Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning Wi.. to Z..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Wicham, Wallace W. Father
Wick, Alice E. Mother
Wicken, George Father
Wicken, John H. Deceased
Wicken, Mary Orderedby
Wickens, Catherine Mother
Wicker, Charles Father
Wickes, Margaret Mother
Wickes, Margaret Ellen Deceased
Wickes, Wilton Orderedby
Wickes, Wilton G. Father
Wickham, Benj. Father
Wickham, Charles H. Deceased
Wickham, Eunice Mother
Wickham, Eunice Mother
Wickham, Mrs.C.H. Orderedby
Wickham, Robert S. Orderedby
Wicks, Bernice Mother
Wicks, Burton Deceased
Wicks, Catherine Mother
Wicks, Elizabeth Orderedby
Wicks, Elizabeth B. Mother
Wicks, Emmett Father
Wicks, Emmett Orderedby
Wicks, Emmett Orderedby
Wicks, Emmett Orderedby
Wicks, Eugene Deceased
Wicks, Fred Deceased
Wicks, George W. Deceased
Wicks, Howard K. Father
Wicks, Howard K. Orderedby
Wicks, James Father
Wicks, James Father
Wicks, James A. Deceased
Wicks, John Father
Wicks, John Father
Wicks, Julia E. Deceased
Wicks, Lizzie Jackson Deceased
Wicks, Mary Mother
Wicks, Maud Mother
Wicks, Maude Mother
Wicks, Nancy H. Mother
Wicks, Phoebe Mother
Wicks, Phoebe Mother
Wicks, Robert Father
Wicks, Sarah Mother
Wicks, Winifield Deceased
Wickwire, Elijah Father
Wicox, Edward H. Father
Widland, Amanda Mother
Wiedman, Albertine Mother
Wiggins, Clark, L. Deceased
Wiggins, David Father
Wiggins, Forrest D. Father
Wiggins, Forrest David Orderedby
Wiggins, George Henry Deceased
Wiggins, Melvina C. Deceased
Wiggins, Mrs.Clark L. Orderedby
Wiggins, P.V.P. Orderedby
Wiggins, Sarah Emily Deceased
Wighton, Anna Mae Orderedby
Wighton, Jefferson Deceased
Wighton, William Father
Wilber, Carrie Mother
Wilber, Carrie Mother
Wilber, Edward H. Deceased
Wilber, Henrietta Orderedby
Wilber, John Father
Wilber, John S. Father
Wilber, Mary Orderedby
Wilber, Mrs.Howard Orderedby
Wilber, Naomi Mother
Wilber, Samuel Father
Wilber, Samuel E. Deceased
Wilbur, Abbie Malinda Deceased
Wilbur, Adam Father
Wilbur, Bert Orderedby
Wilbur, Henry W. Deceased
Wilbur, Humphrey Father
Wilbur, James Father
Wilbur, Jessie A. Deceased
Wilbur, Lewis Father
Wilbur, Ritta Mother
Wilbur, Robert Father
Wilbur, Robert W. Deceased
Wilbur, Sofia Mother
Wilcox, ? Mother
Wilcox, Andrew Father
Wilcox, Andrew Orderedby
Wilcox, Andrew J. Father
Wilcox, Arthur Deceased
Wilcox, Arthur W. Orderedby
Wilcox, Carrie A. Deceased
Wilcox, Clarence E. Orderedby
Wilcox, Clarence E. Orderedby
Wilcox, Edward H. Deceased
Wilcox, Edward H. Father
Wilcox, Edward H. Orderedby
Wilcox, Ella Frances Deceased
Wilcox, Emma J. Mother
Wilcox, Emma J. Mother
Wilcox, Frances E. Deceased
Wilcox, Jane Mother
Wilcox, Mariah M. Mother
Wilcox, Mary H. Mother
Wilcox, Seymour Father
Wilcox, Sidney D. Deceased
Wilcox, Truman W. Father
Wild, Margaret E. Mother
Wild, Robert W. Orderedby
Wilde, Sarah Mother
Wilder, Adam Father
Wilder, Adam Father
Wilder, Adam Father
Wilder, Anna Deceased
Wilder, Beulah A. Deceased
Wilder, Beverly D. Orderedby
Wilder, Leilla H. Deceased
Wilder, Lotta Brauch Deceased
Wilder, Mrs.L.H. Orderedby
Wilder, Mrs.L.H. Orderedby
Wilder, Mrs.Richard Orderedby
Wilder, Richard J. Deceased
Wildey, Henry Father
Wildey, Sarah Mother
Wildey, Sarah A. Mother
Wildy, ? Father
Wildy, Sarah Mother
Wiles, ? Father
Wiles, Cora Orderedby
Wiley, Amanda Deceased
Wiley, Anna Mother
Wiley, Charles Father
Wiley, Charles Orderedby
Wiley, Elizabeth Mother
Wiley, Emma Deceased
Wiley, Ira Father
Wiley, James Orderedby
Wiley, Jennie Nancy Mother
Wiley, Rose Deceased
Wiley, Sally Mother
Wiley, Sally Mother
Wilford, Phillis Mother
Wilhelm, Anna L. Deceased
Wilhelm, August Deceased
Wilhelm, August Father
Wilhelm, August Father
Wilhelm, August A. Father
Wilhelm, Charles Deceased
Wilhelm, Harry Thomas Deceased
Wilhelm, Henry Andrew Deceased
Wilhelm, Kathrina M. Orderedby
Wilhelm, Ludwig Father
Wilhelm, Mary K. Deceased
Wilhelm, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Wilhelm, Mrs.August Orderedby
Wilhelm, Mrs.August Orderedby
Wilhelm, Mrs.August Orderedby
Wilheln, August, Jr Orderedby
Wiliamson, Susie Ann Deceased
Wilkenson, Cecil Deceased
Wilkins, Agnes Alberta Deceased
Wilkins, Alzarah Deceased
Wilkins, Flora J. Deceased
Wilkins, Irving Father
Wilkins, Irving Orderedby
Wilkins, Mayme H. Deceased
Wilkins, William I. Orderedby
Wilkinson, Mrs.Alice Orderedby
Will, Jean M. Mother
Will, William Father
Willard, E.J. Orderedby
Willard, Edward Deceased
Willard, Texman Father
Willey, James Father
Williams, Abram Father
Williams, Ada Mother
Williams, Addie Deceased
Williams, Addie Orderedby
Williams, Agnes Mother
Williams, Albert G. Deceased
Williams, Alexander Father
Williams, Alexander Orderedby
Williams, Alice M. Deceased
Williams, Aloah H. Father
Williams, Anna Deceased
Williams, Anna Deceased
Williams, Anna Mother
Williams, Anna Mother
Williams, Aurilla Mother
Williams, Baby boy Deceased
Williams, Catherine Mother
Williams, Cato Father
Williams, Charles Deceased
Williams, Charles Father
Williams, Charles Father
Williams, Charles Father
Williams, Charles Orderedby
Williams, Charles Orderedby
Williams, Chauncey Father
Williams, Chauncey L. Father
Williams, Chauncey L. Father
Williams, Chlora Deceased
Williams, Christina Deceased
Williams, Dale C. Father
Williams, Dale C. Orderedby
Williams, David Father
Williams, Derinda M. Deceased
Williams, Douglas H. Orderedby
Williams, Earl Deceased
Williams, Edna Deceased
Williams, Edward Deceased
Williams, Edward Father
Williams, Edward Orderedby
Williams, Elizabeth Mother
Williams, Ella Mother
Williams, Emerson Father
Williams, Emily J. Deceased
Williams, Emma Mother
Williams, Esther Deceased
Williams, Everett L. Deceased
Williams, Frances Deceased
Williams, Fred Father
Williams, Frederick Father
Williams, Frederick Orderedby
Williams, Frederick T. Deceased
Williams, Gilbert Father
Williams, Glenn Father
Williams, Glenn Orderedby
Williams, Glenn Arthur Orderedby
Williams, Grace Deceased
Williams, Grace Mother
Williams, Grace Orderedby
Williams, Harry E. Orderedby
Williams, Helen Deceased
Williams, Henry Father
Williams, Henry Father
Williams, Henry Sennett Deceased
Williams, Infant Deceased
Williams, J.J. Orderedby
Williams, James H. Father
Williams, James O. Deceased
Williams, Jane Mother
Williams, Jane Mother
Williams, Janet C. Deceased
Williams, Jennie Deceased
Williams, Jennie Mother
Williams, Jesse Father
Williams, John Orderedby
Williams, John Orderedby
Williams, John B. Father
Williams, John H. Deceased
Williams, John R. Deceased
Williams, John W. Deceased
Williams, John W. Deceased
Williams, Josephine, Tw.SS Orderedby
Williams, Julia A. Mother
Williams, Julia A. Mother
Williams, Levi Father
Williams, Louisa Mother
Williams, Louisa Sylvia Deceased
Williams, Louise Mother
Williams, Lydia Deceased
Williams, Margarette E. Mother
Williams, Marion E. Deceased
Williams, Martin Father
Williams, Mary Deceased
Williams, Mary Mother
Williams, Mary Mother
Williams, Mary Orderedby
Williams, Mary E. Mother
Williams, Mary Jane Deceased
Williams, Mary K. Mother
Williams, Mary K. Mother
Williams, Mary Louise Deceased
Williams, Mattie Mother
Williams, McKay, McKay Orderedby
Williams, Mildred L. Mother
Williams, Milo Father
Williams, Milo F. Deceased
Williams, Minnie Deceased
Williams, Morgan Father
Williams, Mrs. Ella Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.Alec Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.Chloa Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.DeForest Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.Evertt Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.Ida Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.J.H. Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.Milo Orderedby
Williams, Mrs.S.M. Orderedby
Williams, Myrtle Mother
Williams, Nina Deceased
Williams, Nina Orderedby
Williams, Ninah Orderedby
Williams, Peter Father
Williams, Phoebe Emma Deceased
Williams, Phoebe J. Mother
Williams, Randolph Father
Williams, Rathbone Orderedby
Williams, Rebecca Mother
Williams, Rebecca Mother
Williams, Rebekah Mother
Williams, Regina M. Deceased
Williams, Rev.James H. Deceased
Williams, Robert Father
Williams, Robert Father
Williams, Robert Father
Williams, Roger Orderedby
Williams, Sarah J. Deceased
Williams, Soloman M. Deceased
Williams, Susan Deceased
Williams, Susie Orderedby
Williams, Thelma Orderedby
Williams, William Deceased
Williams, William Father
Williams, William Father
Williams, William S. Father
Williamson, B.A. Orderedby
Williamson, Charles Deceased
Williamson, Daniel Father
Williamson, Elizabeth Deceased
Williamson, Frank Orderedby
Williamson, Frank Orderedby
Williamson, Frank Orderedby
Williamson, Frank Orderedby
Williamson, Frank L. Father
Williamson, Frank L. Orderedby
Williamson, G.Harvey Deceased
Williamson, James W. Father
Williamson, Louise Deceased
Williamson, Lucinda Deceased
Williamson, Mary Alice Deceased
Williamson, Mary H. Deceased
Williamson, Mrs.Harvey Orderedby
Williamson, Stanton Orderedby
Willis, A.J.&J.A. Orderedby
Willis, Amos Father
Willis, Andrew J. Deceased
Willis, Bessie A. Deceased
Willis, Elizabeth Rodman Mother
Willis, Emily Deceased
Willis, Emma Orderedby
Willis, Eveline Mother
Willis, Eveline F. Mother
Willis, Gabriel Father
Willis, Gladys Mother
Willis, Gladys Orderedby
Willis, Gladys Orderedby
Willis, H. Father
Willis, Harriet M. Deceased
Willis, Helen C. Deceased
Willis, Henry Father
Willis, Henry Father
Willis, Henry Father
Willis, Henry Father
Willis, Henry Father
Willis, Henry M. Deceased
Willis, Hyrand K. Deceased
Willis, James A. Deceased
Willis, James A. Orderedby
Willis, Joseph Deceased
Willis, Marjorie A. Deceased
Willis, Mary D. Deceased
Willis, Montville Father
Willis, Montville Father
Willis, Mrs.Sadie Orderedby
Willis, Mrs.Wm Orderedby
Willis, Sarah F. Deceased
Willis, William Father
Willis, William Father
Willis, William Father
Willis, William H. Deceased
Wills, Georgianna Mother
Willsey, Jane Ann Mother
Wilmarth, C.M.&son Orderedby
Wilmarth, C.M.&sons Orderedby
Wilsey, Benjamim F. Father
Wilsey, Esther A Mother
Wilsey, Frederick B. Orderedby
Wilsey, Margaret Mother
Wilsey, Mary E. Deceased
Wilsey, Sarah Mother
Wilson, ? Father
Wilson, ? Father
Wilson, Albert Orderedby
Wilson, Alice E. Deceased
Wilson, Ann Mother
Wilson, Anna Orderedby
Wilson, Baby boy Deceased
Wilson, Daniel Father
Wilson, Daniel Father
Wilson, Daniel K. Father
Wilson, Della Deceased
Wilson, Dora Deceased
Wilson, Edmund C. Father
Wilson, Edward C. Deceased
Wilson, Eliza Mother
Wilson, Ellen Mother
Wilson, Emma Mother
Wilson, Fannie Mother
Wilson, Florence Mother
Wilson, George Father
Wilson, George H. Deceased
Wilson, Grace Mother
Wilson, Henry Deceased
Wilson, Irene Mother
Wilson, James Father
Wilson, James Alexander Father
Wilson, James S. Father
Wilson, Jerome Father
Wilson, John R. Father
Wilson, Joseph Orderedby
Wilson, Joseph C. Deceased
Wilson, Kenneth Orderedby
Wilson, Kenneth C. Father
Wilson, Lewis A. Deceased
Wilson, Lillian V. Deceased
Wilson, Margaret Mother
Wilson, Margaret C. Mother
Wilson, Martin N. Father
Wilson, Mary Jane Mother
Wilson, Mary P. Deceased
Wilson, Mrs.D.K. Orderedby
Wilson, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Wilson, Mrs.Lester Orderedby
Wilson, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Wilson, Peter Father
Wilson, Pope Emannel Deceased
Wilson, Rev.David B. Deceased
Wilson, Willard Father
Wilson, William Father
Wilson, William C. Father
Wilton, Angie R. Mother
Wiltsie, Mrs.Jennie E. Orderedby
Wimmley, Catherine Mother
Winant, Jesse Father
Winchell, Alphaus A. Deceased
Winchell, Bertha Lena Deceased
Winchell, Henry Deceased
Winchell, Horace Father
Winchell, Lucy Mother
Winchell, Lucy A. Mother
Winchell, Mary E. Deceased
Winchell, Mary&family Orderedby
Winchell, William Orderedby
Winchell, William H. Father
Winde, Ernest Deceased
Winde, Mrs.Ernest Orderedby
Winegar, Mary Mother
Wing, James B. Deceased
Wing, Mary T. Mother
Wing, Mrs. Orderedby
Wing, Sarah Adell Deceased
Wing, William M. Deceased
Wing, William M. Orderedby
Wing, William W. Father
Wing, William W. Father
Wing.Juliaette Mother
Winghl, Mary Gifford Mother
Winn, Elizabeth Mother
Winne, Elizabeth Orderedby
Winne, Frank Orderedby
Winne, Henry J. Deceased
Winne, Johann Deceased
Winne, John Father
Winne, Lawrence Father
Winne, Lawrence Father
Winne, Oscar Deceased
Winney, Father
Winney, ? Father
Winney, ?? Father
Winney, A.C. Orderedby
Winney, Adelaide Mother
Winney, Calion Father
Winney, Catherine E. Deceased
Winney, Corbin Deceased
Winney, Corbin Father
Winney, Corbin Father
Winney, Corbin Orderedby
Winney, Dewitt Orderedby
Winney, Douw F. Father
Winney, Dow J. Deceased
Winney, Dow J. Orderedby
Winney, Edith Orderedby
Winney, Edith H. Orderedby
Winney, Emma Mother
Winney, Eva Mother
Winney, Francis D. Father
Winney, Francis K. Deceased
Winney, Francis K. Father
Winney, Fred M. Father
Winney, Harriet Orderedby
Winney, Homer Deceased
Winney, Homer M. Deceased
Winney, Homer M. Father
Winney, Homer M. Orderedby
Winney, Infant son Deceased
Winney, Jennie Mother
Winney, John B. Orderedby
Winney, John B. Orderedby
Winney, John B. Orderedby
Winney, John C. Orderedby
Winney, John P. Father
Winney, Laneta Marion Deceased
Winney, Lawrence Father
Winney, Lillian Orderedby
Winney, Lillian Orderedby
Winney, Mary E. Mother
Winney, Nathan Father
Winney, Paul B. Deceased
Winney, Perry J. Deceased
Winney, Phobe A. Deceased
Winney, Ray Father
Winney, Ray Orderedby
Winney, Rebecca Mother
Winney, Rebecca Mother
Winney, Roe Father
Winney, Rowe Father
Winney, Samuel P. Deceased
Winney, Sarah Edna Deceased
Winney, Valoris Orderedby
Winney.Julia Antoinette Mother
Winney?, Laura Mother
Winnie, Frances M. Mother
Winnie, Frank Deceased
Winnie, Lawrence Father
Winnie, Mary Deceased
Winnie, Mary C. Mother
Winnie, Oscar Orderedby
Winnie, Oscar Orderedby
Winnie, Susan Mother
Winnie, Susan Mother
Winnie, Theodore Deceased
Winnie, Theodore Father
Winship, Aaron Father
Winship, D.W. Orderedby
Winship, Daniel W. Deceased
Winship, Daniel W. Father
Winship, George Deceased
Winship, George Father
Winship, Mary Ann Deceased
Winship, Mrs.Goe Orderedby
Winslow, Elizabeth Mother
Winslow, Elizabeth Mother
Winston, Susan Deceased
Winter, ? Father
Winter, Catherine Mother
Winterbottom, James Orderedby
Wintro, ? Father
Wiseman, John Frederick Deceased
Wisker, Lillian Deceased
Wisker, Thomas Father
Wissimann, Frederick Father
Wissmann, Francis DeR Orderedby
Wiswall, Carrie Mother
Wiswall, Eugene Deceased
Wiswall, Henry Father
Wiswall, Mary Mother
Wiswell, Clara E. Deceased
Witford, Sarah Mother
Withers, Mary Mother
Witherup, Abraham Father
Witherup, Mary Deceased
Witko, ? Father
Witt, August Father
Witt, Caroline Deceased
Wittaw, Minnie Mother
Wittekind, Johanna Mother
Wittelsbach, ? Father
Wittman, Morris Deceased
Witwer, John Father
Wlliams, Alvah H. Deceased
Wolberg, Frank Robert Deceased
Wolberg, Robert Father
Wolf, Edward Deceased
Wolf, Edward Father
Wolf, Edward Orderedby
Wolfe, Augustus D. Orderedby
Wolfe, Augustus E. Orderedby
Wolfe, Charles P. Deceased
Wolfe, Chester R. Deceased
Wolfe, Frederick J. Orderedby
Wolfe, George W. Father
Wolfe, Mary A. Deceased
Wolfe, Mary C. Mother
Wolfe, Mary E. Deceased
Wolfe, Mary L. Deceased
Wolfe.Augustus D. Father
Wolff, Liba Deceased
Wolff, Simon Orderedby
Woloshin, Sarah Mother
Wood, Calvin G. Father
Wood, Charles F. Father
Wood, Clinton Father
Wood, Eben Deceased
Wood, Eben Father
Wood, Edward R. Orderedby
Wood, Eleanor A. Deceased
Wood, Elizabeth Mother
Wood, Elizabeth L. Orderedby
Wood, Elmira Z. Deceased
Wood, Emily B. Deceased
Wood, Emily Mae Deceased
Wood, Emma Mother
Wood, Etta H. Deceased
Wood, Harry Orderedby
Wood, Harry F. Deceased
Wood, Huldah Mother
Wood, Huldah Mother
Wood, James Father
Wood, Jane Deceased
Wood, Jared L. Father
Wood, Jennie Mother
Wood, John Father
Wood, John Father
Wood, Joseph Father
Wood, Julia Mother
Wood, Julia Mother
Wood, Julia Mother
Wood, Julia A. Mother
Wood, Katherine B. Deceased
Wood, Lewis Deceased
Wood, Lewis Deceased
Wood, Mariam Mother
Wood, Mariam Mother
Wood, Martha A. Mother
Wood, Martha A. Mother
Wood, Mary O. Orderedby
Wood, Mrs.Harry Orderedby
Wood, Mrs.Laura Orderedby
Wood, Mrs.Lewis Orderedby
Wood, Myra Mother
Wood, Myra Mother
Wood, Reuben Father
Wood, Rosanna Deceased
Wood, Susan Mother
Wood, Wm.R. Orderedby
Woodard, Alexander Father
Woodard, Dolly Orderedby
Woodard, Ezkil Father
Woodard, LaVendee Mother
Woodard, Lucinda Mother
Woodard, Sophia Deceased
Woodard.Orville Father
Woodbeck, Cordelia Deceased
Woodbeck, Elizabeth Deceased
Woodbeck, Katherine Mother
Woodbeck, Richard Father
Woodbeck.LAVERNY Father
Woodbridge, Mary R. Deceased
Woodbridge, Mrs.Anna Orderedby
Woodbridge, Rev.Sylvester Father
Woodbridge, William Father
Woodbury, Gladys Deceased
Woodbury, Harrison Deceased
Woodbury, Harrison Father
Woodbury, Harrison Father
Woodbury, Joseph R. Father
Woodcock, Baby boy Deceased
Woodcock, Burr Orderedby
Woodcock, Elmer Father
Woodcock, Kirklin Father
Woodcock, Kirklin Orderedby
Woodcock, Martha Deceased
Woodcock, Newell Deceased
Wooden, Jane Mother
Woodhouse, Ellen Mother
Woodin, Jermyn Father
Woodin, Marguerite T. Deceased
Woodman, John Father
Woodman, William Deceased
Woodroffe, Mary Deceased
Woodruff, ? Father
Woodruff, Alta A. Deceased
Woodruff, Eunice Mother
Woodruff, George L. Orderedby
Woodruff, Kathleen M. Deceased
Woodruff, Leslie R. Father
Woodruff, Leslie R. Orderedby
Woods, John Father
Woods, Margaret Deceased
Woods, Mrs.Ernst H. Orderedby
Woods, Pattie Deceased
Woodward, ? Father
Woodward, A.J. Orderedby
Woodward, Alice E. Deceased
Woodward, Alice M. Mother
Woodward, Benedict Father
Woodward, Charles L. Deceased
Woodward, Clarence S. Orderedby
Woodward, Corydon A. Father
Woodward, Dolly L. Deceased
Woodward, Edith Mother
Woodward, Edward Father
Woodward, Elizabeth S. Deceased
Woodward, Elmira Mother
Woodward, Frederick M. Deceased
Woodward, Frederick M. Orderedby
Woodward, George Deceased
Woodward, George Orderedby
Woodward, George Orderedby
Woodward, George G. Father
Woodward, George G. Orderedby
Woodward, George G., Jr Deceased
Woodward, Hannah Mother
Woodward, Harriet Mother
Woodward, Helena E. Deceased
Woodward, Helena E. Orderedby
Woodward, James Father
Woodward, Lawrence Father
Woodward, Lawrence Orderedby
Woodward, Lemmel Deceased
Woodward, Lemual Father
Woodward, Lemuel Father
Woodward, Lettie L. Deceased
Woodward, Lorenzo Father
Woodward, Lucinda Mother
Woodward, Mary E. Deceased
Woodward, Nancy Deceased
Woodward, Nellie M. Orderedby
Woodward, Nellie S. Deceased
Woodward, Richard Deceased
Woodward, Richard Orderedby
Woodward, Richard A. Father
Woodward, Robert S. Deceased
Woodward, Roland Lewis Deceased
Woodward, Samuel Father
Woodworth, Almira J. Deceased
Woodworth, Caroline Orderedby
Woodworth, Daniel S. Deceased
Woodworth, Edward Father
Woodworth, Henry Father
Woodworth, Isaac Orderedby
Woodworth, Isaac T. Deceased
Woodworth, John C. Orderedby
Woodworth, John Cotton Deceased
Woodworth, Julian Mother
Woodworth, Lucy Maria Deceased
Woodworth, Miss Laura Orderedby
Woodworth, Mrs.Daniel Orderedby
Woodworth, Mrs.J.T. Orderedby
Woodworth, Orville J. Father
Woodworth, Reuben Father
Woody, ? Mother
Wooley, Chauncey A&Chas Orderedby
Wooley, Mrs.James Orderedby
Wooley, Nelson Father
Wooley, Ouinda Deceased
Wooster, Jennie Deceased
Worden, Anna M. Deceased
Worden, Charles D. Father
Worden, William Deceased
Worm, Margaret L. Mother
Worth, Grace E. Deceased
Worth, Hilda Orderedby
Worth, May Victoria Deceased
Worth, Nearzela Mother
Worth, Rev.Justice O. Father
Worth, Sylvester Father
Worth, W.S., Jr. Orderedby
Worth, William S., Sr. Deceased
Worth, Wilmot Orderedby
Worth, Wilmot S. Deceased
Worth, Wilmot S. Father
Worth, Wilmot S. Orderedby
Worthup, Eveline E. Mother
Wott, Mary Mother
Wraern, Gwendello Mother
Wren, Beatrice C. Mother
Wren, Edward C. Orderedby
Wren, Lizzie Mother
Wren, Lucinda Deceased
Wright, Abigal French Deceased
Wright, Amelia Mother
Wright, C.F. Father
Wright, Catherine A. Mother
Wright, Catherine A. Mother
Wright, Charles Father
Wright, Charles L. Deceased
Wright, Charles S. Deceased
Wright, Charles&Eliza Orderedby
Wright, Dennis Father
Wright, Dennis Father
Wright, Dr.A.M. Orderedby
Wright, Elbert Deceased
Wright, Eliza A. Deceased
Wright, Elizabeth A. Deceased
Wright, Emeline Mother
Wright, Emma Jane Deceased
Wright, George R. Deceased
Wright, George W. Father
Wright, Glenn F. Father
Wright, H.B. Orderedby
Wright, Harry Orderedby
Wright, Henry A. Father
Wright, Henry A. Orderedby
Wright, Howard Deceased
Wright, J.J. Orderedby
Wright, John J. Father
Wright, John J. Orderedby
Wright, John J. Orderedby
Wright, John J. Orderedby
Wright, John J. Orderedby
Wright, John J., Jr. Deceased
Wright, Joseph J. Father
Wright, Levi Deceased
Wright, Levi J. Father
Wright, Lois Hughes Deceased
Wright, Marie E. Mother
Wright, Martha B. Mother
Wright, Mary Mother
Wright, Mary Mother
Wright, Mary A. Deceased
Wright, Mary Baker Deceased
Wright, Mary G. Mother
Wright, Mr.R Orderedby
Wright, Mrs.G.R. Orderedby
Wright, Mrs.Jennie E. Orderedby
Wright, Mrs.Levi Orderedby
Wright, Mrs.S.L. Orderedby
Wright, Nancy Mother
Wright, Orrin Deceased
Wright, Phillip R. Father
Wright, Samuel L. Deceased
Wright, Sarah F. Mother
Wright, Sarah Jane Deceased
Wright, Sydney Father
Wright, Walter Father
Wright, William M. Orderedby
Wright, Wm. Orderedby
Wroath, Josephine Mother
Wuorinen, Lillian Ethel Deceased
Wuorinen, Nicholas Father
Wuorinen, Nicholas Orderedby
Wyatt, Fanny Mother
Wygant, Asbury Father
Wygant, Lizzie Deceased
Wyman, Lydia Jane Mother
Wyman, Sarah Mother
Wyman, Sarah Mother
Wynant, Cepultia Mother
Wynn, Harry&May Orderedby
Wynn, Mary A. Mother
Wynn, Mary Louella Deceased
Wyse, Josephine Mother
Yager, Golda Deceased
Yale, James W. Orderedby
Yale, Jane Deceased
Yale, John Father
Yale, John Father
Yale, Mary Jane Deceased
Yale, William H. Deceased
Yancey, Marcella Orderedby
Yandell, Lura A. Deceased
Yates, George Deceased
Yates, George W. Orderedby
Yates, John Orderedby
Yates, John B. Father
Yates, John B. Orderedby
Yates, John Strong Deceased
Yates, Kate Clement Deceased
Yates, Margaret Mother
Yates, Mrs.John Orderedby
Yattaw, ? Mother
Yeatman, James Father
Yeatman, Sarah D. Orderedby
Yeatman, Walter Scott Deceased
Yerem, Andrew Deceased
Yerem, Julia Orderedby
Yerem, Michael Father
Yerkes, Dr.D.J. Father
Yont, Elizabeth Mother
Young, Abraham M. Father
Young, Abram M. Deceased
Young, Abram M. Orderedby
Young, Adeline Mother
Young, Annie Mother
Young, Annie E. Mother
Young, David Father
Young, Edmund M. Father
Young, Edwin Deceased
Young, Esperance Mother
Young, Frank C. Deceased
Young, Frederick Deceased
Young, Frederick Deceased
Young, Gertrude F. Deceased
Young, Hannah Mother
Young, Harry J. Deceased
Young, Helen A.Scott Deceased
Young, J.Howard Orderedby
Young, James Deceased
Young, James Father
Young, James H. Father
Young, James Willard Deceased
Young, John Deceased
Young, John Father
Young, John Father
Young, John Orderedby
Young, John L. Deceased
Young, John L. Father
Young, Julia Riggs Deceased
Young, Lena Orderedby
Young, Lewis Father
Young, Lewis Father
Young, Mary Deceased
Young, Mary C. Mother
Young, Mary C. Mother
Young, Mary C. Mother
Young, Mary E. Deceased
Young, Mary E. Mother
Young, Mrs.E.R. Orderedby
Young, Mrs.Helen Orderedby
Young, Mrs.James Orderedby
Young, Nicholas Father
Young, Robert Father
Young, Susannah Orderedby
Young, Thomas Deceased
Young, Thomas Father
Young, William Father
Youngfleisch, George A. Deceased
Youngfleisch, John Orderedby
Youngfleisch, John Orderedby
Youngfleisch, John Orderedby
Youngfleisch, Margaret Deceased
Youngfleisch, Nicholas Deceased
Youngfleisch, Nicholas Deceased
Youngfleisch, Nicholas Father
Youngfleisch, Nicholas Father
Yurcik, Anna Deceased
Yurcik, Baby boy Deceased
Yurcik, Genevieve Deceased
Yurcik, John Father
Yurcik, John Orderedby
Yurcik, John J. Orderedby
Yurcik, S.Caroline Deceased
Yurcik, Stephen Father
Yurcik, Stephen Orderedby
Yurick, Stephen Orderedby
Yurill, John Father
Yurkowicz, Mary Mother
Zahn, George W. Deceased
Zahn, George Washington Father
Zak, Michael Father
Zaremba, Golda Mother
Zathalik, John Deceased
Zathalik, Samuel Father
Zbyzenski, John Orderedby
Zbyzenski, Rosy Deceased
Zeh, ? Father
Zehenter, Joseph Orderedby
Zehentner, Pauline Deceased
Zeidman, Hirsch Father
Zeidman, Jacob Deceased
Zelie, Carrie Orderedby
Zelie, Carrie Orderedby
Zelie, Carrie B. Deceased
Zelie, Edward Father
Zelie, Elizbateh Mother
Zelikofsky, Charles Orderedby
Zelikofsky, Charles Orderedby
Zelikofsky, Isaac Deceased
Zelikofsky, Isaac Deceased
Zelikofsky, Isaac Father
Zelikofsky, Lewis Orderedby
Zelikofsky, Max Deceased
Zelikofsky, Moses Father
Zelkofsky, Moses Father
Zellar, Bertha Mother
Zeterberg, Emily Mother
Zetterstrom, Baby boy Deceased
Zetterstrom, Baby girl Deceased
Zetterstrom, George H. Deceased
Zetterstrom, Howard T. Father
Zetterstrom, Ida Orderedby
Zetterstrom, Lawrence Deceased
Zetterstrom, Lawrence Father
Zetterstrom, Lawrence Father
Zetterstrom, Lawrence Orderedby
Zetterstrom, Phebe E. Deceased
Zetterstron, Howard Orderedby
Zetterstron, Howard T. Father
Zetterstron, Lawrence Orderedby
Zeyst, Anna M. Deceased
Zeyst, Carlton W. Deceased
Zeyst, Carlton W. Father
Zeyst, James W. Deceased
Zeyst, Joseph C. Father
Zeyst, Mrs.C. Orderedby
Zeyst, Ruth Orderedby
Ziegler, Harry Orderedby
Ziegler, J.Henry Orderedby
Ziegler, John Father
Ziegler, John Henry Deceased
Ziegler, Margaret Deceased
Ziellman, Hattie E. Orderedby
Ziellman, Robert E. Deceased
Zimmerman, ? Mother
Zimmerman, Walter Father
Zindell, Morris Deceased
Zindell, Myer Orderedby
Zindell, Richard Father
Zinn, Mary Hackett Deceased
Zuglick, Sophia Mother
Zurick, Stephen Orderedby
Zwaga, Petronella Mother

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