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VanBenthuisen Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

Overview of BanBenthuisen Cemetery, Town of Saratoga


The VanBenthuisen Cemetery is located on the north side of Burke Road, about a quarter mile north of

county route 67, in the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York.

This cemetery is recorded in Durkee’s Epitaphs, volume 4, pages 183-184.


James VanBenthuisen d. Apr. 12, 1838, 75y. 3m.12d.




Wm. B. VanBenthuisen d. Aug. 5, 1848, 56y. 10m. 4d.




Elizabeth, wife of Wm. B. VanBenthuisen, d. July 3, 1834, 34y. 8m. 14d.




Laura, dau. of Charles H. & Amanda VanBenthuisen,

d. Feb. 23, 1863, 4y. 10m. 23d.


     (moved to Fairmount Cemetery)




Charles H. VanBenthuisen d. May 2, 1862, a. 31y. 9m. 24d.


     (moved to Fairmount Cemetery)




Peter, son of William & Hepzibeth Ripley, d. Sep. 18, 1813, 8th yr.




Mary E., wife of Henry L. Haight, d. Jan. 11, 1865, a. 32y. 8m.




     additional inscription:




Ann Moffat died Feb. 7, 1896.  Faithful unto death







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