louise McGill Deceased
Jordan, Mrs.James Orderedby
Jordan, Rebecca Orderedby
Jordan, Sarah Mother
Jordan, Will Father
Jordan, William H. Father
Jorden, Ada Orderedby
Joseph, Sarah Mother
Joubert, Albert S. Father
Joubert, Amy L. Mother
Joubert, Ida Alice Deceased
Joubert, John Orderedby
Joubert, William H. Deceased
Joyce, Agness C. Orderedby
Joyce, Almon Deceased
Joyce, James Father
Joyce, Michael W. Deceased
Joyce, Patrick Father
Judd, Edith M. Deceased
Judson, Benj. F. Father
Judson, Benjamin Deceased
Judson, Benjamin Father
Judson, Elizabeth Deceased
Judson, Faith L. Deceased
Judson, Faith L. Orderedby
Just, Mrs.George A. Orderedby
Jyot, Margaret Mother

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