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Peter and Sarah (Guffin) Vanderwerken Bible Records

	title page  (image 1)

The Holy Bible, Thomas Scott edition, Vol. 2, New York:  Collins and Hannay, 1832.

	marriages  (image 2)

(I) Peter Vanderwerken married Sarah Guffin, October the 25, 1815.

(I) John H. Vanderwerken married Sarah Lagrange, March the 10, 1841.

(I) Gueret  Duesenbury married Mary Vanderwerken, December the 2, 1847.

Guert  Dusenbery married Sarah VanDerwerkn  1868.

	marriages  (image 3)

George G. VanDerwerken married Mary H. Hutton,  July 3, 1867.

Netta M. VanDerwerken married Henry  Nestle,  March 14, 1888.

Milo J. VanDerwerken married Lilly A. Gordon,  Nov. 7, 1891.

	births  (image 4)

(I) Peter H. Vanderwerken was born March the 20, 1793
in the town of Halfmoon, Saratoga county.

Miss Sarah Guffin was born August the 27, 1787.

My first daughter, Eliza Ann, was born June the 28, 1816.

My first son was born February the 25, 1818,
deceased March 22, same year, without name.

My second son, John Henry, was born May the 14, 1819.

My second daughter, Mary, was born February the 9, 1821.

My third son, George G., was born in the town of Sharron, August the 26, 1823.

My fourth son, Amos, was born in the town of Sharron, June the 9, 1825.

	births  (image 5)

My third daughter, Sarah, was born in the town of Sharon, July the 10, 1827.

My fourth daughter, Hannah C., was born in the town of Sharron, July the 1, 1830.

	births  (image 6)

George G. VanDerwerken was born Aug. 26, 1823.

Mary H. Hutton was born May 8, 1844.

Netta M. VanDerwerken was born Apr. 25, 1868.

Milo J. VanDerwerken was born Dec. 18, 1869.

Flora E. VanDerwerken was born June 7, 1871.

Henry  Nestle was born March 

Harry  Nestle was born Aug. 1, 1889.

Edward D. Nestle was born Dec. 16, 1891.

Eva Mae Nestle was born Jan. 16, 1901.

	deaths  (image 7)

Peter H. Vanderwerken died November the 26, 1852, aged 59 years 8 months 5 days.

John H. Vanderwerken died March the 13, 1853 aged 33 years 10 months 16 days.

Eliza A. Vanderwerken died May the 14, 1854, aged 37 years 10 months and 16 days.

Mary Duesenbury died March the 29, 1865 aged 44 years one month and twenty days.

Sarah VanDerwerken, wife of Peter VanDerwerken, died July 18, 1868,
aged 80 years 10 months and 14 days.

Sarah Dusenbury died Feb 

Hannah C. VanDerwerken died June 

Amos VanDerwerken died August 

	deaths  (image 8)

George G. VanDerwerken died May 20, 1900.

	deaths  (image 9)

John H. Vanderwerken died March the 13, 1853,
aged . years 9 months 27 days.  (compare to entries on previous pages)

Cyrus G. Vanderwerken died June the 27, 1854,
aged 11 years 2 months 18 days.

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