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Nathaniel and Catherine L. (Winney) Waterbury Bible

Family Record Page

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Robert Crawford

Born Feb 17, 1731
d. 1777

m. ca. 1758 Poundridge

Elizabeth Armstrong

Born Feb 20, 1735
Died 1818 Sar. Spgs.


William Waterbury

Born Nov 24, 1776

Died July 16 1843


Married Dec 29 1785


Anna Crawford

Born May 24, 1767

Died Oct 11, 1828


Nathaniel Husted Waterbury

Born June 18, 1796

Died Apr 4, 1888


Married Jan 21, 1828


Nancy Harrington

Born Dec. 22, 1799

Died Jan. 26, 1865


Nathan Winney

Born ______ 1806

Died Jan. (or Jun.) 29, 1858
Bur. Greenridge




Elisabeth A. Boice

Born _____ 1810

Died Apr. 29, 1872


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Nathaniel Waterbury

August 24 1834

Catherine Louise Winney

December 30 1833

Jennie Augusta Waterbury

October 27 1855

Frank Herbert Waterbury

March 26 1858

Nathan Lewis Waterbury

August 6 1861

George Irving Humphrey

September 12 1853

Ida Belle Allison

June 6 1863

Jessie Fanny Humphrey

Dec 16 1882

Frank Waterbury Humphrey

Nov 12 1844

Harold Arthur Waterbury


Norman Gardner Humphrey

May 14 1887

Elliott Safford Humphrey

May 26 1890


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Philo R. Waterbury


Mehitable Bullard

were married April 14th 1825
by Rev. John Lamb

Charles J. Buell


Cynthian Waterbury

were married Sept. 20th 1848
by Rev. A. Kingsbury

Edward R. Waterbury


Maria A. Rugg

were married Oct. 31st 1854
by Rev. A. H. Stowell

Edward R. Waterbury


Addie Weatherby

were married June 9th 1859
by Ira D. Burwell


Marriages and Births
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Nathn'l Waterbury &
Catherine L. Winney
were married Jan 1st 1855
by the Rev. A. H. Stowel

Nath'l Waterbury was born
Aug 24th 1834

Catherine L. Winney was
born Dec 30th 1833

A. C. de Farraro and
Dora Winney
were married Sept 22nd 1864
by the Rev. Mr. Berdick

Jenney Augusta Waterbury
was born Oct 27th 1855

Frank Herbert Waterbury
was born March 26th 1858


Nathan Lewis Waterbury
was born Aug 6th 1861


Marriages and Births
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Alanson Sumner Oakley
Sarah Jane Winney were
married July 2nd 1855

Gertrude R. Oakley
was born Apr 2nd 1857

Adela Emma Oakley
was born March 9th 1860

Edward R. Wolley and
Emily Winney were
married Feb 12th 1862

Sarah Emma Woolley
was born Dec 30th 1864


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Wm. G. Waterbury
Died Sept 18th 1826

Sarah Bradley Waterbury
Died Aug 25th 1834

Rhoda Hellen Waterbury
Died June 24th 1840

Charles Gardner Waterbury
Died March 5th 1842

Maria A. Waterbury
Died April 9th 1859


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Nathan Winney died
June 29th 1850; 52 years

Elizabeth Ann Boice
wife of Nathan Winney
Died Apr 29 1872
62 years

Nancy Waterbury died
Feb 27th 1865

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