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John and Margaret Whithead Bible Records


The New Testament printed and published by Mathew Carey, No. 122, Market Street, Philadelphia, 1809. This leather-covered Bible in poor condition, measures 9" by 11" and was transcribed from the original by Sue Mitchell in July 2005.



John Whithead was born Oct. 18th, 1759

Margaret Whithead his wife was born May 8th 1766

[married Sept. 5, 1784 at Newburgh, N.Y.]

Elizabeth Whithead was born July 29th 1785

James Whithead was born April 24th 1787

Martha Whithead was born Aug. 9th 1788

John Whithead was born June 23d 1791

01iver Whithead was born Aug. 4th 1794

William Whithead was born May 6th 1797

Nancy Jane Whithead was born March 7th 1800

Rensselaer Whithead was born July 5th 1803

Susan Mary Whithead was born Oct 2nd 1808

Catharine Whitehead was born Augst 10th 1792 and died Dec. 4th 1865



John Whithead             May 25th 1847

Margaret Whithead         January 20th 1854

Elizabeth Whithead        April 15th 1857

James Whithead            June 28 1787

Martha Whithead           Jan. 18, 1872

John Whithead             Dec 17, 1861

Oliver Whithead           June 10th 1863

William Whithead          1872

Rensselaer Whithead       April 15th 1864

Susan Mary Whithead       November 27 1876


Sue Mitchell, gggranddaughter of John Whitehead, notes that John fought in the Revolution and after marrying in Newburgh moved to the town of Milton and purchased parcels in the Kayaderroseras Patent. Most of those listed are buried in the Factory Village cemetery.


[from Heritage Hunters Newsletter Oct-Nov 2005]


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