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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Pa.. to Pe..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Packard, Bertha H. Deceased
Packard, Ellis Father
Packard, Horace Newell Deceased
Packard, Mrs.Horace Orderedby
Paddock, Frances C. Deceased
Paddock, Ida M. Mother
Paddock, Ida M. Mother
Paddock, Ruth Mother
Paddon, Louise Mother
Paepus?, ? Father
Page, Albert Orderedby
Page, Carrie A. Deceased
Page, Grace Mother
Page, Isaac W. Deceased
Page, Mrs.Harland Orderedby
Page, Silas Father
Page, William H. Orderedby
Paige, Bishop Father
Paige, Bishop Father
Paige, Henrietta Deceased
Paige, Mrs. Walter Orderedby
Paige, Walter S. Deceased
Paine, Delmar Deceased
Paine, Edwin M. Orderedby
Paine, Myron Father
Painter, Ernest Orderedby
Painter, Frank Orderedby
Painter, Gorgoa A. Deceased
Painter, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Palistrant, Abraham Father
Palistrant, Myer Deceased
Palmateer, Albert Father
Palmateer, Aletha R. Deceased
Palmer & Johnson Orderedby
Palmer, A.W. Orderedby
Palmer, Albert E. Deceased
Palmer, Amelia Mother
Palmer, Andrew Father
Palmer, Angeline Mother
Palmer, Anna A. Mother
Palmer, Arthur D. Orderedby
Palmer, Augustus Orderedby
Palmer, Bertha W. Deceased
Palmer, Bessie Deceased
Palmer, Catherine M. Deceased
Palmer, Cornelia C. Mother
Palmer, Dr.A.H. Orderedby
Palmer, Dr.E.A. Orderedby
Palmer, Edward Father
Palmer, Emma Strong Deceased
Palmer, Erving Deceased
Palmer, George Father
Palmer, Helen M. Mother
Palmer, Henry Father
Palmer, Hiram Deceased
Palmer, James Deceased
Palmer, Jennie Slocum Deceased
Palmer, John Father
Palmer, John Father
Palmer, John A. Father
Palmer, John Arni Deceased
Palmer, John Emeroy Deceased
Palmer, John W. Father
Palmer, L.Madge Deceased
Palmer, L.Madge Orderedby
Palmer, Linda Mother
Palmer, Lucinda Mother
Palmer, Margaret Mother
Palmer, Margaret Mother
Palmer, Margaret J. Mother
Palmer, Millie Mother
Palmer, Mrs.John Orderedby
Palmer, Mrs.Ray Orderedby
Palmer, Noah B. Orderedby
Palmer, Priscilla Deceased
Palmer, Raymond Father
Palmer, Raymond Orderedby
Palmer, Raymond A. Orderedby
Palmer, Rosina Deceased
Palmer, Sarah Deceased
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah Mother
Palmer, Sarah E. Deceased
Palmer, Sarah Margaret Deceased
Palmer, Sidney Orderedby
Palmer, Thomas Deceased
Palmer, Thomas Orderedby
Palmer, W.R. Orderedby
Palmer, W.R. Orderedby
Palmer, W.R. Orderedby
Palmer, William Deceased
Palmer, William Father
Palmer, William H. Deceased
Palmer, William H. Deceased
Palmer, William H. Father
Palmer, William H. Father
Palmer, William H. Orderedby
Palmer, William H. Orderedby
Palmer, Wm.H. Orderedby
Palmer.Angeline Mother
Pangborn, Philena Mother
Pangburn, Mary Mother
Parcher Mother
Pardino, Peter Father
Pardino, Peter Orderedby
Pardo, Sarah B. Mother
Parillo, Dominic Orderedby
Paris, Charles Deceased
Paris, Mary Mother
Parish, Ernest F. Deceased
Parish, Louise Deceased
Parish, Robert Father
Parish, Robert Orderedby
Parish, Robert S. Father
Parish, Robert S. Orderedby
Park, Charles D, Father
Park, Charles D. Deceased
Park, Edward E Orderedby
Park, Edward E. Deceased
Park, Edward E. Father
Park, Edward E. Father
Park, Edward E. Orderedby
Park, Edward E. Orderedby
Park, Eliza Jane Deceased
Park, Jesse Father
Park, John Father
Park, John H. Deceased
Park, John H. Father
Park, Josephine Deceased
Park, Miss Fanny J. Orderedby
Park, Mrs.Charles D. Orderedby
Park, Mrs.Ruth Orderedby
Park, Raymond W. Deceased
Park, Spencer J. Deceased
Park, William E. Orderedby
Parker, ? Mother
Parker, Alexander Father
Parker, Ana Deceased
Parker, Anna E.Stoler Deceased
Parker, Anna M. Deceased
Parker, Cephas Father
Parker, Charles M. Deceased
Parker, Edna M. Orderedby
Parker, Elizabeth Mother
Parker, Elizabeth G. Deceased
Parker, Fred Father
Parker, George Deceased
Parker, Helen K. Mother
Parker, Jeffrey Father
Parker, John H. Deceased
Parker, Lena Orderedby
Parker, Louise Mother
Parker, Mary Mother
Parker, Mary Mother
Parker, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Parker, Mrs.James Orderedby
Parker, Neil J. Orderedby
Parker, Pinkie Mother
Parker, Robert C. Deceased
Parker, Sally Mother
Parker, Samuel Father
Parkhurst, Aciel Orderedby
Parkhurst, Aciel W. Orderedby
Parkhurst, Cora E. Orderedby
Parkhurst, George C. Deceased
Parkhurst, H.Eliza Deceased
Parkhurst, John Father
Parkhurst, Mrs.Aciel Orderedby
Parkhurst, Walter N. Father
Parks, Albert Henry Deceased
Parks, Charlotte Mother
Parks, Everett S. Deceased
Parks, Franklin Father
Parks, Harley Deceased
Parks, Henry Orderedby
Parks, Henry S. Father
Parks, Henry S. Orderedby
Parks, James Orderedby
Parks, Jehiel Father
Parks, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Parks, May Deceased
Parmalee, Grace Mother
Parmele, Donald H. Father
Parmele, Morris Orderedby
Parmenter, Ann J. Mother
Parmenter, C.R. Orderedby
Parmenter, Marien Mother
Parmenter, Maxwell A. Orderedby
Parmentier, Jane Mother
Parmlee, Mrs.S.B. Orderedby
Parmlee, Ross Atkinson Deceased
Parmlee, Samuel B. Father
Parr, Frances Ann Deceased
Parrell, Frank Father
Parret, Lucy Mother
Parris, Jane Mother
Parry, Louise Deceased
Parsons, Frank Orderedby
Parsons, Harriett W. Mother
Partland, William Father
Parton, Charles Deceased
Parton, James Father
Parton, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Partridge, ? Father
Partridge, Bertha L. Mother
Partridge, Dorothy Mother
Partridge, Dorothy Mother
Partridge, Dorothy J. Mother
Partridge, Dorothy J. Mother
Partridge, Frederick Father
Partridge, Frederick H. Deceased
Partridge, Frederick H. Father
Partridge, Mathew Father
Partridge, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Partridge, Nina Orderedby
Partridge, Susan Mother
Pasarella, Angelina Mother
Pasco, Cyrus D. Father
Pasley, Cicely Deceased
Pasley, Horatio Father
Pasquera, G.S. Orderedby
Patch, Alfred Father
Patch, Alfred Father
Patch, Edward Deceased
Patch, John L. Deceased
Patch, Minnie Mother
Patch, Minnie Orderedby
Patch, Minnie M. Orderedby
Patch, Mrs.John Orderedby
Patch, Nellie M. Mother
Paten, Stephem Father
Paterson, Gertrude M. Deceased
Paterson, John C. Father
Patrick, Arthur M. Deceased
Patrick, Edith Orderedby
Patrick, Elizabeth Deceased
Patrick, George H. Father
Patrick, George Henry Deceased
Patrick, Henrietta Mother
Patrick, Henry Father
Patrick, Henry Father
Patrick, Henry Father
Patrick, Sarah Deceased
Patrick, Sarah Mother
Patrick, William Father
Pattee, Dr.A.L. Father
Pattel, Mrs.C.Herbert Orderedby
Patten, Anna Orderedby
Patten, Anna B. Deceased
Patten, Mrs.David Orderedby
Patten, Peter Father
Patten, Ruth Orderedby
Patten, Sarah E. Deceased
Patten, Walter R. Deceased
Patten, Walter R. Orderedby
Patterson, Alexander A. Father
Patterson, Baby boy Deceased
Patterson, Charles T. Orderedby
Patterson, David H. Father
Patterson, David H. Orderedby
Patterson, Delphia A. Mother
Patterson, E.Ross Deceased
Patterson, Edward Father
Patterson, Edward Father
Patterson, Edward Orderedby
Patterson, Edward Orderedby
Patterson, Erma Marion Deceased
Patterson, Francis Father
Patterson, Francis A. Father
Patterson, Frank A. Deceased
Patterson, Frank H. Deceased
Patterson, Hazel Louise Deceased
Patterson, Hazel M. Mother
Patterson, Helen Deceased
Patterson, James Father
Patterson, Jane Mother
Patterson, John Father
Patterson, John R. Orderedby
Patterson, Katherine Deceased
Patterson, Lena Orderedby
Patterson, Leta Mae Deceased
Patterson, Louise H. Deceased
Patterson, Mary A. Mother
Patterson, Mary A. Orderedby
Patterson, Mary Martha Deceased
Patterson, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Patterson, Robert Father
Patterson, Robert Father
Patterson, Robert Orderedby
Patterson, Robert A. Deceased
Patterson, Robert A. Father
Patterson, Robert A. Orderedby
Patterson, Robert H. Orderedby
Patterson, Stuart Deceased
Patterson, Stuart Orderedby
Patterson, W.J. Orderedby
Pattison, Katherine Mother
Patton, Anna M. Deceased
Patton, James G. Father
Patton, James G. Father
Pattrige, ? Mother
Paul, Cora Mother
Paul, Moses Father
Paulding, Ann Orderedby
Paulding, Charles C. Deceased
Paulding, William H. Father
Payne, Abigal Mother
Payne, Frederick E. Deceased
Payne, Julia Greenleaf Deceased
Payu, Mary Bridget Deceased
Peabody, Elizabeth Mother
Peabody, Geo.Foster Orderedby
Peabody, Katrina Trask Deceased
Peacock, Adolphus S. Father
Peacock, Baby boy Deceased
Peacock, Bertha M. Mother
Peacock, Charles Father
Peacock, Clarence E. Orderedby
Peacock, Clarence F. Deceased
Peacock, Daisy Deceased
Peacock, Dolphus S. Deceased
Peacock, Florence Deceased
Peacock, Harry J. Orderedby
Peacock, John Father
Peacock, John Father
Peacock, Lydia Mother
Peacock, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Peacock, Naomi Mother
Peacock, Naomi Mother
Peacock, Naomi Mother
Peacock, Nathaniel Father
Peacock, Nathaniel Orderedby
Pearl, Nellie G. Mother
Pearsall, Amanda Mother
Pearsall, Maria Mother
Pearse, Sup.of Poor Orderedby
Pearse, Sup.of Poor Orderedby
Pearson, David Father
Pearson, David Orderedby
Pearson, Eliza Mother
Pearson, Jennie Mother
Pearson, Mary H. Deceased
Pearson, Nancy G. Deceased
Pearson, Rev.Wm. Orderedby
Pearson, Richard Deceased
Pearson, Richard, Jr. Orderedby
Pease, Clarrissa Ann Mother
Pease, G.W. Orderedby
Pease, Jennie C. Mother
Peasley, Lucy L. Mother
Peasley, Lucy L. Mother
Peck, Abigail Mother
Peck, Anna M. Orderedby
Peck, Aruna C. Father
Peck, Aruna C. Father
Peck, Aruna C. Father
Peck, Caroline L. Deceased
Peck, Charles Orderedby
Peck, Eleanor J. Deceased
Peck, George W.A. Deceased
Peck, J.Pauline Deceased
Peck, Jessie Mother
Peck, Mary Mother
Peck, N.Henry Father
Peck, Reed Father
Peckham, Letitia Mother
Peckham, Ruby Mother
Peckins, Marthy J. Deceased
Peeke, Dr.Charles Deceased
Peeke, Mrs Orderedby
Peete, Beulah H. Deceased
Peete, Franklin Orderedby
Peete, Theodore D. Father
Peete, Theodore D. Orderedby
Peete, Theodore W. Deceased
Pekarch, Susan Mother
Pelkey, Fannie C. Deceased
Pelkey, John Deceased
Pelkey, Miss Ada Orderedby
Pelkey, Peter Father
Pelles, Satie Mother
Peltier, Alexander Father
Pelyo, John K. Father
Pelyo, Justin P. Deceased
Pelyo, Marie Orderedby
Pemble, John Father
Pemble, Samuel Orderedby
Pendergrass, Anna O. Deceased
Pendergrass, Henry W. Deceased
Pendergrass, James Father
Pendergrass, James H. Deceased
Pendergrass, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Pendergrass, Robert Father
Pendergrass, Robert Father
Pendergrass, Robert Orderedby
Pendergrass, Robert A., Jr. Deceased
Pendleton, Edith Orderedby
Pendleton, Henry J. Deceased
Pendleton, Henry J. Father
Pendrick, Elias J. Father
Pendrick, Elizabeth E. Deceased
Pendrick, Harry P. Deceased
Pendrick, Harry P. Orderedby
Pendrick, Minnie E. Deceased
Pendrick, Otis L. Orderedby
Penfield, Adelia Orderedby
Penfield, Adelia Sterrett Deceased
Penfield, Austin C. Father
Penfield, Austin C. Father
Penfield, Celia M. Deceased
Penfield, Charles Pitkin Deceased
Penfield, Emily Orderedby
Penfield, Emily Orderedby
Penfield, John Deceased
Penfield, John Father
Penfield, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Penfield, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Penfield, Mrs.Charles P. Orderedby
Penn, S.W., Supt por Orderedby
Penney, Claude C. Deceased
Penney, Edwin Father
Penney, Katherine Orderedby
Pennington, Isabelle J. Deceased
People Burial Co. Orderedby
Peppa, James Father
Pepper, Alice Orderedby
Pepper, Baby boy Deceased
Pepper, Blanche Orderedby
Pepper, Dorothy Deceased
Pepper, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Pepper, Ethel Orderedby
Pepper, G.Lawrence Orderedby
Pepper, George Deceased
Pepper, George Father
Pepper, George Lawrence Father
Pepper, Harry Father
Pepper, Henry Father
Pepper, Henry Orderedby
Pepper, John Father
Pepper, John Father
Pepper, John Father
Pepper, Lulu Orderedby
Pepper, Lulu Orderedby
Pepper, Lulu J. Deceased
Pepper, Mary A. Mother
Pepper, Mary Ann Mother
Pepper, Mrs.Alfred Orderedby
Pepper, Mrs.George Orderedby
Pepper, Mrs.J.H. Orderedby
Pepper, Victor M. Deceased
Pepper, Victor M. Orderedby
Pepper, Walter Deceased
Pepper, Walter G. Deceased
Perazzo, G.B. Orderedby
Perkins, Abigail C. Deceased
Perkins, Alice Deceased
Perkins, Andrew Deceased
Perkins, Chester A. Deceased
Perkins, Chester A. Orderedby
Perkins, Emma Mother
Perkins, Frank Father
Perkins, John A. Father
Perkins, Mrs.Chester Orderedby
Perkins, Mrs.G.V. Orderedby
Perkins, Mrs.George Orderedby
Perkins, Mrs.Ida E. Orderedby
Perkins, William H., Jr Orderedby
Perot, Hannah Mother
Perriman, George Deceased
Perriman, Nellie F. Deceased
Perriman, William Father
Perriman, William H. Orderedby
Perry, Albert Orderedby
Perry, Albert Orderedby
Perry, Albert E. Father
Perry, Albert E. Father
Perry, Andrew Deceased
Perry, Andrew J. Father
Perry, Andrew J. Orderedby
Perry, Anna Deceased
Perry, Baby boy Deceased
Perry, Baby boy Deceased
Perry, Byron J. Deceased
Perry, Calvin Father
Perry, Carrie Orderedby
Perry, Carrie E. Deceased
Perry, Charles Father
Perry, Charles H. Deceased
Perry, Charles H. Orderedby
Perry, Charles H. Orderedby
Perry, Clarence J. Deceased
Perry, Dr.John Father
Perry, Dr.John l. Deceased
Perry, Dr.John L. Father
Perry, Dr.John L. Father
Perry, Dr.John L. Orderedby
Perry, Edgar J. Deceased
Perry, Edward C. Deceased
Perry, Edward C. Orderedby
Perry, Elizabeth K. Deceased
Perry, Emily Worden Deceased
Perry, Emma J. Deceased
Perry, Ernest Orderedby
Perry, Etta Deceased
Perry, Etta Inae Deceased
Perry, Eugene Deceased
Perry, Fanny Mother
Perry, Flossie B. Deceased
Perry, Frank J. Deceased
Perry, Fred Orderedby
Perry, Fred E. Orderedby
Perry, Frederick Father
Perry, Frederick Father
Perry, Frederick Orderedby
Perry, Frederick E. Orderedby
Perry, Frederick J. Deceased
Perry, G.Russell Father
Perry, G.Russell Orderedby
Perry, Gardener Orderedby
Perry, Gardner Deceased
Perry, Hamilton Father
Perry, Hebert Orderedby
Perry, Herbert Deceased
Perry, Hudson Father
Perry, James C. Deceased
Perry, John Father
Perry, John Father
Perry, John Orderedby
Perry, John Orderedby
Perry, John Orderedby
Perry, John D. Father
Perry, John D. Father
Perry, Joseph C. Deceased
Perry, Joseph C. Father
Perry, Joseph C. Father
Perry, Katherine Deceased
Perry, Lura Elizabeth Deceased
Perry, Margaret Mother
Perry, Marietta Mother
Perry, Mary Deceased
Perry, Melinda Mother
Perry, Mrs Emma Orderedby
Perry, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Perry, Mrs.James C. Orderedby
Perry, Nancy S. Deceased
Perry, Phebe Mother
Perry, Pheobe Mother
Perry, Phoebe Mother
Perry, Rebecca Orderedby
Perry, Rebecca J. Deceased
Perry, Roland Father
Perry, Sarah Mother
Perry, Sarah Allen Deceased
Perry, Sarah M. Mother
Perry, Satie M. Deceased
Perry, Solomon Father
Perry, Thaddeus Deceased
Perry, Thomas W. Father
Perry, William Father
Perry, Wm.B. Orderedby
Perry.Mrs.Gardnier Orderedby
Persithe, Ann Mother
Pertell, Mary Mother
Peso, Eliza Mother
Pesquera Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquera, G.S. Orderedby
Pesquere, G.S. Orderedby
Peter, Minnie Orderedby
Peter, Thomas M. Father
Peterman, Harry Father
Peterman, Lucinda Deceased
Peters, Abraham Father
Peters, Elias H. Father
Peters, Elias Haight Deceased
Peters, George Deceased
Peters, Julia A. Mother
Peters, Mary Mother
Peterson, ? Father
Peterson, Amanda Marie Deceased
Peterson, Anna Mother
Peterson, Anna Orderedby
Peterson, Benjamin Father
Peterson, Benjamin Father
Peterson, Charles W. Deceased
Peterson, Cornelius Father
Peterson, Edna Mother
Peterson, George Deceased
Peterson, Georgiana Orderedby
Peterson, Gustaf G. Deceased
Peterson, Gustaf G. Orderedby
Peterson, Johan Father
Peterson, John Deceased
Peterson, Marian E. Deceased
Peterson, Marie Mother
Peterson, Marion E. Orderedby
Peterson, William M. Deceased
Peterson, William O. Father
Petit, Eva Mother
Petitt, Deceased
Petitt, ? Father
Petitt, Andrew Deceased
Petitt, Catherine M. Deceased
Petitt, Charles E. Deceased
Petitt, Ermon G. Deceased
Petitt, Ermon G. Father
Petitt, Eva A.Barber Deceased
Petitt, Everett Father
Petitt, Henry H. Orderedby
Petitt, Henry H. Orderedby
Petitt, Jennie C. Mother
Petitt, John Father
Petitt, John Father
Petitt, Mrs.Eva Orderedby
Petitt, Mrs.Everett Orderedby
Petitt, Ralph Deceased
Petitt, W.M.M. Orderedby
Pettee, Lyman F. Deceased
Pettersen, Augusta Deceased
Petteys, Frank Father
Petteys, Frank Orderedby
Petteys, Helen Deceased
Petteys, Lewis P. Deceased
Petteys, Mary F. Deceased
Petteys, Mrs.Curtis Orderedby
Petteys, Mrs.Curtis Orderedby
Petteys, Ruth Mother
Petteys, William Orderedby
Pettingill, Louise Mother
Pettis, Albert Orderedby
Pettis, James Father
Pettis, James Father
Pettis, John Deceased
Pettis, Mary Mother
Pettis, Richard Deceased
Pettit, Charles E. Orderedby
Pettit, Emma Mother
Pettit, Ernest M. Deceased
Pettit, Frederick Father
Pettit, Margaret Orderedby
Pettit, Minnie Deceased
Pettit, Rose Mother
Petty, Emma E. Mother
Pettybone, Charity Mother
Peverly, Margaret Mother
Peyroux, Marie Mother
Pezzano, Ziaacchino Father

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