Saratoga County, New York

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Waterford Rural Cemetery Veterans


While doing research on the NY 134th Volunteer Infantry I noticed in the cemetery listings several individuals with the notation "Veteran Soldier" or something similiar. I decided to see if I could identify what unit these veterans served in. I used various sources, searching Federal Pension records, the National Park Soldier Finder, NYS Military archives, newspaper archives, Listed below are the results, I've included the cemetery’s listed date of death as a cross reference.

                                                                                    Paul Turner,  January 2019



Brandt, John, 12/04/1915, 21st NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. D.


Chatfield, Howard, 03/03/1917, 47th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co K & 115th NY, Co. F.


Aaron Comstock, 03/12/1815, Col. Aaron Comstock Regiment, General James Gordon Brigade, Cty of Saratoga.


Clarence G. Coons, 10/30/1918, 117th Regiment, Battery D, 56th Field Artillery Brigade.


John F. Eccles, 03/01/1873, 141st NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. E


Patrick Graham, 11/11/1906, Maine Volunteer Infantry, (regiment not listed), Co. F.


Edward Greason, 07/01/1863, Killed in Action at Gettysburg, 30th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. D, transferred May 1863 to 76th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.


H. J. Hastings, 04/19/1864, NY Heavy Artillery, (regiment not listed), Co. H.


Isadore Helin, 10/18/1915, US Coastal Artillery, 114th Co.


James I. House, 11/04/1862, 115th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. H.


John Jump, 10/16/1929, 77th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. D.


Thomas Loftus, 03/16/1902, 13th North Caroline Volunteer Infantry, Co. K.


John W. Oliver, 03/13/1895, 7th Reg. NY Heavy Artillery, Co. D.


Charles S. Parsells, 1905, 9th Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.


Charles O. Perham, 10/08/1893, 7th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co's. F & S.


Nelson Perry, 08/26/1901, 4th Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.


Joseph Putnam, 01/03/1908, 77th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.


Joseph Vanderwerken, 01/07/1923, 22nd NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. A.


Daniel G. Waldron, 10/01/1916, 22nd NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. A & 46th NYVI E.


William Weatherwax, 08/27/1885, 4th NY Volunteer Infantry, Co. D.