Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning R

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Rabe, Fred E. Orderedby
Rabe, George W. Father
Rabe, George W. Orderedby
Rabe, Infant son Deceased
Rabe, Mary Agnes Deceased
Rabe, William Orderedby
Rabuck, Samuel H. Deceased
Race, Bemjamin Father
Race, Hattie R. Mother
Race, Mary Mother
Rackemann, Fanny Orderedby
Radley, Mary Mother
Radley, Peter Father
Radley, Rebecca Mother
Rae, Charles Orderedby
Rafter, Catherine Mother
Rainey, Annie Deceased
Rakebrand, Christina Deceased
Rakebrand, Emma L. Orderedby
Rakebrand, Henry Father
Rakebrand, Henry Father
Rakebrand, Herman Deceased
Rakebrand, Herman G. Orderedby
Rakebrand, Lina Deceased
Rakebrand, Paul Orderedby
Rakebrand, Paul A. Father
Rakebrand, Robert Paul Deceased
Ralpg, Louise Mother
Ralph, Ella Mother
Ralph, Mary Maher Deceased
Ralph, Misses Orderedby
Ralston, Howard H. Deceased
Ralston, James Father
Ralston, Lulu E. Orderedby
Ralston, Mrs.Howard Orderedby
Rama, David Father
Rameker, Agnes N. Mother
Ramey, Francis Father
Ramey, Francis Perego Deceased
Rammelt, Ida Mother
Ramp, Conrad Father
Ramsay, Charles A. Father
Ramsay, Chloe Mother
Ramsay, Eva Mother
Ramsay, Milford M. Deceased
Ramsdale, Catherine H. Deceased
Ramsdale, George Orderedby
Ramsdale, Jennie Orderedby
Ramsdale, Jennie A. Deceased
Ramsdale, Jiba C. Deceased
Ramsdale, John C. Father
Ramsdale, Julia Frances Deceased
Ramsdale, Margaret Mother
Ramsdale, Maria Mother
Ramsdale, Maria Mother
Ramsdale, Mrs.Ziba Orderedby
Ramsdale, Sarah Mother
Ramsdale, VanBuren Deceased
Ramsdale, William Father
Ramsdale, Zachariah Father
Ramsdale, Zachariah Father
Ramsdill, Aaron Father
Ramsdill, Aaron Father
Ramsdill, Daniel Father
Ramsdill, Donald Orderedby
Ramsdill, Dorothy J. Mother
Ramsdill, F.D. Orderedby
Ramsdill, Helen Deceased
Ramsdill, J.N. Orderedby
Ramsdill, Jefferson Father
Ramsdill, John N. Orderedby
Ramsdill, John Nelson Deceased
Ramsdill, Lilie Deceased
Ramsdill, Maria Mother
Ramsdill, Maria Mother
Ramsdill, Morgan Deceased
Ramsdill, Morgan Father
Ramsdill, Morgan Father
Ramsdill, Morgan Father
Ramsdill, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Ramsdill, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Ramsdill, Nelson Father
Ramsdill, Sarah M. Mother
Ramsdill, W.Elmer Deceased
Ramsdill, William Father
Ramsdill, William H. Deceased
Ramsdill, William H. Orderedby
Ramsdill, William H. Orderedby
Ramsey, Cora Orderedby
Ramsey, Edward Father
Ramsey, Gertrude Kay Deceased
Ramsey, John C. Father
Ramsey, John C. Orderedby
Ramsey, John H. Deceased
Ramsey, Robert Father
Ramsey, Sarah A. Deceased
Ramsey, William Deceased
Rand, Burton H. Orderedby
Rand, Maryette Deceased
Rand, Minnie Deceased
Rand, Ruel Alonzo Deceased
Randall, Daniel Father
Randall, Delphine Mother
Randall, Emily Weeks Deceased
Randall, Etoile M. Mother
Randall, George Father
Randall, Maria Mother
Randall, Marie Mother
Randall, Mary J. Mother
Randall, Mary Jane Mother
Randall, Mrs.Ira R Orderedby
Randall, Rhoda Mother
Randalls, ? Father
Randles, Margaret E. Deceased
Randolph, Georgianna Deceased
Randolph, John Patrick Deceased
Randolph, Squire Father
Ranhofer, Elizabeth Deceased
Ranhoffer, Christopher Orderedby
Ransey, Estella Mother
Rathbone, Robert C. Father
Rathbun, Ella Jane Deceased
Rathbun, William Father
Rathburn, Mary Mother
Rattigan, Catherine Mother
Raud, Alonzo Father
Raud, Burton Orderedby
Rawson, ? Father
Rawson, ? Father
Rawson, Alice G. Deceased
Rawson, Charles Father
Rawson, E.G. Orderedby
Rawson, Edmund G. Deceased
Rawson, Leon Deceased
Rawson, Mrs. Orderedby
Rawson, Mrs.H.L. Orderedby
Rawson, Mrs.L. Orderedby
Rawson, S, E.G. Father
Ray, Anna Mother
Ray, Anna Mother
Ray, Frank B. Deceased
Ray, George Deceased
Ray, James M. Father
Ray, James M. Father
Ray, Laura A. Deceased
Ray, Moses Father
Ray, Mrs Sarah Kiley Orderedby
Ray, Mrs.A.E. Orderedby
Ray, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Ray, Rebecca Mother
Ray, Rose A. Mother
Ray, Samuel Father
Raymond, Charles L.S. Deceased
Raymond, Cora M. Mother
Raymond, Daisy Mother
Raymond, Elmer Orderedby
Raymond, Elmer Orderedby
Raymond, Emily Mother
Raymond, Fanny Mother
Raymond, Flonis Orderedby
Raymond, Floris P. Orderedby
Raymond, Horace Father
Raymond, James F. Deceased
Raymond, Justice P. Father
Raymond, Lizzie C. Mother
Raymond, Martha J. Deceased
Raymond, MaryLaBarge Orderedby
Raymond, Odila Deceased
Raymond, Rosette Mother
Raymond, Samuel Father
Raymond, Samuel B. Father
Raymond, Truman C. Deceased
Raymond, William S. Deceased
Rayner, James Bowen Deceased
Rayner, Mary Deceased
Rayner, Mrs.J.B. Orderedby
Rayner, Robert L. Orderedby
Rayner, Susan Mother
Rayner, Thomas Lyle Father
Raynor, Dr.John Orderedby
Raynor, Sarah Wagman Deceased
Reagan, ? Father
Reagan, Cornelius Father
Reagan, Daniel Father
Reagan, Ellen Mother
Reagan, Fred Orderedby
Reagan, James Father
Reagan, James Heny Deceased
Reagan, Joanna Mother
Reagan, Mary Mother
Reagan, Mary Mother
Reavey, John Orderedby
Reckard, ? Father
Record, Abdella Father
Record, Charles S. Orderedby
Record, Chauncey A. Deceased
Record, Chauncey A. Orderedby
Record, Chauncey E. Orderedby
Record, Dorcas Mother
Record, Emma Mother
Record, Florence E. Deceased
Record, Mary Ann Deceased
Record, Minnie Orderedby
Record, Miss Orcelia Orderedby
Record, Orcelia A. Deceased
Record, Tracey A. Father
Record, Tracy A. Father
Reddick, Edna Deceased
Redding, Father
Redding, Apolis Father
Redmond, Catherine Mother
Redmond, Catherine Mother
Redmond, Mary A. Mother
Redmond, Mary N. Mother
Reed, Elias Deceased
Reed, Ida Hall Deceased
Reed, Jacob Father
Reed, Lesbia Deceased
Reed, Lewis B. Orderedby
Reed, Lucy Mother
Reed, Lucy A. Mother
Reed, Margaret Mother
Reed, Mrs.William Orderedby
Reed, Nettie Deceased
Reed, Ralph S. Orderedby
Reed, Warren Father
Reed, William Father
Reed, Wilson Father
Reeves, Elizabeth Deceased
Reeves, Infant girl Deceased
Reeves, James Father
Reeves, James Orderedby
Reeves, James A. Orderedby
Reeves, Mrs.William Orderedby
Reevey, John Orderedby
Rehberger, Frederick F. Deceased
Rehberger, Jacob Father
Rehen, Catherine Mother
Rehwinkle, Nellie Deceased
Reich, Marie Mother
Reichlin, Esther Mother
Reichwein, Frederick L. Father
Reid, Elizabeth A. Deceased
Reid, George Deceased
Reid, Jane Mother
Reid, Martha Orderedby
Reidy, Edward Father
Reidy, Eugene M. Deceased
Reiger, Hannah Mother
Reiley, James H. Father
Reilly, Anna G. Deceased
Reilly, Elizabeth S. Deceased
Reilly, Ellen/Helen Deceased
Reilly, Fred S. Orderedby
Reilly, Hattie Marie Deceased
Reilly, Hugh Deceased
Reilly, James Father
Reilly, James Father
Reilly, John Father
Reilly, Mary A. Orderedby
Reilly, Mary L. Deceased
Reilly, Mrs.Jennie Orderedby
Reilly, Mrs.M.J. Orderedby
Reilly, Rose Orderedby
Reilly, Rose H. Orderedby
Reiss, Isreal Isaac Father
Reissig, George E. Orderedby
Rekyea, Myrtie Ellen Mother
Relyea, Anna Orderedby
Relyea, Myrtle Ellen Mother
Relyea, William E. Deceased
Relyea, William E. Father
Remain, Mary Mother
Remington, Albert Father
Remington, Albert Father
Remington, Alice Deceased
Remington, Alice Orderedby
Remington, Alice Orderedby
Remington, C.Fred Deceased
Remington, Frank Deceased
Remington, Harry Deceased
Remington, Lydia F. Mother
Remington, Nellie Orderedby
Remington, R.S. Father
Remington, Robert S. Father
Rennhoffer, Bertha Deceased
Rennhoffer, Christopher Orderedby
Renny, Lucy N. Mother
Reno, Catherine M. Deceased
Reno, George R. Deceased
Reno, Mary E. Deceased
Reno, Ollie A. Mother
Reno, son of Deceased
Reno, Stephen Father
Reno, Willard Father
Reno, Willard Orderedby
Reno, Willard J. Orderedby
Reno, Willard J. Orderedby
Rentz, Bertha Mother
Reome, Ellen Mother
Repert, Elizabeth Mother
Ressiquie, Mrs Orderedby
Ressiquie, Mrs.F.G Orderedby
Resue, Anna Mother
Reszke, Alois F. Deceased
Reszke, Helen Orderedby
Reszke, Joseph Father
Revell, Florence Mother
Rexford, Calvin Father
Rexford, Charles M. Deceased
Reynolds, ? Mother
Reynolds, ? Mother
Reynolds, Abbie Mother
Reynolds, Addison A. Father
Reynolds, Addison A. Father
Reynolds, Allen H. Deceased
Reynolds, Amanda Mother
Reynolds, Amos Father
Reynolds, Amos Father
Reynolds, Bernard T. Deceased
Reynolds, Charles Deceased
Reynolds, Edith Mother
Reynolds, Elizabeth Mother
Reynolds, Elizabeth Orderedby
Reynolds, Elizabeth J. Deceased
Reynolds, Eugene A. Orderedby
Reynolds, Florence Mother
Reynolds, Francis L. Mother
Reynolds, George Orderedby
Reynolds, Harriett E. Deceased
Reynolds, Hattie Mother
Reynolds, Herman Father
Reynolds, Isabella Mother
Reynolds, Jane Mother
Reynolds, Jennie E. Deceased
Reynolds, Jermimah Mother
Reynolds, John Father
Reynolds, John H. Deceased
Reynolds, John H. Father
Reynolds, Josephine C. Deceased
Reynolds, Louise Mother
Reynolds, Louise Mother
Reynolds, Louise Mother
Reynolds, Mary Mother
Reynolds, Mary A. Mother
Reynolds, Michael Father
Reynolds, Michael J. Orderedby
Reynolds, Mr. Orderedby
Reynolds, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Reynolds, Pierson Deceased
Reynolds, Pierson Orderedby
Reynolds, Pierson E. Orderedby
Reynolds, Ruth C. Mother
Reynolds, Truman Father
Rheinlander, August H. Father
Rheinlander, Helen E. Deceased
Rhinehadt, ? Father
Rhinelander, Mrs.W.C. Orderedby
Rhoadarmer, George P. Orderedby
Rhoadarmer, John K. Deceased
Rhoadarmer, Peter Father
Rhoades, Amos Father
Rhoades, Flora B. Orderedby
Rhoades, Lewis A. Deceased
Rhodes, Amos Deceased
Rhodes, Ella Jordan Deceased
Rhodes, Emily Anna Mother
Rhodes, Gertrude Deceased
Rhodes, Howard E. Deceased
Rhodes, Leonard Orderedby
Rhodes, Lewis A. Orderedby
Rhodes, Louisa M. Deceased
Rhodes, Ruth Mother
Rhodes, Stephen Father
Rhodes, Stephen E. Deceased
Rhodes, Stephen E. Father
Rhodes, Stephen E. Orderedby
Rhodes, Stephen E. Orderedby
Rhodes, William H. Father
Ricard, Mary Mother
Rice, ? Mother
Rice, ? Father
Rice, Augusta Mother
Rice, Aurilla Mother
Rice, Catherine Mother
Rice, Charles Father
Rice, Charles E. Deceased
Rice, Claudia Deceased
Rice, Edna A. Mother
Rice, Edna A. Mother
Rice, Helen Mother
Rice, Jane Mother
Rice, Jesse Father
Rice, John Father
Rice, Marian Mellita Deceased
Rice, Martha Mother
Rice, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Rice, Robert W. Deceased
Rice, Ronald Father
Rice, Ronald Father
Rice, Ronald Orderedby
Rice, Ronald Orderedby
Rice, Ronda C. Deceased
Rich, Dr.A.C. Orderedby
Rich, George Father
Rich, Helen Bristol Deceased
Rich, Mrs.Waldo Orderedby
Richard, Philipine Mother
Richards, Christopher Father
Richards, Elisabeth Mother
Richards, Frances E. Mother
Richards, Gertrude E. Mother
Richards, Hannah Mother
Richards, John C. Orderedby
Richards, Martha Deceased
Richards, Mrs.S.H. Orderedby
Richards, Phinas Father
Richards, Sarah Mother
Richards, Stephen H. Deceased
Richardson, Almira E. Mother
Richardson, Amelia Mother
Richardson, Amelia Mother
Richardson, Beatrice Orderedby
Richardson, Bertha Mother
Richardson, Daisy Orderedby
Richardson, Elizabeth Mother
Richardson, Elsie Mother
Richardson, Eunice Mother
Richardson, Fred Orderedby
Richardson, Fred&sister Orderedby
Richardson, Gertrude L. Deceased
Richardson, Herbert N. Father
Richardson, Isiah Father
Richardson, John Deceased
Richardson, John Father
Richardson, John Father
Richardson, Joseph E. Deceased
Richardson, Lizzie Mother
Richardson, Lydia A. Mother
Richardson, Mary Mother
Richardson, Mary A. Mother
Richardson, Miss Orderedby
Richardson, Mrs.Fred Orderedby
Richardson, Norman L. Deceased
Richardson, Olive Cleaver Deceased
Richardson, Willard Father
Richardson, Willard Father
Richardson, Willard R. Deceased
Richardson, William Father
Richardson, William Father
Richardson, William Orderedby
Richardson, William A. Deceased
Richmond, ? Mother
Richmond, Arthur Orderedby
Richmond, Bonnie S. Deceased
Richmond, Burton T. Deceased
Richmond, Cynthia Mother
Richmond, Dorothy Mother
Richmond, Elam Father
Richmond, Elisha Deceased
Richmond, Elisha Father
Richmond, Elisha Father
Richmond, Elisha Father
Richmond, Elizabeth V. Deceased
Richmond, Elmer Father
Richmond, Florence Deceased
Richmond, Harriet Mother
Richmond, Harriet A. Orderedby
Richmond, Lovina I. Deceased
Richmond, Mary E. Orderedby
Richmond, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Richmond, Maud Orderedby
Richmond, Mr. Orderedby
Richmond, Mrs.William Orderedby
Richmond, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Richmond, Nattie E. Deceased
Richmond, Nelson Father
Richmond, Owen Deceased
Richmond, Robert A. Father
Richmond, Robert A. Orderedby
Richmond, Vyrus Adelbert Deceased
Richmond, William Father
Richmond, William Father
Richter, Frank Father
Richter, Gustav Father
Richter, Theodore B. Orderedby
Richwein, Lilla B. Mother
Rickard, Alfred H. Deceased
Ricker, Cavelia Orderedby
Rickman, Rose C. Deceased
Rickman, Samuel Orderedby
Ricks, Lorenzo D. Deceased
Ricks, Molsey Eliza Deceased
Ricks, Molsey Warren Orderedby
Riddell, Isreal Father
Riddell, Sally M. Mother
Riddell, Sally M. Mother
Riddell, Sally M. Mother
Ridell, Fannie Mother
Ridell, Fanny Mother
Riedmann, ? Father
Rietman, Albert J. Father
Rietman, Herbert C. Deceased
Riggs, Celina Phillips Deceased
Riggs, Edward Father
Riggs, J.R. Father
Riggs, Margaret Mother
Riggs, Oscar Orderedby
Riggs, Oscar W. Deceased
Riikonen, Julius Deceased
Riikonen, Laimi Orderedby
Riikonen, Wilhelm Father
Riley Bros Orderedby
Riley, ? Mother
Riley, ? Father
Riley, Alice Deceased
Riley, Alice C. Orderedby
Riley, Ann Eliza Mother
Riley, Anna Mother
Riley, Ben C. Orderedby
Riley, Betsey Mother
Riley, Cornelia Mother
Riley, Cornelia Mother
Riley, Eliza Mother
Riley, Ellen Mother
Riley, Ellen Mother
Riley, Frances Deceased
Riley, George Orderedby
Riley, George W. Deceased
Riley, Gertrude L. Deceased
Riley, Goerge H. Orderedby
Riley, Hannah Mother
Riley, Herry Deceased
Riley, Ida Mother
Riley, James H. Deceased
Riley, James H. Father
Riley, James J. Orderedby
Riley, Jane Deceased
Riley, John Father
Riley, John Father
Riley, John Father
Riley, John L. Deceased
Riley, Josephine Deceased
Riley, Lorenzo Father
Riley, Lydia Mother
Riley, Mabel Ethel Deceased
Riley, Maria C. Mother
Riley, Mary Mother
Riley, Mary Mother
Riley, Mary H. Mother
Riley, Mrs.G.W. Orderedby
Riley, Mrs.George Orderedby
Riley, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Riley, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Riley, none listed Deceased
Riley, Peter Father
Riley, Peter Father
Riley, Rensselaer Father
Riley, Rensselaer Father
Riley, Rev.William Deceased
Riley, Wm.E. Orderedby
Riley.John Father
Riley.John L. Orderedby
Rimington, Margaret Deceased
Rimington, Margaret E. Mother
Rimington, Robert Orderedby
Rimington, Robert S. Deceased
Rinaldo, David M. Deceased
Rinaldo, Lawrence Orderedby
Rinaldo, Max Father
Rinaldo, Minnie Deceased
Rinaldo, Mrs.David Orderedby
Ringling, Ernest Father
Ringling, Ernest Orderedby
Ringling, Joseph Deceased
Rinus, ? Mother
Riordan, Jeremiah Deceased
Riordan, Michael Father
Riordan, Mrs.Roy Orderedby
Rirchie, Isabella Deceased
Rising, Charlotte Mother
Rising, Elizabeth W. Deceased
Rising, Nina Orderedby
Rising, R.I.J Orderedby
Rising, Stales, E. Father
Rising, Walter J.C. Deceased
Rissland, Anna Deceased
Rissland, Rudolf Orderedby
Ritchie, David F. Father
Ritchie, Florence Deceased
Ritchie, Mrs.A.D. Orderedby
Ritchie, Robert Orderedby
Ritchie, Susan J. Deceased
Rivers, Frederick Father
Rivers, Jennie Orderedby
Rivers, Mildred Marie Deceased
Roach, Betsy Mother
Roach, Harriet E. Deceased
Roach, Herbert Orderedby
Roach, Joshua Deceased
Roach, Margaret Mother
Roach, Martha Ellen Deceased
Roach, MaryAnn Mother
Roach, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Roach, Thomas Deceased
Roach, Thomas Deceased
Roach, Thomas Father
Roach, Thomas Father
Roach, Thomas Father
Roach, Thomas Orderedby
Roach, William Herbert Orderedby
Roantree, Anna Deceased
Roantree, Daniel Father
Roarbuck, Susanna Mother
Robbins, Addie L. Deceased
Robbins, Alice M. Orderedby
Robbins, Anna Mother
Robbins, Antoini Father
Robbins, David P. Deceased
Robbins, David P. Father
Robbins, Edwin A. Father
Robbins, Evander C. Father
Robbins, Frederick Deceased
Robbins, Gabriel S. Father
Robbins, Georgianna Mother
Robbins, Helen D. Orderedby
Robbins, Lillian Orderedby
Robbins, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Robbins, Mary J. Mother
Robbins, Mary J. Mother
Robbins, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Robbins, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Robbins, Mrs.S.W. Orderedby
Robbins, Philo P. Father
Robbins, Sarah A. Mother
Robbins, Sarah J. Orderedby
Robbins, Smith W. Deceased
Robbins, William E. Deceased
Robens, Mrs.Simeon Orderedby
Robens, Richard D. Father
Robens, Sarah Mother
Robens, Simeon Deceased
Robens, T Orderedby
Roberson, Amanda J. Deceased
Roberts, Bertha Mother
Roberts, Charles Father
Roberts, Emma A. Deceased
Roberts, George Deceased
Roberts, George Peter Deceased
Roberts, Joseph Y. Father
Roberts, Lola Deceased
Roberts, Marie Orderedby
Roberts, Mrs.George Orderedby
Robertson, Andrew Deceased
Robertson, Annie Mother
Robertson, Henry Father
Robertson, Mrs.Andrew Orderedby
Robertson, Mrs.W.B. Orderedby
Robertson, Viola G.B. Orderedby
Robertson, William Father
Robeson, Alexander Father
Robeson, Minnie M. Deceased
Robeson, William A. Deceased
Robey, Francis C. Deceased
Robey, Jennie G. Orderedby
Robey, Mrs.Francis Orderedby
Robins, Arlitta Orderedby
Robins, Richard Father
Robins, Thomas Deceased
Robinson, ? Mother
Robinson, ? Mother
Robinson, Abby J. Mother
Robinson, Ann Maria Mother
Robinson, Charles K. Orderedby
Robinson, Clayton Father
Robinson, Dewey H. Father
Robinson, Edward F. Orderedby
Robinson, Elias S. Deceased
Robinson, Ella Taylor Deceased
Robinson, Emma F. Deceased
Robinson, Frak L. Father
Robinson, Frank L. Deceased
Robinson, George Deceased
Robinson, George Father
Robinson, Georgia M. Deceased
Robinson, Hercules Father
Robinson, Jennie Mother
Robinson, John Deceased
Robinson, John Father
Robinson, John Orderedby
Robinson, John G. Father
Robinson, John G. Father
Robinson, John Henry Deceased
Robinson, L.C. Orderedby
Robinson, Lucy Deceased
Robinson, Lydia Orderedby
Robinson, Martha E. Deceased
Robinson, Mary Mother
Robinson, Mary Rosalin Deceased
Robinson, Mehitable Deceased
Robinson, Minnie C. Deceased
Robinson, MRs.C. Orderedby
Robinson, Mrs.Elmore Orderedby
Robinson, Mrs.Hazel Orderedby
Robinson, Mrs.John Orderedby
Robinson, Mrs.M. Orderedby
Robinson, Nannie Deceased
Robinson, Richard Deceased
Robinson, Ruben Father
Robinson, Sally Mother
Robinson, Thelma T. Deceased
Robinson, William G. Deceased
Robinson, William G. Father
Robison, Florence Orderedby
Roblee, Amelia Mother
Roblee, Amelia Mother
Roblee, Amelia Mother
Roblee, Chauncey M. Deceased
Roblee, Chauncey&Will Orderedby
Roblee, Chloe Mother
Roblee, Frances King Deceased
Roblee, Hamilton Father
Roblee, Hamilton A. Deceased
Roblee, Hamilton A. Father
Roblee, Hamilton A. Father
Roblee, Helen W. Mother
Roblee, Isaac Father
Roblee, Mary Mother
Roblee, Mary Mother
Roblee, Mary G. Deceased
Roblee, Thomas Father
Roblee, Thomas Father
Roblee, William T. Deceased
Roblee, William T. Orderedby
Robleem Norma Orderedby
Robson, Melinda Mother
Roby, Fred Father
Roche, Charles Orderedby
Roche, Emma L. Deceased
Roche, Florence Marguerite Orderedby
Rock, Catherine Mother
Rock, Charlotte Mother
Rock, Charlotte Mother
Rock, Charlotte Mother
Rock, Charlotte Mother
Rock, Charlotte B. Mother
Rock, Esther Mother
Rock, William Father
Rockwell, Eliza Blood Deceased
Rockwood, Hon Nash Orderedby
Rockwood, John Orderedby
Rockwood, John Orderedby
Rockwood, Mrs.Nash Deceased
Rockwood, Nash Deceased
Rockwood, Wm.Thompson Father
Rodd, John D. Father
Rodgers, Aleck Father
Rodgers, Alexander Father
Rodgers, Mary A. Mother
Rodgers, Nellie S. Deceased
Rodgers, Sophia Orderedby
Rodgers, Sophia F. Deceased
Rodley, Mary Mother
Rodman, Grace Orderedby
Rodrigurez, Rose Mother
Rodriquez, Rose Mother
Roe, Charles Deceased
Roe, Charles Father
Roe, Hortense B. Deceased
Roe, Mrs.Percy Orderedby
Roger, Jennie Deceased
Rogers&Carlton Orderedby
Rogers, Abigail Mother
Rogers, Ackley, Stone Orderedby
Rogers, Alice J. Deceased
Rogers, Anna Mother
Rogers, Anna E. Orderedby
Rogers, Beldon J. Deceased
Rogers, Benjamin Father
Rogers, Benjamin Father
Rogers, Charlotte Deceased
Rogers, Charlotte Deceased
Rogers, Courtland Father
Rogers, Daniel H. Deceased
Rogers, Durrin, Emily Mother
Rogers, Edwin M. Orderedby
Rogers, Edwin M. Orderedby
Rogers, Elsie Anna Mother
Rogers, Emily Mother
Rogers, Erastus D. Orderedby
Rogers, Franklin Father
Rogers, George E. Deceased
Rogers, George Henry Deceased
Rogers, Henry Father
Rogers, Hiram Father
Rogers, Hollis G. Deceased
Rogers, Hollis G. Father
Rogers, Hugh R. Orderedby
Rogers, James Father
Rogers, Jane Mother
Rogers, Jane Mother
Rogers, Jane M. Deceased
Rogers, Julia Mother
Rogers, Laura Ann Mother
Rogers, Leneta Orderedby
Rogers, Lilian Deceased
Rogers, Mary Mother
Rogers, Mary A. Deceased
Rogers, Meliora Mother
Rogers, Miss AnnaBelle Orderedby
Rogers, Mrs.Alice Orderedby
Rogers, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Rogers, Mrs.Geo.E. Orderedby
Rogers, Mrs.J.Ellsworth Orderedby
Rogers, Nina Mother
Rogers, Phoebe Mother
Rogers, Reuben H. Deceased
Rogers, Rhoda Deceased
Rogers, Samuel Father
Rogers, Sarah Deceased
Rogers, Sarah E. Orderedby
Rogers, Sophia Orderedby
Rogers, Stella Orderedby
Rogers, Stella A. Mother
Rogers, Stella A. Mother
Rogers, Stella A. Orderedby
Rogers, Susan J. Mother
Rogrs&Carlton Orderedby
Rohleder, Adam H. Deceased
Rohleder, Henry Father
Rojas, Arthur Orderedby
Rollins, ? Father
Rollins, Alonzo Father
Rollins, Ivers E. Deceased
Rollins, William F. Father
Rollins, William F. Orderedby
Rollins, William F. Orderedby
Rollins, William F., Jr. Deceased
Romaine, Mrs.J.L. Orderedby
Romaine, Mrs.J.L. Orderedby
Rometech, ? Father
Romley, Amelia Mother
Ronalds, Wm. Orderedby
Ronan, Leona A. Deceased
Ronan, William Orderedby
Rood, ? Father
Rood, Clarence H. Orderedby
Rood, Edward A. Father
Rood, Emeline A. Deceased
Rood, Hiram Allison Deceased
Rood, Jessie B. Deceased
Rood, Mae E. Orderedby
Roods, Amos Orderedby
Roods, Amos J. Father
Roods, Blanche F. Deceased
Roods, Carl Frederick Deceased
Roods, Carrie W. Orderedby
Roods, Charles Orderedby
Roods, Charles E. Deceased
Roods, Chas.A. Orderedby
Roods, Dr.S.M. Orderedby
Roods, Edith Arlene Deceased
Roods, Elsie Mae Deceased
Roods, Frank D. Deceased
Roods, Frank D. Father
Roods, Frank D. Orderedby
Roods, Ira Deceased
Roods, Ira Father
Roods, Ira Father
Roods, Ira Father
Roods, Ira Father
Roods, Ira Orderedby
Roods, Ira F. Deceased
Roods, Ira F. Father
Roods, Johnathan Father
Roods, Johnathan Ira Deceased
Roods, Lanor Mother
Roods, Myra A. Orderedby
Roods, Nettie Orderedby
Roods, Polly Mother
Roods, Simeon Father
Roods, Smith M. Deceased
Roohan, James F. Father
Roohan, Leo W. Orderedby
Roohan, Patrick F. Deceased
Rooney, Elizabeth Mother
Rooney, John Father
Rooney, Mary Mother
Roosevelt, Hugh Deceased
Roosevelt, Mrs.Hugh Orderedby
Roosevelt, Rufus Father
Root, Andrew J. Father
Root, Charles Deceased
Root, Dr.Leonard Father
Root, Earl F. Deceased
Root, Edward Father
Root, Edward Orderedby
Root, George Father
Root, George C. Deceased
Root, Henry, MD Deceased
Root, Judson Father
Root, Lottie Mother
Root, Lottie Mother
Root, Sarah J. Deceased
Root, Sidney L. Orderedby
Roots, Carrie Mother
Roots, Lydia A. Deceased
Rosa, Carolina Mother
Rosa, Charles E. Father
Rosa, Inazetta Mother
Rosaway, Adele Mother
Rose, ? Father
Rose, Anna Mother
Rose, Anna L. Mother
Rose, Carlos J. Orderedby
Rose, Celina P. Deceased
Rose, Cephas Father
Rose, Cephas Father
Rose, Charles E. Orderedby
Rose, Cornelius Deceased
Rose, Cornelius Deceased
Rose, Cornelius Father
Rose, Cornelius Father
Rose, Cornelius Orderedby
Rose, Dela Ann Mother
Rose, Delia Mother
Rose, Delia Mother
Rose, Delia A. Mother
Rose, Ella Mother
Rose, Ethel Orderedby
Rose, Ethel Orderedby
Rose, Foster A, Orderedby
Rose, Foster A. Deceased
Rose, Foster A. Orderedby
Rose, Garrett Father
Rose, Garry Father
Rose, Helen A. Deceased
Rose, Helen C. Deceased
Rose, Hymus Orderedby
Rose, Lena Mother
Rose, Lester Deceased
Rose, Lester Father
Rose, Lilliam Orderedby
Rose, Lillian Mother
Rose, Louisa Mother
Rose, Lulu Orderedby
Rose, Lulu B. Deceased
Rose, Mable Orderedby
Rose, Marion B. Deceased
Rose, Martha M. Deceased
Rose, Mrs.Lester Orderedby
Rose, Mrs.Martha Orderedby
Rose, Mrs.Martha Orderedby
Rose, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Rose, Thomas Father
Rose, Thomas Father
Rose, Thomas W. Deceased
Rose, Wilber Deceased
Roseboom, Howard Orderedby
Roseboon, Garrett Father
Rosell, Charles Father
Rosell, Charles Father
Rosell, Charles Orderedby
Rosell, Harvey Deceased
Roselle, A.C. Father
Roselle, Harold Deceased
Roselle, Martha Mother
Roselle, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Roselle, Robert Father
Rosemary, Ardella Mother
Rosen, ? Father
Rosen, Frank Deceased
Rosen, Maurice Father
Rosen, Molly Orderedby
Rosenbaum, Lewis Father
Rosenbaum, Mr.Selig Orderedby
Rosenberg, Mary Mother
Rosenblauth, arthur Orderedby
Rosenbluth, Morris Father
Rosenbluth, Walter Gordon Deceased
Rosenburg, John Father
Rosenburg, Pauline Mother
Rosenburg, Pauline Mother
Rosenfeld, Esther Mother
Rosengarten, Lewis Father
Roseny, Ardele Mother
Rosingard, Mary Deceased
Ross, ? Mother
Ross, Anna Mother
Ross, Anna N. Mother
Ross, Augustus K. Deceased
Ross, Daniel Orderedby
Ross, Daniel C. Deceased
Ross, Eliza Deceased
Ross, Elizabeth Jane Deceased
Ross, Emeline Deceased
Ross, Frederick Deceased
Ross, George H. Deceased
Ross, George H. Father
Ross, George H. Orderedby
Ross, Harriet Orderedby
Ross, Harvey Father
Ross, Jacob Father
Ross, James Deceased
Ross, James Father
Ross, James Father
Ross, James O. Deceased
Ross, John Deceased
Ross, John Father
Ross, John Father
Ross, John D. Orderedby
Ross, John L. Father
Ross, John L. Orderedby
Ross, Kate Orderedby
Ross, Kate O. Deceased
Ross, Mrs.Augustus Orderedby
Ross, Mrs.George Orderedby
Ross, Norman B. Deceased
Ross, Norman B. Orderedby
Ross, Norman D. Orderedby
Ross, Perry Father
Ross, Perry T. Deceased
Ross, Reed Father
Ross, Robert Father
Ross, Ruth Orderedby
Ross, Sally Mother
Ross, Samuel Father
Ross, Sarah Deceased
Ross, Tracey J. Deceased
Rosser, Rosalie Mother
Rossiter, Adelaide Orderedby
Rossiter, Adelbert A. Deceased
Rossiter, Joel Father
Roswell, Harold E. Deceased
Rotell, Eliza Mother
Rotell, Nelson Father
Roth, Emil Father
Roth, Rachel Mother
Roth, Walter Deceased
Rothemund, Christian Father
Rothman, Anna S.F. Deceased
Rottler, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Rough, John A. Father
Rough, Ralph L. Deceased
Rougier, Michael Father
Rouillard, Rev. Orderedby
Rounds, ? Mother
Rourke, Ann Mother
Rourke, John J. Deceased
Rourke, Thomas Father
Rouse, Alicia Griffin Deceased
Rouse, Anna May Orderedby
Rouse, Erwin M. Orderedby
Rouse, Erwin Meader Deceased
Rouse, George Father
Rouse, George Father
Rouse, Hattie Deceased
Rouse, James M. Orderedby
Rouse, Johnathan Father
Rouse, Julia Deceased
Rouse, Margaret Mother
Rouse, Mary Mother
Rouse, Mary Ann Mother
Rouse, Mary Ann Mother
Rouse, Stafford G. Deceased
Rouse, Stafford G. Father
Rouse, William Father
Roush, Charles Father
Roush, Clifford E. Deceased
Rousselot, Blanche Deceased
Rowe, Caroline Mother
Rowe, Charlotte Mother
Rowe, James C. Deceased
Rowe, James H. Father
Rowe, James H. Orderedby
Rowland, ? Mother
Rowland, Ada Deceased
Rowland, Alexander H. Father
Rowland, Ambler C. Orderedby
Rowland, Amy Wood Deceased
Rowland, Baby Deceased
Rowland, Charles Deceased
Rowland, Charles Orderedby
Rowland, Charlotte Mother
Rowland, Clinton Orderedby
Rowland, Ellen F. Deceased
Rowland, Elmer E. Orderedby
Rowland, Ernest Orderedby
Rowland, Fannie M. Deceased
Rowland, Frank Orderedby
Rowland, George Orderedby
Rowland, George E. Deceased
Rowland, George E. Father
Rowland, Gertrude Viola Mother
Rowland, Isaac Father
Rowland, James Father
Rowland, Joseph Father
Rowland, Joseph Orderedby
Rowland, Lester D. Deceased
Rowland, Martha A. Deceased
Rowland, Mary Deceased
Rowland, Mary Mother
Rowland, Mary R. Deceased
Rowland, Minnie Deceased
Rowland, Miss Ada Orderedby
Rowland, Mrs.Clinton Orderedby
Rowland, Mrs.Lester D. Orderedby
Rowland, Mrs.Sidney Orderedby
Rowland, Mrs.Sidney Orderedby
Rowland, Olive Mother
Rowland, Sarah J. Mother
Rowland, Sidney Deceased
Rowland, Sophia P. Deceased
Rowland, W.A. Orderedby
Rowland, William Orderedby
Rowley, David Father
Rowley, James Father
Rowley, Joseph Deceased
Rowley, Joseph Father
Rowley, Joseph Orderedby
Rowley, Mabel A. Deceased
Rowley, Mrs.John Orderedby
Rowley, Mrs.Wm.D. Orderedby
Rowley, Nancy C. Deceased
Rowley, Wallace Deceased
Rowley, William D. Deceased
Rowley, William D. Orderedby
Rowley, William D. Orderedby
Roy, Emily Mother
Roy, Sarah Mother
Roy, Sarah Mother
Roys, William M. Deceased
Rozell, Martha Mother
Rozelle, Benjamin F. Deceased
Rozelle, Chauncey Father
Rubien, Geril Orderedby
Ruckdesee, Margaret Mother
Rucker, Ernest H. Orderedby
Rucker, Marie C. Deceased
Rue, Harrison Deceased
Rue, Mrs.Claudia Orderedby
Rue, William Deceased
Rue, William Deceased
Rue, William Father
Rue, William H. Father
Ruelle, Emelia Deceased
Ruelle, Joseph Deceased
Ruelle, Mrs.Amelia Orderedby
Rugg, Charlotte Deceased
Rugg, Earl F. Orderedby
Rugg, Earl F. Orderedby
Rugg, Earl F. Orderedby
Rugg, Frank P. Father
Rugg, Frank P. Father
Rugg, Frank P. Father
Rugg, Grace Orderedby
Rugg, Irving F. Deceased
Rugg, Mary A. Mother
Rugg, Mary E. Deceased
Rugg, Minerva A. Deceased
Rugg, W.H. Orderedby
Ruggles, Frank Father
Ruggles, Frank Father
Ruggles, Mary H. Deceased
Ruggles, Samuel Father
Ruggles, Seymour Deceased
Ruggles, Seymour Orderedby
Ruggles, Seymour Orderedby
Ruggles, Silas Gardner Deceased
Ruhala, Eini Elizabeth Deceased
Ruhala, Emile Father
Ruhle, ? Father
Ruhle, Elva J. Deceased
Ruhle, Henry Deceased
Ruhle, Henry Orderedby
Ruhle, Irving F. Orderedby
Ruhle, William Father
Rumpf, Charles Father
Rumpf, Charles Father
Rumpf, Charles Father
Rumpf, Charles Orderedby
Rumpf, Charles Orderedby
Rumpf, Charles E. Deceased
Rumpf, Edward C. Deceased
Rumpf, Florence Orderedby
Rumpf, John C. Deceased
Rumpf, Mrs. Chas. Orderedby
Rumpf, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Rumph, Ellen Mother
Rumsey, Ann Mother
Rumsey, Charles O. Deceased
Rumsey, Edward M. Father
Runan?, Mary Mother
Rupp, Carrie E. Mother
Rus, Rosola Bur. Mother
Rushmore, David B. Orderedby
Rushmore, Julie Barker Deceased
Russ, John P. Father
Russe, Mary Mother
Russell, Adeline Amelia Mother
Russell, Allen Clement Deceased
Russell, Edward Father
Russell, Estella Mother
Russell, James Orderedby
Russell, James W. Deceased
Russell, James W. Father
Russell, Jane A. Mother
Russell, Josephine Deceased
Russell, Lillian Orderedby
Russell, Manda Mother
Russell, Roby Ann Deceased
Russell, Walter E. Deceased
Russig, George E. Father
Russig?, George Elmer Deceased
Russo, Mary Mother
Rutherford, J.A.&CO Orderedby
Rutherford, Martha Louise Deceased
Rutherford, Ronald G.S. Deceased
Rutherford, Walter Deceased
Rutherford, Walter Father
Rutherford, Walter Orderedby
Ruzyky, Katherine Mother
Ryal, Anna Mother
Ryall, Anna Mother
Ryall, Annie C. Mother
Ryall, Benjamin Deceased
Ryall, Caroline Mother
Ryall, Edward Father
Ryall, Emily Deceased
Ryall, Henry E. Orderedby
Ryall, Henry E. Orderedby
Ryall, Ida Koenig Deceased
Ryall, James A. Deceased
Ryall, James A. Father
Ryall, James A. Orderedby
Ryall, Jennie Mother
Ryall, William Father
Ryall, William Father
Ryan, Ann Mother
Ryan, Anne Orderedby
Ryan, Bridget Mother
Ryan, Brigget Mother
Ryan, Brother Joseph Orderedby
Ryan, Ellen Mother
Ryan, Helen Mother
Ryan, James P. Deceased
Ryan, James P. Orderedby
Ryan, John Deceased
Ryan, John Patrick Father
Ryan, Lucy A. Mother
Ryan, M.&son Orderedby
Ryan, Mary Mother
Ryan, Mary Mother
Ryan, Mrs.Fanny Orderedby
Ryan, Patrick Father
Ryan, Sarah Mother
Ryan, Susan Alice Deceased
Ryan, William Deceased
Ryder, Charles Father
Ryder, Nancy Mother
Ryder, Patty Mother
Ryder, Sarah Mother
Ryder, Sarah A. Mother
Ryder, William Father
Ryder, William A. Deceased
Ryer, William Father

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