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Dates from Register prepared by Mrs. Henry Conklin

The following material was transcribed as it appears in the original register by Patricia Peck, October 2000, when the booklet was in possession of George Kahnle of Black Shutters, Victory Mills NY, obtained from the John & Frances Ostrander family. The original register has since been repurchased and will soon be returned to the Town Historian for proper placement.

Note the use of capitals and the lack of use of periods or other punctuation and the spelling of Schuylerville. Notice also the attempt to include date of death of a spouse beneath the entry for the first partner to die. Entries were written to the edge of the paper, sometimes resulting in shortened versions of place names such as Sar for Saratoga, Schuyler for Schuylerville, W Co for Washington County, etc.

Notes: Mr. and Mrs. Conklin were listed in the 1855 NY State Census; Town of Saratoga, 1st E.D.: Henry was age 66, a farmer, born in Westchester County NY, and had been in town 54 years. His wife Phebe was 59, born in Washington County NY, and had been in town for only 10 years.
Entries in the compilation for the Fairmount Cemetery in the Town of Saratoga list Henry Conklin
"Henry Conklin died Oct. 3, 1862, 73 ys. (C.E.Durkee's Epitaphs)" and

Phebe Tefft, wife of Henry Conklin
Birth: 1795
Death: Apr. 3, 1884 age 88 y 5 m (1d?)

War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815: War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010. Original data: War of 1812 Pension Applications. Washington D.C.: National Archives. NARA Microfilm Publication M313, 102 rolls. Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group Number 15.

Numbers: W.O. 30587; W.C. 17576
Bounty Land: 43776-160-'55
Soldier: Conklin, Henry
Widow: Conklin, Phebe
Service: Pvt.; Capt. Reuben Westcott's Company, NY Mil.
Enlisted: Sept. 8, 1814
Discharged: Nov. 30, 1814
Residence of Soldier: 1855, Saratoga, Saratoga Co., NY
Residence of Widow: 1878 Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., NY (P.O. Greenwich, Washington Co., NY)
Maiden Name of Widow: Phebe Tefft; "Soldier's first wife - Hannah Bennett"
Marriage of Soldier and Widow: March 24, 1846; Saratoga NY
Death of Soldier: Oct. 3, 1862; Saratoga NY
Remarks: "Soldier's Ctf of discharge in brief"



Dec 19 Br in law John Corliss died aged 80 years

Mar 16 1857 Sister Isabel Corless died aged 80 years

Jan 1836 Good Sleighing severe cold Sleighing continued from Jan 1st until April 3rd

April 5 Pardon Duel died of Old Saratoga

April 13 John P Winney was Married to Miss Mary Gilbert of Wilton Saratoga Co

May 25 John B Winney died of Old Saratoga

June 6 Henry son of Richard Potter died

June 20 Mrs Abraham Bennet died


July 16 Mrs Gamaliel Perkins died

June 6 1869 Gamaliel Perkins died age 80 years

August 6 Mrs Henry Dod died of old Saratoga

Oct 20 Mrs Hervy Rogers died of Easton Washington Co

Nov 7 Simeon Crandal died of Easton

Nov 11 Miss Elisabeth Becker died of Saratoga

Dec 29 Jacob Winney died of Old Saratoga


Jan 5 Severe cold mercury 24 degr below

Jan 26 Mrs Elisabeth Dennes died at Easton

Feb 5 Jonathan Finch died of old Saratoga

Feb 18 Mr John Boice died of old Saratoga

March 30 Mrs Rebecca Shepherd of Easton died

April 6 Mrs Rebecca relic of late Adam Allen of Easton died

April 9 Mr Daniel Carrington died at Schuyler Ville

April 13 Mrs Walter VanVechten died at Schuyler Ville

April 1 1860 Hon Walter VanVechten died at Schuyler


Feb 6 Mr Reuben Perry died Quaker Springs

Feb 13 Friend Caleb Shepherd died at Saratoga

Feb 21 Mr. Andrew McEkron died

March 30 Peter Titus died

Feb 23 Hervy Rogers and Sarah Corliss were Married by Rev O J Mason

Feb Mr Philip Lasher and Hannah Dod were Married

March 23 Albert Becker and Carrie Terhune were Married

April 30 Mr John Holmes died of old Saratoga

May 15 Mrs Wilbur died of old Saratoga

June 1 Mr Edward Dennis died at Greenwich

June 5 Mrs Dr Corliss died of Greenwich

June 29 Mr Nathan Winney died aged 52 years

April 27 1872 Elisabeth relict of late Nathan Winney died at Saratoga Springs aged 61 years


May 20 Herman VanVechten died at old Saratoga

June 25 Mrs Nicholas Becker died

August 29 Miss Sarah Mott died at Stillwater

Nov 8 1858 Hon Ralph Brisbin died at Sara

Oct 1 Hon John I Velie died at Saratoga

Nov 7 Sarah J McCodock & Hon John Wilcox jr were Married

Nov 14 Patrick Hogan died


April 17 Hon Mayo Pond died at Schuyler Vill

April 16 Mr Alexander Davis died at Stillwater

July Mrs Henry DeRidder died at Easton

Aug 18 Mrs Patience Walker died

Oct 2 Mrs Orra Wife of Rev Mr Ford died

Oct 10 Mrs Mary J Esmond died

Oct 10 Hon William Bennet died of old Saratoga

Oct 14 Mr Griffin and Harriet Perkins were Married at the brides Fathers old Saratoga


Jan 1 Mr. John Smith and Miss Allice Shaw were Married at brides Fathers old Saratoga by Rev A J Cochrin

Jan 21 Hon Abraham Bennet died of old Sar

Feb 28 Husbands Sister Mrs Mary A Bishop died in Michigan

April 1 Rev Franklin Merril died aged 43 years

Pastor of the Reformed Church of Schuyler Ville

May 24 Mrs Hiram Tefft died at Schuyler Ville

June 9 Mrs Rachel Potter died at old Saratoga

August Hon Jonathan Griffin died of old Saratoga

Oct 5 Mrs Elisabeth Leslie died at Easton

Oct 29 Hon Dr Ira Dimick died of Quaker Springs

Nov Mrs Dr Dean died at Stillwater

Nov Hon Abraham Legget died of Stillwater


May 2 Hon Charles VanBenthusen died at Quaker Springs

May Mrs Otis Whipple died at Greenwich aged 80 years

Oct 3 My husband Hon Henry Conklin died at Old Saratoga aged 73 years

Sept Hon Jessey Tull died at Greenwich 60 W Co

July 26 1867 my Niece Mrs Mary Tull died aged 66

Nov James I Brisbin died in the hundreth year of his age at Saratoga

Dec Mrs Lucy Green died aged 80 years


March 3 David Brisbin died at old Saratoga

April 1 Mr Abner Scidmore died

April 6 Miss Elisabeth Swart died

June 4 William Uttley died

May 8 Hon Anthony Maxwell died at Sar

June 27 Hon Embre Maxwell died at old Sar

June 12 Mrs Schuyler Dimick died at Quaker Springs

July Miss Caroline Mot died old Saratoga

Aug 22 Mr Cornelius DeRidder died

Aug 14 Hon Benjamin Potter died at old Sar

Sept 14 Mrs Joseph T Smith died

Dec Mr Dunham St John died at old Saratoga

Dec 5 Joshua Finch died age 77 years


Jan 3 Mrs Mary Sibley died

Feb 15 Mrs William T Smith died

March Robert M Carrington died

March James Newberry died

April 1 Cousin Thomas Cottrell died

April 10 James Brisbin died

May Cousin Catharine Whipple died

June 4 Chales and Edgar Winney Sons of S H Winney were drowned

Oct 14 Frances daughter of R Winney died

Oct 21 Samuel J Mott died

Nov 19 Mrs Rowe Winney died

Nov Mrs Benjamin Losee died

Dec 24 Cousin Nathan S Tefft died age 87

Dec 24 Henry T Sherman died

Dec 28 Dow J Winney & Phebe A Woolley were Married

Dec 29 Adelaide Winney & Charles Slocum were Married by Rev A G Lansing


Jan 19 Gertrude E Sheldon died

Jan 31 Dr Cornelius Holmes of Union Village died aged ninety years

April 14 1865 President Lincoln was Assassinated at Washington City District of Columbia

June 15 Mrs Frances R Potter died

Oct 15 Mrs Anne Davis died aged 78 years

John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln April 14 1865

Harrold Payne Mrs Surratt and Atzeroth were guilty of Murder and hung in the city Washington on the 7th of July 1865

Mudd Arnold OLaughlin were sentenced to impresonment for life Spangler to six years imprisonment at hard labor


Nov Mrs. Lawrence widow of the late Gideon Lawrence died

Nov 21 Samuel Mulligin died

Dec 22 Cousin John Sheldon died aged 77 years

June 27 1863 Mrs John Sheldon died


Jan 29 Samuel Marshal an Elder in the Dutch reformed Church died at Schuyler Ville

March 28 Miss Polly Brisbin died aged 86 years

April 2 Sister Dorcas Winney died aged 79-10 month

Apr Mrs M C ______ died

June 11 Mrs John Shepherd died

May 11 Mrs Dr Mott died

July 28 Mrs Thomas Smith died aged 60 years

Dec 7 Cousin James Rogers died

Dec Mrs Elisabeth Shepherd died

Dec 4 Mrs Gardner Tefft of Saratoga died

Dec 25 Lewis Rowland died

27 Dec 1873 My Nephew Gardner Tefft died at Saratoga aged 60


Jan Mrs Robert Losee died

Apr 5 Mrs Nathan Corliss died

April 15 Mr Owen Wilbur died

April 17 Mr Jesse Clemens died

July My Niece Mrs Jessy Tull died aged 66 years

Aug 4 My Nephew Tobias C Patterson died aged 55 years

August 15 Cousin Horrace Cottrell died

August Mrs Margaret Howland died aged

August 31 Mrs Gardner Tefft of Greenwich died aged 53 years

Oct 5 Mr Robert Losee an Elder in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at SchuylerVille died

Nov 1867 Mrs Welthy Whipple of Union Village died age 104

Widow of Marmaduke Whipple Esq

Dec 22 Mrs Sarah Brisbin died Widow of late Sherif Brisbin

Dec 24 Dow C Winney died Son of Cornelius B Winney


Jan 8 Samuel Slocum and Ruth Winney were Married at Saratoga Springs by Rev Mr Woodbrige

Jan 8 Frank Patterson and Miss Bean Were Married at Saratoga Springs by Rev Mr Woodbrige

Feb 5 William Ensign died aged

Feb 7 A drifting Snow Storm

March 15 Mrs Cornelius Winney died

April 8 Snow fell 2 feet deep on the level

April 12 Henry Clark and Laura Winney were Married at the Reformed Church at Schuylerville by Rev A G Lansing

July 6 Mrs Robert Carrington died aged 73 years

July 16 Mrs William Fonda died aged

August 5 Mrs Albert Clements died aged 83 years

Sept 8 Col Jeremiah Terhune of Northumberland died aged 82 years

Nov 15 Julia and Allice White daughters of Benjamin T & Caroline White died age respectivly 16 & 18 years

Nov 20 Benjamin T White died age 50 years

Dec 22 Addison Son of F & L West died age 16 years


Jan 2 John P Winney died age 52 years

Jan 9 John Corliss of Niagara Co died aged 68 years

Jan 18 Br Nathan Teffts widow died aged 81 years five months

Jan 16 George Wilcox died aged

Apr Asel Tefft died aged at Greenwich

June 6 Gamaliel Perkins died aged 80

Oct 2 & 3 Very heavy rains water in the Hudson River at Albany 18 feet above low water mark

Oct 12 & 13 A heavy rain

Oct Ex President Pierce died

Nov 13 Major General John E Wool of United States Army died aged 80 years

Nov 4 George Peabody the philanthropist and Banker at London died ____ Nations weep Around his Coffin aged 74 years

Nov 4 Rockwel Putnam of Saratoga died aged 77 years

Dec 24 Ex Secretary of War Edwin M Stanton died aged 54 years

Sept Secretary Rawlens died

Sept Commodore Stewart died of United States Navy


April 22 The funeral Obsequies at Troy in Honor of the late Gen Thomas The Hero of the Cumberland Army was attended by thousands.

Feb Henry W Dennis died aged

Jan 4 Mary E Washburn died aged 69 Wife of Rev Robert Washburn

March 5 Hon Charles F Inglas of Greenwich Washington Co died aged 75

March 24 Anthony Shaw died aged 84

April 1 Mrs Asceneth Shaw relict of Mr Anthony Shaw died aged 76

April 2 Mrs Hicks died aged 83 years

April 4 Mrs Lasher died aged

April Deacon James Service died aged

April 12 Mr R G Coffin died aged

April Hon Job Eldrige of Easton Washington Co died aged

April 19 Mr Benjamin Service died aged 49

June 10 Hon John Cramer of Waterford Saratoga Co. died aged Ninty two 92

June 22 William B Marshal died age 48

June 29 Edward Losee died aged 32

July 8 Hon Henry Holmes died aged 68

Aug 22 Mrs Anna Moe died aged 75

July 12 Rear Admiral John A Dahlgren died at Washington Navy Yard DC

August 14 Admiral David G Farragut died at the age of 69 at Portsmouth NH

Sept 21 Charles Marshal and Mary Frances Ostrander were Married by the Rev A J Cochran at Saratoga

Nov 15 Hon William Wilcox died aged 68

Nov 29 Senator Blood died at Ballston Spa aged 61

Dec 1 Hon Porter Reynolds died at Greenwich Washington Co. aged

Nov 25 In Saratoga Joseph Leggett died aged 83

Dec 1 Mrs James Losee died age 74

Dec 4 At Saratoga Springs Dec 4 Hon Henry Curtis died aged one hundred & two years

Dec 12 Luther of Easton died aged


Jan 23 Extreme cold Mercury ranged 16 degrees below Zero, continuing Severe Cold until 26 more moderate Snow Snow is falling

Feb 21 Alfred Fisher died at Troy formerly of Easton Washington CO. aged 70 years

Feb 24 Mr Thomas Smith died aged 69 at old Saratoga

Feb 15 Vibert Ostrader of Saratoga was Married to Miss Matilda Sample of New Jersey

March 28 Dr Archibald Gow of Schuyler Ville died aged 54 formerly of Argyle Washington Co NY

April 5 D H Potter of Schuyler Ville died

June 30 Hon Stephen H Dillingham of Old Saratoga died aged 78 years

July 12 Doctor Olliver Brisbin of Old Saratoga died aged 76 years

August 6 died John H infant son of L & H Clark age one year 4 months

August 11 Augustus Losee died age 30 son of Henry Losee Esq of Schuyler Ville

Sept 2 Mrs Hermance died at Schuyler Ville

Sept 6 Mrs Morgan Heath of Greenwich Washigton CO. died aged

Sept 14 Mrs Hagerman of Greenwich died

Sept 13 Mrs Seward Winney died aged

Oct 5 A son of Frank Marshal died age 11

Oct 19 Hiram Shaw and Frances Smith were Married at the Episcopal Church of Schuyler Ville by Rev Mr Walker

April [1875] Mrs Shaw died aged 1875

Oct 19 Thomas Marshal an Elder of the Reformed Church of Schuyler Ville died aged 71

Oct 24 Mr James Mott of old Saratoga died 84 years of age

Oct 23 James Shaw died aged

Oct 26 Alla daughter of Miles & Almina Root died aged 9 years


Jan Mrs Charlotte Dod died aged 38

Jan 24 Mrs Seth Lawrence died aged 52

March 5 Harry H Andrews died aged 70 aged Schuyler Ville Saratoga Co

March 4 Thomas Cramer of Northumberland died aged 62 years

April 2 Professer Morse died at his residence in New York the Telegraph inventer at the age

April 9 Mrs Dr Preston died aged 57 years

April Capt A Mason U S Volunteers died at Greenwich Washington N Y

Apr 22 Layfaette Mott of Saratoga died aged 60 years

April 18 Mr Cortland Rowland Esq and Mrs Mary Boice were Married at Schuyler Ville by Rev Mr Starks

May 1 Rev Robert Washburn died at Schuyler Ville Aged 90 years was A_ing of 50 years in the ministry

May Hon Horrace Biegalo of Easton Washington Co died aged

March A B Sherman died of Greenwich W Co

June 18 Gemaliel M C Creedy died of Schuyler Ville

July 19 Reuben Meader died of Schuyler Ville aged

July 20 Mrs Elisabeth Curtis died aged

July 24 Miss Mary Adams of Greenwich died

July 27 William McCodack died of Old Saratoga aged 64

Sept 6 Hon Elihu Morgan died aged 80 years at his residence in old Saratoga

Sept 2 Hon John Cramer of Waterford died aged 61

Sept 11 Hon John H Dennis of Waterford died aged 32

Sept 13 Hon Renselaer Tefft of Greenwich died aged 60

Sept 16 Hon Lewis Tefft and Mrs Mary Luther were Married by Rev J O Mason all of Greenwich Washington County

July 18 B Juarez President of the Mexican Republic died

Nov 1 Cornelius Brice died aged 78 years

Oct 10 Hon William H Seward Ex US Secretary died at Auburn NY aged 71 years

Oct 28 my Sister Mary Corliss died at Ioa aged 81 years 9 months

Dec 13 Hon Charles Fredrick Mott died aged 58

Dec 27 Mrs Stephen H Dillingham died aged 67


Jan 7 Brother in Law James Rowe of Onondaga died aged 99 years and three months

Jan 9 1873 Louis Napoleon Bonapart third, Ex Emperor of France died at Chiselhurst England the home of his Exile at the age of 63 years

Feb 7 Hon Oliver Bishop of Stillwater died aged 60 years

Feb 14 Miss Lucy Sutphen died aged 25 years

March 1 Hon Amos Tefft died aged 79 years eldest Son of B Benjamin Tefft of Greenwich

Washington County

March 9 1876 Sarah Wife of Amos Tefft died age

April 24 Hon Mr Tod of Stirling Ill and Miss Louisa Corliss were Married by Rev Mr Hokam at the residence of her Father in Easton Washington Co NY

May 2 Mary Frances Ostrander Wife of Charles Marshal died aged 23 years of Old Saratoga

May 7 Hon Salmon P Chase Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court died at New York age

May 8 Hon James L Orr Minister to Prussia died at St Petersburgh

May 15 Hon S McQuiva died age 85 years

May 15 Hon Dr R L Allen died of Saratoga Springs aged 65 years

May 13 Hon John A Coery of Saratoga Springs died aged 67 years

June 13 Rev Paul P Atwell died at Schuyler Ville aged 72

June Mrs Phebe Burton died relict of Simon Burton Esq of Easton Washington Co.

June 30 Hon Thomas Ingals died aged 40 years Son of Judge Ingals of Greenwich Washington Co

June 2 Hon Jesse Grant Father of President Grant died

July 5 Hon Lewis Putnam died aged 83 years was the first White Child born at Saratoga Springs

July 16 Mrs Southworth died aged 83 years relict of late Josept Southworth of Greenwich

July 24 Hon Nathaniel Seley died aged of Schuyler Ville

August 4 Charles H Cottrell died of Greenwich

Sept 4 Hon Thomas J Bullard aged 50 year of Schuyler Ville died

Sept 25 Hon Francis D Winney of Old Saratoga died aged 70 years

Oct 19 Hon William Wilcox died at Ioa formerly of Old Saratoga aged 41

Nov 20 Hon Calvin D English of Schuyler Ville died aged 45 years

Dec 22 Col Fredrick Dent Father of Mrs President Grant died in his 88th year

Dec 28 Hon Johon Sailsberry died age of Saratoga

Dec 18 Mrs. Cornelius DeRider died age 60 of Schuyler Ville

Dec 24 Mrs Edwin Root died age Schuyler Ville


Jan 11 Mrs Margaret Mott died aged 70 years

Widow of late Samuel J Mott of old Saratoga

Feb 3 Hon Alfred Conklin died of Utica Oneida County aged 84 years

Feb 17 Hon Reid Slocum died aged 23 of Old Saratoga

March 8 Ex President Filmore died at his home in Buffalo NY aged 74 years

March 11 Hon Senator Sumner of Mass died at Washington DC aged 63 years

March 22 Judge Louis Dent died at the City of Washington DC son of the late Col Fredrick Dent

March 3 Miss Kate E Lasher died age 38

March 20 Miss Sarah E Smith died age 34

April 9 Hon James P Cramer died at Schuyler Ville 73 yea

April 28 Mrs Mary Dennis relict of Late Henry Dennis Esq died at Schuyler Ville

May 6 Cousin James Crandal died at Lake George

August 3 Mrs Margaret Wilcox died age 78 relict of late Wm Wilcox Esq of Schuyler Ville

Nov 5 Mr Perter Laversee died age 73 formerly of Easton Washington CO.

August 30 Brother Simeon Tefft died at Easton Washington Co. aged 86 years

Jan 18 1882 Br Simeon’s Widow died at Easton aged 91 at the old home

Dec 13 Mrs Dr C H Payn died at Schuyler V

Dec 18 Mrs Louisa Tod Daughter of T C Corliss died at Stirling Ill.

Dec 18 Miss Jane Ann Winney died age 74


Jan 3 Mrs Jane Wife of William Marshal died age 54 years at Old Saratoga

Jan 7 Mr John Adams died at Easton Washington CO. age 86 years

Feb 8 Mr Charles V Hermance died

Feb 7 Mr Philip Viele died at Fort Miller Aged 74 years one of the oldest residents

Feb 7 Miss Mary Cramer died aged 74

Feb Died at Greenwich Washington County Mrs A C Holmes, Widow of late Henry Holmes & Daughter of late William Mowry Esq

March 11 Mr Allen Rogers died at Mattawan Mich. formerly of Greenwich Washington Co

Jan 1883 Easton Cousin Archibald Rogers died aged

John Cottrell died at Easton Jan 1 1882

April 4 died at Old Saratoga Mrs E A Beckwith age 64 years, daughter of late Rev R Washburn of Schuyler Vill

April 8 Mrs Dorcas Kinyon my Niece died at Otisco Onondaga CO NY aged 54

April 9 Mrs Amos M Tefft died at Greenwich Washington CO NY

April Mrs Hiram Shaw died age at old Saratoga

May 13 Mrs Samuel Sheldon died at Schuyler V

May 14 Mr John Fundy died aged 85 years Schuyler V

August 5 Mr Jesse Fursman died aged 65

July 31 Ex President Jhonson died At Tenessee aged 67 years

Sept 29 Jerusha Gardner Widow of the late James P Cramer died at Schuyler Vill aged 73 years

Nov 19 Hon Bleeker Lansing died at Greenwich aged 7

Nov 22 Rt Hon Henry Wilson the fourth Vice President who has died in office at Washington District of Columbia US aged 63

Nov Hon Seneca Dennis died at Greenwic

Nov 10 Hon James Rogers died at Greenwich

Nov 20 Hon William B Astor Died Millionare of New York aged


Jan 25 Cousin Mary Cottrell died at Greenwich Wash Co age 73 [or 75]

Feb 25 Laura Wife of Cousin Willard Tefft died at Greenwich W.Co age

Jan 20 1878 Cousin Willard Tefft died at Greenwich W Co age

April 9 Mrs James L Cramer died at Saratoga age 58

April 10 Hon A T Stewart Merchant Prince of New York died in New York City age 73

April 14 Phineas Richardson Esq died at Watertown, NY. Formerly of Schuyler Ville aged 69

April 13 Mrs Sally Prime relict of late Mr Prime died at Quaker Springs aged 82 years

May 1 Miss Phebe Marshal died at Old Saratoga aged 66 years

June 29 Sely Fisher died age 76 of Oskotsh Ind Formerly of Easton Washington CO NY

June 25 Dewitt C Winney of US Cavalry was killed in Gen Custars battle with the Sioux Indians

Nov 30 Killiyon F Winney Died aged 72 years Formerly of old Saratoga

Aug 25 Mrs James Rowe died at Onondaga aged 65

Oct 25 Lydia Rowe Wife of Wm Henderson died aged 71

Dec 25 Mr William Henderson died aged 75 at Niagara CO NY


Jan 4 Comodore Cornelius Vanderbilt died aged 83 years

Jan 15 Israel Slade died at Easton Wash Co aged 73 years [or 75]

Jan 23 John Pettis died at Eston age Washing CO

March 8 Mr John Mott died at Riverdale NY formerly of Saratoga

March 25 Widow of late Nicholas Howland died at her residence Quaker Springs

April 2 Mrs Henry widow of the late J Henry died at Schuyler Ville aged

May 6 Hon Hervy Losee died at Schuyler Ville aged 76 years

Sept 6 Dr Hiram Corliss died at Greenwich had Practiced Medicine and Surgery 60 years aged 84 years

Sept 27 Mrs Sylvester Hollister died at Easton aged 77

Sept 4 Mary Trumbul Wife of Fredrik Watson died at Illinois age

Feb 17 1878 Mrs Daniel Edwards died at Greenwich Wash Co age

Nov 25 Cousin Adam Cottrell died at Greenwich Washington CO aged 80 years

Feb 3 1882 Cousin Susan Gardner Widow of late A Cottrell Died age 89

Jan Cousin Betsy Dwely Died Widow of late cousin John Cottrell age 80

Dec 19 Cousin Thomas Rogers died at Greenwich Washington Co aged Ninety four 94 years


Feb 17 1878 Mrs Abraham DeRidder died at Easton Wash Co age

April 7 Mrs Raymond died aged 74 years Schuyler Ville

May 2 Miss Nancy Finne died aged 79 years at Northumberland

June 4 Mrs Eliza Billings Was Shot at Fort Miller Bridge Saratoga Co

June 17 Mrs Mott died at SchuylerVille age 84

June 18 Mrs Atwell of Victory died aged

June 19 Edwin Andrews Cashier of Washingtron CO Bank hung himself age 70

June 12 Wm Cullen Bryant died at NY an aged Editor and Poet

June 27 Hon Albert Clements died at Saratoga aged 76 years and nine months

Oct 10 1882 Cousin Catharine Ott died at Greenwich

August 17 Dr F James Ott died at Greenwich aged

Dec 19 Mr J Larman died at Schuyler Ville

August 22 Mrs Catharine Bedell McLean died at Fort Edward Widow of Rev Andrew McLean aged 87 years

August 28 Mrs Metcalf died at Schuyler Ville aged 89 years

Dec 19 Miss Mary Wilber died at Saratoga aged 58

Oct Mrs Cox died widow of late John Cox in Oct



March 4 1879 Mrs Hannah Fitch Bullard died at the residence of her Son John H Bullard at Schuyler Ville aged 92 years

Jan 5 Hon James B McLean died Former Chief Justice of Utah aged

Jan 24 Katharine McVicker Hay Widow of the late Hon James Bedell McLean died At Salt Lake City Utah of heart disease

March 21 inst J Edward Mott died at Saratoga Springs aged 59 years

April 21 General John A Dix died Aged 80 years A Statesman and Patriot of The United States, died at New York City

April 24 Georgie only Son of James h Dillingham Esq. died aged 12 years SchuylerVille

May At Saratoga Springs Mrs Margaret Thorn Wife of Late Late Thomas Dillingham died aged 81 yrs

June 9 Died at Greenwich Washington CO Mary Rogers Widow of late Judge Charles F Inglass aged 78 years

Mr Inglass died March 4 1870

July 19 My Nephew Tristam Corliss Died aged 81 years 1 month at Easton Washington Co

Nov 7 Thomas Wilbur of Easton died aged 69

Nov 14 Warren M Haighaight of Quaker Springs died aged

Nov 11 William P Finch died at his home in old Saratoga aged

Nov 28 Abraham Marshall Esq of Northumberland Died aged 81 years

Dec 27 Venerable Dr Billings died at his home in Northumberland old Saratoga CO aged 8

Dec 9 1879 Fanny Widow of the late Henry T Sherman and Sister of Henry Conklin died at Stillwater aged 86


Jan 7 Hon Charles M Cramer and Miss Allice V Moe were Married at her Fathers in Saratoga by Rev D K VanDorn

Jan 11 Deacon Benjamin Tabor of Baptist Church of Schuyler Ville died aged 82 years

Feb 8 Mr Elmer Seely Son of Sydney Seely died at Schuyler Ville

Sept 5 Mary Esmond Widow of late Elmer Seely died at Quaker Springs aged 20 years

Feb 5 Lorenzo B Velie an Insurance agent And Deacon in the reformed Church died at Schuyler Ville age

April 1 Benjamin Bristol A Sexton of the reformed Church died at Schuyler Ville Saratoga Co

April 20 Abram Tefft Br Nathans Son died at Greenwich Wash Co. aged 63 years

Feb 3 1883 Br Nathan Teffts Son Hiram C Tefft died at Saratoga Springs in the 71st year of his age

Jan 2 1884 Dorcas Tefft Wife of J Smith died

April Mrs Anna Corliss died Widow of late Charles Corliss of Greenwich

May 10 Cousin Lake I Tefft MD died At Syracuse Onondaga Co NY aged 83 years

June 25 Henry C infant Son of Chales and Anna Closson died aged 3 months Saratoga CO Schuyler Ville

Aug 27 Mrs Mary Heath Blivin Widow of late John M Blivin died at Greenwich Wash Co age 87

Sept 3 Minnie daughter of Yates Rogers died aged 17 at Clarks Mills Wash Co

Oct 15 Malcom Mac Naughton Ton died at Schuyler Ville

Nov 29 John Boice died aged 82 at Ft Miller

Dec 27 Cousin Amos Tefft died at Middle Falls Greenwich Washington CO, age

Dec 1 1880 Snowing 6 inches deep ground froze hard Canal closed


Jan 23 Philo Watson died at Ill Winnebago Co Husband of Minerva Tefft age 70

March 19 Miss Caroline M Sheldon died at Schuyler Ville, formerly of Easton aged 52

Feb 10 1881 Commenced raining at 7 oclock AM with fog and Smoke 2 PM rain continues

Feb 24, 25, 26 extreme cold

Feb 11 Rev Isaac H Collier Died at Oakfield, Genessee Co NY age 47 Formerly a Pastor of Reformed Church Schuyler Ville

April 9 At the Schuyler Mansion SchuylerVille Mrs Elizabeth Stover died Wife of George Stover Esq Aged 87 years

April 22 At the Morgan residence Old Saratoga Mrs Eliza Ann Wife of Morgan Moe died aged 52 years

April 23 Allice daughter of Mr & Mrs Moe and Wife of Charles Cramere died aged 23 years

April 23 Allice wife of Charles Cramer died at their residence old Saratoga age 23

April 30 William C Brisbin died at Quaker Springs aged 84

May 20 Mr Jacob Osborne died Deacon of Baptist Church of SchuylerVille aged 69 years

May 20 Thomas Hartwell died the oldest Man in Northumberland Sartoga CO Aged 97 years

May 16 Wm H Mc Creedy died in Schuyler Ville aged 89 years

July 2 1881 President James A Garfield Was Shot, by a would be Assin at Washington DC at Baltimore and Potomac Railroad received two shots – is living

President Garfield Died Sept 19 1881 his Epitaph

James Abram Garfield

Born November 19 1831

Died President of the United States September 19 1881

Nov 24 Mary daughter of Cornelius & Julia Patterson died at her Fathers in Saratoga aged 18 years

Dec 20 Dr C H Pryn died at Saratoga Springs

Funeral tomorrow at 3 PM A comemorative Service Will be held at St Stephens Church SchuylerVille of which He was the founder age 67

Dec Rev J O Mason died at his residence in Greenwich former Pastor of the Baptist Church age 68 years


Jan 28 Abigal Wife of Daniel Meader died aged 68

July 6 Morgan Heath died at his residence near Middle Falls Washington CO aged

May 6 Cousin Mary English Died at Schuyler Ville age 68

Oct 27 Sarah Corliss Wife of Henry Rogers died aged

Dec 11 Fredrick Augustus Gale Died Son of John Gale who erected Mills at Middle Falls, it was Called Gales Ville

Feb 20 Died at Minneapolis Minnissota Melvin Son of James & Janet Winney aged 50

Jan 25 Died a Grangerville Phebe A daughter of Frank & Mary Winney aged 14 years

April 24 Frank Winney died at Grangerville aged

April 23 Died at Gansevort Hon Harlo Lawrend, aaege 70 years

April 18 Died at Schuylerville Redford Dennis age

August 7 Hector McCrea died age 77


March 14 Stephen Henry Winney died at his residence Saratoga age 60

Year Uncertain

April 22 Mrs Eliza Ann wife of Morgan Moe Esq died aged 32 Allice

Rev d K Van Doren has tendered his resignation asPastor of the Reformed atSchuyler Ville, accepted

On small rectangle of paper
Sept 28 1870 no frost

Oct 14 vines green in the garden

Sept 20, 21, 22 1871 Severe frost vines wilted

1872 Feb 3 extreme cold from Jan until Feb 9

Sept 24 1872

Dalies & other flowers in Bloom vines green

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