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Wheeler Bible Records

Holy Bible. Philadelphia, Kimber & Sharpless     (Title page image)
These original family records are housed at the Saratoga County Historian's Office.

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Luther Miller born 10th of March 1782
Lurenna Knapp born August 7th 1787
William Wheeler born Feb. 19th AD 1776
Sarah Smith born Oct. 13th 1783

Elvira E. Miller born Jan 20th 1809
Abigail A. Miller born Oct. 8th AD 1811
Simpson S. Miller born Aug. 17th AD 1813
Alfred W. Miller born July 25th AD 1815
Emily R. Miller born Oct. 5th AD 1817
Rollin C. Miller born Dec. 14th AD 1819
Otis H. Miller born July 22 1822
Andrew J. Miller born Dec. 15th 1824
Catherine M. Miller born Jan. 12 1828
Milton M. Miller born April 5 1830

image, page 2 of Births

Francis D. Wheeler born February 19th 1811
Abigail A. Miller born October 8th 1811

Francis D. Wheeler Jr. born July 1st AD 1834
Luther M. Wheeler born Nov. 3d 1840
Wm. Wendall Wheeler born 21st 1845
Abbie Lurena Wheeler born Aug. 27th 1851
Harry Luther Wheeler born Sep. 30th 1863

image, marriages page

Francis D. Wheeler &
Abigail Miller
were married Oct. 1st 1833

Francis D. Wheeler Jr.
Emma Kelly
were married Nov. 30th 1858

Wm Wendell Wheeler
Marcia Burnap
were married March 8th 1868

Abbie L. Wheeler
Robert F. Knapp
were married
Dec. 24th 1874

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William Wheeler
Deceased August 7th 1821

Luther Miller
Deceased April 2d 1832

Sarah S. Wheeler
deceased Jan. 25 1844

Elvira L. Miller deceased
June 21st 1848

Lurena Knapp Miller
July 26th 1862

Luther Miller Wheeler
May 4th 1863

Abigail M. Wheeler
Sep. 1st 1882

Francis L. Wheeler Jr.
May 12th 1885

Francis L. Wheeler
April 21st 1887

Abbie L. Wheeler
Died Aug 29th 1890

William W. Wheeler
Feb 26th 1904

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