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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Ma.. to Mc..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Mabb, Ada rderedby
Mabb, Ada B. Orderedby
Mabb, Alice Mother
Mabb, Catherine Mother
Mabb, Catherine Mother
Mabb, Daniel Father
Mabb, Dorothy M. Mother
Mabb, Edith Mother
Mabb, Eliza Mother
Mabb, Frances Mother
Mabb, Jerome Deceased
Mabb, Jerome Father
Mabb, Jerome Father
Mabb, John Father
Mabb, Libbie Mother
Mabb, Lottie Mother
Mabb, Louisa Mother
Mabb, Louisa Mother
Mabb, Lucretia Mother
Mabb, Lucy Mother
Mabb, Marion Mother
Mabb, Mary Deceased
Mabb, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Mabb, Orilla Deceased
Mabb, Sarah Mae Mother
Mabb, Stephen Father
Mabb, Stephen Father
Mabbett, Harriett Orderedby
Mabbett, John Henry Deceased
Mabbett, Stewart L. Father
Mabbitt, John Orderedby
Mabbitt, John Orderedby
Mabbitt, John H. Orderedby
Mabee, Abbie Louise Deceased
Mabee, D.Walter Orderedby
Mabee, D.Walter Orderedby
Mabee, Douglass Deceased
Mabee, Florence West Deceased
Mabee, George James W Father
Mabee, Margaret Deceased
Mabee, William H. Father
Mabie, Minnie F. Orderedby
MacAdam, William Father
Macake, ? Father
MacArthur, Cora Mother
MacArthur, Daniel Father
MacArthur, Elizabeth Mother
MacArthur, Jean Mother
Macauley, Agnes Mother
Macauly, James Father
MacCormick, Archibald Father
MacCormick, Miss Elizabeth Orderedby
MacCormick, Mrs.W.M. Orderedby
MacCormick, Stella Kate Deceased
MacCormick, William Moak Deceased
MacDonald Father
MacDonald, Donald Father
MacDonald, Frank H. Deceased
MacDonald, Lucy Mother
MacDonald, Mrs Orderedby
Mace Orderedby
Mace & Hack Orderedby
Mace Funeral Orderedby
Mace, H.B. Orderedby
Mace, H.B. Orderedby
Mace, H.B. Orderedby
Mace, H.B. Orderedby
Mace, Mary Mother
Macfarlane, Sarah Mother
MacGregor, Ademomt Deceased
MacGregor, Agnes Mother
MacGregor, Henry Father
MacInnes, Grace Deceased
MacInnes, John Father
Maciza, Frances Deceased
Maciza, Stephem Orderedby
Maciza, Stephen Father
Mack, John Father
Mack, Mrs.Nancy Orderedby
Mack, Nancy Orderedby
Mack, Samuel Deceased
Mackay, Anna Mother
Mackay, Henry S. Father
Mackentose, Sara Mother
Mackey, Anna Mother
Mackey, Clifford Orderedby
Mackey, Mattie Orderedby
Mackiewicz, Mary Mother
Mackintosh, James Father
Mackintosh, John Father
Mackintosh, John S.W. Deceased
Mackintosh, Mrs Orderedby
Macklin, Fanny Peck Deceased
Macklin, Mary C. Orderedby
MacLoughlin, Thomas Father
MacLoughlin, Thomas J. Deceased
MacMillan, Ebenezer Father
MacMurray, Janete Mother
Macomber, Deborah A. Deceased
MacOmber, G.E. Orderedby
Macomber, Sophia Mother
MacPherson, Elizabeth Mother
Maddalena, Frank Father
Maddalena, Louis Deceased
Madden, Edward Father
Madden, Maria Mother
Madden, Mrs.Ora Orderedby
Madden, Sophia Mother
Maddlena, Molly Mother
Maden, Charles C.J. Deceased
Maden, Esikeal Father
Maden, William O. Orderedby
Madigan, Catherine Mother
Madison, Edna Mother
Madison, Louise Mother
Magann, James Father
Magee, Mary A. Deceased
Mageka, Christina Mother
Maggie Mother
Magill, Jane Mother
Maguire, Ann Deceased
Maguire, Elizabeth Orderedby
Maguire, John Father
Maguire, John J. Deceased
Maguire, Margaret Orderedby
Maguire, Mrs.John Orderedby
Mahady, William Deceased
Mahan, Patrick Father
Mahanay, Edward J. Orderedby
Mahanay, Martin Father
Mahar, Catherine L. Deceased
Mahar, John Father
Mahar, John Orderedby
Mahar, John Orderedby
Mahar, John L. Father
Mahar, John L. Orderedby
Mahar, John L. Orderedby
Mahar, John L. Orderedby
Mahar, Lawrence Father
Mahar, Mary V. Deceased
Mahar, Michael Deceased
Mahar, Mrs.Richard Orderedby
Mahar, Peter Deceased
Mahar, Sarah Deceased
Mahay, Barbara Orderedby
Mahay, Michael Father
Mahay, Stephen Deceased
Mahedy, Frances L. Deceased
Maher, M.Jane Deceased
Maher, Michael Orderedby
Maher, Richard J. Orderedby
Maher, Roderick Father
Mahon, Charles Deceased
Mahon, James Father
Mahon, Katie E. Deceased
Mahon, Mrs.C.F. Orderedby
Mahoney, Agnes J. Orderedby
Mahoney, Ellen Deceased
Mahoney, John Father
Mahoney, John Father
Mahoney, John Lawrence Deceased
Mahoney, Martin Father
Mahoney, Walter Deceased
Maiello, Laura Orderedby
Maier, Albertina Orderedby
Maier, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Maine, Margaret Mother
Maines, Eliza A. Deceased
Maines, James Orderedby
Maines, James F. Orderedby
Maines, James W. Father
Maines, John T. Deceased
Maines, Mary Mother
Maines, Mary E. Deceased
Maines, Thomas Father
Mainglesdorf, Adaline Mother
Mairs, Jane Ann Mother
Malarky, Mary Mother
Male, ? Father
Male, Mary Jane Deceased
Male, Samuel Deceased
Male, Walter Orderedby
Mallaney, Dennis Orderedby
Mallaney, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Mallard, John Father
Mallery, Addison Father
Mallery, Addison Father
Mallery, Addison Orderedby
Mallery, Baby boy Deceased
Mallery, Charles A. Deceased
Mallery, Charles A. Father
Mallery, Clarice Pitney Deceased
Mallery, Doris Mother
Mallery, Elizabeth Mother
Mallery, Emma L. Orderedby
Mallery, Frederick N. Deceased
Mallery, HarrisL. Orderedby
Mallery, Henry W. Father
Mallery, Jean Scott Deceased
Mallery, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Mallery, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Mallery, Zina Father
Mallloy, Hannah Mother
Mallory, Delia Mother
Mallory, Elizabeth Deceased
Mallory, F.William Father
Mallory, Frances L. Deceased
Mallory, Hattie Mother
Mallory, Nellie Mother
Mallory, William H. Deceased
Malloy, Michael Father
Malloy, Michael T. Deceased
Malloy, Nellie Mother
Malone, Owen J. Orderedby
Maloney, Alice Mother
Maloney, Anna V. Deceased
Maloney, Delia Mother
Maloney, Patrick Deceased
Maloney, Patrick Father
Maloney, Rev.Ernest Orderedby
Maloney, Thomas Father
Mandeville, Hiriam Father
Mandeville, Lilla B. Deceased
Mangano, Antony Orderedby
Mangelsdorf, Augusta Deceased
Mangelsdorf, Charles Father
Mangen, Bridget Mother
Mangerdorf, Charles C. Father
Manglesdorf, Pauline Deceased
Mangold, Carl Father
Mangold, Charles Deceased
Mangold, Margaret Mother
Mangold, Rosa Deceased
Mangold, Walter Orderedby
Mangold, Walter G. Orderedby
Manies, James Orderedby
Manigault, Emma Deceased
Manigault, George E. Deceased
Manigault, Isaac W. Father
Manigault, Leslie G. Orderedby
Manigault, Mrs.&sons Orderedby
Manigault, Ruth M. Deceased
Manion, Mary Mother
Mann, Charles Orderedby
Mann, Charles Orderedby
Mann, Charles A. Father
Mann, Charles H. Deceased
Mann, Charlotte H. Deceased
Mann, Emma Mother
Mann, Henry Father
Mann, Josephine O. Deceased
Mann, Levi Father
Mann, Lillian, daughter Orderedby
Mann, Mary E. Deceased
Mann, Mary L. Mother
Mann, Mr.Charles Orderedby
Mann, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Mann, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Mann, Mrs.Horace Orderedby
Mann, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Manning, Bertha Orderedby
Manning, Eugene E. Deceased
Manning, Herbert A. Orderedby
Manning, James Deceased
Manning, James W. Father
Manning, Jennie Deceased
Manning, John T. Deceased
Manning, John W. Deceased
Manning, Jonathan Father
Manning, Lawrence J. Father
Manning, Lucy Mother
Manning, Mrs.John W. Orderedby
Manning, Mrs.W.H. Orderedby
Manns, Joseph F. Deceased
Manns, Joseph F., Sr. Father
Mansfield, Ada Mother
Manson, Anna Mother
Manson, Hariet Deceased
Manuel, John Father
Manyard, Samuel Father
Manzoni, Catherine Mother
Maquire, John Father
Marcell, Helen S. Deceased
Marcell, James Orderedby
Marcelle, Augusta Orderedby
Marcelle, Augusta Orderedby
Marcelle, Ernest H. Deceased
Marcelle, Mrs.Augusta Orderedby
Marcelle, Nelson Father
Marcelle, Nelson Orderedby
Marcellus, Artell Orderedby
Marcellus, Baby boy Deceased
Marcellus, Charles M. Orderedby
Marcellus, Earl Orderedby
Marcellus, Earl A. Father
Marcellus, Juliette Deceased
Marcellus, Lucy A. Deceased
March, David L. Orderedby
March, Eleanor M. Deceased
March, Susan Julia Deceased
March, Tappan Father
Marcina, Rose Mother
Marden, Emma Mother
Margaret Ellsworth Mother
Margnis, Alexander Father
Margrano, Margaret Mother
Marihew, Katherine H. Deceased
Marihue, James Orderedby
Markfrangle, August Father
Markfrangle, Mrs.Ida Orderedby
Markfrangle, Sophia Lillian Deceased
Marks, Fanny Mother
Marks, Hannah Deceased
Marks, Mary A. Mother
Markus, Mina Mother
Marlis, Paul Father
Marousek, Charles Father
Marousek, Charles Orderedby
Marousek, Frank J. Deceased
Marr, Julia A. Deceased
Marsh, ? Father
Marsh, Alvie Father
Marsh, Alvin Father
Marsh, Alvin Uburto Deceased
Marsh, Gertrude Deceased
Marsh, Judge E.J. Orderedby
Marsh, Judith Mother
Marsh, Mary L. Deceased
Marsh, Mrs.A.U. Orderedby
Marsh, Mrs.Samuel Orderedby
Marsh, Philip O. Deceased
Marsh, Philip O. Orderedby
Marsh, Samuel O. Deceased
Marsh, Samuel O. Father
Marsh, Sterling Deceased
Marsh, William Father
Marshall, ? Father
Marshall, Alice Deceased
Marshall, Arthur Headly Deceased
Marshall, Clarence Deceased
Marshall, Emma Deceased
Marshall, George Orderedby
Marshall, Ida Mother
Marshall, John Father
Marshall, Mary A. Mother
Marshall, Mrs.George Orderedby
Marshall, Phoebe H. Deceased
Marshall, Sarah Mother
Marshall, Uocral Mother
Marshall, Ursula Mother
Marshall, William H. Father
Marshall, William John Father
Martell, Anthony Father
Martell, Peter Deceased
Martens, Matilda Mother
Martic, Elizabeth Mother
Martic, Elizabeth Mother
Martic, Elizabeth Mother
Martin, ? Father
Martin, ? Father
Martin, ? Father
Martin, Abigal Mother
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Father
Martin, Alexander Orderedby
Martin, Alexander, Jr. Deceased
Martin, Alice Mother
Martin, Arthur Deceased
Martin, Asa T. Father
Martin, Augustus Father
Martin, Blanche M. Orderedby
Martin, Caroline Mother
Martin, Caroline Mother
Martin, Charles Deceased
Martin, Charlotte Deceased
Martin, Charlotte B. Deceased
Martin, Claudie Deceased
Martin, Edilda Mother
Martin, Edilda Mother
Martin, Eliza Mother
Martin, Elizabeth Deceased
Martin, Emma Deceased
Martin, Emma Mother
Martin, Emma Mother
Martin, Ethel C. Deceased
Martin, F.R. Orderedby
Martin, Florence Deceased
Martin, Florence Orderedby
Martin, Frank B. Father
Martin, Fred J. Orderedby
Martin, Georgianna Mother
Martin, Gertrude Lena Deceased
Martin, Grace May Deceased
Martin, Harriette Orderedby
Martin, Harry E. Deceased
Martin, Harry E. Orderedby
Martin, Helen C. Mother
Martin, Helen C. Mother
Martin, Helen C. Mother
Martin, Hiram H. Father
Martin, Hiram H., Jr. Father
Martin, Isabelle Mother
Martin, James Father
Martin, James H. Father
Martin, James H. Orderedby
Martin, John Deceased
Martin, John Orderedby
Martin, John Orderedby
Martin, John&Walter Orderedby
Martin, John, Walt, Harry, George Orderedby
Martin, Jwanne P. Deceased
Martin, Kate Mother
Martin, Lucy Mother
Martin, Lucy Mother
Martin, Margaret Mother
Martin, Mary Deceased
Martin, Mary Deceased
Martin, Mary Mother
Martin, Mary Mother
Martin, Mason J. Father
Martin, Merriell B. Deceased
Martin, Michael Father
Martin, Minnie G. Deceased
Martin, Mrs. Orderedby
Martin, Mrs.Francis Orderedby
Martin, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Martin, Mrs.W.M. Orderedby
Martin, Mrs.William* Orderedby
Martin, Mrs.Wm H. Orderedby
Martin, Nancy Mother
Martin, Robert Edward Deceased
Martin, Rosa Deceased
Martin, Rose Mary Deceased
Martin, Royal Deceased
Martin, Sarah Mother
Martin, Sarah Mother
Martin, Victor Father
Martin, Victor Orderedby
Martin, Victor Orderedby
Martin, Victor Orderedby
Martin, Victor E. Father
Martin, Viola Ellen Deceased
Martin, Walter Deceased
Martin, Walter Father
Martin, Walter Orderedby
Martin, William Father
Martin, William M. Deceased
Martin, William M. Father
Martindale, Alfred Father
Martinez, George D. Deceased
Martis, Anna Mother
Martis, Anna Mother
Martis, Anna Mother
Martz, Anna M. Mother
Marvin, ? Father
Marvin, Caroline Mother
Marvin, Edwin Deceased
Marvin, Hiram Father
Marvin, Hon.James M. Father
Marvin, James Father
Marvin, Mrs.Geo. Orderedby
Maset, ? Father
Mason, Adella B. Mother
Mason, Agnes L. Deceased
Mason, Charles H. Orderedby
Mason, Charles H. Orderedby
Mason, Edward A. Deceased
Mason, Elizabeth Orderedby
Mason, Francis Deceased
Mason, Frank Deceased
Mason, Frank Father
Mason, Frank Father
Mason, George N. Orderedby
Mason, Harry Deceased
Mason, Hazel Mother
Mason, James O. Deceased
Mason, John R. Deceased
Mason, John R. Father
Mason, John T. Father
Mason, Lillia Anna Deceased
Mason, M.Delora Mother
Mason, Martha Orderedby
Mason, Martha V. Deceased
Mason, Mrs.John R. Orderedby
Mason, Not known Father
Mason, Perry Father
Mason, Richard Deceased
Mason, Richard Father
Mason, Russell S. Father
Mason, Samson T. Father
Mason, Walter Orderedby
Mason, Walter E. Father
Masset, Catherine Mother
Masset, Catherine Mother
Massey, Bessie Deceased
Massey, William Orderedby
Masten Orderedby
Masten, Eliza Mother
Masten, Eliza Mother
Masten, Eliza Mother
Masten, Ezekel Father
Masten, Hannah Mother
Masten, John Father
Masten, Julia Mother
Mastin, Alzaida Mother
Mastin, Fannie Mother
Mastin, Louise Mother
Mastro, Anagnostis Deceased
Mastro, Demetruis Father
Mate, Julia Mother
Matejas, Veronica Mother
Mather, Col.N.W. Father
Mather, Cynthia Mother
Mathis, James Deceased
Mathis, Jennie Orderedby
Mathis, John Father
Matters, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Matthews, Annie Orderedby
Matthews, Caroline Mother
Matthews, Edward C. Deceased
Matthews, Joseph Father
Matthews, Mary Mother
Matthews, Mary Orderedby
Mattice, Catherine Mother
Mattison, Mary Mother
Maugelsdoef, Charles Father
Maugelsdorf, Frank Deceased
Maugelsdorf, Miss Augusta Orderedby
Maugelsdork, Frederick Orderedby
Mauglesdorf, Charles C. Father
Maxam, Frank H. Father
Maxfield, Jane Mother
Maxwell, Anna Boyd Deceased
Maxwell, David Father
Maxwell, David Father
Maxwell, Lucinda Mother
Maxwell, Miss Anna Orderedby
Maxwell, Walter Kerr Deceased
May, Ada Mother
May, Adolphe Father
May, Elise Sophie Deceased
May, Elizabeth Mother
May, Hilda Mother
May, Hilda Mother
May, James F. Deceased
May, James F. Orderedby
May, John Father
May, Maria C. Mother
May, Nathan Deceased
May, Peter Father
May, Philip Orderedby
May, Philip Orderedby
May, Phillip J. Deceased
May, Sarah Margaret Deceased
May, Sophia E. Deceased
Mayberry, Stephen Father
Maybury, Harry Elwood Deceased
Maybury, Henry Father
Maycock, Lewis Orderedby
Mayer, Mrs.C.S. Orderedby
Mayer, Rosena Mother
Mayhew, Dorothy Orderedby
Mayhew, Etta Deceased
Mayhew, Mary Ford Deceased
Maymoe, Catherine Mother
Maynard, Edith Augusta Deceased
Maynard, Fannie E. Deceased
Maynard, Frank C. Deceased
Maynard, Frank C. Orderedby
Maynard, Frank C. Orderedby
Maynard, Mary A. Deceased
Maynard, Michael Father
Maynard, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Maynard, Mrs.Gertrude Orderedby
Maync, Charles Father
Maync, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Maync, Nicca Caroline Deceased
Mayotte, Mary Mother
Mays, Ernest A. Father
Mays, Esther Kellog Mother
Mays, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Mays, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Mays, Sarah E. Orderedby
Mays, Sarah E. Orderedby
Mays, Serena Julia Deceased
Maz, Rosa Mother
McAllister, Albert Orderedby
McAllister, Albert M. Deceased
McAllister, Anna M. Orderedby
McAllister, Isabelle Deceased
McAllister, Lucius Father
McAllister, Margaret Mother
McAllister, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
McArthur, Alexander Father
McArthur, Chester W. Deceased
McArthur, Chester W. Orderedby
McArthur, Emma S. Deceased
McArthur, Mrs Orderedby
McAuley, Daniel Father
McAuley, Ella Deceased
McAuley, Etta M. Orderedby
McAuley, Frank W. Deceased
McAuley, Jeremiah Orderedby
McAuley, John Father
McAuliffe, Ellen Mother
McBride, Andrew Orderedby
McBride, Thomas Father
McBurney, James Father
McBurney, John Deceased
McCabe, Elizabeth Mother
McCaffery, ? Father
McCaffery, James Deceased
McCall & Walsh Orderedby
McCan, Mrs Anna Orderedby
McCann, James Father
McCann, Mary Deceased
McCarthy, Bridget Deceased
McCarthy, Daniel J. Deceased
McCarthy, Daniel J. Orderedby
McCarthy, Johanna Mother
McCarthy, John Father
McCarthy, John Orderedby
McCarthy, John J. Deceased
McCarthy, Mary Deceased
McCarthy, Mary Orderedby
McCarthy, Mary J. Deceased
McCarthy, Miss Mary Orderedby
McCarthy, Owen Father
McCarty, ? Mother
McCarty, Anna Theresa Deceased
McCarty, Dr. Orderedby
McCarty, Dr. Orderedby
McCarty, Dr. Orderedby
McCarty, Dr.R.H. Orderedby
McCarty, Dr.Richard Orderedby
McCarty, Johanna Mother
McCarty, Johanna Mother
McCarty, John Father
McCarty, John Father
McCarty, Sr.R.H. Orderedby
McCarty, William Deceased
McClain, Wm.H. Orderedby
McClair, John Father
McClair, Regina Mother
McClair, Regina Mother
McClorey, Ellen Mother
McCloskey, ? Father
McCloskey, John Deceased
McCloskey, Kate Agnes Deceased
McCloskey, Mary Deceased
McCloskey, Michael Father
McCloskey, Miss Kate Orderedby
McCloskey, Miss.Kate Orderedby
McCloud, Harold Deceased
McCloud, Raymond Father
McCloud, Raymond Orderedby
McClung, Charles Father
McConnell, Joseph Orderedby
McConnell, Joseph B. Father
McConnell, Joseph B., Jr. Deceased
McConus, Thomas Father
McCoombs, Isabelle Mother
McCormack, Delia Mother
McCormaick, Julia Mother
McCormick, Elizabeth Mother
McCormick, Genievieve Mother
McCoy, John Deceased
McCoy, Mrs.Ardelle Orderedby
McCoy, William Father
McCrary, Emma Bell Deceased
McCready, Mariah Mother
McCreary, Alexander W. Father
McCreary, Elizabeth Mother
McCreedy, Mary A. Deceased
McCreedy, Samuel Father
McCririck, W.B. Orderedby
McCrobie, Elizabeth Mother
McCrossen, John Father
McCue, Lewis Orderedby
McDade, Margaret Mother
McDaid, Mary Deceased
McDermott, J.L. Orderedby
McDermott, Maggie Orderedby
McDnald, Wm.J. Orderedby
McDonald, Clulip Father
McDonald, Edward Father
McDonald, Emily Mother
McDonald, James Father
McDonald, Josepha M. Mother
McDonald, Julia Mother
McDonald, Lizabeth P. Deceased
McDonald, Mary Mother
McDonald, Mary Mother
McDonald, Mary Mother
McDonald, Mary Mother
McDonald, Mary A. Deceased
McDonald, William Deceased
McDonnell, George H. Orderedby
McDonnell, Mrs.George Orderedby
McDonnell, Patrick F. Deceased
McDonnell, Peter Father
McDonough, Albert Father
McDonough, Catherine Mother
McDonough, Daniel A. Deceased
McDonough, Elizabeth Orderedby
McDonough, James Deceased
McDonough, Mrs Orderedby
McDougall, Archibald Livingston Father
McDougall, John B. Father
McDougall, John B. Father
McDougall, Minnie Deceased
McDowall, Alexander Father
McDowall, John Deceased
McDowall, Mrs.John Orderedby
McDowell, Kate Deceased
McDuff, Jennie Mother
McDuffy, Catherine Mother
McDunham, Mary Mother
McEAchron, Ella M. Deceased
McEchron, Emily Mother
McEckron, Andrew Father
McElwain, ? Mother
McElwain, Andrew Deceased
McElwain, Mary Louise Deceased
McEvilla, Elizabeth Mother
McEwen, Sarah Watrous Deceased
McFarland, Sarah S. Deceased
McFarran, Nancy Mother
McGahan, Charlotte Deceased
McGarry, Anna Orderedby
McGarry, John Father
McGarry, May Agnes Deceased
McGatrey, ? Father
McGatrey, William K. Deceased
McGear, Mary Mother
McGee, ? Father
McGhan, Mrs.William Orderedby
McGhee, Edna Orderedby
McGill, ? Father
McGill, Ann Mother
McGill, John Father
McGill, Mary Mother
McGill, Robert Father
McGiness, Frank Father
McGinness, Annie Orderedby
McGinness, Bernard Deceased
McGinness, Bernard Father
McGinness, Mr.J.R. Orderedby
McGinnis, John Father
McGirr, Jospeh P., Jr. Orderedby
McGirr, Laura Belle Deceased
McGirr, Paul Orderedby
McGovern, ? Mother
McGovern, Austin S. Deceased
McGovern, Valentine P. Father
McGowan, Ella M. Deceased
McGowen, Mrs.Clayton Orderedby
McGrath, David Orderedby
McGrath, Mary Mother
McGrath, Michael Father
McGregor, Frederick Deceased
McGregor, Jessie Judson Deceased
McGregor, John R. Father
McGregor, John W. Deceased
McGregor, Margaret Mother
McGregor, Mary J. Mother
McGregor, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
McGregor, Mrs.Jessie Orderedby
McGregor, Robert Deceased
McGregor, Robert Father
McGregor, Robert Father
McGuire, Ann C. Deceased
McGuire, Harry Orderedby
McGuire, Luke Father
McGuire, Mary Mother
McGuire, Miss Ann J. Orderedby
McGuire, Philip Father
McGuire, Thomas Deceased
McGuire, Thomas F. Deceased
McIndoe, Mrs.Walter Orderedby
McIndoe, William Father
McIntosh, James Father
McIntosh, Thomas Deceased
McKay, Alexander Deceased
McKay, Alexander Father
McKay, Alexander Father
McKay, Alexander Father
McKay, Alexander Orderedby
McKay, Alexander Orderedby
McKay, Duncan Deceased
McKay, Gilbert Father
McKay, Jennie Orderedby
McKay, Jennie Orderedby
McKay, Martha Deceased
McKay, Matthew Deceased
McKay, Matthew Orderedby
McKean, Elizabeth Mother
McKean, Frank Orderedby
McKearcher, Charlotte Mother
McKearcher, Male Deceased
McKee, Mrs.Elmer A. Orderedby
McKenna, James Father
McKenna, James Jay Deceased
McKenzie, Charlotte Mother
McKeough, Edith Mother
McKernon, Patrick Father
McKimson, Jeanette Mother
McKindley, Marion Mother
McKinney, Augustus Father
McKinney, Hannah Mother
McKinney, Hannah Mother
McKinney, Herman Father
McKinney, John Deceased
McKinney, John H. Deceased
McKinney, Joseph Father
McKinney, Mary Mother
McKinney, Mary A. Mother
McKinney, Mrs.John Orderedby
McKinney, Mrs.John Orderedby
McKinney, Mrs.John Orderedby
McKinney, Mrs.John H. Orderedby
McKinnon, Jeanette Mother
McKnight, Jane Mother
McKnight, John Father
McKnight, Mrs.Louie Orderedby
McKnowen, Miss Eliza Orderedby
McKnown, Eliza Deceased
McKnown, Jane Deceased
McKnown, John Father
McKnown, John Father
McLane, Not known Father
McLarney, Catherine Mother
McLaughan, Anna Mother
McLaughlin, Father
McLaughlin, Annie Mother
McLaughlin, Ellen Mother
McLaughlin, Esther Mother
McLaughlin, Nellie Mother
McLean, Daniel Orderedby
McLean, Sarah E. Mother
McLEan, Sarah E. Mother
McMahon, Bridget Mother
McMahon, Carl Orderedby
McMahon, John Father
McMahon, Margaret Mother
McMahon, Margaret Orderedby
McMahon, Martin T. Deceased
McMahon, Michael Father
McMahon, Michael Orderedby
McMahon, William Deceased
McManard, Mary Mother
McMannus, Mrs.Harold Orderedby
McManus, Alice Mother
McManus, Attridge Deceased
McMarrow, Bridget Mother
McMaster, Elizabeth Mother
McMaster, Maria Mother
McMechen, Wm.B. Orderedby
McMecher, Nancy E. Deceased
McMichael, Hazel Deceased
McMichael, Lydia Deceased
McMillan, Peter Orderedby
McMillen, Frances Lucille Deceased
McMillen, Harry Orderedby
McMillen, John Father
McMillen, Mrs.W.W. Orderedby
McMillen, Wallace W. Deceased
McMullan, Esmonde Orderedby
McMullan, Marie M. Deceased
McMullen, Esmonde Deceased
McMullen, Frederick A. Orderedby
McMullen, John Father
McMullen, Maria Orderedby
McMullen, Mrs Thomas Orderedby
McMullen, Ruth L. Mother
McMullen, Sadie Orderedby
McMullen, Sadie Orderedby
McMullen, Thomas Deceased
McMurn, Grace Mother
McNab, Jennie Orderedby
McNab, Jessie Frances Deceased
McNab, Martha Jane Deceased
McNab, Rev.John Father
McNab, Rev.John Orderedby
McNair, Antoine Deceased
McNair, Frances Clarke Deceased
McNair, Mrs.A.DeR. Orderedby
McNamara, William Father
McNaughton, James Orderedby
McNaughton, Walter Deceased
McNaughton, Walter Orderedby
McNeal, Dan.&Allen Orderedby
McNeal, Daniel Orderedby
McNeal, David Father
McNeal, John Deceased
McNeal, John Orderedby
McNeal, Lucy Deceased
McNeal, Mary Deceased
McNeal, Minnie Mother
McNeal, Mrs.Allen Orderedby
McNeary, Fred G. Deceased
McNeary, George B. Deceased
McNeary, John Father
McNeary, John Orderedby
McNeary, Timothy Father
McNeff&Dunston Orderedby
McNeil, Elizabeth Deceased
McNellis, Bridget Mother
McNulty, Gertrude Deceased
McNulty, James Father
McNulty, Mrs.Patrick Orderedby
McNulty, Patrick Henry Deceased
McOmber, George Elliot Deceased
McOmber, Sarah A. Mother
McPartland, Dolly Mother
McPherson, Elizabeth Mother
McPherson, Elizabeth Mother
McPherson, Hester, Matron Orderedby
McPherson, Maggie Orderedby
McQuaid, John R. Father
McQueen, Alexander Deceased
McQueen, Alexander Father
McQueen, D.P. Orderedby
McQueen, Daisy G. Deceased
McQueen, Emiline B. Deceased
McQueen, James A. Orderedby
McQueen, James A. Orderedby
McQueen, John Father
McQueen, John Father
McQueen, Mrs.James Orderedby
McQueen, Sarah M. Deceased
McQueen, William C. Deceased
McQuillan, Mary Beatrice Deceased
McQuillan, Robert J. Father
McQuillan, Robert J. Orderedby
McRAe, Catherine Mother
McRae, Helen Stewart Mother
McRae, Margaret Deceased
McRae, Margaret Orderedby
McRae, Ross Orderedby
McSweeney, Rose Mother
McTygue, Anna D. Orderedby
McTygue, James Father
McTygue, Michael Deceased
McTygue, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
McVity, Thomas Father
McWain, Emily Mother
McWithey, Phoebe Deceased

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