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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning U.. to V..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Uhlinger & Son Orderedby
Uhlinger &son Orderedby
Uhlio, Barbara Mother
Uline, Charles Orderedby
Uline, Nellie M. Deceased
Ulrich, Mrs.Evans Orderedby
Underwood, Cornelia Mother
Upeter, Samuel Father
Upham, Joseah Suell Father
Uptegrove, William P. Father
Upton, Amos Father
Upton, George Amos Deceased
Upton, Mrs.George Orderedby
Upton, Mrs.Harriet Orderedby
Urban, Catherine E. Mother
Ure, Isabella Deceased
Ure, James Y. Orderedby
Ure, James Y. Orderedby
Ure, Robert Deceased
Ure, William Father
Urquhart, Norine A. Deceased
Urquhart, Victor Orderedby
Uveges, Annette Orderedby
Uveges, George J. Deceased
Uveges, John Father
Uyline, Salina Mother
Vaernaco, Edith Deceased
Vail, Adec Father
Vail, Alice Mother
Vail, Betsey Mother
Vail, Betty V. Mother
Vail, Esther M. Mother
Vail, Martha Mother
Vail, Martha M. Mother
Vaissiere, Ernest Father
Vaissiere, Kathryn L. Deceased
Vaissiere, Leo Father
Vaissiere, Leo Orderedby
Vaissiere, Mathilda E. Deceased
Vale, Susan L. Deceased
Valentine Father
Valentine, Abraham G. Father
Valentine, Bessie Orderedby
Valentine, Charles Edgar Deceased
Valentine, Dr.W.A. Orderedby
Valentine, Edward E. Deceased
Valentine, Eliza M. Deceased
Valentine, Flora Orderedby
Valentine, Henrietta Y. Deceased
Valentine, Isaac H. Father
Valentine, Jennie B. Deceased
Valentine, John M. Father
Valentine, John Winne Deceased
Valentine, Leonard Father
Valentine, Marietta Mother
Valentine, Nellie Deceased
Valentine, Nellie Orderedby
Valentine, Oliver Deceased
Valentine, Ruth Mother
Valentine, Sara J. Deceased
Valentine, Thomas Father
Valentine, Thomas B. Orderedby
Valentine, Thomas Brown Deceased
Valentine, William Father
Valorvic, Frank Deceased
Valorvic, Upalon Father
Van, Aernam, Coroner Orderedby
VanAernam, Dr. Orderedby
VanAernam, Elizabeth Mother
VanAernam, Elizabeth Mother
VanAernam, Lansing Father
VanAernam, Manning Father
VanAernam, Meritt E., MD Deceased
VanAernam, Mrs.M.E. Orderedby
VanAernam, Nanning Deceased
VanAernam, Rose Orderedby
VanAernem, Lansing Orderedby
VanAernem, Mary A. Deceased
VanAllen, Lewis Deceased
VanAllen, Permaine Father
VanAlstyne, Bertha Deceased
VanAlstyne, Frank Father
VanAlstyne, Lewis Orderedby
VanAlstyne, Winifred Mother
Vananden, Archie Deceased
Vananden, Archie Father
VanAnthwerk, Rebecca Mother
VanAntwerp, Julia Deceased
VanAntwerp, Peter Father
Vanantwerp, Rebecca Ann Mother
VanAntwerp, Rebecca Ann Mother
VanAntwerp, Winet Father
VanArnum, Cordelia Deceased
VanArnum, Henry Father
VanArnum, John H. Deceased
VanArnum, Mrs.John Orderedby
VanAuken, Jesse Father
VanAukenJane Orderedby
VanAylstine, ? Mother
VanBella Orderedby
Vanbest, Katherine Mother
VanBunschoten Orderedby
VanBunschoten, Donald J. Deceased
VanBunschoten, Frances Deceased
VanBunschoten, William Father
VanBuren, Adrianna Mother
VanBuren, Emma Mother
VanBuren, Frank Father
VanBuren, George Father
VanBuren, Malissa A. Mother
VanBuren, Margurite Deceased
VanBuren, Martin Father
VanBuren, Mary Mother
VanBuren, Mary E. Deceased
VanBuren, Melissa Mother
VanBuren, Mrs.Norman Orderedby
VanBuren, Norman H. Deceased
VanBuren, Polly Mother
VanBuschoten, Jr.William Orderedby
Vance, Alfred Father
Vance, Claude E. Deceased
Vance, Mrs.Marie Orderedby
VanCremen, Jacob Father
VanDeCar, Annie Mother
Vandecar, Bailey Father
Vandecar, Emma Orderedby
Vandecar, Judson F. Deceased
VanDecarr, Anne Mother
VandeCarr, Loren Father
Vandenberg, Daisy Mother
Vandenberg, Emma Deceased
VanDenberg, Gertrude Mother
Vandenburg, Christina M. Deceased
VanDenburg, Cornelius Father
Vandenburg, Cornelius Father
Vandenburg, Cornelius Father
VanDenburg, Cornelius Orderedby
Vandenburg, David S. Deceased
Vandenburg, Ethel Mother
VanDenburg, Frank H. Deceased
Vandenburg, Hannah Deceased
Vandenburg, Harriet Mother
VanDenburg, Laura Mother
Vandenburg, Robert Deceased
Vandenburg, Sarah Mother
VanDenburg, Violet Deceased
VanDenburg, William Orderedby
VanDenburg, William D. Father
Vandenburg, Wm. Father
Vandenburg, Wm. Orderedby
VanDenburg.Harriet Mother
Vandenburgh, Alfred Orderedby
VanDenburgh, Alfred Orderedby
VanDenburgh, Alfred B. Deceased
VanDenburgh, Alfred B. Father
Vandenburgh, Anna F. Deceased
Vandenburgh, Ave Father
VanDenburgh, Charity Deceased
Vandenburgh, Cornelius Orderedby
Vandenburgh, Ethel Mother
VanDenburgh, Garrett C. Deceased
VanDenburgh, Joseph Father
Vandenburgh, Joseph P. Deceased
VanDenburgh, Lottie L. Orderedby
Vandenburgh, Martha A. Deceased
Vandenburgh, Maud Mother
VanDenburgh, Maud A. Mother
VanDenburgh, Richard J. Deceased
Vandenburgh, William D. Orderedby
Vandenvurg, Cornelius Orderedby
Vanderbeck, Rachel Mother
Vanderburg, Cornelius Father
VanderPole, Mary E. Deceased
Vanderpool, ? Father
Vanderpool, Infant Deceased
Vanderpool, Thomas Father
Vanderveer, Patience Deceased
VanDervort, Phoebe J. Mother
VanDerwerken, Louise Mother
VanDerwerker, Catherine Mother
Vanderwerker, Edward Orderedby
Vanderwerker, Ida M. Orderedby
Vanderwerker, Isaac Father
Vanderworker, Jeannette Mother
VanDerworker, Mary Mother
VanDeusen, Charles Father
VanDeusen, Charles C. Deceased
VanDeusen, Henry Beacher Deceased
VanDeusen, John Orderedby
VanDeusen, Mrs.C.C. Orderedby
VanDeusen, Mrs.C.C. Orderedby
VanDeusen, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
VanDeusen, Sarah M. Deceased
VanDeusen, Simeon Father
Vandewerker, Edward Deceased
VanDorn, ? Mother
VanDorn, Caroline Deceased
VanDorn, Caroline Orderedby
VanDorn, Charles Oscar Deceased
VanDorn, Cleveland Father
VanDorn, Elizabeth Mother
VanDorn, John Father
VanDorn, John C. Deceased
VanDorn, John C. Father
VanDorn, John C. Father
VanDorn, Mary E. Mother
VanDorn, Mary E. Mother
VanDorn, Robert Orderedby
VanDorn, Sarah W. Deceased
VanDorn, William Father
VanDorn, William Orderedby
VanDorn, William Orderedby
VanDorn, William C. Father
VanDorn, William H. Deceased
VanDuesen, C.C. Orderedby
VanDyke Orderedby
VanDyke, Arthur C. Father
VanDyke, Infant Deceased
VanEpps, Alexander Father
VanGuilder, Farnces E. Deceased
VanGuilder, James Father
VanHorn, Bertha Orderedby
VanHorn, Mary A. Deceased
VanHorn, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
VanHorn, Mrs.Winfield Orderedby
VanHorn, Walter Gail Deceased
VanHorn, Winfield B. Father
VanHyning, Charles Deceased
VanHyning, Emmette Father
VanHyning, Mary Orderedby
VanHyning, Norman Deceased
VanLeeven, Mary Mother
VanNess, Alice Orderedby
VanNess, Alice G. Deceased
VanNess, George T. Deceased
VanNess, Joseph Father
VanNess, Richard H. Orderedby
VanNess, Zalinan Father
VanNorder, Alonzo Father
VanNorder, Alonzo Father
VanNorder, George A. Deceased
VanNorder, Nelson J. Deceased
VanNorder, Sally Deceased
VanOrden, Phoebe Mother
VanOrnam, Baby boy Deceased
VanOrnam, Baby girl Deceased
VanOrnam, Roy Father
VanOrnam, Roy Father
VanOrnam, Roy Orderedby
VanOrnam, Roy Orderedby
VanPelt, Charles Deceased
VanPelt, Charles E. Orderedby
VanPelt, Chauncey E. Father
VanPelt, Mary Everden Deceased
VanPelt, Mrs.C.E. Orderedby
VanRenssalaer, Marie Mother
VanRensselaer, Abram Father
VanRensselaer, Charles C. Deceased
VanRensselaer, Jennie Orderedby
VanRensselaer, Margaret Deceased
VanRensselaer, Stephen Father
VanSchaick, Mima Ann Mother
VanSchoonhoven, Mary Mother
VanSciver, John Father
VanSciver, John W. Deceased
VanSickler, Mack Father
VanSkyorke, Harriet Mother
VanSteele, Isabelle C. Deceased
VanSteele, Martin Orderedby
VanTile, Mary Mother
VanTile, Mary Mother
VanValkenberg, Alexander Father
VanValkenburg, Mary Mother
VanValkinburg, Mary Jane Deceased
VanValser, Elizabeth Mother
VanVeghten, Harry Orderedby
VanVeghten, Lucas Father
VanVeghten, Samuel S. Deceased
VanVighten, Maria Mother
VanVolkinburg, Francis Father
VanVolkinburg, Gordon Deceased
VanVoorhees, Mary Mother
VanVranken, Catherine Mother
VanVranken, Frank Father
VanVranken, George Varney Deceased
VanVranken, Ida Belle Deceased
VanVranken, Lena L. Deceased
VanVranken, Mrs, George Orderedby
VanVranken, Mrs.Jacob Orderedby
VanVranken, Royal L. Father
VanVranken, Vernette Mother
VanWagner Children Orderedby
VanWagner, ? Mother
VanWagner, Albert Orderedby
VanWagner, Albert B. Deceased
VanWagner, Anna E. Deceased
VanWagner, Anna E. Orderedby
VanWagner, Baby girl Deceased
VanWagner, Barnett Father
VanWagner, Betsey Mother
VanWagner, Betsey Jane Mother
VanWagner, Charles Orderedby
VanWagner, Charles E. Deceased
VanWagner, Eleanor Mother
VanWagner, George Father
VanWagner, George Henry Deceased
VanWagner, Hiram Father
VanWagner, Jacob Father
VanWagner, Jennie E. Deceased
VanWagner, Lillian Orderedby
VanWagner, Martin Deceased
VanWagner, Martin Father
VanWagner, Martin Father
VanWagner, Martin Father
VanWagner, Martin Father
VanWagner, Mary Deceased
VanWagner, Mary Mother
VanWagner, Miles Father
VanWagner, Miles Orderedby
VanWagner, Mrs. Orderedby
VanWagner, Orin Father
VanWagner, Orrin Father
VanWagner, Orrin Father
VanWagner, Rodney Deceased
VanWagonen, Hezekeah Father
VanWagonen, Isaac Davis Deceased
VanWagonen, T. Orderedby
VanWagonen, TenEyck Father
VanWagonen, TenEyck Orderedby
VanWagoner, ? Mother
VanWagoner, Abraham Father
VanWagoner, Charles Orderedby
VanWagoner, Charles L. Deceased
VanWagoner, Charles M. Deceased
VanWagoner, Eleanor Mother
VanWagoner, Esther A. Deceased
VanWagoner, Evelyn C. Deceased
VanWagoner, Hezekiah Father
VanWagoner, Hezekiah D. Deceased
VanWagoner, Hulda Orderedby
VanWagoner, Isaac D. Orderedby
VanWagoner, Jennie Mother
VanWagoner, Maria Delia Deceased
VanWagoner, Marvin Father
VanWagoner, Peter Father
VanWagoner, Peter Father
VanWagoner, Sarah Mother
VanWagoner, Sarah A. Deceased
VanWagoner, Sarah Ann Deceased
VanWagoner, TenEyck Deceased
VanWagoner, TenEyck Orderedby
VanWagoner, William H. Deceased
VanWie, Ethel Mother
VanWie, Ethel Mother
VanWie, George Orderedby
VanWie, Helen Mother
VanWie, John Father
VanWie, Rebekah Mother
VanWie, Sarah L. Deceased
VanZandt, Gilbert G. Father
Varavo, Rosa Mother
Varney, Bertha Deceased
Varney, Dallas Deceased
Varney, Dallas Orderedby
Varney, Dallas Orderedby
Varney, Dr. Orderedby
Varney, Dr. Orderedby
Varney, Dr.M.E. Orderedby
Varney, Frederick M. Deceased
Varney, Hazel M. Mother
Varney, Jessie E. Deceased
Varney, Josiah Father
Varney, Maynard Orderedby
Varney, Miles Egbert Deceased
Varney, Philip Father
Varney, Philip Father
Varney, Ransom, Jr. Father
Varney, Ransom, Jr. Orderedby
Varney, Ransom, Sr. Deceased
Varney, Ranson Father
Varney, Sarah Orderedby
Varney, Vincent Orderedby
Varney, Vincent Orderedby
Vasilieff Orderedby
Vaughan, F.Sheridan Father
Vaughan, Mary R. Deceased
Vaughan, Olive Orderedby
Vaughan, William H. Deceased
Vaughn, Achsah Mother
Vaughn, Amy Mother
Vaughn, Anna O. Deceased
Vaughn, Edward A. Father
Vaughn, Edward A. Father
Vaughn, Fielin G. Father
Vaughn, Fielin Sheridan Deceased
Vaughn, FRELIN G. Deceased
Vaughn, Frelin S. Orderedby
Vaughn, Harry B. Father
Vaughn, Mrs.F.S. Orderedby
Vaughn, Mrs.William Orderedby
Vaughn, Phebe Mother
Vaughn, Samuel E. Deceased
Vaughn, William H. Orderedby
Vauner, Mary Mother
Vautyne, Mary Mother
Veach, John Father
Vedder, Agnes Mother
Vedder, Bassett Father
Vedder, Catherine Mother
Vedder, Charles W. Deceased
Vedder, Deborah M. Mother
Vedder, Elizabeth Orderedby
Vedder, Maria Mother
Veit, Charles A. Father
Velie, Charles H. Father
Velie, Edith Orderedby
Velie, Mary Mother
Velie, Sarah M. Mother
VenDenburgh, Cornelius Father
Venotte, Cecil Mother
Verbank, Rachel E. Mother
Verbeck, Ella Mother
Verdone, Margherita Mother
Verge, Delia Mother
Verklas, Charles Deceased
Verklas, Lawrence Father
Verklas, Mrs Orderedby
Vernon, Rachel Deceased
Vernon, William Father
VerPlanck, Alice Mother
Verral, Cora L. Orderedby
Vesell, Meyer Orderedby
Vesell, Rosa Deceased
Viall, Betsey Ann Deceased
Viall, George H. Father
Viall, George H. Father
Viall, Mary Mother
Viall, Olive Mother
Viall, Olive Mother
Vibbard, Frances M. Deceased
Vidamore, Agnes Deceased
Viele, ? Father
Viele, ? Father
Viele, Abram Deceased
Viele, Benjamin R. Father
Viele, Bessie L. Mother
Viele, Charles Father
Viele, Charles A. Orderedby
Viele, Charlotte Mother
Viele, Cornelia Deceased
Viele, Ellen M. Deceased
Viele, Grant C. Deceased
Viele, H.L. Orderedby
Viele, H.L. Orderedby
Viele, James M. Deceased
Viele, John Father
Viele, Katherine F. Deceased
Viele, Lydia Mother
Viele, Lydia Mother
Viele, Lydia A. Mother
Viele, Mrs.Stephen Orderedby
Viele, Mrs.Stephen Orderedby
Viele, Stella Deceased
Viele, Stephen L. Deceased
Viele, Stephen L. Orderedby
Vielie, Cora Deceased
Villotti, Anna Mother
Vincek, George Deceased
Vincek, George Orderedby
Vincek, George A. Father
Vincent, Mary A> Mother
Vincent, Merritt Father
Vincent, Mrs.Albert A. Orderedby
Vines, Deceased
Vines, Anna Deceased
Vines, Arthur Orderedby
Vines, Arthur C. Father
Vines, John C. Deceased
Vines, John C. Father
Vines, John C. Orderedby
Vines, Mrs.A.C. Orderedby
Vines, Mrs.E. Orderedby
Vines, Rose Mother
Vines, Samuel R. Father
Vinson, Bertha S. Deceased
Vinson, Charles Orderedby
Virgil, Cora F. Deceased
Virtue, Anna Mother
Virtue, Anna Mother
Virtue, Margaret Mother
Virtue, Thomas Father
Vischer, Helen Mother
Vivien, Frank Bright Deceased
Vivien, Jean Father
Vivien, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Vochenski, Frances Mother
Vogel, Barbara Mother
Vogel, Elizabeth Deceased
Vogel, Helen M. Deceased
Vogel, John Father
Vogel, Kenneth Deceased
Vogel, Lena Deceased
Vogel, Mary Deceased
Vogel, Mrs.John Orderedby
Vogel, Teresa Deceased
Vogel, Theresa Orderedby
Vogel, William Father
Vogel, William Father
Vogel, William Father
Vogel, William Father
Vogel, William Orderedby
Vogel, William Orderedby
Vogel, William Orderedby
Voice, Mrs.Merton Orderedby
Voight, Anna Orderedby
Voight, Emil Father
Voight, William A. Deceased
Volz, Frantz Father
VonBelow, Mary E. Deceased
VonBrummer, Nicholas Herman Father
VonBurmmer, Arthur Herman Deceased
VonCollm, Frieda Mother
vonHasthonsen, Emilie Mother
VonKramer, Mary L. Deceased
vonStade, Frederick H. Deceased
vonStade, Frederick W. Father
VonSteele, Frederick Father
VonStromburgmAugusta Mother
VonVillebois Mother
Voodre, Carrie Mother
Voris, Zilla Deceased
Vosburgh, Carrie E. Deceased
Vosburgh, Harriet Mother
Vosburgh, Squire N. Orderedby
Voscmar, Rosa Mother
Vose, Albert Father
Vose, Edward J. Deceased
Vose, Edward J. Orderedby
Vose, Nellie Orderedby
Voskanyan, Karl P. Deceased
Voskanyan, Louise Orderedby
Voskanyan, Paul Father
Voss, F. Father
Voss, F. Father
Voss, Frederica Mother
Voss, Fredericka Mother
Voss, Minnie A. Deceased
Voss, Sophia Mother
Vreeland, Ann Mother
Vrooman, Cora Deceased
Vrooman, Ella Mother
Vrooman, Mrs.Roy Orderedby
Vrooman, Wellington Orderedby
Vrooman?, Polly Mother
Vrydag, Harry Deceased
Vrydag, Henry Father

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