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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Pf to Pz.. and Q

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Pfeiffer, Henrietta M. Deceased
Pheil, Christiana Mother
Phelan, Elizabeth Deceased
Phelan, Elizabeth Orderedby
Phelan, Patrick Father
Phelks, Dr.E.P. Father
Phelps, Eliza A. Deceased
Phelps, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Phelps, Franklin M. Father
Phelps, Frederick G. Orderedby
Phelps, Harriet Mother
Phelps, Miles B. Deceased
Phelps, Miles B. Father
Phelps, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Phelps, Mrs.Nathan Orderedby
Phelps, Nathan G. Deceased
Phelps, Nathan G. Father
Phelps, Nathan G. Father
Phelps, Nathan H. Deceased
Phelps, Nathan H. Father
Phelps, Oliver Father
Phelps, Roscoe Deceased
Phelps, Watson Orderedby
Phillips, Accy Mother
Phillips, Ada L. Orderedby
Phillips, Austin Orderedby
Phillips, C.W.&F.C. Orderedby
Phillips, Capt. Orderedby
Phillips, Carl L. Deceased
Phillips, Charles Deceased
Phillips, Charles Father
Phillips, Charles Father
Phillips, Cora Orderedby
Phillips, Elijah Father
Phillips, Eliza Mother
Phillips, Eliza Mother
Phillips, Eliza Mother
Phillips, Ella Orderedby
Phillips, Fannie Deceased
Phillips, Frank Father
Phillips, Frank Orderedby
Phillips, Frank C. Deceased
Phillips, Frank E. Deceased
Phillips, George E. Father
Phillips, George Oscar Deceased
Phillips, George W. Father
Phillips, Harold E. Deceased
Phillips, Hobart Orderedby
Phillips, Hobart B. Father
Phillips, Horace Father
Phillips, Horace Father
Phillips, James A. Deceased
Phillips, John Father
Phillips, Lemuel Father
Phillips, Lydia Mother
Phillips, Martha Mother
Phillips, Martha Mother
Phillips, Mary E. Deceased
Phillips, Morris Orderedby
Phillips, Mrs.Hobert Orderedby
Phillips, Nancy Mother
Phillips, Thomas Father
Phillips, Warren Orderedby
Phillips, Warren J. Deceased
Phillips, Warren J. Father
Phillips, William H. Father
Phillips, Wm.G. Orderedby
Phillis, Kizzie Mother
Philps, Miles B. Orderedby
Phinny, Eliza Mother
Piatt, Thomas Orderedby
Pickard, Joseph Father
Pickering, George C. Deceased
Pickering, Mrs.Frances W. Orderedby
Pickering, Samuel Father
Pickering, Sarah Mother
Pickert, Elizabeth Mother
Piehaczek, John Father
Piehaczek, Lucy Margaret Deceased
Piehaczek, Mrs.John Orderedby
Pier, Esther Mother
Pierce, Ann Mother
Pierce, Ann B. Deceased
Pierce, Arabella Mother
Pierce, Arabella Mother
Pierce, Arabelle Mother
Pierce, Delia A. Deceased
Pierce, Ebenezer Father
Pierce, Frank M. Deceased
Pierce, Henry Deceased
Pierce, Marshall Father
Pierce, Martin Father
Pierce, Marvn Father
Pierce, Nehemiah Father
Pierce, Rebecca Mother
Pierce, Taylor Father
Pierry, Catherine Mother
Piersall, Myra Mother
Pierson, Amanda M. Deceased
Pierson, Arrinda S. Deceased
Pierson, Charles Deceased
Pierson, Charles Father
Pierson, Harriet Orderedby
Pierson, Howard M. Deceased
Pierson, Laura Mother
Pierson, Lydia A. Mother
Pierson, Sanford A. Father
Pierson, Thomas Father
Pierson, Thomas Father
Pierson, W Orderedby
Pierson, William Deceased
Pierson, William Father
Pike, Ann Mother
Pike, Emma Mother
Pike, Georgia Deceased
Pike, Lillian Mother
Pike, Loraine Mother
Pilger, Elise Orderedby
Pilger, Elise M. Deceased
Pilger, George D. Deceased
Pilger, John Deceased
Pilger, John Father
Pilger, Peter Father
Pink, Catherine Mother
Pinnell, Frances Deceased
Pinnell, Sidney Father
Pinsley, Vera Mother
Piper, Aaron S. Father
Piper, Marietta A. Mother
Piper, Sophia Mother
Pirie, Mertice L. Mother
Pitcher, Susan Mother
Pitkin, Elizabeth Mother
Pitkin, Elizabeth Mother
Pitnam, Thomas Father
Pitney, Annie Deceased
Pitney, Charles Father
Pitney, Charles Father
Pitney, Jerome Orderedby
Pitney, Jerome V. Orderedby
Pitney, Kate Mother
Pitney, Mrs Orderedby
Pitney, Susan Mother
Pitney, Zerviah Mother
Pittman, Nettie Mother
Pitts, Hattie J. Deceased
Pitts, Mary C. Orderedby
Pitts, Socrates Father
Pixley, George Father
Pixley, Harry E. Orderedby
Pixley, Harvey Father
Pixley, Harvey, Jr. Deceased
Pixley, Harvey/City Orderedby
Pixley, John B. Deceased
Place, Dexter Father
Place, Flossie Belle Mother
Place, George Father
Place, George J. Deceased
Place, George J. Father
Place, Lucenia M. Deceased
Place, Nancy Mother
Place, Nona Mother
Plant, Mary A. Mother
Plate, Samuel Henry Deceased
Platesburg, Miss Addie Orderedby
Platt, Harry Father
Platt, Mary Mother
Platt, Mary Mother
Platt, Mary Mother
Platt, William Father
Platti, Josephine Orderedby
Platti, Josephine A. Deceased
Platti, Pasquale Orderedby
Platz, Frederica Mother
Plaug, Mary Deceased
Plaug, Otto M.C. Orderedby
Plowman, Charles Father
Plowman, Charles Father
Plowman, Charles W. Deceased
Plowman, Charles W. Father
Plowman, Helen E. Deceased
Plowman, Katherine A. Deceased
Plowman, Mary A. Mother
Plue, Clara Mother
Plue, Orren Father
Plum, Catherine B. Mother
Plum, Louisa Mother
Plum, Mrs.H.C. Orderedby
Plum, Rev.Harry C. Deceased
Plum, Wm.H. Father
Pocock, Jeremiah Father
Podolsky, Yetta Mother
Poler, Minerva Mother
Poler, Zedekiah Father
Polhamus, Charles Father
Polhamus, Charles E. Deceased
Polhamus, Louise Deceased
Polhamus, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Polhemus, Abram Father
Polhemus, Lenora Deceased
Polhemus, Mr.B.A. Orderedby
Polka, Leah Mother
Pollack, Dora Mother
Pollard, Jennie Deceased
Pollard, Lucinda Mother
Pollard, Lucinda Mother
Pollard, William Father
Pollard, William Orderedby
Polly, John N. Father
Pomeroy, Florence Deceased
Pomeroy, Theodore Father
Pomfrey, Blanche Orderedby
Pomfrey, Elijah Deceased
Pomfrey, Elijah Father
Pomfrey, Elijah Father
Pomfrey, Elijah Orderedby
Pomfrey, Elijah Orderedby
Pomfrey, Eljah Father
Pomfrey, Ellen Deceased
Pomfrey, James Orderedby
Pomfrey, James C. Deceased
Pomfrey, James E. Father
Pomfrey, Lillian D. Deceased
Pomfrey, Milton E. Deceased
Pond, Alanson M. Father
Pond, Laura D. Deceased
Pope, ? Father
Pope, Benjamin Deceased
Pope, Benjamin Father
Pope, Benjamin Father
Pope, Benjamin, Jr. Orderedby
Pope, Gertrude Mother
Pope, Guila E. Deceased
Pope, Lillian V. Mother
Pope, Lucy Deceased
Pope, Mary E. Mother
Pope, Mary E. Mother
Pope, Mrs.Beil?? Orderedby
Pope, Mrs.Ben. Orderedby
Pope, Mrs.Benj. Orderedby
Pope, Mrs.Benjamin Orderedby
Pope, Sarah Mother
Pope, Thomas Father
Porch, Essie Orderedby
Porter, Albert Father
Porter, Aretos S. Father
Porter, Dr.Charles Father
Porter, Helen Mother
Porter, Helen Mother
Porter, Inez Mother
Porter, Isabella Mother
Porter, Joshua Father
Porter, Laura Mother
Porter, Lea Orderedby
Porter, Louis F. Deceased
Porter, Margaret Deceased
Porter, Marian S. Mother
Porter, Mrs.Lewis W. Orderedby
Porter, Sarah Mother
Porter, Sarah Mother
Porter, Thomas Father
Porter, Thomas J. Deceased
Porter, Thomas* Orderedby
Porter, Vernice Deceased
Porter, William Father
Porter, Wilson T. Deceased
Portland, Mary Deceased
Porto, Emily Deceased
Porto, Pasquale Father
Pose, Edward Orderedby
Post, Father
Post, Esther Mother
Post, Josiah Orderedby
Post, Juliaetta Deceased
Post, Lucy Mitchell Deceased
Post, Moses Father
Pottee, David Deceased
Potter, Benj.J. Orderedby
Potter, Benjamin Father
Potter, Benjamin Orderedby
Potter, Benjamin J. Father
Potter, Clara Mother
Potter, David Orderedby
Potter, David Orderedby
Potter, Duane Deceased
Potter, Edward W. Father
Potter, Elizabeth Deceased
Potter, Elizabeth Mother
Potter, Elizabeth Orderedby
Potter, Elsie Orderedby
Potter, Emma Deceased
Potter, Emma Orderedby
Potter, Emory Father
Potter, Eveline Mother
Potter, Ezra H. Deceased
Potter, Frances Nellie Deceased
Potter, Georgie Belle Deceased
Potter, Hannah Mother
Potter, Hannah Mother
Potter, Hannah Mother
Potter, Hannah Mother
Potter, Harold C. Deceased
Potter, Harold E. Orderedby
Potter, Harriet Amelia Deceased
Potter, Harvey Father
Potter, Hiram Deceased
Potter, James Father
Potter, Jean M. Orderedby
Potter, John S. Deceased
Potter, Lewis W. Deceased
Potter, Lewis W. Orderedby
Potter, Louisa B. Deceased
Potter, Mary Mother
Potter, Mary Mother
Potter, Mary Ann Mother
Potter, Minnie C. Deceased
Potter, Raymond B. Orderedby
Potter, Rev.Frank K. Father
Potter, Richard Father
Potter, Silas M. Orderedby
Potter, Silas W. Deceased
Potter, Sophronia Deceased
Potter, William Father
Potter, William Orderedby
Potter.F.W. Orderedby
Pouch, Frank Orderedby
Pounberg, Pauline Mother
Powell, Fannie Mother
Powell, Fannie M. Mother
Powell, James Father
Powell, James W. Deceased
Powell, William Father
Powers, Bridget Deceased
Powers, daughter Orderedby
Powers, James Deceased
Powers, John Father
Powers, Josephine Mother
Powers, Katherine L. Deceased
Powers, Maltan Deceased
Powers, Margaret Mother
Powers, Mathew Father
Powers, Mathew Father
Powers, Mathew Father
Powers, Mathew Orderedby
Powers, Mathew Orderedby
Powers, Mathew Orderedby
Powers, Matthew Father
Pramelia Mother
Pratt, ? Father
Pratt, Alice D. Mother
Pratt, Florence Verna Deceased
Pratt, Frank W. Orderedby
Pratt, Fred Orderedby
Pratt, Frederick Father
Pratt, Frederick Orderedby
Pratt, George Orderedby
Pratt, George H. Deceased
Pratt, Glayds A. Deceased
Pratt, Harold Orderedby
Pratt, Harold Y. Orderedby
Pratt, Horace Father
Pratt, John Father
Pratt, Lilla B. Deceased
Pratt, Martha Mother
Pratt, Mary Mother
Pratt, Mary Mother
Pratt, Mary Mother
Pratt, Mrs.Leroy Orderedby
Pratt, Susie M. Deceased
Pratt, William H. Orderedby
Pratt, William H. Orderedby
Preece, Dorothy Orderedby
Preece, Frederick W. Father
Preece, Madeline Deceased
Premieau, Audrey Mother
Prescott & DeGroff Orderedby
Press, Minnie Mother
Preston, Calvin, MD Father
Preston, Charlotte Mother
Preston, Emphemia Mother
Preston, Margaret Deceased
Preston, Marion L. Mother
Preston, Mary Mother
Preston, Mary Mother
Preston, Mary Mother
Prestwick, James Father
Price, ? Mother
Price, Harriett Purcell Deceased
Price, John P. Father
Price, Laura Mother
Price, Mard.Mitchell Orderedby
Price, Ruth I. Mother
Pridham, Emma Deceased
Pridham, John H. Deceased
Priester, Helena T. Deceased
Priester, Jacob E. Orderedby
Priester, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Prime, Martha Mother
Prince, Alfred Deceased
Prince, Isaac Father
Prince, Isaac Father
Prince, Laura Mother
Prince, Timothy Deceased
Prindle, Edgar L. Deceased
Prindle, Edgar L. Father
Prindle, Elizabeth L. Deceased
Prindle, Elsie Deceased
Prindle, Fred N. Deceased
Prindle, Harvey J. Deceased
Prindle, James L. Deceased
Prindle, John Father
Prindle, John Orderedby
Prindle, John Orderedby
Prindle, John M. Orderedby
Prindle, John M. Orderedby
Prindle, Lorin Alfred Deceased
Prindle, Mary C. Deceased
Prindle, Mary Louise Deceased
Prindle, Mr.E.L. Orderedby
Prindle, Mrs.James Orderedby
Prindle, Norman Deceased
Prindle, Norman Father
Prior, Charles F. Deceased
Prior, Charles F. Father
Prior, Delia Mother
Prior, Elizabeth Deceased
Prior, Gertrude Orderedby
Prior, Katherine Orderedby
Prior, Katherine Orderedby
Prior, Mrs.Charles F. Orderedby
Prior, Potter J. Father
Prior, Thomas D. Father
Prior, William F. Deceased
Proper, Elizabeth Orderedby
Proper, Elizabeth Orderedby
Proper, Ella M. Deceased
Proper, Emma Deceased
Proper, Emma S. Deceased
Proper, Frank Harder Deceased
Proper, H.H. Orderedby
Proper, John Father
Proper, John C. Orderedby
Proper, John C. Orderedby
Proper, John C. Orderedby
Proper, John H. Deceased
Proper, John H. Father
Proper, Mrs Orderedby
Proper, Mrs.Elizabeth Orderedby
Proper, Mrs.John Orderedby
Proper, Orville Deceased
Proper, Wiliam Father
Prosser, David Father
Prosser, Elizabeth Mother
Proudfit, Andrew Father
Pryer, Caroline Deceased
Pryor, Etta Mother
Pryor, Mary Deceased
Pryor, The Misses Orderedby
Puckett, James Father
Puckett, James E Orderedby
Puckett, James E., Sr. Deceased
Puckett, James Edward Deceased
Puckett, James Edward, Jr. Father
Puckett, James, Jr Orderedby
Puckett, Jennie Prince Deceased
Puckett, John William Deceased
Puckett, John William Father
Puckett, Richard Father
Puckett, Sayles A. Deceased
Puckett, Thomas Deceased
Puckett, William Father
Puckett, William Father
Puckett, William Orderedby
Puckett, Wm. Orderedby
Puder, Hannah Mother
Puling, Caroline Mother
Pulkka, Ellen Mother
Pulling, Mrs.Herman Orderedby
Pullman, Sybil Mother
Pulsifer, Hazel Mother
Pulsifer, Rachel J. Mother
Pulver, Eliza Mother
Puranen, Elma M. Deceased
Puranen, Yrjo Orderedby
Purcell, ? Father
Purcell, Mary E. Deceased
Purdy, K.H. Orderedby
Purdy, Mrs.Harley Orderedby
Purdy, Phebe Mother
Purdy, Sarah M. Mother
Purse, Rosa Deceased
Purser, Sarah Mother
Putman, Mrs.C.M. Orderedby
Putnam, ? Father
Putnam, A.J. Father
Putnam, Aaron J. Father
Putnam, Abel Father
Putnam, Abel Father
Putnam, Ada C. Deceased
Putnam, Ada Catherine Deceased
Putnam, Adelbert L. Orderedby
Putnam, Alanson H. Father
Putnam, Almira J, Mother
Putnam, Ann Mother
Putnam, Anna Mother
Putnam, Anne Matilda Deceased
Putnam, Arthur Deceased
Putnam, Beatrice Mother
Putnam, Brady Albert Deceased
Putnam, Burt Orderedby
Putnam, Charles Father
Putnam, Charles M. Deceased
Putnam, Cyrus G. Father
Putnam, Cyrus Gilford Deceased
Putnam, Edward Orderedby
Putnam, Edward C. Father
Putnam, Edward C. Orderedby
Putnam, Elizabeth Peck Mother
Putnam, Elizabeth Peck Mother
Putnam, Elmer G. Deceased
Putnam, Ezra Father
Putnam, Fannie M. Deceased
Putnam, Fanny Deceased
Putnam, Frances Deceased
Putnam, Genevieve Orderedby
Putnam, Gideon Father
Putnam, Harriet Marie Deceased
Putnam, Helen M. Deceased
Putnam, Horace Father
Putnam, Horace L. Father
Putnam, James P. Deceased
Putnam, James W. Orderedby
Putnam, James W. Orderedby
Putnam, Jasper E. Orderedby
Putnam, Jefferson Father
Putnam, John L. Deceased
Putnam, Lena Fountain Deceased
Putnam, Loa L. Deceased
Putnam, Louise C. Deceased
Putnam, Louise C. Deceased
Putnam, Louise C. Orderedby
Putnam, Lovina M. Deceased
Putnam, Lulu M. Deceased
Putnam, Mable Orderedby
Putnam, Martha Orderedby
Putnam, Mary Mother
Putnam, Mary Mother
Putnam, Mary G. Orderedby
Putnam, Miss Orderedby
Putnam, Miss Emma Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.A.H. Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.Cyrus Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.Cyrus Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.James Orderedby
Putnam, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Putnam, Robert Orderedby
Putnam, Robert G. Deceased
Putnam, Robert G. Father
Putnam, Robert G. Orderedby
Putnam, Robert G. Orderedby
Putnam, Rosena Mother
Putnam, Sarah Deceased
Putnam, Sarah Mother
Putnam, Sarah Alletta Deceased
Putnam, Thomas Father
Putnam, Thomas Father
Putnam, Thomas Father
Putnam, Thomas A. Deceased
Putnam, Thomas S. Father
Putnam, Washington Father
Putnam, William L. Father
Putnam, William R. Orderedby
Putnam, William R. Orderedby
Putney, Elizabeth Mother
Qua, A.G. Orderedby
Qua, Arthur G. Orderedby
Qua, Charles H. Father
Qua, Charles H. Orderedby
Qua, Harris F. Deceased
Qua, Hugh J. Father
Qua, Mary J. Deceased
Qua, Mrs Orderedby
Qua, Ransom Deceased
Quackenbush, Florence D. Mother
Quackenbush, Henrietta Mother
Quackenbush, Marie Mother
Quandt, undertaker Orderedby
Quandt, Wm.C. Orderedby
Quaw, Sylvester Father
Quick, Edwin A. Orderedby
Quick, Emeline Deceased
Quick, Emma Mother
Quick, James H. Deceased
Quick, John Father
Quick, John Father
Quick, John E. Father
Quick, John Edward Deceased
Quick, Martha S. Deceased
Quick, Mary E. Deceased
Quick, Mary M. Mother
Quick, Mary M. Mother
Quick, Mrs.James Orderedby
Quick, Peter S. Deceased
Quick, Peter S. Orderedby
Quick, Sarah F. Deceased
Quigg, Anna M. Deceased
Quigg, Robert Father
Quimby, Daniel W. Father
Quinby, Martha Mother
Quinlan, Anna Mother
Quinlan, David M. Father
Quinlan, John J. Deceased
Quinlan, Mrs.Anna M. Orderedby
Quinn, Arthur Father
Quinn, C.C. Orderedby
Quinn, Edward Deceased
Quinn, John B. Father
Quinn, John Patrick Deceased
Quinn, Mary Mother
Quinn, Mary Mother

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