Index of Names on Maps from the

"New Topographical Atlas of Saratoga Co., New York"
From actual surveys by S N & D G Beers and Assistants
Stone & Stewart Publishers, Philadelphia 1866
reproduced November 1969 by Heart of The Lakes Publishers

This atlas contains 30 maps covering various towns and villages of Saratoga County, labeling residents on property within that area. Other public properties are also identified such as schools and cemeteries. Each map was individually indexed by Heritage Hunters' member, Mary Woodman. We have recently received notification of the death of our friend, fond co-member and valued contributor Mary Woodman. Her strong efforts in adding to the inventory of genealogical materials will long be gratefully remembered. Since the maps lacked a coordinating system for locating properties, codes have been added after each name to help do any lookups that may be requested. Any questions on the maps or indexes please contact Lynn Calvin .

Pick one of the following places in Saratoga County and check to see if your ancestors may have owned property in that town or village back in 1866. Each town has its own index. Multiple villages may be contained in one index, but each is listed here individually under the town in which it is located.


Town of Ballston


Town of Charlton


Town of Clifton Park


Town of Corinth


Town of Day


Town of Edinburgh


Town of Galway


Town of Greenfield


Town of Hadley


Town of Half Moon


Town of Malta


Town of Milton


Town of Moreau


Town of Northumberland


Town of Providence


Town of Saratoga


Saratoga Springs Township


Town of Stillwater


Town of Waterford


Town of Wilton


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