Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning L

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

LaBatt, Brasil Father
LaBatt, Brazil Father
LaBatt, Mae Orderedby
LaBatt, Mary Orderedby
LaBatt, Seth B. Deceased
LaBatt, Seth B. Father
LaBatt, Seth B. Father
LaBatt, William Deceased
LaBonta, Erma A. Deceased
LaBonta, George Father
LaBonta, Mrs.George Orderedby
LaBounty, George E. Orderedby
LaBounty, John Father
LaBounty, Joseph Deceased
LaBounty, Mary J. Mother
LaBounty, May Deceased
Labram, Esther Mother
Labram, Hiram Deceased
Labram, James Father
Labrum, Homer Orderedby
Lacey, Eliza Mother
Lackey, Anna M. Mother
Lacy, Anna Mother
Lacy, Blanche Orderedby
Lacy, John Father
Lacy, Kate Mother
Lacy, Winifred Deceased
Ladd, James Father
Ladd, James Father
Ladd, Moses Deceased
Ladds, James H. Father
LaDow, Elizabeth Mother
LaDow, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Ladowney, Annie Mother
LaFevre, Abram Father
LaFevre, Mrs.Abram Orderedby
LaFleur, Joseph Father
LaFleur, Leo Deceased
LaFontaine, Alexander Father
LaFontaine, Gertrude S. Deceased
LaFountain, Mable E. Mother
LaFountain, Mable E. Mother
Lager, Cecial Mother
LaGrinn, James Deceased
Lailey, Harriet Mother
Laing, Catherine Mother
Laing, Charlotte Mother
Laing, Drew Father
Laing, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Laing, Mrs.William Orderedby
Laing, Paisley Father
Laing, William Father
Laing, William D. Deceased
Laird, Anne Mother
Laisdell, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Lake, Hazel M. Orderedby
Lake, Mariah Mother
Lake, Sarah Deceased
Lamb, Cora L. Deceased
Lamb, George H. Deceased
Lamb, James A. Father
Lamb, John Richard Deceased
Lamb, John S. Father
Lamb, John S. Father
Lamb, Mary A. Mother
Lamb, Mrs.Delia Orderedby
Lambert, ? Father
Lambert, Charles L. Deceased
Lambert, Emma Orderedby
Lambert, Lou B. Deceased
Lambert, Mary Mother
Lambert, Ralph F. Father
Lambert, Ralph F. Orderedby
Lambert, Samuel Father
Lamon, Albert L. Orderedby
Lamon, Elvira Deceased
Lamond, Archibold Deceased
Lamond, Sarah Hartwell Deceased
LaMontain, Charles T. Deceased
LaMontain, Moses Father
LaMontain, Pearl Orderedby
Lampe, Elise M. Mother
LAMPE, George Orderedby
Lampe, George F. Father
LAMPE, Marie Deceased
Lamphear, George Father
Lamphere, Julia Mother
Lamphere, Philene Mother
Lampherin, Helen Mother
Lanahan, ? Father
Land, Hannah Mother
Land, Hannah A. Mother
Landers, B.H. Orderedby
Landers, Ella Mother
Landers, Frances Mother
Landers, Michael Father
Landers, Mrs.Reed Orderedby
Landers, Sidney Father
Landgraf, August Father
Landgraf, Edward A. Deceased
Landrus, Harriet E. Mother
Landry, Joseph M. Deceased
Landry, Mabel Orderedby
Lane, Alice Mother
Lane, Charles E. Orderedby
Lane, David Orderedby
Lane, Dorothy E. Mother
Lane, Elizabeth L. Deceased
Lane, Male Deceased
Lane, Martha Jean Mother
Lane, Maud J. Deceased
Lane, Millie M. Orderedby
Lane, Mrs.Emma E. Orderedby
Lane, Mrs.William Orderedby
Lane, Richard Father
Lane, William Father
Lane, William Henry Father
Lane, Wm. Orderedby
Lanfear, Aurilla Mother
Lanfear, Della Deceased
Lanfear, Earl E. Deceased
Lanfear, Edwin Deceased
Lanfear, Frank H. Father
Lanfear, Frank H. Orderedby
Lanfear, Frank J. Deceased
Lanfear, Maynard A. Orderedby
Lanfear, Mrs.Edwin Orderedby
Lanfear, Richard Father
Lanfear, Susan A. Mother
Lanfear, Thomas Orderedby
Lanfear, Thomas Orderedby
Lanfear, Thomas H. Father
Lang, Anna Mother
Lang, Ernest Father
Lang, Mildred Orderedby
Langdell, Ruby L. Mother
Langdon, Emilie Mother
Langdon, Joseph Father
Langdon, S.Louise Deceased
Langley, Catherine Mother
Langworthy, Kezia Mother
Lankco, Mrs.Edmund Orderedby
Lanphere, Delilah Mother
Lansil, Kate L. Deceased
Lansil, Oscar Orderedby
Lansing, Amos S. Father
Lansing, Benjamin B. Father
Lansing, Florence Orderedby
Lansing, Louise Orderedby
Lansing, Phoebe Mother
Lansing, William G. Deceased
Lanterman, Harry M. Deceased
Lanterman, William C. Father
Lanzara, Margaret Deceased
Lanzara, Patrick Orderedby
Lape, Nellie S. Orderedby
Lapeon, David Father
LaPierce, Charles Father
LaPierce, Coral Deceased
LaPoint, Baby boy Deceased
LaPoint, Edward Orderedby
LaPoint, Edward J. Father
LaPoint, Irene Orderedby
LaPoint, Ruth Orderedby
Lapp, Harry Father
Lapp, John Deceased
Lapp, Mary Orderedby
Larkins, Susan R. Mother
Larmon, Agnes Mother
Larmon, John Father
Laroche, Mary Mother
Larsen, Oscar H. Orderedby
Larson, Anna Mother
Larson, Lawrence Father
Larson, Sarah Mother
LaRue, Elizabeth Mother
LaRue, Isaac Father
LaRue, Mary A Mother
LaRue, Mary A. Mother
LaSaux, Amelia Orderedby
Lasell, Hubert Father
Lasher, C.Francis Deceased
Lasher, Caroline H. Mother
Lasher, Clark L. Father
Lasher, Elizabeth H. Mother
Lasher, Lucinda Mother
Lasher, Sarah Maria Deceased
Lasker, Max Deceased
Lasker, Samuel Father
Lasky, Henrietta Mother
Lass, Louise E. Deceased
Lasser, Jacob Father
Lasser, Louis Deceased
Latham, Carrie B. Deceased
Latham, Clarence E. Orderedby
Latham, Daniel S. Deceased
Latham, Edgar E. Orderedby
Latham, Frances Emily Deceased
Latham, Frank L. Orderedby
Latham, George W. Father
Latham, Mary C. Mother
Latham, Minnie Orderedby
Latham, Sarah Ann Deceased
Latham, Smith Father
Latham, Smith W. Father
Lathers, Nancy Mother
Lathrop, Christine Mother
Lathrop, Florence D. Deceased
Lathrop, Harriet Deceased
Lathrop, Thomas Father
Lathrop, Thomas Father
Latimer, Thomas H. Orderedby
Lattimore, Benj. Father
Lattimore, Benjamin Father
Lattimore, Benjamin Father
Lattimore, Benjamin Orderedby
Lattimore, Charles S. Deceased
Lattimore, Charles S. Father
Lattimore, Helen Orderedby
Lattimore, Josephine Mother
Lattimore, Mattie G. Deceased
Lattimore, Mrs.Thom. Orderedby
Lattimore, Mrs.William T. Orderedby
Lattimore, Thomas C. Deceased
Lattimore, William T. Deceased
Laud, Hanna Mother
Laud, Hannah Mother
Laud, John Father
Laud, Martha J. Deceased
Lauder, David Father
Lauder, Katharine A. Deceased
Lauder, Robert Orderedby
Lauders, Mrs.R.E. Orderedby
Lauders, Octavas Father
Lauders, Reed E. Deceased
Laughlin, Mary Mother
Lauren, Charles K. Father
Lauven, John Scott Deceased
LaVell, Frederick Orderedby
LaVelle, Marion Mother
Lavenstein, Franklyn Orderedby
Lavenstein, Grace Deceased
Lavern, Josiah Father
Lavery, Elizabeth Orderedby
Lavine, Abraham Deceased
Lavine, Abraham Orderedby
Lavine, Alexander Father
Lavine, Alexander Orderedby
Lavine, Fanny Deceased
Lavine, Harvey Allen Deceased
Lavine, Nathan Father
Lavine, Samuel Orderedby
Law, Ella Mother
Lawler, Mrs.T.F. Orderedby
Lawless, Ellen Deceased
Lawlor, Alida Ann Deceased
Lawlor, Fred Orderedby
Lawlor, Henrietta Deceased
Lawlor, James Orderedby
Lawlor, Mrs.James Orderedby
Lawrence, Ada Mother
Lawrence, Ambrose J., sr. Father
Lawrence, Clara Mother
Lawrence, Elizabeth Mother
Lawrence, Franklin W. Deceased
Lawrence, Hazel L. Deceased
Lawrence, Henry Father
Lawrence, James N. Deceased
Lawrence, John Father
Lawrence, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Lawrence, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Lawrence, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Lawrence, Raymond Father
Lawrence, Raymond Orderedby
Lawrence, Raymond Orderedby
Lawrence, Raymond, Jr. Deceased
Lawton, Ann E. Mother
Lawton, Edward P. Deceased
Lawton, Hiram Father
Lawton, James Orderedby
Lawton, James Frank Deceased
Lawton, John G. Father
Layman, Loretta Mother
Lazelle, Rhoda Mother
Leach, Esther Mother
Leach, Fannie Mother
Leach, Huldah Mother
Leach, Nellie Mother
Leahe, C.P. Orderedby
Leahy, Catherine Deceased
Leahy, Julia A. Deceased
Leahy, Thomas Father
Leake, C.P. Orderedby
Lear, Erwin Father
Lear, Ida Mae Deceased
Learned, Eunice Mother
Leary, John & sons Orderedby
Leary, John J. Deceased
Leathe, Edward Deceased
Leathe, Josiah Father
Leathe, Mrs.E.C. Orderedby
LeBaron, Ellen M. Deceased
LeBaron, Emeline Mother
LeBaron, Harry Orderedby
LeBaron, Jennie L. Deceased
LeBatt, Mr. Orderedby
Lechtenstien, Aron Deceased
LeClair Orderedby
LeClair, ? Father
LeClair, Adelphine Deceased
LeClair, Florence Mother
LeClair, Francis Father
LeClair, Frank Orderedby
LeClair, John B. Deceased
LeClair, John B. Father
LeClair, John B. Orderedby
LeClair, John H. Deceased
LeClair, Joseph Father
LeClair, Lester J. Deceased
LeClair, Lucy Deceased
LeClair, Marion Orderedby
LeClair, Mary E. Deceased
Leddy, Catherine Mother
Ledlie, Charlotte Deceased
Ledlie, David B. Deceased
Ledlie, David B. Orderedby
Ledlie, John&Robert Orderedby
Ledlie, Lena Crozier Deceased
Ledlie, Robert Father
Ledlie, Robert H. Orderedby
Lee, ? Mother
Lee, Alice Mother
Lee, Alice Mother
Lee, Andrew J. Father
Lee, Anna A. Orderedby
Lee, Arthur O. Deceased
Lee, Arthur O. Orderedby
Lee, Arvilla Deceased
Lee, Charles A. Deceased
Lee, Cornelia Deceased
Lee, Elijah Father
Lee, Elizabeth Orderedby
Lee, Emeline Mother
Lee, Emeline Mother
Lee, Emmit Orderedby
Lee, Frank Ashley Deceased
Lee, Frederick Deceased
Lee, George Orderedby
Lee, James Father
Lee, James Father
Lee, James Father
Lee, James Father
Lee, James A. Deceased
Lee, James A. Father
Lee, Jennie Mother
Lee, John Father
Lee, John A. Father
Lee, John A. Father
Lee, John H. Deceased
Lee, Lawrence Father
Lee, Lucy P. Mother
Lee, Mary Ann Mother
Lee, Minnie E. Deceased
Lee, Miss Erie Orderedby
Lee, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Lee, Mrs.E.A. Orderedby
Lee, Mrs.James Orderedby
Lee, Mrs.James A. Orderedby
Lee, MrsCharles A. Orderedby
Lee, Nancy Jane Mother
Lee, Walter Estelle Deceased
Leech, Ella E. Deceased
Leech, James S. Father
LeFerre, Edward Father
LeFerre, Harry Bigelow Deceased
LeFever, Abram Father
LeFever, Abram Father
LeFever, Carl Deceased
LeFever, Gladys Mother
LeFever, Gladys Orderedby
LeFever, Levi H. Deceased
LeFever, Lydia Jane Deceased
LeFever, Maude Deceased
LeFever, Samuel Orderedby
LeFever, Samuel Orderedby
LeFevre, Abram Deceased
LeFevre, Abram N. Orderedby
LeFevre, Geneva Deceased
LeFevre, Jacob Father
LeFevre, Samuel Orderedby
LeFevre, Samuel Orderedby
LeFevre, Samuel F. Deceased
Leffett, Willis&Clarence Orderedby
LeFiore, Abram Father
LeFiore, Jacob L. Deceased
LeFiore, Samuel Orderedby
Lefler, Anna Deceased
Lefler, Winfield S. Orderedby
Legas, Elsie M. Deceased
Leggett, Abbie F. Deceased
Leggett, Abram Father
Leggett, Abram H. Father
Leggett, Benjamin Father
Leggett, Benjamin Father
Leggett, Bertha Mother
Leggett, Bertha Agnes Mother
Leggett, Bessie M. Deceased
Leggett, Blanche Orderedby
Leggett, Carrie Orderedby
Leggett, Carrie E. Deceased
Leggett, Carrie E. Orderedby
Leggett, Charles H. Father
Leggett, Clarence Father
Leggett, Clarence Orderedby
Leggett, Cornelia Deceased
Leggett, Daniel Father
Leggett, Fanny Mother
Leggett, Fred A. Orderedby
Leggett, Fred A. Orderedby
Leggett, Gabriel Father
Leggett, George Deceased
Leggett, George W. Father
Leggett, George W. Father
Leggett, George W. Father
Leggett, Harlan A. Deceased
Leggett, James H. Deceased
Leggett, Jane L. Deceased
Leggett, John G. Deceased
Leggett, Jonathan Deceased
Leggett, Jurian Orderedby
Leggett, Minnie H. Deceased
Leggett, Miss Abbie F. Orderedby
Leggett, Mrs Orderedby
Leggett, Mrs.John Orderedby
Leggett, Nelson Father
Leggett, Nelson Father
Leggett, Nelson Father
Leggett, Rebecca Mother
Leggett, Ruby C. Deceased
Leggett, William C. Deceased
Leggett, William I. Deceased
Lehentaler, Alfred Father
Lehentaler, Alfred N. Deceased
Lehentaler, Thomas B. Orderedby
Lehman, James E. Deceased
Leiboweitz, Mary Mother
Leland, Lorena Mother
Leland, Maria Mother
Lelar, Henrietta Mother
Leman, ? Father
Leman, David Deceased
Leman, Morton Orderedby
LeMay, Philip Father
Lennon, Mrs.John Orderedby
Leonard, Elizabeth Mother
Leonard, Elizabeth Mother
Leonard, Marguerite Deceased
Leonard, Samuel Father
LeQue, Baby Deceased
LeQue, Howard Father
Lerclike, John Father
Leslie, Louis A. Deceased
Lessor, Mrs.N.J. Orderedby
Lester, Charles Cooke Deceased
Lester, Charles S. Father
Lester, Elmer Orderedby
Lester, Harry Deceased
Lester, Henrietta Deceased
Lester, J.W. Orderedby
Lester, James W. Orderedby
Lester, Louise Starr Deceased
Lester, Melvin G. Father
Lester, Mrs.James Orderedby
Lester, Willard Father
Lester, Willard Orderedby
Levengston, Harry M. Deceased
Levengston, Harry M. Orderedby
Levengston, Harry, M. Father
Leversee, Ann M. Mother
Leversee, Maria J. Mother
Levingston, M/M Orderedby
Levinus, Sarah Deceased
Levis, Harriet Arnett Deceased
Levonture, Philomen Mother
Levvie, Joseph Y. Father
Levvie, Josephine Deceased
Lewis, Alfred H. Deceased
Lewis, Amos Father
Lewis, Benjamin Father
Lewis, Bessie A. Mother
Lewis, Carlton L. Orderedby
Lewis, Charlotte Deceased
Lewis, Elizabeth Mother
Lewis, Elizabeth H. Mother
Lewis, Emma Orderedby
Lewis, Emma Orderedby
Lewis, Emma Orderedby
Lewis, Etta Mother
Lewis, Eunice E. Mother
Lewis, Fonck Father
Lewis, Harriett V. Deceased
Lewis, Helen A. Mother
Lewis, Henry Father
Lewis, Infant daughter Deceased
Lewis, Johana Mother
Lewis, Leon H. Orderedby
Lewis, Leon H. Orderedby
Lewis, Libby Mother
Lewis, Lillian Deceased
Lewis, Mary Mother
Lewis, Mary A. Mother
Lewis, Mary L. Mother
Lewis, Melinda Mother
Lewis, Miriam Mother
Lewis, Nellie Mother
Lewis, Nellie D. Deceased
Lewis, Richard Deceased
Lewis, Sarah Mother
Lewis, Sarah M. Deceased
Lewis, Stewart Orderedby
Lewis, Stewart R. Father
Lewis, Stewart R. Orderedby
Lewis, William E. Deceased
Libbey, Fannie R. Deceased
Libbey, Frank L. Orderedby
Libbey, Joseph Father
Libbey, Moses A. Deceased
Lichtenstien, ? Father
Lieb, Barbara Mother
Lietzky, Alex, Abraham Orderedby
Lietzky, Israel Deceased
Lietzky, Max Father
Light, Victoria Mother
Lightford, Rachael Mother
Lighthall, Delia Mother
Lighthall, George Father
Lighthall, George Father
Lighthall, George Father
Lighthall, John Henry Deceased
Lighthall, Mrs.John Orderedby
Lighthall, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Lighthart, Christina Mother
Lights(Lighde)), John Deceased
Lights, Ella Orderedby
Lights, John Father
Liker Orderedby
Liker, Edward H. Deceased
Liker, Peter B. Father
Lilbridge, Margaret Mother
Lilbridge, Sarah J. Mother
Lilly, Egbert H. Deceased
Lilly, Hiram Father
Limbach, Helen Orderedby
Limback, ? Father
Limback, Andrew S. Deceased
Limback, Helen Orderedby
Limeson&Fronk Orderedby
Linahan, Andrew Father
Linahan, John Deceased
Linahan, John Father
Linahan, Sarah Orderedby
Linahan, Sarah L. Orderedby
Lincoln, Adelbert G. Deceased
Lincoln, Annie H. Deceased
Lincoln, Carrie Cooper Deceased
Lincoln, Dr.H.M. Orderedby
Lincoln, Dr.N.S. Orderedby
Lincoln, Dr.N.S. Orderedby
Lincoln, George M. Father
Lincoln, Hannah J. Mother
Lincoln, Hannah J. Mother
Lincoln, Jane Mother
Lincoln, Lucy Mother
Lincoln, Steadman Father
Lincoln, Stillman P. Father
Lindahl, Catherine L. Deceased
Lindahl, Clarence Orderedby
Lindahl, Clarence M. Father
Lindberg, Mrs.Edwin Orderedby
Lindeloff, Andus Father
Lindeloff, Ida Gabriella Deceased
Lindenall, ? Father
Lindenauer, Aron Orderedby
Linderman, Anna Mother
Lindquist, Anton Father
Lindquist, Ruben Ernest Deceased
Lindrose, Antony Father
Lindrose, Irene Orderedby
Lindrose, Selma S. Deceased
Lindsay, Cornelius E. Father
Lindsay, Gertrude L. Deceased
Lindsay, Jones Orderedby
Lindsay, Laura Deceased
Lindsay, Mrs. Laura Orderedby
Lindsay, Price Deceased
Lindsley, Emma Mother
Linehan, Sarah Orderedby
Linendoll, Charles H. Father
Linendoll, Infant son Deceased
Lingle, Phebe Mother
Link, Christina Mother
Link, John Father
Link, William Father
Linnett, James A. Orderedby
Linnett, Lottie Deceased
Linnett, Lottie Orderedby
Linsley, Anna S. Mother
Linsley, Ruby Mother
Linthicuyn, Mrs.J.C. Orderedby
Linzy, Cornelius Father
Linzy, Cornelius E. Deceased
Linzy, Daniel Father
Linzy, Daniel Orderedby
Linzy, Marion Deceased
Lipman, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Lipman, Samuel Deceased
Liquey, Pheme Mother
Lisbon, Eliza Mother
Lisbon, Henry Father
Lister, Eachel Mother
Little, Archibald Father
Little, John Deceased
Little, John A. Orderedby
Little, Joseph Newell Deceased
Little, Mrs Orderedby
Little, Mrs.J.N. Orderedby
Little, Mrs.John Orderedby
Little, Samuel Orderedby
Little, Samuel Orderedby
Little, Susan Gaffney Deceased
Littlebraut, Catherine Mother
Liuthieum, Mrs.Chas Orderedby
Livingston, Alonzo Father
Livingston, Frederick Deceased
Livingston, Frederick Father
Livingston, Mrs.Elizabeth Orderedby
Livingston, Rosalio Mother
Livingstone, Josephine Mother
Lloyd, Arthur Redvers Deceased
Lloyd, Elizabeth F. Mother
Lloyd, Ernest R. Father
Lloyd, Ernest R. Orderedby
Lloyd, Marion Anna Deceased
Lloyd, Mrs.A. Orderedby
Lloyd, William Father
Lobdell, Augusta R. Mother
Lobdell, Augusta R. Mother
Lobdell, Lydia Mother
Lober, Louis Orderedby
Locke, Mary Eberle Deceased
Locklyn, Laura Mother
Lockrow, Anthony Father
Lockrow, George M. Deceased
Lockrow, George M. Father
Lockrow, James N. Father
Lockrow, Mrs.G.M. Orderedby
Lockrow, Mrs.Laura Orderedby
Lockrow, Mrs.LeRoy Orderedby
Lockwood, ? Mother
Lockwood, Adelaide Deceased
Lockwood, Ann Augusta Deceased
Lockwood, Charles Orderedby
Lockwood, Clarence T.B. Deceased
Lockwood, Delia Deceased
Lockwood, Diania S. Deceased
Lockwood, George A. Deceased
Lockwood, George E. Father
Lockwood, Henry A. Deceased
Lockwood, Henry W. Deceased
Lockwood, Ida M. Orderedby
Lockwood, Isabella Deceased
Lockwood, Joshua Father
Lockwood, Joshua Father
Lockwood, Julian L. Father
Lockwood, Katherine Orderedby
Lockwood, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Lockwood, Mrs.H. Orderedby
Lockwood, Percilla Mother
Lockwood, Perry E. Deceased
Lockwood, William H. Father
Lockwood, William L. Orderedby
Lodewick, Arvilla Deceased
Lodewick, Grace Stilwell Deceased
Lodewick, John H. Orderedby
Lodewick, John H. Orderedby
Lodewick, Mary R. Deceased
Lodewick, Phebe Ann Deceased
Lodewick, W. Orderedby
Lodewick, William H. Orderedby
Lodewick, Wm.H. Orderedby
Lodowick, Sarah Deceased
Loeffler, Paul Deceased
Loeffler, Rudolf Father
LOENNIGES, Myra M. Deceased
Loffelli, James Father
Loffelli, Ralph G. Deceased
Logan, Bertha Orderedby
Logan, Dora V. Deceased
Logan, Edgar Father
Logan, Frank H. Deceased
Logan, Mrs.P.J. Orderedby
Logan, Patrick Father
Logan, Patrick J. Deceased
Logan, Thomas Orderedby
Loharas, Ellen Mother
Lohnas, Deyoe Father
Lohnas, Jacob Father
Lohnas, Jane H. Mother
Lohnas, Mrs.John Orderedby
Lohnas, Sabaston Father
Lohnas, William M. Orderedby
LohnasMr.Deyoe Orderedby
Lohnes, George H. Orderedby
Lohnes, Grace Mother
Lohnes, Grace Mother
Lohnes, Grace Mother
Lohnes, Harriett N. Deceased
Lohnes, William Orderedby
Lohnes, Wm.H. Orderedby
Lolman, ? Mother
Londo, Edward Deceased
Londo, Frank Father
Londo, Mary A. Deceased
Londo, Mr.William Orderedby
Londo, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Long, ? Father
Long, Ada Deceased
Long, Ann M. Mother
Long, Carrie Deceased
Long, Daniel Orderedby
Long, Daniel E. Father
Long, Eleanor Mother
Long, Eleanor Mother
Long, James Father
Long, James H. Deceased
Long, Jane Mother
Long, Luin Mother
Long, Margaret Mother
Long, Mrs.J.Walter Orderedby
Long, Mrs.James Orderedby
Long, Mrs.James Orderedby
Long, Mrs.James H. Orderedby
Long, Nellie Mother
Long, Nellie Mother
Long, R.K. Father
Long, Raymond Deceased
Long, Sarah Frances Deceased
Longdell, Judson Father
Longley, Emma F. Deceased
Longley, William Father
Longley, William Father
Longley, William H. Orderedby
Longnay, Mary Mother
Longo, Nicolina Mother
Loom, Sarah Mother
Loomer, Ida E. Mother
Loomis, Alice W. Mother
Loomis, Aline Mother
Loomis, Henry Father
Loomis, Lydia Mother
Loomis, Mary Mother
Loomis, William H. Father
Loop, Jennette S. Deceased
Lord, Alvin Father
Lord, Anna Mother
Lord, Edward Father
Lord, Hannah Mother
Lord, James Edward Deceased
Lord, Wealthy Ann Mother
Lorensen, Marie Mother
Lorenzi, Arthur Father
Lorenzi, Emma Norma Deceased
Lorman, Annie R. Orderedby
Lorman, Edward Father
Lorman, Eliza Orderedby
Lorman, Eliza Orderedby
Lorman, James H. Deceased
Lorman, Joseph Father
Lorman, Joseph H. Deceased
Lorman, Mrs.Nathan Orderedby
Lorman, Nathan F. Deceased
Lorman, Nathan F. Father
Losee, Benjamin S. Deceased
Losee, Emma Mother
Losee, Henry Father
Losee, Mrs.Benjamin S. Orderedby
Losee, Phoebe Mother
Losee, Phoebe Orderedby
Losi, Candida Mother
Loskowitz, Flora Deceased
Loskowitz, Lipman Orderedby
Louber, Louis Father
Louber, Milton Deceased
Loucks, James Orderedby
Loud, Mary O. Deceased
Loudon, Alice Mother
Loudon, Mrs.John Orderedby
Loughlin, John James Deceased
Loughlin, Martin Orderedby
Loughlin, Martt Father
Louise, Ida Mother
Lovejoy, Eliza L. Mother
Loveland, Andrew Deceased
Loveland, baby boy Deceased
Loveland, Ella Mother
Loveland, Ella Mother
Loveland, William L. Father
Loveland, William L. Orderedby
Lovemoney, Alice E. Deceased
Lovemoney, Joseph Father
Lovemoney, Joseph Father
Lovemoney, Joseph Orderedby
Lovemoney, Jospeh H. Deceased
Lovemoney, Louis B. Deceased
Loverin, Celia M. Deceased
Loverin, Josiah Father
Loverin, Josiah Father
Loverin, Myrtle Orderedby
Loverine, Josiah Father
Loverlin, Josiah Father
Lovett, Sadie Deceased
Low, Isabelle C. Mother
Lowe, John T.C. Orderedby
Lowe, Mrs.A.W. Deceased
Lowen, Arabella M. Deceased
Lowen, Hubert C. Orderedby
Lowery, Catherine Mother
Lowman, William Deceased
Lowry, Augustus Father
Lowry, Philip Orderedby
Lucano, Ilerio Deceased
Lucano, Luigi Father
Lucas, ? Father
Lucas, Daniel Father
Lucas, Edmund Father
Lucas, Edward D. Father
Lucas, Edward Daniel Deceased
Lucas, Eli Deceased
Lucas, Helen Orderedby
Lucas, Helen J. Deceased
Lucas, Lester Walter Deceased
Lucas, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Lucas, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Luce, Edna Deceased
Luce, Ethel E. Mother
Luce, Jennie Orderedby
Luce, Leonard J. Father
Luce, Leonard J. Orderedby
Luce, LeRoy E. Deceased
Luce, Mabel Mother
Luce, Mary Mother
Ludlow, Dorothy Deceased
Ludlow, H.S. Orderedby
Ludlow, Harry S. Father
Ludlow, Henry G. Father
Ludlow, Henry S. Deceased
Ludlow, Henry S. Father
Ludlow, Infant Son Deceased
Ludlow, Mary Orderedby
Ludlow, Mrs.H.S. Orderedby
Ludwig, George Deceased
Ludwig, Jacob Father
Luffman, Margaret Mother
Luffman, Margaret Mother
Luginsland, Eugene Deceased
Luginsland, Philip Father
LuKashok, Elezar J. Father
LuKashok, Harris Deceased
Lull, Augusta Mother
Lunderup, Richard Father
Lungdon, Mary S. Mother
Luse, Charles Father
Luse, Leona Olive Deceased
Luse, Leonard Orderedby
Luse, Leonard J. Father
Luther, Abner Father
Luther, Catherine Deceased
Luther, Charles Orderedby
Luther, Chas Orderedby
Luther, Lysander Deceased
Luther, Rhoda Ann Deceased
Luther, Thos. Orderedby
Lutt, Emma Orderedby
Lutt, Ferdinand Father
Lutt, Joseph Father
Lutt, Paul F. Deceased
Lutwak, Dora Deceased
Lutwak, Morris Orderedby
Lutz, Annie Mother
Lutz, Elsie Mother
Lux, Anna Deceased
Luz, Samuel Father
Luz, Samuel Orderedby
Lyden, Phillip Father
Lydia, Mary Ann Mother
Lydiett, MaryAnn Mother
Lyellwanger, Katherine Mother
Lyford, Judge W.E. Orderedby
Lyford, Mary Frances Deceased
Lyford, W.E. Father
Lyman, Clarence Deceased
Lyman, Eliza Mother
Lyman, John W. Father
Lyman, John W. Orderedby
Lyman, John W. Orderedby
Lyman, Mary A. Deceased
Lyman, Mildred Mother
Lyman, Phebe Mother
Lyman, Rebecca Mother
Lynch, ? Father
Lynch, Anna Mother
Lynch, Anna Mother
Lynch, Baby boy Deceased
Lynch, Charles Father
Lynch, Ellen Mother
Lynch, Ellen Mother
Lynch, Etta Orderedby
Lynch, George R. Orderedby
Lynch, George W. Deceased
Lynch, Gilbert Deceased
Lynch, Gilliam Father
Lynch, Henry Father
Lynch, Mary Mother
Lynch, Mary Athanash Deceased
Lynch, Mary R. Deceased
Lynch, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Lynch, Mrs.Mabel Orderedby
Lynch, Oliver W. Orderedby
Lyndaker, Katherine Mother
Lynde, Charlotte Mother
Lyne, Arthur E. Deceased
Lyne, Esther Orderedby
Lyne, Samuel Father
Lyniham, Catherine Mother
Lynne, Mary Sophia Deceased
Lynne, William Orderedby
Lyon, Adelbert Deceased
Lyon, Charlotte C. Deceased
Lyon, Clara Orderedby
Lyon, Frank Father
Lyon, Frank D. Deceased
Lyon, Frank D. Father
Lyon, Sarah H. Mother
Lyon, William Father
Lyons, Absolom Father
Lyons, Harruet Mother
Lyons, Margaret Deceased
Lyons, William Father
Lyttle, Eugene W. Deceased
Lyttle, Susan W. Deceased

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