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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Mea.. to Mz..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Meacham, Lucinda Deceased
Mead, Alfred Father
Mead, Alfred Orderedby
Mead, Alfred Orderedby
Mead, Alonzo Father
Mead, Cynthia Mother
Mead, Edward Orderedby
Mead, Fannie Mother
Mead, Grace Orderedby
Mead, Jane D. Mother
Mead, Jane Dubois Mother
Mead, Jennie Mother
Mead, Mabel Mother
Mead, Mary Ethel Deceased
Mead, Myron F. Deceased
Mead, Olive Mother
Mead, Sarah Mother
Meade&Murray Orderedby
Meade, Anna Deceased
Meade, Edward A. Deceased
Meade, Hanson Father
Meade, Margaret Deceased
Meader, A.H. Father
Meader, A.H. Orderedby
Meader, Abner Father
Meader, Abner Orderedby
Meader, Abner H. Deceased
Meader, Abner H. Father
Meader, Abner H. Orderedby
Meader, Alicia Mother
Meader, Arthur F. Deceased
Meader, Cordelia H. Deceased
Meader, Cullen B. Orderedby
Meader, Cullen B. Orderedby
Meader, Daniel Father
Meader, Daniel Father
Meader, Euretta Deceased
Meader, Frederick W. Father
Meader, Glayds Deceased
Meader, Jerome Deceased
Meader, Lester M. Orderedby
Meader, Mrs.Allen Orderedby
Meader, Mrs.Cullen Orderedby
Meader, Mrs.Jeromie Orderedby
Meader, Mrs.Phiebe Orderedby
Meagher, ? Father
Meagher, Mary Deceased
Meagher, Thos F. Orderedby
Mealey, Thomas J. Father
Mealey, Thomas Joseph Deceased
Meaney, Margaret Mother
Mears, Brianard Orderedby
Mears, Harris David Deceased
Mears, Jane L. Mother
Mears, Jennie L. Mother
Mears, Leverett Father
Mears, Roswell Father
Medberry, Louise Carr Deceased
Medbery, Elmer Orderedby
Medlock, Elizabeth Mother
Meehan, Charles A. Orderedby
Meehan, Effie M. Deceased
Meehan, Mrs &? Orderedby
Meehan, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Meehan, Mrs.Chas Orderedby
Meehan, Peter J. Father
Meehan, Ruth M. Orderedby
Meeker, C.V. Orderedby
Meeker, Polly Mother
Meeker, Polly Mother
Meekes, Polly Mother
Meekin, John A. Deceased
Meekin, John A. Father
Meghanity, Elizabeth Mother
Meigher, Delia Orderedby
Meigher, Edward Father
Meigher, Julia Deceased
Meigs, Margaret Deceased
Meikles, Charles A. Deceased
Meissner, Gottwold Father
Melaga, Andy Father
Melaga, Pauline Deceased
Melick, Emma Mother
Melius, Caroline Deceased
Mellen, Mary Mother
Melvin, James H. Father
Melvin, John H. Deceased
Melvin, Mrs Mary Orderedby
Mendoza, Esther Mother
Menges, Albert Deceased
Menges, Albert Orderedby
Menges, Albert Orderedby
Menges, Edmond Deceased
Menges, Florence Deceased
Menges, Florence Orderedby
Menges, Frederick Deceased
Menges, Frederick Orderedby
Menges, Ida Margartha Deceased
Menges, Lillian Orderedby
Menges, Margaretha G. Deceased
Menges, Mary Orderedby
Menges, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Menges, Philip Father
Menges, Philip Father
Menges, Philip Father
Menges, Philip Father
Menges, Phillip Father
Mensenk, Dena Mother
Menshausen, Carrie Orderedby
Menshausen, Carrie F. Deceased
Menshausen, Henry Deceased
Menshausen, Henry Father
Menter, Anna Mother
Merchant, Baby girl Deceased
Merchant, Charles L. Father
Merchant, Helen L. Deceased
Merchant, Julia Neher Deceased
Merchant, Lester Orderedby
Merril, Augustus Mother
Merrill, ? Father
Merrill, Adella M. Orderedby
Merrill, Henry W, Father
Merrill, John G. Deceased
Merrill, Sophia Mother
Merrills, Augusta Mother
Merrills, Jesse Father
Merritt, Harriett Deceased
Merritt, Herbert E. Orderedby
Merritt, Herbert E. Orderedby
Merritt, James Irving Deceased
Merritt, John Father
Merritt, Loren Father
Merritt, Lorin Deceased
Merritt, Sarah Mother
Merry, Leola J. Mother
Merryfield, Mary Mother
Merton, ? Father
Merton, Harry L. Orderedby
Merton, Josephine Deceased
Merton, Mercy T. Deceased
Merton, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Merton, Mrs.John H. Orderedby
Merton, Thomas Deceased
Merton, Thomas Father
Merton, Thomas Orderedby
Metzeler, Caroline K. Deceased
Metzer, ? Mother
Metzer, Tila Mother
Metzger, Elizabeth Mother
Metzler, Johanna Mother
Metzler, John Father
Meurer, Albert Orderedby
Meuter, Anna Mother
Meyer, ? Father
Meyer, Catherine F. Deceased
Meyer, Emily Deceased
Meyer, Jacob* Orderedby
Meyer, Miss Clara E. Orderedby
Meyer, Rosena Mother
Meyer, Rosina Mother
Meyer, Simon Father
Meyers, Benedict Father
Meyers, Emily Agnes Deceased
Meyers, Marion Mother
Mezeh, Pauline Mother
Mican, Mary Mother
Michael, George Father
Michael, Mrs.R. Orderedby
Michael, Rudolph Deceased
Michaelson, ? Father
Michaelson, Mary Orderedby
Michaelson, Michael J. Deceased
Michel, Barbara Deceased
Mickle, Alicia C. Deceased
Mickle, Charles Father
Mickle, Charles Orderedby
Mickle, Charles E. Deceased
Mickle, Charles E. Father
Mickle, Charles E. Orderedby
Mickle, Mabel Frances Deceased
Mickle, Mary J. Orderedby
Mickle, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Mickle, William A. Father
Middap, Caroline Mother
Middip, Caroline Mother
Middle Grove Lodge#176 Orderedby
Middleton, Cora Deceased
Middleton, Cora Orderedby
Middleton, Jane Mother
Middleton, Laton Orderedby
Middleton, Layton W. Deceased
Middleton, William Father
Miersch, Eonestine Mother
Migat, ? Father
Mikelburg, Charlotte Orderedby
Milahak, John Father
Miles, Arvillons Father
Miles, Maria Mother
Miles, William Father
Milhan, Jeannette Alice Deceased
Milhan, Pierre Father
Millard, James Father
Millard, Mary Alice Orderedby
Millard, Vianna Mother
Millard, W. Orderedby
Millard, William A. Deceased
Millbury, Augustus Father
Miller Bros, Wild West Show Orderedby
Miller, ? Father
Miller, ? Father
Miller, Alice Deceased
Miller, Alice Orderedby
Miller, Amanda V. Mother
Miller, Amanda V. Mother
Miller, Anna Mother
Miller, Anna D. Mother
Miller, Bessie Orderedby
Miller, Carry Orderedby
Miller, Charles H. Father
Miller, Charles H. Orderedby
Miller, Charles Martin Deceased
Miller, Charles Martin Father
Miller, Charlotte A. Deceased
Miller, Chas H. Orderedby
Miller, Chas.H. Orderedby
Miller, Clarence Orderedby
Miller, Clarence F. Deceased
Miller, Cora P. Deceased
Miller, David Father
Miller, Dennis Orderedby
Miller, Dewitt P. Orderedby
Miller, Dorothy Deceased
Miller, Edwin A. Deceased
Miller, Edwin A. Father
Miller, Edwin A. Orderedby
Miller, Elbin Father
Miller, Elizabeth Mother
Miller, Ella Mother
Miller, Ella M. Orderedby
Miller, Emilie Deceased
Miller, Emma E. Mother
Miller, Esther Mother
Miller, Esther Mother
Miller, Fannie Mother
Miller, Florence Deceased
Miller, Francis A. Deceased
Miller, Frank Orderedby
Miller, George H. Deceased
Miller, Grace Mother
Miller, Harriet E. Mother
Miller, Harvey Father
Miller, Hattie A. Deceased
Miller, Ida Mother
Miller, Ida L. Mother
Miller, Irene Deceased
Miller, Jacob Grant Deceased
Miller, Jake Deceased
Miller, James Deceased
Miller, James Father
Miller, Jennie Mother
Miller, Johanna Deceased
Miller, John Father
Miller, John Father
Miller, John Father
Miller, John H. Father
Miller, John H. Father
Miller, John H. Father
Miller, Joseph Father
Miller, Joseph A. Deceased
Miller, Josephine D. Deceased
Miller, Justina Mother
Miller, Lillie Mother
Miller, Lillie M. Mother
Miller, Margaret Mother
Miller, Margaret Mother
Miller, Marguerite Deceased
Miller, Maria Mother
Miller, Marion Deceased
Miller, Mary B. Deceased
Miller, Mary J. Mother
Miller, Meyer Father
Miller, Mrs.C.M. Orderedby
Miller, Mrs.Edwin* Orderedby
Miller, Mrs.F.A. Orderedby
Miller, Mrs.L.C. Orderedby
Miller, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Miller, Nicholas Father
Miller, Not known Father
Miller, Peter Father
Miller, Raymond T. Deceased
Miller, Rhoda Mother
Miller, Riley Father
Miller, Riley Father
Miller, Seymour Deceased
Miller, Seymour Father
Miller, Stephen Father
Miller, Stephen S. Father
Miller, Theodore Father
Miller, Walter P. Deceased
Miller, William Father
Miller, William H. Orderedby
Miller, William R. Father
Millett, ? Mother
Millett, Mrs.John Orderedby
Millhouse, Adeline Orderedby
Millhouse, Frederick Deceased
Millhouse, William E. Father
Milligan, Fletcher Orderedby
Milligan, Georgianna Deceased
Milligan, Robert Deceased
Milligan, Robert Orderedby
Milligan, Robert Orderedby
Milligan, Robert J. Father
Milligan, Sarah F. Orderedby
Milliman, Benjamin F. Deceased
Milliman, Eliza Mother
Milliman, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Milliman, Simon Father
Millis, Mrs.Tracy Orderedby
Millis, Mrs.Tracy Orderedby
Millman, Baby Boy #2 Deceased
Millman, Charles Father
Millman, Charles Orderedby
Mills, ? Mother
Mills, Anna Mother
Mills, David Father
Mills, Dr.W.B. Orderedby
Mills, Emma L. Deceased
Mills, George Father
Mills, Jabez Father
Mills, Joanna Mother
Mills, Laura Paul Deceased
Mills, Martha Mother
Mills, Mary Agnes Deceased
Mills, Minnie F. Deceased
Mills, Walter B. Deceased
Millward, Abram H. Deceased
Millward, Abram H. Father
Millward, Margaret Orderedby
Millwood, Charity Mother
Milward, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Miner, Aurora Mother
Miner, Elizabeth Mother
Miner, John Father
Miner, Mary Mother
Miner, Mrs.James F. Orderedby
Miner, Mrs.W.J. Orderedby
Miner, Roland Father
Miner, Susan A. Deceased
Miner, Willard Jarvis Deceased
Mingay, Cora E, Orderedby
Mingay, George Father
Mingay, George Father
Mingay, Glen Orderedby
Mingay, Glenn D. Deceased
Mingay, James Deceased
Mingay, Julia D.Beach Deceased
Mingay, Kittie Mother
Mingay, Margaret V. Deceased
Mingay, Richard Father
Mingay, Richard Orderedby
Mingay, Richard Orderedby
Mingay, Sarah Deceased
Minkler, Anna Deceased
Minnick, Margaret A. Deceased
Minor, Cynthia Mother
Minor, Cynthia Mother
Minor, Dr.John Orderedby
Minzesheimer, Bennie Deceased
Miranda Mother
Miskell, John Father
Miskell, John Orderedby
Miskell, John H. Deceased
Misner, Clifford E. Deceased
Misner, Henry W. Father
Misner, Mrs.H.W. Orderedby
Missing Page, Deceased
Mitchall, Martha Mother
Mitchell, Anna Mother
Mitchell, Baby boy Deceased
Mitchell, C.W. Orderedby
Mitchell, C.W. Orderedby
Mitchell, C.W. Orderedby
Mitchell, C.W., City Orderedby
Mitchell, Cale Orderedby
Mitchell, Caleb Orderedby
Mitchell, Caleb W. Father
Mitchell, Claudia Deceased
Mitchell, Claudia Orderedby
Mitchell, Claudia Orderedby
Mitchell, Claudia Orderedby
Mitchell, Claudia Orderedby
Mitchell, Commodore P. Father
Mitchell, CW* Orderedby
Mitchell, Edward Father
Mitchell, Fanny Mother
Mitchell, James Harris Deceased
Mitchell, John Deceased
Mitchell, Joseph Father
Mitchell, Mrs.C.W. Orderedby
Mitchell, oversee of poor Orderedby
Mitchell, Rhoda Orderedby
Mitchell, Supt.of poor Orderedby
Mitchell, Town Orderedby
Mitchell, W. Orderedby
Mitchell, William Orderedby
Mitchell, William H. Deceased
Mitchell, William L. Father
Mitchell/City Orderedby
Mittie, Mary Mother
Miyamoto, Cline Z. Orderedby
Mizelle, Jethro Father
Mllane, Sadie Orderedby
Moak, Janet Mother
Moen, John Father
Moen, Mary C. Deceased
Moffatt, James F. Orderedby
Mogillo, Frank Deceased
Mohr, Franziska Deceased
Moldauer, Morris Father
Moleus, Hazel Mother
Moll, Charles Father
Mollenhane, Edna Craig Deceased
Mollenhane, F Orderedby
Mollenhane, Frederick D. Father
Monahan, Anna A. Mother
Monahan, Frank Deceased
Monahan, Josephine Mother
Monahan, Mathew Father
Moneypenny, Florence Deceased
Monigault, Lislee Father
Monigault, Mrs. Orderedby
Monroe, Arunah Father
Monroe, Dr.Edwin A. Deceased
Monroe, Edwin A. Father
Monroe, George H. Deceased
Monroe, Marion Orderedby
Monroe, Mrs.Allie Orderedby
Monroe, Paul Robert Deceased
Monroe, Reuben H. Father
Monroe, Reuben H. Orderedby
Monroe, Richard Father
Monroe, Sarah Mother
Monroe, Thomas Deceased
Monroe, Thomas Father
Monroe, William E. Deceased
Montanye, Aurelia S. Deceased
Montanye, Bertha L. Deceased
Montanye, C.Ernest Deceased
Montanye, Geo. Orderedby
Montanye, George N. Father
Montanye, George Nelson Deceased
Montanye, George Vossler Father
Montanye, H.Percy Orderedby
Montanye, Mrs.Percy Orderedby
Monteath, Jan L.H. Mother
Montgomery, Hannah Jane Deceased
Montmay, Rose Mother
Montogomery, Charles H.J. Deceased
Montogomery, Mrs Orderedby
Montross, Ida Mother
MontRoss, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
MontRoss, Robert Deceased
MontRoss, Sanford A. Father
Monzon, Annie Deceased
Moodey, Nannie Boyd Deceased
Moody, Deceased
Moody, Ashabel Father
Moody, Clarence W. Deceased
Moody, Elizabeth Orderedby
Moody, Elizabeth Jane Deceased
Moody, George Father
Moody, George Father
Moody, Helen Bennett Deceased
Moody, Henry Deceased
Moody, Henry Father
Moody, Howard Father
Moody, Joanne Deceased
Moody, John H. Father
Moody, Marcella Deceased
Moody, Mary Jane Deceased
Moody, Miranda Deceased
Moody, Mrs. Orderedby
Moody, Mrs.A. Orderedby
Moody, Mrs.W.Howard Orderedby
Moody, Oscar C. Deceased
Moody, Oscar C. Orderedby
Moody, Oscar C. Orderedby
Moody, Robert Father
Moody, Rollin Orderedby
Moody, Rollin H. Father
Moody, Susie Mother
Moody, W.Howard Orderedby
Moon, Freelove T. Deceased
Moon, Maria J. Deceased
Moon, Mrs.Orvent Orderedby
Moon, Stephen Deceased
Moon, Stephen Father
Mooney, Mary Deceased
Moore, ? Mother
Moore, Ada Deceased
Moore, Alice M. Deceased
Moore, Annie Alevatd Mother
Moore, Ardella Mother
Moore, Arthur W. Deceased
Moore, Augustus J. Deceased
Moore, David Father
Moore, David Father
Moore, David Father
Moore, David M. Father
Moore, Eliza Mother
Moore, Elizabeth Mother
Moore, Ellen Mother
Moore, Ellen M. Mother
Moore, Esther Mother
Moore, Francis Mother
Moore, George Father
Moore, George A. Deceased
Moore, George A. Orderedby
Moore, George C. Deceased
Moore, Jessie B. Deceased
Moore, John Father
Moore, Laura M. Deceased
Moore, Lillie M. Deceased
Moore, Louise Deceased
Moore, Lucy Mother
Moore, Mary Ann Mother
Moore, Mrs.A.J. Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.A.J.&Hawley, Arthur Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Ardelle Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Ardelle Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Ardle Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Herbert W Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Julia Orderedby
Moore, Mrs.Stephen Orderedby
Moore, Richard Deceased
Moore, Richard Deceased
Moore, Ruth J. Deceased
Moore, Sarah G.H. Deceased
Moore, Sarah Jane Deceased
Moore, Sylvester Father
Moore, W.S. Orderedby
Moore, Walter R. Father
Moore, Walter R. Orderedby
Moore, Walter R. Orderedby
Moore, Walter R. Orderedby
Moore, William H. Orderedby
Moore, Williwm H. Orderedby
Mooso, Jane A. Mother
Moran, James Orderedby
Moran, John Father
Moran, Mary Deceased
Moran, Peter S. Deceased
Morarity, Julia Mother
More, ? Father
More, A.J. Orderedby
More, Alton J Orderedby
More, Gertrude Deceased
Morecock, Florence Orderedby
Morehouse, ? Father
Morehouse, Charles Father
Morehouse, Cintha Mother
Morehouse, Fannie A. Deceased
Morehouse, Ferd. Deceased
Morehouse, Frederick Father
Morehouse, Frederick Father
Morehouse, George Father
Morehouse, Hannah Mother
Morehouse, Mary Mother
Morehouse, William Father
Morell, Ella J. Deceased
Morell, Miss Orderedby
Moren, Bridget Mother
Moreno, Josephine Deceased
Moreno, Julius Father
Moreno, Mrs.Julius Orderedby
Morey & Wilder Orderedby
Morey, Eliza Ann Deceased
Morey, George L. Deceased
Morey, Helen C. Mother
Morey, Johnathan Father
Morey, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Morey, Robert E. Father
Morgan, ? Father
Morgan, Abbie J. Deceased
Morgan, Bertram Orderedby
Morgan, Cordelia Mother
Morgan, Daniel Father
Morgan, Daniel Father
Morgan, Dr.R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, Dr.R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, Dr.R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, Elizabeth Deceased
Morgan, J.S. Father
Morgan, John W. Father
Morgan, John W., Jr. Deceased
Morgan, Jonah Father
Morgan, Mrs.John Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, R.H. Orderedby
Morgan, RH Orderedby
Morgan, Rose Mother
Morgan, Sallie Ann Mother
Morgan, Sally Ann Mother
Morgan, Willett D. Orderedby
Morgan, William A. Orderedby
Morgan, Zana Mother
Moriarta, Bertha Orderedby
Moriarta, D.C.&W.C. Orderedby
Moriarta, Emily H. Mother
Moriarta, Hannah Deceased
Moriarta, Jerry Father
Moriarta, John D. Father
Moriarta, Mrs.D.C. Orderedby
Moriarta, Mrs.Webster Orderedby
Moriarta, Peter Father
Moriarta, Peter N. Father
Moriarta, Webster C. Deceased
Moriarty, Catharine Mother
Morningstar, Betty Mother
Morrell, Anna Mother
Morrill, Franklin Father
Morrill, Mary A. Deceased
Morris, ? Father
Morris, ? Father
Morris, Albert Father
Morris, Albert Father
Morris, Alfred Father
Morris, Alfred A. Father
Morris, Alice Mother
Morris, Alice Mother
Morris, Amelia Deceased
Morris, Bessie Orderedby
Morris, Betty Mother
Morris, Bridget Deceased
Morris, Charles Father
Morris, Charles Orderedby
Morris, Charles H. Deceased
Morris, Daniel J. Orderedby
Morris, David Father
Morris, Earl C. Orderedby
Morris, Edith Mother
Morris, Eliza Deceased
Morris, Etta C. Deceased
Morris, Frances Orderedby
Morris, Frances P. Deceased
Morris, Frank J. Deceased
Morris, Galloway C. Father
Morris, George Father
Morris, George W. Deceased
Morris, George W. Orderedby
Morris, Gertrude Mother
Morris, Herbert Deceased
Morris, Irene Mother
Morris, Irene Mother
Morris, Joseph Deceased
Morris, Joseph Thomas Father
Morris, Laura Mother
Morris, Lydia Mother
Morris, Lydia Mother
Morris, Lydia E. Mother
Morris, Mary I. Deceased
Morris, Melvin R. Orderedby
Morris, Miss Helen Orderedby
Morris, Mrs.G.Bander Orderedby
Morris, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Morris, Nancy A. Deceased
Morris, Nicholas Father
Morris, Robert Orderedby
Morris, Robert Orderedby
Morris, Sarah E. Orderedby
Morris, Susan Deceased
Morrison, ? Mother
Morrison, Charles Father
Morrison, Charles Father
Morrison, Charlotte Deceased
Morrison, Chief Orderedby
Morrison, Clifton Orderedby
Morrison, Ed Orderedby
Morrison, Edward Deceased
Morrison, Edward Orderedby
Morrison, Ethel Mother
Morrison, Harold A. Orderedby
Morrison, Hattie A. Mother
Morrison, Helen Madine Deceased
Morrison, Irma Orderedby
Morrison, Mary Mother
Morrison, Mary E. Deceased
Morrison, Mary J. Mother
Morrison, Samuel Father
Morrison, Velneth O. Deceased
Morrissey, Ellen Deceased
Morrissey, Emma Orderedby
Morrissey, Katherine M. Mother
Morrissey, Mary Mother
Morrissey, Mary Mother
Morrow, Sallie Mother
Morse, Angeline Mother
Morse, Elisha G. Deceased
Morse, George Father
Morse, Jane Mother
Morse, Margaret Mother
Morss, Susan Mother
Morton, Alice Mother
Morton, Mrs.G.W. Orderedby
Morton, Thomas Deceased
Morton, Thomas Father
Moser, Anna Mother
Moses, Esther M. Mother
Moses, Lillian M. Orderedby
Moses, Lydia Mother
Moses, Ora Father
Moses, Orrin F. Deceased
Mosher, Deceased
Mosher, Abner Father
Mosher, Albert A. Deceased
Mosher, Anna Mother
Mosher, Charles W. Deceased
Mosher, Cyrus Father
Mosher, Elizabeth Deceased
Mosher, Emma A. Deceased
Mosher, George Deceased
Mosher, Helen Deceased
Mosher, Joseph Father
Mosher, Joseph Orderedby
Mosher, Lansing W. Orderedby
Mosher, Lanson W. Father
Mosher, Lanson W. Orderedby
Mosher, Laura Mother
Mosher, Lawson W. Orderedby
Mosher, Lewis Father
Mosher, Lewis Father
Mosher, Lewis Father
Mosher, Lewis Father
Mosher, Lois E. Deceased
Mosher, Mary Mother
Mosher, Mary Mother
Mosher, Mary Mother
Mosher, Mary Mother
Mosher, Mary Mother
Mosher, Mary Allard Deceased
Mosher, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Mosher, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Mosher, Olin A. Orderedby
Mosher, Phoebe Deceased
Mosher, Sarah Mother
Mosier, George Father
Mosier, Mary H. Mother
Mosier, William F. Father
Moskin, Leah Mother
Moslin, Alice Deceased
Moslin, Arthur Orderedby
Moslin, Charlotte Deceased
Moslin, J.J. Orderedby
Moslin, Jabes Deceased
Moslin, Jabez Orderedby
Moslin, James Father
Moslin, Joseph J. Orderedby
Moslin, Rose A. Mother
Mother Orderedby
Mott, Amelia Mother
Mott, James Father
Mott, Jesse Deceased
Mott, Jesse Shepherd Deceased
Mott, Lafayette Father
Mott, Laura Deceased
Mott, Rev.J.L. Orderedby
Mott, S.J. Orderedby
Mott, Samuel J. Father
Mott, Thomas Father
Moulton, Cornelia Deceased
Moulton, Curtis L. Orderedby
Moulton, Curtis L. Orderedby
Moulton, Eder H. Orderedby
Moulton, Rouse Phock Deceased
Moultore, William T. Deceased
Moyhan, Rebecca Deceased
Moylan, John W. Deceased
Moylan, Mary Mother
Moylan, Miss Mary Orderedby
Moylan, Mrs.Patrick Orderedby
Mraz, Rosa Mother
Mrs. Fred? Orderedby
Mueller, Frederick C. Deceased
Muldowney, Edward J. Orderedby
Mulford, Margaret Mother
Mulhearn, Bridget Mother
Mulholland, Margaret Mother
Mullane, James E. Deceased
Mullane, Patrick Father
Mullen, Bridget Mother
Mullen, Delia Mother
Mullen, Patrick Father
Muller, Mary Mother
Mullett, John H. Deceased
Mulligan, Mary Mother
Mulligan, Patrick Father
Mulroy, Mary Mother
Mulvaney, ? Mother
Mulvehill, Mary Mother
Mulvihill, Winifred Mother
Mundell, Doris Mother
Mune, Caroline Mother
Munger, ? Father
Munger, Adelia D. Mother
Munger, Hannah Mother
Munger, Mrs.Arville Orderedby
Munn, ? Father
Munn, Charles H. Deceased
Munn, Frances Mother
Munn, Harriet Mother
Munn, Harriet Mother
Munn, John Deceased
Munn, Lucy Mother
Munn, Lucy Mother
Munn, Lucy Mother
Munn, Minnie Deceased
Munn, Mrs.C.H. Orderedby
Munn, Sarah Mother
Munn, Sarah Mother
Munn, Sarah Mother
Munn, Sarah Mother
Munn, Sarah A. Mother
Munn, Sarah A. Mother
Munn, William Father
Munn, William Orderedby
Munsell, John H. Deceased
Munsell, Mrs.J.H. Orderedby
Munsell, Mrs.John Orderedby
Munsell, William H. Father
Murad, Christie Deceased
Murad, Nicholas Father
Murdock, Charles H. Father
Murphy, Father
Murphy, ? Father
Murphy, ? Father
Murphy, Adelaide Deceased
Murphy, Anna Mother
Murphy, Daniel Orderedby
Murphy, Dorothy G. Deceased
Murphy, Elizabeth Mother
Murphy, Hannah Mother
Murphy, Johanna Deceased
Murphy, Johanna Mother
Murphy, John Father
Murphy, John J. Deceased
Murphy, John J. Deceased
Murphy, John J. Orderedby
Murphy, Margaret E. Mother
Murphy, Martha Mother
Murphy, Martha Mother
Murphy, Mary Deceased
Murphy, Mary Mother
Murphy, Mary Mother
Murphy, Mary Mother
Murphy, Mary Orderedby
Murphy, Michael Father
Murphy, Miss Orderedby
Murphy, Mrs. Orderedby
Murphy, Mrs.William Orderedby
Murphy, P.Chas Orderedby
Murphy, Patrick Father
Murphy, Patrick Father
Murphy, Richard Father
Murphy, Thomas Deceased
Murphy, William J. Deceased
Murray Orderedby
Murray & Rimington Orderedby
Murray, Abbie Mother
Murray, Alice Orderedby
Murray, Alice E. Deceased
Murray, Angeline Mother
Murray, Angeline Mother
Murray, Angeline Mother
Murray, Anna Mother
Murray, Byron J. Deceased
Murray, Cutler Father
Murray, Dr.B.J. Orderedby
Murray, Eleanor D. Deceased
Murray, Elizabeth Orderedby
Murray, George Father
Murray, George Father
Murray, George Orderedby
Murray, George H. Father
Murray, Ida V.S. Deceased
Murray, Isabelle Mother
Murray, James Deceased
Murray, Jay Deceased
Murray, Jay Orderedby
Murray, Jesse Father
Murray, John Father
Murray, John Father
Murray, John Father
Murray, John Father
Murray, John Father
Murray, John Francis Deceased
Murray, Louis Deceased
Murray, Mabel Orderedby
Murray, Margaret Mother
Murray, Maryette Deceased
Murray, Miles Father
Murray, Miss Esther Orderedby
Murray, Mrs.William Orderedby
Murray, Patrick Father
Murray, Robert Father
Murray, Robert R. Deceased
Murray, Samuel Deceased
Murray, W.J. Orderedby
Murray, Walter A. Deceased
Murtaugh, Margaret Deceased
Murter, Julianna Mother
Musselman, Mrs.Alexander Orderedby
Myatt, Ellen Deceased
Myer, Rosine C. Mother
Myers, Anna E. Deceased
Myers, Catherine Deceased
Myers, Catherine Mother
Myers, Catherine Mother
Myers, Catherine Mother
Myers, Catherine Orderedby
Myers, Charles Father
Myers, Charles Father
Myers, Charles Father
Myers, Cornelia Mother
Myers, Dorcas Marion Deceased
Myers, Edith B. Deceased
Myers, Eliza Mother
Myers, Ella A. Mother
Myers, Ella Bula Deceased
Myers, Emory H. Father
Myers, Etta Mother
Myers, Frank Deceased
Myers, Frank A. Deceased
Myers, Frank A. Orderedby
Myers, George Deceased
Myers, George M. Father
Myers, Hanford Deceased
Myers, Hannah Mother
Myers, Jacob Father
Myers, Jacob Father
Myers, Jacob Father
Myers, James Father
Myers, James H. Father
Myers, James Henry Deceased
Myers, John Father
Myers, John Father
Myers, John Wesley Deceased
Myers, Katherine Mother
Myers, Lavina Mother
Myers, Levena Mother
Myers, Lovisa Violana Deceased
Myers, Mabel Orderedby
Myers, Mary Mother
Myers, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Myers, Miss Eliza Orderedby
Myers, Mrs.H. Orderedby
Myers, Mrs.J.H. G.A.R. Orderedby
Myers, Mrs.Johanna Orderedby
Myers, Nicholas Father
Myers, Nicholas Father
Myers, Pamela Mother
Myers, Pauline Deceased
Myers, Pearl B. Mother
Myers, Sarah A. Mother
Myers, Simon H. Orderedby
Myers, Simon Henry Father
Myers, Walter Orderedby
Myers, Walter J. Orderedby
Myers, Walter J. Orderedby
Myers, William J. Deceased
Myers, Willis Father
Myers, Willis J. Orderedby
Myles, Harriet Brow Deceased
Myles, Mrs.James Orderedby

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