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Bemis Heights Cemetery (approximate former location) map link
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photo of stones now in Stillwater Union Cemetery

Bemis (Bemus) Heights Cemetery is listed in Volume 2, pages 669 to 676, of Cornelius Emerson Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County. This cemetery was actually recorded by Edw. D. Harris, October 1876, who noted: "The Bemis Heights Cemetery is a private enclosure on the south side of the cross road that joins the River road just north of the village of Bemis Heights, and in close proximity to the River road. It is not now used, and many of the gravestones from which the foregoing inscriptions are taken are in fragments on the ground. There are a few unlettered field stones marking old graves." In 1878, Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, in listing burial places in the Town of Stillwater, terms this cemetery "the one at Bemus Heights, the most fearfully neglected of all." At some subsequent point, the Bemis Heights Cemetery was moved south about 1 miles and can now be found within the large Stillwater Union Cemetery.

map link for Stillwater Union Cemetery
To find the group of stones, enter Stillwater Union Cemetery, turn right and follow the 
perimeter road around to the back of the cemetery.  The stones from Bemis Heights 
Cemetery will be on your right, down the slope, standing in a row before the woods.  
In autumn 1993, I was able to locate many of the stones previously recorded.  I also 
added one epitaph, for Clarrenda Darrow, to Durkee's list, which follows:   

Adams, Betsey   d Jan 18, 1796, 17th yr.  Wife of Moses, and daughter of Ephraim &
	Delight Woodworth

Bacon, Lydia  d Dec 12, 1831, 78 ys.  Wife of Samuel Esq.

Bacon, Rachel Juliza  d Sep 17, 1834, 16ys.  Dau of Samuel & Lydia B.

Bacon, Samuel, Esq.  d Dec 22, 1797, 51st yr.

Boler, Simeon  d Jan 24, 1809, 77th yr.

Buel, Maj. Ezra  d Oct 28, 1833, 90th yr.  He was a noted Whig of the Revolution, 
guide to the army in the Battle of Stillwater and crier to the county courts 
from their first session till the year of his death.

Cook, Maria Anna  d May 14, 1803, 3ys.  Dau of Simeon & Sary

Crandon, Thomas  d May 1, 1809, 31st yr.  Son of James & Eliza

Darrow, Clarrenda  d Mar 12, 1822 aged 2y 2m 12ds.  Dau of Daniel & Mary

Dickinson, Dorcas  d Oct 23, 1801, 1y 1m 28ds.  Dau of Elijah & Anna

Donald, Mrs. Mary  d Nov 25, 1794, 39y 6m 26ds.  Wife of John

Foster, George  b Apr 17, 1803, drowned at Stillwater July 13, 1826  Son of George & 
	Elizabeth of Radboam, co. Derby, England (or otherwise William Room).

Goodrich, Lydia  d Apr 19, 1823, 16th yr.  Dau of Cyrus & Sarah

H.---,  M.---    (field stone, rudely lettered)  M.H. 1796

Keeler, Elizabeth  d Oct 2, 1809, 40th yr.  Wife of David G.

Lytle, Alexander  d Aug 28, 1821, 42nd yr.

McBride, Daniel  d Apr 24, 1805, 27th yr.

McBride, Mary  d Aug 3, 1809, 46th yr.  Wife of James

Moore, Esther  d Sep 22, 1816, 78th yr.  Wife of Gideon

Moore, Gideon  d June 14, 1821, 84th yr.

Neilson, Lydia  d Oct 22, 1824, 66y 5m 17ds.  Wife of John Esq. of Stillwater

Newland, Elias  d Sep 5, 1804, 14th yr.  Son of Rial & Dorcas

Newland, Rial  d July 7, 1804, 51st. Yr

Patrick, Betsey  d Mar 30, 1790, 8 hrs.  Dau of Doctor William

Patrick, Ephraim  d Nov 13, 1786, 5th yr.  Son of Doctor William

Rokes, Charity  d Feb 13, 1792, 26th yr.  Wife of Daniel, and daughter of Ephraim &
	Anna Woodworth

Rowlee, Anna  d Nov 6, 1795, 55ys.  Wife of Mr. Levi

Rowley, John  d Jan 20, 1810, 48th yr.

Wilcox, Edward  d Aug 12, 1805, 62y 11m 29d

Willcox, John  d Sep 29, 1828, 49th yr.

Willcox,  Lysander  d Aug 14, 1832, 25th yr.  Son of John & Dorcas

Willcox, Tacy Joanna  d Feb 4, 1810, 2d yr.  Dau of John & Dorcas

Woodworth, Charles  d Oct 24, 1805, 25th yr.  Son of Ephraem & Delight

Woodworth, Hannah  d Mar 20, 1797, 2y 7m 20ds.  Dau of David & Betsy

Woodworth,  Phebe  d May 26, 1809, 15y 10ds.  Dau of Ephraem & Delight

Woodworth, Sally  d July 10, 1796, 18th yr.  Dau of Ephrm & Anny

Wright, Ranseler  d May 12, 1797, 1y 11ms.  Son of Reuben & Sarah

Wright, Reuben  d Sep 25, 1796, 50ys.

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