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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning K

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Kaabin, Martin Orderedby
Kade, Emily Mother
Kahn, Bertha Orderedby
Kaliski, ? Father
Kaluza, Elizabeth Mother
Kamenz, Augusr Father
Kamenz, Edward Deceased
Kamenz, Mrs.E.F. Orderedby
Kaminsky(Kaye), Anna Deceased
Kaminsky, Henry Father
Kamisky, Joseph Orderedby
Kanally, Mrs.George Orderedby
Kanaly, Dennis Father
Kanaly, George H. Deceased
Kanaly, Mrs.George H. Orderedby
Kane, Ann Mother
Kane, James Father
Kane, John Orderedby
Kane, Katherine Mother
Kane, Maurice Father
Kane, Mrs.Esther Orderedby
Kane, William Deceased
Kanenetaka, Jessie Chase Deceased
Karabin, Martin Father
Karabin, Mary Deceased
Karam Mother
Karcher, John Father
Karcher, William Deceased
Kark Orderedby
Kark, A.C. Orderedby
Kark, A.C. Orderedby
Kark, A.C. Orderedby
Kark, A.C. Orderedby
Kark, Maude T. Orderedby
Karker, Charles R. Orderedby
Karker, Sarah Deceased
Karmen, Elizabeth Mother
Karp, Joseph Father
Karp, Lena L. Deceased
Karp, Morris Orderedby
Karp, William Deceased
Karp, William Orderedby
Karr, Sarah Jane Mother
Karrick, Georgiana Orderedby
Karrick, Kenneth Deceased
Karrick, William H. Father
Kartonia, Frank Deceased
Kartonia, Frank Father
Kasper, John Father
Kasper, Joseph Deceased
Kasper, Victor Hugo Orderedby
Kathan, Barbara Mother
Kathan, Caroline Mother
Kathan, David Father
Kathan, John A. Father
Kathan, John C. Deceased
Kathan, Matilda Mother
Kathan, Nellie M. Deceased
Kathan, Orange Deceased
Kauffman Orderedby
Kaufman&Pletman Orderedby
Kaufman, Adolphus Orderedby
Kaufman, Bernard Orderedby
Kaufman, Ida Deceased
Kaufman, Julius Deceased
Kaufman, Meyer Father
Kavanaugh, Frank Deceased
Kavanaugh, Hugh Mother
Kavanaugh, Richard Father
Kavanaugh, Richard Orderedby
Kavicky, Mary Deceased
Kavicky, Paul Orderedby
Kay, Elizabeth Mother
Kay, Gertrude Mother
Kay, John D. Orderedby
Kay, Sarah Deceased
Kazdoy, Fanny Mother
Kearney, Cynthia Deceased
Kearney, Edward Father
Kearney, Edward W. Deceased
Kearney, Mary E. Orderedby
Kearney, Michael L. Deceased
Kearney, Miss M. Orderedby
Kearney, Morris J. Deceased
Kearney, Morris J. Father
Kearney, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Kearney, Mrs.Michael Orderedby
Kearney, William Father
Keating, Ellen Mother
Keats, Anne Mother
Kedzierski, Gertrude Orderedby
Kedzierski, Maryian Deceased
Kedzierski, Maryian Father
Kedzierski, Michael Deceased
Kedzierski, Michael Father
Kedzierski, Michael Father
Kedzierski, Michael Orderedby
Kedzierski, Shirley Ann Deceased
Kee, Catherine Mother
Kee, Joseph Father
Kee?, Joseph Father
Keech, Dernis Ann Mother
Keefe, Ann Mother
Keefe, Catherine Mother
Keefer, Robert Mingay Deceased
Keefer, Walter E. Father
Keefer, Walter E. Orderedby
Keegan, Madeline Deceased
Keegan, Michael Father
Keeling, Eliza Mother
Keenan, ? Mother
Keenan, Anna Mother
Keenan, Margaret Mother
Keeney, Charles J. Deceased
Keeney, Gladys Orderedby
Keeney, Neil Father
Kehoe, Elizabeth Mother
Keigh, Julia Mother
Keil, Florence A. Mother
Keith, Amasa Father
Keith, Amasa Father
Keith, Amasa Father
Keith, Annie Louise Deceased
Keith, Henry W. Deceased
Keith, Henry W. Father
Keith, Lydia A. Deceased
Keith, Lydia A. Orderedby
Keith, Mrs.H.W. Orderedby
Keith, Mrs.Lydia Orderedby
Keith, Ruth M. Mother
Keith, Sarah M. Mother
Kelch, Adolph F. Deceased
Kelch, Jacob Father
Kelch, Jacob Orderedby
Kelleher, Mary Mother
Keller, Eurydice Mother
Keller, Frank Father
Keller, James Verro Deceased
Keller, Minnie V. Deceased
Keller, Vroman B. Orderedby
Kelley, Ellen Mother
Kelley, Ellen Mother
Kelley, Mary E. Mother
Kelley, Sarah E. Orderedby
Kellis, Lucy Mother
Kellner, Frances Rose Deceased
Kellner, Michael Father
Kellogg, Francis A. Deceased
Kellogg, George R. Orderedby
Kelly, Anna Frances Deceased
Kelly, Archibald Father
Kelly, Charles F. Deceased
Kelly, Daniel Father
Kelly, Ethel W. Orderedby
Kelly, Genevieve Orderedby
Kelly, J. Father
Kelly, James Father
Kelly, James Henry Deceased
Kelly, John Father
Kelly, John Father
Kelly, John A. Deceased
Kelly, Marilla Mother
Kelly, Martha Mother
Kelly, Mary M. Mother
Kelly, Norman A. Deceased
Kelly, Patrick Father
Kelly, Patrick Father
Kelly, Robert Father
Kelly, Thomas Father
Kelsey, James J. Father
Kelsey, James J. Orderedby
Kelsey, Lewis S. Deceased
Kelsey, Matilda Deceased
Kelso, James Father
Kemble, John Father
Kemble, Rachael C. Mother
Kemp, Abigail L. Deceased
Kemp, Bridget Deceased
Kemp, Elmer Orderedby
Kemp, Emma E. Deceased
Kemp, Frederick Father
Kemp, Frederick H. Deceased
Kemp, Joseph Orderedby
Kemp, Lorinda Mother
Kemp, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Kemp, Oliver Father
Kemp, Oliver Father
Kemp, Sarah Mother
Kemp, Sarah A. Deceased
Kemp, Sumner Deceased
Kemp, Sumner Father
Kemp, Sumner S. Father
Kempff, Martin Father
Kempter, Charles Rudolph Father
Kempter, Mathilda Orderedby
Kendall, Carrie A. Mother
Kendall, Daniel Father
Kendall, Loton Herrick Deceased
Kendall, Mrs.Loton Orderedby
Kendall, Riley Father
Kendrick, Ashley Deceased
Kendrick, Willis Jason Father
Keniston, Ellen R. Mother
Kennah, Elizabeth L. Mother
Kennah, James Deceased
Kennah, John Father
Kennah, Sarah J. Deceased
Kennedy, ? Father
Kennedy, Charles Father
Kennedy, George Deceased
Kennedy, Helen Mother
Kennedy, Kate Orderedby
Kennedy, Mary Mother
Kennedy, Michael Father
Kennedy, Patrick Father
Kennedy, Sarah Mother
Kenney, Bernard Father
Kenney, Bridget Mother
Kenney, James H. Deceased
Kenny, Edward J. Deceased
Kenny, Joseph Father
Kent, Frances Mother
Kent, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Kent, Sarah Jane Mother
Kenworthy, Albion Orderedby
Kenyon, Almira H. Mother
Kenyon, Ellen Morgan Deceased
Kenyon, Emma Mother
Kenyon, Jay Deceased
Kenyon, Lansing Father
Kenyon, Louisa H. Deceased
Kenyon, Midora Elmira Deceased
Kenyon, Miss Ruth Orderedby
Kenyon, Mrs.Ellen M. Orderedby
Kenyon, Mrs.Horace, sister Orderedby
Kenyon, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
Keough, Patrick Father
Kerins, John S. Orderedby
Kerker, Katherine Mother
Kern, Clara C. Deceased
Kern, William G. Orderedby
Kerr, Evadene Orderedby
Kerr, Harry Father
Kerr, Martin J. Deceased
Kerzin, Cecil Mother
Kesler, Elizabeth Mother
Kessel, August E. Deceased
Kessel, Frederick Father
Kessel, Mrs.A.E. Orderedby
Kesselmark, John Father
Kesselmark, Marguerite Deceased
Ketcham, Frederick M. Deceased
Ketcham, Grace M. Orderedby
Ketcham, Isabelle Mother
Ketcham, J.A.P. Orderedby
Ketcham, Jennie Mother
Ketcham, Jerry Father
Ketchum, Clarence J. Deceased
Ketchum, Ebenezer Father
Ketchum, Eddie R. Father
Ketchum, Eliza Mother
Ketchum, Mary Orderedby
Ketchum, Nathan L. Father
Ketchum, Pamelia S. Deceased
Ketchum, Sarah Mother
Ketchum, Selinda Mother
Ketchum, Sussanah Mother
Key, George Father
Keyer, Lila Mother
Keyes, Jane M. Deceased
Keyes, John Father
Keyes, Samuel Father
Kicott, Fannie Mother
Kidd, John Father
Kidd, Julia Mother
Kiernan, Annie Mother
Kiernan, Nellie Mother
Kiersted, Ella Mother
Kieva, Amelia Mother
Kilahy, Frances Deceased
Kilbara, ? Father
Kilbara, Charles Orderedby
Kilbara, Florence L. Deceased
Kilbara, Jennie Orderedby
Kilbara, John Father
Kilbara, John Father
Kilbara, Josephine Mother
Kilbara, Mary Deceased
Kilbara, Mary Mother
Kilbara, Milon S. Deceased
Kilbarry, Mrs. Orderedby
Kilcullen, George Orderedby
Kiley, Dr.Joseph L. Orderedby
Kiley, Matthew Father
Kiley, Roger A. Deceased
Killbara, John Father
Kille, May Mother
Killean, Margaret Mother
Killmer, George Deceased
Killmer, Mrs.G.W. Orderedby
Killmer, William Father
Kilmer, Abram Father
Kilmer, Adoniram J. Deceased
Kilmer, C.B. Orderedby
Kilmer, Celista Lee Deceased
Kilmer, Ella E. Mother
Kilmer, Eunice Orderedby
Kilmer, Eva Mother
Kilmer, James Deceased
Kilmer, James Orderedby
Kilmer, John Father
Kilmer, Nettie Mother
Kilmer, Sarah Mother
Kilmer, Simon Father
Kilpatrick, Ellen Mother
Kimball, Eliza J. Mother
Kimball, Ingalls Deceased
Kimball, Ingalls Father
Kimball, Mrs.Harold A. Orderedby
Kimmel, David Orderedby
Kimmel, Henrietta Deceased
Kimpland, Maria Mother
Kinath, Christina Mother
King & Small Orderedby
King, Alexander E. Orderedby
King, Alice Deceased
King, Alice L. Deceased
King, Almeron Deceased
King, Alvira S. Mother
King, Andrew J. Deceased
King, Annie C. Orderedby
King, Blanch F. Deceased
King, Carmilla Mother
King, Catherine Deceased
King, Catherine Orderedby
King, Charity Mother
King, Charles Deceased
King, Charles Father
King, Charles S. Father
King, Chester Father
King, Chester Father
King, Chester Father
King, Clara Orderedby
King, Clara Amelia Deceased
King, Clarence Deceased
King, Cora Mother
King, Cora Orderedby
King, Cora Orderedby
King, Cora E. Orderedby
King, Daniel Orderedby
King, David Father
King, David H. Deceased
King, David H. Father
King, David H. Orderedby
King, Della Mother
King, Dorothy W. Deceased
King, Dr.Clayton T. Orderedby
King, Dr.E.H. Orderedby
King, Dr.Earl H. Orderedby
King, Edna Frances Deceased
King, Elisha S. Deceased
King, Eloise Orderedby
King, Emma Eliza Deceased
King, Florence Mother
King, Frances E. Deceased
King, Fred Deceased
King, George Father
King, George W. Father
King, Harold G. Deceased
King, Henry Deceased
King, Henry Father
King, Henry Orderedby
King, Henry B. Deceased
King, Henry B. Father
King, Henry B. Father
King, Henry B. Orderedby
King, Henry Barney Deceased
King, Henry C. Father
King, Henry C. Father
King, Ida L. Deceased
King, Infant Deceased
King, James Father
King, James H. Father
King, Jerry M. Father
King, Job Father
King, John Otis Orderedby
King, Lewis Father
King, Lilah F. Deceased
King, Lorenzo D. Deceased
King, Louis Father
King, Louise Mother
King, Lucy Mother
King, Mallissia Deceased
King, Margaret A. Deceased
King, Margaret A. Orderedby
King, Margaret M. Deceased
King, Mary Mother
King, Mary C. Deceased
King, Mary R. Mother
King, May Mother
King, May Louise Deceased
King, Miss Orderedby
King, Mr.&Sons Orderedby
King, Mrs Orderedby
King, Mrs.Alexander Orderedby
King, Mrs.Almeron Orderedby
King, Mrs.Clara Orderedby
King, Mrs.Earl Orderedby
King, Mrs.Frances Orderedby
King, Mrs.Jas.H. Orderedby
King, Mrs.Lottie Orderedby
King, Mrs.Nellie Orderedby
King, Mrs.Nellie Orderedby
King, Mrs.R.C. Orderedby
King, N.L.&Wm. Orderedby
King, Nellie L. Deceased
King, Newman L. Deceased
King, Otis Orderedby
King, Otis C. Deceased
King, Otis C. Orderedby
King, Patrick J. Father
King, Renzo Father
King, Robert Deceased
King, Robert Father
King, Robert A. Deceased
King, Robert A. Orderedby
King, Robert B. Father
King, Rufus Father
King, Sarah Eliza Deceased
King, Stephen Father
King, Sylvia A. Mother
King, Thomas M. Father
King, Thomas N. Father
King, W.Edgar Orderedby
King, Warren David Deceased
King, William Deceased
King, William Father
King, William Father
King, William H. Deceased
King, William H. Deceased
King, William H. Father
King, William H. Father
King, William H. Orderedby
King, William H. Orderedby
King, William H. Orderedby
Kingsley, Fanny Mother
Kinman, Margaret Mother
Kinnicutt, Elijah Father
Kinnicutt, Ida May Deceased
Kinnicutt, Nathaniel W. Deceased
Kinnicutt, Nathaniel W. Orderedby
Kinsel, G.A. Orderedby
Kinsel, Grantham A. Deceased
Kinsel, Mary B. Orderedby
Kinsel, Michael F. Father
Kipp, Eliza M. Mother
Kipp, Esther B. Deceased
Kipp, Esther S. Orderedby
Kipp, John E. Deceased
Kipp.John W. Father
Kirasuiewoka, Stephanie Mother
Kirchner, Etta Deceased
Kirchner, John Father
Kirk, Mary E. Deceased
Kirkland, Mary Mother
Kirkland, Wm Father
Kirkpatrick, Alexander Father
Kirkpatrick, Alexander Father
Kirkpatrick, Cecil Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, David Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, David Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, David A. Father
Kirkpatrick, David A. Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, David A. Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, Edgar A. Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Edith Mother
Kirkpatrick, Edith T. Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, Irene Deceased
Kirkpatrick, John Deceased
Kirkpatrick, John Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, John Richard Deceased
Kirkpatrick, John W. Father
Kirkpatrick, Marg.Elizabeth Mother
Kirkpatrick, Margaret Mother
Kirkpatrick, Margaret Mother
Kirkpatrick, Maria Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Mary Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Myrtle I. Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Richard Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Richard Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Richard Father
Kirkpatrick, Richard Father
Kirkpatrick, Richard Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, Richard Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, Robert S. Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Deceased
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Father
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Orderedby
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Orderedby
Kirkwood, Irwin R. Deceased
Kirsner, Harrold H. Deceased
Kirsner, Samuel Father
Kissel, Anna Marie Mother
Klauss, Eva Mother
Kleet, Rev.William Orderedby
Klein, Gabriel Orderedby
Klein, Minnie Deceased
Klein, Raphael Father
Klein, Sarah Mother
Klema, John Father
Klema, Michael Deceased
Klicz, Elizabeth Mother
Klicz, Michael Father
Klicz, Mrs.Elizabeth Orderedby
Klicz, Stephen Deceased
Kline, Delia Deceased
Klingburg, Malka Mother
Kloprenstein, Paul Deceased
Kmen, ? Father
Kmen, Anna Orderedby
Kmen, Baby Deceased
Kmen, Ferdinand Father
Kmen, Ferdinand Father
Kmen, Ferdinard Deceased
Kmen, Fred Orderedby
Kmen, Fred M. Deceased
Kmen, Fredinard Orderedby
Kmen, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Knapp & Sons, undertakers Orderedby
Knapp, A.P. Orderedby
Knapp, A.P. Orderedby
Knapp, Analine Mother
Knapp, Eliza Deceased
Knapp, Eveline Mother
Knapp, Harmon Staley Deceased
Knapp, Laura Mother
Knapp, Nellie H. Orderedby
Knapp, Phineas Father
Knapp, Phineas Father
Knapp, R.F. Orderedby
Knapp, R.F. Orderedby
Knapp, Robert F. Deceased
Knapp, W.N. Orderedby
Knappen, Theodore F. Father
Knapper, Evander Father
Kneale, Gertrude E. Deceased
Kneale, Robert Father
Knickerbocker, Deceased
Knickerbocker, Alice Hunter Deceased
Knickerbocker, Joseph Orderedby
Knickerbocker, Joseph Orderedby
Knickerbocker, Joseph P. Father
Knickerbocker, Josephine Orderedby
Knickerbocker, Margaret Mother
Knickerbocker, Marguerite, RN Orderedby
Knickerbocker, Mrs Orderedby
Knickerbocker, Nancy Deceased
Knickerbocker, Philip Father
Knight, Angie R. Deceased
Knight, George J. Father
Knight, John Deceased
Knight, John C. Father
Knight, Robert A. Father
Knight, Sarah Spencer Deceased
Knights, Amanda Mother
Knights, Charles Orderedby
Knights, Effie M. Deceased
Knights, Harriet Mother
Knipes, Jeanette V. Deceased
Knorr, Charles Father
Knorr, Frank Henry Deceased
Knowlton, Francis L. Orderedby
Knowlton, Nellie D. Deceased
Kobel, Abe Orderedby
Kobel, Sarah Deceased
Koch, Clara A. Deceased
Koenig, George Orderedby
Koenig, Godfrey Father
Koffman, Bernard Father
Koffman, Herman Deceased
Kogstat, Alma R. Deceased
Kogstat, John Father
Kogstat, John Orderedby
Kogstat, John Orderedby
Kogstat, John, Jr. Deceased
Kohlburner, Roman Father
Kolichman, Aaron Father
Kolichman, Isaac Aaron Deceased
Kommer, ? Father
Kommer, Jacob Deceased
Kommer, Jacob Orderedby
Kommer, Liza Orderedby
Kommer, Margaret Deceased
Koom, Frank Orderedby
Koons, Isaac Father
Kopetsky, Emma Mother
Korn, George Deceased
Kornfeld, Hanora H. Deceased
Kornfeld, Nathan Father
Kornfeld, Nathan Orderedby
Kornfield, Nathan Orderedby
Kosdia, Freida Mother
Kovalchuk, Demetry Deceased
Kovalchuk, Donna Orderedby
Kovalchuk, John Father
Kozel, George S. Orderedby
Kraemer, Clara Mother
Kramer, ? Father
Kramer, Abraham Deceased
Kramer, Elwood Deceased
Kramer, Louis Father
Kramer, Louis Orderedby
Kramer, Mrs.Elwood Orderedby
Kratina, Ferdinand Father
Kratina, Jerry Anton Deceased
Kratky, Mary Orderedby
Kratz, Elizabeth Mother
Kratz, Katherine Deceased
Kratzer&Shindle Orderedby
Kratzer, Grace Deceased
Kratzer, Hartley Orderedby
Kratzer, Jacob Deceased
Kratzer, John H. Orderedby
Kratzer, Lawrence Father
Kratzer, Lorenz Father
Kratzer, Myra E. Deceased
Kratzer, Percy E. Orderedby
Krieger, Harry Orderedby
Krom, Addie Mother
Krom, Infant Deceased
Krueger, Anna Mother
Krug, Andrew J. Father
Kruger, Marie Deceased
Kruger, Michael Father
Kruger, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Kruger, William Deceased
Krugler, Caroline Orderedby
Krugrt, Wilhelm Orderedby
Kuehn, Carl L.T. Deceased
Kuehn, Carl.L.F. Father
Kuehn, Marie D. Deceased
Kuhn, Dorothy Orderedby
Kulle, William Father
Kunkel, Emily Orderedby
Kunkel, Jacob Father
Kunkel, Rufus Jay Deceased
Kuntz, Emma Mother
Kunz, Jacob Deceased

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