Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Sa.. to Sh..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Sabine, Mary Mother
Sabino, Bartholomew Orderedby
Sackett & Linthicum Orderedby
Sackett, Mrs.W.A. Orderedby
Saddlemire, Gertrude Mother
Saddlemire, Hiram Father
Saddlemire, Joshua Deceased
Sadler, Ann Mother
Sadler, Duane Orderedby
Sadler, Ethel Orderedby
Sadler, George Father
Sadler, Harriet Mother
Sadler, James Deceased
Sadler, Marion Deceased
Sadler, Martin A. Father
Sadler, Mrs.Martin Orderedby
Sadler, Ruth Orderedby
Sadler, Ruth I. Deceased
Safford, Adelia Mother
Safford, Ella H. Deceased
Safford, Leroy Father
Sage, Clarissa Mother
Sage, Clarisy Mother
Sahlburg, Grace Orderedby
Sales, Caroline Mother
Salisbury, Ada Mother
Salisbury, Ada Orderedby
Salisbury, Adaline M. Deceased
Salisbury, Anna R. Deceased
Salisbury, Barbara Mother
Salisbury, Claide Orderedby
Salisbury, Claude J. Orderedby
Salisbury, David W. Deceased
Salisbury, Elizabeth Deceased
Salisbury, Eva Mary Deceased
Salisbury, Frank Father
Salisbury, Gerald Orderedby
Salisbury, Harvey Deceased
Salisbury, Hattie V. Deceased
Salisbury, Henry P. Father
Salisbury, Henry P. Orderedby
Salisbury, John Father
Salisbury, Joseph G. Orderedby
Salisbury, Rebecca Mother
Salisbury, Rebecca Mother
Salisbury, Sarah Mother
Salisbury, Sarah Mother
Salisbury, William Father
Salley, Mrs.Albert Orderedby
Salmon, Sidney Deceased
Salmon, Thomas Orderedby
Salmon, Thomas H. Father
Salomone, Anthony Father
Salomone, Arthur Deceased
Salpanglo, Sarah Mother
Salter, Isabelle Mother
Salter, Isabelle Mother
Salter, Leah Mother
Salter, William Father
Salters, Mary Mother
Salters, Rachael M. Deceased
Sample, James Father
Sample, John Father
Sampson, Deborah Lyman Mother
Samsel, Adam S. Deceased
Samsel, Kate Orderedby
Samsel, Timothy Father
Samuel, Belle Deceased
Samuels, Susan Orderedby
Sanborn, Charles H. Deceased
Sanborn, Edward F. Father
Sanborn, Edward F. Father
Sanborn, Ellen Mother
Sanborn, George Scott Deceased
Sanborn, Hannah R. Mother
Sanborn, Mrs.C.H. Orderedby
Sanborn, Mrs.William Orderedby
Sanborn, Sarah Frances Deceased
Sanborn, Sarah Gregory Deceased
Sanborn, Willard Orderedby
Sanborn, Willard M. Father
Sanborn, Willard M. Father
Sanborn, Willard M. Orderedby
Sanders, Emanuel Father
Sanders, Hattie Mother
Sanders, Zeckus Father
Sanderson, C.S. Orderedby
Sanderson, Flora E. Deceased
Sandman, Mahala Mother
Sandman, Mahala Mother
Sands, Marguerite Mother
Sandtnar, Teresa Mother
Sanford, Angeline Deceased
Santabar, Adelade Deceased
Santabar, Alfred Orderedby
Santabar, Alfred W. Father
Santabar, Antonio Father
Santabar, Baby girl Deceased
Santabar, Dora Z. Deceased
Santabar, Frank Deceased
Santabar, Mrs.Frank G.A.R. Orderedby
Santabar, William Father
Santabar, William Orderedby
Santabar, William Orderedby
Santman, Catherine Mother
Santon, Louise Mother
Santor, Mary Frances Deceased
Sareden?? Father
Saretta, Ida Mother
Sargood, Lillian Mother
Sarle, Benjamin Father
Sarro, Dieta Mother
Sarro, Giovanina Deceased
Sarro, James Father
Sarro, James Orderedby
Sartwell, Charles Deceased
Satterlee, Timothy Father
Satterly, Mrs.John Orderedby
Saul, Sicera Mother
Saulders, Mary Mother
Saunders, ? Father
Saunders, Alice Deceased
Saunders, Edith Deceased
Saunders, Frank Orderedby
Saunders, Harriet Mother
Saunders, Harriett Mother
Saunders, John Father
Saunders, Randall W. Orderedby
Saunders, William Father
Savage, Maria Mother
Savage, Mary Mother
Savarese, Antonio Father
Savarese, Helen Rita Deceased
Saville, Lin Father
Saville, Olive Mother
Sawicki, Vincent Father
Sawicki, Wiltold Deceased
Sawyer, Alice B. Deceased
Sawyer, Bessie B. Orderedby
Sawyer, Lemuel B. Father
Sawyer, Mrs.Frederick P. Orderedby
Sawyer, Phoebe J. Deceased
Sawyer, Wilson A. Deceased
Sawyer, Wilson A. Orderedby
Saxby, Charles Father
Saxby, Charles Orderedby
Saxby, Harold Erwin Deceased
Saxton, Austin Orderedby
Saxton, Charles Father
Saxton, Chester Orderedby
Saxton, Eva T. Deceased
Saxton, Hugh Deceased
Saxton, Hugh Orderedby
Saxton, Mary A. Deceased
Saxton, Mrs.Ella Orderedby
Saxton, Mrs.Hugh Orderedby
Sayda, Frank Father
Sayda, Leonard Deceased
Scaggs, Anna L. Deceased
Scaggs, Charles Father
Scaggs, James U. Father
Scaggs, James U. Orderedby
Scaggs, James V. Deceased
Scaggs.Mrs.Jas Orderedby
Scanlon, Annie E. Deceased
Scanlon, John P. Orderedby
Scanlon, Katherine E. Deceased
Scarr, Lillian Orderedby
Scavone, Joseph J. Orderedby
Scavone, Mae G. Deceased
Schaab, Nicholas Father
Schaab/Sharpe, George Adam Deceased
Schaeffer, William Deceased
Schaff, Celia Orderedby
Schaff, Celia E. Orderedby
Schaff, Leonard Orderedby
Schaff, Leonard C. Father
Schaff, Margaret Mother
Schaff, Mildred C. Deceased
Schaffer, Idabelle Deceased
Schaffer, Maude Orderedby
Schaffer, Mrs Orderedby
Schaffer, William M. Father
Schafran, Albert Father
Schafran, Leo Deceased
Schallon, Matilda Mother
Schanck, Helen A. Deceased
Schauber, David Father
Schauber, Mrs.S.D. Orderedby
Schauber, Stephen D. Deceased
Scheer, E.G. Orderedby
Schelling, Frederick J. Deceased
Schelling, Jacob Father
Schelling, Jacob Orderedby
Schemerhorn, ? Father
Schemerhorn, Gussie Mother
Schemerhorn, Laura Cornelia Deceased
Schenagil, Girzela Mother
Schenectady RR Orderedby
Schermerhorn, Alexander Father
Schermerhorn, E.E. Orderedby
Schermerhorn, Elizabeth Mother
Schermerhorn, George S. Father
Schermerhorn, Harriett L. Deceased
Schermerhorn, Jessie Orderedby
Schermerhorn, John Father
Schermerhorn, Leonard Orderedby
Schermerhorn, Leonard H. Deceased
Schermerhorn, Magdalen Mother
Schermerhorn, Maria Isabel Deceased
Schermerhorn, Peter A. Deceased
Schermerhorn, Susan Orderedby
Schermerhorn, Wanda Orderedby
Scherpon, ? Mother
Schewe, Edna C. Mother
Schinkle, Christian Father
Schirch, George Father
Schirch, George E. Orderedby
Schirch, George W. Deceased
Schirmer, Anna Sands Deceased
Schlem, Anna Deceased
Schlichthornlein, Madeline Mother
Schlotz, David Father
Schmidt, Catherine Mother
Schmidt, Clara Mother
Schmidt, Elizabeth K. Deceased
Schmidt, Eugenia Mother
Schmidt, George Father
Schmidt, George A. Deceased
Schmidt, Louis Deceased
Schmidt, Louis Father
Schmidt, Louis Father
Schmidt, Mary Orderedby
Schmidt, Mary Louisa Deceased
Schmidt, Mrs.George Orderedby
Schmitt, Karl Father
Schmitz, Henry Father
Schmitz, Joseph Deceased
Schmitz, Theresa Orderedby
Schoales, Andrew Father
Schoeb, Andrew Father
Schoeb, Elizabeth Mother
Schofield, Maria Mother
Schooner, Betty Mother
Schoonmaker, A.A. Orderedby
Schoonmaler, Arthur Orderedby
Schoville, Mary C. Deceased
Schrade, Constance Deceased
Schrade, Elizabeth J. Deceased
Schrade, Gottlieb Orderedby
Schrade, Gottlieb T. Deceased
Schrade, John Father
Schrade, Theodore Orderedby
Schrade, William Father
Schrade, William Orderedby
Schrader, Andrew H. Deceased
Schrader, Mrs.Andrew Orderedby
Schrager, Elizabeth Orderedby
Schrager, Pauline Deceased
Schreiber, Carrie C. Deceased
Schreiber, Emanuel M. Orderedby
Schrier, Ada Deceased
Schrier, John Father
Schuarte, J.A.T. Orderedby
Schubert, Lillian Mother
Schuler, George Father
Schultz, ? Mother
Schultz, Elizabeth Ann Deceased
Schultz, Fred, Jr. Orderedby
Schultz, Frederick Deceased
Schultz, Frederick Father
Schultz, Marie Deceased
Schultz, Rev Theodore Orderedby
Schultz, The Misses Orderedby
Schultz, Theodore A. Father
Schulzman, Pearl Mother
Schunke, Joseph Father
Schunke, Raymond H. Deceased
Schunkle, Joseph Orderedby
Schuster, Mary M. Mother
Schwaite, Alfred G. Deceased
Schwaite, John Orderedby
Schwaite, John A.T. Orderedby
Schwaite, John C. Father
Schwaner, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Schwaner, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Schwarte, Alice Jewett Deceased
Schwarte, Amanda V.M. Deceased
Schwarte, Beaulah Orderedby
Schwarte, Christian Father
Schwarte, John Father
Schwarte, John A.T. Deceased
Schwarte, John C. Deceased
Schwarte, John C. Father
Schwarte, Margaret Deceased
Schwarte, Virginia Deceased
Schwartfigure, Laura Mother
Schwartz Orderedby
Schwartz, Anna Orderedby
Schwartz, Benjamin Father
Schwartz, Celia Deceased
Schwartz, Edward Deceased
Schwartz, Fannie Deceased
Schwartz, Frank H. Father
Schwartz, Frank H. Orderedby
Schwartz, Hattie Mother
Schwartz, Jacob Deceased
Schwartz, Milton Orderedby
Schwartz, Moses Father
Schwartz, Nathan Orderedby
Schwartz, Rabbi Deceased
Scidmore, Abigail Mother
Scidmore, Adeline Mother
Scidmore, Charlotte Deceased
Scidmore, Eliza Mother
Scidmore, Eliza Mother
Scidmore, Elizabeth Mother
Scidmore, George Father
Scidmore, George Father
Scidmore, George Orderedby
Scidmore, George Orderedby
Scidmore, George Orderedby
Scidmore, George S. Deceased
Scidmore, Hannah Deceased
Scidmore, Hannah Mother
Scidmore, Harriett Mother
Scidmore, Harvey Father
Scidmore, Harvey Father
Scidmore, Harvey S. Father
Scidmore, Jennie Orderedby
Scidmore, John Father
Scidmore, John Father
Scidmore, John Father
Scidmore, Mrs.Jessie Orderedby
Scidmore, Sarah F. Deceased
Scoffield, ? Father
Scoffield, Betsy Ann Mother
Scoffield, Lucinda White Mother
Scofield, Amsey Father
Scofield, Betsey Ann Mother
Scofield, Ida E. Mother
Scofield, John Deceased
Scofield, Maria Mother
Scofield, Wilson Father
Scott, Deceased
Scott, ? Father
Scott, ? Father
Scott, ? Father
Scott, Alice E. Mother
Scott, Anna Mother
Scott, Anna Orderedby
Scott, Anna Orderedby
Scott, Anna Amelia Deceased
Scott, Archibald Father
Scott, Baby Deceased
Scott, Berry Father
Scott, C.C. Orderedby
Scott, Caroline Deceased
Scott, Charles W. Orderedby
Scott, Charles W. Orderedby
Scott, Clarence Father
Scott, Clarence Orderedby
Scott, Clarence C. Deceased
Scott, Cora Deceased
Scott, Cora A. Deceased
Scott, Daniel C. Father
Scott, Daniel C. Orderedby
Scott, Effie Mother
Scott, Eleanor Deceased
Scott, Elijah Father
Scott, Elizabeth Mother
Scott, Elizabeth S. Deceased
Scott, Ella Florence Deceased
Scott, Esther Deceased
Scott, Ethel Deceased
Scott, George G. Father
Scott, Harriet D. Deceased
Scott, Hazel Deceased
Scott, Henry Father
Scott, Isaac Deceased
Scott, James L. Deceased
Scott, James P. Orderedby
Scott, James W. Father
Scott, Jane Mother
Scott, Jane Mother
Scott, Jane M. Mother
Scott, John Father
Scott, John L. Father
Scott, Lillian B. Deceased
Scott, Lucius B. Deceased
Scott, Mary A. Mother
Scott, Mary E. Deceased
Scott, Minnie Orderedby
Scott, Minnie Orderedby
Scott, Minnie Orderedby
Scott, Minnie E. Deceased
Scott, Mrs Orderedby
Scott, Mrs.Anna B. Orderedby
Scott, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Scott, Mrs.Lucius Orderedby
Scott, Mrs.William S. Orderedby
Scott, Newton A. Deceased
Scott, Thomas Father
Scott, Walter Orderedby
Scott, Walter Orderedby
Scott, Warren Father
Scott, Warren Orderedby
Scott, Warren Orderedby
Scott, Warren D. Deceased
Scott, Warren D. Father
Scott, William Father
Scott, William Father
Scott, William A. Deceased
Scott, William S. Deceased
Scott, William S. Father
Scouten, Ellen Deceased
Scoville, Benjamin Father
Scoville, Charles Father
Scoville, Charles L. Deceased
Scoville, Ellen Mother
Scoville, Lois E. Mother
Scoville, Mrs Orderedby
Scranton, Florence E. Deceased
Scranton, Henry M. Father
Scranton, Henry M. Father
Scribner, Benjamin Father
Scribner, Lucy Skidmore Deceased
Scriverus, Mrs.Jack Orderedby
Scrivin, Elizabeth Mother
Scully, Cornelius Father
Scully, Dennis John Deceased
Scully, Mary Mother
Seabury, Ed Orderedby
Seabury, Edward A. Father
Seabury, Lelah Mother
Seagly, Frank Father
Seagly, Henry Deceased
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, B.H. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr.B. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr.B. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr.B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr.B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, Dr.B.F. Orderedby
Seaman, Eliza Mother
Seaman, Polly Mother
Seaman, Sadie Mother
Seaman, Sally Mother
Seaman, Sarak Rhoda Mother
Seanam, B.F. Orderedby
Searing, Beekman Deceased
Searing, Caroline Maria Deceased
Searing, Edmund Father
Searing, Elizabeth Mother
Searing, Mary Ann Mother
Searing, Minnie Stanley Deceased
Searing, Mrs.S.Stanley Orderedby
Searing, Rev.Richard Deceased
Searing, Rev.Richard Orderedby
Searing, Rev.Richard Orderedby
Searing, Rev.Samuel S. Deceased
Searing, William M. Father
Searing, William M. Father
Searing, William M. Father
Searing, William M. Father
Searles, Augusta J. Deceased
Searles, Carlos Father
Searles, Carlos Father
Searles, Lydia Mother
Searles, Maud E. Mother
Searles, Minnie E. Deceased
Searles, Ray M. Orderedby
Searles, Rueben Father
Searles, Sue Mother
Searles, Thomas Orderedby
Searles, Thomas E. Deceased
Sears, Elsie Mother
Sears, Hannah C. Deceased
Sears, Richard Deceased
Sears, Richard Orderedby
Sears, Richard G. Father
Seavey, ? Mother
Seavey, Mary Ellen Deceased
Sebring, Abraham Father
Sebring, Abraham Father
Sebring, Abraham Father
Sebring, Bertha S. Orderedby
Sebring, Josephine Mother
Sebring, William A. Deceased
Secor, William Father
Secoy, Allen H. Deceased
SEDERS?, Electa Mother
Sedler, Elsie Mother
See, Emma Mother
See, Gary Father
See, Joseph M. Orderedby
See, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
See, Royal Deceased
See, Wallace Father
Seeger, August Fred Deceased
Seeger, Henry Father
Seeley, Frances V. Deceased
Seeley, James Father
Seeley, John H. Deceased
Seeley, John H. Father
Seeley, John H. Orderedby
Seeley, Mahitabel Mother
Seely, Angeline Mother
Sefferken, Peter Father
Seibert, Sophia Mother
Seifert, William H. Deceased
Seigal, Nathan Father
Seiger, Daniel Father
Seitz, Florence Deceased
Seitz, Frederick Deceased
Seitz, George Orderedby
Seitz, John Father
Seitz, Mrs Orderedby
Selby, Arline Orderedby
Selby, Edward Father
Selby, Ella B. Deceased
Selby, Mary E. Deceased
Selby, Rachael A. Deceased
Selby, William Orderedby
Selby, William Orderedby
Selby, William B. Orderedby
Selby, William E. Deceased
Selden, David Father
Selden, Edward David Deceased
Selden, Lucy A. Deceased
Selip, Samuel Deceased
Selker, Mary Mother
Sellers, Sarah Mother
Semmel, Harry Deceased
Semmel, Harry Orderedby
Semmel, Myron Father
Semmel, Sigmund Deceased
Semmel, Sigmund Father
Semmel, William Orderedby
Semple, Mrs.William Orderedby
Senecal, Elijah Father
Senecal, Emma Mother
Senecal, Hector Father
Senecal, Henry W. Deceased
Senecal, Henry W. Father
Senecal, Henry W. Father
Senecal, Henry W. Orderedby
Senecal, Howard Deceased
Senecal, Lydia Orderedby
Senecal, Mable Mother
Senecal, Otis Orderedby
Senecal, Otis C. Father
Senecal, Otis C., Jr. Deceased
Senecal, Russell Deceased
Senical, Bernice Deceased
Senical, Frank Father
Senical, Frank Orderedby
Sennet, Benjamin Orderedby
Sennet, Simon Father
Sensheimer, Alex L. Deceased
Separd, Mary Mother
Sernaker, ? Father
Serotta, Israel Father
Serotta, Israel Father
Serrota, Pearl Mother
Servis, Harold W. Deceased
Servis, Millard E. Orderedby
Servis, Preston B. Father
Sesselman, Elsie May Deceased
Sesselman, John N. Father
Sesselman, John N. Orderedby
Sesselman, John N. Orderedby
Sesselman, Margaret Mother
Sesselman, William G. Deceased
Seterno, Joseph Deceased
Settle, Mrs.Henry Orderedby
Sever, Alfred Orderedby
Severance, Beatrice Mother
Severance, Charles Father
Severance, Charles Orderedby
Severance, Leonard Henry Deceased
Severence, Mrs.E.L. Orderedby
Seward, Kate Deceased
Sexton, Anna E. Deceased
Sexton, Charles S. Orderedby
Sexton, Charlotte Mother
Sexton, Emeline Mother
Sexton, Hannah Mother
Sexton, Helen/Ella Deceased
Sexton, Patrick Father
Seybolt, Roy Orderedby
Seybolt, Viola Deceased
Seymour, Mrs.A.L. Orderedby
Shackelford, Eleanor Deceased
Shackelford, Elizabeth Deceased
Shackelford, G.R.P. Orderedby
Shackelford, George R.P. Orderedby
Shackfield, Mrs.G.R Orderedby
Shackleford, Geo. Orderedby
Shackleford, George Orderedby
Shackleford, John Wragg Father
Shackleford, John Wragg Father
Shadwick, Elias Orderedby
Shadwick, Elias J. Deceased
Shadwick, Elias J. Father
Shadwick, James A. Deceased
Shadwick, Peter Father
Shafer, Mrs F.W. Orderedby
Shaff, John Deceased
Shaffer, Jacob Father
Shaffer, Morris Edward Deceased
Shaft, Ida Deceased
Shaft, Leonard Father
Shaheen, Abdella Father
Shaheen, Angelina Deceased
Shaheen, Angelina Mother
Shall, Cornelia Mother
Shanklin, Allen S. Deceased
Shanklin, Emma Deceased
Shanklin, William Father
Shanks, Anna Mother
Shannon, Margaret Mother
Shannon, Margaret Mother
Sharkey, Sarah Mother
Sharp, Harriet Orderedby
Sharp, Kittie Mother
Sharp, Mrs.Jessie Orderedby
Sharpe, Catherine Deceased
Sharpe, George Father
Sharpe, George A. Father
Sharpe, Kittie Orderedby
Sharpe, Mrs.Catherine Orderedby
Sharpe, William M. Deceased
Shattuck, Harriet Mother
Shattuck, Melona Mother
Shaughnessy, Mary P. Deceased
Shaughnessy, Richard Orderedby
Shaul, Alice H. Deceased
Shaul, Nicholas Father
Shaul, Willard A. Deceased
Shaver, Anna Margaret Deceased
Shaver, Bertha R. Deceased
Shaver, Catherine Mother
Shaver, Catherine E. Mother
Shaver, Christian Father
Shaver, Christian C. Father
Shaver, Emma Orderedby
Shaver, Henry M. Deceased
Shaver, Henry M. Father
Shaver, Julia Mother
Shaver, Mrs.Elmer Orderedby
Shaw, ? Father
Shaw, Alice F. Mother
Shaw, Anthony Father
Shaw, Arville D. Mother
Shaw, Caroline B. Deceased
Shaw, David J. Father
Shaw, Eliza Mother
Shaw, Jesse C. Father
Shaw, Jesse C. Father
Shaw, John Father
Shaw, Lydia Mother
Shaw, Lydia Mother
Shaw, Maria Mother
Shaw, Nicholas Father
Shaw, Phebe Mother
Shaw, Rosamond Deceased
Shaw, Stella C. Mother
Shaw, Thomas B. Deceased
Shaw, William A. Father
Shay, William Father
Shayne, Anna B. Deceased
Shayne, Bernard Orderedby
Shayne, Catherine V. Deceased
Shayne, Daniel Father
Shayne, Daniel Orderedby
Shayne, George Deceased
Shayne, John C. Deceased
Shayne, John C. Father
Shayne, John C. Father
Shayne, John C. Orderedby
Shayne, Mrs.John Orderedby
Shea, Anna Barbara Deceased
Shea, Emily Anna Deceased
Shea, Florence Orderedby
Shea, James F. Deceased
Shea, Johanna Deceased
Shea, John Father
Shea, John J. Orderedby
Shea, John J. Orderedby
Shea, Kate&Robert Orderedby
Shea, Michael Deceased
Shea, Michael Father
Shea, Michael Father
Shea, Michael Father
Shea, Miss Orderedby
Shea, Patrick Father
Shea, Patrick H. Deceased
Shea, Richard Father
Shea, Richard Father
Shea, Richard Joseph Deceased
Shear, Charles B. Orderedby
Shear, Cynthia A. Deceased
Shear, Susan Mother
Shearer, Alice Mother
Shearer, Charles Father
Shearer, Charles Orderedby
Shearer, Charles M. Deceased
Shearer, Mary B. Deceased
Shearer, Orville Father
Shears, ? Mother
Sheehan, Anna Deceased
Sheehan, Anna Mother
Sheehan, Anna Mother
Sheehan, Annie Mother
Sheehan, Catherine Orderedby
Sheehan, Cornelius Deceased
Sheehan, Cornelius Father
Sheehan, Cornelius Father
Sheehan, Michael Father
Sheehan, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Sheehan, Thomas C. Deceased
Sheehe Father
Sheehe, Maggie Deceased
Sheehey, John L. Orderedby
Sheehey, John L. Orderedby
Sheeley, Mary Mother
Sheeran, Elizabeth Mother
Sheffer, Arrinda Mother
Sheffer, David Father
Sheffer, Eliza Mother
Sheffer, Mary A. Mother
Sheffield, Marie Louise Deceased
Sheil, Mary E. Mother
Shelden, Hattie Orderedby
Sheldon, ? Father
Sheldon, Cortiss Orderedby
Sheldon, George Father
Sheldon, Jennie S.L. Deceased
Sheldon, Mrs.F.T. Orderedby
Sheldon, Roy F. Orderedby
Shellow, Catherine Deceased
Shellow, William Orderedby
Shelton, , Amanda Mother
Shelton, Edna Deceased
Shelton, Eva A. Deceased
Shelton, William H. Father
Shelton, William H. Orderedby
Shelton, William H. Orderedby
Sheoardson, Jane Mother
Shepard, Davis J. Deceased
Shepard, Mrs.Davis J. Orderedby
Shepard, William Deceased
Shepard, William Father
Shepard, William A. Father
Shepard, William H. Father
Shepardson, Amy E. Deceased
Shepardson, Horatio Father
Shepardson, Mary Deceased
Shepardson, Miss Mary Orderedby
Shepardson, Miss Mary Orderedby
Shepardson, Nancy Mother
Shepardson, Nancy Mother
Shepardson, Thomas Father
Shepardson, Thomas J. Deceased
Sheperdson, Mrs.William Orderedby
Shepherd, Amy Mother
Shepherd, Augustine W. Deceased
Shepherd, Charles W. Deceased
Shepherd, Daniel Father
Shepherd, Daniel Father
Shepherd, Harriet L. Deceased
Shepherd, J.S. Orderedby
Shepherd, Mary W. Deceased
Shepherd, Miss Mary Orderedby
Sheppard, Adolph Deceased
Sheppard, Mrs.Adolph Orderedby
Shepperd, Daniel Father
Shepperd, Mary Louise Deceased
Shergold, Ruby Orderedby
Sheridan, Ellen Mother
Sheridan, Mark Father
Sherlin, Dennis Father
Sherlin, Margaret Mother
Sherman Construction Orderedby
Sherman, Adaline Deceased
Sherman, Caroline Mother
Sherman, Caroline Mother
Sherman, Eliza Mother
Sherman, Elmer L. Orderedby
Sherman, Gideon Father
Sherman, Hannah Mother
Sherman, Henrietta Mother
Sherman, Isaac Father
Sherman, James W. Deceased
Sherman, John Marin Deceased
Sherman, John S. Deceased
Sherman, Katie Mother
Sherman, Laura Deceased
Sherman, Laura Mother
Sherman, Levi Father
Sherman, Levi Father
Sherman, Martin Father
Sherman, Mary Mother
Sherman, Millie Mother
Sherman, Mrs.Srarh Orderedby
Sherman, Pamela Mother
Sherman, Prude Mother
Sherman, Richard Father
Sherman, Richard J. Orderedby
Sherman, Sarah Mother
Sherman, Sarah Mother
Sherman, Smith H. Deceased
Sherman, Smith H. Orderedby
Sherman, William Father
Sherman, William C. Deceased
Sherrill, Charles H. Deceased
Sherrill, David Father
Sherrill, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Sherry, Bridget Mother
Sherwood, Eliza A. Mother
Sherwood, Eliza A. Mother
Sherwood, John B. Father
Shields, Annie Mother
Shields, Charles Deceased
Shields, Daniel Father
Shields, Francis Henry Deceased
Shields, Henry Deceased
Shields, James Father
Shields, John Father
Shields, Mrs Orderedby
Shields, Mrs.F.H. Orderedby
Shiff, Florence A. Deceased
Shiff, Gustave Father
Shiggins, Etta A. Deceased
Shiggins, Etta A. Orderedby
Shiggins, Fred Deceased
Shiggins, James Deceased
Shiggins, James Orderedby
Shiggins, Thomas Father
Shiggins, Thomas Father
Shiggins, Thomas Father
Shiggins, William S. Deceased
Shiggnis, Alice Mother
Shiland, Dr.Alexander Father
Shindle, Harriet Deceased
Shipman, Kathryn Orderedby
Shipper, LauraM. Mother
Shippey, Sylvia Mother
Shoemaker, Mary E. Deceased
Shoemaker, Robert H. Orderedby
Shoemaker, Robert Henry Deceased
Shoemaker-Myers, Robert Father
Shonts, Anna Orderedby
Shonts, Elizabeth Deceased
Shonts, Jeremiah Father
Shonts, John A. Father
Shonts, John A. Father
Shonts, Ruth Elizabeth Deceased
Shonts, Zacariah Father
Shonts, Zichariah C. Deceased
Shonys, Washington Father
Shore, Daniel S. Father
Shores, Arthur W. Orderedby
Short, Frank C. Orderedby
Short, Frank P. Deceased
Short, Frank P. Father
Short, Frank P. Orderedby
Short, Helen W. Deceased
Short, Jennie M. Mother
Short, Jennie Mary Mother
Short, John Father
Short, Victor A. Father
Shorter, Albert Deceased
Shorter, Benjamin Father
Shortsleeve, Rose Mother
Shoto, Ellen Mother
Shoudy, Caroline F. Deceased
Shoudy, Wm.D. Orderedby
Showers, Margaret Mother
Shubert, Julia Mother
Shufelt, Edgar Father
Shufelt, Henry Father
Shufelt, Reubena Orderedby
Shufelt, VanWie Deceased
Shultz, Hannah Mother
Shumaker, Ann Eliza Mother
Shurtleff, G.H. Orderedby
Shurtleff, Theresa C. Deceased
Shutter, Helen Mother
Shymanski, ? Father
Shymanski, Lucia B. Mother
Shymanski, Lucian Orderedby
Shymanski, Severin Deceased

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