Saratoga County, New York

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Fones and Elizabeth Wilbur Bible

Family Records



Fones Wilbur was

born the 1st day of

the 12 month 1762 &

Elizabeth Wilbur

his wife was born

the 9th day of the 6

month 1766

Samuel Wilbur

was born April the 25

in the year of our

Lord 1791 and 2 day of

the week



Mary Gould was

born July 23 1852

Catharine Wilbur

was born the 5 day

of July 1793 and

first day of the




John Wilbur Gould

was born Jun 11 1855

John Wilbur was

born the 8th day of

July 1799 and 2

day of the week




Saml Wilbur was married

December 30th 1816

Alicia Wilbur was married to

Daniel Griffin   March 2nd 1845



John Wilbur was

married January 28th 1824

Augusta Wilbur was married to

Jacob Baker


Catharine A. Wilbur was married to

Wm. C. Gould    January 31st 1851

Catharine Wilbur

was married  September

5  1838


Hannah Elizabeth Wilbur

was married to William

Van Arsdale   September 13th 1865



Births and Deaths



Elizabeth W. Wilbur born August

2d 1808.   John McC Wilbur

was born January 1st 1820

Father Carthy died

May the 27 1806



Mother Carthy died

March the 21 1807

Gaston Wilbur

Born March 28 1823


Elizabeth Carthy wife

of Moses Carthy died

April 16 1832



Alicia Wilbur

was born August 10th 1825

Moses Carthy died

December 6 1834



Augusta Wilbur was born

February 12, 1828

Margaret Wright

died March 8 1933



Edwin Wilbur was

born July 23rd 1830




Catharine Wilbur was

born August 3d 1832




Hannah Elizabeth

Wilbur was born

January 23 1836




Benjamin F Wilbur

born Dec 26 1838

Benjamin F. Wilbur died Oct

22nd 1858 aged 19 years 9 months

27 days, son of John Wilbur




Fones Wilbur   Died

August 30th 1831




Elizabeth Wilbur his wife

Died July 9th 1841




John McCrahan Wilbur

son of Samuel Wilbur

died August 31st 1842

aged 22 years and 8 months




Hannah Ritta Wilbur

first wife of John Wilbur

Died Dec 24th 1843 aged 37




Samuel Wilbur   Died

April 6th 1847 aged 56




Alicia S. Wilbur sife of Samuel died

Nov 2d 1842